6abc Philadelphia

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9 months ago
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User Reviews for 6abc Philadelphia

4.69 out of 5
71.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Time2di
I had the pleasure and exciting first trip to the Big Apple when I was only 11 years old and I fell in love. The year was 1955 and over the years I have never lost my love of a little boy that lived in a small coal mining town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I have been back multiple times but was never able to be there on the most exciting night of the year in Time Square. I was able to do that by taking my 14 year old grandson with me to see 2015 enter this world. It was so exciting and loved by the both of us, we went back to see 2016 & 2017 come in again in the joyous pens in Time Square. At 77, I had to curtail my visits and the Covid Pandemic caught up to me in May & June and I’m now struggling to make it to see the ball drop one last time from my bed. With tears in my eyes, I will say, “I ❤️ NYC!!!!”
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6 years ago, Ff/emt 69/89
The old version was much better
I don’t want to sound like someone who simply hates change, but the new version is horrible compared to this new one. I’m simply not a fan of the constant scroll or having to set up the news stories I want to see. How about this, if it’s news report it to me. And when you report it to me do so in an impartial format. The reporters have been doing entirely too much reporting of their thoughts and feelings on subject matters, you report it and I’ll make up my own mind as to which side I’ll believe in. It used to be called an editorial when the editor let everyone else know his thoughts, now you think it’s news whether you agree or not with what’s going on in the world, as a reader and viewer let me inform you of something, I DON’T CARE HOW YOU PERSONALLY FEEL ABOUT ANYTHING, please simply report the FACTS, and bring back the old format, and before you write me off at an elderly grouchy person, I’m 43 I work for a living, and I have my own mind in which to make choices. I am downloading the NBC 10 app, looking at the preview in the App Store it looks so much better. Goodbye ABC 6. You have just been replaced, I’ll keep watching the reviews to see if they post this one, I doubt they will since they only post the news that’s slanted their direction.
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11 months ago, Radfully
Terrible right wing fear mongering and lies
The app is fine. The reporting, however, has become inexcusable horrible lately. Basically, they just repeat what the cops say and don’t even bother to explain that this is what they’re doing. No “according to police”, no “allegedly”, not even any accounts from non-police witnesses. To a discerning reader, the stories raise more questions than they answer. To the less discerning reader, these recent stories just serve as propaganda, making people think the city is overrun with violent criminals that must be stopped AT ALL COSTS. Nevermind that the people the stories are about are often literal children, unarmed and harming no one. This is not reporting the news. This is acting as a mouthpiece for an increasingly problematic police force with a track record of lying to the public about what happened until they’re caught in the lie. I’ve been a channel 6 viewer for many, many decades. They were the best in Philly for so long. I’m not sure what’s happened but it’s become an embarrassment that should not be allowed to call what it does journalism. They should change their tagline to “there goes that news integrity!”
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3 years ago, Trish Birdstone
Loyal to 6ABC but the app is terrible
I’ve been a 6ABC news watcher my entire life. I follow all the socials, I downloaded every version of the app and the weather app when it was available. I’ve had nothing but frustration with all of them. The weather app always crashed. On the news app, I get news alert pop ups on my Home Screen, and when I click on them, it doesn’t take me directly to the story, it takes me to the app Home Screen, and there that headline doesn’t exist! Lately, I get “happening live” alerts. Like today, Biden discussing the stimulus bill. I click on it, and I have to watch a 30 second ad before the “live” video begins! Then, I try to play the video in “full screen” mode by clicking on the arrows to maximize the video, then turning my phone sideways - and when I do the video crashes!! I start it again and have to watch a 30 second ad AGAIN! There’s no option to skip the ad, the ad finishes and Biden is walking away from the podium. What’s the point?!? I’d be better off reading the newspaper at this rate.
