A+ Teacher's Aide

4.7 (463)
11.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Room 220
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for A+ Teacher's Aide

4.71 out of 5
463 Ratings
7 years ago, Nuju789
Very efficiently designed
Before reading any more reviews, download it and just TRY it. I never write reviews, but after playing with this app for a week and studying it's features, I am in love. It is so user-friendly and provides graphs and visual reports to help you track attendance patterns. I use it for my job to take record of who shows up and it is so easy to set up and then use. The free version only offers 3 "courses" (groups), but with just those 3, all the features are pretty much unlocked. I have 5 groups so I bought the attendance package. Very useful and I am very proud of my investment.
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5 years ago, steadfasthope
A few more things would improve it.
I want to rate this higher. There’s a lot that’s awesome about it. However, why does it not give the ability to put out transcripts? That and the syncing issues others have mentioned caused me to remove two stars. I also purchased the student grade tracker this developer put out to use its transcript making ability. But that only allows me to do one student’s work at once. Then I guess I’ll have to delete and lose all the data to work on the next student. Not cool. I wish these two apps were combined — so I could make individual transcripts for each student. I’m a homeschool mom, and this would be invaluable to me for my record keeping. Nearly $14 for both together, and they don’t combine data. Update: I think this will be more helpful with the transcripts than I first recognized. I do wish, though that it was explicitly labeled as such, and that it could be printed directly from the app. I’ve added another star.
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4 years ago, AceticAcid
Good App, More Features Needed
Let me start by saying that I like this app and use it every day to do my job. There are many of great features that are incredibly helpful. That being said, there should be more features for the price that faculty pay for the full app. The app does not support adding assignment as extra credit or dropping an assignment from the grade book for individual students (not the whole class). The notes that are written for students on assignments or exams do not show up when I run reports unless the assignment has a grade. This is problematic for me at the end of the semester when I allow students to drop the final - I cannot input a 0 and exclude the 0, and and my notes about the student opting out of the exam and accepting their grade do not show up unless I input a 0 and mess up their grade calculations. This would easily be a 5 star review if those issues could be fixed!
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6 years ago, smcneil7
Does this thing actually work????!!!!!
I have waisted an entire day trying to import student names and info from a csv file in Dropbox. I have watched tutorials, read through what I could find, updated Dropbox, rearranged the fields on my csv files anyway I could think of, and it still does not load. At one point I got it to load last names only!! Woopee,! If I knew that was all I could get I would have typed them in. When I finally decided to seek help in the app I was rewarded with a glitch and the app closed. Of course I had to try again and each attempt was another glitch with an error message. If you hear me out there, I would really love to use this app and if you can help me I will gladly take this review down and replace it with another. But right now I am going back to a spread sheet. I had really hoped to go into class much more prepared and was excited about the features in this app but I am out of time now. Thanks a lot!
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7 years ago, SCtutor
Helpful Tracker!
I used this app for the first time this year to track grades for home schooling. I wish I had it years ago. I haven't been able to get bonus points to work as described in the documentation (which is why I took off one star), but otherwise it has been fairly easy to use. I keep a paper schedule of assignments that gets dated as each item is completed, so I don't track attendance with the app. But I DO keep my grade book on it entirely. This has allowed me to do a running GPA score for my student every week so she can be on the lookout for ways to improve her performance. If I'd had that capability when I had 5 kids to track, it would have been SO HELPFUL! I don't think I will be going back to Excel spreadsheets at this point.
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7 years ago, MamaJJ84
Love it!
I am a homeschool mom, and this app is making my life so much easier! I am only using the grade book as I already have a system for keeping track of attendance. This app is so easy for me to navigate, and it's easy to set up and manage courses and lessons, add grades, adjust weighted percentages for the grades, and view detailed reports.
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6 years ago, Negrura24
Great App - Need to transfer data
Hello! I truly enjoy this app. I back up my data daily and send latest reports to email. I upgraded to a new phone and downloaded the app. To my amazement, the data I had on previous phone did not transfer. PLEASE HELP! I cannot lose countless hours of work and my students grades before finals! Is there a way to transfer data/restore on new phone? Thank yoy.
