ABC7 Bay Area

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11 months ago
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User Reviews for ABC7 Bay Area

4.63 out of 5
16K Ratings
4 years ago, L'o from BlackHawk
Very very 1-sided
Honestly, I see all sides, no one can predict my choice behind the Nov. curtain, 😉 * but I’ve decided not to watch ABC bc it’s very one-sided. Very partisan! I want all sides of all issues, I don’t need your opinion. Especially when it sounds so wimpy when broadcasted, time to grow a pair. This is exactly why ppl are moving out of Cali by the thousands... California was never so prejudice nor partisan. I grew up here as an immigrant (of value to USA) But sympathizing to the extreme of condoning looting is anti-American! And giving air-time to such is giving value. Where’s your BackBone? Brass Ovaries? Show so integrity! Pls. You have the power to DEFUSE or add Gasoline. You’re not defusing! You should be ashamed~ My sons are Active Duty Military TODAY fighting for the American Way, incl. Freedom of Speech, But not freedom to destroy & commit crimes, That’s not honoring anyone, especially our people who protect us! Putting down all Police is just not intelligent, that’s ridiculous, There are Bad ppl everywhere, even in your offices, But most people are Good, Look at the percentage, there’s your fact, enough said, Stop making EVERYTHING about Skin color, That’s Not the California Way, never has been You asked~ L’
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5 years ago, dailyUser925
The app does not automatically switch from portrait to landscape mode.
The app is useless if it does not automatically switch from portrait to landscape mode. A use case where this is a problem is when it is use during cardio workout on an exercise machine. With phones having the earphone jack at the bottom, the phone can not sit on the exercise machine in the portrait position so having to pickup the phone everytime a news video is played to switch the video into landscape mode is not practical.
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5 years ago, CardoGFX
Last straw today - DELETED
I’ve used this app for a few years and lived with a lot of annoyances. One longtime issue was the app throwing up an alert about a news development on the lock screen, but when going to the app, it merely linked to the “home” screen. Sometimes merely finding the story mentioned in the alert was difficult (you’d think that it would be the top story given it was the subject of the lock screen alert). Well, they finally fixed that, but TODAY I kept encountering another super annoying issue. While reading one story, the app kept switching to a different story. It did this 4 times. The first time I thought I might have hit a link within the story I was reading. The next few times I was careful not to touch any text that might have been a link. Finally on the 4th try, I just watched the screen without touching. Sure enough, after about 20-30 seconds, the app just loaded the same story AGAIN about LA Police capturing Nipsey Hussle’s killer. In fact it’s something I had already looked at when opening the app. Anyway, I have no tolerance for apps that decide what I want to see when I’m trying to see something else. Its deleted, gone... good riddance!
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5 years ago, Jlramst6
I can’t with this app anymore
After a few years of dealing with this app I’m finally deleting it. I can’t anymore with how terrible it is. For starters the ads inside are such icky scam clickbait that it makes the news seem entirely unreliable. And I’ve sent messages to the creators about it before but I HATE that I have zero control over the news that gets pushed to my home screen. I should be able to say no to getting endless updates about sports, celebrity news, this person said WHAT? On Twitter??? BS, and for getting every single second play by play about things that don’t matter to me: “EVENT is today!” “We’re counting down to EVENT!” “EVENT is about to start” “EVENT just started” on and on until I want to die. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. THE NEWS IS NOT WORTH IT. THE TYPOS AND INCOMPLETE REPORTING ARE NOT WORTH IT. NOTHING THAT IS PROVIDED IS WORTH HOW ANNOYING THIS APP IS.
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2 years ago, negroiator
Very much an echo chamber.
Heavily biased new source. While there is some good reporting that occurs from time time, its typically the financial, economic and/or consumer reports. Otherwise though on any topic even slightly more political, you can guess exactly this channel’s perspective and every point they will make about any topic/story before you even read past the headline. Most of us believe in social justice and making our society more inclusive, but Im sorry the perspective offered here is BORING. We’ve heard it all before and they don’t even use a thesaurus to mix up the words. Same intellectually basic and lazy take every time. Would love to see some nuance at least every now and then, but forgive me for being curious & trying to hear out others with differing opinions.
