Aceable – Driving School App

4.9 (85.4K)
51.6 MB
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Current version
Aceable Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Aceable – Driving School App

4.89 out of 5
85.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Hugo_👌
I would recommend this app because it’s so helpful and I never knew it was so easy to get a permit this way. Ace was so cheesy but that’s what made Aceable different from the rest driver ed apps! Ace was corny but funny and I enjoyed the memes 100%, the stories in the videos were very educational and made you realize on how driving can be a privilege not a right because there are many reckless drivers out there in the roads but Aceable is making their students learn the long affects of being one of those bad drivers! Aceable has to be one of my best purchases I have ever bought! At first when I saw the cost I wasn’t sure if I made the correct choice but I later saw that it was worth every penny as this app is one of the most educational/entertaining apps I have ever used! Aceable isn’t a regular app that if you get it wrong it’s going to make you retake it. Aceable is here to help and it wants you to be a great driver because the creators know that driving can give you more freedom but it can also be very dangerous! All I can say is thank you Aceable for the amazing journey! 🤗🙏
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3 years ago, bootyflaps
Hmm, I’m not angry just disappointed.
I would definitely recommend this app to a friend because it condenses a lot of information into an easy to understand format. Although I give this app it’s stars, I do have some complaints. Firstly this app features a lot of unnecessary repetitive paragraphs, sections etc and uses about 3-4 of those sections to talk about drugs and alcohol instead of maybe covering topics like pick up trucks, towing etc. Secondly, I attempted to take the Knowledge Exam in the app and was told that I failed because of “.” reason. I decided to take the test from another website and was unable to do so because the state system told them that I passed the exam. As of right now I have no idea if I passed or failed and wasn’t given a reason as to why I “failed” initially. There is no way to track progress or find out your scores (pertaining to the knowledge exam). I also never received any sort of email from the app confirming any of my purchases or my completion of the TLSAE course. I didn’t spend the extra $10 for my personal copy, but I was told that I was to receive an email. I am extremely frustrated with this app but I would still recommend it for the TLSAE course and exam.
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3 years ago, An Aceable Driver
Great App
Most people say that aceable is boring and takes to long but if you put in only an hour or two a day for like 2 or 3 weeks you will be done. The app is super easy and straight forward, now one let down is that it does repeat things multiple times but I feel like its just a better way to get things in your head. I would recommend aceable to anyone who is looking to get there permit/driver’s license, there is a couple things on the permit test that were never mentioned on aceable but with other practice tests online they will be sure to tell you I mean thanks to ace I passed on the first try, and if I can do it anyone can. I mean at the end of the day you literally don’t have to read a word. You just listen until the audio stops and press next page to continue. It’s as simple as that, you got this. Take your time and don’t stress about it to much. I’ll see you on the road at one point. Sincerely, An aceable driver
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6 years ago, .allicat123.
A waste of time
Do NOT expect to pass this test without reading the book. When I downloaded the app, I expected all of the important rules of the road to be covered in a way that would make me retain the information, but I was wrong. The app doesn’t prepare you for real questions on the permit test (or at least mine in California) and instead pounds concepts into your head that end up being useless on the actual exam. A lot of the information is repetitive and just a plain waste of time. And the practice tests lead you into a false sense of security. When I took the tests, for the most part I got 90s and even got a 100 on the practice test. The lowest score I ever got was an 85, which is still passing. Because of this, I walked into the test thinking I was definitely going to pass. I put a LOT of work into completing this work and never slacked off when it came to reading the slides and completing the practice tests, and it was all for nothing. Even a woman at the DMV told me that kids who use online resources instead of reading the books tend to fail the first time. If it is not practical for you to take real classes, I would recommend taking this course just to fulfill the 30 hours of instruction required by the DMV, but READ THE BOOK. The book will end up being much more beneficial than using Aceable.