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7 years ago, Amosgirl81
This app was just what I needed to keep track of attendance in my fitness classes. It is easy to use, reliable, and FREE. I already purchased a different app "Attendance2" and it was incredibly difficult to maneuver through. I stopped using it immediately after purchase. I am so grateful I found this to take its place!
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7 years ago, Yap per
Love it
Great app for teachers that do not have a good system already. Only small thing for me would be that It would be nice to be able to send a mass email of all grades to students and parents at the same time instead of individually doing it.
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2 years ago, 1sleepless mom
I need an answer
I love the app! It works great for what I need as a homeschool mom. My only problem is I can’t email anything. It says “email error: cannot send email. Create an email account and try again.” But I can’t find where or how to do this. I checked the user manual, and I didn’t see it there either. Help would be greatly appreciated!
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2 months ago, hdngo
Not simple in attendance records
Since we homeschool, I would of liked to see an area where I could just see their daily attendance without having to click on each subject and for each grade. Just one place where I could see how many days present on working. We haven’t used it for this reason and because attendance shows per subject and we have switched to different books, it was just not simple to use
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1 year ago, Cat Valentine Lover
Love it just one thing
I really love this app! The only thing I wish is that I didn’t have to pay to make multiple courses, I wish it was free.
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4 years ago, BandGuard_1018
Great app. Just a bit limited
So I use the free version so of course there are limited with that but it’s great otherwise. My biggest complaint is that it doesn’t sync across multiple devices. So if I forget my iPad at home or if it dies I have absolutely no access to my grade book. Which is a major inconvenience lol
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7 years ago, M#The bomb
Best App
My first look at this app was like, It's probably useless, But it's the best app ever! My students love it as well they like looking and watching me take attendance. it's the perfect grade marking thing. Then I put the grades into the real grade book. I gave his app four stars because they could add a little more
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8 years ago, Mahal_me
The attendance portion of app is really cool because I was able to add a picture to each students name. Which really helped me at the beginning of the year. This app also creates a grade average so that I do not have to calculate manually.
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8 years ago, Anaj98
Professor of Mathematics
I love it!!! This is the best app I've ever seen for grading and taking roll. I can easily send students updates on their progress as well as track my courses from my phone.
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7 years ago, Mmadhatter2
Great app for digital grade book
Love this app! This app makes it easy to set up weighted assignments, record scores and create reports on individual students or the entire class.
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6 years ago, guillaume lou
The app should be able to allow me to put someone that is going to be absent for 10 days for them to keep that statues in the attendance for that amount of time they will be gone.
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7 years ago, AZBOOKMOUSE
Super App!
I use this to keep track of my community college class attendance. Easy to use and free!
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6 years ago, Kristine313
Upgrade issue
I love this app however I am having issues purchasing the upgrade. No one to speak to and no one to help me with this issue. I only have one elementary class so attendance isn’t needed for all subjects as I take attendance only once a day.
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7 years ago, graycelt
no syncing!
The basic functionality is good, as everyone says. No syncing between mobile devices, however -- even in the paid version -- is a MAJOR weakness. What teacher wouldn't want to shuttle between an iPad and an iPhone at will?
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4 years ago, djdnrjrmdjdn38
Confusing Much?
Overall, I find it as an amazing and useful app to use for grades, attendance and school use. However, the designing is confusing. I would also like to see more!
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8 years ago, Jecajames
So helpful
I use this app for my Zumba class. It's extremely helpful with my invoicing
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4 years ago, Klod27
I used to enjoy this app. I purchased the upgraded version so that I could continue to have access to my classes and suddenly they all vanished. Now, I don't even know how respond to my students concerns from last semester. How do I regain access to my old classes?
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6 years ago, ahicksteacher
Adding assignments is very difficult
I searched all through the app and can not figure out how to add assignments and tests to give a score
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7 years ago, mjnanakar
We need update
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7 years ago, speedester1
Need more course list where we can add, instead of just three.
