Abraham Hicks VortexAttraction

4.3 (110)
141.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Marc Mollicone
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Abraham Hicks VortexAttraction

4.33 out of 5
110 Ratings
4 years ago, Cutefitrue45
Issue with the app opening after Apple IOS 14
This app has been my go resource to uplift and start my Fay everyday for the past few months. The words of Abraham have keep me in such a great mood it’s hard to describe with words. The only reason I gave it a four is because I can no longer access the app since the new Apple IOS 14. I am hoping someone reads this that came update the app. Thanks so much for all you do for this world. I am excited to continue my journey to enlightenment.
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8 years ago, FluxtheMaster
My daughters (7,2) listen to these "songs" every night before bed. The immediate calming energy along with complete aligned phrases takes me right into the best state of being I have ever experienced so far in my journey. I have listened to these meditation enough that they are programmed fully in my subconscious and come out in my thoughts at the perfect time. These mediations have helped me re-pattern my thoughts enough to create an "obvious tipping point" throughout my whole life. Anyone who is guided to these meditations for whatever reason will forever be changed in the best of way. Well worth every cent and more! I actually don't feel you can put a price on how valuable these mediations are.
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8 years ago, BeffieG
Life Changing!
These guided meditations have been amazing for both myself and my young daughter. She is 7 now, but since her first listen at about 3-4, she will request them at both bedtime or after periods of emotional distress. Often she falls asleep, but the first 7 minutes (of guided breathing and positive affirmations, accompanied by almost- lullaby music) are perfect for transporting one into "the Vortex"... Highly recommended for even the most hyper child, and the racing mind of anyone 3-300 years old!
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4 years ago, daph1111
Meditations no longer load
The meditations on this app are incredible, but sadly the meditations no longer load! I have reached out via e-mail and with no response I am hoping leaving a message here will help update the app to work. If you have an iPhone with the 14 os update I would hold off from downloading this app until it’s fixed.
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6 years ago, cathyh
Easy, relaxing, effective - I appreciate this!
I have used these meditations through this app for about a year now, and I highly recommend this product. The music and the words and the relaxation that ensues are helpful no matter where you are energetically, or how you feel. Even if your mind is racing about things in your life, the music and the promptings for breathing are beneficial to greater peace, alignment and joy. Many thanks to all cooperative components!
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4 years ago, TheBookDoctor
Don’t Hesitate — Just Get This App!!!
If I could give this app 10 stars, I would. Between Esther’s soothing voice, Abraham’s wise and comforting words, and the beautiful fairy tale–like music, these meditations are the most centering, empowering 15 minutes I spend each day. Love, love, LOVE this beautiful app!! Thank you so much, Esther, Jerry, and Abraham! I never enjoyed meditating until I got this app ... now it’s one of the things I look forward to most. xoxo!
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4 years ago, willowgerl
Good time for an update!
Update, 10/5: thanks for fixing the playback bug! This is such a wonderful app and I love the meditations, using them regularly. I’m happy to see the developers are coming out with an updated version, since the Meditations no longer load with this newest iOS update. Can’t wait to see what you have planned!
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8 years ago, n7ki
Amazing meditations
Accessible and convenient to help you shift your thoughts to a positive direction in any sphere of life you are experiencing challenges (money, health, love, general well-being...). Love it being so easy to use-both text and audio-and on my iPhone. I first bought it as mp3 files. But an app on the he phone is so much more convenient.
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3 years ago, Essabeth
Stopped working
Update: I was able to get it to work by using the “open” link here in the App Store. It just won’t work using directly from my phone. Weird. Happy I found a work around, but would be nice if it worked from my phone. I love this app! I hadn’t used it in a while and when I tried recently I found it doesn’t work any more. Very sad about it, please fix it.
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5 years ago, Oddball76
Alignment at its Finest! This Works for all ages!
Thank you JERRY and ESTHER Hicks for creating this app for is to use everyday, morning, noon and night! This is the best way to get into your breath and focus on loving yourself! Do it alone or call it a group meditation night! This practice is so fun! The universe yields to you often so many gifts! The question is, are you allowing them in? Enjoy!
