9&10 News – NMI News Leader

4.2 (832)
19.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Heritage Broadcasting Co.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 9&10 News – NMI News Leader

4.2 out of 5
832 Ratings
9 years ago, Duffing09
Great app
Idk what that guy is thinking, this app is great. It tells me if I have school when I wake up, it gives me weather forecasts and daily news I love this app so much!!👍👍👍👍
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7 months ago, chicago girlfriend
Love Michigan News
I have moved from Northern Michigan after living in Northern Michigan for over forty years and residing in southern Michigan before that . I enjoy hearing the Michigan news and enjoy what’s happening in the area I use to live. When living in Grayling, I would listen to the local news and enjoyed the several aspects of the area news. I am now residing in Minnesota but love checking in on the happenings in Northern Michigan. Thanks for keeping me informed about what is happening in Northern Michigan because this area will always be considered home. Marti
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4 years ago, Mishoreline
Programming has gone down hill
We have been longtime 9&10 News watchers for years; however, the programming has declined dramatically over the summer. 9&10’s news reporting is like watching a soap opera; watch it once per week is all that is needed to capture the content. Further, it “feels” like CBS national broadcasting is influencing the news content at the local level (which is crap)! Too bad! We've switched to Channel 7 and could not be more pleased with their local and Michigan news. 9&10, we’ll be back if/when you get a clue! We miss Michael in the morning but he cannot overcome the remainder of the programming on his own!
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1 year ago, By Barbwire
New updated app is TERRIBLE!!!
Hard to find anything on the newest updated app. The older app was way more user friendly and could actually find things. I have switched over to using the UpNorth Live app. I was a lifelong user of 9&10’s app and also a life long viewer. Not anymore. I won’t watch 9&10 news now, nor will I use the app. This app should have been thought about instead of just throwing a piece of junk at the users.
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7 years ago, kwood1975
The new update is horrible! I miss being able to quietly review the news when I get a chance. Almost all the stories are now in video form, we've lost our flexibility to read/review or watch a video. There is also far less content, so you can't catch up if you've gone a few days without catching the news. I hate it and would advise against the update.
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1 year ago, Concord peg
New look
I find that this new look is very hard to navigate. I use it primarily for school closings and can’t get into them even when I click the link they provide. Frustrating.
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5 years ago, kymberliapril
Too wide for the screen
The recent change to how school closings and delays are displayed has made the information too wide for my screen. I have to scroll side to side to see whether school is closed or only delayed. It’s not a super big deal, but it makes checking the closings more time consuming.
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1 year ago, simazca
New App
I cannot find weather on this app! This is the first time I’ve ever seen an updated app that is worse than the original. The things I use to look at in the precious app cannot be found easily and I am resorting now to using 7&4’s app for local info.
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1 year ago, highflyerjn
Coffia ads
You play the coffia gun ads way to much so that I have to change the channel and where does she get her information? I didn’t get polled ! They lie like most democrats to promote their agenda and 9&10 doesn’t care you just want the money from selling ads 😡
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1 year ago, mommagisme
New update
Your new update is not user friendly at all…can’t even find weather and find it difficult to navigate and “save” pages I would like for further viewing. Love your entire news team, just not this app. Why oh why did you update/change your app?
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3 years ago, Ocqueoc-1
Nothing Soecial
The app has a good start on becoming a very good resource. However, there are far too many stories that are woefully incomplete - the give little information beyond the headline. The videos are pretty decent - IF the user has a Good broadband connection
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1 year ago, CMLandGuy
Horrible Update
Horrible new app, no weather, just a horrible update….I just do not understand how someone thinks this is a better version than the old one… everything is missing or impossible to find… not having the weather is a deal breaker for most of us…
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1 year ago, upnorthENBY
Missing a lot
This is missing school closures and other pertinent information!! Please do not release a app half finished especially when the old app still functioned!! I appreciate the new layout it just seems incomplete!!
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1 year ago, North Mich
New update
I don’t mind the new layout but even with the instructions on getting the school closings there is no three dots on the left to tap open. It should have a link for the weather. I also miss the link to go to the live show. Still needs work.
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10 months ago, populchopper
Dont like the new app
Hard to use compared to other , better graphic design , news is related from 7/10 you guys had awesome awards and very professional news ,15 yrs ago , now it’s poor spelling errors and vague news, you wonder what happened
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6 years ago, Wanlar
Not good
Liked the old version. This "new" update is awful. No home page??? I see comments are a year old and still no improvement!
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1 year ago, 12849391
Bring back the old app!!
I can’t stand this new app format. The layout is awkward and the font is way too small. One thing I liked about the old app was the school closing page. Can’t find that on the new one. Downloading upnorthlive instead.
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1 year ago, Pizza lovers forever
New Website
If it were possible, I would give the website changes zero stars! This is not user friendly! It is not pleasing to the eyes! Bring back the old website, please!
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5 years ago, instagramloverlolol
Great news source
All you need in one place
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7 months ago, Ssrandall
Stop automatic videos!
I use any other local news app before this one due to the automatic videos. Please give us an option to start the videos if we choose to.
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1 year ago, Q malzahn
Does not have weather anymore
This app used to be good until they got rid of the weather section in their latest update. The weather is now moved to a separate app.
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1 year ago, 19jlo
School Closings
Used to be able to click on a drop down menu and get to school closings. Still have been unable to lactated them in this new and improved app!
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1 year ago, Hilton 99
New update
The new update is poor and not interactive it’s boring and there is no weather !!!! That was the best part is seeing the Doppler and the 7 day forecast . If it’s not broke don’t “fix” it !!!
