ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

4.7 (11.7K)
157.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
RV AppStudios LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

4.66 out of 5
11.7K Ratings
6 years ago, lmiyaohno
Great apps! Wish there were a sight words app!
We have these on my phone and our kids tablet. Abc, 123, shapes, math, and puzzles. These games are awesome! The kids are engaged by these apps and will actually sit and play them for more than just a few minutes. I’ve recommended these apps to my friends and family with little kids and can’t praise them enough. I only wish that there were a Dolch and Frys sight words app. Something where the kids could hear and spell the sight words. I am still amazed that these are free. They are quality apps, with features that allow for customization, and the kids learn while playing with them without even realizing it. Mine don’t feel like it’s “work” when it comes time for our learning activities during our school day.
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8 months ago, Rhudy26
Delete “our story”
First, I’m willing to change my review here, however, I’d like the app developer to delete the “our story” from the homepage and embed it someplace else on this app. my son used to love letter tracing on this app. But since the app developer has embedded the “our story” video on this app and all their apps homepages/s, all my son does is click on this video over and over again. I have intentionally deleted you tube from our electronic devices. He thinks he is watching a you tube video. I was actually so happy that my son was, before recently, learning his alphabet and connecting the words to everyday objects. This is a deal breaker for me, i’d rather just pay for the app then have to keep being subjected to watching this video repeatedly. It’s ruining the app experience for me. I’m very close to just deleting all the apps from our electronic devices. Which is just such a send because up until recently, I really liked and was very loyal to these apps. This is been a significant game changer, and that our son will just not stop watching this video to the point that I’ve memorized probably all of the script. Very annoying.
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4 years ago, LinzATP
Fantastic app for kids
I’m pretty picky when it comes to screen time for my toddler. Here’s why this app makes the cut: - educational - my 2 year old is quickly learning to trace letters - no ads!!! - full version is free, not just one or two letters - to close out of a particular activity, the x is faded and you have to click and drag it. This helps my son stick with the activity rather than always being tempted to click the red button and get mad when the game disappears. - requires just the right amount of accuracy - needs to be close but doesn’t have to be exactly in the lines - fun rewards - verbal encouragement (my son quickly started saying “well done”), stickers (very exciting for a 2 year old), and presents (he doesn’t care as much about these but gets excited when it’s a ball or drum or something else he recognizes and likes) - Parents can adjust settings to meet the needs of their child - Activities for different ability levels - some activities are perfect for him right now, others will be perfect for him down the road So far we’ve only tried the ABC app. Looking forward to trying the others.
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3 years ago, Cojoe44
Amazing Apps
To the Developers: thank you for putting your heart and soul into this app. Our 2 year old starting using this app a month ago and he now can correctly pick out 70% of letters and can tell them out of order. He loves Lucas and Ruby and asks us to play with his “fwends”. The positive nature of the app is so special. He now walks around and says Good Job” “You Did It”. The positive reinforcement is really important and well done. We happily will give him screen time with these apps. We are so grateful for the characters, colors and the add free nature. I bet his 3 year old party will be a Lucas and Ruby Party.
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10 months ago, Celmoe
Great app! Teacher approved!
I especially like that this FREE app teaches kids the correct strokes when making the letters. As as a resource teacher for 30 years teaching students diagnosed with reading disorders, I noticed that a lot of them didn’t make the letters correctly. Preschools don’t teach the strokes because it’s not a requirement but in K and 1 st when the teachers show the correct strokes for each letters, the students don’t really pay attention because they have been writing for a while and think they are making them correctly. Just my opinion.
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4 years ago, User987456
This app is so amazing! I was teaching my 3 year old letters, but she’s been everting tired of it, and isn’t interested. When we used this app she instantly began to remember letters even when we weren’t on the app. Also, unlike most other apps like this, everything is available for free, and they aren’t trying to trick you into buying anything more! I have downloaded over ten apps that all would a few letter for free and ask you to pay for the rest, this app is incredible. I 100% recommend!
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3 years ago, alphabet$
Was great, now broken
This is the best tracing app I’ve used, primarily because it only lets the kid trace in the correct motion, and starts over when they do something else. I could also choose 1 or more letters to practice. Previously, the best thing is I could set the kid to practice the letter “A” and press the next arrow. After 3 tries they would earn a gift or sticker. Now the app no longer lets us go to the next - I have to back out completely and restart in between each and every try, which means the kid no longer earns a reward after 3 successful attempts. This is upsetting to the child, because I have to take the tablet to set it up, and because there is no longer a reward. With the next ability the app was amazing. Without it, the app feels broken and cumbersome.
