40/29 News - Fort Smith

4.4 (2.2K)
110.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 40/29 News - Fort Smith

4.38 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
4 years ago, DLBX2
Local News
I like seeing the local and national news on this app. I do have one thing that really bothers me though. I can be reading an article and it will just drop the end of the story. It happens ALL the time. That is frustrating. I’m glad I can stay up with what is going on in our area even though I may not see the end of the article.
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6 years ago, JustHolHere
Like the local news, hate the amount of 'fluff' content
I will preface that I understand the fluff lifestyle articles featured on this app (and the website) generates revenue for them. But for me, the format in which they feature these click bait pieces drives me crazy. Regular ads I can tolerate, but the "lifestyle" slide-show articles mixed within the local / proper news feels disorganized and tabloid-y. To be fair, this is not the only news app or website that populates non-news 'sponsored content' articles into it's proper news feed and, as mentioned earlier, I understand it's income and keeps the app free. But it's a format that increasingly 1) doesn't work for me, 2) tests my patience and 3) makes my visits to apps and websites like this very short.
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4 years ago, mazingwoman
Incomplete articles/sentences
For some unknown and annoying reasons, a sentence will stop midway especially if there is an advertisement you have to scroll past. Many times the whole final section(s) of the article will be cut off. It makes trying to read any news on this app frustrating. I no longer try 90% of the time and just read the headlines. The other 10% of the time, I try in hopes that they have finally read their own articles on the app and figured out this is an issue. But since I am writing this today - nope!
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12 months ago, Sharla_Marie
Works when it wants to
I’ll get a notification of an article I want to read. Click notification to open that article and the app freezes. Close app and restart. Article is no where to be found. Search for the exact headline of the article and app is like “I don’t know what you’re talking about so here are these other articles from last year with none of the words you just searched for.” Google it and find what I’m looking for on a completely different website.
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4 years ago, Manilovethisapp13
Nowcast terrible
Anytime I log on to watch the love news on my phone, I first have to watch a commercial. After that the news MIGHT come on or it might not. I’ve left my phone on while getting ready in the morning and 9 out of 10 times, the news will never come back from commercial and I’ll be left staring at a black screen. Super frustrating. I’d rather watch it live on FaceBook if they gave me the option.
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4 years ago, Janucesc
Long wait
It seems that it takes forever to get the news from the notifications that are sent out! Would be nice to read when they are sent not minutes later!!
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5 years ago, local-i think not
Is to worried about national news and doesn’t focus on the local news and by the time they post anything it is “ancient history”. They need more local people that actually care about the area rather than someone just worrying about looking good and adding to their resume.
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4 years ago, ahshdjeoxnwkd
Why are the links so large?
Good information, glad to have a local news app on my phone, but it is impossible to scroll without clicking 2 or 3 links in the process. They literally take up all of the page and when there is an ad every time I come back to the same video after hitting one of these links, I get so frustrated I don’t even care for the news anymore.
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4 years ago, WhisperingOne
Needs Content Updated More Frequently and Editors Proofreading Before Publication
I read the news daily on this app and find that there’s rarely new content published. I waste more time scrolling through to find new content only to discover a handful. When I do find new content and attempt to read it, I find it was not proofread before it was published. It’s very common to see sentences with extra words from a copy and paste scenario where in order for the sentence to make sense, one or more words should have been removed.
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5 years ago, Prothro3150
Weather Accuracy
I would like to give this a five star rating but due to the weather forecast for several days out, it is always different than what is shown during your weather forecast during the news.
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6 years ago, Smcg65
Rarely a problem
Love this app. Only issue I have is, when I get a notification about a news story or weather alert, if I don’t click on the notification immediately, and just open the app to find it myself, I can’t always find it.
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6 years ago, Debsdealztheoriginal
Love getting the news quickly
But like others have stated, if you don’t open the headline as soon as it comes across the feed, it is difficult (if not impossible) to find the actual story. But other than that. Love it.
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4 years ago, BbFaith1111
Rating review
I prefer 40/29 in all news/weather/sports over other broadcast! In this crisis all stations are falling behind in breaking news notifications for Gov Hutchinson & Whitehouse updates. By the time the alert comes through the live secession are already in progress. I still highly respect & prefer 49/29!
