ABCya Games: Kids Learning App

4.4 (29.4K)
41.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for ABCya Games: Kids Learning App

4.4 out of 5
29.4K Ratings
7 months ago, The amazing digital circus
What I want you to fix
Hi guys, ABC is a really fun game but I want you guys to fix one thing that when I play at school it’s free but when I play it on my device at home it’s not free so I want you guys to fix that and that is it but you guys have made a really fun game for kids and I appreciate it so hope you guys fix this because like I really want to play. ABC ya on my phone at home. and if you fix it thank you so that’s all I want to say. Hope you fix it bye😁😁😁
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6 months ago, Ryleepoopoooroooroopoop
ABCYa ! Special needs to play 1st Second third fourth fifth 6+
Hi My name is Rylee Duffy Bayona I Play ABC Ya everywhere in the world and you can also download it on the App Store RDBFam so the only one is going on abcya now I don’t need to wait Anniversary starts in January 2, 2024 and New Year’s Eve has a very special announcement RDBFam we have a very special special special special special special special special special special special special special special super great announcement that is coming up on New Year’s Eve so make sure you come down low because we need 2 million subscribers and 80 family need 18 million because we have very special channels that are coming up Are RDBFAM gaming so we have a very special channel is coming up this winter and spring we have a winter and spring channels Summer and autumn channels that are coming up soon which we have also have some RDBFAM snacks which are coming up this winter and when is it gonna snow you’re gonna start the season come out and the merch has gone good RDBFam it’s so nice to meet you by now we’re gonna go soon so it’s gonna be a little upsetting but we’re gonna start A RDBFAM gamingChannel so make sure you go down because we need 18 million subscribers on there too so make sure you call me down below and call me this instant or else the snacks will eat you
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4 years ago, jose M 031779
This is good but...
This is a really good game. The problem is that it isn’t free. At school it’s free but at home it’s not. We get six games each week. One of the games is called make an animation. I really like that game but something is wrong with it. I play it with an iPad. And every time I play when I want to add a new slide it kicks me out of the game! And if i press the play button it kicks me out again. So can you fix this game it’s a really good game but it kicks me out. I’m not really complaining about 6 free games a week. The only problem is that I need you guys to fix the animation game. But other than that this is a really good game. Usually people would complain about the game costing money. And I am too but that ok. Hope you guys fix the Make A Animation game! It’s one of my favorites so can you guys fix it? 🥺. This is an edit on my comment. Its gotten so bad I can’t even load into the game “make an animation”. Which is one of my favorite games. I’m only rating it a 5 star because I feel bad. And the games are really fun. But Make An Animation is not working for me. It always crashes and kicks me out. But now I can’t even load into the game! So please fix this!🥺🥺🥺
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5 years ago, Brandy C
I play this at school
Hey 👋🏻 so I play this at school because it’s free so I thought it would be free on this device too and I was able to play non free games without logging in for just a little amount of time but then as time progressed I saw more and more games where you had to login to play and it made me 😡. And if I’m not mistakin we only get 5 free games and I don’t get enough games that are the “make your own”games and I really really like them but am not happy that we only get 5 free games each WEEK so I would really like it if we had more than 5 free games and could we also get new free games each DAY because it’s not fun waiting for a whole week just to get 5 more free games so I was hoping we could either get more free games a week or 5 free games each day and I also hope you could put more make your own games on the free for the week list.I hope you respond. Bye 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👌🏻(side not the game is really fun when you don’t have to pay)
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1 year ago, 💩😂💩😂💩😂😂😂💩
I hate how games need to be subscribed to because some people can’t afford to subscribe every week or month or even every year so I hate how abcya makes you pay. Like at school it is free and you get to play every game you to play but I can’t because I can’t subscribe to it so that is a bummer huh. And I wish I could just play at least 20 games that is the least I could ask for so I’m not even rating y’all two stars for this y’all might think I’m a Karen or some sort but I don’t care because you should let everyone play every game like I hate how you have to subscribe to literally every game in the AppStore and they claim it is for a better experience but I just want to play the darn game like god lee is that a lot to ask for so if you could remove the subscription from the game I would redownload the game and leave a better report for this game. And it’s not that I don’t like the game I actually love this game but because of subscriptions. And games like this one would probably get better reviews if they did not have subscriptions. and I spent all my time writing a review wow what a shame
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1 year ago, iampro375783
Sort of a cash grab, although not all bad.
