ABC7 Los Angeles

4.7 (39K)
93 MB
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Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.1 or later
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User Reviews for ABC7 Los Angeles

4.69 out of 5
39K Ratings
4 years ago, SRS-143
My inability to log in
What’s going on ? All of a sudden I have to sign / log in ? Never had to do that before—NOT 1 TIME & you didn’t recognize my email and or password ? Ok , I know everyone’s stressed, but come on !!!!!i And even though I created per your request , a new account , I still am unable to stream on my iPhone at this time. I will NOT attempt to try and log in again, as either this is a joke or you don’t care for 3rd generation LA born and raised Americans to tune in to channel 7. No problem. I don’t have time or patience for this nonsense (which makes absolutely NO SENSE TO ME WHATSOEVER. Take care and be healthy and safe....i had a great 50 or so year run with channel 7.
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4 years ago, Unpolitical Agenda
This is a pure political channel now. I used to love 7. However spreading misinformation has became the norm. No more reporters doing a professional job. It’s opinion based reality show. I used to watch cause I didn’t hear about the political side of things. Who cares anymore. It’s all a game and you are making us a part of this political war. I don’t want a war I want to live like I have and die as free as I lived. Back off. Tell the facts, not the opinions. Facts of the virus. Kids 99.9% unaffected, 50% of all deaths related to Wuhan China virus were because of chomp and news on cramming elderly positive patients with unaffected patients. This is not political, this is poor judgment by governors given the trust of the people for which it stands. You the media turn it into a circus. We aren’t stupid people we see what they did. The guilty always deflect the blame. That’s how you know they knew what was going to happen. They did this on purpose in my OPINION. To inflate the toll and scare people into submission. Which has been done. Allowing you the media to be accessories to political murder. You will be held accountable once this is over. I’m already hearing about lawsuits from big names and big money against companies like Disney, Fox News, cnn, and the list goes on. Local tv won’t be left out especially in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Michigan, and New Jersey l.
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3 years ago, blackandwhitenation
It’s taken me a year of watching ABC7 to realize why it seems so unprofessional and amateur—the sound is just so bad. 1) The levels bounce around like crazy. I’m constantly adjusting the volume because it’s too quiet, then too loud, etc. Ever heard of a Mixbus compressor? 2) Some news story have NO narration at all. Just the ambient sounds of shots. Who does that? 3) The sound guy clearly smokes too much weed. During one of Newsome’s monologues the volume would drop randomly. Then it would be too loud. Then too quiet. I could hear him trying to find the right level. Then there was a delay on Newsome’s voice! A straight up psychedelic echo on the governor’s voice. I’m sure he was laughing it up but I was trying to listen to what was being said. It’s kind of important. 4) This would be forgivable if it happened once in a while, but it happens on every live stream. I leave it on while I work at home. It’s truly the most annoying thing ever. It is unlike any other news app on Roku and Apple TV—the sound issues make it seem cheap and unprofessional compared to CBS / ABC / NBC news apps.
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2 years ago, Genedevine
Good app, very useful, few designed in quirks
It's difficult to criticize this app except to say that it is extremely annoying to have to wait though and advertisement before every single news video. While I can't fault ABC7 for making money the usefulness of the app drops the longer I have to wait. I have other things to do...especially if I'm essentially watching the same add each time. What then is the point? ABC7 should design in some better intelligence such as a timer of sorts or smarts to know how long I've been on the app to allow the app or server to be more selective on when it shows me an add, say every other video or very third especially if I'm going to be seeing the same add over and over. Otherwise, it's makes it difficult to continue to use the app, I loose interest and end up using another news app or source
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5 months ago, Hollyonhill
Ms. Holly Myrick
I love abc 7 eyewitness news since I was 11 years old. I've seen a lot of news casters come and go but now there are so many young new faces that are home grown and it's so nice and refreshing But I'm really so concerned over covid 19 stricken Michelle Tuzzi I know she took ill with that monster killer. I also heard the beautiful farewell letter Mark Brown read in the air I cried I thought is this the end of a great female in the field/ on a special assignment reporter/ and a super fantastic on air anchor woman‼️ So my question is that I never heard if she recovered from covid or did she pass away from that awful deadly disease ❓if someone could please tell me I really would appreciate knowing
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6 years ago, lindamike4
Update: format works ! Old: New format doesn't work at all
New update: Re-installed after I heard of a second new update! Yay no more automatic video playing! No more stopping my music and most of all I get to read my need again! Old:I seldom delete apps but I have to I can't have my music turn off everytime I try to read the news in this app. No one can watch all those videos and if we could we wouldn't be turning to this app we would watch the actual news. I'm super disappointed. Most of us use this app at work or class or places where we want to know quickly what is happening. ABC 7 please please change the format !! I want my app back.
