5-Star Students

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5-Star Students
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User Reviews for 5-Star Students

1.29 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
1 month ago, Always Prayerful
It’s the end of the year. AP season is over. Classes are boring and quiet and tedious. It’s like a ghost town here at school. Every class I go to, it’s only me and 6-7 other students. A normal day in Psych. Whoever said “dying”, I feel you. Because all of the sudden, I’m downloading this goofy app and signing away my rights to mind my business outside of class. It’s the end of the school year with 8 days left, 6 school days to be exact, and now I have tracker on my phone. I’m graduating and all of the sudden my teacher is telling me that EVERY staff member can see EVERY student with one of these “passes”? What even happened to the world? Why are we going digital? Is this the doing of Elon Musk? At this point, just plant the tracker in our brains and let AI take over the world. What’s wrong with the world today? How come adults have this satiating need to control our every move? I definitely did not sign up for this. Especially not when the school year is practically over. So what if a few students tend to wander? Honestly, I’d rather wander around campus for a few minutes, take a walk, say hi to pals, or whatever, instead of being in a dead-silent class for an hour. Lucky for me, I’m graduating soon, but my heart goes out to all the unlucky students who are and will be subjected to this torture. This shame. This app.
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6 months ago, Sticky hand come back
It started out as a normal day when I woke up and went to school. Then my math teacher told me to download the 5 star app. At first I skeptical, but I downloaded it anyway. After about 3 hours in the prison they call school, I finally get enough points for a sticky hand from the school treasure box. I redeem my points and now is an owner of a sticky hand. I take this hand everywhere I go I cannot sleep or eat or even breath without it. Then one day the worst thing happend, I was taking a dump on the toilet and when I was wiping, the sticky hand fell out of my hoodie pocket into the toilet. I didn’t notice so I flushed down the beloved sticky hand. When I realize what I’ve done, I turn to a world of drugs and violence, that violence lead me to gangs and I joined the local slime gang. We have had beef with the other gang in the school across the road. We now have had the great idea of placing an attack on the neighboring school. So we go there with our nerf guns and lightsabers and raid the school. But some kid thought I was an armed shooter and shot me right in the side. I’m currently on the ground bleeding to my death. Overall pretty good app I mean I got into my assembly with it wouldn't recommend, only good for if you don’t have your id on you.
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9 months ago, Why!!!!!!😭
Worst app ever; I regret downloading it! Now Vegeta hates me😖
So, I woke up, getting ready for my exam in this undetermined highschool location. Little do I know that my teacher would tell me to download the 5 star app. Hesitantly, I downloaded it. Surely it wouldn’t cause anything, right? At some point in the year, I had enough to get a Nintendo Switch with my points. I was excited to redeem it the next day, so I went to sleep. But the next day, the among us imposter knocked on my door and said he would summon the "eternal wrath of the Skibidi Toilets" onto me. Now I’m in Hawaii eating a taco. I am forever scarred from this app. Don’t download it. EVER! Because of this app, Vegeta bullies me at school 😭😭😭😭😭. And ever since the imposter told me these six words, I was doomed… from the very 5-start. And those six words were… "The one piece is not real." Never download this, unless you want your bloodline to be cursed forever. 5-star? More like 1-star. However, I’ve rated it 5 stars because I want my family back from the eternal damnation of the Skibidi Toilets. Please, 5-Star, bring my parents back.
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5 months ago, reallygoodgametryitoutpkeasr
Help me
It started like any other day a Monday. It was cold, wet, stormy, and big strikes of lightning. My first peroid was in pe. The school news said to download something but what. My vision focused in on the screen and it said five star student app. I decided not to get it because it was stupid. Oh boy was I wrong. Second period rolls around I’m having to use the bathroom. My teacher said I need the five star student app. Immediately I just downloaded it. Cause i needed to use the bathroom. I scanned it and I had five minutes which was stupid. I used the bathroom but then a ringing noise ranged out. All of a sudden eight to ten hapachi helicopters surrounded me. Bomb squad came, fbi, military, cops and a bunch of random people with guns. I ran but got shot and gunned down immediately. I woke up in a underground lab with a scientist and other survivors of the 5 star student app. I’m currently still healing from that. I don’t know how to handle the surface anymore. If this is my school life then I can’t. Don’t download it. All i remember is being dragged in the school cellar then being rescued and being here. I REPEAT DONT DOWLOAD IT FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY
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9 months ago, Nothing and nowhere
This app got me banned from life
I woke up on a normal Friday morning and did what most people would do I showered, brushed my teeth and VIOLATED the toilet I mean I left a super colossal Godzilla sized DUMP in what used to be a toilet and is now nothing at all. I went to school happy as could be from the relief of not carrying the Iron Giant in my bowels but little did I know it would all end. I got to my second period PE class and the teacher told me to download this god forsaken app. Once I downloaded it I opened it getting ready for all the fun I was going to have but alas I opened it and set it up turns out I set it up wrong and god himself picked me up and carried me off earth but not to heaven, he grabbed Hittler and chained him up to the pearly gates like a rabid dog and said “This is where you reside.” “Am I dead” I asked. “No” he responded. Turns out once a year the app chooses one person to ban not from the app just from everything life, heaven, death, even Google so technically I’m not dead but I’m also not alive and I still don’t know where I am but I’m somewhere and I’m nowhere I don’t know either but yeah 2 stars would not recommend it’s a good app but not worth the risk.
