ABN AndhraJyothy

3.7 (2K)
28.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
V Ganesh Babu
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for ABN AndhraJyothy

3.67 out of 5
2K Ratings
7 years ago, hemaramam
Good index of news items.
Covering all the features.
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5 years ago, Manibabu SK
Adds are annoying.
Your adds are very annoying. The adds get opened in a separate page forcing us to close the add page by an extra action. Instead it should be arranged in such a manner that only the interested people will see the add rather than a forced view on all the people viewing the your app. Otherwise this may even result in abandoning the app even though your news contentment is liked. Hope some thing will be done in this regard. Regards
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5 years ago, krishna LM
How to get paid subscription and get rid of ads
Too many advertisements, annoying. There should be an option to enroll for paid subscription and have an ad free viewing
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4 years ago, Mahi Guntupalli
App is Good but frequent adds are really annoying
App user interface looks Good but frequent adds are really so annoying. Also, app is not stable in iPhone, its getting crashed frequently. It would be good if you fix these crash and annoying adds issues asap or at least provide a provision to the user to control these adds to make it add free app.
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3 years ago, Skjsb
Fix the ads issue
Can you please provide an ad-free version of this app? The frequent popping up of ads is quite annoying. I wouldn't mind paying few bucks to get rid of ads and have clean reading experience. And the update gives blank pages in epaper section of the app on my iPad. Please fix this.
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5 years ago, RKSURYA
Andhrajyothy New Looks
Really liked the app. No glitches and loading pretty quick and feel like just a News Paper on hand
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2 years ago, gamingdad1234
Too many ads, no news
Installed it after 2yrs to check how it is and uninstalled it in 5min because there are so many ads, I could only read hardly 2 articles fully. There is no point of this to be called as news app. They should rename as an ad app with news as some added bonus!
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4 years ago, ChasingUser
Clashing often
Point in time observation: app clashing frequently from about a week or two and its so annoying. App is slow to load probably not able to keep up with demand. Crashes consistently. I’m removing it but access website in browser for news.
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4 years ago, manineni
Crashed while open
Recent times, app is being crashed while app open and not even single time successfully loaded the app. Please take a look into it and one more is two many adds in between🤨
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7 years ago, Rampadma
Lot of scope to improve the app to make it it hassle free reading of news
Cover the news with professional touch and navigation little more user friendly.
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4 years ago, abn-user
App is crashing all the times on iPhone 11
App is crashing all the times on iPhone 11
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6 years ago, Vakacherla
Crashes Often
App. Crashes while loading itself. Too many ads also. You may release non-ad version, that will be great. You may charge couple of bucks for that.
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4 years ago, sundar,matta
Very good news coverage
It is worth reading daily.
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4 years ago, Rajinsight
More unstable on iOS devices from 1 month
I’m big fan of this app, though it’s annoying with adds I’m bearing. But recently this app is crashing suddenly, happening from past 3-4 weeks. I hope developers will read this feedback and fix the issues ASAP
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6 years ago, kkr2121
Too many ads
Too many adds. Not able to close ads quickly
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6 years ago, naga raju raghava
Ban this channel and paper
This is the tv news channel and paper from Andhra Pradesh where it will only support yellow party which is called as ( TDP ) it will always shows us the fake news and will conduct debates on personal life . I from my bottom of heart tells need to block this media channel and paper . Thanks
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6 years ago, vijaya 27
Sold out and PG 25, sorry only for spoilt
The role ABN played to malign Pawan Kalyan’s character is 100% wrong. ABN always support Telugu Dream party and helps to suppress other people or party who comes in its way. Everyone knew that you are sold out. More over your live sessions in SriReddy abusing Paean is not suitable to all audiences, best suited for spoilt people who enjoys the filthy language
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7 years ago, Abnappuser
Latest release crash ads
The latest release has made the app un usable. Random ads open in the screen while browsing for news. This causes a very poor user experience and lot of frustration using this app. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Muthhu
Ads do not allow to read nees
Most of the times ads will not allow to read news
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6 years ago, chotta0012
Waste channel it promotes only fake news and manipulates the viewers minds
This the worst channel i have ever seen in mu life. This channel promotes always promotes fake news. And the debates they arrange in this channel are very worst. If there is a option with 0 stars i would select for 0 for this. Its waste channel.
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6 years ago, Lokeshhh
Dumps malware into Phone
After installing and access this App, feels like somebody else controlling my phone. Automatically opens other Apps, camera, calling ppl, etc.. need to check security aspects properly before launching to public.
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3 years ago, Sunebala
This paper expresses the present day events and happenings in a daring and dashing way and straight away reaches the mind and soul of its readers.
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4 years ago, DMK @ Inampudi
App crashing since last one month in iPhone X
App crashes immediately after loading
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5 years ago, gangs66
Baagundi CBN coverage
Getting most updated news international and national.