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3 years ago, CSGOboy15🔫
This program is very good to help prepare young drivers to enhance and hone their skills for driving with caution and steady knowledge. I’d definitely recommend this to some of my friends because one of my friends wants to learn how to drive but doesn’t want to be in a boring drivers education class, so I’m gonna tell him, “No need to worry man I know the perfect thing that’ll teach you about driving and safety on the ride and so much more. Anyways this app is wonderful deserves the 5 stars, at first when I started I thought it was gonna be hard but I was totally wrong, it’s not boring good for young people wanting to drive and so much more, and if you wanna use VR to learn this apps got you covered there’s VR courses for you virtual learners and practice tests to help prepare you for each level assessment and the final exam. Enough yammering from me I’m gonna go forward this app to a bunch of people that want to drive. App devs great work.
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6 years ago, .:raintard:.
I really think there’s something wrong
Occasionally when I am on a slide reading/listening to the content, in the middle of the reading it will cut and automatically go to the next slide/question. It’s really annoying, especially when it’s a question and I haven’t even seen the full material yet. And I can’t go back to see what I missed. I know it’s not my fingers or anything else moving it because this has happened a ton of times and I am never touching the screen, not even close. The only explanation I can think of is that there’s something wrong with the app. I’m sorry to bother and be that person but I hate missing the material and it happens like every other slide, so I figured I should say something to someone who can do something about it. I think that it does that when the count down for when you can swipe ends. If that’s what’s supposed to happen, then this is about changing that, because I’m not always done reading. I imagine that this would also be an inconvenience for anyone else. It really seems like it’s a malfunction because it even cuts off your guy talking, way before he’s done. By the way, it cuts off during videos too. Right in the middle of them, sometimes in the beginning. Other than that, I think Aceable is a great app and I appreciate y’all for going out of your way to make it fun and helpful at the same time. I’m sorry that I have something negative to say about it. That’s the only real problem I have with it.
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5 years ago, Edwin needs more locations
I recommend everybody to try this app to get your first driver license
I never thought it was so easy to get a driver license you are so much with this online school even if you don’t get the answers right they’re not here to fail you there here to help you if you get the answers wrong multiple times eventually you will get the right answer and you remember the right answer by the end of this journey I highly recommend this for everyone I got my driver license thanks for this app my dream came true once I got my drivers license I was so happy now I could be a responsible citizen and know all the rules when it comes to driving and I told my brother if you really want your driver license I recommend you to try this app he did and now he’s on his way to get his driver license this app is worth the money thank you guys for the great work you guys put in and I think myself to for the great work I did achieving my goals again thank you guys🙏
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6 years ago, B.A.C. President
Aceable review
I LOVE IT! It is so convenient and never crashed once on me. It teaches extremely well and I love how funny it is. I never thought that memes would be incorporated into my driving classes😂 At first I honestly thought all the corny memes and (some) bad dad jokes would be distracting but they would always make me laugh and keep me in a positive mood to keep learning. I’m pretty sure I even saw a few hidden dirty jokes in there😂 but I love it and my only complaint is a lot of the lessons just repeat the same thing over and over again or just point out things that are unbelievable common sense but I’m pretty sure thats just to make the lessons longer or to really pound the information into your head. Last thing to note is if you aren’t doing the app every single day for the maximum two hours than it will take months with this app to get your license.
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5 years ago, Dilliemonnile
The final exam
Don’t get me wrong this is a great way to complete your drivers education. It may have took awhile but I finally made it to the end and was ready to take the final exam. I took the practice test multiple times and I really thought I was for sure going to pass. You need to get 38 out of 50 questions right or a 75% on the final exam to pass the course. And I have failed the first time by getting 74% I was one percent away from passing. I took more practice tests and I felt good to go. I take it the 2nd time after waiting 24hrs and I get the same score. 74% I was one percent away again and I’m still waiting to take it the 3rd and final time. And if I get a 74% again it will be a big waste of time and money. I just wish it said you need a 70% to pass. And now I’m worried to take it again because I’m afraid to fail by 1 percent again. If you fail the third time you have to retake the whole course and pay for the course again without refund. I’m too nervous to take it again.