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7 years ago, BethX555
Import feature is too fussy
The only way to import student information is to use the apparently super fussy template. There used to be one you could email to use, but it seems to be gone. Great app if one could use it.
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7 years ago, BigBlueB
Very helpful$
This is a simple app that helps me keep track of participation work.
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1 year ago, Lula Nelson
It is supposed to let you call roll and there is no way you can call roll
I hate this app
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7 years ago, Lightboxr
Homeschool -Love it!
Feb 16, 2017 Update THANKS FOR THE BULK COPY OF A TERM❤ Great!! October 26, 2016 Great update! Thanks for the movable courses. Thanks for the color options. Thanks that the calendar works again in the iphone update. Thanks for the backups. Thanks for the customized name. Thanks for the easy date access and the new sliding bar on the work that reveals notes and reports. Thanks for listening. _______________ Thanks. So easy. I upgraded at $7.99 to place about 11 subjects (actually 44 because of four quarters that I entered --though you can do unlimited.) Great job. I also added a separate Attendance "class" and Awards/Achievements "class" so that I could print it as one sheet. But I love that you can also add the date to assignments because then the assignment shows up on the in-app calendar. I like this app better than iDoceo because it prints ALL of the classes, rather than just one class at a time and it also adds up the grades for you automatically. That is all I need because it is like an automatic report card. Though this app has many great features, I: 🔹Would prefer printable reports rather than email to print. 🔹Would love to have the iCloud and Dropbox option. 🔹Would love if it synced to my calendar. 🔹Would love to customize the school name, logo, header color, etc. 🔹Would love to print the in-app calendar because it can work as a daily lesson planner and would like to see grades in the in-app cal. 🔹Would prefer a universal photo image for each term or year rather than to have to change each student image for each class if updating their profile photo. 🔹Would love to have the option of child's photo on their printable record. ☑️Would love to have "bulk copy" for classes instead of copying one class at a time to create the next term. 🔹Would love to be able to change class category "on the fly" within assignments --instead of having to delete the assignment and rewrite it under a different class name (if I accidentally recored it in the wrong place). 🔹Would love to be able to choose classes for a Detailed Class Report. 🔹Would love it if dates were included in the Detailed Class Report. TIPS: I create my Quarters/Terms like: Quarter 1.4, Quarter 2.4, Quarter 3.4 Quarter 4.4 for 2014 (Quarters in 4th grade) Quarter 1.3, Quarter 2.3, Quarter 3.3, Quarter 4.4 for 2013 (Quarters in 3rd grade) Instead of Quarter 1, Quarter 2, etc. so the app can distinguish. The most important feature this app is missing is syncing options. I wish it would sync from my iPhone to iPad so I don't do double recording. Other than that, if someone else creates an app like this one with sync, this app may lose its following because syncing is necessary nowadays.
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8 years ago, Lobstersouth
Best Grading App
This is the best grading app I have tried. I love the attendance record.
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7 years ago, Jlo817
Jared Auriemma
This is a really good app. I love this!!
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12 years ago, Av5578
Added Student Issue
I cannot even begin to write about how great this App is. I downloaded it in the beginning of the school year and have been utterly impressed by it: --Attendance can be taken in a matter of seconds! A simple tap and a student is marked absent; another tap, the student is marked late or excused or whatever you happen to add as a designation. --Creating new fields ("Homework," "Quizzes," "Exams," etc.) is easy and you can provide descriptions for individual assignments, as well. --You can easily check a student's grade point average or attendance record via "Student Reports." --Haven't done it yet, but you can email individual "Student Reports" to your students to let them know their progress in your class or you can email the same reports to their parents! --You can get a detailed class report containing individual averages (great when it comes time to enter report card grades), class statistics, and grade distribution! --If you find a glitch within the app, it is resolved in a very short time. You rock, Charles! All in all, if you are a teacher, you should download this app now!
