ABC30 Central CA

4.7 (15.2K)
92.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.1 or later
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User Reviews for ABC30 Central CA

4.7 out of 5
15.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Ariel G 559
abc30 Action News
abc30 is my favorite news channel out of all of the local ones it’s the only one I watch I keep it on channel 30 only from 4:30 AM when I’m up getting ready for work and then when I get home from work it depends because is was working 16 - 17 hour works days everyday so when it get out of work early I watch it at 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM o’clock or 11:00 PM but I never miss my daily abc30 news I love abc30 and everybody at the abc30 news channel , you guys are accurate at all events from the Weather with Kevin Musso to Everyone at the newsroom and outside the newsroom ,Thank You everybody at abc30 action news. Sincerely Ariel
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7 years ago, dadd1919
Horrible change
The prior ABC30 app was great. A list of news stories loaded and you could very quickly scoll down the list to read the items that interested you. Now, the screen is filled with a big picture and one story and you have to keep swiping to see the next story. It's really slow and you end up swiping past a bunch of stories that are of no interest. I checked this app every day but doubt if I will do so now.
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5 years ago, 1500193
Great for local news, but crashes.
ABC 30 app is the best app for local news. I read it daily and also check the weather which always has the most accurate forecast. I’ve had the app for years and am overall very happy with it, however there are some bugs that need fixing. There are only problems when watching the video clips. The app often crashes in the middle of the video which is SUPER annoying. I’d say 2 to 3 videos a day will crash the entire app. Also, the next video will automatically play. This has happened even after I close the app. My phone will be locked and the video continues to play. Please fix your video issues!
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5 years ago, Fakabish
Love the app, just one annoying problem.
Great news app and neat features to stay up to date locally and nationally. One thing that needs to be fixed is when I’m scrolling through a story, the authors will attach links to parts of a text that will transfer you to a specific story they’re describing by tapping on it. These words are highlighted in blue. Sometimes, while trying to swipe through an article, I accidentally tap on these words and the app transfers me to a whole different story. It’s nerve racking because I have to return to the previous story and carefully scroll my way down to where I left off.
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2 years ago, Genaroh
Accessibility problems and feedback form error
Using an iPhone SE second GEN iOS 16.2 running voiceover. The ability to lifestream is not working on the app. Voiceover reads the live, and live video toggle, but the embedded link to view live streaming does not work. Second, the form in settings\login does not let me sign into my Disney account. The app, Mesho, it visually, but it’s not working in unison with voiceover, frustrating. Finally, the feedback form is accessible but broken. When I hit the submit button, I am constantly met with an error message to try again. Please fix because the AppleTV app is fully accessible, so I know you guys can make this one just as accessible. Thanks
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5 years ago, abcisbias
App often looses connection and plays the next news video without prompting. But what I find distasteful is the lack of respect the news reporters show our President. I understand that abc is connected to the Disney empire, and their blatant bias shows in the stories they write. An example is when they refer to what Trump has said, they’ll use negative worlds like, “rhetoric, hostile, angry and taunting”, which is to my opinion an obvious attempt to paint an unfavorable image. When posting a picture of President Trump they chose to print an unflattering, angry, or just a down right ugly picture. Again, to reflect a negative image. When President Obama was in office, you wouldn’t see this obvious bias reporting done by abc news. Shame on you all
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1 year ago, Mel4 usa
Thank you Kevin!!!
Just wanted to let you know that Kevin Musso is the most outstanding and knowledgeable weatherman I have ever seen. I have traveled all over United States and listened to many weathermen but Kevin is by far the best! However, Nico Payne could be replaced. His voice is very irritating and he over pronunciates his vowels reminding me of the sound of finger nails on a chalkboard! Thank You for allowing our opinions on this forum. I will continue to watch Kevin religiously.
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5 months ago, Sean1099
This app always gives me problems. I had deleted it for about a year because of the problems. I redownloaded it a few weeks ago and was impressed with the changes. I installed an iOS update today and he we go again with problems. When I click on a news article, nothing loads. I tried forcing the app closed and reopen with the same problems. Very frustrating because it is a great station with great content. I’m sure the advertisers are not happy either
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7 years ago, Jawnski
Best Fresno Local News App
I really like this app and I've been using almost daily for at least a year. It's well thought out and aside from the "fake news" sidebars for advertising the content is relevant and timely. Commercials are not overwhelming in number. The latest update, for me, has a bug where after I watch a clip, the "done" button disappears. So I have to close the app and start again. After the clip ends I'm stuck with no way to go back to the home page. It's been many months and still have the issue after watching a clip the done button disappears. All in all I'm really pleased mostly due to the other local news apps I've tried simply do not work.
