8 News Now

4.6 (3.6K)
63.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 8 News Now

4.65 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Really Glad
Chan 8 News, Facts, Accurate Weather and Classy
Keep up the good work! Your coverage of South Nevada issues and concerns is vital. So many local and national issues are deserving smart reporting! Timely news about things impacting our lives. Your weather reports are accurate.
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11 months ago, Mystique0131
Best News App For Las Vegas
This is by far and away the best news app for Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. The news alerts come fast, and the stories are real news, not slanted one way or another. The I-Team investigations are some of the best news in the region. The only thing keeping it from getting a fifth star from me is the fact that the ads within each story do not flow “smoothly” with the rest of the page as you scroll, and they create a stutter effect on newer iPhones with the higher refresh rate screens. Fox this issue and it’s easily a dove star app.
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2 years ago, LVnvBr
Photos of criminals wanted by Police can’t be zoomed!
App will get 5 stars once you all your users to pinch & zoom to photos of criminals wanted by law enforcement. It once work on previous app versions but not this current one. Example: You will post an article regarding police needing help locating criminal suspect, but when you try to tap the photo for clearer viewing, nothing happens and the public will not be able to properly spot the person the law enforcement is asking help locating…
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11 months ago, Newsworthy News
Stop the increased volume
Love Chanel 8 News and have been watching for years. However, the increased volume when advertising the station during break is a true disappointment!!! Tribute to Nathan, I’ve put down my phone - now PLEASE put down that volume when you break to advertising the station. I’d be more than happy to give 5 stars after the change. Thank you in advance.
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4 years ago, necigrad
Notification Settings Broken
It’s great that there is a good selection of alerts to turn on or off. Unfortunately “News” seems to be everything. Even though I have “Golden Knights” turned off my phone blows up every time someone scores. This needs to be fixed. 8 News Now is my preferred local news, but if this continues with the Raiders it will be a VERY easy decision to delete the app and use the other networks.
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2 years ago, sam6235
What happened?
As long as you don’t actually click on any of the news articles to read them and you’re satisfied to read the headlines, the app works pretty well. I’ve tried deleting it and reinstalling, I’ve tried it on several different phones, and this is a brand new iPhone, and I still can’t open any articles. Then the app just locks up. I’d say it’s my phone, but it’s several phones and an iPad as well.
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12 months ago, Gangbox
Not happy about losing my cbs channel with Direct TV
Please resolve the problem fast I’ve been watching Channel 8 since 1985
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4 years ago, Ryedogg111
Keeps freezing
This app used to be great. Now you can’t even get through 3 news stories before it completely freezes on you. Then you have to close it completely out and go back in. Then after looking at 3 more....same thing. Also using a majority of my data. This is even after turning off the auto video start. The news is good but the app....not so much. I’ve been dealing with this over a month now (iPhone). I’m done with this app.
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7 years ago, Laa2002
No surprise. Way too liberal
First of all, there are not that many news stories. For example, we get a Golden Knights article every other game. Then they will give breaking news headline with no story attached, just a line that says, “check back later” and never gets updated. I’m not very political, but enough with all of the anti Trump stories, and they still have pro Obama’s stories. Give it a rest. I am deleting this miserable app immediately.
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3 years ago, dogwithacomputer
Hockey scores are not breaking news
I have the app set to notify me only of breaking news & traffic, but I still get notified every time the Golden Knights or their opponents score. Hockey game scores are not breaking news. All they do is clutter up the notifications area for real breaking incidents.
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11 months ago, Bundysmom
Just awful
My app is updated yet the last 2 days when I open it, it tells me to update app with an ad the download the KLAS app. Ya can’t update something that’s already updated! Annoying & can’t read the news, etc. Useless app with useless content…only shows the same stories repeatedly. Deleting & going elsewhere.
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4 years ago, there all taken what now
To Ch. 8
My husband and I have been watching ch 8 for 27 years, and still do!! I remember so many great events and some sad ones(Polly)!! Keep up all that you do!! Gayla & Albert DeSoto!!!😻💕💕
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6 years ago, can not choose a nickname
I like it!
This App. complements my TV watching of 8 News - love the morning show, 5:00 news, Politics Now (REALLY like this show!). Just wish Brian Loftus could be cloned 😀. 4 stars instead of 5 ‘cause I wish the traffic app./information was better.
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2 years ago, guineaPIGy
iPad Ver horrible
The iPad version is horrible,,, does no one at news 8 use this on a iPad.,,,, the main app view is distorted in landscape mode and cant see the stories to click on,,, and the stories you do click on take you to a endless loop of video that you cant stop unless you close the app and restart.
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6 years ago, Pacoman1
You need a weather video section. Otherwise not bad
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2 years ago, Scottiedoggxiii
Can’t stream
Every time I open the app and try to live stream, it always says be right back and doesn’t leave the screen. It may pop in on the actual newscast but it lasts barely a minute then goes back to the be right back screen.
