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9 months ago
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User Reviews for ABC7-WJLA

2.14 out of 5
7 Ratings
5 years ago, Dash D.
No live TV
I downloaded this app thinking there would be an option to watch a live stream of ABC7 but could not find that option. There are features to watch clips though. The website’s live player works poorly on a mobile device, so my only option right now is either my computer at home through my cable provider’s website, or on the physical TV. Please consider allowing XFinity to stream ABC7 to mobile devices even when they are not connected to their home WiFi. Thank you.
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3 months ago, Ladysgt
Even worse!
A year ago I gave you one star. Now if I could give you zero I would. I don’t need stupid games! I want the news and NOT the Fox wanna be National Desk. Drop the games. Drop the National Desk and focus on the District, Maryland, and Virginia.
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1 year ago, demuel
Live feed never connected pure trash compared to other stations.
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7 months ago, Andy2023zxzzzz
Poor and incomplete writing
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8 years ago, Biscayne54
The Worst News App in the Entire App Store
Channel 7 offers interesting stories that 4 and 9 neglect, but the app is so pathetically constructed the articles cannot be read as the words at the end of each line run off the page, leaving the reader trying to guess what the missing words are (I was hoping the updated version would correct this). Preceding every video, there is an Easterns Motor commercial which freezes repeatedly, taking a couple of minutes before the video can be viewed. In most cases, it's just not worth the necessary patience. In the typed text, an Easterns Motor logo floats over the words, forcing one to move the page up and down in order to be able to read around it. I don't know if it's a lack of programming aptitude or a lack of integrity that causes this app to be so very poor - what I am certain of, is that it is lacking tremendously.
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6 years ago, Ja_87_FFX
UX is nice and clean and the weather function is great. I turned push notifications on for alerts regarding weather conditions but there are SO MANY and mostly news stories I’m not interested in. The app should allow users to select what categories they’d like to receive notifications from. I read under notifications that they promise not to send “too many” and I laughed out loud. I received an average of 2/hr yesterday! Update to allow customization and this definitely becomes a 4 Star app!
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3 years ago, Clintolio
The back arrow!!!
It takes forever to get out of a story because the back button is in the upper left corner is very small. On a iPhone 12, you can barely get it to activate. Most of the time I have to close the app completely and go back in. Which is very annoying! Please increase the size of the “touchable” area to go “back” out of a news story. Plus, it would be nice if you had a feedback option in the app to report issues.
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5 years ago, celinenme
Pretty lame
As someone else said, you get a notification and it doesn’t take you to the story. I guess they think we’re staring st our phones waiting for the notifications. This station has gotten more lame in recent months in their reporting and it shows in what they decide to alert one to in the notifications. It would be nice if you could choose what you want to be alerted to instead of notifications about things that aren’t urgent and you could see on the news that night.
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9 years ago, Taleci
No Closings in bad weather
This app does not make it easy to find information and it seems to lag behind real time. I feel like I get yesterday's news. Today, the first snow of the season hit and I was trying to get traffic and closures quickly. I wasn't able to find what I needed on the app at all, so I ended up having to use the full site on my iPhone. Unfortunately, their full site displays poorly on my phone.
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6 years ago, Cranidia
No Screen Rotation
I looked for an option in settings and in your app that would enable switching the view on your app to rotate the screen between portrait and landscape, and I couldn’t find anything. Am I missing something? If not, and you are taking suggestions on how to improve this app, it needs to be updated to enable viewing both ways. All of the other news apps I use are able to do that, and for that reason I hardly ever look at yours. If there is a way to do that can you let me know how to do it? Thanks.
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2 years ago, Foxy1969
Annoying ads
The ads are extremely annoying and are driving me to a different news source. The problem is that the sensitivity on the ads is set extremely high and you are shot out of the ap if your finger simply grazes the ad as you scroll through the news stories. There are numerous ads interspersed with the stories meaning you get shot out of the app constantly while reviewing the day’s stories.
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6 years ago, tashtashtash12
Annoying Notifications
I just use the app to read important updates from the notification screen. I'm so close to deleting it because the notifications are for random news stories they want to promote. The updates were supposed to be for breaking news not who won at the country music awards!!
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10 years ago, CrazyMazy88
Good app!
