7 News HD - Boston News Source

4.7 (9.5K)
74.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sunbeam Television Corp.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 7 News HD - Boston News Source

4.72 out of 5
9.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Martha Reviews
Why is this app only available for iPhone and not Apple TV?
I have a friend who would like to watch channel 7 Boston news on his Apple TV. I was able to give him the app to watch on his phone but it’s not available or Apple TV. The apps that offer local television do not include channel 7 or channel 5 Boston in their local channels so there’s no way other than on his phone or mirroring the phone to the TV to watch those channels and his upset to be forced back to $180 cable bill just to be able to watch this
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4 years ago, Ldiesel31
Continue the hard work and addressing issues
The media needs to support the American people more then the government . From the president to all mayors nationwide. The whole government needs to improve at 100% in many different ways with health, financially, and safety. It has been all negatively impacted . So the media needs to bring attention to all these issues because its terrible and it needs to be corrected.
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6 years ago, JimVec
Update, Jan 2018: Edit: DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP - it contains malware and a spam bot. The developers have been made aware and have chosen to do nothing. The app (and the app for the money-strapped herald) no longer honor industry standards for dismissing ads. Shame on these apps for blatantly putting money before ethical behavior. Also, and more concerning... the app also tracks a users location, regardless of the setting of location services. This is a huge privacy issue, and not cool. Absolutely horrible. Content is old, and lacking. And, BTW, the previous version no longer works, so users are FORCED to update. Every single 'update' has degraded this app. However, do not expect the arrogant developers, or station management to care about user feedback. Now, more annoying full-screen pop ups. Plus, just when you are about to click on a story, an ad comes from out of nowhere, and you cannot get to the desired story. It compounds the poor app, when stories contain spelling and grammar mistakes. Were that it were possible to rate an app zero stars, this is deserving.
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1 month ago, Janetfitz
No coverage about local town halls & forced radiating 5G antenna placements
I appreciate most coverage here, but a huge health disaster in the making is being ignored: The untested for long-term health impacts of the 5G and 4G cell antenna going up everywhere without proper notification or disclosure. Same for (not) “Smart” Broadcasting ) Meters that also pulsate high amounts of radio frequency radiation /according to high Tech instrumentation used by industrial building biologists -that tell us we are now being forced to live in the “cancer zone.” This is the invisible pollution that is not being covered most likely because of Industry influence. and that is a tragedy.
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6 months ago, Oktoberfest Man
Review of Seven News
Seven News is the best station in New England. All of the staff are professional, articulate, and knowledgeable. I count on WHDH for all my news, weather, and sports coverage. I congratulate all the staff, as you’re number one in my opinion. Thanks, and please share this with all of your employees, as it takes a real team to be as successful as Seven News!!!
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5 months ago, Kathleen in Brookline
Old news
I expect online newspapers to be static. Don’t understand why I’m not seeing more real time news on this site. For example, we were scoping out what to do on first night and the newsfeed was at least 45 minutes behind actual events. Otherwise, good reporting, particularly local. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Brrady'sBesttFan
Why I get the latest news from Channel 7 Newsroom.
Channel 7 News is Great. It’s a good source that I can rely on 7 Days A. Week. If I’m looking 4. Information on the C-19 Virus. And the level of The closings for my local cities and nearby towns I will have to turn to Channel 7. For the best And most reliable source for that information.
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2 years ago, cathy og
Channel 7
Channel 7 is my to go too channel I watch this station more than any station I know for weather , what’s going on in Boston beantown you guys are the best . Beside my movie channel you r A 1 in my book. One
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4 years ago, Maryanne Dimo
7 is the place to be.
7 news keeps me well informed with the latest and important news. In this unprecedented situation the country is in its vital to have a news station that is on top there game. I think we all need a place to turn to for information on where to seek help and how to get it. Keep up the good work! With many thanks, Maryanne Dimodica
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1 year ago, NESPORTZDAWG
I receive notifications on news & when I click on it, the app opens up, but the article from the notifications are not available. Happens all the time.
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3 years ago, bdmc200
You have way to many commercials. And your weather reports are too long
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3 years ago, Revrhino
Audio starts w/o a prompt
I like the variety of the stories but have no patience for having to stop the audio/newsreels. I’ve already deleted this app twice because of this. The selection for the locations for local news is better than the other stations. I just can’t look at the stories in a waiting room.
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6 years ago, JANCITO1187
This app was good. Not great but it did its job a few years ago. I understand the need of ads and what not but now the same annoying ad that’s on the bottom of the screen (tolerable) now jumps up and covers the entire screen as you’re reading completely disrupting your imaginative state. This app is the worst. Hasn’t improved one bit, misspells, isn’t always accurate as the same story changes 2-3 times...etc etc etc
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6 years ago, Railond
7 news
It’s great has options to watch or read the stories I want or to watch the news regularly as if on tv.
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7 years ago, non liberal
Too far left
Whdh reports information which supports liberals. I am tired of the trump bashing. I am tired of the news media incriminating our entertainers and congressmen of sexual harassment. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty “. You have convicted them in the public eye. That’s shameful!!! Furthermore, there are people in this country which believe that it’s not the responsibility of the government to support everyone. People have to take some responsibility for their own lives.
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7 years ago, MikePfromBurlington
Great radar, more timely weather updates needed
Let’s face it, I often want to come here for the local weather, particularly on the weekend. But it’s so late being updated, especially on Sunday’s. Other than that this app is great. Some navigational quirks for sure.