TL;DR - Games are free on PC, don’t bother with this app. You’ll get the same thing on a computer. I’m sure you were expecting a review from some 5 year old on their mothers phone. But no, I actually have some intellect. So if you’re the dev, or some curious parent scrolling through bad reviews, here you are. Most of the reviews don’t really explain the bad part about this so let me give a quick rundown. This app is free, but you only get a small selection of games. The rest you have to pay for. This would be fine! In fact I understand that y’all need to make money. However… the PC version.. is free? That means there is absolutely no reason for this to cost money. Yes, I understand the devs have to make money somehow. But I’m not sure how you can do that when your PC version of the app is FREE. Because then, what’s the point? I don’t mean to come off as harsh. Some of the games are genuinely pretty cool, although some may be lacking. Even though I might be older then the target audience for most of the games, some of them still hold up to be decent. But back to my original point, there’s no reason for this to cost money. You know a simple solution? Make the app itself cost money. But make it fairly cheap. I wouldn’t complain as much then. Otherwise this is sort of a cash grab.
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4 years ago, Redfish_309
Ok, really?
First if all, I’m not really writing a review about ABCya! Itself, I’m writing about the mobile app. The online site offers hundreds of free games, but ABCya! App only offers six. I write this review because when it asked me to log in to play a game, a couldn’t create an account or anything, and that upset me. The site itself is fun, even though I’m a seventh grader I still enjoy it. I would give ABCya! 5 stars, but the app a whopping 0. I absolutely recommend the site, and unless you’ve got money to pay for an otherwise free game I would steer clear of the app. The reason I wanted to download the app was ad simple as thinking having a touch screen for some time f the games would be easier, but little did I know I wouldn’t be able to play those games. I will keep the app in hopes that the developers will change this, but if it’s been 6 months and I still can only play 6 games then the game is keeping up storage on my phone and I will delete it. Please consider this before downloading.
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7 months ago, tthhiissyyaass
When I was in like, 2nd grade, this was my absolute favorite app ever. (It was on my computer) and it was free. I would play it whenever I got the chance. But now I am really disappointed since now you have to pay for all of my favorite games! It is really sad to know that now you guys are making helpless kids pay to play fun educational games. My only suggestion is to remove the subscription. If you do, I, and many kids will really enjoy it more than it is right now. But otherwise, this is one of the best apps I had, and I give you a lot of credit, since it was so fun when it was free.
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7 months ago, emmamomokiki
Read this review
Look I understand that people are complaining about the subscription that you have to play every month or day but look it’s thier app they can choose to make it free on a computer or any school devices and I don’t get why all the 8 year olds are complaining it ain’t a big deal they can add subscription or whatever to the game it’s their app they get to do what they want with it the only reason I don’t like it is because that sometimes the app crashes it’s a pretty Good game for school since there’s nothing fun at school but you kids need to stop complaining about the smallest game they can choose to make it free or not it ain’t your app smh😤😬
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4 years ago, *~Heythere!~*
So, this app is great but there is a few problems with it. Like it does this, When you chose a mini game, sometimes it’s like “This game needs you to log in. Or sign up. Or waste your money buying a subscription just to get premium”. See what I mean? I would rate this like 5 stars but ^ that up there is why I didn’t. Now, I have no money so obviously I can’t really pay to get “premium”. I know if any of the developers see this, they are probably gonna just say this “Oh then you can just stick to playing the free version” I’m sorry but no, I can’t. That is because mostly the games I play on here, need you to “log in” or “spend money on getting premium”. That it why I gave it 2 stars. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Turtlefiend1017
Fix the game for Jose, please!! We love it too!!