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6 years ago, banda@113
This channel/paper is very much biased to the TDP from day 1 and showed all false information when TELANGANA moment was at the peak. This channel/paper tried to divert the country with its own agenda and never cares about common people. Actual rating should be no star.
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4 years ago, kum9999
Good App
After iOS 13.3.1 update the app is getting crashed while opening and it closes. Please work on it
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6 years ago, Vinay Kavala
Never seen such a biased channel!!
I have never seen such a biased channel in the whole history that I know of. discussing about people instead of ideas itself determines your character. Shame on AP media - (Yellow Media)
Show more
6 years ago, paathakudu
Weekend comment by RK the best.
Don’t highlight trivial things like illicit relations, murders etc
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4 years ago, StupidReader
Crashing frequently
Since yesterday the new version of the app crashes frequently.
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6 years ago, teluguman
Political terrorist
Only meant to sabotage other political parties than his own. Filing a complaint to information and broadcasting department, New delhi. Now put this on your show for your TRP ratings. We dare you, if no body watches you, you will eventually go bankrupt.
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5 years ago, ghantaprasad
Excellent maintenance and good performance
Perfect news coverage
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6 years ago, SureshJetty
Caste based channel
I have spent lot of watching ABN, it’s just a playground for TDP government We Report. You Decide. Is the tag line for this channel. As per my experience from watching ABN channel, this tag line means We Report - “Either they report what they receive from TDP or they cook up hype stories for TDP and report” You decide - “Either you believe all the lies they talk to pitch TDP as the best party for Telugu people or do not watch ABN and do yourself a favor
Show more
4 years ago, Srika7352783
It started crashing with recent app update on iPhoneXR. Make sure you test the updates thoroughly on all popular mobile models. I am uninstalling ths app, you need to serious guys.
Show more
6 years ago, kishore yarra
Good one
Keep going
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6 years ago, Jagadeesh Bantrotu
Misleading society with the news
Yellow journalism and supports Telugu Dream Party leaders and provokes everyone by showing that party news favoring to them and on top of that provokes others to talk about that party positively by conducting debates in their channel and to insult other parties and leaders.
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4 years ago, RammiRon
iPad version is messing up
Is there anyway you can fix the iPad version of this app. Always have issues. I like ABN. But these errors and hang ups are causing me to look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, JagsRed
Bogus News channel
This is one of the corrupted news channel. They always show only about Telugu Desam Party. Whatever they do is right , whatever others do is wrong . One sided bogus channel. Not good for better India
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4 years ago, Venkatgnex
Annoying ads
Full of annoying ads all over the screen
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5 years ago, Naren'S
App is not at all useful and unusable
Random ad will come while clicking on news and never closes even we press ‘X’ mark. No user experience at all.
Show more
6 years ago, Sujikrishna
Fake news always
It is completely fact news
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4 years ago, nagumothu
Crashing app
This app is crashing all the time someone has to look why it is happening frequently
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5 years ago, RaghavCharan
Biased channel . Always support tdp
We cannot believe this channel news as it always support tdp even though there is wrong in TDP side. This looks odd and I strongly believe this channel is supporting TDP only based on caste or community.
Show more
8 months ago, NGIPLTD
Worst to core news app ever come across
Crashes, lousy layout, complex design app makes it tough to scrape through
Show more
6 years ago, Praveen93
Never ever had the stability in displaying the content and used to get stuck very often
Show more
6 years ago, vwsd
Ban this for better society
Also gave feedback as shown below. "This news channel is corrupted, biased, working for one political party and one community which is very dangerous and harmful for society
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4 years ago, rapov
App Crashes all the time
App crashes all the time and ads are annoying
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4 years ago, AshokAbhi
Wrost Chanel and paper
They don’t fallow proper journalism only spread fraud news every time I never seen such type of Chanel in India wrost news chaneel. Use these tag line : cast felling peoples must watch only
Show more
6 years ago, sirilb
Injurious to society
This channel broadcasts and supports people of one particular community and political party. Most of the time it presents about personal issues or hate speech. It’s very dangerous for the society.
Show more
6 years ago, lokesssh
Don’t watch- caste biased scam channel
Thus channel is a caste biased channel favoring their caste people and caste party -TDP. They and always try to show bad about their opposition IR other caste people. Very dangerous to the society. Don’t watch this channel!!!
Show more
6 years ago, Harikk77
Worst Channel
This news channel most of the times telecasts fake news and always tries to exploit celebrities. Always arranges useless and nudity related debates. Brings useless people to debates and provocative discussions. WASTE NEWS AND CHANNEL YELLOW MEDIA SUPPORTERS OF RULING POLITICAL PARTIES
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