ABC11 North Carolina

4.7 (20.9K)
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Last update
12 months ago
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15.1 or later
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User Reviews for ABC11 North Carolina

4.69 out of 5
20.9K Ratings
6 years ago, NCDCUK
New TV 11 App Format
I’ve loved TV 11 News. It’s always been the first news app that I read each morning; however, the new format, with videos for each article, is no longer my go-to news app. I take the news very seriously, and I feel like your new format detracts from that. Whether just perceived or not, your news articles seem to be less in depth. I can no longer take in the most important news at a glance; whereas previously I could readily see the scope, importance, and perspective of the day’s news. Please bring back the old format! Or perhaps consider utilizing 2 apps to please both types of readers.
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5 years ago, yuck maker
Retired 16 years, first grade teacher.
Site’s format is too busy. I’d like to be able to scroll and choose what I’d like to read first etc. but pics change into video which is very annoying to me . Maybe I’m just navigating the site incorrectly. Thanks for asking........ that being said, I absolutely watch you on tv as opposed to the other stations. I am usually pleased with the way you usually do not sensational events that warrant less attention as it may. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Preciouslostthings
Crazy Ads
I’ve used this app a long time but lately there are ads all over each page that make it so you have to be very careful scrolling because you’ll accidentally tap on them and it will take you directly to at App Store to try to make you download some game. This just happened to me twice while I was attempting to read one story. Guess I’ll have to find a different news app. I get that ads pay the bills but I don’t want to deal with aggressive ads that can’t be avoided and having to cancel downloading roblox or some other game that I don’t want constantly just to see what the weather is going to be like this week.
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3 years ago, KitKat0267
Stop Automatic video play
I love ABC11!!! However, it is annoying having the videos automatically when you click on an article. Although I like WTVD’s news, the automatic video commercials will cause me to check other news sites when I am in a quiet place or in a virtual meeting. Please stop automatic play videos including commercials. Let us choose to click on it if we desire to watch the video.
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2 years ago, zillowhound
Fair Play
Some months ago I used to watch ABC11 news every night and every morning. That was before I realized how radically liberal the folks running the station had become. Now you don’t care what the public thinks about issues. You don’t want to report the news, you want to control the news. Thankfully there is The National Desk. Sinclair Broadcasting has a real winner because what they present is unbiased news. They give the viewer the untainted facts with no indoctrination. If you want the public to listen what you have to say, then you need to listen what we have to say. It is only fair play
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5 years ago, Shadowtoo
I like the old version better
I rated this version low because it's harder for me to see all of the news stories. I try to read an article and it seems to constantly move either direction to another article. This app has started playing the news article video even though I did not push play for some reason and it did not do that before so hopefully they will fix that.
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2 years ago, Dachso3
I understand that the majority of the viewers are in the northern area. But I travel I-95 South every day. It is never covered in the morning reports. So many times I have been stuck there and late for work. That’s not on you but it would be nice to have at least a peek at that direction. With all of the construction it’s inevitable to run into a wreck and being able to reroute would be great! Thanks!!!
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5 years ago, Rick Ryan Garvin
Rick “RYAN Garvin
Took a little bit to get used to but once I really got into it it’s one of the best apps I think I’ve ever seen......Well what happened!!!!!...The WTVD app keeps dropping off, what has happened.... difficulty watching anything other than live feeds.....Yes I have reinstalled the app but problem is still there, even changed from 2.4 to 5 gig and no help.....RSVP please !!!
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5 years ago, JDRockefella
Decent Journalism, but app is plagued with bugs.
ABC11 is one of the few alternatives to the ...less than stellar... other major news outlet in the area. The journalism is decent, the stories are interesting and timely. However the app regularly crashes and appears to drain the battery very rapidly. To the tune of 20% in ten minutes it seems. There’s also a weird transposition of images between the headlines, and scrolling the main news feed is often (for lack of better words) jagged and shaky. Hopefully, it’ll get worked out. I’ve always preferred WTVD to WRAL - even when I was watching them on television.