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3 years ago, Monty Proton
Reinstalled this piece of junk just to leave a well-deserved review
I left a three star review the other day due to the app performance (Not because of the station’s news policies or slant, you morons who do that). I then deleted the app and hunted around for a new one. I’m not telling you I ended up with NBC’s because of any bias I have, but only to tell you this: It Works Like A Charm! I picked a story on video, it loaded immediately, and after the obligatory ad it dove right in to the story and never suffered a hitch while playing. That was enough to get me back here to leave this review. These people should either sue the app developer, fire the executive who administers the app, or both. It’s almost as bad as Walmart’s website used to be, if you remember those days.
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7 years ago, Holodeck 3
Only 3 stars because riddled with ads
The only other local news app I have does NOT have an ad to start report. One can view each news video in the app free and clear. Wonderful. The ads are embedded in less obnoxious fashion. But ABC 7 can't stop at the less obnoxious ads. They have to go all out with a 30 second ad beginning every single video in the app. And the majority of stories have a video. Yes I know I can just read the story under the vid but not everyone wants to do that every time when there is in fact a video. The video ads are so frustrating I'm using the app less and less. GET RID OF THE NEWS VIDEO ADS!
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4 years ago, hernandezrluis
The great potential is has.
The biggest problem I can see is the ads. It take over the information I’m trying to read. Most of the work is taken by all the ads this app has. I like how clean it is. It could nice clear medium large font. The video way to long to play after every ad. Make it a shorted ads. Maybe No ads on the breaking News. Because other News app media take away from this and they don’t have ads for live braking news. Maybe put them at the end. This app has the potential it’s loads faster than other apps. The news is good maybe break it down i columns don’t get there should bullet point for key importan issues. (Have you try your app developers) maybe they need to start there first because it’s currently trashy
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7 years ago, Serenity Pam
Annoying future update info
While I have enjoyed news from this app in the past, I will not be using it in the near future. When reading a story it forces the reader to read about their new and wonderful future update to come. The window that appears to give you this wonderful news does not have an x to scip this and get on to the story I was trying to read. There are other good sources out there.
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1 year ago, Original nite rider
A few issues
You advertise the app & say we can find things like the Neighborhood Report with crime stats, but I can’t find it. I don’t see a search option. Also, your definition of breaking news does not align with mine. You keep sending alerts for what you are reporting on the news…. Not breaking news. I want to know what is going on around the bay when something BIG is happening, like an active shooter or 9/11 type events. I don’t like getting alerts for every jaywalker or stories that are on your broadcasts all day. If it isn’t important enough to BREAK into regular programming, it isn’t BREAKing news. Just stop it!
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2 years ago, P@b1ito
How about a night mode?
Desperately needs a night mode. This is the 2020s, why the glaring white background only? Add a night mode or black background please. Videos windows are intrusive. When scrolling up to read the article, I do not want or need a window to pop at the top so I can access the video, that is already at the top of the article. I can just scroll back to it. Annoy to constantly have to close those video windows every time as I scroll down to read. When I select do not auto play video, it because I’m on cellular and don’t want my data used. Why are the ads auto playing?
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5 years ago, Darrell Shimdt
It was good until now
How many times do I have to write in to tell you to fix your app? I have no choice but to leave a negative rating to get your attention. When you scroll through your pages any slightest touch to any embedded links in articles open another page!!! Annoying as hell to say the least. I get it, it was caused by iOS 13 update. But you should address it and figure it out. I gave you many weeks to release a new version to address this but nothing from you. now I’m deleting your app for good. There are plenty of other news app that have addressed this and have more timely breaking news and a lot less typos. You just lost a long time user.
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4 weeks ago, Axdbrv900
All I see just advertisement
I’ve been using the ABC 7 News app for a while now, and I appreciate the timely and accurate news coverage it provides. However, the amount of ads is overwhelming and significantly detracts from the user experience. It often feels like there are more ads than news articles, which is incredibly frustrating. I understand that ads are necessary to keep the app free, but the current frequency is excessive. Please consider reducing the number of ads or finding a better balance so users can enjoy the news content without constant interruptions.
