ABC27 News | WHTM-TV

4.6 (4.6K)
64.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ABC27 News | WHTM-TV

4.59 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
7 years ago, Chris 888
So far so good. You listened to your reviewers. Enjoying the ability to read the article as well as watching the video, allowing the user that make the choice. I love the fact that you've reduced the advertisements and placed them in the lower portion of the page, no more intrusive pop ups in the middle of the articles while I'm reading. These adds were so annoying almost to the point of stopping me from using the app. to obtain my news. It looks like you've done your homework and retained the important features, removed the annoying ones and added the correct number of fixes and updates. Now if you can make minor refinements over time along with a few intuitive updates to remain current we'll have a positive award winning app. Congratulations
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4 years ago, honey feeney
Response to GINNEC , ACCUSING WHTM OF BEing too liberal .
It depends on how we define liberal. I mainly watch WHTM for my local news and givE WHTM credit for its balance balance its direction down the centrist lane. Being critical of Trump has become a necessity , as his ego is too unstable to handle the job. Trump’s incompetence and refusal to face the reality that this pandemic is a crisis deserves much press coverage. Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic is the most newsworthy event since 911. Even though I’m a democrat I wish that trump had succeeded because we all could’ve benefitted if Trump had succeeded .
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5 years ago, Richardand AngieApple
Need to have streaming
Since I am blocked by the greed war between your owners and Directv. It would be great if I could stream my otherwise favorite news cast. I’m having to go to another local channel in the meantime. Would rather be watching your broadcast.
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5 years ago, NUKEDYOU
ABC 27 app
This app worked fine until this update . It seems like it is more happy throwing a Sheply pop up in your face every time you open up the app, than it is just doing what it is supposed to be doing , giving you the news. I had this app opened twice today reading a story and both times it automatically closed the app after about a minute or so. Try really fixing the bugs and get rid of that stupid pop up at the beginning of opening your app up, it’s old already. If this auto closing continues I will be forced erase this app off of my iPad altogether.
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5 years ago, meexam
Concerned Viewer
I like to watch your weather. The only problem is you do not do the weather for Berks County in Bernville. We watch you from our antenna. The news we get from our satellite is all Philadelphia news and we are not interested in that news. I was originally from Newville and I still have family there. I like the news from Cumberland County.
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12 months ago, Reviewer Nickname 13
So much click bait and ads - horrible
There’s so much wading to do just to read one story. There’s so many really annoying ads and gross click bait, that the bad visual experience isn’t worth the stress of trying to find out local news. Their website is the same. Would rather never go to their digital content than have to see so much click bait and ads. Clean it up! Can hardly tune in live so want to get news online.
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4 years ago, Dream crush
My favorite news show
Since channel 27 was taken off my dish network the only way I can watch it is on my phone it’s not the same but it’s one of my favorite channels abc27 news and weather
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4 years ago, roamer7
Too many notifications about their digital sight/notifications.
We are getting annoyed by our phones going off all Day and Evening with notifications about Channel 27 new digital system. Please have it stopped or we will delete the app Why did you send notice of Bidens town notice but made no notice of President Trump bein on another network. I’m retired from my company but will talk to or current directors to stop any and all advertising on your ABC affiliate station. SHAME on you!
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3 years ago, djshdht
Videos play while reading news
With this app I prefer to read most of the articles, but the pesky videos at the top of the screen, once entering a story, automatically play. And there is sound, even if your phone is on vibrate. I’d love the setting for the ads and video to be automatically paused and then the user can select to play the video if they wish.
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5 years ago, plus 75
Helping hand
I had ABC27 REACHING OUT TO HELP every time I called. Golf tournaments for NATIONAL M. S., cookies to send our Men & Women in Combat, Dennis OWENS and his team said we need Home Made Christmas Cookies to send our Troops and people from 4 States came RUNNING IN 2 weeks we had over 700 Lbs. of THE BEST HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS COOKIES IN THE AIR. THANK YOU 904 for helping, THANK YOU DENNIS ABC27. Ted Anspach
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5 years ago, D1D
I used to use this app all the time to check my local news- it did just what I wanted it to do- quickly showed me local news stories. Now it gets slower and slower as I read the articles, with some times they hardly load at all- I just get the stories image at the top of the article and grey lines where text should be. Basically, it’s almost not worth using!
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5 years ago, sweetcocca42
The best
I love ABC27 it’s the only news that I watch before and after work. I love having the app because it send you the alerts on breaking news and weather.
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5 years ago, Blukitty1
Ads are extremely annoying
Especially when you open the app and the first thing you have to do is swipe away a lawyer. The info is good but the design leaves a lot for improvement
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3 years ago, the tester 15
Why did you say that?
Ads are normal let them show ads only when coming in download
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2 weeks ago, cartoon ds1976
App is absolutely unusable, unreliable, unresponsive, and useless. The news they say is on the app on their newscasts is missing, the other features are a joke and the app is a platform to serve ads, not news. I recommend those that have it delete it and those looking at it go somewhere else for news from the area.
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5 years ago, Blfish
ABC27weather app
I stopped using it. It takes a long time to load up then the first thing you have to deal with is the ad. It is slow as far as up to date radar ( 10 minutes or so late), and is on an older google map landcover.