I really wish I could add a comment onto Jose m… the kid that likes the make an animation game that can’t get it to work! It was really such a sweet review and I really hope the game was fixed for him! My son loves ABCya. He uses it at school and at home and I love that the games are fun and that he’s also learning! So far we haven’t had issues or glitches like Jose, my son likes the make an animation game also. All in all we are happy with the app!
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5 years ago, Dcurt12
Awesome 😎
Hi 👋🏻 so one ☝🏻of the things I love ❤️ about this game is that it is all about learning so anyway I am 7 in a half years old thank you 😊 for creating this game and I am about to go to second grade I play this at school 🏫 a lot you know how much I love ❤️ this game guys please make more learning games my favorite games are hold the phone 📱an idle game adventure man 👨🏿 you know I played a lot of adventure man 👨🏿 games that is all so please add some new games I really love ❤️ you people so so so much bye 👋🏻 PS plz make more updates Lilah
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10 months ago, Iasdzdrydgd
I love it but
I play this at school 🏫 so now that I am vacation time I could play so I thought I could play adaption mind so I looked 👀 and I saw Abcya so I downloaded it I wanted to play my favorite game 🤠but it said that I need to put my name and email 📧 I wanted to ask my mom 👩🏻 but I didn’t want to bother her I know when she gets mad 😡 but I do not want to talk about that so now that she finally finished ✅ I am going to ask her and is going to be my story bye 😘
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5 years ago, chucky3000
Locks you out and forces you to create an account
Deeply frustrated with this developer. After working fine for many months, they decided to lock the app up until you create an account. Never mind that the thieves will continue to steal money out of your checking account every month even though you cannot use the app. This seems to be a violation of Apple’s terms of service. My Apple ID, and the money I pay via my App Store account are supposed to be all my kid needs to fire up the app. Instead, I’ve been paying for my kid to see this stupid “create an account” screen. I was fine paying every month, but then they decided to make the app useless while still taking my money.
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2 weeks ago, Pinkiesophiepie
This is good, but
When I just stop playing a game, it just shows me my password and my address and stuff. I mean my mom doesn’t allow me to do this and stuff but I still read a five star like when you know there’s not much to do around the game, like I thought when he first download it, it would give me like games for free but it was like nope you have to give you password email address and etc.
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3 years ago, Mr. Commenter
childhood god
this… was my whole CHILDHOOD. sad that it isn’t free at home, but when i used to play this in elementary for free at school, HOLY this was fun. everyone would play it and enjoy it for hours under the teachers noses, especially on free days. my fav game was probably any of the duck lives, and if you played this when you were younger at school, i call you a real OG. may this game live on. i’ll make sure to play this at my high school graduation
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2 years ago, jjjjri
Kinda good but…
Hi ABC ya so I’m writing this review because somethings wrong with this game first of all the first game I was going to play. It said you need to subscribe or only for subscribers and I just exited out and I played one game and it was fine make a Christmas tree, but, all of the games that I played it said the same thing that I need to subscribe so I tried doing some stuff but it wouldn’t work so I just deleted it maybe you need to fix that and just let it be free because now I had to play it on my sisters computer so please fix this ABC ya 😡☹️🥺
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6 years ago, JamesonRBailey
I am a fourth grader and I love this app I use it constantly and I learn so much I mostly enjoy going on State bingo it challenges me so much I some times use this app at school but not all the time another game I enjoy playing on ABCya is latitude and longitude treasure hunt I play it in school a lot in all you should definitely get this app for yourself your children or child or other don’t forget to ask an adult for permission Thank you very much have a wonderful day.