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3 years ago, CJ19302
Current version uselessness
Want to watch this full screen? Forget it. First let’s start with the survey. It starts with an overlay which you have to click on while the video plays helplessly in the background. If you try to take the survey, it becomes a full screen mess and completely covers the screen. I force closed and started all over again. Now there’s no survey. Wahoo! Click to enlarge so when the phone is rotated you can see it full screen and you’re ok till you actually rotate the phone. Then the video you’re trying to watch disappears and the screen is completely black. It’s not playing anywhere in the background. There’s no doing to go along with the now fully black screen you’re now stuck with. Think rotating the phone back to portrait will correct it? Nope. Pure black screen except now it’s black in portrait mode. I’m about to delete it. At least the NBC10 app works. You’ll get a Honda ad with any content you try to view there but at least I can see the weather for the approaching Nor’easter there.
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1 year ago, Mary Katchuk
Freezing IPads For ABC Written Review
So wrong of the Dangerous Extremist Democrats. Abuse of Political Power endangering US citizens long term and the beginning of the Fall of the United States and Democracy as we know it caused by the Justice Dept and FBI. The lack of an investigation of President’s son’s wrongdoing with Foreign Countries by the FBI and the Justice Dept and the mild media reporting authentic news of Hunter is appalling. The priorities of prosecution and for what are so wrong. Regardless if your a Republican or Democrat, it must hurt to see a former President being held on a possible crime, and a son of a sitting President not being held for wrong doing of accepting money from another Country.
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1 year ago, Paige 20
Love 6ABC news!
I do LOVE the story-writing, the videos, and the reporters and anchors! The broadcasts are smooth, informative, and have great elements which set them apart from other news sources. Being able to watch live broadcasts in the app is a bonus! With that said, the app for my phone has been very choppy, especially when I get a call/message, through a story I had been watching. It takes me a while to find/return to the story, then having to watch it from the beginning, not from where I left off. I am also confused as to why Temple University newscasters are on between the live brodcasts. Not everyone is interested in Temple University drama. Maybe an option could be available to watch this broadcast or not. Beyond that, great job!!! Thank you!!
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6 years ago, Silvster
Too many push notifications
I like staying up to date with Philadelphia news with the best channel in the city. The app itself is not that bad but the notifications are honestly annoying. They start at 6-7am and will get them periodically through the day for stupid stories that are not important. Then there was the 3pm,6pm and other times that has a recap of the day. Push notifications should be breaking news only not stories that they want people to read. I have the abc7 app as well and they send no where near the amount of notifications that 6abc does. There are weeks that I will not get a notification from them because they will only send a notification when it’s a big national story or local breaking news unlike 6abc that sends like 10 notifications every weekday.
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4 years ago, Sadanddisappojntef
Disappointed in 6abc
I have watched 6abc since I was a child- 50 years to be exact and I’m a white Democrat who has no hate for any race, religion, or other single group of humans. And I believe the recent death of George Floyd was murder. But today I am deleting the app and will no longer was your news because I can no longer accept the sensationalized and discriminatory way the news is presented by the channel and newscasters I once loved. There are no stories of the reality and facts of black lives matter. There are no stories about the travesties our police face on a daily basis, especially in today’s climate. Instead you seem to only care about creating more drama and hatred in our community. Please consider how you’ll feel if you ever need the police and they can’t respond with the tools they need because our news has been so tainted and one sided. Shame on you for not doing your part to improve our country.
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1 year ago, PerTim23
It is very distressing to listen to so many of the news news reporters and even a couple of anchors! Granted the current curricula are not adequately addressing the use of correct grammar and sentences structure, the failure of the persons interviewing the candidates should be alert to hearing correct sentence structure. For the use of a double subject, I.e. “The person, he didn’t….” or “Our students, they didn’t… .” It reflects a lack of respect for their viewers/listeners and the youths who are learning to speak improperly. This demonstrates the failure of the schools they attended. It also reflects the lack of respect the current education community has for upholding standards of excellence! Our broadcasters should not only be diverse, they should also reflect excellence in the field of journalism and communication! Moral standards are deteriorating in the same manner. It’s a very sad state of affairs!
