ABC17 News

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News-Press & Gazette Company
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2 years ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ABC17 News

4 out of 5
1 Ratings
6 months ago, RovyPlus
A Fine Local News App
Improvement’s can be made, adding dark mode, a more clear settings menu etc. Other than those very small complaints (though they should be added ASAP) it’s a good app to know what’s going on. And addressing the sources complaint I see, from what I can tell, most of what they post/say is fairly accurate, especially with closings and weather alerts.
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12 months ago, bd chdkdbdb
The news is newsing very well
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10 years ago, JGM in mid mo
Excellent local news app
Of the 3 main local news sources, I find this the most polished and informative, especially when it comes to local violence and crime. I find it informative, well organized and easy to use without consuming a bunch of resources or being intrusive. The weather alerts are important to me and here again, as with the news, informative but not heavy handed or overbearing. The app itself is initiative and easy to use. Most of the news items can be read in a minute or two. I like it.
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5 days ago, Terribleabc17
Not good
Way too many grammar errors and not a very professional news organization. At one time was the best in COMO, no longer. KOMU is terrible but abc17 is worse.
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3 years ago, jac.674
Low quality news source
I’ve had the app for about a year and tried to give it a chance. Most of my news comes from national sources, but I want to have a local source to offer updates on smaller scale news. Stories change infrequently on this app. We’re still seeing in late October the exact same stories about high profile murder that happened in mid-August, with no updates. Before that it was the exact same report of accusations against the city manager, without any new news for weeks. Writing quality is quite poor, as well. Today I looked for an update on yesterday’s storms and saw an article about damage “across Missouri,” per the headline. Turns out it was a short mention of one location, an out-of-context paragraph describing leafless tree limbs and a structure in its side, and a statement that crews had no information to offer about the damage. I’m still wondering about the impact of yesterday’s storms across the state, or even in the region. I’ll be getting my local news elsewhere and deleting this app.
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11 years ago, JamesKrewMan
Improved Version of App
This is a vastly improved local Columbia Mo news app than what they had before. The news stories are better organized and it is easier to navigate around the app. I highly recommend this app if you like having local news reports at your fingertips.
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10 years ago, rickd24
Does great job for breaking news notifications
Great for getting notified for local breaking news. Doesn't overdo it like some news apps do, doesn't send notifications for less important things. Don't really use it much otherwise but I'm sure that it's fine if you want to read local stories too. It does frequently ask me to write an app review, so I'm hoping this will stop those. If not, I might knock it down a star.
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9 years ago, Salokin99
Good, but I would like some alert options.
I like the app for local news and weather. Likewise, I like getting alerts for the local news. It would be nice if there was an option to turn off alerts for national news since most of it is just regurgitated CNN reports. I prefer to use the CNN app for the national alerts and don't need an alert from both apps. Thanks.
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10 years ago, Robinson-Curtis
Events Assistant/Mizzou Arena
I have one thing to say, and that is "I love this Channel 17 News App!" Once upon a time I had to race home just to get in front of the tv so that I didn't miss the news!! Well now I don't have to get any more speeding tickets to get to the channel 17 news!! I carry the Channel 17 News right in my pocket!!! Super!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Spielzito
Too many notifications
Nice news source but no way to limit the amount of notifications sent. I don’t need half a dozen updates on a breaking story especially when no new info is being added. Doesn’t allow mobile watching of news programs or weather. Weather is forecast only. Wish they were more objective in reporting.
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11 years ago, PnanaJ
Finally an ap worth having
In depth weather info is important to me and this app delivers. Because I can choose to tag the app to my GPS location, I always have timely and accurate weather info while I'm on the move. This updated version is great!
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10 years ago, Airplane user
Nice alert
My weather radio tornado alert system did not go off last week, but this app weather alert function did and alerted us of a tornado warning right in our area. Love the other alerts I get as well.
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10 years ago, NPnet
It's good
The ABC17 News app is good. It gets the job done but the navigation needs to be streamlined. Whoever designed this app must like to click a million links to get to different pages. Less clicks is more efficient. Let's hope future updates offer a overhaul and a new design that's more user friendly.
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10 years ago, Brnid3
Most professional news team. Kmiz reports the most detailed information; other stations leave out these details or don't even report the story. Very professional educated staff.
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10 years ago, Mkh49
News as it happens!!
I love the how I am able to know what is happening in my community so fast using this app. The notifications show up immediately so I am always aware of what is going on.
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10 years ago, D7176
Busy mom
This is my go to app for local news. It is easy to use. Getting local news and weather is simple. It was also the quickest, easiest and best source for closings/cancellations this past winter.
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11 years ago, Lukylady24
New Version-good job
I like the new layout and it loads faster than before. It seems the weather function isn't as good as the previous version.
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10 years ago, MizzouSecret
Love it
This app not only texts my phone when there's something important happening but it's loading is so fast it makes my head spin.
