4.5 (16)
18 MB
Age rating
Current version
joerg piringer
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

4.5 out of 5
16 Ratings
7 years ago, WADE1217
Outside The Box
This application is uniquely different in that it is as much art (performance art?) as it is entertaining. I am so pleased that Joerg decided to take the time to update this application to support iOS 11. It means that I can continue to use this enjoyable app when I need a quick mental recharge at work. I recommend you check out all of Joerg Piringer's apps as they are all refreshingly different, mentally engaging (artistically), and fun to play with. (My honest opinion!)
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4 years ago, BAR112
Just what I was looking for! obnoxious-noise-generator! App creates a bunch of random annoying and weird sounds. For most, that would be a turn-off. However, this is just what I need to annoy the undesirables. So, thanks, developer!
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6 months ago, Squirrel7232
A lot of fun
Lots of fun when you’re bored and great for annoying friends on road trips
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6 years ago, Persnickety
Very cool!
It’s very entertaining, watching and listening...makes me smile!
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6 years ago, :)***(:***:)***(:***:)***(:
It’s fun for when you’re bored
I love it
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2 years ago, rileyc603
this does exist
this is definitely a thing that exists. wish i could spawn more than 32 letters though
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14 years ago, Chaaru_
Spent about 30 mins into this and it's really quite clever and very creative. It's funny to see the letters in "bird" mode and see them chase each other then send a red deletion arrow after them. >:3 Oh and it's worth it to put on headphones when using this. It really does make a difference.
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13 years ago, eliasfoley
The single star reviews are hilarious
They say more about the simple depth of this program than I could with a gushing 5 star ramble. Awesome app, but not for everyone (it seems).
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14 years ago, lg_1995
waste of money
don't even buy this it's so stupid. i wasted money on this and it's not like it was just $0.99. I'm even mad at myself for buying it. hopefully whoever made this will update it and actually make it cool. i thought it was some cool beatbox thing. no. I thought u press buttons and then it keeps making the sound. and i thought that the buttons wouldn't make the sounds of LETTERS. ugh. it doesn't even deserve the one star i gave it. i only put that cuz i couldn't submit the review without rating it.
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14 years ago, mchlnrvs
Sesame street on acid
Really cool app- great job- if your creative u can use this in your music- if u're not u can have fun just goofing around- either way it's fun and inventive-
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14 years ago, unixgold
clever game
One of the more novel games I've seen recently. It's a lot of fun, great for tge kids too! They love it.
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14 years ago, Nickygee
Hands down awesome
Almost endless possibilities with this. Hours of fun, no joke.
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14 years ago, miniaturekites
This App Rules
It's a lot of fun to play with and discovering new functions is a joy.
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14 years ago, technekai
sound toy for everyone
a playful sound and abstract art app for young and old alike. if you feel the urge to play with letters, get the app and start having fun! i especially liked combining behaviors from different "modes" or "levels."
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14 years ago, Pocketgawd
Really fun
greAt game soooo fun so many possibilities and combinations. Simply awesome
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12 years ago, J Dhabi
Should've listened to the reviews
Darn what a mistake. I'm a first grade teacher and thought my students would love this. Oh boy did this one bomb. I don't like it and neither do they. Boring. Lame. Not worth 2 bucks. This is free app material.
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14 years ago, datura138
this is art!
is it music?
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14 years ago, Urgin
This app has no depth, it's not musc you make. ever time a letter hits the edge of te screen it just makes the spud of the letter. This app is not worthy of it's price
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14 years ago, RLarrett
Very creative, great fun.
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13 years ago, coopernick
Luv it sooooooo much!
I luv this app sooooooo much!
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13 years ago, Griffville
Luv it!
My little girl luvs this app. Very cool!
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14 years ago, jose.d.14
dont buy et
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