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3 years ago, PB NJ
I love Action News
I love reading the news on this app but feel some reporters need to give a little more attention to editing their news stories. Typos are commonly seen. In my opinion, perhaps because I’m a teacher, I feel that should be a rarity in journalism. When a reporter adds to a previously published report they sometimes do not make a transition with the new information meaning they just add a few sentences of an update to the top of the previously existing news story and then publish it. The thought that comes to my mind is the reporter rushed to put out a story rather than make sure it is done well. I grew up watching Action News and now faithfully read it every day on the app. I will continue to do so but hope I will see an improvement in your reports.
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2 years ago, Arcturus7
Highly manipulative
One of my favorite apps when I'm in the area, but when I'm traveling, the app is useless and frustrating. It gets stuck on the startup screen when I try to open it when I'm in a different time zone. Update: I’ve been using this app for years because I like 6ABC, but I am not deleting it because it’s reporting has been becoming more and more unprofessional and manipulative, relying on sensationalism. In today’s societal climate, that’s irresponsible and dangerous. The straw that broke the camel’s back was today’s headline about someone arrested with felony charges for underpaying 43 cents for a Mountain Dew. That’s not what happened. He was arrested for his third strike. He is a repeat offender. That’s what the three strikes law is for. Regardless of whether someone agrees with that law, report it accurately! 6ABC’s headline is anti law enforcement. Shame!
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5 years ago, UptownAnt
Ant p
This app has gotten horrible and keeps getting worse. I like channel 6 news so it’s bad enough you have difficulty trying to get the channel with antenna on your tv, but the app is a worse struggle. Within the last year with an update I believe, when scrolling through and reading articles, you have like a timer ticking down until the app crashes and closes on you, in the middle of whatever you’re doing. I’d hoped someone would recognize this and repair it with a following update, but it’s recently gotten worse. And this is on two different iOS devices. I feel like I have to search and speed read to get what I want to see before it disrespectfully shuts down my session. Could someone please realize this issue and repair it, or is the message that I should look into other avenues to receive my local news?
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6 years ago, Moi978654321
Awful new app.
I hate the new app because it is very annoying to have to scroll through the stories to find an article that you want to read. It actually makes me dizzy. As a previous web developer I'd say it is not user friendly. I doubt if I will be using it. Also I miss the opening screen. I loved the easy to use old app where you could quickly find an article. This maybe just a glitch but the other day the weather wasn't updated. Your site was just showing a weather segment that was 10 hours old.
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2 years ago, VManners
Ads Open Just By Scrolling Through App
In a recent update, I noticed that as you are scrolling through the news stories, Safari pops up and then redirects to the App Store to an app that was advertised in the news feed. This continually happens every single time while just scrolling through the news feed and it’s starting to get very annoying. I am not purposely clicking on the ads, but merely my finger touches the ad (before the ad even has time to load) as I’m scrolling through the stories and the sensitivity is so high that the app thinks I’m clicking the ad. Can the sensitivity of this be reduced to sense a true (deliberate) “click” to improve the experience of using the app?
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6 years ago, ElsieRM3
don’t like new format
Takes too much time to get through all the “silent talking heads.” Thank goodness they are silent! I liked the format that showed the different stories along the side, then I could pick those I wanted to read. Now we have no choice but to go through picture after picture after .....etc., ad nauseam. If I can find another news station that will give middle to southern New Jersey news I will delete 6ABC and change. Or if not, go old fashioned, and go back to the (gasp) radio! But I will definitely leave 6ABC in its present format.
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2 years ago, @tcvn
Press conference coverage
Was watching a live press conference of Jay Wright announcing his retirement. Near the end, someone from the university said in the background “two more questions and we’ll wrap up”. After this, a well known media personality was in the process of asking a question when a commercial for an insurance company followed by another for a pharmaceutical company abruptly appear. When coverage continues, Wright seems to be finishing his answer and then an anchor comes in summarizing the preceding. This was an unfortunate editorial decision considering that the university indicated that the event was winding down. A little sensitivity to the quality of the viewership experience would have reduced the impression of sub par production values in this instance.