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2 years ago, dave phd
Too much
1. Often I will be near the end of an article and all of a sudden the screen jumps somewhere in comments so I have to scroll up and up and search for my place where I was reading. Other times the jump leaves the article entirely before I can read the end. 2. I can read a lot faster than I can listen to the news, and listening wastes my time with a commercial. Should be a way to turn off all video so it never intrudes. 3. Headlines are often click bait. Instead of just saying something like this country has this news in the title, have to click on article just to see what country. Often headline is buried deep in article before article gets to the point of the title, and often the title is a minor point so it does not accurately describe the article.
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3 years ago, WendyAK
Great app, but the captions!!!!
Like the app, doesn’t crash like it used to do. But honestly the captions are horrible. They are not correct when it comes to the story. For instance, don’t EVER say a nurse is a murderer if it’s not a nurse. Shame on you! A CNA is not even close to a nurse. How misleading! And there are other instances where your headline captions do not even come close to the what is real in the story. Do better. I expect better from you. You are my go-to source; what I watch when I’m not reading The NY Times. Please do better.
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6 years ago, J Bruin
KABC News App
I don't know if I'm expecting too much from this app or not but when it hear something happening (especially in the local LA area) I often want to hear updates or more information. I have found that KABC doesn't post breaking news or updates until the television news is on. I generally now go straight to Google to keep current. 😔 I just realized that I never sent this review so I’m able to downgrade my review. I’m more frustrated than ever with the newest app. I used to be able to check news in that particular area (i.e, Los Angeles, California, National, Weather, etc). Just now I wanted to see something that had happened in Northern California. I found the California section. There are 2 features. One from 22 hours ago and the other from about 3 days ago. If I want current news, I would hope it would be on the app-not old news.
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2 years ago, Shahrouz
Don’t download — broken notification system
After years of using the ABC 7 Los Angeles app for notifications about breaking local news, I’ve finally deleted it for two reasons: 1) the settings for what notifications you want don’t work; and 2) the extremely unnecessary notifications about continuing to watch the broadcast with x & y anchors. Point 2 was actually the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ve always hated how I can’t turn off breaking news notifications about national stories, since I have better apps for that (AP News). There ABC app has a setting to adjust what you want notifications about, but it doesn’t work. Switching to the NBC LA app to see if that’s better. Hope the devs figure out how to design a better notification system here.
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6 years ago, Eli 777
What’s new is bad!
Easy navigation and a stunning new display?!? No and NO. Whoever designed this update has clearly never actually read news on the app. The navigation is cumbersome on both iPad and iPhone versions. Gone is the simple left or right swipe to “page” through the news once the first article is selected. On the iPhone you have to keep going back to the main page to select each item while also swiping up to get to the articles you have to keep selecting individually. The iPad version navigation is only slightly better but worse overall because it eliminates the back and forth between articles and the main page but does it by permanently commandeering a large chunk of the left side of the screen for the article list leaving an awkward and narrow reading page.
