ABC15 Arizona in Phoenix

4.5 (485)
52.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
E.W. Scripps Company
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for ABC15 Arizona in Phoenix

4.53 out of 5
485 Ratings
4 years ago, TEXAS CJ
Excellent News Coverage
Just a few minutes ago a notice came through about Alex Trebec’s passing. Your article was the best and most detailed and informative. You track the weather so folks will be kept up to date quickly about any pertinent information. You have other articles that let folks know was is happening around the Valley and Northern Arizona. That was crucial when there were several dangerous fires all around.
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5 years ago, Lovely amer
Great coverage, a couple of complaints.
I love the news coverage via ABC15, but I get so tired of watching ads if I want to listen to a story rather than reading. But what REALLY chaps my hide, is waiting thru the adds to get the “story” and it’s just crappy music with captions added. Now why in the world wound ANYONE want to watch an add and read it any way, set to music. It’s stupid!! My last rant is, why don’t you call it Phoenix 15? For all of Arizona residents who count on news about ARIZONA, we get precious little about any thing else in the news about the other cities in this state. Once in awhile, if there’s a major tragedy in Prescott, Flagstaff, etc., you night cover it. But for the most part, you are catering to the Vally, NOT to the state. So here’s a thought. Own it, call it Valley 15 or something, or step up and CHANGE IT, and make it TRULY Arizona’s Family. Right now it really does not represent ARIZONA’S Family.
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6 years ago, Cuniac
Saves me money and makes me fat
I have used a lot of the smart shopper stories to eat a lot of food, and the weather section has never steered me wrong. Been enjoying all the monsoon weather and Pei Wei specials due to the ABC 15 app!! I signed up for notifications and so far no annoying frequent pop ups it seems like mostly really interesting breaking stories, or crazy sales. It keeps me up to date on all my pertinents and such
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6 years ago, bkokern
Best local need app!!
I love this app! I always check it in the morning as I’m leaving the house to find out what kind of traffic is going on around the valley! They are always on point and make sure to post things are relevant to what’s happening in our city! Keep doing a great job!
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4 years ago, pattysaint
P St Vincent
I love getting the news blips as they happen however when I switch to the app to continue reading the “teaser”, it’s not easy to find... I am specifically referring to the COVID-19 daily updates. Sometimes I’m on the phone when the news comes across and trying to find the numbers from that is not easy navigatingThrough the app. I wish that your app would go directly to the most recent news ticker....
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1 year ago, butwhatever
Glitchy App
While the news content is excellent the app has its problems. Once I’m done reading an article, the only way for me to move on to read other articles is to close the app entirely. The back arrows don’t work very well- once in a while they do. But usually not! It’s very frustrating!
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3 years ago, Sir T.J.
Excellent Local News App
This local news app is great when you want to get updated news and weather information. Get to have on both my phone and tablet.
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3 years ago, janiese
Up to date local info
Keeps me up to date on local news without having to watch the news.
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2 years ago, TD8512
App Update?
When is this app going to be updated? It’s been 8 months. I have to close and open the app after reading a story. The back icon does not work most of the time. To remedy, I have deleted and reinstalled the app many times, to include multiple reboots. The app works a few times afterwards before it malfunctions as stated earlier. Now it’s been over 9 months since this app has been updated. It is time to dump this app.
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4 years ago, Rskingh
Best live local news app on the market!
Great app that send you important notifications and offers live news throughout the day. All big events are cast live and conveniently available right on my phone. Stay up to date with ABC15 app!
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5 years ago, Baileystar
Best local News
This is our go to station, they actually report the news fairly and we have found that their weather is accurate.
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3 years ago, American Lady Fire
Excellent News Coverage
I like the way news is presented by ABC! It is truthful and to the point. Facts are told and not embellished. Thanks for being the number one place for news!
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6 years ago, AveragePotato
Decent App (Bug in 6.15)
This app is great for radar and recent news, just there are a lot of ads. Anyways, when viewing the radar in the 6.15 update, you can not close the radar view, and need to completely restart the app to get out of radar view.
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1 year ago, MeMyselfAndI03
Notifications are skewed
The news app itself is good, but I have an issue with notifications. In the app settings I do NOT care about anything sports related so I turn that off. Yet I constantly get notifications about sports.
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4 years ago, Keroozn
Love this app
This is just the right amount of news that I need. Glad you cover all the major events.
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4 years ago, issharonb
It’s ok
I don’t have cable tv and I don’t get a newspaper so this is the only way I get the news along with another app. I don’t like the constant ads. They are irritating. And for some reason these news apps REFUSE to open on my iPad when it says it is for the iPad.
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4 years ago, tc1949
Slow to get current news
They put the most popular news stories at the top of their app- not the most current. It takes them awhile to get the latest news out. There are more informative apps for local news.
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6 years ago, JerrAZ
Annoying ad pop up
This was my favorite local news app for a long time but not now. Same annoying ad keeps popping up full screen with every swipe attempt. Can’t even begin to read a story when it pops up again and again. I understand ads pay the bills but when they drive readers away it doesn’t do any good.
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5 years ago, jfdavis518
Like ABC15
I get all of my news 24/7 from this app. There are a lot of advertisements. I enjoy getting notifications on my phone the minute a story breaks! The reporters are thorough & complete. I will continue to use the ABC15 app. Jill Davis
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6 years ago, Bordercollie2003
Great App
Never lets me down. Always lets me know around the world and here especially at home and as always family!!!