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5 years ago, 48jj48
While it is the best news app Fresno has to offer, that isn’t saying much. It is a good source of local news most of the time. But it doesn’t even mention giant world know, things that the entire world has stopped for? There should at least be links to ABC News stories about those. The video auto play feature keeps changing in my settings without me doing anything. And there are a ton of ads scattered throughout stories, and the page skips all over as they load, so the story is unreadable until I wait for several ads to load slowly.
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3 years ago, Lisa R P
Newest version is awful
I used to love your app for my go to for news. Now with this latest version it’s glitchy, does not open when I am sent a news notification. And also it’s horrible when trying to stream live news, there is a delay because there has to be an ad or two before it will jump into the news. Please go back to when it was user-friendly and worked without any issue.
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4 years ago, Magicmancris
Good App
This is a really good app to get news and weather here in the valley. One request, can you guys please limit the amount of notifications you guys send out as “breaking news”? Or add a setting to what news alerts to receive? Example: “person ran over/shot/stabbed in Fresno” this literally happens like every day. Unfortunately so often it becomes repetitive and almost like spam. Also add a tab for live news please
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5 years ago, News app viewer
Horrible video quality
Videos are always blurry, freeze and loading. You constantly have to X out, get back in several times before the video plays clearly. Most of the time it get so fed up with trying to replay I end up just going to another news app
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5 years ago, AniAlySha
Frustrating at times
Generally I like the ABC 30 app. I like being able to access local news while I travel and being able to stream the news wherever I happen to be. However, it’s frustrating how limited choosing what news you receive is. Also, you can’t access information about the news team, and it’s difficult to find news stories that you may have missed during the news broadcast.
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7 years ago, Shaelarheanne
Love the information it gives... except
ABC 30 is my absolute favorite news station. I love getting the notifications telling me about what is going on in my community. The only thing is, I use the voice over accessibility feature on the iPhone and when I click the full story button at the end of some articles, my screen goes blank. This makes me have to restart the app and open it back up, then go back to the story and open it again. My only reason for a 1 star is because I would really really appreciate this being fixed!
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6 years ago, MonikaL
Constant typos and grammatical errors.
Stories are poorly written, with many typos and errors, both factual and grammatical. There is no "report a typo" option like most news apps have. Emails pointing out the errors are ignored. Briefly there was a twitter feed pointing out the errors on the ABC30 twitter stream, but instead of fixing the errors, they blocked that feed. ABC30 - we make many mistakes and we don't care! In the app, there is a form to make suggestions. If you fill the entire form out and submit it, it fails with an error message. The app, like the news reporting, is half assed and poorly done.
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7 years ago, F'n Norm
Have to kill the app every time to refresh
The app does not auto refresh on iPhone you have to kill the app to get current conditions every time. I use mostly for weather the old ABC30 app did auto refresh and most importantly in Los Banos it showed the wind speed and predicted wind speed by hour this is very useful in planning outdoor activities or choirs or if wind is really going to pick up you don't want your boat on San Luis reservoir. This is a huge downgrade from the old app!! Can I just get the old app back!! Please put the predicted wind speeds and fix the auto refresh problem
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5 years ago, robeejo
Weather accuracy
Not sure why the weather portion of the app does not match the weather forecast on ABC30. You would think that whoever is managing them would be on the same page. The app weather at times is 10 degrees cooler than what the station is calling for.
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7 years ago, Kraig57
Least favorite news app
Having to scroll thru every story is a pain. I prefer to see headlines and a small pic of multiple stories giving me the option of which articles to access. The new app makes me read each article headline scrolling thru all articles before the option to choose to read an article. ABC30 news app went from one of my favorites to my least favorite and last news app I view to examine news. Not even the local news generates any appeal. I prefer other news apps first. 😳
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4 years ago, JenPisano
App Keeps Stalling
This is my favorite news station and I use this app several times a day. Lately the app has been stalling. Having to close the app and start over. If it’s not stalling, it will completely close out. Please fix soon.
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1 year ago, kg1854
Fantastic news and weather
You make sure to explain, everything that has to do with our area Thank You
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5 years ago, Foffydabomb
Great News but Weird Update
Giving it 1 star for dev attention. The links in articles since the latest update open too easily. A simple scroll that use to never accidentally open links does it constantly now. It seems the link area is larger than just the blue hyperlink 🤔 All I know is I exit the app frequently, out of frustration when unwanted links randomly open, and read the news on your central valley or Fresno bee. This has only been going on for the last 3 weeks.
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5 years ago, Angel Robert
Channel 30 action news
I like having my action news ap on my phone because it always has the most late breaking news.. and always accurate news!!!
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2 years ago, Roger Dechance
New to the app
Love getting up to date push notifications of current events. It makes me feel so connected to my community. I love the app.
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5 years ago, hykauf
Can’t find stories.
Always defaults to live. Can’t find stories that I just watched in the news to share with others. Especially frustrating when traveling and not in local time zone. I get an alert that something is livr and when I click on it it’s not there anymore. It’s another story. I hate this app
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6 years ago, steverino2019
Not a good ap
Text jumps around when an ad loads, then you have to scroll either up or down to find where you were reading. Radar image is so tiny it’s useless. Two days age they turned on a feature that auto plays an ad when you click on a story; and you have to go to settings to turn off that feature. Easier to just delete the ap.