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10 months ago, On My Deathbed
On my deathbed
I downloaded this app happy and excited to get points for being the awesome student that I am! After months of collecting points I had enough to buy my schools biggest prize: A nintendo switch. The day after, I got to school with a huge smile on my face, excited for the day ahead (as I usually am). And today was the day I redeemed my Nintendo Switch. I marched into the office where my wonderful beautiful thoughtful principal handed me the amazing gaming device. It was the best day ever! I held it with care the entire school day, and at the end of the day I was ecstatic to play it in my home! But… when I walked out of school, a mean bully saw me holding my Switch and robbed me of it! He took it from my firm grasp and told me to “get lost”. I tried to fight back and said some very harsh words my mom would not approve of, that is when he removed the knife from his pocket and stabbed me. I am currently writing this in the ambulance on my way to the hospital. I am about to die from all the blood loss. So it is safe to say, this app has killed me. Curse you 5 Star student, you are a 1 star app if I must say.
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6 months ago, Bob_1238777
Why just why
On a normal Wednesday morning after getting scolded by my mom for dropping her phone in the toilet and performing a wwe move on my 2 year old sister I started walking to school. I remember my 9th period teacher told me to download 5 star. So I downloaded and when I got to her class I realized I forgot my phone. Luckily I had my just in case flip phone. But then I got scolded by Ms. Slave owner for not having it on my flip phone. So I tried to download it but it wasn’t available on Obama’s famous flip phone?!! So I got home just to find out my mom flushed my phone down the toilet. Luckily my super nice uncle provided me with a used iPhone 4 which was only $50. So I downloaded it on that phone but the next day I found a black baby on my doorstep with a note saying “don’t perform wwe moves on children that aren’t yours.” I mean if it is my child why is black? So clearly it not mine. So I took it inside hid it in my closet took a dump. Somehow the sourness of the diarrhea dissolved it. Anyways went to school came back then found out my uncle stole it.
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2 years ago, littlejimmyboyfangril
My boyfriend left me bc of this app
After downloading the app for the first time, I expected what i saw in the photos. Instead, I developed social anxiety and I started to think that everyone hated me. I wouldn’t eat, sleep, or do any of the stuff I used to do. The stuff I thought that was what I loved doing. My boyfriend downloaded this app last year around August. It has been a year since his death. In his note it said that to never go on this app and that he was doing this because he loved me so. My whole life has been undone. I quit my job and started having aggressive seizure and stuff like that. I just wish I could go back in time to tell him NOT to install this app. I can’t talk to anyone about anything because that moment I get close to them, it reminds me of this app. This life has ruined my whole life. My family doesn’t recognize me anymore, my classmates don’t either. Not even my dog. THIS APP HAS RUINED EVERYTHING FOR ME! 0/10 never looking at this app EVER!
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1 year ago, lahsjenshelwl
my review.
1. the app rating being this low is accurate 2. i downloaded this app thinking it would be good and useful for my life. since downloading it i’ve become manic and can’t control how i feel. now it’s making my phone crash i’ve lost all my photos even the ones of my dead dog, i miss him so much all i wanted was to see his face again but this app has hacked my phone and caused me to lose everything even my messages. i cant believe it. i will be contacting the app store directly about this major inconvenience. Losing my control has caused me to think about suic!dal actions i used to be so happy, why can’t i go back to normal? the app it’s taken over my phone it’s the only thing i see when i wake up and go to sleep. no other app appears on the app store just this one. side note: i think i’ve been hacked and my location is visible i’ve been followed home multiple times in fear of my life. 5 Star please stop this. Please.