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10 years ago, Nette1962
Great Info
I love getting the info on the breaking news but can find no where on how to get them to stop sending me two messages each time or messages that I am not interested in. Have personalized it many times but still get these. Very frustrating.
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9 years ago, Hoosiers rock
I like the layout. Easy to use web page. Content is always up to date and reliable
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10 years ago, Nickname is Mary
Weather info
The weather needs to be updated more often. During the week and especially on the weekends. It is Sunday afternoon and the only thing showing is Saturday nights forecast. The weather around here changes quickly.
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7 years ago, MaldQ11
Can't go from alert to app
Every time I get an alert and click to go to app the article is up for 5-10 second and then app crashes. Turning off alerts until a better version is released. Still have texts which are a duplicate for the most part anyway.
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7 years ago, Relsiswb
Crashes on every launch
Every time I click on an alert from this app it crashes as soon as I touch the screen to scroll. When I reopen the app, it works fine. The crashing is very annoying.
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10 years ago, Princess124$$
I love this app, love it. Since it has been updated it has become even better to me. I like this forecast much better. So thanks
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7 years ago, Sparkal2526
Bluetooth prompt annoying
The app is good and informative but the annoying pop up about enabling Bluetooth so the app can access my accessories is totally annoying & invasive. Please get rid of it in a future update. I'd give the app 5 stars if not for that.
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4 years ago, mc_hudd
This used to be my favorite app for news & weather. I’m not sure what they’ve changed, but for the last little while it’s been terrible! Navigation needs help & now when trying to watch the weather videos, it’s fuzzy & doesn’t have audio half the time! This isn’t the case with KOMU’s app, so it’s not my connection.
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9 years ago, Ss horn
I give this app a five. Still needs work, but works better than most already.
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10 years ago, MoArchitect
Good App if you live in Columbia MO
Much easier to navigate than the website. Good weather and radar access.
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10 years ago, Gnikenrb17
Needs to improve
I like the app but it does not update news and weather quickly enough. In the mornings it still has yesterday's news. Why have it if they do not keep up with the "latest news" as they call it!
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12 years ago, Knapp81
Great local news app!
I like the layout. The videos load quickly and they look great!
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11 years ago, Den2u
Great News & Weather Coverage
This is the first place I check for what is happening in my area!
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9 years ago, BakerJackie
I find the news alerts helpful. I do wish they would do updates more often!!
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11 years ago, Jizzwizard69
Easy to use and professional quality. Constant reminder of negativity and crime in Columbia at its finest!
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10 years ago, Elconquistador69
Bring back the old app
I turn to KMIZ for accurate news and weather. Since the app upgrade I can't even find the radar now and the current version keeps crashing. Please allow us to downgrade to a previous version, they worked more consistantly.
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11 years ago, Turtle 10
Quality product
Well done
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9 years ago, JWFIVEO
To many interns
The writing is sometimes at an 8th grade level. Do they even employ an editor? Typos, misspelled words in articles. They need to pay more for educated professionals to bring us the news not children taking communications in school.
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9 years ago, Traumajunke
Great app
Love keeping up with home news when I'm away from home. ABC 17 is the best!!
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9 years ago, Lsmu19
Thank you!
The only news I watch!!
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7 years ago, Lohmoba
Liberal spin on national news
Coverage of national news is pathetic BUT what can you expect if they only quote CNN Local coverage is good- appreciate the daily mugshots of 20 years olds with multiple felony convictions. What are they doing out on the streets? Now there would be an interesting news expose!
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8 years ago, Dann12262010
ABC 17 Review
Channel 17 is always on top of news weather sports and special bulletins. Best in Columbia area with all of the Channel 17 & Fox22 coverage. Dannie Weddle It's April 2016 now, and I still think that they are GREAT!!
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10 years ago, Ssscarrie
Very up to date
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11 years ago, Fan of older version
Pros and Cons
Weather function severely downgraded in this version. Radar function and multiple locations much better in prior versions. News functions are better in this version. But weather needs an overhaul and will then re-rate.
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8 years ago, Pitchie01
Abc 17
Great up to the minute news and weather app!!
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7 years ago, justin case your listening
Too much
This current update is just too much info on the page. I don't know where to look, it's just information overload. I just want a simple but good news source. Stop trying to be so stylish.
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10 years ago, -cowboy74-
Easy to use stays up to date wonderful app
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8 years ago, PawPawRazzi
Best News & Weather in Mid MO
I wake up and go to sleep with ABC17 News most mornings/nights. It's by far the BEST in Mid MO!!
Show more
10 years ago, Zane2317
Best of the bunch.
By far the best local news source online for Central Missouri.
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9 years ago, Jlol101
I love how it keeps me informed of news especially local news.
Show more
8 years ago, Todd in Como
Love the app
Love the app! Updates are great, and very timely and informative.
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8 years ago, Virgolady1
Best App
I love ABC-17 news and the app is the best around.
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