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4 years ago, Ava838383
This game is absolutely not good I’d say it’s good when you’re at school and your teacher is watching your computer and you have nothing to do I have a complaint and I am writing this a two star review because at school everything is free but only one game is good but at home you have to pay that is the problem so this is the complaint, you also had to sign up for a trial and it’s absolutely disgusting also you have to think that some of these people going on ABCYA is in preschool or the highest grade they’ll be on abcya is 4th grade. Now for this I will change my rating to a 1 absolutely mordifying do better ABCYA.
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1 month ago, ranen hair
Abcay is good
I live as ay so much then you dúo exert made it yet but it is still on for me to be there at church tomorrow and I have a lot to go with the kids and I will be there at all about it and I just have a lot to go on to say I know that you have a good time and attendance at the park but you don’t know if I have a time or something like this but I’m just not going on a vacation to do you have a great day at work
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2 years ago, viktor aw man
Somethings just don’t work
So I’m playing on iPad this game called one button carnival or something just doesn’t let me get in every time I try there’s just a black screen so please fix this and make the subscription cheaper and there’s only like 10 games you can play set the only thing I’m asking for you is the fix the game called one button carnival please and thank you
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3 years ago, 😊 gamer girl LOL
I loved this game for a while on computers at school, I kept on asking my mom, to let me play it again. She was busy on her computer, and she found this app. At first, I was So excited! Because, I haven’t played this game in years! But then we had to subscribe to it, but I was still hopeful. Then My mom said she’s not subscribing to this app. So now I’m Writing this. I’m mad and sad. Mad enough to say a bad word, and sad enough to cry. Can’t a girl play some games here?!? 😞 I’m sorry i only gave you one star. But it’s just stupid that we have to subscribe! And all that nonsense! 😫😫 please fix all this wacky stuff so some kids cane have some fun!
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5 years ago, Milion dollar man
Biggest mistake
I had fun doing ABC YA but suddenly the account was not working and I couldn’t even figure it out and we had to pay 4.99 like $4.99 like that’s not good because I’m not enjoying it I did five stars because I like the way they did it but hundred percent I did not like when they had to pay $4.99 but for some reason I feel like they’re gonna change it back to normal next year in 2020
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1 year ago, Great app I guess so far
Why a Subscription?
So,I play this game a lot at school because it’s really really fun!!!But I don’t think there should be a subscription…I mean, some kids want to play but can’t because of the subscription.. Some may want to and see that you have to have a subscription and ask a parent and the parent say no..So if there are any changes you add to the app, maybe make it where you don’t have to have a subscription or pay for an app to play lots of fun games!! 🤍
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4 months ago, kinda works not really
I can’t really play the games
I can’t play the games because it’s making me become a subscriber but now to play,I need to do it again and it’s annoying! I’m only in 2nd grade! WHY?!? Bro,I gave the game my birthdate (no telly)! And now I feel like I need to do both! All I wanted to do was play All About Me,but no,I need to type my email,password and birthdate! Why is the game making me do this?!? Please make an update that allows you to play without having to do any of that work. -EmilyGamer
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7 years ago, BetterGamingMLG.memes
I love this app, but....
I love this app and I'm a child playing this on my iPad, but I HATE that you have to log in to an account, and PAY 4.99 a month. My parents will be mad if I get an account, and all I can play are the free games of the week, so can you take the having to log into an account to play the non free games? Because there is no having to log onto an account on a computer/laptop, because I have one myself.