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6 years ago, ArianaVJ
Pls fix your videos ABC Ap
It’s frustrating to watch the videos that I end up just reading the news. When playing the videos, it starts with the ad then stops. So I click on the play button again then another ad plays on top of the news playing 😡
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1 year ago, just.this.guy
Auto play — STlLL FAILING
The auto play next “feature” is more annoying than helpful. You get just a couple seconds before it kicks in and it can be very difficult to stop. The worst part is how often I move on to another selection and start playing my next choice but I wasn’t fast enough and the app auto plays anyway now playing TWO different videos. The only way to fix this is to quit the app. They should fix the app to never play two videos at the same time or at least allow us to turn of this badly designed and implemented feature
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5 years ago, treadsideout
Too many hyperlinks
You folks need to remember that people reading the stories on your app are using their fingers to scroll. So when you embed a hyperlink in just about every word it makes it impossible to read the story cause you’re constantly hitting a hyperlink and getting sent to the new page. Also your video auto-playing is annoying as hell. If you want to do that, at least keep the sound muted for the user to decide to unmute. Many of us don’t keep track of where the volume on our phones is set at and having the videos blaring at us when we just want to scan the story is annoying.
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5 years ago, Nessalynn77
After getting annoying alerts for everything under the sun that is not news, I searched for the story about a fire that had International completely blocked all night into early this morning and could find nothing until over 12 hrs later and then the story was grossly misinformed and incomplete. I know this because nbc posted the full detailed story at about 7 am this morning. I decided I should have their app instead. I live in Oakland and I need to know things for my safety and well being. I don’t need alerts about people dressing up their dog’s collar. This shouldn’t need to be stated. Report the news.
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4 years ago, Peach1010
The best Bay Area news app
The good...excellent content that’s updated very frequently including the weekends. The ads prior to watching a story has decreased as well. The bad...I hated having to search in settings on how to stop the auto play of the news articles that all I wanted to was read about. I know I’m probably the minority that wants to read instead of watching the story but that’s my gripe and maybe not yours. Still a 4+ star free Bay Area news app!!
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7 years ago, Spousho
Keep getting a black/blank screen after watching weather
I usually read this app first thing in the morning. It definitely has the best weather and traffic reporting vs. other local news apps. The cons: not a lot of newness, lots of stories from days ago stay on the main page. Also every time I wtch the weather video forecast it ends and I get a blank/black screen with no way to get out of it and back to the app unless I quit and reboot the app.
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6 years ago, jsf94112
Old app format was superior
The format of the old app made it easier to scan the news stories of the day quicker. The format of the new app feels like it forces you to view each news story one at a time instead of being able to quickly scan through all the stories all at once. The new app looks pretty but it’s functionally worse than the old app.
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5 years ago, Ralpha6969888
App currently will NOT stay open!!
Today Sunday 31 March at 1130h when you attempt to read a particular story, when you “click on” that story, your App will NOT stay open! It closes and you can NOT read the story / watch the accompanying video! I’ve deleted the App and reinstalled it and the problem persists. I’m on an iPhone 6S. Currently all other apps on my phone open with NO problem!! This is NOT very convenient😡😡
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6 years ago, zeeclass50
Awful new version; Unusable!
I HATE this new version of your app. I don’t like the constant scrolling necessary to find a story i want to read. I liked the old version much better, where it showed a list of stories. Now I can’t find the traffic, weather, or 7 On Your Side. What was the point of this new version? If it was to ruin your app and make people want to delete it, you have succeeded. I am relying on other local news station apps instead and will delete yours. I was using your app every day, so I am extremely disappointed in what you’ve done to it.
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6 years ago, Wish76
Horrible New Version
The new layout is just bad. The prior version gave you an overview screen where you could quickly scroll through and select the articles you want to view. In this version, they minimized the overview into a small pane on the left, pretty much forcing you to swipe past each story. It now takes you longer to scan through the news. Further, it’s just ugly. There is nothing visually exciting about this latest version. Not sure how, after viewing the prototype, the review team decided this would be a win.
