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Seth Weintraub
Last update
6 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 9to5Mac — Breaking Tech News

4.67 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Themusicman08
This is a great app if you want to learn about Apple news
I happen to like this app because I am able to get official Apple news and rumors. I also look at articles within this application. I hope they keep up the great work. Also, if you are a voiceover user as I am, the articles are very accessible and easy to read. You can double tap on an article or articles you wish to read with voiceover and everything is right to you. I hope they keep this up and great work within the app and behind the scenes.
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6 years ago, D. Hill
9 to 5 Mac
I will be focusing my review on the free version of this application. The 9 to 5 Mac is a solid Apple News application in terms of design but I find it to a bit lacking in detail as well as content. To start off with the positive the interface is simple to use with a smooth scroll down experience and a high quality background to read articles from. At the end of articles is You Tube related content and the ability to read more site featured content with a link to the website. Users can modify the interface theme and keep it light, make it dark or choose the automatic which I guess is based on the time period it is being used. The drawbacks include articles not being able to be saved to read later as well as the app not having a filter for commentary opinion pieces nor product sale pages separate from the daily news/rumor content. To read opinion pieces exclusively users have to go out of the app to the website. To me 9 to 5 Mac works best as a compliment to Apple News sources such as Apple Insider and iMore since they tend to give a more detailed analysis of the industry in whole while 9 to 5 keeps you up to date on what is happening and rumors on what could be coming down the line.
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7 months ago, "Ravishing" Rick
Latest Update Ruins App
I’ve been using this app for a few years and it’s always been easy to use and offers a better experience than the website in my opinion. However, it had not been updated in a while so I was thrilled to see it listed to be receiving an update. The look is new and modern, which was a welcome change. However, they made one big change: upon clicking on an article, it tells you that you only have 3 more full articles that are ad-free. This wouldn’t be an issue except after you read 3 full articles, they require you to either subscribe to their premium service for $1.99 a month or use the web browser to read the article. There’s no way to see the full article on the app and just deal with ads. This is a huge step backwards and will cause me to delete the app entirely and stop reading their website. I can deal with having ads on the page, I just don’t see the need to use the app if it’s telling me to use the web browser if I don’t want to subscribe to their service. $24 a year isn’t breaking the bank, it’s the principle of it where the change came out of left field and gives the user one impression before revealing the truth.
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4 months ago, iLLeStEyECoN
Losing Steam
This has been one of my absolute favorite apps to use over the years. The app not only provides valuable updates and news, but also takes chances on reporting early rumors, allowing for discussion. But recently, the app has become a money grab. We understand that developers and contributors need to make a living, so I was fine with the app going behind a paywall IF you blocked direct ads through the iPhone. Otherwise, it should have remained functional. Now, every story has an advertiser, including the most recent one which blurs out images of all the stories. These are all distracting and has taken away from the purpose of the app.
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7 months ago, Levi 2015 blanket
New update breaks voiceover support.
Ever since the new update, I’ve been having issues navigating this app with voiceover. I’ve been able to somewhat navigate articles, but I feel like voiceover is missing some of the articles. I like having the ability to switch between the different sites now, but it’s not that worth it if voiceover support is broken. I read articles on this app on a daily basis to get the latest in Apple news, but if I can’t read half of the article, or other parts of the app are not accessible, it makes this app useless. if this could be fixed, that would be greatly appreciated.
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7 months ago, Reconsct
Use to be great. Now a money grab like everything else.
This app use to be my go to. Yes, I always used the free version but found it totally acceptable the way the ads were integrated into the stories. Even some of the “Stories” were simply ads themselves and I was ok with that. As a matter of fact Ive even bought several of the sponsored products that I otherwise wouldn’t have. Now however you can only view 3 stories with the free option, and there isn’t even enough info to tell if it warrants one of the free uses or is simply a product placement. Now the standard is apparently to pay for ability to see the stories and still have things sold to you via placement. Never did I think I would have to pay for the privilege of seeing an ad selling me something to make the company further revenue from a paid app. This is just pure greed. With this update it will be my last day using the app. I think in time the developers will come to find that this new “method” will only continue to burn any goodwill they already had built with the community.