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3 years ago, Sorr10
Notifications alerts type mean nothing
Being able to customize alerts would be a great thing....but no... they do nothing... I don’t want political or sports alerts but every time there is a Vegas knights game happening, boom alert central...easily 5-10 alerts per game...I turned OFF vegas knights alerts, but still get them
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1 year ago, Rosedavid
Doesn’t work
The app sends news alerts but when you try to open it, nothing happens. Been going on for at least 2 months.
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7 years ago, ou812r
Works for me
This app works for breaking news updates.
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11 months ago, oakland999
The new update is terrible
Used to be my go to for local news. Since the new update, the interface is horrible and hard to navigate. There are now more ads then stories.
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4 years ago, drjenkinstein
Easy to navigate
Great source of local info..
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5 years ago, Nissa's Jams
When I watch the volume mutes right at least twice within the 40 minutes I watch in the morning.
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3 years ago, MRKSe7en
Notifications are broken
Too many alerts and when you turn off certain notifications in the app settings they get ignored and still send you notifications. So I deleted the app.
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6 years ago, DoeWrangler
Always enjoy
I like the simplicity of this app. Quick review and straight to the point, every day.
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11 months ago, NotTim56
New update doesn’t work.
When I open the app I get a message saying to update my app. I go to the App Store where it says I’ve updated to the new app, so I open it and get the message to update my app. A perpetual loop with no news.
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11 months ago, Cirquenick
New update made app not work
The most recent update has caused the app to not work anymore…
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7 years ago, Podofhappiness
It’s okay but not a lot of news
Just gives you some few facts but wants you to tune in to watch. I prefer getting news via written than watch.
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4 years ago, emeraldo31
8 News Now
Excellent, thorough local coverage
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11 months ago, RicardoYSanchez
To update or not to update
It tells you to update to has the app. The link beings us here, where it says the app is in fact, updated. Bottomline: the app is bricked at the moment, avoid it!
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4 years ago, tenth try at a nickname
Too many problems
This app crashes to much. It’s hard to scroll through stories. I guess I’ll have to find another news app. Bummer I liked this before the update.
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11 months ago, sean83Vegas
No longer works
No longer opens correctly. Opens only to make you download the app which is already downloaded.
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2 years ago, Sleightoffeet
Used to be Great
Now there’s some air conditioning ad that just freezes everything. Going to download a different news app instead.
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11 months ago, 456**
Update Not Available
After downloading the app, when you open it wants you to update app, yet there is no update. Is it a Apple/IOS issue or NexStar/KLAS why app not performing well?
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11 months ago, Shouldn't Matter IMO
App update broke the app
The app just says to update the app. Uninstalled and redownloaded. Same thing. Moving to another news app. Been three days of this. Figure it out.
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3 years ago, Ms. Diamond Lee
Unfortunately this app is unusable, I keep getting bombarded with notifications from the knights games! I don’t have sports alerts enabled! Uninstalled..
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5 years ago, jfdd to ujcffjhdd
Site is simple. Not cluttered. Relevant and up to date.
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2 years ago, blind_access
The app constantly crashes and freezes. Some overpayed executive has instructed anchors and reporters to say Live, Local, Now… Pretentious and extremely annoying!!!
Show more
4 years ago, sylvia1969ny
Used to be able to watch news videos consecutively automatically. Now I have to stop what I’m doing and click on the next article.
Show more
4 years ago, Sn4912
Sophomoric journalists
App frequently shuts down unexpectedly. The journalists at 8 news now have trouble with simple grammar and spelling. My kids can write better.
Show more
5 years ago, Princeton Nana
Food and Beverage
Love channel 8 news
Show more
7 years ago, Jimmys49
Always Behind and Absurd Lead Stories
The title says it all. Really significant world, national, and local happenings that I can find on other media as they happen are late on this app.
Show more
3 years ago, oaklandrules99
This app constantly crashes or freezes up.
Show more
11 months ago, Gigglstoo
7.18 update on iOS and …
I just keep getting directed to update the app. Deleted, reinstalled… same thing. So much for performance enhancement.
Show more
11 months ago, TransAm1977
Go back to the old design. It was so much easier to use.
This update makes your app unusable.
Show more
11 months ago, ScottM8324
The app keeps telling me I need to update the app. I deleted it reinstalled it and I get the same notification.
Show more
5 years ago, camp pendleton
The channel 8 does not tell the truth on its stories. Plus, they the same like abc, nbc, cnn, CNBC. The special investigation is only certain topics. They do not cover the true crime or report all the crime in the valley.
Show more
11 months ago, vannal0714
8 news now
Won’t download it shows open to get but it’s not allowing me to see the news!!!
Show more
3 years ago, Markp17
Does not work since update
A blue loading circle is all we see nothing opens/loads. Simply doesn’t work. Overall a poorly coded app.
Show more
6 years ago, Csp1999
Ad pops up every time you log in
And you have to swipe up to get rid of it..annoyance I could tolerate if the content of the app made up for it.
Show more
4 years ago, jc bendy
I opted out from receiving sports new, NHL news, and every 5 minutes, my phone goes off with Channel 8 and NHL news it’s so annoying!
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