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4 years ago, Lenny Glndo
No joke it REALLY works!! I have never written a review for an app before, this is how honest I’m being. Since the day I started doing the financial abundance meditation so so so many great financial blessings have been coming my way. I am telling you this app has already paid for itself MANY times. Get this app don’t hesitate it REALLY works!!!
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2 years ago, WinnerMindset
This app changed my life.
I legitimately have lifted so many up with the changes that this app has created within me. Highly recommend to anyone looking for great change in their lives. Be positive, be prosperous. Best of luck on your journey! Thank You Abraham! Grateful for you Esther Hicks 🤍
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2 years ago, 
Issue with App after opening
Love this app but now when I open it, you can no longer see all the different guided meditations. Very disheartening. Can you please fix this issue? ***UPDATE: JAN 27, 2022*** Opened up the app today and again, can no longer see the guided meditations. Can you fix this issue (again)? ***UPDATE: JAN 31, 2022***App not working (again). Can you fix this issue?***UPDATE: FEB 6, 2022***Not showing the meditations (AGAIN). Can you please fix this?
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4 years ago, E Fitbit
Great App but....
Been using the app for a while & love it but since iOS 14, it no longer will play the meditations. Very disappointing I can’t play them anymore. Can this be fixed??! Update: Thank you for updating the app so it works with iOS 14! So happy to be able to use it again!
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4 years ago, s.tacomom
Doesn’t work after iOS update
I really enjoyed the meditations but they won’t load since my latest iOS update. Kinda felt like a waste of $$ if it won’t be updated as well.
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7 years ago, burntplain
Get into the vortex and then..
I heard about the meditation series through various mentions in seminar audios. I was confused as to if this was the same thing/why it was in app form. But yes, this is all the different guided meditations pre loaded. They always raise my vibration and I'm thankful for the ease I feel while listening. Get this app.
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6 months ago, Xhhsbrzh
All good
Other reviews speak of glitchiness or not being able to connect, but it seems all is fine now, as it works flawlessly for me.
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11 months ago, Skygazer567
Stopped working - freezes when opening
The app worked great until it didn’t. The splash page comes up, but that’s it. Doesn’t go beyond that. I’ve deleted and reinstalled with the same result over the last week. I’ll keep trying and will update my review if it starts again. Unfortunate, as I really enjoyed the simplicity of having the meditations so readily accessible.
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4 years ago, IM_71
The app is not working after recent iOS update
I hope developer will read this review. This is a wonderful app that I have been using every day for the last year for guided meditations by Abraham. However, the app stopped working after the recent iOS 14 update. Can you please fix it.
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2 years ago, martacast
Please fix it
I've been using it for a long time but it currently takes forever to load, I'm talking minutes. I think the developer should do something about it bc it's a pretty good resource and right now it's ruined. Thank you
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1 year ago, ParkCityGirl
Best Meditation App EVER
10 out of 5 stars. I have several meditation tools that I like, but if I could only pick one it would be Esther and Abraham all day long!!
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4 years ago, Disnified Marge
Please Update for iOS 14.0.1
This is the most frequently used app on my iPhone. Waiting (sort of) patiently for update to make it compatible with iOS 14.0.1. Thanks tech people and thanks Esther & Abe for EVERYTHING.
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4 years ago, Kardash Kelsaw
A wonderful tool
This app, was one of the best investments in my life. Even my son who is 5 years old, ask me every night for his Vortex meditation. Is a must have if you are In love with Abraham’s teachings.
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4 years ago, Lovebone
No longer works.
After the latest updates, the app will no longer play the meditations. Just spins. PLEASE FIX!!!!
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8 years ago, Reloved
Worth every penny!
These guided meditations have changed my life and become part of a daily meditation ritual. I hope the are as helpful for you as they are for me! Peace.
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5 months ago, Infinity gal
Is the app close?
I’ve had this app for sometime now and I love it but now it won’t open.
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5 years ago, DJSumLove
This is it
Releasing resistant thoughts are key, therefore Meditation is key. So, just get the app, read all the intros and get started on your journey to a clearer, more expansive, more fun, more connected-to-Source life!! ✌️🧡🔥🧡
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3 weeks ago, julez717
I don't know who developed this app but I am very grateful!