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5 years ago, jsahlidbkhlvkbfwlvk
The Best App Ever!!
To any parents who are on the fence (like mine were), this app is 100% worth the money it costs! I wouldn’t have gotten my permit if not for Aceable! This app helps so much! Unlike other online courses, Aceable is affordable and not a waste of time. The cheesy jokes make it just that much more enjoyable. I want to say thank you to the creators of the Aceable app for giving me something that actually helps me learn! You guys are AMAZING!! I just got my permit today, and I can’t wait to continue with this app to get my driver license! I’m definitely going to recommend this to everyone I know! The Texas course is on point, and the permit test (after taking the course) was SO EASY! Thank you so much for everything! I would give this app 1 million stars if I could. You can get your permit fairly quickly using Aceable. It only takes a few days! THANK YOU ACEABLE FOR EVERYTHING!!
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1 year ago, Why is this name
Great app!
This app is amazing! It absolutely speeds up your learning experience and it’s super fun as well! If there was one thing that I could change it would be when swiping over to the next page you can’t swipe back if there’s a question you have to recall it from memory. If there could be a quick warning before the swiping like: “are you sure you want to go to the next page? There will be a question.” This just insures that the student will be prepared because if you accidentally go to the next page without reading all the information your shooting yourself in the foot. But great app would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to get a great driving lesson.
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3 years ago, camoking505
Good, but something doesn’t add up…
For the most part it is a good drivers Ed course. It does take forever but to be state approved it has to be 30 hours. It’s does get a little repetitive. But I had a problem with some of the course review test not lining up with the lesions. Like when the lesson said to change your oil every 3000 miles or ever 3 month, the test counted that wrong and said it’s whenever the manufacturer says to do it. Also I’ve work on cars my hole life and some of the stuff you say about things breaking on the car doesn’t happen. Did you just Google these terms or did you have a real mechanic write some of these chapters? Other than that it’s pretty good and does try to keep your attention while taking it. I definitely recommend taking this course but like any other app, It needs some improvements.
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6 years ago, Jack mcmuffin
Great app with a few flaws
This app is an amazing tool for completing drivers ed; you can do it anywhere! The app was very engaging and the developers did a great job at making sure I stayed focused. However, there are a few downsides that forced me to give this app a three star rating rather than a five. I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to completing anything, so I still had more than half of my drivers ed to do within a ten day timeframe. Simply adding a feature that tells you how much you should do on a given day would help out tons! Secondly, I began to feel uneasy while watching the videos of the burn victim and had to look away for the entirety of the videos. If there was a warning or a way to opt out of seeing gruesome videos it would help out with queasy students. Lastly, there was a typo on the Ohio version at Level 8: Chapter 2: Page 40, top of the second paragraph. Thank you for helping me complete drivers ed!
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6 years ago, Mer Grey Shepherd
It was ok I would change some things
It was ok but I am a procrastinator and I think it would be very useful if it told me if I did this much today and this much the next I will be able to finish on time, because I have a month till my license and I have more than half of the course to get through. Also it’s super annoying when sometimes I start a new chapter it won’t count the timer and so I can just go through “ at my own pace” but then when I go out and back in it restarts the whole chapter with the timer so I now have to go through everything again because the app couldn’t count my time. But the content is very funny and that helps me not want to stop it. But I knew that if I took an online course I would end up waiting till the last minute to go through the whole thing.
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4 years ago, ~ Val ~
The Perfect Driver’s Ed
I was really sketched out by every other certified driver’s ed course online, but when I decided to buy this one, I was confident that I wasn’t being ripped off. The app and website are really easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and make it kinda fun to learn. Your teacher is basically a little robot and he’s quite humorous and breaks down the material into really simple and digestible pieces. You learn through written descriptions/advice, example videos, and real life videos. The tests at the end of each chapter are only 10 questions and not difficult at all if you’re paying attention. Oh, you’re also taking the drug course at the exact same time! So this app is absolutely perfect and makes it easy to get your permit!