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2 years ago, tangi227
No working
Can’t get the app to open to the news. I am getting a preference page that I can’t do anything with it.
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6 years ago, Blickman_
Too many videos / not on demand...
If you’re looking for a News app that sends you a Notification that requires you to watch videos and live-streams with no text below describing said video, this is the app for you. As an example, notification read: Dozens if schools closing / delayed, click here for the Full List. I clicked. I get a video, no description, no timestamp, no link to resources. Great station. Atrocious app.
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2 years ago, Mrs Heff
You can’t scroll through stories
Every time you try to scroll through the stories, the app pulls you back to the top of the screen and makes it nearly impossible to read through what’s on the page. Super annoying!
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2 years ago, marfia 55
Dark mode
I had dark mode put on from white some how after update the app turn into white again what zupppp
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6 years ago, JoannaFreed
“Live News” feature constantly crashes
The push notifications are great but I try to watch the live news portion of the app every morning getting ready for work and it only works for about 7 minutes before it crashes, every single time. So annoying.
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5 months ago, sully7272
My favorite local TV news network.
Channel 7 is second to none in the Boston News world.
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2 years ago, DRM - Salem MA
Donna M. -Salem MA
Channel 7 is my favorite news station! Can always keep up with everything going on! Watch News on 7.
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4 years ago, ginakenney
Thank you
I really miss being home in Boston but WHDH makes it easier keeping up with home news while not there. Thank you.
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2 years ago, A,fight./address
Fire stick
It would be great to watch 7News on an app for fire stick. You’re not on Youtubetv and with so much cable cutters, it would be great to be able to watch the most unbiased news in Boston
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4 years ago, Nascarnana4
7 news
Always on top of the news!
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3 years ago, Bobatphone
Poor news
This so called news station has become a platform for liberal rants. I miss the days when news was just that news. The weather was still wrong but at least there was no spin or coving up what is going on. This reminds me of pre World War II. The German people were not as excited to follow as the woke crowd is today. Less political spin and more reporting of facts.
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1 year ago, Runhappy67
Whether it’s in Massachusetts all news is important
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6 years ago, MamadaPOP
This is a great app. But I don’t know about everyone but this app keeps crashing on me so I can never get through a full paragraph. But other wise, when I need to know something and it’s not on TV yet, this is a great app to look for that information.
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4 years ago, LinCabSav
Great news station
Always great news information and on point!
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4 years ago, rolandraym
Great App but still wish you would settle your issue with Dish Network....you lost a lot of viewers
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7 years ago, RkyMtnDrew
Stay in the Know
Great getting up to the minute local news.
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4 years ago, Sworvdog
Awesome app
Great app easy to use.. my go to app for up to date news and weather..
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6 years ago, Greingo
Ads...ads everywhere
Half the article is literally covered in ads. You can’t scroll down without accidentally opening one, annoying and very obstructive. I understand you have to pay the bills, but to blatantly have a small window for the article itself? I can’t anymore
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1 year ago, pzeos
Fix app
This app was great but if I open it right now I can’t get beyond the notifications enable disable screen. Help?
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2 years ago, Jimclarke
Would be better if compatible with Roku, Firestick
This app would be perfect if it could be installed on Roku or Firestick, it cuts out constantly when streaming from my iPhone.
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10 months ago, Jobkazi
Love it
Channel seven is fair and balanced. Very informative. I enjoy watching the news coverage around Boston and the surrounding.
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7 years ago, Sheriff Justice
Good News APP
Breaking news alerts, important headlines and good weather info. They just need to include BOTH MID-DAY and NIGHT lottery daily number. For some reason the station only shows the night time lottery results.
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5 years ago, RickBrookline
Watch New England News on the Road
Great app and a great station. I get live and prerecorded news stories on the road. Works great!
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7 years ago, DC bone
Well Done
As good as watching the TV. Give me an update or breaking news any time.
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7 years ago, Dar-dar-kiki
News Watcher
News, traffic, and weather are great! The sports scores for the NFL are good! Continues to be a good.
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2 years ago, Lahey1
Tired of Covid numbers
I had to turn off alerts because I’m burned out after 2 years of Covid daily numbers! Enough I’d enough.
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7 years ago, Fred M
Too many loud video ads.
The news content is good, but u have to see a video before and the same one after with no way to skip the 2nd ad, except to turn the news app off! Too bad!
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6 years ago, AJ0226
Like the quick updates
Works well
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3 years ago, Uncdavey
Can’t disable auto play
This use to be a great app till someone ruined it. The latest update doesn’t allow you to silence ads and videos automatically play. This was my go to app but now it’s just terrible.
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4 years ago, old fashion funshows
What happened with your lottery info it was the best now hasn’t been updated for a week
You were #1 let’s go get back up there
Show more
3 years ago, Reggy 1
Poor layout
Poor layout not very helpful
Show more
1 year ago, Sheilaggnnou
All Adds
Are used to use this app every day but now, every time I open the story, I have to watch 15 seconds of that before you even get to the news have deleted it since
Show more
6 years ago, Athvde
Constantly crashes
It works long enough for me to watch the *^%# Draper commercial for the millionth time and then crashes immediately after or within a few minutes. So frustrating.
Show more
4 years ago, LBB26
I love the news and newscasters. The commercials on the app are beyond depressing. I can’t watch anymore! Try for something positive. The ads that are played are heart wrenching or overly depressing!
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