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5 years ago, Ginnec
I have always watched ABC, but you have all gotten to Liberal. I can’t stand the brow bearing of Trump. I only watch it for weather anymore. No news. I turn the channel to the ID channel, or watch my recorded shows. This is the way it will stay Until it changes on your end. Thank you Ginny Clark
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7 years ago, tosh18078
Poor update
Sorry I was a multi day user but rarely check now as harder to navigate and view. Classic example of probably a new manager who wants to impress with changes and is not from our area and doesn't understand the viewers. Get rid of the pop up ad at beginning especially the same ad.
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11 months ago, iihhga
The 30second ads!! (Ughh!!)
Decent app. But the 30 seconds for every news clip is so annoying that I just switched to the cbs news. I understand the app needs to make money. But I thought all the pop ads were good enough. No worries still a decent app. Just not for me!!
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7 years ago, Crackofnoon
New app update
Modern, clean...yet does not appear to be overloaded with flashy hyped-up graphics that take away from the news. Best update I've seen in a long time.
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5 years ago, Bekah Heisey
Where did the weather videos go
Not sure what happened to the weather videos but they’re gone as well as the weather app! Please fix
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9 months ago, Naaaaaaah 90
Not great
The volume keeps cutting off in the middle of the news… If you back out and go back in to try and fix the issue… it plays more commercials before it lets you get back to the news. They should just have the whole morning news recorded so you can play straight through then. I really hate this app… I just want to see the news without having to back in an out to get it to work! And stop playing the same commercial over and over again!
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4 years ago, Catfree51
Easy to use and always good reads
Love to use this app. News articles always kept up to date
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5 months ago, bobbyinpa13
Not working
Since iOS 17.2 released your app is not working. Must shut down my phone and once restarted it takes almost 5 minutes for you app to respond and function properly. Please fix this bug.
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7 years ago, Kmh0313
Great program. Weather reports are accurate. Morning shows are entertaining as well as informative.
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6 years ago, Mouse man
Traffic info.
What is wrong with your traffic app. Nothing opens at all. You cover the same stories at 5, 5:30 and 6. During one of those times could you please report that your WEB page traffic app is down so viewers get something relevant.
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5 years ago, NXSpies
You guy’s are the best. When ever I need update coverage on anything it’s always accurate . Keep up the great work and thanks! Nate
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5 years ago, NKPA11
Fix notifications!
The latest updates have made notifications not work as requested. I keep getting notified about the digital center when I have turned off the notification for it. Every night I’m notified I go in and check and yes it’s turned off. Please fix this. Super annoying.
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5 years ago, AnneRaggedy
I think the web-site is not user-friendly. Hard to find what I am looking for...I love the TV News programs though!
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5 years ago, sanfoj
Ah it works sometimes
Why isn’t this available on my Apple TV but on every other apple device?? It’s a pain to stream it from my iPhone or iPad to my Apple TV it keep going off and on for some reason. Searching for it on Apple TV still can’t find it
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7 years ago, Blugrass216
Great news app!
Easy to use. All local, state and world news at your fingertips!
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1 year ago, Train027
Inconsistent performance. The app frequently shuts down and won’t start unless you turn-off and restart the ipad. Also, multiple videos will seemingly start playing spontaneously and won’t stop unless the iPad is turned off.
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4 years ago, dd langhorne
Great Coverage
Enjoy the good news on the weekend stories , people helping the community.
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7 years ago, Chugger7
Farmer Jon
You have the most accurate weather for our area! Use it all the time for the forecast. That stupid attorney add needs to go... very annoying. Would be 4 stars without that...
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6 years ago, skyeremm
iPhone 7 Plus
The app has been working really well for me any other time but today when I really need it, it keeps crashing on me.
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7 years ago, Screw cbs
Want my local news
And I get it here.
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4 years ago, bubba 77/53
Update 2020
What ever updates you just did are not working, can’t pick it up with wi-fi or with out wi-fi . June 30 th 2020 .
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4 years ago, Inthemorning
Flawed app
The news video starts when I open an article and I can’t pause it. I would like to read the article without listening to it. Limited options.
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7 years ago, Ronnie 2127
The best news app ever... great update!!! The only news app I watch!!!!! Great weather forecast,,,, keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, redoak150
This app is okay
I wish you would do follow up stories on news in the past. Example the person that was hit and killed on 997 last year. Who was Charged?
Show more
3 years ago, swing makee
Great station
Tell Amanda to smile more often. She does a great job but needs to smile. None
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4 years ago, Gipper@84
ABC 27 news, Really enjoy the Format of their News, Like the Simplicity of it all
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5 years ago, dcr61288
Needs updates for the XS
The top needs updates as the ad and settings are squished
Show more
7 years ago, T&J's Mom
Not a fan
Really liked your original format. Not really enthused on this one and check your site much less than I used to. Hate the pop up.
Show more
6 years ago, OmiShirley
My favorite
Whether on TV or online, y’all are the best!
Show more
7 years ago, Sukline
Nice improvement.
Works much better on my phone. Thanks!
Show more
4 months ago, Myself1665
Since last update additional stories don’t load and the site is way slow.
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7 years ago, aford428
Awesome app, no support for iPhone X
This is an awesome app! However, there is still no support for the iPhone X, so it’s smaller on my screen.
Show more
5 years ago, Skline1024
Newest update
Can’t stop the notifications. I have them all turned off and i still get them.
Show more
2 years ago, LtlBfloTek
Unusable with 3MB DSL
The ad before each story must be an extremely high res file. It simply takes too long to load. And there is no way to escape without exiting the app.
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