I love this app and all however it has a few bugs that need to be addressed such as updating without crashing and they need to stop using Washington capital photos from 3-4 years ago when they run stories about the games!!
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5 years ago, Tqb73
Notifications do not link to actual story
Why send me a notification and want to me read more only for it not to link to the actual story. Taking me to the main splash page of the app and forcing me to search for the story is not helpful.
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9 years ago, VictorMIA
Needs improvement
**New version still doesn't have clear images/videos. Disappointing** This app would be great if the images and videos were clear. All images and videos are very low resolution. Can't see the details or captions on images. Sticking with Fox 5 News app for now. Sad because ABC 7 and News 8 is all I watch on TV. Reported it through the app and on Twitter but never received a response.
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10 years ago, 40searay
Why throw away a great app?
The old app was great. Had all the news to include traffic which is now missing. The new color scheme looks like the blue bled over and is a harder app to navigate regardless of how many times you go to it. I've almost completely stopped using it which is a shame but time is money and if an alternate station has a better and faster way to the news and traffic they get my time.
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13 years ago, MZPilotGuy
Great App! Boo for the ad
Wonderful app with a lot of great info! Is there any way to update the radar app a bit more often than 3 minutes? Though I don't like the ad for Toyota I can't take away a star. Keep it up!
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9 years ago, Smoke Eater 23
No longer a useful app
The redesign of the app to feature mostly video has made an app that was a good mix of video and text now useless. A good percentage of the time when I want to check on current local events I am not in a place where I can play video so your articles fail to reach the audience. Good luck but count me out since it is so unfriendly that I have removed it for another source.
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9 years ago, Ehollab28
Didn't think it could get worse
This app has always been pretty bad, formatting issues, tons of typos in the articles with no authors, but wow, this update takes the cake. Most of the links don't work and are just a picture with a title and nothing else. Will keep hoping that WTOP makes an app for news articles and in the interim will use their site and the Washington Post app exclusively.
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11 years ago, YellowBird12
Loved it. Finally a weather app.
The old app had too many bugs. This layout looks much better.
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9 years ago, Cow baby
Horrible update!! Where's the article text?
Most of the articles are videos. If I wanted that then I'd watch the news, On TV. Where is the text of the articles? I liked the tabs on the bottom. Much faster to switch between. Where's the metro map and ability to click on each metro station for times?
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6 years ago, Carole_fon
Needs improvement
The notifications flash up too quickly to be read. If I’m quick enough to click through, the referenced story is often nowhere to be found.
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10 years ago, Jwasyod
Where's traffic and metro?!!
If you are using this app for features like metro and traffic, good luck! They are no longer part of this app. They were removed for some reason and I immediately removed this app from my phone. Terrible redesign as this is a major reason people use this app. Hopefully will be remedied in future updates.
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5 years ago, onyxibex
No sound with iPhone
I’m not sure why but all the videos play without sound. The rest of the app is useful in providing new local stories every 24 hours.
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7 years ago, Ryamhcap
Top stories list jumps aeroubd
When trying to scroll through the list of top stories it keeps moving making it hard to click on a story. You should try your own app before posting.
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7 years ago, 357 MAG
First the bad news
Jan 15, didn't think it was possible, app is worse than before. Launch the app and it hangs. Delete app and then reinstall, no change. This app, ABC-7, is the worse piece of crap ever. The good news is there are 4 other great news apps for Wash DC area, NBC-4, FOX-5, CBS-9, & WTOP. 36 reviews and every one has 1- star. I don't think I have ever seen an App rated this bad. Some one should be fired for this. July 10, another release... It's different, they have changed a couple of things. Wish I could say it's better, but it's just new lipstick on the same old pig.
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2 years ago, Allen JT
This app could us some updating. I read a number of local and national news sites, but this is the only one that only allows portrait mode. I prefer landscape, but maybe I’m in the minority.
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9 years ago, Palmer Bartending
Bad update
I've been using this app as my go-to for local news for a few years, but their recent update has me looking for other options. The interface is harder to navigate, and now adds take up most of the screen on the home page.
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9 years ago, Got news?
Got news?
This app is horrible. It is never up to date. It seems as if it is updated every couple of days. Don't expect for any type of news over the weekend. They only operate M-F from 9-6. The app is a poor reflection of the news channel. For up to date stories go to another app. The app needs an overhaul.