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4 years ago, Kuro Kou
Great app if you want to learn in a fun way! :)
I had been trying to look for an online driver's ed course due to this pandemic that's taken over. I searched and searched and I had a few options before Aceable. Aceable was the one that appealed to me the most because of the memes, if I'm being honest. The memes and Ace the Robot keep you entertained and engaged. (Yeah, the memes may seem a *little* outdated, but, it adds a bit of humor to the learning, so, why not?) I also love the option to have Ace read it out loud to us, instead of reading it to ourselves. It feels like you're learning with a friend (Ace) and not learning by yourself, which is nice. I'm only on Chapter 4, though, I will update this again after I've finished the course and the test. :)
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1 year ago, 1amNotpaul
Fantastic app ever
I have never wrote a app review before but this app is so fantastic and wonderful that i can’t hesitate to watch. This is such fantastic, amazing, fun, engaging, and convenient app ever for teenager getting DL. I would 100% recommend getting app and course instead of typical driving school. You can finished this course whenever you want and whenever you are, plus it save you A LOT of time and money. Trust me This course is so amazing and entertaining at the same time, i never get bored from learning before because of Ace. He provide me with many video and slide in a joke once a while. I love Ace so much, he’s such a good teacher. Thank you so much Ace, you’re wonderful!!! GET IT DONT HESITATE IF YOU WANT DL
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4 years ago, justsomerandomperson123456
The test....
So I yesterday I was taking the test on the end of the course, but failed. When I looked over the my answers, some of them said I got them wrong even though I had a different answer. It somehow changed my answers when I submitted my test. I tried again today, only to found out it did the same thing. It even switched my answers to the most simplest questions that I know I got right. I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s a glitch, but I’ll try again tomorrow and if the creators of this app see this review, please let me know if it is a glitch because I was so sure that I got my answers right. Please respond if possible.
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12 months ago, 0_Sim_0
Disappointing, Dangerous, Tedious, and Expensive.
If I could’ve rated this course a 0 I would. I chose Aceable because I read online that it should be the ‘best overall’ for time, difficulty, and depth, but this was very inaccurate. First, this course does NOT prepare you for the exams. I took the full course, and I took multiple practice exams for the knowledge test and failed because it gave silly questions and responses such as ‘traffic in the neighboring lane is ___ b) stupid (but don’t tell them) d) going kinda fast’ This is not realistic to the real test, and WON’T help you. Next, and MOST importantly, this course is genuinely dangerous. On the lesson, ‘Animal Collisions cont,’ the course suggests that it may be safer to crash into an elephant rather than swerving. On the lesson, ‘Not a Place to Stop,’ the course suggests that if your car is stuck on railroad tracks and you don’t think a train is coming, you should try to push the car out of the tracks. REALLY? Lastly, the course is not at all information dense; rather, it’s full of unnecessary information and ‘#aceable’ NONSENSE. A better course would be straight to the point and the points that you need to know. And then of course, it’s CRAZY expensive. I bought it for $35 and $5 a month, but online I’m reading that it’s $50!! Not worth the price.
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6 years ago, ILYoongi
Fast, friendly, and affordable
I absolutely love this app! It took a lot less time than I thought it would to get my learners license. I was able to complete the first 6 hours at my own pace. Ace is a very friendly robot who helped me through the whole process. It’s so great moving forward knowing that Aceable and their team has my back! I had a few issues with my certificate (that were all on my side; not theirs) and my experience with support was very friendly, quick and painless. I would 100% recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn the laws of the road but doesn’t want to sit in some boring lecture. This kind of app is revolutionary and I’m so glad I took advantage of it. Thanks Aceable!
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3 months ago, arroz con frijoles
I got my permit and license!
I don’t know why people are saying Aceable is a scam. I’m based in Texas and did this program with the initial level 1 allowing me to receive my permit 7 months ago. And now I offically completed all 12 levels (which is the whole drivers Ed course) and went to the DMV for my road test. I passed and am happy to say I’ll be receiving my license in the mail soon. I am grateful for Aceable and the convenience of not having to pour money into a local driving school or spending any more time than needed at the DMV for the written. I simply presented my Aceable certificate at the counter and it was accepted. It’s a great alternative and I definitely don’t regret it.