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1 year ago, ttboy60
Slow and then crashes
Seems ever since 6 ABC released the app for iOS it’s been issues that slowly get fixed. What never got attention or maybe it did is the fact of how sluggish the articles are to load. Now the headline stories don’t load the related picture. So today the app crashed when clicking on a story headline. This is just isn’t worth it when there are other local news apps that don’t come with this baggage.
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1 year ago, 4335199
Mary O
I appreciate the exceptional delivery of news on 6abc. Jim Gardner is top in his field. Rick-Monica-Cecily are a special team. The writing, the selections of news to share and the reporters both behind the desk and on the scene are superior to all other channels. Kudos to the 6abc President. The sports coverage is wide ranging and first to the story. The weather coverage is excellent. The 7 day forecast is helpful daily. Cecily is smart, smooth and sassy. Thank you to the entire 6abc organization. Congratulations on all of your service to community members in need.
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3 years ago, annhoffman
I lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia for 53 years. I started watching ABC I guess when I was maybe 15 years old am I moved in 2015 to Texas and I still go back to six ABC. It is by far the best station to watch for all the updates and the correct news yes I live in Texas and it’s somewhat conflicting however you just get used to it they are so good and believe me living down here I see the crew a complete difference so keep up the good work guys and I miss you and I still watch you.
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6 years ago, Juan000
New interface is terrible
Whenever apps tout a redesigned interface, I always update my iPad first to try it out. I'm so glad I did because this update is a huge regression. I have no interest in the tiles and heavy focus on videos. I just want a list of articles and a thumbnail like before so I can choose what to read. Now I have to load each article by scrolling through each tile individually for a painstakingly long time just to figure out if I'm interested in it. I'm deleting it on my iPad and keeping the old version on my phone. The new version is so bad it's perplexing to me that anyone actually decided to use it as a finished product. Looks like I'll be getting my news elsewhere on my iPad. Good riddance to this terrible "upgraded" app.
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8 months ago, parkfriend1006
The Crime App
Want to know who was shot in Philly? What about an armed robbery? This app is for you. Interested in knowing if the Phillies won? Oh, that almost never appears without having to dig into the app. Im sure I could take time to customize content, but to have the default always be the shock stories and never see something like the Phillies results is disappointing. The new version, with full screen articles, isn’t easy to navigate. When you go into an article, then go back to the home page, it always takes you back to the top, even when the article was further down the screen. You have to scroll back down to where you were. Repeatedly. Annoying.
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6 years ago, LadyJamers62
Used to be a contender
I loved - past tense - the channel 6 app. Yes, sometimes it took time to load, but you got that pretty picture of the city, while it loaded. Once loaded everything was a click away. You wanted weather? There was a tab for weather and boom, all the info at your fingertips. You wanted the headlines? They were at the top of the page, just click the link. Now - you have to search and it is not user friendly. Yes, I can just get the news I requested, but I made a mistake to do notifications and the home screen of my iPad was filled. What I miss most was looking at the radar on the map. The weather is just telling some of the details that the plain old Apple weather app has. Changing the app was like if someone changed the theme song to Action News. Somethings should not be messed around with.