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5 years ago, jphizzz
Responded to my concern
At first I could not get the sound to work even when checking my phone settings and the app settings. Turns out my phone was in silent mode via the side switch! The sound works now. Also, the app developers responded to my concern so that was very helpful! My kids love this app and it reinforces what I try to teach them individually. If there is an opportunity to play a game like this or waste time on a no -learning game, I’d always choose this one!
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2 years ago, as ggs sad asc vghgdftgj
Amazing app
My nices are going to kindergarden/prek so I got this app and I thought it would be like all toddler games with in app purchases and tons of ads, but no! It’s has all of the games and no ads! And I thought it was nice so I got the number game and coloring game and my nices like it when the lion has a propeller on his head. I wish there was sight words option tho but overall nice game and highly recommend it
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1 year ago, sigho0407
Finely a straightforward easy working learning app
So many apps have you dismissing adds left and right, and you know your kid is going to end up buying something, or 2 seconds after you aren’t looking they have opened 10 random web pages from 1 ad. Thanks for keeping the actual little kids who are using it in mind. keep up the good work.
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3 months ago, Matthew Matos
RV Appstudios
RV Appstudios Tracing, Matching, Popping and More by Matthew Matos Thank you so much everyone ABC Kids is fun because I really like to play that Lucas and Friends, The ABC is a toddler babies that everyone would like to hear. Dave said that we created the most apps in the works because that we can created the most educational app to shadow with your family. The awards have done your life and you can share everyone. Fans are the most coolest family in the world The apps that you might win in the certificate. Fans are the most of a thousand people in the world. Worlds are most biggest fans of the world because they will teach then when they go to work. Glad you wish to play RV Appstudios From your RV Appstudios Kid: Matthew
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5 years ago, Qbgirl04
This app is amazing. My son is having a hard time with writing and I was looking for apps to help him. All the apps I came across either cost money or was a trial. I came across this one and he loves it. He gets so excited to use it and loves the rewards and I love how it’s free, ad free, and educational. I downloaded all of their apps. Thank you for thinking of the kids and giving back. I applaud the team and your mission.
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3 months ago, Lomadawa
Lucas and friends
I use this app for my little sister and my nephew and I personally think this app is worth it because its free and had no ads which is something you will not find with other apps, also they really like this app and fully engage on trying to learn their letters and numbers i give this app 5 stars
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1 year ago, jlangfy
Fun and educational
We have been trying to find a way to get our 4-year-old to show more interest in leaning his letters and numbers. He happily played this for quite a while. It is a slight challenge for him but not too much. He really gets excited when he gets the “gift” every several rounds.
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4 years ago, Ianthina
Awesome, but more languages?
My daughter loves this app (and all the others- we’ve got ABC Kids, ABC Spelling, Sight Words, 123 Numbers, and Math Kids)- and I love how she learns with them! I originally had them on my tablet but it died, so I reinstalled them on my phone for her! Only one “downside”- If you could, can you work on an update so the ones with multiple languages are also available in Greek?
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2 years ago, okikonokok
Thank you SO much to the creators of this app. It is absolutely incredible that an educational (and fun!) app of this caliber is free. As a teacher and mom, I want to make sure that my children are engaged and encroached. This app is truly remarkable. Thanks again to all the creators and investors who made this possible. I love that you are spreading education to children for free! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
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2 years ago, New Beginnings8
Mom, grandmother and great grandmother
I downloaded the app on February 15, 2022 and I played it myself and enjoyed it. On February 16, 2022 I shared it with my one year old great grandson, I showed him three different learning sessions and he enjoyed. On the same day I shared it with my three year old great granddaughter and she enjoyed it as well. I shared it with her mom so that she could download it for her and her five year old brother. I really am excited about this app. I was a Paraprofessional at a public school and worked with grades K-3, I enjoyed it but I am now retired. I will use this to help not only my great, but others that may need my assistance. Thank You
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3 years ago, Sm_01
Finally a baby app with no adds! We have tried so many baby games for our little guy and every single one has adds somewhere on the screen that makes him want to click. This doesn’t! I’m so happy. Thank you toys for this game. Very cute game too :)
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5 years ago, Just Ty
Great app but no sound
It's frustrating because this is a great app and my son loves it, but I don't understand why they will not fix the sound issue. I have an iPhone 7, and the newest IPad and there is no sound for the app. I also have an IPhone 10 max. The 10 has sound, but that is my phone and I don't like my son playing with that one. I bought him the IPad for apps like this and he can't even use it. There are many reviews that have the same complaint, yet the bug is still not fixed.