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2 years ago, Bacchus/😈
Just checks a box, doesn’t help prepare for the permit test.
I recently turned sixteen, and I used the Aceable app to get my permit so I could start driving. While completing the course did enable me to take the permit test, it did not prepare me adequately for the questions that would be asked on the test. I failed the first test badly, after studying for the permit test using the provided practice on the app for countless hours. However, after waiting a week and using random practice tests from the internet, I passed the second attempt, no thanks to the app. RE: This app works fine as a course but should not be relied on to help you pass your actual permit test.
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3 years ago, Deborah.0715
I’m 18 years old, a full time college student and part time employee in Texas. I barely have time for myself these days but I needed to get my license to drive myself to and from school and work. I heard about Ace through my DMV and I am so glad I did. The course is literally only 6 hours long (for adult drivers). Everything in the slides is crystal clear and very easy to learn. Not to mention the punny jokes and memes they show to keep you awake and interacting with the content. The assessments at the end of each chapter cover what you HAVE to know to drive safely on the road. If you are looking for a fast and convenient way to get your permit/license, do it through ACE!
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3 years ago, DALittt
Makes Me Upset
I find this app very annoying to use due to a few reasons. The first I would like to go over is that the app feels like it is self advertising throughout the experience. Every page feels like the app is trying to tell me that “#Aceable” is the worlds greatest driver Ed corse you can take. I find this very annoying. I hate in how the app waists your time making “relatable jokes” when all I want to do is learn how to drive. Whenever I see a “drivers Ed meme” I want to delete the app. The app also will sometimes have clips of “real life people” being asked drivers Ed questions. The people they ask the questions though feel incredibly Cherry picked and/or fake. I feel like the app is lying to me whenever I see these videos they make. Some of the information also feels very repetitive. I hate it when my time is waisted because I have to learn the same thing 10 times.
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5 years ago, Few bugs needs new stuff
idk bruh its okay
I suppose it might not be okay for y’all to let this happen but it is so frustrating to go through the first couple of chapters when I already know it so it would be so cool if there was a way for it to teach specifically to you like if you already know it to skip what you already know. But i understand if thats not allowed its just very frustrating. However my biggest pet peeve with this app is that it doesn’t let you go to the next chapter until the timer is up which makes no sense like not everyone reads at the speed of a first grader like let me go to the next chapter when I’m done reading. Also its just slow in general like its super repetitive there are 50 chapters for something that only needs 10. It’s a nice app and all but man does this stuff get on my nerves.
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6 years ago, Dammit.dani on ig
so far so good but it’s a bit frustrating
Okay, so I’m currently doing Aceable because all of my friends have raved about it and so I was like okay I’ll do it. I think so far Aceable is great except for this one tiny thing. Throughout the course it asks questions and I keep getting these questions wrong because the slides that gives the answers (which are the slides right before the slides with the question) are getting auto-swiped for me! 90% of the time, I manually have to swipe the screen to go to the next slide, but whenever there’s a question next, it auto-swipes for me and I never expect it so it would swipe twice, skipping the slide with the answer! And it’s so frustrating getting all these answers wrong!!!
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5 years ago, Nina110767
Amazing !
Majority of the time I’m super busy. Either with school, work, etc so I didn’t have time to go to a driving class and actually get taught but Aceable helped me TONS on getting my license. Whenever I had free time even if it was a little bit I could advance on my lessons and get closer on getting my permit. I was shocked that Aceable was actually legit because in all honesty it was fun to learn things while doing these lessons. When I got my permit it was super easy because Aceable guides you through the steps to go to the DPS then when it was time to get my driving licenses it did the same. They prepared me to pass and now I have my own car !! Thank you Aceable! I’m a proud Acelet :^)
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5 years ago, TheSexelentMedic
Good app overall, though one thing to note.