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1 year ago, frustrated_nc
Before this latest update I would have given it 5 stars, no question, but the weather section is so awful now. When you want to see the daily forecast the top and bottom are not visible so you aren’t really sure what’s going on. The look and layout need some work, this is my weather go to and right now I have to go elsewhere to see what I need to know. Still love WTVD!
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2 years ago, kingly50
ABC11 is extremely one sided when reporting on important news issues. If there is something that will affect the liberal left in a negative way your agency does not report on it or if you do it’s very little coverage. However on the hand if the News being reported is about conservatives you make sure it is covered from start to finish. This is a great disservice to your views because they’re only getting one side of the story. This is not true journalism. Report all of the news all the time and let your viewers be the judge. You report we decide.
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5 years ago, Rebecca Local Rebecca
Easy to use, sometimes freezes and closes out
This app is a great way for me to stay up to date on the local news, but it does have a way of freezing up and quitting on me in the middle of reading an article, which is annoying. Also, a bunch of the articles have typos, grammatical errors, and lack sufficient info. Where is the editor for these articles? I like getting the alerts when there is something new reported.
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5 years ago, MrsDPorter
Stop the auto play videos
I like the app because the content is up to date. However the option to NOT auto play videos either doesn’t work it the fact than Disney owns ABC overrides this option and forces Lion King trailers to play randomly while reading articles. Even if there isn’t an ad for the movie within the article, it autoplays at random times and it’s annoying. While I’m excited to see the movie, I don’t need the trailer playing on its own every time I try to read a news story!
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5 years ago, fixwtbd'sapp
Frequent crashes
For no reason while reading an article and not touching the screen the app goes either black or back to the iPhone home screen. Even trying to send feedback the waiting to load icon stays on. This app used to be a 5 rating now it is a zero for the frustrating operation
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6 years ago, Hunkleberry
New iOS upgrade
I used this app whenever the news was not on tv. Now with the new upgrade I'm hardly able to access anything but the weather and traffic. News in its many forms is important to everybody. When these upgrades are made you are shutting a lot of people out. Many people are getting frustrated because what was there and very reliable is no longer of use. I myself will find another app for my local news because it's no longer an update it's a restriction. Sorry if you think this is actually better.
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6 years ago, Nickname87482
Doppler not working
When I pull up the Doppler or ask it to animate. The screen goes blank and I am not able to use it except for look at it in the original format, rather than bigger and easier to see. I like your Doppler the best and I’ve been having to use other Doppler’s. Fix this please. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Terrpin Joe
Y’all need to install local news calendar events, sport of all types, good Christian basic information. People I talk with are tried of crime and shooting and young people killed. It is very stressful to listen too it. But, I have lived in the area for 70 years,Iknow Durham and Raleigh well. The area has changed a lot. But, some free advice start showing and telling good clean information. The people will come back to ABC11 News. Thanks for listening, try this. 😃👍🏻. Uncle Johnny
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1 year ago, britchick45
I do enjoy getting my news updates from ABC11, but on numerous occasions I have noticed several basic spelling errors that give me pause when deciding whether or not I should share particular news stories on social media.
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4 years ago, StarNelson55
Thanks for great coverage!
I have watch WTVD news for over 40 years and have never been disappointed at the great coverage on everything from local news to Big Weather’s accuracy on our weather forecast. Thank you for being the best! Maria Nelson
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6 years ago, rhino liner
Very annoying
To whom it may concern, and to those who will probably never read this. Let it be know that it’s very annoying the way you have it set up to leave a blank spot in the middle of a story and then pops up a advertisement no where near where you were reading. Cmon ppl enough is enough
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2 years ago, looking up everyday
Thank you
Thank you for the best news report era and reporters giving the news and the weather men . I have all my friends and family and members of the church watching ch 11 wonderful people with kind and caring hearts. Always remember there lots of people who appreciate everyone. God Bless
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7 years ago, vejacks
Great News App
ABC11 keeps me in the know of what’s happening in my city and county. I really enjoy the breaking news and knowing what the weather is going to be during the day & next days... As with any news outlet I pray that ABC11 will only report the true news and not allow their or the reporters’ spin or prejudices to interfere with the true facts.
