ABC 10 News San Diego KGTV

4.3 (269)
54.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
E.W. Scripps Company
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for ABC 10 News San Diego KGTV

4.33 out of 5
269 Ratings
6 years ago, Cordocj
I like the app because it’s regularly updated and has local as well as important national and international clips. One of the best local news apps anywhere.
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6 years ago, San Diego Miko
Keeps me up to date
I love this app. Sometimes I can watch an incident unfold right in front of me, and the app sends the headline within minutes. I appreciate that even a bare bones story is published, and filled out and updated throughout the day. I get news video footage and important community information when I need it without having to wait for the five o’clock news.
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4 years ago, 0054ksx29
Garbage app
Example of why this app is horrible. They will write a story about a person and say, “look at this persons face” but the picture posted with the article DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO ZOOM IN. Does not allow you to see details the article directly speaks about. Or they will post an article about a Amber Alert child with a picture of the kid and their family, but you CAN NOT zoom in to see the kid. What’s the point of the article If we can’t see what you’re talking about. Please fix this. It’s 2020, and we can put people on the moon, but this app won’t allow you to zoom in in a picture.
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3 years ago, Cuate💋
San Diego best! At Neighborhood local news
Channel 10 news San Diego is always been the best news station and reporting all of the neighborhood local news so grateful for this app thank you again for all your help inKeeping us in formed in the neighborhood of Southeast San Diego all the time and all the other communities that the other stations won’t cover!
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4 years ago, BkkVet
‘Getting all the COVID daily updates, but stats nos. are so tiny, every time you try to zoom to see them the app fails & “reloads”, once or twice, until it finally gives up and fails over to the Top Stories page, and THEN you can’t get BACK to the stat page you were trying to see in the 1st place! This app, after all this time, still not ready for prime time. If it’s a phone app you SHOULD be able to zoom in without this happening.
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7 years ago, SofakingDark
Notification but where’s the story?
I don’t always click on my notifications but whenever I do it always seems that I’m never directed to the story for which I was notified. Not a big deal, I know and not the reason for my 1 star rating. I just wanted to let you guys know that it does happen because I’m sure it probably is an issue for others. My issue/complaint is that the story or stories responsible for certain notifications are no where to be found.
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6 years ago, Mildred Honey
Easy and Quick
Compared to other local news apps this one is easy and quick. Few sensational headlines and mostly to the point. I recommend this app.
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2 years ago, J00857
Kgtv news
The only news station I follow or watch. They are always on top of current events, have human interest stories, weather, and traffic.
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5 years ago, Avilalove
Way too many ads
Struggling for the past week to watch the live stream. I have to watch about 10min of ads then takes me to the screen that says “we’ll be back...”, but it has been stuck on that screen for the last 1.5 hrs. I have tried switching from app, safari to desktop & same thing happens on each. If I refresh, starts the same 10min of ads then back to same screen. Sooooo frustrating!!!
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2 years ago, lips620
Great way to stay informed
Great way to stay informed of news from back home and able to share with others from home town or state.
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8 months ago, Chanel@2023
Welcome Back Megan !! So glad your Back !! Love how you explain SD country Forecast!! Are you going to be PM’S from now on? I want to make sure our Family doesn’t miss you!
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5 years ago, Buckley Coldwell
Love it
10 news is one of the few news outlets that doesn’t Trump bash all day long and is fair with news coverage isn’t totally leftwing Democratic propaganda!
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4 years ago, weatherchannel weary
I like the layout, it’s easy to find what I’m looking for and review all the stories.
Wish they were all this easy to navigate.
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2 years ago, Rosalapaisa
My favorite news channel
Always inform of what’s happening and the weather too. 👍👌
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6 years ago, Glen1948
Always up to the minute.
Even when I’m in a foreign country I can touch base with 10 and feel like I’m touching home.
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6 years ago, Todd
Too many Push notifications
I have the app set to receive traffic alerts as the only notifications. Then why I am I receiving numerous election result notifications? It appears the app's notification settings need some attention. In the meantime I'm turning off ALL notifications.
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6 years ago, Carveacre
Don’t bother!
10News is continually late to the party. What a waste of screen space. All the other news apps have sent out sent notifications and after several minutes, 10News finally pops up with a notification. No thanks. Not to mention many time the notifications received are just marketing.
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7 years ago, M015E5
NO sound
Can't hear the sound on videos.
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6 years ago, Spartann1488
WAY to many notifications
I love 10 news. However. You guys push WAY to many notifications. Such as “ San Marcos woman battling HOA over roof issues “. Is this breaking news ???? It’s constant garbage notifications. Please stop pushing so many notifications. Unless it’s a mass event.... it ISNT notification worthy
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7 years ago, Kuerzel
Great news coverage!
Not necessary to watch TV News, I get all the important local News right here on my I-Phone. Great coverage.
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7 years ago, Robert Bourassa
Keeps me up to date
Nice to have local news
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3 years ago, gussorunni
Always right on the scene of what’s happening now!!!
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4 years ago, GonnaCancel
Not enough LOCAL News
I like Channel 10, however, I have this app to tune into more LOCAL news. Many - Most stories on this app are from out of the city, region, or state. I’m a San Diegan tuning in for San Diego news.
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6 years ago, JRP Plastering San Diego Ca
I use this app twice a day, it has all my local area News!
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5 years ago, buttrobber
I guess abc decided that what I really want when I open my news app is for loud ads to immediately start playing in full volume. No thank you. I will get my news elsewhere.