Very good app all around, extremely stable and got me my permit easy! However, one thing that I noticed were the memes. I personally think they should be updated to reflect the standards and humor of the youth today. I felt as if I was being spoon-fed memes that a group of middle age men made to ‘appeal to the kids,’ which looked as though they were made in 2009. Which, is most likely the case. This does not effect the learning experience and the design of the app, as well as the fact that it is a neat idea to at least try and incorporate “memes” into the learning process, therefor I have given this app 5 stars.
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5 years ago, PedritoVela
It got the job done.
Aceable was recommended to me by my friends. I bought the 18yr old course and finished it in like a week and a half (I took breaks). As soon as I finished I then went to the DPS and took all the documents I needed to make a road test appointment. This app in the end gives a certificate of drivers ed course completion which you show at the DPS and then exempts you from having to take the book test they give you. After showing the other documents and passing the vision test, they gave me a road test date a month later and today I went to take it and passed. Thanks Aceable 👍
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5 years ago, lotr fan hm
This is a good drivers ed course, but just because of my preferences and such there are things about it that annoy me. I don’t really like how often it puts my name in the pages, how Ace always talks about how good he is, how all other drivers ed teachers are stupid and their students don’t learn anything, stuff that doesn’t pertain to getting a license, etc, and his “fondness” of me. I just think it’s kinda weird. Also I wish that more of the videos showing how to turn, crashes, etc weren’t all cartoons and showed from and angle other than the top. Overall tho it does teach drivers ed and it’s a way to do it at home and not have to go to a classroom setting. I would probably choose this course again even tho there are annoying things about it.
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4 years ago, fnekvremgmbix
Aceables is terrible. It tells you the most obvious information, makes awful jokes (if you can even call them that), and has unskippable videos that give no useful information, just so Aceables can reach the required 30 hours they need to be considered a legitimate way to study for the written test. I wish I could give it a negative rating, whenever I open this terrible excuse for a drivers ed app, I have the urge to throw myself out of a commercial airliner because of the massive amounts of my time it wastes. I’m going to have an aneurism the next time that stupid robot avatar tells me something like, “use the mirrors to look behind you.” Wow, how insightful of you, I did not know that since I am missing the left hemisphere of my brain. Aceables might be a good app for you if you don’t know what a car is, or if you are a caveman who somehow time traveled to present day.
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4 years ago, lostonthestrand
Worlds worst customer service
Aceable product when it is working will get the job done and serve its purpose, but god help you if there is a problem! The Parent account does not work on this APP, it redirects you to a browser session. Also Aceable has made it nearly impossible to talk to a live person on the phone, the email contact they provide is so slow as to be unresponsive, I’m talking literally a week to make a simple reply! Oh and then there online Chat is even worse! When you can actually get a conversation going, they will drop off mid conversation if it is not going well so that you can not give them a thumbs down rating!!!! They chat operators are fine up until there is a problem and then they become obstinate and somewhat rude. Due to COVID options are a bit limited,so fortunately my kids are almost done.
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5 years ago, Gera Lazo
No good
They give you useless info you don’t need. I wouldn’t recommend this course. It is to complicated to move to the next page. I read faster than the time frame it gives you per page. I just move to the US, I’m an adult with 17 years of driving experience trying to get my driver license. This course doesn’t meet my expectations when it comes to learn the rules how to drive in Texas. Sometimes, it will make you watch the same video again, even if you get the right answer from the video you just watch. I understand and I respect they want you to learn every detail when I comes to operate a vehicle on the road, and, this course is like for 5 years old little kids. At the beginning everything seems ok but it turns into a boring routine with the same info or useless info you don’t need to know about.
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6 years ago, KKBFF
I used to use this app before. It was downloaded with my dads apple id, so i couldn’t update it or anything. So i deleted the app hoping that i could download it again with all of my data already. I did so with my apple id so i could update it myself whenever i needed too. Idk if it doesn’t have my data and thats why my email/password isn’t working, or if I'm putting in the wrong passwords(I've tried lots of different ones just to be sure). I just really hope that my deleting it didn’t delete my data and to continue the course, i have to pay all of the money again, i can’t do that. Plz get back to me soon! I need your help!
