A View From My Seat

3.5 (57)
13.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
A View From My Seat
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
17.0 or later
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User Reviews for A View From My Seat

3.47 out of 5
57 Ratings
1 year ago, wabisabi11
Can’t log in
I can log into the site on my laptop fine, but when I try on the app I get an error and cannot log in. Please resolve, thank you.
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2 years ago, {AJ}
Why is the search so bad??
I’ll type in the full name of a venue, and it’s still like the 20th venue in the list. Not only that, but there a like a dozen before it that don’t even begin with the same letters. I really want to like this app, I really do. Honestly, if you fix the search, and the app will already be 10x better. I’ll instantly raise my rating to 4 stars Another issue I’d like to see fixed, but of secondary importance: allow integration with Apple‘s password manager in the “join” screen. Fix this too and instant 5 star app!
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6 years ago, Greg Henning
Error Message
There were some connectivity issues I was having, but they’re fixed. I absolutely love this app. I use it before I purchase any tickets, and I always upload my seats to help others with their seat choices.
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3 years ago, nsqrd
Great app!
This was super helpful in booking tickets for a MSG show and a theater show for our upcoming NYC trip. I’m sure there could be improvements but I was able to get great viewpoints from the sections I was looking at tickets for. No complaints!
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3 years ago, HorrorStar25
So useful!
This is my go to app for deciding where to purchase tickets, the view and experience is the most important part of watching events/games and they make it so easy!
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5 years ago, Bluesphreak
It would be better if you could put the pictures in full screen and zoom in on them.
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8 years ago, Rickweiyu
Not help
Didn't find the theater I need.
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5 years ago, SD777x
Can’t zoom pictures or landscape
The point of this app is for users to view pictures, but you can’t zoom and can’t even make full use of your phone as you cannot put pictures into landscape.
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2 years ago, LASERobot3.1
Connection doesn’t work and yes I’m connected. No matter WHAT I type, it claims the user name is taken. I put in a bunch of gibberish and it STILL said the name was taken. Your app is crap please fix this.
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3 years ago, Damian414
I use this app religiously anytime I’m purchasing tickets!! Great app! It’s the YELP of venues!
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2 years ago, Picklesack1
Does not find well known venues or artists. Constantly says nothing found. Completely useless junk
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9 months ago, DThompson86
App malfunctioning
App will not allow login and I can’t upload photos. Regularly Globe Life Field is not available. But the Ball Park at Arlington is available.
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5 years ago, Thor2552
This app is ancient! Great idea but it’s hard to use and just a hassle.
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12 years ago, JA Bruh
Great idea!
I buy tickets online from either StubHub or other sellers all the time. It's sometimes very difficult to know what the site lines will be like. This app really helps to figure stuff out. As more and more photos get added, the better the community will become! It's also really fun to share images of stadiums I have been to!
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12 years ago, Macworthy
Works Great!
Great app! Love it. Had some issues on 7/9/12 with not being able to login and the website was running slow or crashing, but developer responded via Twitter with concerns.
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12 years ago, jake.d27
Love It
This was the only app I missed when I switched from my Droid to my iPhone. So happy to see that this amazing app has made its way onto the App Store.
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10 years ago, Z73hp19
Great help
This app is very good and the site itself is great for checking out a location of a your seats before you buy them.
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12 years ago, Coombasa
Lover of baseball
Cool app. Fun to see all the stadiums that I won't get to. Also helps in making decisions on where I want to go next. Oakland here I come!
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12 years ago, Emily derwin
Awesome idea!!!!!
Super functional and so helpful!! Can't wait to use it for the phillies
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10 years ago, fgjcddhjbv
So helpful
exactly the app I need for all my ticket purchases
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9 years ago, Kkirwan0
Bad user experience
Hard to navigate, keeps wanting you to upload your photos or buy tickets. Could not figure out how to view seats at the venue I was going to, gave up after 5 minutes.
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10 years ago, aylinnc;
Helps me when I'm gonna buy tickets !!
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12 years ago, WillRM
Love it
Great concept and even better execution!
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9 years ago, GRIM1234
This thing crashes every time I look up a section. Needs repair then I'll give it 5 stars
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11 years ago, The Moody
So simple it's genius.
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9 years ago, Hortack415
Immediately wants you to share photos
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8 years ago, satellite enthusiast/engineer
Crashes on stadium selection (iOS 9)
Crashes on stadium selection (iOS 9)
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12 years ago, Hw1209
Great app
Very cool.
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11 years ago, Best App Rater Ever
Like it
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4 years ago, hamiltrash bella💜
Truly A Lifesaver
I bought this app because I was intrigued it only had about 12 reviews but I was just want to see what it was like I was so blown away with everything I found. The navigation is so easy I could just click on venues and the theater then Broadway and the App give me all the Broadway theaters. I also love how it’s real pictures from real people who go and get their honest views and opinions. Sometimes with other apps the 3-D simulation can be very weird and not very accurate.Thanks to this App I have gotten so much out of the tickets I’ve got because I knew the right section to sit in. Keep up the amazing work❤️
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3 years ago, 96ksm
Tampa bay Stadium-Concert: Rolling Stones
I looked at the site, no where did it display the seats for the the upcoming concert of The Rolling Stones, 10/29/21. I want to cancel this appl since I loaded no more than 6 minutes ago to see my desired info. Contact me @ 727-277-0406. Karen Moss
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9 years ago, Smexorrlent
Good app
This app is useful. You can search to see if anyone has snapped a photo from a seat you're interested in getting a ticket for. Suggestions for updates: -Save favorite venues -Offer points system (just for username glory) or other incentives to encourage more people to post photos and comments on seats, so the database will be more complete -When browsing seats in a venue, option to lock results to a certain sport (if you are looking to see seat views for basketball, having concert views mixed in is misleading. Concert views can differ so much from sports, based on where the stage is placed. The relation of the seat to where the action is will differ greatly from a concert to a basketball game) Thanks for a great app!
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8 years ago, f3itclub
Needs a LOT of work
Despite several deletes and reinstalls of this app, it constantly crashes. I can get so far as to choosing a venue and then once done, that's it. I've also attempted joining and am unable to do so because system consistently states that my username is being used which seems next to impossible considering not only is my personal full name unusual but I've tried eight distinctly different variations as well as 4 different names all-together. Bummer as I was super stoked over the prospect of this app allowing me to visualize seating views at venues never attended before prior to investing in tickets. Hope this apps gets its act together (pun intended).
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