6 News WOWT

2.3 (173)
71.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 6 News WOWT

2.33 out of 5
173 Ratings
5 years ago, Maj7(9)
Not really customizable
I really don’t like sports, especially the Huskers. Being a native of Omaha I am sick of having Lincoln's FB team jammed down my throat. Especially when they got rid of UNO’s team because of feared competition. So when I got the app and was getting husker updates I sought to eradicate them from my phone. Luckily there is an option to customize the news updates you get in the app... except even after I turned off sports updates, I still was seeing husker updates pushed onto my phone. I would really appreciate it if when I turn off sports, I would not get sports updates on my phone... especially those from a different city FB team.
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1 year ago, come on, man...
Please stop the pop ups
Hey guys, having news and weather information at our fingertips is great… opening the app and having video pop ups with audio is not. Having to listen to it for a pre-determined amount of time makes it worse. Especially when trying to stay quiet… The best part of having this stuff on a phone is not having to watch commercials. I understand the need for advertising dollars, but please stop with the video ads. This makes me close the app and go to other news sources. Keep your relevance by not giving your customers things that they don’t want.
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3 years ago, happy//13
Weak app.
No matter where I am at I either can’t pull this app up at all or it takes forever for it to come up. I can sit right in front of router and same thing. This is only app I have problems with. I have deleted it and reinstalled it same problem.
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4 weeks ago, MJL9771
Crashes every time I open it!
Piece of junk app. Since the latest update I have to open it at least 5 or more times to actually get it to work. It just keeps crashing before it even opens. Also, too many ads. It’s gone downhill just like the station has. The anchors on their now are terrible, especially that chick with the monotone voice that acts like she’s going to cry on every story she reads.
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9 months ago, David Paul David
Too Many Commercials!!!
I want to read the news on the app and not be forced to endure commercials first—of any length or number. This app continues to deteriorate catering to commercials and not readers. There’s no where on the app to give feedback or to find who to contact which makes it seem like they don’t care about their readers or their input as long as they make money from commercials! Horrible customer focus!
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4 years ago, omaha67
Do you realize that the Buick commercial can repeat 4 to 6 times before the news starts up again. It’s so annoying that we started to turn the app off because it’s been happening a lot. We also have to reinstall and install the app numerous times as it freezes.
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4 years ago, KathLew3
It’s changed
It used to be the type in this news app was bold, like Reader view. Now, even though I select large print in this app, it doesn’t change. it’s no longer in bold. It is very difficult to read the news without having it bold face type. I have selected bold tape face and large print on my phone but it still doesn’t change the typeface in this app. I used to be able to read it, now I can’t.
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4 years ago, WayneORick
Quality App
Excellent source for local news. Consistently updated including traffic alerts. Push alerts don’t blow up my phone too much. Just the right amount.
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6 years ago, Boaz In Omaha
App has improved
App I just getting better. They have stopped the opening adds and now include more news both, local, national and international. I wished the photos were expandable so be could see greater detail in the picture.
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6 years ago, Booooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Slow news
They post news to slow to this app. Most the time I find local new from hearing it from other people before your app posts it with way less info then I can learn from a friend... one example the music for vets!! That’s really important and you guys posted it around 615 and it ended at 7... way to go do you guys hate vets? words from Ron Swanson dear frozen yogurt be ice cream or be nothing!
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2 years ago, M4V3R1CK999
Wow so glad I looked at an update from from sweaty guy that can’t speak
I think that coming on less than a minute before other stations then showing a sweaty guy that can’t talk and then having a three minute advertisement ruins it for me. I doubt I will ever looking at breaking news from you again but thank you
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3 years ago, fedupand&$
Too much news about Covid!
Stop the many news posts on everything about Covid and the experimental vaccine!! It's repetitive and stupid to shove it down our throats day after day after day for a year now! It's ridiculous! Go back to reporting local and national news like you should!
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5 years ago, ChevyIsBeast
“Breaking news” should not include Nebraska football
Here we go again. Football season and never-ending alerts about football. Sorry but football is not breaking news. The people who want alerts about it can check the box for alerts about spirts news. I guess I’ll have to uninstall the app again until football season is over. 🙄
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5 years ago, bigcrazyfun
So hard to use....
Whenever I get a breaking news alert I tap on it and it takes me into the app and that’s where the adventure begins. Have to search and search for the story and never seem to be able to find it so I give up. They need to tweak some things then it should be a good app but right now it’s just too cumbersome and lacks a smooth flow.
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12 months ago, Bud III
Your weather app has become impossible to find my way around on it. I quit using it. can’t even find the radar on the app.
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5 years ago, stacywoz
App just spins and spins, but rarely opens
This has been an ongoing issue. Today, it took 7 attempts to open before it actually did. I like the story layout, but it doesn’t matter when the majority of the time the app won’t open. Deleting and switching stations. Very disappointed WOWT because I’ve been a long-time follower.
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4 years ago, S.julius
Constantly pushing liberal agenda
This used to be my favorite local news source. But for the last 8 months they have been vomiting nothing but had left liberal agenda. I deleted the app today when I opened it and was forced to watch a Joe Biden ad before I could continue. No bias reporting is a thing of the past. I’ll never again rely on WOWT.
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6 years ago, wenelson
Live broadcasting
I love the live broadcasts. Wintering in AZ and really appreciate keeping up with news, weather, and even the adds.