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1 year ago, GabrielRSRocha
Buggy but great
I am only writing this review and giving it three stars because I hope it will bring some positive change to this great app. The app is buggy at best, videos get interrupted and cut off by other videos from the app especially on their Apple TV version of this app. If you are trying to watch a full morning news broadcast, forget about it, more likely than not it’ll be interrupted by something else completely unrelated. As for the iPhone app, where is the local newscast? Not clips from it, the entire thing. A great part of why I watch the news is the news team behind this network, why can’t I enjoy that here too?
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6 years ago, NotSoMuchAnymore
Simply Terrible
KABC- Please look at the app ratings since the November upgrade. Mostly positive before the upgrade, now mostly negative reviews star. Everybody is complaining about the same issues. Dump this “New Coke” and go back to “Classic Coke”, please! The new app format is terrible. I used to be able to glance at the app a few times an hour to look for subject matter I was interested in. Now I need to scroll through the whole series of stories, mostly subject matter that doesn't appeal to me, to find a topic that I would be interested in. Now I look at the KABC7 only once or twice a day. Swallow your pride and please revert back to the previous format.
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5 years ago, Vonsele
ABC7 news app
This would be a great app if only I could stay connected while I am reading a news story. I usually get disconnected at least 5-10 times while reading a news story. If I am inclined to continue reading, I have to get back into the app(as if for the first time,) scroll down (again) to my story, select the story, then scroll down (again)to where I stopped reading (before being disconnected.) I have to repeat this process 5-10 times before I can finish reading a news story. I don’t have this problem while watching a video though. The app is great for keeping updated on breaking news.
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4 years ago, RobR84
Too liberal
ABC7 Eyewitness News used to be the best source of news in L.A. and Southern California. However, as noticed over the last few months, the station and its app have become increasingly too liberal and far-left. They’re so biased with moderates and conservatives. They’ve also become sloppy with their reporting by falsifying and sensationalizing stories. It’s time to watch another local news station that isn’t incredibly liberal.
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10 months ago, Make news easy to access
Bugs in new update
So I tried to go to the app support and it just takes me to the slow opening app. Please help, this is getting ridiculous! App was fine before, no issues with reading news stories or opening videos instantly like any other app. Latest update makes the app very slow. It takes 20 seconds to open, the screen freezes as you scroll between stories, and freezes when scrolling through an article. I used to stream live news, but now there is no ability to view it in full screen. There are always thick blue ribbons advertising ABC 7 at the top and bottom of the screen, blocking the video. ABC please fix this!
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1 year ago, Non-Lingual
March 2023 Update -> Delete App
I had this app solely for the detailed real person 7 day weather forecast videos. Now they took away the ABC7 news anchor videos and replaced them with a long read and screen shots. On top of that, they made the app experience a forced copy of the TV experience: Ads, Ads, Ads, and links for NEGATIVE news. I just want to know when the “atmospheric river” will stop flowing! You’re app no longer provides any more value than the built in smartphone weather widget. APP DELETED!!! Side Note: To be fair, prior to the update I would have given the direct easy to find navigation to a video real person weather forecast 5–stars. It was the only place to find straight weather easy.
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1 year ago, rfreerks
New up-date not user friendly (edited)
The new update makes it extremely hard to see article titles. The font is small I have to squint to read them, yet the ads are HUGE. How convenient that money is prioritized over function. Disappointing and much better apps out there to get the news. It looks like ABC may be listening to customers… They redesigned the interface with their latest update and it is much much better! Thanks for the fix ABC it helps make it much more usable.
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5 years ago, Ganja grower
Gets worse the longer you have it!!!
I actually had this news app for a long time. It started off great!! Everything was functional and simple. As time went on, update after update, the app just got horrible. I don’t mind too many ads, but they were getting to be more rampant. The video ads that would pop up after clicking on a news article or video would freeze and cause the actual video I was interested in watching to play back choppy or with delayed Audio. Bottom line is it became very frustrating to use the app and get news. I deleted it about two years ago. Now looking around for another one, my guess is they are all the same by now.