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5 months ago, Glizzy Up you
It promotes a culture of competition: With a 5-star app, students may become more focused on getting the highest rating rather than on the actual learning process. This can create unnecessary pressure and anxiety among students, leading to a negative impact on their mental well-being. It may lead to superficial learning: The app's emphasis on ratings and reviews might encourage students to prioritize memorization and regurgitation of information rather than deep understanding and critical thinking. This could hinder their ability to apply knowledge in real-world situations and develop essential problem-solving skills. It may discourage collaboration: The app's individualistic approach to learning might discourage collaboration and teamwork among students. Education is not just about individual success but also about working together, sharing ideas, and learning from one another. The 5-star app could hinder the development of these important social and communication skills.
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5 months ago, ProGamer233
She was driving last Friday on her way to Cincinnati on a snow-white Christmas Eve Going home to see her mama and her daddy with the baby in the backseat 50 miles to go, and she was running low on faith and gasoline It'd been a long, hard year She had a lot on her mind, and she didn't pay attention She was going way too fast Before she knew it, she was spinning on a thin black sheet of glass She saw both their lives flash before her eyes She didn't even have time to cry She was so scared She threw her hands up in the air Jesus, take the wheel Take it from my hands 'Cause I can't do this on my own I'm letting go So give me one more chance And save me from this road I'm on Jesus, take the wheel It was still getting colder when she made it to the shoulder And the car came to a stop She cried when she saw that baby in the backseat, sleeping like a rock And for the first time in a long time She bowed her head to pray She said, "I'm sorry for the way I've been living my life I know I've got to change, so from now on tonight" Jesus, take the wheel Take it from my hands 'Cause I can't do this on my own I'm letting go So give me one more chance And save me from this road I'm on Oh, Jesus, take the wheel Oh, I'm letting go So give me one more chance Save me from this road I'm on From this road I'm on Jesus, take the wheel Oh, take it, take it from me Oh, whoa, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
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10 months ago, Sheena's Sugarwompus
This app is worse than Regine
So basically Sheena tried to buy my house but it’s not mine it’s my grandmas and she lives there with her physically deformed cat and to be honest the only real reason I’m there is because I eat all of her expired Reese’s peanut butter cups but the other day I found the shocking news that the cat does too cause I was literally about to eat them and then the cat snatched them out of my hands and gobbled them ferociously right in front of me and I was about to drop kick it to the moon but I saw from the peanut butter cups that the cat had now gotten type 5 diabetes and I couldn’t go against my people so I refrained and just drop kicked it down the stairs. Oh and so I was besties with Sheena through thick and thin but then Regine shows up and says Sheenas in the office or some garbage so I said give her back and she said ok but shocker Regine did nothing and so to this day she’s missing and I’m about to become emo. The app is fine
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2 years ago, kiwi576
Diary Entry #346
I downloaded this app almost one year ago and everything went black. I don’t have any clothes on and I am cold and wet. I think I am in a locker but I don’t remember getting here or why I am cold and especially wet. I can here people walking outside my metal cage. It happens every hour and fifteen minutes. I yell but no one seems to here my cries. I have survived on soggy, moist, pretzels that squirm the the steel vents. My day to day fitness is reaching to scratch my nose and shutting down for a sweet release. Waste drips through the bottom crevices and leaks into the hallways. Occasionally I will feast on my 4 day old feces. I here the rats scurry and scream in the halls as they try to enter the dark and smelly locker. I grow weary of this metal entrapment. I plan to end my suffering in the coming days. If I am not released from this torture I will end it all. I have saved my stock of dripping pretzels and I am ready at a moments notice to do the final deed.
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2 months ago, Beau Lockhart
5 star is out to get me
This app killed my friends and all of my loved ones. I will never forgive it…. I have to go see a therapist for 3 hours a day just to try to recover from the pure war trauma 5 Star has inflicted upon me. After I told my previous therapist about this app, Kim Jong Un’s regime broke down the door and shot her dead on the scene. I barely made it out alive and suffered near-fatal wounds from the incident. After my hospital treatment, I thought that was the end of it. But in the middle of the night I woke up tied to a chair in a dark room. The light flickered on and there he was…. Osama Bin Laden threatening me with a 12 gauge shotgun pointed at my head, the corpses of past victims scattered across the floor. Just as I thought it was over, Joe Biden pulled up in his red Ferrari, beat up Osama Bin Laden, and saved my life. Now I live in secrecy, forever fearing that 5 Star is going to unleash its terror on me once more. Anyways…. great app.