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4 years ago, cbLJTp
Good local news
Up-to-date, timely I wish there were better spell check and grammar checks in place I think it’s embarrassing and challenges your validity when it appears that no one even cares to look for errors I am loyal to 40/29, so I hope I see an improvement!
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5 years ago, AR Lady Rider
Where’s the news
Too often a bulletin is sent out but unless you click on the actual notification the news story is not posted. You cannot find the story for a considerable amount of time by just going to the news site. They do NOT proof read anything. Example from their news “3.7 Earthquake in Northern Arkansas in NW Arkansas.”
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6 years ago, 12hawgs
Good News App
Good app, easy to find stories I’m looking for, except when I hear alarm for a breaking news story. If I don’t get to my phone quickly when I go to see what’s up I can’t find the story. Other wise it’s easy to navigate.
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5 years ago, aprilscri31
I’ve had the 40/29 app for several years. Recently they’ve updated it and there is a full page ad that pops up with annoying loud people yelling and you can’t close it for 5-8sec. I guess I’ll delete the app if it keeps up. Sad cause I really like the app. Very disappointed 😔 app user.
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3 years ago, Dutchess22
Not very useful
For a local news APP, I do not find this one very helpful. I’ve lived in various parts of the country and this one does not measure up. Not really a news app. Most are just “stories” that are more human interest. Was hoping this would be a place I could come to for current news in the area. You would be better off getting your “news” elsewhere
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3 years ago, Memememememe167836483
Annoying videos
It’s incredibly annoying that videos automatically play when I try to open a story. When I get a breaking news alert I used to be able to click it and quickly read the story. Now if I do that I am immediately met with a blaring ad video automatically playing, which is not always appropriate for my environment.
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6 years ago, RUTH1961
The only problem and it’s a big one is getting a notification but not being able to find it if you don’t click the notification immediately!
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5 years ago, cruisinnc
I appreciate having it...
It I find it a little hard to navigate. Seems like I’ve clicked on a headline or notice and it takes me to a page rather than to the story I tried to access. I’m not a heavy user of this app as I mainly am looking for links to weather, but might use it more if I felt it was easier to maneuver.
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5 years ago, Boo boo2
Great news app but
Great news app, however every time you go a few days without opening it, it leaves you a pop up notification that says “you’re missing us, open the app”. After a while it’s annoying enough that you’ll want to turn off notifications altogether.
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5 years ago, Ja ebowT.
40/29 news
It’s all about it’s listening area and it is the best news and weather channel in our opinion it is the most accurate they are the only one we watch!!!
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3 years ago, Dora N
Best in NW Arkansas
I am assured I get complete news coverage on the current events of the day and The Weather Team is so dedicated , I won’t go to bed until I hear the weather. You guys are top notch!
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4 years ago, Jedaniah
Fake News Supporter
I will say I will normally put up with their liberal garbage posted and their posting of liberal trash from CNN. Everyone needs a source of local news. However, the sensationalized irresponsible over reporting of the Corona Virus and the damage it is causing I will not put up with. This is not the witch hunt clown shows we’ve been putting up with. This much more far reaching and the damage being done by scaring people is disgusting and unprofessional.
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7 years ago, Tread Master
Was the best now the worst!
Before some of the last iOS upgrades I always use 40/29 news app (when I wanted news) and the 40/29 weather app (when I wanted weather) I started getting alerts that the weather app was going away, so I updated bad mistake. The new 40/29 News/weather app is the worst app ever! what happened to all the weather features? Very disappointing. Will be deleting the new app shortly unless they improve soon.
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4 years ago, Greywolfe58
Pictures cut off stories!
I find most of the stories have one or more sentences cut off because of a pic or advertisement put in the wrong place. Very frustrating to say the least!
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5 years ago, Lifelong Fort Smithian
Change pictures!!!
I enjoy the website but it needs updating more often. There are pictures of a fire on Hwy 96 2 years ago I believe. The other pictures in that section are older also. Would love to see more updates content.
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2 years ago, dubKdub
Video auto plays plays with every article
It’s nice to have a local news app with alerts. The reason I rated it low is the video that auto plays with every article. I would rather read a breaking news article without the whole room knowing.
