670AM KIRN Radio Iran

4.5 (4.2K)
90.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lotus Communications Corp
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for 670AM KIRN Radio Iran

4.48 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
2 years ago, ffb5335
Not only I have to listen to commercials every time I open up the app but also during the program. TOO MUCH specially middle of the program when I listen to my fav show
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5 years ago, bbffggtt
The Hell with you and them
Too much of the same adds from these shark so called lawyers who call themselves a Doctor The stupid nation in America who calls these sharks a Doctor Every 5 second they proud of their cheating the systems So shameful so stupid so irresponsible If you watch TV or lisen to any radios of any nations you will never see such a stupidity of these jokers who called themselves a Doctor but they nothing but Cheaters liaers Theves and blood sucking creatures Hell with them and the hell with you are who Market Them with any hesitations or no sense of humor The hell with you all losers
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2 years ago, radio670
Please provide archive for Saturday 9-10 am of magazine economics mr amin thank you he does amazing job on economics
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9 months ago, Mehrzad M
Thanks for app update
Thank you very much for the prompt update of the app so it can work with the new iOS 17. The programs are great, and the staff are very responsive and caring. Thank you.
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5 years ago, pg thunder
Radio 670 am
To begin in the morning this station Report Sport and weather for to long, make all listener tired that is all my complain, otherwise I love this station.
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1 year ago, 13340606
Annoying ad
The ad in the beginning is very annoying.
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4 years ago, fhfffghfdyy
Too many advertising’s against ur will
Too much unwanted advertising
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3 years ago, Mahhnaz
Hello there
Too much commercial,I used to enjoy this station many years ago. Now , unfortunately it is impossible. I constantly changing to different radio station. I believe less advertising would attract more audience. Thanks
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2 years ago, persopilus
I get up every morning especially on Fridays to listen to you all and especially mrs Hanaayre. Mrs Hanaayr you are truly a BANOO
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4 years ago, jila A
670 Am Radio is a fair station. The best program is in the morning with Sasan Kamaly. I wake up early to listen to Good Morning LA.
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2 years ago, cheghadar
Love this radio!
One of the Best Radios in the world with Great Hosts and Programs. Always informative, specially when Mr. Sassan Kamali is on. Thank you, Mimi Ahdoot
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3 years ago, pavehzadeh
I love it I listen to the radio every day
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1 year ago, Lili Hamedi
Very informative . Very entertaining
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3 years ago, Liiior
No limit for advertising
Tired of too much advertisements.
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1 year ago, Edavan
Good radio station
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2 years ago, nar$
Good morning los angeles
Great program but too many commercials
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4 years ago, sh ag
We’re good
Where good
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3 years ago, dancetogo
Very nice Radio
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4 years ago, zaf2b
The app is breaking up
Older app was much better
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5 years ago, sdarash
Zero Star
This app has too much advertise with auto pops up on all radio programs. Unusable app. Please use Radio Hamrah app and then compare it with this app.
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5 years ago, Some ONE ...
Its good
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4 years ago, Arch-Light
Stupid App
You get advertisements right in the middle of the news!!!
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2 years ago, Sanaz2
Ma’am Goozedaam Rangeesh Kohn
Beeah Behsheen Roosh. Behgeer Bohkohn Toosh. Kos Kos Rashtee. Toosh Gomsheh Haftado Tukeshtee
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2 years ago, DJ ghhhh
The ratio of Commercials exceed talk shows & news !khairkhah
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6 years ago, shokoh2018
Good programs.
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5 years ago, Amirro
A lot of disconnection
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6 months ago, Gasbarmari
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2 years ago, elahenour
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1 year ago, marmoolac
تبلیغات خارجی در رادیو ایرانی
تبلیغات به اسپانیش و انگلیسی در هر زمان که میتونند در این اپ گذاشتند . اگه رادیو دم دسته از اون استفاده‌کنید .
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6 months ago, sami.vismeh
Not professional
خیلی بی ادب هستن و اعتقاد پذیر نیستن…بی احترامی زیاد میکنن گوشیو رو کسای که با احترام‌‌ نظر میدن قطع میکنن..بعد از قطع کردن طرفو مقابلو مسخره میکنن…خیلی چیپ هستن…بدترین رادیو هست ،همش تبلیغ…تایمو میشه رو چیزای بهتر گذاشت نه 670 AM
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3 years ago, siamak ( NYC )
Siamak ( NYC )
No 1
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1 year ago, Tororaz
آگهی دهندگان
برنامه های بی کیفیت تبلیغات تکراری با آگهی دهندگان قالتاق که هدفشان فقط سرکیسه کردن شنوندگان هست
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