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4 months ago, Reddit Mod
Honest Review
Hello, it is a fateful day. I am currently stuck on the toilet writing this review. Guys it has been bothering me. I will now tell you about my day. I started off the day hungover and I went to the daily prison as usual. Once at the school, I met my first period teacher. He was talking so weird, like he was possessed by the skibbidi toilet. The scariest thing is that my teacher approached me yelling, “CHEPCITY”. GUYS WHAT IS “CHEPCITY”. However, my big phat teacher started kissing me and farting on me. I got SO SCARED I ran to the office, all the staff were beating their meat as I unfortunately opened the door!!?! Finally, I ran in to the restroom and encountered the spirit of skibbidi toilet- GUYS HE IS TOUCHING ME NOW. OH NOOOO! Im geting touchd by the big blacc skibbidi toilet HELPE—
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3 months ago, john292922
I reached the peak of life
It was sophomore year when my English teacher notified me that our currency is moving to digital and that we should download this sketchy app. Against my will, this app was downloaded onto my phone and after about a year I had enough points to purchase myself a hydroflask. The day came where I could pick it up and I was ecstatic, however, upon opening the bottle my life flashed before my eyes and I had the sudden urge to buy scrunchies and say “and I oop” every 3 minutes. I soon found out that this chronic illness is labeled as “VSCO girls”. Yes, that’s right, I became a VSCO girl. I got death threats sent to me at school and was bullied severely. One of them even stabbed me in the back and now I’m lying upside down on my school’s staircase and bleeding to death as I write this review. I blame everything on this app, don’t get it or else you will turn into your worst nightmares. #THISAPPSUCKS #ANDIOOP
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3 months ago, Higgcdcb
turned me into drake
One Monday morning i was sitting in my english class and my teacher said that we had to download the app to receive an A. I downloaded this awful app to guarantee myself an a, little did i know. I checked out the app and noticed that as i was scrolling my pants were getting heavier. I went to the bathroom to see what was going on. I checked in my pants and i had this magnum dong attached to me. (i am a woman) every time i walk through the halls people give me weird looks now because i still look like a woman but they can see my 18 inches down below hanging out of my shorts. i can no longer hold a relationship because people think that it is disgusting. every time i try to get a job, my employers see and decide to not give me the job. my life has been ruined by this app, i will never use again and will uninstall immediately. 0/10
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10 months ago, Luxo21
This app killed my dog
I have never been more scared from an app in my entire life. It all started of so simple, just download the app they said, it will be all okay they said. But it wasn’t. Slowly I started getting surrounded by these hentai loving kids yelling uwu or ara ara at me. I tried getting away but I couldn’t. They followed me all the way back to my house. I tried locking the doors when u got there but then I realized my dog was still outside. Little ol Churro never saw it coming. They were in my backyard letting Churro hump them, like they were another dog! He came so many times that he passed from shooting too many blanks. But they continued to do this, to his carcass, filling him with loads at a time. This went on till the morning. I deleted the app the next morning but every night I try to go to bed I can still hear his faint whimpers coming from the backyard.
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2 months ago, Multilingualboy12
I want to see my family again
This app gave me drugs and said they were skittles so I ate them and my thang was the size of my leg and one day I was in my science class and the teacher sat on my lap and called me daddy and I got hard and it burst my pants and burst her pants and went inside her first hole and she moaned for 28 minutes and sent the class out and she made me touch her and finger and she stripped me and sent me to the principals office and the principal did the same thing and they put me in a box under the school and the only thing I drink is milk from the girl teachers T I T s and c u m from the boys and I eat big d i c k s and I also eat p u s s y And the girls they are down here making me put my face and my fingers and my thang in them and making me touch and grope them and the boys are putting their thang in me and I kinda like it but I also want to see my family again
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3 months ago, Rat Soviet Union
No id no life
It was a morning of the late clock chirping in my ears I took a nice long shower and headed out to the miserable prison we call school. Due to me not awakening at dawn I had Forgotten about my id and lanyard thinking the 5- star app would save me but I was terribly forsaking. Once my teacher had saw my landyardless neck. I looked at him and took out my phone. My first big mistake, he sent me to the office where my principal had called someone unknown. Next thing I knew I was underground under the school. With all my teachers singing a ritual in a unknown language. I was confined to a table with salt and candles around me. Their chanting had gone louder and eventually lifted me up in the sky as I lifted I saw the next lanyardless victim crying like a small child. I am now in the middle of nowhere with only skibbidi toilets screaming every ten minutes all thanks to 5 star.
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9 months ago, AliceVelasquez
my thoughts
Personally I hate this app, I only had 7 minutes to use the restroom, it takes 2-3 mins to get there and back. This one time I had explosive diarrhea, due to that I got detention and they would not let me explain my reasoning. this app should not be allowed to be use for school and especially this app should not had even been created. This is a very dumb app that my dog left me for, My family had killed themselves due to how this app works. The concession stand outside had sued the school due to how I was not able to stay out longer than 7 minutes. Due to how I did they walked into my stall and wrote me down. I did not have any privacy and had to get detention? That’s a very stupid reason and I demand to have privacy. My house had burned down because of this app. this app deserves to get burned down.