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9 years ago, Hlghale
My favorite, but...
Let me preface by saying my teaching position comes from being a homeschooling mom. I have two students. Within the past six to nine months I tried out almost every grade book app for my phone. I paid for a few, looking for the "perfect" one. This, to me, is one of the easiest to use. It makes sense. It's easy to tap on things and enter a short description. It's easy to use for attendance. However, it is not yet ideal. It does not sort assignments into chronological order if you enter them out of order. It does not sync across devices. There is no online access with a laptop. At least if it synced I could use my iPad as well as my phone. I would also find it convenient if I could enter assignments directly on the calendar. So to recap, this app is my favorite of the six or more I tried, but it falls short of excellent.
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8 years ago, Cordesika
Great App but needs cloud support
This app would be near perfect if it would sync to the cloud and allow me to work from a computer as well. I love the features (even if they can be a bit complicated to all figure out), . I especially like being able to individualize my grade scale and to see grades for each category. Drawbacks: -it is cumbersome to have to do ALL my grades on my phone - I have to grade by 5 categories every month, so to see the monthly grades I have to create a new term for each month. This wasn't so easy to do on the phone and now each grade has to be entered specifically to that term (other apps I have seen allow me to simply add assignmentst to a class and it automatically figures out the terms by dates) -it would be nice to be able to print/generate a report without email. I am not allowed to email students so I need to print something. Therefore, I must click on each student, email myself their report, and open and print my email - very time consuming. I would like to be able to generate a report of individual grades for all students with one click. I paid for both upgrades, but now am using the free version of ThnkWave - just web based, no app, and it works better for me.
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9 years ago, MeUngui
Love it!!!
This app is absolutely amazing! I hate to keep track of my students grades in a regular record book. I find it so boring and sometimes confusing. This app has made my life so much easier by letting me write down quickly what the assignment is, how many points is worth, and write down their grades instantly. I can keep better track of my students grades, compare their grades with each other, take a quick look at the students that need support and even remind myself when it's time for mother assessment or homework. I really recommend it even for college professors because it is really helpful and user friendly!!! Good job creating this pp 👍
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12 years ago, djlove83
Great app! It is great for teaching and for student clubs or groups.
This app is brand new, but I think it is great for grades, attendance, and communication. I wish it had a notes section. UPDATE - a notes section will be added in the next update! The data input won't work for me; I have sent an email to the support team on that. UPDATE- the support team responded quickly and fixed the import issue. They are quick to respond and open to suggestions. Overall, great for being a new app! It works great on my iPad and phone (but the info doesn't sync between the devices.
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10 years ago, mbg312
Kind of great ...
I really love this app. It's a simple interface and is constantly calculating students' grades. The only recommendation that I have is for some type of cloud syncing that would allow me to fill in grades/attendance on my laptop. I have another app that does this for my course notes and it just makes my life so much easier. Full hands on a keyboard work faster than two thumbs on a cell phone. I would definitely recommend this app. I am thinking about upgrading, but $7.99 for the full version? A little steep ... especially on a teacher's budget/pay. How about a back-to-school sale? ... Just saying.
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10 years ago, jlfeiner
Love everything about this app from being able to email a student their current grades to printing the excel spreadsheet after the semester is over. I love that it drops whichever grade I need it to and keeps me organized and I actually remember to take attendance with the reminders. The import of the class roster via excel is wonderful! Only thing I wish I could do is search for a past student because I don't always remember what class I had a student in and Sync to my phone just incase my iPad dies. Otherwise great app!
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10 years ago, Th8trTchr
This was okay...
Maybe I am missing something and would appreciate the help! So first, it would be great to simply be able to type all the names like in an excel spread sheet rather than having to close the tab and open a new one for each student entry. Some of my classes have like 40 students, then I switch to new students every quarter so it was a bit cumbersome. Also, when I went to take attendance all of the students were preset to ABSENT, wouldn't it make more sense to have them all set as PRESENT since that would be the majority of the students. I got this app hoping to save time and so far no luck. I am open to any suggestions!!