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6 years ago, doghround
Launch Issues
Periodically when attempting to launch the app, it hangs up or immediately terminates. Seems like issues began when adds were added to the launch program.
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Bad grammar
I am not trying to be mean, I am just surprised that periods and commas are not used correctly and where they don’t make any sense. Stories could be proofread before being posted. Maybe 4th grade grammar being used. Unfortunately, for me, the stories are hard to read with all of the mistakes...
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5 years ago, ahahhaha68140
It’s better than ketvs social justice warrior app. And if you’re tired of having stuff crammed down your throat. I’d leave the bar
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4 weeks ago, The O.Ne
Usually reliable but since the latest update, every time I open it crashes
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5 years ago, breearino
Advertisements are across news stories which make it almost impossible to read them and no way to close out of them to be able to read what’s behind it
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7 years ago, P27db
Used to be good
The last month they have ad that pops up for long time before you can get into app. Today it was trying to download game. Done with it. Deleted app from my phone. Had been using app for several years. Must have idiots managing the app now.
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1 year ago, jjrmps
Need a separate app for weather??
Can no longer view weather, have to download a special weather app. Why? It was more practical and sensible to have everything in one app. Zero stars for channel 6. Deleted.
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7 years ago, Fall9579
This app used to be awesome. But now I have to watch a game preview before I want to see a story or get the weather NO it's awful. I am going to delete it until the ads go away again!!! BOOOOOOO TO ADS!!
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4 years ago, Iowa Weather
Mobile website is terrible
Wow, you’d think a major tv station could produce an interesting and informative website. Not so for this one, it’s terrible. It’s so cumbersome and confusing and muddled up with ads. I’m deleting it as it’s actually irritating.
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5 years ago, CEStew
Update Bug: Frozen Screen
Ever since the last update, the app often freezes. The advertising space at the bottom is empty when this happens so I assume there is a problem loading an advertisement.
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4 weeks ago, NE Pastor
Worthless app
The latest update causes the app to crash immediately leaving it worthless. I’ve deleted it and reloaded it several times with the same result.
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3 years ago, Omaha1slot
Not working
The app has stopped working. Contacted them several times. Now it opens a car ad and then stops working. This app has 115 reviews. The KETV app has 2,500 reviews! Are they ever going to fix it?
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7 years ago, Redoak01*
Was a Great App
There are annoying pop up ads that you must review and press an x to get to the news. Stop the pop up ads and stick with banner ads.
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5 years ago, Satureum
Just an Ad revenue App
Local news as it is today, is just a giant ad revenue machine; their app is no different. The Weather portion is useful, though, so there’s your 2 Stars.
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6 years ago, christee*
I’ve never had a problem with this app - I’ve had it for years but recently I can’t even get through an article without it crashing. Please fix it! Also proofread but that’s not the app’s fault.
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2 years ago, Love The Five
Deleting WOWT App
It worked fine until yesterday. I can’t open any articles anymore. I did everything that I know to fix it, but I’m not going to go stir crazy trying to fix it. Bye bye WOWT app!
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7 years ago, Grtgrma
Annoying ads!!
This was a great news app till the pop up ads began. Stop them!!
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1 year ago, ?!pop
With the latest update, it appears only way to get weather forecast is to download their weather app.
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1 month ago, 2cowboy1
App crashes and won’t open
Latest version will not open on iPhone 13 Pro running the latest iOS.
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4 years ago, Hockey Fann
Older versions worked fine. With the most recent update I get a splash screen and then crashes. 10/11 news app does same thing.
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1 year ago, Cogina
Weather and news
I want one app that will provide me with both the news and weather but now when I click on the weather it wants me to download another app. Nope. Goodbye WOWT, hello KETV.
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7 years ago, Yayahj
What happened to live streaming?!?
I can't watch the news live on the app. This was really nice! What happened?!?!
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3 years ago, Denisdjdss
Full window ad
This might be a good app but when you open it there’s this full page ad that endlessly comes up every time the app is accessed. It annoying because it always pops up first. I just don’t open it anymore because I don’t like the prerequisites. Reviews are redundant Ad’s ad’s ad’s BIG AD’s If you like ad’ this’ll be a good app for you.
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5 years ago, Fullbowe
When I try to watch the videos of news, it crashes. You really need to get this fixed. I'm going to your competitors.
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6 years ago, Greggy Bourq
No longer works
Just downloaded the latest version and it doesn’t work. The ads work though.
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6 years ago, pugsareawsome101
My only issue is how the ads look just like news stories. I'd prefer it to be more noticeable that it isn't. I don't like clicking on things like that.
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2 years ago, Tika3377
App doesn’t work
App has never worked on any iPhone, just keeps spinning trying to open. Works on iPad though.
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6 years ago, mach henry
App crashes
It will crash two or three times in a row now you can’t get the news all that shows is ads .
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5 years ago, Former Beliver
Stick to TV
Nearly nonfunctional. Locks up every second or third use. Have reinstalled several times. Good thing this isn’t their main source of income.
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6 years ago, ::Muse::
Can no longer open app
What’s the point of keeping it installed if it doesn’t work? At least their weather app works reliably.
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4 years ago, Nebjoe88
Big nope
I open the app only to be greeted with a sleep joe Biden add. Nope. That’s an automatic uninstall. As a news source it is your job to neutrally report the news. Not shove your bs bias. Exactly where fake news is made.
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1 month ago, k@0ma
Latest update
Can not open app on iPhone due to your latest update 4.0.15! Please fix.
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