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5 years ago, cgriffin215
Cannot comment on articles
When using the 9to5Mac app, despite being able to view the disqus comments under the articles I cannot get the log in button to work...I often find myself starting to type comments then I remember that it doesn’t work in the app and I have to jump over to safari to post. Annoying.
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7 months ago, parasshah23
Notifications and using the app
Overall, the app is great. The only issue I have is when selecting a notification when a new notification comes in the article did not open up. only the app opened up after selecting the notification from the notification center. The actual article should open up. For example, when a CNN notification comes in a notification center selecting the notification results in the CNN article opening up in the news app.
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6 years ago, ejoon16
Slow updating feed
When I launch the app and swipe down to update it, it always takes at least 15 second to update and refresh with new stories. I know it takes this long because I wait 15 seconds and something new appears. This case would be false if I waited and waited and nothing new popped up, but this isn’t the case. Please fix 9to5Mac. I use this app several times a day and would like to see it load faster. Thank you.
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6 years ago, G-A-R-Y-O-N-E!
New version of app fixes crashing!
Thanks for the update (1.7) to your app. It is now loading with no crashes! Whew. Previous Review: The past 2 days the app is totally unusable. It crashes every time you open it. Weird since there hasn’t been an update in months. Tried deleting the app and installing it again. No difference. Fix it.
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7 months ago, Wood8166
Time to say goodbye.
Been a great ride 9to5Mac, but I’ll be deleting the app and not visiting the site anymore. The latest changes are too much and the user experience is very poor. Not being able to read articles directly in the app, forcing users to perform extra gestures to jump to a Safari browser just to read an article, or force them to pay a subscriber fee is a weak money grab. Not worth my time anymore. I did not mind seeing a little ad and “hitting the jump” was a very minor inconvenience that I was willing to deal with. We had a good run.
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3 years ago, albrightjlt
Premium Membership
This is a great source for anything Apple. While I found the free version to be quite informative,I find the $1.99 Premium Membership to give me even more information I can use. When you find a great source,it’s nice to be able to support it this way.
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6 years ago, \~/ my glass is half full
Missing a key feature, I prefer Safari
I am a lonnggg time 9to5 reader. It’s an mediocre app but prefer using Safari. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE implement something like Safari’s Reading List to add stories to when I want to save some for offline for later! Also, I wish tapping a story didn’t just open a safari web view but more of a reading view with media imbedded like Safari’s reading view. Also, an option to search for stories via a keyword would be nice like on the website. I appreciate the app though and love the site and podcast!
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3 years ago, tps42
Disqus login link is broken
I’ve signed up with Disqus somewhere else. When I try to log in down by the comments section the “Login” link is dead. I also tried the icons for signing in using Facebook, Twitter, and Google. If any of those three WOULD HAVE worked, I would have refused to sign in using them anyway for privacy reasons. Only directly signing in with the Disqus log in. Fix the dead links please.
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1 year ago, Elwood 61
Great app….. when it works.
I absolutely love this app and all of the corespondents however lately this app seems to be broken because it constantly cannot be updated due to lack of internet connection, but every other internet app on my device works so obviously this app is broken and needs to be fixed or else I will be forced to cancel my subscription.
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3 years ago, Lauthier
Could be better
Love the news stories about Apple. I’ve been a subscriber for a few months now. My biggest and really only complaint is that I can’t comment on articles directly from the app. If I click on comment it pulls me into Safari and then I have to sign in in order to comment or reply to a comment. It just feels so archaic rather than just being able to click comment on the article and commenting what I have to say.
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7 months ago, Rainman76
App is not good anymore
I liked the old version of the app. I didn’t mind the ads either in it. But now, only 3 articles can be read in app, then you can either open an article in a web browser from the app or pay for the premium. Also, I don’t like that the articles are just large thumbnails with no header. How do you know if you want to read or skip the article without having to tap on the image? I am deleting this app and just reading on a web browser.
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4 years ago, walodge
Best Apple news app ever
9to5Mac is my go to app for apple news it is always so helpful when I need to find out something Apple news related and even tells me things that I would never of found out without 9to5Mac. One suggestion is that you include Home Screen widgets include the headline of the newest 9to5Mac stories.
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7 months ago, Bigdug700
The best source for tech news has shot it out of the park with their latest app update. Now, the news from their many sites is available in one place. The return of push notifications is much appreciated.