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4 years ago, kreckley12
Red big notice
First of all I love this app it’s an amazing way to teach us youngins how to drive and what we need to better our selves as growing adults I have no negative comments about the app but what annoys me is the fact that there is the big red notice that takes up the screen every time I go to the help screen it is so annoying and I wish they could make it smaller or something also I wish they would let you know what you need to bring to the dmv to get your permit like I said I love this app it’s the best app to learn how to drive and it’s also the easiest way to get your permit /license take what you will out of this I hope this helps
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2 years ago, RosselinOrdaz
Aceable is just the right one that I needed
I’m mom of two babies, one of them is a new born baby, and been able to do the driving course at the time that I can it’s amazing! You are able to choose the time, you can stop and continue as much as you like, the place where you want to do the course, in my case, most of the time I’m doing the course on my bed while I’m breastfeeding my little one. If the course wasn’t such flexible, definitely I couldn’t do it. Thanks Aceable for make it so easy and so fun!
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1 year ago, hkshrjek
this app is really good and it makes it fun to learn.. but the only down side is that it repeats itself(which i understand) and that it give you like 35 seconds to read a short paragraph and then you can continue onto the next slide. like it doesn’t take me that long to read five sentences. i understand why they put a timer, but us fast readers just sit there for a good 10 seconds waiting for the slide to let us continue. it’s a waste of time and makes getting through it a lot slower. i would consider Aceable put like 10 seconds on it to avoid wasting time.
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7 years ago, 657costumer
Does Not Prepare You
When I first signed up for Aceable, I was enticed due to it being an app and computer useable too. And honestly, I'm not one to write reviews a lot, but this course left me so under prepared that almost all the material covered in my actual permit test (taken in California) was never mentioned or not stressed at all in the driver's ed. Really misleading. The entire course took me a very long time to complete, and it is just a shame that most of the material I went over was very general, and very, very, repetitive. Too lengthy and unengaging, but most importantly none of my test material was covered here! When I got to my actual test I was left underprepared and not knowing a lot of the questions asked because this course didn't cover it! There are many better drivers education services out there than this one.
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7 years ago, FunkyFamily
Great app to aid with parent taught DE makes it easy
We were so happy with this app! The state of Texas makes everything about as clear as mud so all the tutorials and help options with this app help sift through the million items you have to take twice to to the DMV. If the DMV had this much red tape when in the eighties I'd still be riding the bus. The videos are both informative and entertaining yet hit home when they need to. We will suggest Aceable to our friends. It's nice for the kids to be able to use an app on their phone...except while driving ;-)
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3 weeks ago, Lian92725
I love the interactive lessons and I really want to finish it before I turn 16, but there’s this glitch on the app that doesn’t allow me to. When I press on any of the lessons, a pop up saying “excellent choice” at the top appears and then disappears. It tells me to pay for the full course and so I do plan to but even when I press the button for paying full course, the same pop up appears and disappears. Sometimes, it appears and disappears and does the same thing again and again. I transferred to using the website version and it’s perfectly fine, but I want to use this app and see its improvement for other learners too. Please fix this issue.
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5 years ago, PiMan314159
Parent tools moved
I was loving this app. I got it for my daughter who is extremely busy and would get on when she could in between her college prep classes and swim practices and meets. I could easily track her progress on the app. Now the parent tools have been moved and I hate it. It is so much more difficult for the parent to use it. It’s as if the developers said, “ nah. It’s too convenient and user friendly for parents. Let’s make it 100 times more difficult for them to use.” I wanted to add my son but I’m having so much trouble using it from my phone. I’m required to use a web browser now and it is not easily navigable on a phone. What a shame. I had really liked this app until the change.