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5 years ago, ImUrHuclbery
Searching your site
There appears to be no way for me to search for news that interests me. Why is there no search bar? Often I get a notification from your site, only to go try and find it later, it’s impossible. Strange website design...not user friendly. Also, the split screen format is not reader friendly, to compartmentalized. Where is the comment section for each article? How can I see how my other citizens are reacting to each article..You should look into completely redesigning your site.
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1 year ago, JBwalt
News so fast
I have found that the news comes very fast and it’s very important that we know everything so we can be prepared for any issues that come about in the Triangle area. Excellent news coverage. Jacqueline Brown
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3 years ago, broncos211
So when I open the app and I see the news stories I’m not seeing the pictures of the story I have to physically click on the story and wait for a picture to load that’s crazy
Show more
5 years ago, CourtneyS70
Trouble opening stories
I’ve tried several times to open stories on this app with no luck . And there are several stories that have pictures that don’t match . I deleted it and try reloading it and nothing changed.
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4 years ago, #1 Fan Renee
Being Informed first thing in the mornings is what makes my day!!!
WTVD 11 Eyewitness News has always kept me up to date on the latest, breaking news. Now with their newest news app, keeping connected is much easier!
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5 years ago, Guess every name has be taken
Videos Starting When Click To Read
I like to read the article not have to fight to turn off videos before I can. After reading the article I might look at the video to see the pictures. In fact the thought they last update to the app was supposed to take care of this.
Show more
2 years ago, cjculbreth
News ABC
Really like following the news but wish it was updated more often! I always check them before I go to sleep; I believe they have the best news for Fayetteville of all the stations!
Show more
5 years ago, QueenIsis
The Least Professional News App I have Ever Seen!
The grammar is atrocious and I can’t see certain stories without the app skipping over the article. It played commercials over the audio of news stories and the spelling and punctuation is shameful. The app quits 5 or 6 times every hour and many stories leave out crucial information and apparently is a bit biased. I’ve had this app for years but will not tolerate it anymore. Deleted till they become a professional, unbiased news app. Please delete.
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2 years ago, Keith Sab
Worthless news station
You aren’t alone, or primarily at fault. This is happening everywhere. You are Woke, you’ll lose, your stories are garbage. Trump is still the scariest thing but you constantly have stories on it. You demonize law enforcement but if the enforce things like masks, well they are heroes. Everyone is racist and there are “white nationalists” everywhere yet no one ever sees them. Get a grip. Tell the truth, let people digest it on their own. Oh, one last thing. COVID is DEAD. Stop talking about it. Cheers!
Show more
7 years ago, LulaMaty
Keeps me in the know
I love this app. ABC keeps me in the know. Especially great at letting me keep up with the travel since I have to drive from Durham NC to Mebane NC so keeping up with the traffic is a must. Tracking Irma has also been very helpful for family members. Keep up the excellent work ABC team!!!!!
Show more
3 years ago, ncmuumm
Best of the local worst
Poor reporting, distinct lack of proper editing, spewing Democratic daily talking points without ANY attempt at balance or actual research (and this comes from a registered Dem), app plagued with tech issues. Just to list the worst problems. Absolutely annoying when you receive a notification for a news story and 50%+ the time it is nowhere to be found in the app when you click on the notification. And stop asking me to review your app every time I am reading a story. Ugh!
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2 years ago, Disappointed in HM
Only showing commercials
The ABC 11 App is only showing commercials this morning. If you changed the requirements to watch live news on your app, you should let people know.
Show more
5 years ago, Bull City Reader
My Opinion
Please go back to format similar to WRAL app where you can see title of news item. I hate having to scroll through all the news to get to what I want to read. Also do not allow the audio for a news item to be automatic; If I want audio, I can manage myself rather than have it blast out unexpectedly. This is particularly annoying as I peruse the news during early morning while family is sleeping.