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4 years ago, E-WALD
They advertise nice stuff but when you try to buy it you can always do that so I over tightened and I’ve got time to look around and disappointed with this 9-to-5 because they don’t want always sell what they say
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6 months ago, -DizzyD.
Won’t acknowledge paid subscription
I signed up for a paid subscription to the iOS app. Neither the iPhone, nor the iPad app consistently recognize my subscription. I have to force quit the app, select restore purchase and jump through all sorts of other hoops to try to get it to recognize my subscription, otherwise it locks me out of reading articles. if you’re going to charge a subscription fee, then your payroll needs to be functional.
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5 years ago, GizmoDan
Can't enlarge photos
Content is pretty good. Journalism is somewhat juvenile- young viewpoints only. As a person old enough to have purchased the original Mac, it aggravates me that I can't zoom in on your photos. Can't turn to landscape to make them bigger. Can't save to Photos. As a matter of fact, even on their website, saving to Photos is the only way I have found to enlarge photos.
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6 years ago, jboogie1289
Love the Site, can’t Login to Disqus to leave comment
I normally use the Web based Site and have tried the App, again and I like it. However, I cannot Login to leave a comment. I’ve sent a message to support via the App and have not gotten a responses correction. Even when tapping on the other 3 options (FB, Google etc) to Login, they are unresponsive. Please look in to this issue and correct it.
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7 months ago, uas2006
Deleting App After Update
This app used to be great to get Apple-related news. However, the developer felt it would be a good idea to block full articles unless you subscribe. This is unfortunate as I can read the articles on their website without a subscription. Also, there are other great alternate sources for Apple & Mac news. I’ve been a long-time reader but have now deleted the app due to these poorly thought-out changes. Goodbye 9to5Mac!
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6 years ago, Jsiraheta
Can’t lol be with out it!!!!
I love to be up to date on current news about the tech world, specifically with apple products and this app is absolutely necessary. I love the articles and relevant news on products that work alongside apple devices. Keep up the stellar work 9 to 5 Mac!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Renelle
Great Informative App!
This app is so great. I’ve never seen one more informative. Sometimes I do notice that some articles are recycled via copy and paste from one article to another. (i.e...iOS Beta updates). Nonetheless, great app!
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7 months ago, Billman42
Uninstalled and moving on
What happened here? You used to be my main source of info for all things Apple but sadly not the case anymore. After years of enjoying the app and articles I’m now forced to pay for it to be of any use. Sorry, not going to happen. I’ve uninstalled the app and not going to bother to even visit the site ever again. I’ll now be a loyal Mac Rumors reader. So long 9to5 Mac. It was fun while it lasted.
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1 month ago, RandomWalrus13
Pretty good, some suggestions
The app is good for browsing articles but it is annoying to have to open my browser to view articles since I don’t subscribe. It would be nicer for everything to be in-app.
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7 months ago, AppFan822
App deleted
This used to be a great app. Unfortunately after years of enjoying this app, I had to delete it after the most recent update. Not being able to read the articles in-app is a giant step back. If I wanted to open the article in a browser id just go to the site manually. Now you only have a limited amount of "free" articles before subscribing. Give me a break.
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5 years ago, asmello44
Big fan of the app just wished they offered the 9to5 Google app also which I use a lot. Also wish the subscription was annual because 1.99 a month is steep. Otherwise great app great news source.
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3 years ago, Nakoff
Love it but….
I love having access to all Apple news in one place. One thing I would love to see is the app make use of the full screen on my device. Strange to see an all Apple news app that is not making the app use the full screen.
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1 year ago, Arjune Dhindsa
Best Apple News App
I would use the website on safari most of times, but the app performs much better especially on mobile devices, great storys!
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7 months ago, Irkscuba99
Update makes it unusable
The last update missed the mark. I was fine with the ads but now there’s too many steps to even read an article. Is it really better to lose this many users and have less ad revenue plus people who won’t pay $2/month? I can’t imagine this is a business decision that will result in 9to5 Mac being around much longer.
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7 months ago, cmoschip
Used to enjoy too.
App appears to have gone to a sunscription only. Web site shows the same for free with ads. Not sure I understand this but will no longer be using the app - the web site is fine. If that does pay too then there are others sites for similar news and reviews.