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6 years ago, buffylouz
Do not get
Since the update the app is full of ads. Whenever you click on a story you get an ad, even if you just watched one the story before. The app is now harder to navigate, has less content, unending ads, and no way to contact or leave feedback. I have had and have depended on this app for years. No more, I am deleting it. There are many more ways to get the local news and forecast. If it wasn’t for Dan Ashley and Spencer Christian I would stop watching their evening and nightly news on TV as well. Shame on you ABC7, you have ruined my mornings.
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2 years ago, sunbus100
Best crew ever including Sandya. Also Michael Finney.
ABC is one of my favorite networks and ABC7 news along with the World News David Muir make for good listening without the rants and raves you get on other networks. I love the special 4 @ 4. Lots of humor there. I think the whole spectrum of news is covered from 4:00 PM on daily.
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4 years ago, barneyreno
Shame on you
Shame on you channel 7 News. Your leading news story yesterday should have been the splash down of the US astronauts! You continue to lead with and cluster up the App with Covid 19 stories. There is more news than Covid 19 and in addition, the numbers reported are of no relevance and politically skewed! Channel 7 news used to be a good new source, but lately has been politically biased like most of your competitors. I will be deleting the app and will move to Fox News to get a more accurate picture of what is going on in the world. Barney
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5 years ago, DollyLG
I cannot find a quick way to provide input or feedback on any news story, nor can I quickly access/find the way to vote when it is requested. In Settings there is a “Feedback” option, but when clicked I just get the unending circle. For example, at the end of many News stories I want to ask, “But why?”. Also, at the end of the announcement of the new Bart Director I wanted to give feedback by suggesting that BART seek the input of rapid transit experts from Singapore & London. Help? Thanks.
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5 years ago, Qwjsy
Not happy
Lately the app has started to shut down in the middle of reading news story. Have to continually reopen app several times to finish one story. Have tried updating app again with no change. Previous version worked much better. FIX THIS please.
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3 years ago, watsnos
Polls, Push Notifications, and Usability
Polls are rarely what the push notification says they are…if they even open. Push notifications have difficult opening stories. App is also rudimentary and what you may want to see is buried in the rest of the feed. If the push notification fails to take you to the story, good luck finding it after wading through everything else.
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6 years ago, Tom's #1 Love
New Website
Prefer former format. New format limits access to information. Prefer having the option of making a quick selection rather than having to scroll through all before making a selection.
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12 months ago, Myfaceismelting
Please fix the Apple TV App!
there is no way to leave a review for appletv. first, they just updated it so you have to sort through all of their previously recorded videos to find the “live news”. THEN, for some reason subtitles are not only ALWAYS ON (there are no settings to toggle it on/off), but they put them in the middle left of the screen. fix this!! besides that love my morning cast on abc7 news, thank you!
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2 years ago, Er_shah
Not able to understand the app.
Didn’t like the new way of Top News. 30 seconds add before playing each video,c. VV. C. C Cz common. Even after viewing the add video starts with audio and another add together. This is the worst version so far.
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7 years ago, SfGiants3xwsc
News vs ads
I really love ABC news app, the content is relevant and of interest. The weather is important to me, so am a big fan. I must agree with others on one point.....a 30 sec ad is too long, esp when I like to read everything!!! I can't stand hearing the star ad over and over and over and over and over and over and.....get it?! PLEASE CHANGE IT!
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4 years ago, #kuneho
ABC 6:00 Morning News
I like this morning news and the team Reggie, Mike, and the rest. My only comment and I king annoyed because Komasi giggles too much and during the newscast. ABC doesn’t show her name when she broadcasts her part.
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1 year ago, ceny31
Stops working after clicking on different stories
Stops working after clicking on different stories. It you just let it play, it’s find, but it you want to select the stories you want to hear/read, then it freezes after clicking on a few.