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9 months ago, THIS APP KILLED
The death of me
Once upon a time in the small town of Evergreen Park, there lived a high school student named Marty. Marty was a bright and adventurous young man who loved exploring new things. One day, he heard about an app called "Five Star" that his high school, Ep High School, had released. Excited by the opportunity to connect with others in his school community, he quickly downloaded the app. Five Star was designed to encourage positive interactions and build a sense of unity among the students. It allowed users to rate various aspects of the school, such as teachers, clubs, and events. Marty was eager to participate and contribute his own feedback to make his high school an even better place. Eager to begin his journey on the Five Star app, Marty decided to take a stroll through Every Green Park. It was a lovely spring day with blossoming flowers and chirping birds. As Marty
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10 months ago, -_- no. -_-
This app united the world?!
I got this app a few days ago because my school told me to. I found the app a little confusing to use so I asked my teacher for help. He immediately sent me to the principals office. (The rest of the class and assistant teacher later told me that he said he would help me and asked where I was going.) The principal sat down and told me that I was “The dumbest ****** student in the history of the school, will amount to nothing in the future, and that he will see to it that I don’t wake up tommorow.” I went home and tried to forget about it by watching TV. I then heard my TV’s and phone’s emergency alert go off and saw that I was wanted. It said that this was “a serious threat to our country and beyond” I started to drive as far away as I could to escape everyone. I have seen the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, United States Police Force, Russian Military, al-Qaeda, The Taliban, ISIS, Chinese Government Officials, the general public, animals, Kim Jong Un, and Arby’s employees all united to capture me. I am not sure if this app is a good thing or bad thing so I will give it 3 stars.
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10 months ago, Unusual_Muffin
I got this app since my high school changed the hall pases to digital. It was a nice rainy day in September and the class was doing independent work. I had to take a massive dump, so I asked the teacher if I could go use the restroom. The teacher gave me a 7 minute pass and the app showed showed a green light with the time remaining. I went to the restroom and did my business, until all a sudden.. 3..2..1.. the app turned red with 0 minutes. I didn’t panic at first, until I heard in the distant. A whole pack of security tracking me down. I quickly hid in the large stall, but above me the vent opened and a pack of security took me down. They threw me into the schools hidden prison, I haven’t seen the sun ever since. Downloaded this app with caution, please do your business after school.. please help me get out 🙏🙏🙏
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6 months ago, jo.jo.lo
Everything seemed normal. I got up at 7 and got ready. I was actually okay with going to school that day. Some would say happy. I was foolish. I didn’t realize the underlying danger that was waiting for me. I didn’t even realize until I walked through the gates. It became hard to breath and the pressure became too much. Thats when someone said the worst thing imaginable. I refused I wasn’t going to let them win. I would fight back. Fight back for my freedom. I’m not letting them take the little freedom I do have from me. But I was to weak. They got me. They held me down. They held me down and made me download this app. Tears streaming down my face. I was to weak to fight back. It was at the point everything became worse. There’s only one question I ask myself. Will I ever get to be free from this prison.
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9 months ago, Katie Hermani
𝙹 y𝙹⚍ ∴ᔑリℸ ̣ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ⨅⚍ᓵᓵ? h⚍⍑
It’s been 763 days. I’ve been keeping track of every passing moment with tally marks on the wall. I don’t know where I am, what day it is, or even who I am. I haven’t seen my family or another human being in ages. It’s dark, cold, wet, and empty here. I have chains around my ankles bounding me to a cold concrete floor and there’s a constant patter of water dripping from the ceiling comes at a controlled rate of 1 drop per 4 seconds. My only source of nutrients is said source of water. I’m sure that even if I tried to move, my legs would remain inert. The muscles within my body feel completely numb. I don’t even know how to process my emotions at the current moment. The only name or words I can seem to recall are 5 Star Students. Please. I need to see my family.
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10 months ago, Monster1111111111111
I don’t know what’s happening to me
I have downloaded this app 209 moons ago. Immediately after downloading this app I noticed that my family and friends stopped talking to me and slowly everyone in my community stopped speaking to me. My skin started to turn a gray color. I start having this urge to go to the forest around my town and I started to black out and I think it had been several weeks. I am now only skin and bone I have now grown claws they are longer then my hands and I have cut myself typing this out I am covered in blood. This app has made me a monster and I don’t know how long I have before I lost control of my body once more. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. It has some twisted magic to it and I will turn you into a twisted monster. Do not make the same mistake as me.