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2 years ago, Pookula
Bruce Street
“The Girls” on the morning show are all bright shining stars-not to mention very pretty! They absolutely put on a top notch news cast. Thanks 40/29 for having the insight to team up these ladies!!!
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5 years ago, jkdennis10
Too Many Ads
This app auto plays video, with sound, with no way to mute them. Only with Ads. While it creates a tremendous amount of revenue for 40/29 and Hearst, it’s incredibly annoying with you open an article in a quiet setting and an irrelevant ad just starts playing as loud as can be when you don’t want to even watch a video.
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6 years ago, Julesx9
Every story you want to read you have to listen to a video first, there is no option to mute so you have to watch and listen to the same video over and over again. It becomes annoying very quickly.
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4 years ago, Rbbarker
40/20 news
A lot of the articles are incomplete, I can read a article and I get close to the end and , nothing, it might end in in the middle of the sentence, no video most of the times. The weather section is good , though. It could be my phone, I don’t know.
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6 years ago, Fred Too Too
Great app!
The only issue I have is: when more than one notification pops up that I’m interested in, I can’t always find second or third ones.
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5 years ago, longtimeuser99
Advertisements are terrible!!
This app is slow compared to how it used to be. Ads are everywhere on this app now and the weather radar is so slow. It didn’t used to have the ad bar at the top of the radar and it was fine then. Accuweather app is way better for radar now!! It’s almost more of an app for advertisements instead of news!!!
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1 year ago, mikie479
They give weather reports to keep you safe thanks channel 40 for your weather reports
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7 years ago, Gobeck51
Great news and weather
This is a great way to get the latest news. Also they have the best weather radar!
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5 years ago, Pink.Frog.92
It was my go to weather app!
I’m so disappointed! I used to check the weather, but now all of the sudden there are ads that pop up and I have to wait 5 seconds to close out. It wouldn’t be so irritating if even it just came on once, but it came up multiple times. I will be deleting shortly and see how channel 5 news app is.
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7 years ago, thARKanadian
Time Is of the Essence
When the weather gets bad in my local area and I pull out the app to check it on the live stream, the last thing I want is to wait to see what’s going on as you make me watch a friggin’ local commercial. For every commercial you make me watch during an emergency situation, I will intentionally not use their product or services.
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2 years ago, gbelue
Get ready weather
Thank you so much for get ready weather.
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5 years ago, Tbugg2015&
Just wish it would focus a little bit more on more local stuff. It doesn’t have to be all bad or politics. Just events and more stuff locally.
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5 years ago, mayoclinic 1985
The best
I have been watching 40/29 since I moved to NWA and I love it!! I would totally recommend 40/29 to anyone!! The whole crew are wonderful ppl.. keep up the great job y’all ..
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2 years ago, Pat & Tharon
I don’t watch any other weather or news . Your the best .
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6 years ago, Okmulerider
Video commercials irritating; find myself using app less and less; previously I was a frequent user. Hate being unable to find notification story when I go to it; not always practical to check immediately.
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6 years ago, Rufus&Stef
Breaking News
When I get a breaking news notification and click on it, it doesn’t take me to the breaking news. Also the ads are pretty pointless. If I am trying to read an article and an ad pops up, It plays sound. It doesn’t matter if my sound is off or not.
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5 years ago, findideeee
Often times I will get late breaking news or updates with only the headlines. I quickly open the app to find nothing pertaining to the late breaking news. I feel your sports section is really lacking.
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7 years ago, Monna M
40/29 News
I like this app. Keeps me up to date on a lot of things I would miss out on otherwise. 👍🏻
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6 years ago, Odoardo 3
Great Local News Appa
Love how it alert us with hot news. Help me stay on tops of my local. Also love the weather warning for my area.
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3 years ago, Red"526
We are all aware d this virus but most of your news are updates and tracking of this virus.. Do you have anything else to report on? All you are doing is spreading fear!
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7 years ago, AIDSxxxx23
Glitchy app. Great news organization
This app has problems rendering video. It shuts down on me quite often when going to fullscreen. Also it has trouble recognizing that I already watched an ad if I’m scrolling through the feed. It’ll make me watch 6-7 ads to play the video.
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