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6 years ago, moreno_toots
HATE the new Upgrade!
I am really hoping the news app is put back to how it looked prior to being upgraded. The new upgrade forces individuals to read/scroll one story at a time. This is so annoying. Previously readers were able to scroll and view all stories at once and select which to open and read. Hate the new feature SOO so much I deleted the app from my phone. So now I am forced to obtain my news from multiple news outlets. Such an inconvenience and shame because I really like your news and really liked your easy to maneuver app. I really hope changes are made to going back to how the app was previously
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3 years ago, Rpgustavson
User interface needs work
Can’t get videos to work in landscape mode. Seems fine in portrait, but as soon as I turn the device (iPhone 12) the screen goes blank have to back out usually the first page and start over. Also many of the stories on the homepage are stale, as in several hours to, in some cases, over a day old. It is rare that there are any stories less than 1 to 2 hours old. It would be nice if there was a way to sort them by age so that IDon’t have to wade through multiple stories I have already seen.
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5 years ago, Deb3467
Funny Sampson
I like the App 80% of the time. The 20% dislike with the App is about watching the video of the news stories. When you are listening and watching the video, the news anchor is talking and a voice in an ad is talking at the same time. Sometimes the ad is running longer than the news story. It is very distracting. Because of this issue, my only option is to read all of the news stories. This is an update. I am now liking the app 40% of the time. Why? The app keeps closing while scrolling to the next story. I just might have to delete the app for a while. FIX THIS PROBLEM, PLEASE.
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12 months ago, garster61
Latest version is horrible!!!
Your app was not bad actually it was pretty decent I could chose to watch it live , watch what ever interested me when I wanted until your latest update !!!!!! Now when I click on the video there is no option to go full screen anymore what ?? So I turn my phone horizontally hoping that will do the trick but instead a random video pops up that I wasn't even watching and it's not even full screen it has this annoying black border around it with words on the bottom. Fix this horrendous error immediately your app now is useless ahd unwatchable!!
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6 years ago, Howard_O
Decent app with annoyances
I generally like this news application with the exception of looking at the embedded photos. When viewing on my iPhone X, I cannot close the photo due to the “x” for closing the pop up is to the right of the top sensor notch of the display and is not clickable. I have to force close the app to & then relaunch it to get back to the story I was reading. Not a big deal but at that point I just move on to another one. I’ve contacted them via the support a few months ago and did not hear back from them & as of today it still has the same problem in the UI.
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2 months ago, Kokee Faunce
Older model cell phones ....
Don’t allow for a change to the new version of ABC 7’s News Program. I do wish that it was so, but it’s not workable it seems. I so enjoy the news outline offered and have found the new changes very disquieting and very disappointing! Please allow me to use the old site connection!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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11 months ago, liztaylor7653268
I can’t seem to clear the notification that the app says I have. I signed in thinking that is what I needed to do but the notification is still there. I’m not sure if there’s something else I need to do in app or if it’s just a glitch. I’ve had to resort to not allow any notifications from the app to not see it but I hate doing that because it forces me to neglect the news.
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6 years ago, BelAllen
Hate the new app - go back while you can!
This was the worst idea ever. I get one story per page and have swipe through story after story to get to the one I want to read, and then it's all video. People still read you read you know. In fact you should encourage it. I only go to this app now when I've forgotten the change then quickly leave.
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2 years ago, katielikesgames
Too woke
If you want woke local news, this is for you. Sad that there can’t be unbiased local news anymore. ABC7 so clearly pushes the liberal agenda in even the most non-political stories. Example: listing about 8 different languages in one sentence, all in alphabetical order except for English which was dead last. This is such a small example, which is subtle and hard to catch unless you are paying attention. There are much more overt examples too but I’m over not being able to read a single news story without wokeism and equity being pushed down my throat.