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11 months ago, Mightbeachickenmightnotbe
I don’t know who I am anymore
I was scrolling through this app when I felt a sudden pain in my head. I opened my eyes to realize i had passed out for a while but something felt odd. Everything was quiet. As soon as I realized, there was a sudden burst inside me. It urged me to move. I slowly stood up and started walking. My feet moved like I had no control. I walked what it feels like forever, and then it stopped. There was a door. As i opened the door there was a beautiful night sky with 5 shinning stars. But then i realized something stood in front of me. It was a chicken. Nervousness is what i felt when I saw it. I looked back trying to escape. But on the ground where I thought I came from, there was feathers. Am I the chicken? Since then I don't know who I am. Please don't download this app.
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5 months ago, H42po3
This app changed my life forever.
I downloaded this app when I heard I could get some free stuff. I started fading in and out of reality. I felt like I had smoked 47 bongs and I was on another planet. Then I started to smell a stench. Reality suddenly washed over me as the teacher waddled in my direction and grabbed me by the forehead. He inched closer to my face and as he did he dismissed the class. I could hear the loud footsteps of the students leaving as the teacher stared into my eyes. He whispered softly into my ear and let out the words, “you’re on the list”. I couldn’t understand what was happening but the teacher had politely placed me back on the ground and told me to lock the door and shut the blinds. By now the light had dimmed and I saw him creeping towards me. You can uses what happened next.
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10 months ago, 382938492
App lead to canibalism
I got this app because my school principle told me too, and I left it on my Home Screen without issue for a few weeks. Then, I opened it for the first time, hoping to get a homework pass or one of the rewards, but was plunged into a dark pit with other five star users and needless to say, I lost my mind as nearly every week a new user would fall, and I would wait until they fell asleep and I would bite their throat and start eating. I then turned into a violent schizophrenic and would immediately start biting their ears, and after 6 years I realized that the door was always unlocked, and that I never had to look through their intestines for a key. I now live with immense survivors guilt and hopefully you don’t make the same mistake I did.
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10 months ago, urmomsus3
my last chicken nuggets
THIS APP IS HORRIBLE after downloading this app to be “cool” and impress the alpha males, i immediately began to get dm after dm gangsterboi758 dm’d me one tuesday morning telling me if the time came, he would give me his last chicken nugget. i must admit i was very flattered and some would say “rizzed up” by gangsterboi758. until, later that day i stuck my hand in my backpack to retrieve my chromebook, instead of my chromebook i was found with a bag of frozen chicken nuggets. my friends called me a dweeb. i’m not a dweeb!!! i was walking down the hall listening to “closed on sunday” by kanye, when out of nowhere a cult of band kids appeared and started throwing boiling hot chicken nuggets at me this ruined my life, my boyfriend came out last night, and my mom turned into cyborg.
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10 months ago, Mercenary-5381
This app made me kill my therapist
I downloaded five star student because my teacher told me to. Seconds after, the screen went black with a white spiral and I started following the orders of our lord and savior, the hidden shadow government. Now I assassinate government figures and wake up the next day not knowing what happened. Recently, on October 7th, I was sent to kill my therapist, who leads an anti-five star revolt. His army fought valiantly for the Fourth of July, but it was not enough. So this Christmas, I killed my therapist and eliminated all threats to the five star throne. LONG LIVE THE FIVE STARS
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10 months ago, Marky Joyner
This is not a review it’s a cry for help
It all started when I downloaded this app. Before I was a normal kid with a normal life, but on August 11th, I installed this app to try to use the bathroom. That’s when it started. Walking down the hall, I began to hear voices calling, thirsting, needing blood. I tried to ignore them but they kept coming back. They were screaming for blood, telling me they needed a host to set the Lord Dormamu free and begin the annexation of our world. I tried to fight them but it was too late. My poor little sister. She was only 8. But the voices made me. I didn’t want to but they made me. They needed a sacrifice. It’s been 3 weeks now and my poor small town has done all they can to fight against the demons, but they need help. Help us. Help us. Help us. Help us.
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9 months ago, Norman Minecraft fr
So it was a regular school day in my 1st period and the teacher told us to download this app. I was very excited because I could look forward to something other than my dad convincing me that life is a simulation and my mom being,,, well 6ft underground. So I downloaded the app and there was a cool event and obviously I participated by wearing my cool cross necklace to represent my religion the next day. But when I went to school and showed my teacher God suddenly descended and my classmates were replaced with angels and my crush became a spider man but not THE Spider Man literally just a guy with 6 arms with lips that smelled like cyanide (he was still hot though). So we kissed but then God came over and started vivisecting me and then I died. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.