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6 years ago, Ceci_Jimenez
Letter Sounds
I really love this app but I wish it could say just the letter sound without adding the vowel “a”. The app says the T says “ta” and it really should just be making the “t” sound without adding vowel sound “a” I am a kindergarten teacher and can’t use this app because of the incorrect sound many of the letters are making. Such as B doesn’t say “ba” otherwise kids will read like this, “baook” for book. They will say “ba” and Really should only be saying the “b” sound.
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5 months ago, Sousa, Mal
Awesome app for pre k and kindergarten age
Love that this developer made this app just for children to be able to learn. I love that the developer understands that not every parent has the time to help teach their children it’s this hectic,busy, world we live I . My 4 yo loves this app and I love that he’s learning while playing! Thank you!!
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5 years ago, AnnGell87
Love it!!!
These games are amazing. So much learning for toddlers and preschoolers. Love how the developers made everything so interesting. Also I’m amazed they are free and with no adds. Big thank for the developers. My kid loves all of your educational games. Recommend to my friend with kids. And will share with others. Kids can play and learn for hours. Love it a lot!!!!
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4 years ago, Zee eclair
Simple & effective!
My 3 yr old LOVES this app! It’s simple enough where she can move through it on her own, there isn’t too much going on to distract her from the main point (which is letter tracing & recognition), and the best part is there are NO ads! My daughter is already spelling half her name on her own (and she has 10 letter in it lol).
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5 years ago, Tahoeeddie
No sound problem suggestion
For all the people who have the problem of no sound, i is the same thing but realized that I had totaled my phone off of silent mode. That is to toggle the sound button on the side of my phone. The switch not just volume control. That worked for me.
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3 weeks ago, Nisha5749
This app is phenomenal
I downloaded this on my son tablet when he was 2 years old . It had helped him tremendously ! He’s 3 years old and he’s reading and writing. You literally have to see it for yourself. I definitely recommend 🥰
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2 months ago, drewglade
Used to be a good app…
I thought this was a good app until I heard the little character saying “ouch” or laughing at something and realized that there is a feature that allows you to meet the characters or something and you can poke them in the belly and make them hurt or tickle them and frankly is very creepy and has nothing to do with ABCs. I’m finding a different app. We don’t use it often anyway because I don’t want my children being on the iPad for too long.
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6 years ago, Madinina97200
Excellent app to learn
Excellent app found by my 2.5 years old! She loves it! Too bad sound is not working on my iPhone but it doesn’t look like it’s bothering her. And thank you for making it free! I am a teacher and a parent and I agree that every kid should access free education (every where)!
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1 year ago, His mercy runs deep
The Best free Kids App
My child started reading and making words at 3 years old. At the same time he could multiply add and subtract. I promise you their Apps are the BEST! Please if we can learn to appreciate all the effort the developers put in. It’s free of charge, NO Ads, it’s very much appropriate! It doesn’t have inappropriate WORDS, their Apps doesn’t collect your data like all other apps who sell your info. it doesn’t NOT talk about SEX. This developer’s apps are safe. May you be blessed RV AppStudios LLC for all you do for our children. Thank you 🙏🏽
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4 months ago, bittersweetsoup
Love this app!
I’ve tried other apps with pop up ads and was not impressed. This one has just about everything I want to get my child started for Kindergarten. I do wish there was a stylus and free write mode.
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4 years ago, game reviewer 🕹
This app is amazing! I looked at other apps but they had ads or only 2 letters. This app is amazing! Within a week, my 2 year old learned most of his letters and new words! I love this app and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an educational app. 👍🏻👍🏻
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6 years ago, LuvApL
Really great job!
I am so excited to see a FREE app that teaches. No advertising, no subscription & no fees to download. These animations in the game are super cute & engaging. One suggestion- It would be nice if there was an option to add personalized lists of words. Thank you so much to the developers for making these series of educational apps!
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12 months ago, Zani- Gods gift
I can’t get enough
This is outstanding thanks to the parents who designed this with every child in mind to better our kids futures I support you in every way.