Show more
5 years ago, tk831
Do not like your app
Your app needs to be Re-worked. Having the windows for each article so large on the left makes it difficult to search for specific news by having to swipe down through all the windows. Why not make them smaller so one can glance through them quickly to find what I want to read. Then have it open full screen when touched instead of having an article shown on the right all the time. Not used friendly!
Show more
7 years ago, Holt G.
Already good now better
My go to news app for sure. The best and most relevant alert notifications of any app I have. Being from the Durham area you couldn't ask for better news coverage of this area. Nice new interface as well
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6 years ago, BAIL MAN 919
Video ads
A few months ago I complained about having to watch ads before I viewed a video. It was very annoying and made me not use this app as much, but today watch about 6 videos AD-FREE. Thank you to whoever did something about that.
Show more
2 years ago, 574Ni
Great news stories available at my fingertips
Up to date and accurate news daily. I love this app as it keeps me well informed about local news in my area.
Show more
3 years ago, @Diana680
Love ❤️ ABC 11
Thank y’all for showing the great work you do. Love 💕 When you all keep us updated.. Our prayers are with the The ones that are in the field with this ( COV 19) telling us all to keep doing WWW... and keeping us safe 🙏💯God be with y’all.. Diana and Neal Warren ❤️❤️❤️🙌✝️
Show more
2 years ago, diverdale
Weather info lacking
Besides being overall minimalist as far as information goes ... there are too many weird ads and the weather information has no description ... just highs and lows with some precipitation numbers mixed in. WRAL app is better but they are so politically motivated i had to delete that app. Hopefully ABC11 will get better with some more time
Show more
7 years ago, Hustler SD
I wouldn't use another news app! This is the only app you need for everything, current news, weather and current events both local and world. I recommend everyone give it a try!
Show more
4 years ago, Old Pete1946
Swing and a miss.
Can never see the flash survey done almost every evening. No way to contact ABC11 in this app or it’s so buried I can’t find it. Many breaking news vids are displayed in multiple sections. Overall the local NBC app is much better but I really dislike NBC news.
Show more
4 years ago, TMM2020
Like getting my news online
I like getting my news online when it is convenient for me. However, I don’t understand why the news always seeks out Duke Health instead of combining with UNC Health which represents the entire state.
Show more
12 months ago, mochadream22
Bring back ability to copy article text
Getting used to the new feel of the app but really miss the ability to copy paste lines of the articles for easy sharing with friends & family. Please bring the feature back.
Show more
7 years ago, Marilyn79sunshine
Feels like “Home”
I’ve been a loyal abc 11 news fan for over 17 yrs...If I’m watching something on another channel @ 6:00 a.m or p.m, the channel has to be changed to abc 11 for ALL my local news. Any other channel just doesn’t feel like home. Love you guys!!!!
Show more
6 years ago, Stan1951
I don’t like it
Keep It Simple! I liked seeing a listing of headlines where I could pick and choose what I want to read. I don’t like paging through a lot of videos, ads, and useless information that now shows up.
Show more
7 years ago, Henry Gene
Big Weather is the Big Bomb!
I have always been an avid WRAL Fan but I find myself watching you all more and more. You must be doing something right. I have a feeling when Greg Fischel hangs it up so will I and will be watching WTVD. Keep up the good work.
Show more
7 years ago, Ex ABC11 app user
Horrible new version of the app
This new app is horrible. I used to be able to quickly view all the stories and select which one I want to view but now I have to go through all the stories to get to one I want to read. Also no traffic maps anymore thanks a lot for that. I will probably delete this useless app now. Change is not always for the better and this app is a perfect example of that.
Show more
7 years ago, jenkman91
iPhone X optimization isn’t perfect
A+ for being quick to support the iPhone X. With that being said, there’s a problem with the app that could easily be resolved in QA if the app was tested on a physical iPhone X before being submitted to the App Store: There’s some weird text overlay in the “notches”. The best way I can describe is that there’s just a jumble of letters that I find very distracting.
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