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4 years ago, Doreen721
App needs tweaks
Stories should be listed in chronological order. When Scrolling on left side of home page there are stories I already read and new stories in between old. I have to scroll through all stories to see what I missed. Unless it’s updated with new content, it should be at the bottom not near top intermingled with new. Weather radar maps - at least 2 do not show when clicked every time. Just says ABC news. I should see every one every time. To report this I clicked on “feedback form” and it didn’t load. I tried 3 different times and couldn’t access. This is thee worst app to use. I have left feedback for months and nothing has changed. Feedback form does NOT load
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2 years ago, ace2c6
ABC news channel 6
Just want to say it’s great to watch in the morning and evening, Rick Williams, Sherries Williams at times bring some good and funny humor to the news room and or TV land!, over all I love the news wish there was more news out in stead of repeating over and over, love the consumer reports at your station you put out to beat some of the issues we’re having today! What I don’t like when you have a main coverage to address you end up putting that information @ 11:00 at night, sorry I don’t like that!, I am sure there is other good stuff your able to put out for the summer for families, kids, teens, like parks, movies, “ratings” trips, vacations, I apologize for miss spelling names, not being clear, and hope to here from you again, Thank you!
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2 years ago, Veganesthetist
Terrible app
Probably one of the worst news apps I have ever used. I have had it on my mobile devices for several years now and it rarely loads properly. The weather never is up-to-date anymore, as it loads the weather from the previous week. Also, The way things are laid out with the story you are interested in on the right side of the screen and other stories on the left, it is hard to read the story that you want to.I like the stories that I read to take up a full page and not just a little portion on the right hand side. The main problem though is this app consistently fails to load properly and fails to update.
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6 years ago, Shamrockin22
ZERO star rating worthy
I used to constantly go into the Ch6 app for news and especially weather and radar maps and traffic. I avoid using your app now. I cannot stand it. The design is horrible, I’m constantly having to scroll, which inevitably your finger hits some stupid ad or something you didn’t want to open. This happens several times before you get to what you want to read. That’s if you can find what you want to read. You broke something that did not need fixing. I want to be able to visually scan news articles and tap on the ones I want to read, none of this scrolling ..scrolling ...scrolling junk. I cannot Emphasize how much I dislike your app. Very disappointed.
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9 months ago, The Commish- Cheltenham
Line up of active reporters Are and have been those by department are all excellent in their field.
I can say if you can present yourself in a censer way and you can talk the talk, you can walk the walk. Only if I could be young again. I would give them a run for their money or maybe their jobs. Your weather reporter love just a long toss across their roads the could have a catch or out the driveways for a good weekend run !!!
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2 years ago, Superjj
The videos are not easy to play. The thumbnails ok, but click on the article and attempt to watch the video….forget it! You first are forced to watch at least 40-60 sec of ads, then, 9 times out of 10, the video doesn’t play- just a black screen. Exit and try again? Not till you watch another LONG set of ads, only to get black screen again. Exit again and I just watch the thumbnail videos and read lips. Terrible. Not user friendly for customizing news you want to see. ABC has become so black-centric now, it feels forced. There ARE many other ethnicities besides black.
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3 years ago, basketball star girl 2009
Your news is very bias
Never enough good news .. just people killing & shooting each other .. let them shoot each other in city , report good news happening in this world , not just losers .. there’s a lot of good in this world too!! I shut off when any kids are in the room.. we preach love, faith & respect of others in our home .Shame you don’t .. really don’t like watching anything but weather on ABC
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5 years ago, There's that news van again
Love the app
I moved to North Carolina after a lifetime in Delaware County, PA. I love the ease of use of the app and the ability to see all the local stories that I missed at home. The broadcast team is very clean and formal and professional in Philadelphia. The stations here I’m sure don’t have the budget for clean sharp announcers. The app makes me feel like I am home even though I’m hours away. I may not have a girlfriend but I have Cecily, Monica,Karen, Jeanette , Monica and Alicia. Hey, I gotta have some eye candy.
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10 months ago, Beaphilly
Interrupting the View
Why not continue the View where it was interrupted when you get breaking news. Mondays show was cut short for bridge collapse with politicians trying to be in the spotlight all of which could have been done during regular news hour. Today it is being interrupted with weather reports for areas far away. The problem is that the report is repeating the same info over and over. I look at the View every day. I hate that this is the only time abc can report an issue. 6abc is my station, but I am not happy this week.