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5 years ago, EGCmommy
Love it
I love this game it helps you learn I am in third grade and I just can’t get off it I know that it might seem weird but this is pretty much the only game I play cause it works and I can learn from it I can’t take my mind off it pls let me know if you want to make a change cause i love it and need this game it makes learning so fun. Thank you for this app Sincerely:Elena:)
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3 years ago, Squashiscool100
Not fun at all
Don’t download this app it makes you lose money at each cost ad at least you need to buy the premium or the free trial and then your child wants to play but it won’t let your child play any game that’s fun but people keep saying that the app is not fun because you have to get the premium or the free trial. They also say that some of the other people will get logged out of the app because not all that the app doesn’t work on some of your devices and I deleted this and so why are you reading this? They could fix the app for people to play without spending money
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5 years ago, the CUTEST app ever
Billing and account
I like this app and I’m a kid on my phone and my parents don’t like having bills especially for apps like these so can you take off the part where you have to pay and use a account because I don’t have one but you do non of this stuff on a computer or a laptop I know because I have one so may you please take the billing and the account thank you.
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3 years ago, lina manina
Really really frustrated
I am frustrated because I am not able to enter the app to play at any point and meanwhile I was a member I submitted payment to be a member for one year $70 and every time I try to go into the app we are not able to and there is no communication back from ABC Y a even though I get emails saying we will get back to you thank you for your request but meanwhile no one‘s getting back to me so I would appreciate it if number one I receive credit for the $70 which allowed me to do nothing with this app and secondly I would like someone to confirm that we will be
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5 months ago, Peebzzzzzzzzz12345
The game is great but I’m just really upset that you have to pay for it and I would not recommend buying it. I just recommend that you make your child read books and yeah but overall definitely not what I had in mind because it said free and they lied, which made me really upset and I just wanted a game for my child to play that waslearning not the best game that’s why I’m giving it an OK but yeah and I also wish they went up to eighth grade don’t recommend buying.
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3 years ago, Drkblaydz
It’s a cool app once you log in......
So, I use this game on my computer but it just recently broke, I’m getting a new one soon. I’m trying to play games but it was such a pain to log in and I needed my moms help, after a while I finally got in. This is a really cool app once you log in, but until you log in, you can’t play games, for me aleast, therefore it’s pretty useless until you log in.
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4 months ago, Ari chocolate drop
I just love you guys very very, very, very, very, very, very very much
My review is that I hope you guys have a great great Valentine you guys are great. Your games are wonderful make more because you were really being busy you guys you’ll get paid you know you get paid for this, so you just have to work at work
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4 years ago, Pariroo
Paid, but couldn’t login
Bought this when the schools shut down due to COVID-19. Paid for a monthly subscription for several months. Deleted it because I could not login. The app allows you to search for your subscription, but the search function stinks. They found my bank account info to bill me with no problem, but could not find my subscription. Paid several months fees, yet somehow the app could not find my subscription. It would have been nice being able to use it after paying for it, but oh well.
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2 years ago, unicornpunke02
This was so fun to play this game at school. I tried to log in but i realized i was on log in not sign in. I searched the whole game for a sign in there was not a single sign in only a log in and that really annoyed me. You guys say every game of yours is free and i know that is not true because i tried to play my favorite game on there and it said i had to log in and join premium and i tried some other games the same thing happened i thought it was ridiculous where is the sign in?!?!?! Sincerely, Hadley
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4 years ago, Mrs Gragg
My son can’t even play after pod subscription
My son has been playing for a few days now- now all of a sudden I keep getting an error message and can not log in to let my child play! I have paid $9.99 for this app and he can’t even play!!! Ridiculous!
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4 years ago, jgrit8
Great but only family plan? Single child here
I think it’s a super super good app with many good learning Games and I appreciate the free desktop version. My only complaint is That to subscribe we need to buy a whole family plan. We have just one child so 10$ a month seems excessive. Please make an option for one grade level only. Then I’ll buy it for my one kid happily.
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6 years ago, KelseyEDye
Wonderful for Kids
My nieces and nephews all love this app. I love it because they get to have fun while reinforcing things they are learning in school. Their age ranges are 2 - 8 and they can all use this application. My local county also uses this website for the elementary school students. All around great and definitely worth the subscription.