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7 years ago, Waynecat1
Like the app. Issue with weather
I really like the app for its weather, but there is an issue with the advertising banner. It should stay at the bottom but it’s at the top and gets in the way when scrolling through the weather. Looks like a glitch and app needs to update for bug fixes
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5 years ago, Greg-n-Sparky
Constantly crashes
The current version of the app constantly crashes. It also loads slowly, putting the wrong pictures to articles (it eventually gets them right as pictures download). This has never been a problem with previous versions of the app, and it is not due to a slow network as it does this on WiFi. In fact it can’t even load the Feedback form to let the developers know, this I’m resorting to writing this review.
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6 years ago, THUMPER326
Horrible updated app. The old version was much easier to use and read and someone should tell me where the traffic info is now??? I used to use every day to see how traffic was on entry to Richmond/San Rafael Bridge and traffic doesn’t seem to exist on app that I can find. Will be deleting ABC app and hopefully will find NBC or CBS to be more user friendly. ABC IS NOT USER FRIENDLY ANY MORE!!! TERRIBLE!!! NOTE: I gave one star rating because it wouldn’t let me post with NO stars which is what they deserve. WHERE IS TRAFFIC??????
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6 years ago, Dfitzh2o
New app fails to impress
This new app is horrible. I much prefer a 'list' of headlines vs the cumbersome scrolling needed to scan the various news artcles. Really terrible this new app is. It was fine before, now it is unusable. I am now going only to Fox News because they have not gone insane by producing an unenjoyable app like this one. Why fix what aint broke! Boz Scaggs said it correctly....... "Put it back the way it was, you have broke a faithful heart, and you've torn it all apart, you let me down..... when it was up to you".
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4 years ago, Dread the red
What kind of layout is this
Pay attention to your layout. So mixed up, no flow, no categorized new. No interactive app. I would like to get the summary of news in a small clip of video news. Put some effort in overall intention of what it is that you want to give to customer. Is it world news? Weather? Local news? And then focus and dedicate that page to subject matter ONLY. Do not mix subjects in a small page.
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7 years ago, Claudia366
What the Heck
I loved this app used it all the time, not fond of the ads but have had to delete and re download so many times this year I could cry.. it just goes into this endless loop and finally the screen times out. What has happened??????
Show more
5 years ago, RaiderSkullz
Love the APP
I love the breaking news and updates throughout the day., I would like to have the weather video updated from the morning to the evening news 8 days a week! Weekend I only see the morning videos.,
Show more
5 years ago, RT reads
To whom it may be concerned. Your app is not working with my iPhone. When I pick a story and I start to read the story it falls and it goes blank. Can you please fix the problem it’s becoming very irritating to read your stories. Sincerely, René Tosch
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7 years ago, Speed buddy
My review
Abcnews is the first app I open in the morning. So far I have not experienced FAKE news. I also watch ABC TV. It is excellent reporting. The only problem I have is that my wifi is slow. And, of course, that's not the apps problem. I am very pleased. Thanks
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1 year ago, Father'sOwn
Truth and Awareness Brings Comfort
When children are grown and live thousands of miles away your area news keeps us connected and informed where they live Thank you
Show more
5 years ago, Zipitio y la Ziguanaba
App misbehaving
App often shows the same picture on many different stories/articles and unrelated audio is being heard while browsing for articles.
Show more
5 years ago, tg8433
Keeps closing!
Like many of the other recent reviews, I like the local stories but this app constantly closes when you’re in reading something. Very frustrating.
Show more
5 years ago, Find and Seek
Use to be a great app
I use to really like this app. Ever since they updated it I can’t stand it. I do t like how I click on a story and you get the verbiage starting. Before if I wanted the voices I could click on it and have it. Secondly, the app shuts down on me as I’m reading the stories. It will stay open from about a minute or so and then shuts down in the middle of me reading it. Go back the way it was.
Show more
5 years ago, tom-in-california
Good start, but badly needs a search function
The notification lists several top stories. There is no way to find the second story listed in the notification—which was the reason clicked on the notification.
Show more
7 years ago, Hugh G. R.
Audio Adds Too Long
Audio adds too long. Waiting 30 plus seconds for the add to finish and the to have the story load stops me from even looking. Then the story has additional adds. If one is accidentally opened, you start all over again.
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