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1 year ago, Dis Arbolitos
“Amateur Reviewer”
As a rule, in my humble opinion, most of the news, opinions, and comments I find in the screen of my device, reflect quality “Reading Media”. In my humble opinion, the main factors in the Caliber News, delivering process, is the expert and capable “Media Quality Control”. I have never seen in your reports a boring, and/or inaccurate report; as a rule: high Caliber Journalism, excellent Veracity Standards, Quality, and: MEDIA Control; no trash! Congratulations to the souls who make it: possible!
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2 years ago, Zumbamomj
No good
I’m having such trouble with this app, I really have from the beginning. Ads that don’t play when you open a news video to watch, so you go back to the Home Screen, choose it again and it happens again. Most times I have to close out the entire app and reopen to play any news item because the adds just don’t work. Also I’ve noticed you can hear the reporters just fine but in many videos if they are showing a clip of someone else you can barely hear the audio of the person. It is so frustrating.
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6 years ago, Pleasurecsa69
Love 6ABC
I love watching 6ABC and the app what is like improved is the interest stories such as the one with Officer Osinky. He and his family are in need and I haven't seen or easily found the information as to where to send donations same when you did your pet stories. It would be great that if after the stories you would have a link or something to direct people who are interested in helping whee we could do so
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6 years ago, Tbird2005
Ruined a good app
The new update ruined a perfectly good app. Instead of having everything at your fingertips and being able to select what item you want to see, now you have to scroll thru page after page of photos of stuff that may not even interest you. Think I’ll be switching to a different local news source. Update 12/23: Now having the videos each try to run while you scroll is beyond annoying and slows down the already bad interface. I want a news app, not the worlds worst PowerPoint presentation. I only wish I could give negative stars and the way the rating is sinking on an hourly basis, I'm not alone.
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4 years ago, LVegasMike
Too Politically Bias
6abc news really needs to remain ‘NEUTRAL’ when posting political stories. You should be ashamed of yourselves for many of the stories you post about our President. And you should be more ashamed of what you DON’T post about him...record high stock markets, fair trade, tax breaks, etc.. You need to remember that half of America voted Trump and are pleased with his accomplishments thus far. But you support the left instead of being non bias. Purely DISGRACEFUL!!! I’ve lived in the Philly area all my 58 years and have always watched Action News...UNTIL three years ago. Not anymore! I’m sure you’ve lost ‘many’ other viewers for the same reason. You asked for my opinion...you got it!
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6 years ago, Crazy printer lady
What happened to this app?
I've been using the 6abc app since getting my iPad many years ago. It has the most accurate weather prediction around (sorry they discontinued the separate weather app with the great radar a couple of years ago) and HAD an easy to navigate format that presented pictures and titles and let you click on stories you found interesting. Now all I get it the "loading" circular dot going around on all the titles, no pictures until I click on a story. Often there is only video, no text to read, which requires watching a commercial first. It's too time consuming to get news this way.
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10 months ago, ScareCrowA7X
Just Deleted the App
It is a shame that 6 ABC decided to clog up their website with their new revamp but the new site is unusable and is LOADED with automatic videos and NO ARTICLES so I deleted the app and will stick with NBC 10, CBS 3, and Fox 29 to get my local news. Change does not bother me but when something is as unusable like the new 6 ABC Philly news site then I have no problems deleting and forgetting about it. So long Channel 6 ABC Philly, used to be a good site but not any longer. Do not “fix” something that is not broken but you can continue to become irrelevant like the majority of other “news” sites.
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1 year ago, Dewey1951
Review Channel 6
I don’t feel that the printed news is updated as regularly as the live reporting…I check this online report and find the same stories 2-3-4 days in a row!!! I feel I miss out on soooo much not catching a live broadcast!!! I really miss Jim Gardner and had hoped he would occasionally be doing some feature stories but haven’t seen any so far??? Although I miss Jim, I TREMENDOUSLY enjoy Brian Taff at 6pm and Rick Williams at 11 pm!!! 2 fantastic guys with great broadcasting skills and fantastic interviewing talents!! Channel 6 is awesome!!!!