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3 years ago, tom92009
Last update broke traffic map
Traffic map comes up blank since last update.
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7 years ago, Jimmeee2
Good local app
The app alerts me to important local news
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6 years ago, showbizsuperstar
End the survey questions!
Don't click bait me.... then have me answer a question to see the story. Often times when I tap on on a notification I am taken to the general page and not the story I thought I was following.
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7 months ago, Disappointedem
Now wants my email
Was using. Latest update requires a free account with my email. I get enough junk email already! Deleted it and now using the website.
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7 years ago, Jadeg4
Good app. Wish was clearer when news story is updated
I get a lot of good news from this app. The only confusing thing for me is when I see a news story that I had previously read, and I see it noted "1 hr" or some timeframe more recent than when I last read it, and it makes me think that it has been updated. Many times I will open it back up and not see any new info. I could be interpreting those time notes incorrectly.
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4 months ago, SparkleButts
Was great
Now it crashes every single time I try to open it. And I update my apps at least once a week and App Store says I’ve already got the most recent update for this app.
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4 years ago, JT92101
Stop the dunning to go premium
Please stop the in-app dunning to “go premium”, at least for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. It is not a good look. Nobody has the money for premium services right now. Other news media are dropping their paywalls for now in the public interest. While you continue to grovel for cash. Just stop until this is over.
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6 years ago, I Like My I-Pad
Fix this app please
Latest version crashes a lot! And you have a lot of nerve pimping a pay version without ads! Just fix this first and then I’ll decide if you are worth paying for. CBS and NBC San Diego don’t charge!
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7 years ago, Sevans05
Every time I check the weather section, it always show my current location almost 20 degrees cooler than it actually is. The humidity readings are obviously always incorrect as well. So much for accu weather!
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4 years ago, MickBarone
Almost there
No ability to increase font size.
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7 years ago, Stephanupalus
Bad update
Ever since the latest update, my app doesn't play any sound at all. Makes it hard to watch the news with no sound. Anyone else? Developers - any help on this??
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4 years ago, TiNK 21
Saved news stories
It erased all my saved stories & it won’t let me save anything anymore 🙁
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4 years ago, SoCADesertRat
Works Great on iOS 13.4.1
No complaints
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6 years ago, 123mg
Inappropriate images in ads
Uninstalled due to inappropriate images in advertisements. Ads had images of trees and x-rays which were meant to look like penises. Gross.
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6 months ago, wolfspeak6000
Doesn’t work
I installed the app but it kicks me out every time I open it.
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7 years ago, Zosimi
Love it
Very useful app alerts!
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6 years ago, Dan King in San Diego
Where is the TV schedule ?
Why does a TV station app not have the TV schedule?
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5 years ago, livvyboo2122
Force closes
With the new update the app force closes as soon as I try to open it.
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6 years ago, GandyDiggity
Bad Advertising - Make It Stop
I am not sure who is running advertising placement for 10News, but he/she should be FIRED! I do not want to see bulging male underwear - yuck!!!!!
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6 years ago, catmmt
What 10. News
When I tap it on, I get a blank page now.
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7 years ago, Libenson
Ads galore!
I love the alerts but trying to read the stories or find them sometimes becomes challenging. When you do finally get routed to the right site you get to read about 3-4 sentences of that story and then one must fumble through next page for another 3 sentences and next page and so on easily getting to have to hit 15+ pages to only read a couple of short paragraphs. There must be 20 ads per page when you are trying to read just that one story. Ugh I tried to find an ad free app but could get one. Bottom line I love the alerts and the possibility to be on top of the news, but a real pain to find the story and read it.
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8 years ago, Daniel D Diggity
This redesign of the app is absolutely terrible. You took all the good parts of the last app and removed them! It was very easy to use, quickly scan all news in one spot, then if I wanted local or traffic or weather I could go to that, but I wasn't bombarded with crap on the breaking news page. Now I get video, advertisement, video, stupid advertisement, video, advertisement, etc. it's awful. The worst part is I was forced into upgrading to it! You should have just left the last app as is and said "if you want to ruin your experience and choose another news source, please upgrade." Please, please go back to the old app.
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10 years ago, Cassie.Boswell
Notifications are ahead of the app
The app it self is ok. I just absolutely hate it when I get a notification on my locked phone and when I go to open it and read it, it's still not available or up to date to read! Like for example there was a school on lockdown and I just got a notification from this app stating the lockdown was lifted so I went to read the rest of the story but, when I slid the app/story to open the app still stated the school was on lockdown. Don't notify us until we can read the story!
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8 years ago, Loli quacker
Worse than the last version
Extremely disappointing that this new version took away all the simplicity and ease of navigating that the old app was great at doing. The news tab is chalked full of stupid videos when there's a separate video tab. I want to read the news, not watch videos with 15 seconds of mossy Nissan commercials every single video... Why would you get rid of double tapping to close and call this app more streamline and easier to navigate when it does the opposite after you eliminated all the great features? This app is atrocious. I'm no longer using this to get my news. I can't stand this app anymore.
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8 years ago, Colette M not happy
I Hate this new interface! The articles snip it are big and the ads even bigger. I can not scroll through my news without accidentally hitting an as multiple times and being redirected to the Internet than by the time I close the Internet and open my app back up my place is lost and I must scroll on and on and on until I find where I was. There seems to be no organization as before just endless scrolling. Please fix this soon or you will be losing a loyal customer shortly. I used to read this app multiple times a day now I only use it a few times a week.
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