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4 years ago, Jessm1118
This game is a good game, it makes my children want to play and learn. The issue I have with it is when you are playing the game to match up caps and lower letters, the words that are spelled are bad. There word he was matching up was sex! How inappropriate is that? Makes me want to just delete the game. Is this game safe? Or was it just coincidence that is was spelled in that order?! I’m torn because of this issue. What else is spelled when I’m not paying attention?
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5 years ago, baci4124
Son loves this
My 9 month old really loves all of these games! He would smile so big and laugh every single time he saw the Lucas character! (His name is Lucas too 😁) I even looked online to see if they made a Lucas plush doll. But they changed the way the character looks and though my son doesn’t give the same reaction he still enjoys the games :)
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5 years ago, amyhrdonahue
Great app!
For those of you concerned about the sound not working — I too was having issues until I turned back on my ringer (turn off vibrate mode). Works perfectly! Great app! My 3 year old loves collecting the stickers and presents.
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4 years ago, 737#927idhsi
It’s ok...
Why? Well when I first got the game for my rather which is 5 years old he played for around 1 hour then I had to restart his iPad then we went back it did not let him in and some But it’s ok it’s a nice game but just make it go faster and there need to be more suggestions then just ABC and letters Bye get this game maybe and get a other for math✌🏼
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4 months ago, Lovely486
I LOVE IT!! ❤️❤️
Thanking whoever the creators were that made this game free. I was gonna purchase one similar to it on the App Store but there’s always hidden you gotta unlock this and this nope this game is straightforward and perfect for toddlers to learn their alphabet!
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2 years ago, Nutmeg520
Grateful Parent
Thank you for creating a simple, fun, easy to use app for children that doesn’t overwhelm you with ads or locked options. My kids love your apps :)
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4 years ago, Rye M
Unlike other apps, this has features that you don’t have to PAY to unlock. My daughter loves this app, I highly recommend it to anyone with a toddler! Thank you for allowing education to be fun without a price!!!
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4 years ago, ArianneKen
This is the only completely free toddler game that I could find for my baby brother!!! He loves the games, but he’s kinda scared of the balloon popping games, so he refuses to play them. Otherwise, I would recommend this because it taught my 2 yo brother a bunch of letters! ^__^
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4 years ago, sunshine650
My 2 year old loves it !!
My 2 year old loves this app. He learned the ABCs,colors, and shapes. I can’t believe is free. I tried paying for one and it was so confusing for him to use and lets not mention the adds. We love it please keep up the great job.
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3 years ago, DrBazzy
ABC kids is amazing
My son is playing ABC kids and loving it. He can’t stop playing it! Everyday he comes up to me and says “can I play ABC kids?” It is such an amazing game and I recommend it for anyone’s kids.
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5 years ago, granny granny t
Grandma likes
Both of my Grandsons love this app! One is 5 the other almost three. It's challenging enough for the 5 year old, but easy enough for the 3 year old. Keeps them entertained! I dowloaded it on old smart phones for them.
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4 years ago, Sara in Tucson
I love the mission and the product. I love it so much and want to support a company that does this so much that I downloaded a game for myself and will plan to make a purchase. Thank you for a great product. My 3.5 year old loves it!
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2 years ago, mamacone1 is it sooo good and free
Highly recommend this app! It uses stickers at perfect motivation points, balloons and trains with letters on them, tracing, games, and you can even specify upper or lower case. I can't believe this is free.
Show more
3 years ago, Lkittenbestappever
Best app ever
Ok so I downloaded this app for my little sister. She loves everything about the app she likes all of the games. I think it is one of the best FREE learning apps ever. Over all we love this app I would definitely recommend this app. 🥇💯
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4 years ago, Insta-disaster
Thank you for making this app free. We’ve been looking for something supplemental for our 2 year old as she learns how to form her letters and this is great. I appreciate what you and your company did. Thank you!
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5 months ago, NS1022
Excellent and free
Excellent education games. So much better than staring at TV. My kids can play for 30 min daily and learn something. Animations are enjoyable and friendly.
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2 years ago, LulaMichelle13
This app helps
This app helps my son learn but he doesn’t get alot of screen time but he gets more screen time because this app it is so good
Show more
2 weeks ago, Nonna and Papaw
Best app ever!
We are so thankful someone has written these learning programs! They are so helpful, fun, and stimulating for young children. Our grandchildren love these and have learned so much. Thank you!
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