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6 years ago, cksponge
Thank you
I was Born in California and grew up with channel 7 eyewitness news as a teenager I remember watching Christine Lund as one and the news casters and I continue to watch it today even though in 2010 I move to Pocatello Idaho our news is not nearly as professional and lacks giving information of other parts of the world. I watch channel 7 eyewitnesses news every day.
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2 years ago, PetPhotographer03
Watch for the coverage
I like to watch channel 7 news because they cover everywhere including the beach area. Most other TV stations don’t cover the beach areas and so I don’t like watching them. And every station do not have the same news. Channel 7 gives me the information that I need.
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1 year ago, Colin Sick
No search function
Went through the motions while watching the news tonight. There was a news segment on Coby Bryant and the said watch the interview on the app. So I pick up my iPad. Except there is no way of finding said article in the app without taking an hour to find it tell me?
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6 years ago, suzieeeeqqqqq
Update is horrible!
This used to be my go to app, opened it on the daily in place of actually watching the news on the t.v. Until a couple of days ago when they decided to update it, worst update ever! The old format was so convenient and easy to maneuver, now you can only view one story at a time and it keeps playing the videos for the stories I don't want to watch. Honestly I don't think I have even figured out how to work it correctly. It shouldn't be this annoying to try to read the news. Now I'm in search for a better news app that's easier to manage!
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4 years ago, Mari27M
What have you become?
I’m saddened by the biased reporting you feed us. You used to be a news outlet that I was able to trust. Sadly, this is no longer the case. You constantly fail to report all sides of a story. Many times you also fail to acknowledge news stories that don’t fit your agenda. It’s a shame, it feels like you are trying to groom people into believing your political ideation. News stories should be unbiased. Where is your journalistic integrity? What have you become? Please take a moment to do soul searching, come back to your center, and honor a pledge to report unbiased journalism.
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6 years ago, Thong1999
Deceptive Update
UPDATED REVIEW: The newest changes are so terrible that I have deleted the app. This app now fills the screen with a single story so I have to scroll and scroll to find what I want to read. It won't let me change advertiser tracking features. It claims to allow me to turn off video autoplay, then autoplays video anyhow. There must be a USEFUL app out there that will let me get a quick scan of local news and I'm off to find that app. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Update description says nothing about the multiple advertisements that now appear with each news story. Wish I had not "updated."
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5 years ago, Autocycle
I know you need to show advertisement for $$ but you need a skip after 10 seconds and a lot if times it will play adds twice before you can see the news . Also every news clip video We pay shouldn’t have to watch the same add over again very annoying .
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7 years ago, Vjaguar
Give quick news
Love the idea that I can actually get a text to tell me what's going ! With out having to sit in front of the TV for half hour and listen to a lot of politics that are going on I prefer to find out what's going on in our neighborhoods. An this application allows me to get quick news I can pick what I want to read.
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1 year ago, RadioDX
News Alerts
You can always count on ABC7 Eyewitness News Los Angeles for breaking news covering local communities or anywhere in the world. News doesn’t stop late at night or on the weekends so ABC7 works around the clock with breaking news alerts. When News happens it happens on ABC7 Eyewitness News.
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1 year ago, 😶😶😶😶😶😶🐚
I never write reviews, but this latest update is just plain awful. Usually I check the app 2-3 times in a day to stay up to date on news, but with this recent update I find myself ignoring it. The app automatically cuts any audio I’m listening to when opening it, even if I’m not looking at any videos. Along with this, the new layout and display of news stories is irritating. If there isn’t a way to revert my app to a previous update, then I see myself going elsewhere for news.
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5 years ago, Biolashorty
Can’t read
I can never read a single news article in this app before it crashes and sends me back to the iPhone home screen. I have to relaunch the app and look for the article I was reading each time it does his. It’s really a pain. This is a terrible app. Just read online in the browser instead.