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3 years ago, kaleebab
ABC 15News
ABC 15NEWS is the only news I go to. You’re thorough, knowledgeable, always keep me up to date, if possible and I love your weather report!!!! What can I say, you guys ROCK!!!!
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5 years ago, GT in AZ
I like the fact that they state the headline and get to the point quickly. Don’t have time to muddle through all the superfluous news. I see a headline and go right to it
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5 years ago, Darinholm75
Wrong notifications!
I had notifications turned off for everything other than traffic updates, but I kept getting notifications about the Oscars. I never actually got any traffic notifications anyway. Bye-bye!
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6 years ago, Gentry100
The ABC 15 app is great! I get updates of the news and traffic 24/7.
The ABC 15 app is great! I get updates of the news and traffic 24/7.
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3 years ago, Bo Tanical
CNN wake up!
ABC 15 beats your app by a mile! Composition, quality of photos and article headlines that don’t mislead you.
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6 years ago, Vhp14
Garbage!! Download Fox 10 app!!
ABC app I’d trash compared to its competitors. They take forever to upload there stories and sometimes there stories are totally inaccurate. Please do more research before you post something. Also I had my notifications turned on and it never sends me the latest stories. It’s the complete opposite with the Fox 10 app.
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6 years ago, B10thtee
Best up to date news app!
Love this app! Keeps us up to date on most recent important news!
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3 years ago, Bleugrl80
You contribute to misinformation
Your 4/9/21 article on Ducey removing local mask mandates neglected to mention it won't take effect until the summer or fall, leading many to infer it took place immediately. That's plain irresponsible journalism. 12News reported the entire story. Makes sense their app is rated higher than yours. I'll be switching to theirs.
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4 years ago, JLichtenberg
Tame and Obedient App
It behaves well, even when set up to slide out from the Side of of the screen. It is legible, the videos work.
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6 years ago, Squigmo
Very informative and always has the top stories in and around the valley. Keep up the great work ABC15!
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4 years ago, XCJ
The app copies the information on your clipboard every time you open the app. This is a practice used to create stalking ads or steal personal information. ABC15 and it’s reporters already have a reputation of biased, unethical reporting. I’d caution against downloading their app and allowing them access to your personal information.
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2 years ago, rbhendy
Excellent app to keep updated on all the things going on in Arizona!
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4 years ago, Narm14
Great for current local news!
Love this app!
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12 months ago, TNGFan1
Jumps like a cricket
This app is not good at all. It’s almost impossible to use because it jumps backwards and forwards up and down while trying to read the news feed.
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7 years ago, Az golf
Used to be good
I used to get my news from this app. They were probably the best Phx news app. Not after the last update. It is slow to update and load and now it just plain stays blank. I wonder if the paid version actually works...
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6 years ago, thisisimpossiblesetup
Shuts down unexpectedly
Using the app on my iPad, the app will suddenly close for no apparent reason. This has occurred on numerous occasions About a month after uninstalling and reinstalling the same thing is happening again! I may have to forget about this terrible ap.
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6 years ago, Chip2.0
iOS 12 and iPhone Max app breaks
Love the app but this version is broken on iPhone Max (stories don’t load) and on iOS 12 the stories don’t load natively in the app like they should but in a webpage instead. Needs some optimizations.
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4 years ago, dggytfg
Fantastic App...but
Is it me? When I want info on a story it takes a divinities rap to activate but all I have to do is lightly touch an add as I’m scrolling and SHAZAM I get a commercial?!
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1 year ago, i like henny
Not really news most of the time
I don’t care about what events coming to town, or scripps, I just want up to date information, can’t really get that from here
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7 years ago, THE MAN 666777
Great App!
Accurate, fast, and good news all the time. A+
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7 years ago, Beckt
App is stuck and won't update
The last update got stuck so I can't update it or open it or delete it. Such a pain I wish I could get it updated because I used it everyday now I have an app that is stuck in limbo.
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4 weeks ago, Bsplhcb
No center channel
There is no Center channel on this broadcast so playing with my home theater setup sounds awful.
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5 years ago, itsjustmeaz
The app crashes when trying to scroll down to view the different headlines.
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6 years ago, GaleApril
Love it
When not in Phoenix I love keeping up with what’s happening locally.
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7 years ago, jhell
App is great but I don't need an alert at 5 am that OJ got out of prison. Overnight alerts should be for emergencies only.
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7 years ago, Tinasz
Up to date fast info. At your fingertips!
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6 years ago, alexslayer69
Bests Arizona news!!
ABC15 best in the Valley!! I’m enjoy reading the news, this app, amazing!! Yeah!!!
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2 years ago, Sog1
So so annoying
Before you can view any news you have to endure the most obnoxious count-down-timer & advertisement. No ! Just no ! Removing app.
Show more
6 years ago, KiloSeven
See nothing but Giveaways
90% of the time I see nothing by Giveaway ads. I paid to remove ads. Terrible app. I cancelled my subscription.
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4 years ago, RaeLynne27
ABC 15 Not Changing News
My ABC 15 has not changed their articles for a week. All are the same in the same order. Not sure WHY ?????!!!!!
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