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3 years ago, Tufamc
Don’t do the update
They broke a good thing with this recent app update, super annoying that the weather now opens on a webpage & not just another “page” within the app....the app is completely redesigned...don’t like it
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1 year ago, 93ski
Terrible updated app
Bring back the old app. This new one is terrible. They even took the weather off of it so you to download the weather app.
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1 year ago, Babjlb
Updated and now won’t even open
Updated to the latest level for my iPhone and the app won’t even open
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3 months ago, starzela1
Great news station, but terrible app
I absolutely do not like the app. It is not easy to navigate, and I would love for you to bring back the old app set up.
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1 year ago, thesmithbuilt
Out with the old
Might just be Me getting used to the new app but seems cold and harder to navigate to what I want. The old app seemed more alive and easier to interact with.
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1 year ago, ms1249
Terrible app
No weather section. No school closings. You now have to go to your main page. Makes no sense
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7 years ago, Betterwrench
Update a Step in the Wrong Direction
Can't even access high school football scores from app!
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1 year ago, DebbieF60plus
Print too small!
Print too small.
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1 year ago, MattM1003
Far left bias
Far left bias is most unwelcome in an area that is mostly conservative. They just can’t help slipping in their opinions where they aren’t welcome. Bias in journalism is indefensible.
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1 year ago, un happy customer 1001
Not working
Hasn’t worked since updating
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5 years ago, aoapapsmw
Need to get Sara back MTM on the Road is terrible scene she left. Nothing but crap not interesting at all Guess will start watching Chanel 7 not the same thing over and over
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3 years ago, Cadiilac_man
Biased news
Totally biased news. Frequently I found false statements and inaccurate reporting in their articles.
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1 year ago, BMack64
I cannot find live stream news with this newest ap. If i have to hunt for it? Bye bye😠
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7 years ago, Jerry Hodak
New version awful
It is
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7 years ago, PickyUrNose
Weather needs to be updated on weekends
Great for local news but disappointed in how frequently weather updates are uploaded. It's Sunday morning and the last weather update is from Friday night. Wish there was a more reliable weather update on the app. The sister 9 and 10 weather app doesn't have updated weather forecast info either. It'd also be nice for those that don't have cable nor good OTA signal to get reports that don't end with "watch the news at X time for all the details." I've never lived anywhere but here where getting a full, detailed, and updated online forecast was so hard.
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12 years ago, CuriousGH
Good, but needs improvement
Unfortunately I find this App. lacking. Does not allow for landscape viewing or image enlargement. Weather is nowhere near as good as their website. News stories lack detail. I like 9and10 News and really expected more. Hopefully they will keep working on this App. Meanwhile I'll continue to use the Bookmark of their website that I've been using before this App. came along.
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11 years ago, LelandLisa
DISAPPOINTING!! Only summary of each story!
I like to READ the news. I don't always want to watch videos. However the text of news stories here only seem to be BRIEF summaries... as if we MUST watch the broadcast to hear more. CHECK OUT GRAND RAPIDS WOODTV 8 APP!!! Now this had FULL text coverage of stories!!! 9&10 needs to step up to the plate. Seriously...check out the difference! This app is a joke compared to theirs. (I emailed 9&10 about this very issue several months ago and they didn't seem to think it needed improvement)
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10 years ago, BigStretchn
It's update time again
Doppler 9&10 app dropped the news in the new update :( We need our comments section and add ( landscape mode & image enlargement ) for our idevices. You have the best news in Northern Michigan. You are the "News Leader"
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12 years ago, Ndamukong90
Works Great
I only use this app to check on school closings for my school and the weather it hasen't crashed once yet, is updated reguraly too! Great app and works just fine with my iPod Touch 4th generation
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9 years ago, Lexi lock
Awesome app
I use this app everyday well during school days because it tells you if school is cancelled or not and of course the weather...and the news
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12 years ago, Dano from Cattle Tracks
Disappointed in new app.
Got up at 5:00 and as I usually do I go right to 9 and ten to get weather and school closings. Unfortunately there were no listings on the school closing tabs. I turned on the tv to 7and4 and on the bottom of the screen were numerous school closings and delays. Please correct the problems. This used to be my favorite app!!!
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12 years ago, Mama van
Had the old version on my iPad. Wouldn't open any more so I deleted it and reinstalled this newer version. It's terrible! At least the old one, when it worked, was iPad compatible. I'm from that area and like to stay current on the news there. But I guess not from 9&10 news app!!
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12 years ago, Jeff1975
Downgrade from old one
Where are the oddies? I used to watch news videos about every day now it does not work as well and my favorite section is gone. The old app I would of recommended but this one not so. Sorry 9/10.
Show more
12 years ago, Krewzlo
New app with ads is terrible
Now on every page there are ads covering up news stories at the bottom. Wont be using this one anymore sorry 9&10 i already get too much spam and pop ups on my laptop dont need them on my iphone too.
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8 years ago, FudgieGoHome
Upgrade downgraded
I use all apps locked in landscape mode. Since this update, my screen gets real confused on launch, ultimately forcing me to turn my screen sideways to read. Also, the news doesn't flow as seamlessly as before, showing repetitive stories one after another
Show more
12 years ago, Apple Pirate
A Must Have For Northern Michigan
Thanks for the update. Works great! Highly recommend this app for all who live in the Tip of the Mitt!
Show more
7 years ago, tauras1672
Love it
Thank you taking care of the little hiccup so soon. Working great now
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