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3 years ago, Redbrid28
Eyewitnesses 7 News
When I downloaded the app it was great 👍 now it is a piece of S!!! I have to continue to refresh the channel 7 to get new news of the day as it show me the same news from day before then it take for ever PS not my phone it brand new and isn’t not my network
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2 years ago, sandizee
Spotty performance, at best.
This app is so continuously unreliable. Most times the videos do not play, the stories won’t open, & many times the pictures do not match the headline, but that’s the least of its problems. Please fix the video playing issues. When there’s a video that goes along with a featured story it’s a reasonable expectation that the video should play. More often than not they just do not load & many do not play at all. This has been an issue for many many months.
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5 years ago, Jhanik1
They’ve ruined a great app
ABC is screwed up big-time! Now you have to watch video after video with no way to stop them from playing. It gives you no time to react. A truly terrible update. And, the app keeps crashing! Typically in the middle of a video that starts without a commercial playing first.
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3 years ago, Monicathereviewer
App needs improvement
Great news source but the app needs some improvement. When clicking on a news notification, it takes me to the app but stuck on a loading page that never loads up no matter how good my connection is and because of this I’m never able to find the same article again which is super disappointing.
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3 years ago, Skidz1340
Terrible app for live coverage
When watching live coverage on this app the commercials come in loud and clear but most of the time the audio does not. Also on the top news feeds some stories are a week old. I guess they can’t find anything else to report on so we have to read the same thing over and over. I was very disappointed with the coverage of the precession for the Sheriff killed in the line of duty. NO AUDIO. Shame on you.
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6 years ago, Rodekill43
Bad upgrade
This is the only news app are used for Southern California for many years. Within the last month or so the entire format was changed and in my opinion the app has lost its appeal. The old app you could open it and choose from many different stories where is this app you actually have to search to find a story worth reading. I would much rather open the app and have many stories to choose from rather than a few and then have to search for the rest. As such, for the first time I have downloaded NBC and Fox.
Show more
6 years ago, lauriec123
Poorly designed "upgrade"
The upgrade to the app is horrible. The old version used to be my go to for local news, now with the new version, I need to look someplace else for news. I gave it 1 star because it wouldn't not let me leave it blank. The news stories are not laid out in a way to where they are easy to see the highlights and it is super annoying that when you pull up the app it automatically starts the video, considering I like to read the news late at night/ early in the AM lying in bed and don't want to wake my husband.
Show more
4 years ago, ellaswishbone
App crashes
I use this app to get my daily dose of news but just recently the app keeps crashing in the middle of an article. I thought maybe because I reading an article about Trump it was doing it on purpose but the following day I was reading something about a fire and same thing happens. It is very annoying. I guess I will have to find my news source from another platform since the app won’t stay open long enough to read anything until the end.
Show more
2 years ago, HP - BSD
Untimely notifications - ugh
The app is ok. The problem is that they push out alerts at all hours for things that aren’t even breaking news and they’re just saying to tune in and watch the news. There’s no reason for an alert to wake me up at 11pm to turn on the news for an ongoing story with no new info. The app should have settings for quiet non alert hours.
Show more
6 years ago, Nene410
Upgrade is awful!
This is my first review on any app. It was so disappointing to have mandatory videos instead of just plain print articles. If I wanted to see a video I would rather turn on the TV or visit another website with this type of format. They should have an option of videos or articles. It's very upsetting. ABC 7 should please fix it and sway away from lazy readers.
Show more
5 years ago,
ABC 7 Los Angeles
This app keeps cutting out and taking you back to your iPhone screen. In addition, I chose news for Orange County but the news is all a week old or older. I previously had this app and loved it. However, in their effort to make this app better, they have made it user unfriendly and not showing current news. Why even have a choice of Orange County news when they’re not showing anything current. I’m going to delete this app and suggest you not waste the time to download as you’ll be extremely disappointed!
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