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6 months ago, spirit airlines flight
the only reason
The first one was a bit too big long but i was really excited about this and the other one is a bit bigger and i love how they did this for a while but it was really cool seeing it on my wrist for a little while now and.
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3 years ago, sarabgolub
SUCH a great app. NO complaining from me. I don’t have only 6 free games a week, I can play every game all the time. There are learning games, music 🎶 games, strategy games, games for fun, read-a-loud-then-answer-questions games, and more! I can also look 👀 on games not on my grade, just for fun! I♥️♥️♥️♥️ this app!☑️✔️🙂♥️
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5 years ago, Ssr2008
The best fun experience in a child’s life
Think about the time that at school and you were mad and you did not know what to do that is when ABCya! Comes in it help kids even in college it gives kids to be excited about school I’m in 2nd grade and this is why I get a 100 on my spelling test I love you ABCya! And keep it up
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5 years ago, skylareeee
Thank you for making this app but..
I played this game on a Chromebook at my school and, I tried playing it and it made me pay 4.99. I can’t do that. Because I don’t have money to buy it. The game was Bug Factory and I wanted to play it but I had to pay and I didn’t want to. But I hope you read this message.
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3 years ago, hehuewfijijwrfh
Seriously , you can’t play any games unless you buy it for 10 dollars a month,CRAZY!!I can’t sit down and play games for a while because I need to buy them. People would be crazy to play abcya. Rethink how you make your games so you can have more people play your games. P.S DO NOT PLAY ABCYA
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4 years ago, nobody will know meh
It’s great!
My little brother plays this and he has so much fun with it. He always laughs and says stuff like this is so fun and it makes me super happy. 😁 I really like this game too! It helps him learn and he even learns new words! I would recommend this game to kids who like to have some fun!
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3 years ago, crewneck doing
I’m so frustrated because I want Play but me and my little cousin can’t because there’s only like a couple games you can play and you have to sign a contract and I really don’t want to do that and you have to pay for itYou shouldn’t
Show more
3 years ago, -w- Wolfie
Dear ABCya! Creators.
Okay first off, I have to pay to play games on mobile? Like what on earth. On pc you don’t have to pay but why can’t I play free on mobile? Like I know you want money but I don’t own a pc. Please make it free. Like, I don’t want to pay when it’s a CHILD’S game. What on heaven’s earth is wrong with you people? I want to play on mobile but I have to pay 9.99 a month. For. A. Simple. Game? Please change this. It’s unreasonable to ask people to pay when they want to play a simple Game. I realize you want to make money but, this is to much.
Show more
2 years ago, K33pYourBl!ss
No sound on newest iPad
My son is 4 and likes to play the games, but some he needs the sounds for. There are no updates and no sound whether or not I restart the app. I pay $10 a month for an app that is currently useless because it has no sound. This is poor quality on the developers part knowing most younger children use tablets and this app is useless for younger users extremely disappointed and thinking about cancelling my subscription.
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6 years ago, jdmfnhxkcmj
I love abc ya because my special ed teacher lets me play it
For free time and I’m a child in fourth grade And I’m reviewing Addition in class and I love especially the clear it edition game which I also do for free time and it helps me for when she gives me worksheets and I play clear edition when I bring my ThinkPad home each night thank U ABCya
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6 years ago, amfgaf
Great until update
My children loved this app until the recently. It now consistently crashes. If it doesn’t crash, the games won’t load. We keep getting a time out error. I tried to submit for help on their website, only to be taken to a “page not found” after typing in all the info. This has been happening for weeks. But you can be sure they still got their money for the subscription! Really disappointed and feeling like I’ve been bamboozled! 😡
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5 years ago, cacbug
Awesome game for all
This game rocks. After we do math in school, this is our prize. All the kids go nuts over it. The teachers like it too because, it’s all FUN learning games that kids love! It’s a fun way to get kids to do math and have fun all at the same time. So, you should totally get this app for whatever it costs. It’s awesome
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