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11 years ago, Adamelio
Really good tool!
At first, it was a bit awkward and, at times truly frustrating (something that could have been fixed by giving users a instructional guide). But once you figure out (trial and error, in my case), it proved to be a really useful tool. I didn't mind paying a more for unlimited classes. One suggestion would be to allow for more options in the grade mode, such as indicating submitted assignments with a check mark instead of a numerical value. Good start, but it needs to be tweaked!
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10 years ago, Point!Blank
It's great when you learn all the features......
I teach a vocational college course. And with enrollment a being a rotating door, this app is incredibly useful for all the changes I go through month after month. I am able to keep record from things such as scores from final exams down to trivial things such point deductions for texting in class. Once I've completed a module, I am able to email all the information in a spreadsheet format, which is INCREDIBLY helpful to me!
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11 years ago, sardoc84
Love it!
This app is amazing! It is filled with options that make grading easy. It even allows me to send grade reports to the student via email. Before this app I was stuck using MS Excel (nothing wrong with it) and I wanted something much easier to use and edit grades. This app has that and more. I manage 2-8 courses at any given time at a technical college. One of my favorite features is the simple design. They didn't go overboard with the design. It keeps a very simplistic profile while having full functionality. The only grip I have (will always be one or two) is with the backup. I really wish I could backup and restore files across all my Apple devices (iPad/iPhone) without having to email the file. Maybe if they used iCloud or something it would make life easy.
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8 years ago, Remelock
I love this app. I have had it for my phone and my iPad. This review is for the current iPad version. The actual app is the same, unfortunately none of the buttons in app are visual anymore. You have no idea how to add new scores, students, etc. every type of navigation button has disappeared making the app extremely difficult to use. I also use the paid version, so this is more upsetting. Due to these problems with the app I don't think I'll be using it for the next spring semester. It's a shame because it was so easy to use but now just gives me a headache.
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8 years ago, Angrythrice3
App Review
This is a great app to use for your classes. It is easy to understand, and the directions are very clear. I really appreciate the ease in importing my information into Excel. I reviewed at least five different apps, and this was the best choice for me. I tried the trial model first, and I was impressed enough to purchase the complete program. Did I mention that it is inexpensive! If you are considering an app for you classroom, try this one. 5 stars
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8 years ago, JB917114
Ahh..grading is so much easier now!
I love this app! I was able to import my roster into my phone and use it to collect grades. I teach at a community college and use in class assignments to measure attendance. Now I simply import the students grade before they leave class so I no longer have to bring them home to import. I did have a technical question and received a quick response by email...highly recommended!
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10 years ago, Jeffjeffjeff
Almost worth recommending
I love the potential of this app. I paid for the full version with the expectation it will improve. If it does, it could make millions. The flaw: it doesn't have the ability to import or export grades. It's not reasonable to expect a teacher to manually enter grades. Tedious! Most teachers will use this for attendance and put grades in a spreadsheet. My grades are already entered online, so this would decrease redundant steps. Right now, you can import names. The programmers may not have considered adding this feature to grade entry. Fixing this flaw would dramatically increase the value of this app. The first teacher app to add this function will be a runaway success! I would love to have attendance and grades together in one place! This app is the best option so far, but I wouldn't yet recommend it to a friend.
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11 years ago, Kickin’1
Great software for homeschool teachers
I am homeschooling my 2nd grade child. I past I had a problem keeping attendance and grades together. This app allows me as we travel to keep attendance and grades in one place. Love the grading scale, dropping grades, reports, and so much more. Worth the investment!! I have asked questions to the designer and response time is quick. There are a few things I would change to fit what I need, but overall it's A+.
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11 years ago, Lissaaaaaa
Attendance app
I use this app for keeping track of student attendance in my 25-person classes. It is user friendly, and you can easily email yourself an excel csv file with the attendance data. You can also email students attendance reports. There are features such as adding a photo for each student name, but I haven't used these.
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