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6 months ago, Cowboy T.
Used to be a great app
I used to use this app daily to find new Mac news. And now just like every other app, it’s behind a subscription. I’m so over subscriptions and really liked the ad supported version. With so many other places to get tech news on Apple products, I really don’t see myself using this app anymore. It’s really just a shame because I liked the coverage.
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5 years ago, Alex Eiden
Pop up ads are rampant
I’m basing this quick review off of the non-subscription. Overall it’s a great experience. Quicker and easier than getting to the website on Safari. However, occasionally clicking on an article you’ll get a full page ad. Nothing can be done about it. Swipe back and put reload the article same thing. Force closing sometimes swaps the ad so that doesn’t happen. Also dark mode is great for titles, but does not carry over to the articles themselves, so at night it can be quite blinding/jarring switching from one to another.
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6 years ago, Brix72
Used App for a long time!!
Great app!!! Keep you informed on all of the things going on with technology and beyond!!! I like the fact there has been more how to articles do you help people learn their products!!!!
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3 years ago, Adam Alf
Supports hate speech
After several reports of hate speech in the comments section of this platform, and after waiting several days, the company has still not taken down some white supremacist content. If a company can’t moderate hate speech safely, they shouldn't host social media forums. That being said, there are also plenty of other places to get the same Apple news.
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10 months ago, waldhaus1
Great news source of your are a fan of Apple news
I've been following nine to five for about a year and enjoy the continuous feed of Apple related tech news. Very interesting but app fails to support comments or polls any more.
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5 years ago, Yanxfan49
Everything Apple
I am an avid Apple fan and this is my direct source for all the latest information about the latest and greatest devices and software.
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6 years ago, pretzelking
Won’t Refresh
It won’t refresh the most recent articles that are being pushed to me. So if y’all could fix that issue that would be great
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5 years ago, stagetech4
Everything Apple!!!!
I love 9to5Mac as they provide all of the latest updates and breaking news on all things Apple. The app is great and notifies me of anything new as soon as they publish it!
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1 week ago, Chriis_M
Killed app from limit rate
You gotta be joking with this limited reading articles and after 3 I have to open in the browser. Literally barely open the app now. Just keep the ads in the app. Another thing opening the comments brings it up in safari. Like who thought this was an improvement. Was the app just abandoned?
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4 years ago, Abfkn258
Reduce the notifications
Love this website and app but I wish there were better notification settings. Even when only asking for “breaking news” notifications, I get them for nearly every story. Every story cannot be “breaking news”.
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4 months ago, flatmacsurf
Excellent, but with Subscriber Bugs
This is the best Apple / Mac news app around and I’m supporting it by subscribing. However, although I subscribe, the app still thinks I’m a free user and limits the articles I can read. I’ve emailed several times about the problem and get no response. Again, I have no problem being a subscriber and I’d like to be one for their entire suite of apps, but this bug needs to get squashed, otherwise there is no point in continuing.
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7 months ago, Wo2k_wo1k
Skip The App -> Go To The Website
Can’t view any articles on the app without having to pay for the ad free subscription which makes the app practically pointless for those that are not willing to pay. All good though, you can just open safari on your phone and go straight to their websites to view their articles.
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5 years ago, poddave
Content good, watch notifications bad
I like the reporting but I hate the watch notifications. If only they could display a headline in the notification without scrolling – that’s what I want! As it is now, the watch notification displays a large picture and one line of text: “new post“
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7 months ago, AppleGuy42
The newest update (late 2023) is awful. The top level page is just an endless scrolling list of photos with no headlines and absolutely no context. They also removed several features, such as custom app icons and support for Haptic Touch. All around a very bad update. Will not continue paying for premium until this app is fixed
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6 years ago, saxsation
Two things: Allow users to remove the side bar on iPad. Very annoying and it takes away from the reading experience. Have a yearly subscription model as well. I don’t pay monthly for things like this. It’s like a magazine subscription not an electric bill.
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7 months ago, ry.sp.wil
No point in using the app anymore
The 9to5Mac website is free to access (paid for by ads of course), but now you can’t view any of the articles unless you pay for a subscription in the app. Instead, it directs you…to the free website. What’s the point of paying for an app when I can access the website for free?
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