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7 years ago, AC4LT
Doesn't support landscape orientation on iPad
Whatever else might be good about this app, I'll never find it since it won't work in landscape orientation which is where my iPad spends much of its day.
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9 years ago, Nita87
I have no clue who determined that this update was a good idea but they clearly are simple. This app is being deleted and I will be using another source. I cannot watch videos at work so when I want to read about something I used this app until the latest update jacked it up.
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10 years ago, DMV res
Ok but lacking
Functionality is great- metro status is awesome, much simpler than WMATA's versions. However the news section only shows headlines and top stories, I need a way to look at each region like the normal site.
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9 years ago, Diebreak
Bad pictures, no content
Title sums it are such low resolution they all look like they were taken out of focus. And the is zero content with the story. Bring back the older version...still poor images but some worthwhile content. One star is one too many.
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9 years ago, Need a nickname no one had
Updated App
This is terrible! I can't read the stories since they updated the App. I don't care for the video version, I want to read the stories. I can see the headlines but there's no story coming up. I am deleting this app. What a waste of money. Their previous app was great before - very user-friendly. Bye, bye WJLA.
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12 years ago, Flipdizzys
I love this app
I have been looking for something like this for a while.
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9 years ago, Muhle3
No text?!?
Thought it was a technical glitch, but apparently not. There is no text, only video. Absolutely useless. Who has the time or luxury of watching a news clip each time you find something interesting in this news. Fail.
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7 years ago, dwest1023
It Was working fine
Now when he program loads, it shows you how to operate the program, but then there is no way to access it. What junk New version now locks up after selecting a article. Program is unusable
Show more
6 years ago, SuperGrlG
No sound??
Not sure what is wrong with the videos but I get no sound even at full volume while all my other music and video apps work just fine. Wanted to see the 7 on your side videos but no luck. Oh well!
Show more
10 years ago, Jmdc1
Great update!
Way, way better! Finally a great app for DC news, sports and weather.
Show more
5 years ago, cpenk1111
Need Apple TV app
Where is the Apple TV app???? Maybe I don’t want to watch this on my phone. Something to think about. Please make an Apple TV app.
Show more
9 years ago, DaisyDog23
Dislike the update
I am now ready to delete this app since I can no longer read the news stories I want to. I'd rather read than listen to a video story. NBC4 news will be my choice. Sorry to see you go.
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9 years ago, Dpb1198
Last update
The last update made the app completely useless. Try beta testing prior to release. While your at it hire a proof reader. More spelling and grammatical errors in your articles than any other site I read.
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9 years ago, The REAL 👑 Elizabeth
Horrible Update
The update of this app was completely hopeless and unnecessary. The text is missing and would pulled up it appears as if its inoperable. Video feed only is by far the worst idea. Please, put texts back with the articles.
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9 years ago, Nmmlsa3
Deleted due to update
This app is worthless since the update. I couldn't even get the videos to play although I, too, prefer to read articles rather than watch videos. App deleted.
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9 years ago, Screwimo
No article text!
Where had the article text gone?Having a headline ticker is of no use to me without the ability to read the actual article. Please fix asap or revert to the old app.
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9 years ago, DaCloss
Horrible update
This was one of my fave news apps, BEFORE the update. I agree with other reviewers that videos only format is useless. If I wanted to see only videos, I'd watch the news on TV!! Deleting immediately.
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10 years ago, USMarine0913
You guys gotta do a way better job with this app,it's the nations capitol news app, im from DC, you need better reporting on the crime there and the politics there, basically keep it real not this shine on image of DC your reporting and change that ugly gold & blue of the app, basically redesign this thing!!!
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9 years ago, Folsomite
Too many Promo notifications
I used to use this app but now I get pelted with unwanted notifications like "we're live at Good Morning. Join us". Pleeeeze. Just dumping the whole app rather than turning off notifications.
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9 years ago, Lmg5
No text articles
Horrible app since the update. Only videos are shown. I don't want to watch the news - I want to read it. Not a single text article shows up.
Show more
7 years ago, urbabaman
App is terrible
This new app is terrible is jump around as you try to scroll to read stories you like. It's so annoying I now just still NBC 4 Fox5. On tv good station your new app terrible. Get your money back.
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