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5 years ago, loueldon
Please turn down your background music. Cannot hear the programs. If it does not get better my family and I will not be watching .
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4 years ago, gjinaz
Keeps me informed
I’m currently in AZ stuck because of Covid and not quite ready to take the long drive home. I don’t miss any of my local news. I enjoy the honest reporting
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4 years ago, Chickie 2
I love the news alerts, it’s pops up on my screen it’s the first the I look at for all my updated news information
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7 years ago, Valerie G- Fresno Ca
Awesome !!!!
I absolutely love this app and I love ABC30 ... I love how they keep us updated on everything going from breaking news to emergency alerts in the state, city or country. I recommend everybody to get this app it is very helpful and useful.
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7 years ago, EazyEandthe3
New layout is terrible
I liked the old layout. The new layout is terrible. You can only see two stories at a time and have to keep swiping up to find something that interests you. The old layout was much better because you could see many more stories and find something that interests you. Now it’s like I’m being spoon fed...terrible.
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7 years ago, Wakes me!
Just missing 1 thing.
I enjoy the app a lot. I wish it had a search engine. I’ve also seen that not all things or something n the app that are on the full website. Besides that I like it a lot & use it frequently.
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7 years ago, Glissemaster
Finally I can pick the notifications I want
I like that I can pick my notification categories in the settings. Layout is cleaner and I like the new explore function. Very neat and organized.
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4 years ago, Weirdgrace
Too many commercials
Can never finish reading a post without three commercials interrupting
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3 years ago, channel 30
Poor quality and doesn’t work almost every day I don’t recommend this app to anyone!
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6 years ago, #Gramps16
ABC30 app
I don’t like this new “app” because I cannot find information regarding the station’s reporter staff that was a great feature in the previous “app.” Other than that, I think it functions slightly better. I am definitely not satisfied because of the missing previous staff info.
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2 years ago, Ike Wote
Why do you always lead with death and malice? This is unhealthy. I suggest the book, “Humankind,” by Rutger Bergman. How you report the news can change the world by changing people’s perception. Let’s all be the change!
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1 year ago, ClovisChar
My favorite weather people🥰
Always know the forecast is as accurate as can be…..pleasant, knowledgeable and professional meteorologists!
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3 years ago, Kerleehug
App is Horrible
What’s going on? App will not load on my iPad or iPhone. Both are new and up to date. Just got my new phone this week and had the same problem on my old phone. I’ve logged out of the app and back in and still the same. This has been going on for about 2 months. I’m able to login thru my web browser.
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6 years ago, wa wat
Best news station in the Central Valley!
This is the only news station I watch or listen to! As it has been for the 33 years we’ve lived in Fresno! The best most professional team!
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5 years ago, Mekia4201
Unhappy viewer
Let me start by saying your news station is the only one I watch but here recently I can’t even get 1/3 through the news article before your app shuts down. I don’t get it. I don’t ever finish the article bc it constantly kicks me out! Please fix this or something before I’m forced to find a new news source.
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5 years ago, Andrea Ramos
Glitchy app
This app is always glitching out on me. I can be in the middle of reading something and out of no where it will glitch and I’ll get stuck having to look for the same story I was reading about. And since I’m complaining... can we talk about those dang ads?!? Ugh.. can we at least alternate the ads? Sooo annoying.
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1 year ago, Btysland
This app is very slow to update and sometimes it takes almost 12 hours to get the new news posted. I know it’s not my phone because I have another news app that updates continuously. Not real happy with this ABC 30.
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2 years ago, crossroads1
Always on task with local news
Always news worthy
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2 years ago, vicislick6
This app is the worst.
You can be watching a video, and at the same time the sound of another video is playing in the back background. No way to stop it but to quit the app. The whole user experience is terrible which is unfortunate because the news channel is one of the best in this area.
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5 years ago, BassmanRoy
Still crashes
App still crashes after latest update. Otherwise I like it.
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5 years ago, Ddddddddddddddfffffffff100
App unexpectedly closes.
It appears this app has a problem. While reading an article suddenly the app closes. When I relaunch it I’m fine for a few minutes then it cycles again. It seems like this happens when it is trying to update or add a post. This app is the only one which does this.
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7 years ago, mcruzee
Great News App
I love using the Chanel 30 News App I can always count on the latest News and updates. I highly recommend this App.
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5 years ago, Bunbun1000
The best News
I think Channel 30 has the most informative news. There new casters make you feel like they are real caring individuals.
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6 years ago, CNasty¥¥
Useful way to keep up
Taking away a star because the app railroaded me into writing this review. Easy on data, most people I deal with use the same app, so we are all on the same page.
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