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3 years ago, jDogjDogjDog
Very buggy
If you watch a video, then go to another video you end up seeing one video with the sound of another playing at the same time. Then you have to kill the app to reset it. You also can't turn the sound on until after the video is playing for a few seconds so you always miss the beginning. You have to tap the video then tap the sound icon but you can't do this during the ad or you will get redirected. Lastly, I have seen a few typos in articles which is very unprofessional but the "report a typo" does nothing, they never correct it.
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4 years ago, theotherElizabeth
Your site is too labor intensive! This is a want not a need
Just how many times must one have to put their password or other information to prove it is really them. Just how fast must a customer be so they don’t have to start over because they were kicked off for not being able to keep up with the computer........? A mere machine which is designed to serve a select few.
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1 year ago, Cooldawgs57
Old app was better
Weather page, outside of current weather, features tend to be dated or outright old. News focus isn’t on area news any longer but other shuttle agendas. Example: Philly action news covers nearby Delaware, but there wasn’t word one on the multi-alarm fire in the areas largest food processing plant, shutting it down or the others that were burned around the country recently. You would think a news item that would effect future food supplies would be a priority in the current climate! Walter Cronkite we miss you.
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9 months ago, RT Writer
July ‘23 - useless
Whoever created this app and approved it should be fired. The app jumps around as the videos load, so you’ll try to be reading one story and it just goes to another. The amount of text to each story is minuscule. I don’t want to watch videos unless I choose. I almost never open this app anymore. And a side note, if you sign up for their emails and click a link to be taken to a story, it opens the app and then you need to find the story. Really just useless. I’ve begun using other providers that are more reliable
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4 years ago, Hazyville
Keeps shutting off/ volume is always turned all the way off.
Love channel 6 and watching the live broadcast on the app, but HATE that it turns off in the middle of the episode and I have to continuously restart it.. and the volume is always down.. Other than these things, there is no issue, HOWEVER, these things make it extremely frustrating to use the app.
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5 years ago, Trapt1516
Glitches while reading
While reading any story, the article suddenly scrolls all the way to the bottom. You then have to scroll back up and find where you were reading, only to have it happen again a minute later. Very frustrating. Also videos start playing again after you’ve watched it, hit “back,” and exited full screen back to the article. This is just annoying in terms of having to then pause the video that you just watched and exited out of.
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2 years ago, XxxXdoyleXxxX
Ugh, using this application for the news is worse than the internet browser
The app is glitchy. It barely loads any video stories. It often crashes and loses its place. It’s hard to navigate. Videos that are only less than a minute long struggle to load. The advertisements in the app don’t flow well and lead to a crash. There’s no option to easily refresh a page in the app so it’s a lot of effort to get a story to load. The app has good content when it works and that’s why the app gets 2 stars.
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1 year ago, Grump 51
My opinion
Your ads are becoming very intrusive in your news app and if it continues I’m going to delete it and move on to a different scource for news. It’s very annoying to be interrupted with ads that take over the entire screen every time i move to a different article . This seems to have just started but I’m not going to continue with this app if it doesn’t stop.
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7 years ago, Berryspecial1
The best news always delivered with accuracy.
I love how they do updates. They report the news and then they add updates added to the original story. When I was younger I used to always wonder what happened with that person that went missing. Now they have added updates so you know what happened and where they were found. I love Adam Joseph and how he brings his honesty about his home life. Cecilly telling us about her family. This makes you feel like you are a part of their family.
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2 years ago, Old Phillies Phan
Rating 6ABC live stream
Will improve with age, I hope! I would like to see something like a content page directing me to a specific story. I seem to flounder looking at everything offered but not being able to get back to it or view it again if I want to. I found some interesting offerings( the “Nordic Tenors” ) but found no way to allow me to get back when I had more time. I am not a “techie”, and would like to be able to navigate more easily.
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