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3 months ago, George Monkey Flowberry
This app put me onto furry inflation videos
The 5-Star Student App ruined my life because it led me down a dark path of endless furry inflation videos. Its addictive interface and endless scrolling features sucked me into a vortex of bizarre content, consuming my every waking moment. I couldn’t tear myself away from the screen, watching one video after another until the early hours of the morning. My grades plummeted, my relationships suffered, and my mental health deteriorated—all because of this cursed app. It’s a dangerous trap that I can’t escape from, and it’s ruined my life beyond repair. I don’t really mind though because watching these videos has given my life a sense of meaning.
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2 months ago, I hate children and you
Release me
I thought this app would benefit me in helping with hall pass availability but little did I know the moment I pressed that download button that my life would change forever…and not in the good way… I woke up the next day in a nightmare. I was chained down and vicious man eating pigs were released chanting “no way out no way out no way out five minutes remain five minutes remain no way out” and was tortured looking for a phone and here I am locked in a random basement being fed rotten dog food by the creator of this app. This app has taken my family hostage and now it’s up to me to defeat this beast and survive. I only have 5 minutes left… and yet I still have to pee 😔
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10 months ago, rosegoldlambodriver
this app changed my life
when i downloaded this app i didn’t think much about it, but the next day i heard a knock on my door and it was the president of the united states, and he said that i won a medal for using the five star student app. and it also came with the cash prize of 15.3 million dollars. Now i live in a mansion with my family and i drive a rose gold lamborghini to school, so if u want to be like me i suggest downloading this app immediately. 10/10 i write from my i-phone 500pro
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2 months ago, jdbeocksvs
My teacher fanum taxed my level 3 gyat with her grimace shake I called Kai cenat and my unc duke Dennis to get rizzy on them and they had W rizz so the teachers felt bad and invited all of us to the Tik Tok rizz party and started playing Carnival from Kanye East and they showed ur their skibidi toilet and fanum taxed my level 0 gyat with 0 rizz and then started playing “Sticking out your gyat for the rizller your so skibidi your so fanum tax I jus wanna be your sigma freaking come here 😡 GIMME UR OHIO😱 THEY FANUM TAXED MY FREAKING RIZZ AND NOW IM NOT A GIGA CHAD OR SIGMA IM JUS A FREAKING LOSER 😡😡 IM GONNA SEND MY UNCLE DUKE DENNIS TO GET RIZZY IN SKIBIDI OHIO FANUM TAX BOOTY SKIBIDI TOILET SHEEEEESHHHHH TIK TOK RIZZ FREAKING PARTY 🤤😡😡 MY FELLOW OHIANS IF YOUR LISTENING WE ARE STANDING UP FOR FANUM TAX IM TIRED OF THIS WE NEED TO BECOME GIGA CHADS AND W SIGMA ALFA WOLFES SO STOP STICKING OUR UR GYAT FOR THE FANUM TAX OR ELSE THERE GONNA GET A KNUCKLE SANDWICH 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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9 months ago, Katerina_TheCat
This app tied me to a pole and burned me at the stake
I downloaded this app due to school requirements and as soon as I did, my life turned into something of a SAW reenactment. Every path I took, every choice I took caused me pain and suffering. Eventually, my teacher wanted to do a Salem witch trial roleplay. They put me up there, accused me, and then started chanting and screaming curses and then I heard it, 5 Star. Of course, how could I not see this! 5 Star was the culprit. 5 Star put them up to it. 5 Star ruined my life. 5 star hurt me time and time again without failure. They lit the fire beneath me, and I burned to my death. I am writing to you from the afterlife. Anyway 1/5 would not recommend. Try it for yourslef tho ig idc🤷‍♀️
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10 months ago, Soggy toast in jam
Why this app is a one star
I originally downloaded this app for my niece and since than she has gotten into communism she has also started a gang. I thought this app would improve my nieces gpa in her school but she has turned to the emo side ever since. I later went to her school to pick her up but she was shoving some kids into the small lockers. She went to the principals office and got expelled. I am about to graduate from my college and my niece is still in 6th grade I downloaded it his app 3 and a half years ago. For all I know and heard she just got unowned by her parents and sent to a foster family have not heard from her since. God bless her and her new family.
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2 months ago, Asstro.
It was a normal tuesday morning when i went to school. There was a sign saying to download the 5star students app so I did and the second I did, a girl went up to me and asked for my number. I hate women. Her boyfriend Richard went up to me and started throwing hands. I ended passing out and being in the er. I hate that girl and her boyfriend Richard. I hate this app because if it werent for it, then I wouldnt be here. The girl went to check on me yesterday. She apologized for what happened and she broke up with her "Richy wichy boo boo bear" so she could be with me. Richard then walked in and yelled at her and dragged her out of the er room. y'all better not get this bruh it's been a crazy week
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9 months ago, Copy09 player on switch
Bad app!!!!!