I don't know who developed this app but I am very grateful!
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4 months ago, 👍!WOW!
In these quickly changing times, profound peace is to be had with Esther’s soothing voice assurance that all is indeed well!
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9 months ago, mariuwe
It doesn’t work on new updates
Please fix this. This app cannot keep up with iPhone updates. One of the reasons is to have a quick way to access Abraham Hicks material and especially these beautiful meditations. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Suepeaceluv
I am grateful for this app. Thank you for guiding me to meditate daily. I also love the accompanying text.
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5 years ago, Sweet Shugs
Great App, please add more
We love this app, my daughter asks for it & goes to sleep to it every night. She wishes they would add more meditations :)
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9 years ago, testcrash
Daily use-awesome meditation app
Love this app and concepts and have been using it regularly now. Life has been great!
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8 years ago, cjonthehill
Sound quality is poor
Love the meditations, however the sound quality is terrible with hissing and crackling like an old vinyl album. Would get 5 stars if they could make a modern clean digital recording.
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9 years ago, PGurnick
I use this often and find it helps me shift through my day. I LOVE ABE!
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8 years ago, Gerulatt
Awesome App
I am using this to create the habit of mediating every day and it is helping me tremendously. Try it! :)
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4 years ago, EESSPP
Not working with the latest apple update
I used to sleep every night listening to the meditations however it’s been 4 days since the latest update that the app is not working :(
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7 years ago, Fc judcfswgv sg
Use it often
Use it all day he time. Love it!
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4 years ago, astridhrh
Meditations don’t play anymore
I don’t know what happened but mediations don’t play anymore just keep on buffering forever. This happened after I updated to new iOS.
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12 years ago, MadeleineL
5 stars for content and 3 stars for usability
The content of this application is magnificent. The meditation music, Abraham's comments, the rhythm of it all, and the effectiveness of it are all wonderful. The application designed is not very comfortable in mainly in two reasons. The first is that the text of the instructions is very small and I had to use a magnifying lens to read it; it is not resizable and has no landscape mode. The second is that one has to read through the same lines of text to locate a meditation because they are not recognizable one from the other at a glance. After reading the guides once or twice, every time I am going to open this application it will be for the meditations, so it would be nice if they were easy to locate within the application.
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9 years ago, Apc1123
Love this
I am so pleased to have this app. It is wonderful.
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4 years ago, Uggghhh
Not working
It's not working and I'm extremely disappointed. I purchased this recently and I can't get it to work at all. Please help.
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4 years ago, KP VT
No longer works after iOS 14 update...
Audio unable to load.
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9 years ago, Tsubo1
The best meditation app on the planet! The flow of empowering words and that mesmerizing music is delicious! Such sweet surrender... Ahhhh!
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8 years ago, Infinitegrace2902
Can't use
Bought today. Can listen to intro but can't get to the meditations.
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4 years ago, kimberly2457
Please do an app update
Please update this app. I really love but it doesn’t work in ios14.
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5 years ago, artYoda
Transformation at its best! Powerful message and I love you !!!!! Love, Mona
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4 years ago, ChrisYesYesYes
Update Broken
On IOS14 with an iphone Xs you get the spinning wheel of infinite patience instead of audio. Please fix.
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4 years ago, gmraic
meditations won’t open
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13 years ago, dtweiss
Ignore that 1st review. The APP is great!
It is true there is no explanation of the "SYNC" icon but I clicked it and it appeared to look for updates to the application and took about 5 minutes to do it. While updating the APP is busy but if you get impatient just click CANCEL and do it later when you are not in a rush. The app is much like the book except it makes it available on your mobile device. I love the bonus meditation track which is the same as the other tracks but without words. The book has expanded my meditation practice to a daily ritual after years of trying to get into it unsuccessfully and now the APP will keep it with me all the time. I give it 5 stars because there is nothing out there like it. I just ask that they come out with an iPad Hi Res version soon so it looks nice in the iPad.
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