I’m going on my walk with the dogs now so I’ll call when I’m back in town I will call and see what time you think I should come bye for a minute and then I can go over to your place or do I just want you guys there for hours or pick you guys out and you could come to mine or I could come over to your moms and then we could just meet at the park or something and you could go over there or whatever and we could go over to my moms and we can just hang and hang and hang and hang with my mom or something and hang with the girls or something and just chill with you and I could go over to my dad or whatever.
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10 months ago, Cecilia💖aguilar
My parents are divorced
When I installed the app all of a sudden my parents came into my room saying they’re getting a divorce and my dad is leaving the country to go with his future wife and my mom left me alone with my baby brother, I have struggled trying to find a job to help feed my little brother but it’s hard as a young adult trying to get a job. The next day my brother got murdered and I was devasted but as soon as I deleted the app everything went back to normal like it was a dream, To anyone who’s reading this DONT install this app and go through the same experience as me I found it hard to live ever since I installed this cursed app
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2 months ago, bdjjrbtjguv
Zapped me out of my knickers
It started as a normal day. I woke up, drank a gallon of chocolate milk and went to school. When I got to school I had the biggest need to pee. I mean bigger than my aunt Barry’s at a all you can eat buffet. I scanned out and spent 10 minutes emptying my bladder but the time ran out. I had used up my 7 minutes and while I was peeing, my phone let out the most deadly shock that it shot my underwear halfway across the bathroom. This made me stuck there for 10 MORE minutes and I got the fattest wet Willy from my principal while I was using the bathroom. Do no get this app unless you want to be depressed and dead
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3 months ago, KANYEGLAZER57
I became Kanye after downloading this app
Every day since summer 2023 when i downloaded this app I became Ye. How can I tell? Well whenever i open the app my skin turns brown jaw swollen and an angelic voice. As a Mr West fan I became obsessed with this “superpower”. So every time I wanna rant abt smth i open the app and go what i call Kanye mode. Everything I open this app u fell the Kardashian booty on my face. In conclusion download the app or i wont drop vultures 2
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3 days ago, nrosetheman
Ooga booga this app changed me
My friend told me about this app. As soon as I downloaded it, I blacked out. I woke up in a small concrete room with no exits. I have been in this room for a total of 8 days. I keep track of time with tally marks in the wall. My ankles are chained to the wall, so I don’t really have much room to move. My only source of nutrients is my own feces. Every once in a while, a rat will enter through a small hole in the floor, the rat is on of 2 different sources of entertainment I have, the second one being the amount of SpongeBobs I can mark on the floor with my own spit. If anyone knows where I am, SEND HELP
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1 year ago, bouncydino
This app ruined my life
Maybe it’s because 9/11 happened but this app isn’t as good and fabulous as I hoped. I saw men kissing in the hallway and then they jumped me because I was staring at them while they were kissing. Not only that but I started floating, not the good kind either, right now I am thousands of feet in the air and have low oxygen supply. Do NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP, in my last breaths I say that this app is atrocious.
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10 months ago, Sophu_Tofu
Crippling Addiction
Ever since downloading the 5 star app, my life has been consumed by it. Every time I pick up my phone I immediately open it. I removed all the other apps on my phone because they can’t compare. It’s in my every conversation and I am beginning to have lucid dreams about the app itself. I’ve been disowned and lost contact with all of my relatives. I quit my job and am living on the streets. 5 star remains as my only family. I crave the high of opening the app for the first time again. I’ve since been thrown into rehab and they won’t let me out. This is not worth the addiction.
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10 months ago, E201x
I cannot stress this enough. Don’t download this app! I downloaded this and MY FAMILY WAS MURDERED… FR!! I hot home and they had been completely murdered and were dead fr. It was so sad. Now i’m homeless and and orphan and i live in the attic at my school. It smells like the dentists up here, and i have to fight for scraps in the lunchroom. This app ruined my life. It drove me to madness and I actually ended up burning down my school. Everyone died, and i roasted marshmallows over the ashes. Also, I got pregnant, and now i’m a mother of 16. (i had 16 kids at once) DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!! Life ruiner. Now i’m homeless, a mother of 16, an arsonist, and i’m wanted for 14 war crimes. ⚠️DONT DOWNLOAD ⚠️
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6 months ago, Football12456398710
This app is great!
This app is very useful! Don’t look at all the fake reviews about their families being kidnapped, them being killed, and all of that. This app is useful for when I forget my ID, tracking my points, checking grades, etc. My only reason for rating it one star is because sometimes the app is confusing. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.
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