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4 years ago, Jeannie Ly
Waste of time
I used this app and i thought that everything would be okay. WRONG. what actually happen was i actually payed attention to the course and when i got the official state test i failed it because the course didn’t go over that. The course was useless for the test. I would not recommend. I’m also am still waiting on my refund because i tried to use it again after reading my DMV handbook i still wanted to take the test at home. I paid $30 for the test and i didn’t even get to take it cause there a problem with it. The first time i tried to take my test the same thing happened too. Aceable told me it was my DMV, when i called my DMV they actually told me it was the platforms fault not them. I’ve emailed them so many times it’s insane.
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6 years ago, EquineEm
I’m an extremely busy high school student, and all my friends were getting their permits and soon they were working toward getting a license. Just about every person at my school used Aceable, so I have it a try. It’s a lot more effective than what either of my siblings did, and it’s so easy to understand. Aceable even lets you take the permit test in the app!! They also tell you exactly what you need to bring to the DMV so you aren’t taking multiple trips. I highly recommend this for anyone in need of driver’s ed!
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4 years ago, jack.a.mck
Too Long
While the information in the program was helpful, the sections were too long. There are several lessons with 10 or more chapters, with about 1/2 containing 50+ slides on topics that could be covered in much less. On top of being overly long, the slides are very wordy at times, with only pictures of Ace on them. And the time limits are too long, you should be able to swipe to the next slides upon finishing reading them. Most of the time I would finish reading the slides with a solid 15 seconds left before I could move on. Overall, it is a helpful tool, but needs to figure out how shorten it’s section lengths and times
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5 years ago, Dgzz02
Aced Aceable
I absolutely LOVED Aceable! As a new driver in the US, I did not know what to do to get my permit but as soon as I downloaded Aceable, that all changed. I had so much fun learning because it didn’t feel like the material was hard. It is a great way to prepare for a permit if you are looking forward to managing your own schedule and enjoying the lessons. They also do a great job at emailing you the certificate and instructions on what to do next, as well as a DPS checklist. It really couldn’t get any better than this. I seriously miss Ace!
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2 weeks ago, Kim in Tex
This is my second time to use Aceable with 15yo teens preparing for their permits. The app is easy to use and gets the job done. In the plans I have chosen, you can pick a cheaper price for Aceable in exchange for signing up for a free month of Allstate roadside. You have to remember to cancel this, or it will start charging $5 a month. They have put the Allstate roadside management in the student’s account and you can’t cancel or see it in the parent account. It’s a little trick that you just need to be aware of. Fell for it twice!
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4 years ago, AndrewBilotti
Good drivers ed app- just one caveat
I love this app. It went above and beyond in terms of teaching me the tricks of driving. The only caveat is the verification questions. If you fail one, then you get locked out and have to talk to support to get back in. It is very easy to misclick on these questions, so I think that it may be a good idea for them to make the verification questions have a submit button like a quiz. Besides that, this is a great app. 10/10 would recommend.
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6 years ago, Rko 43
Totally worth it !!!
I got my drivers license about 3 weeks ago, and I did it all with this app. Yes you have to buy the course which is $100, plus the TDLR book which is $20, but that’s a great deal because you get to work on it wherever you want and you don’t have to spend around $400 in a in class driving school. I got my permit first, then completed all the courses, or chapters. They tell you all the paperwork you need for when you show up to the DPS. I’m recommending this app to my little brother!!
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5 years ago, tessa9228
You’ll pass but you will also want to cry and crawl in a hole because it’s 30 flipping hours unlike the 10 hour course. It has cute visuals and a nice robot but when but when you have a deadline to finish it by and it 1:46 in the am and the robot makes a pun you will hate yourself. But it’s okay because instead of teaching you more about the laws and things it will give you 2 hours on drunk driving and a whole 30 minutes on buying a car. Like I’m just trying to pass my test bro but also I love you Aceable and thanks a lot.
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4 years ago, It's hump day!!!!!!!
One minor problem
This is a great way to do driver’s ed, especially when I’m super busy and can’t go somewhere to take a class. I do, however, have one issue with it. Sometimes while taking a lesson, it will randomly ask me to confirm some of my personal information, which makes it hard to pay attention to the lesson itself. If you want to have this feature, I suggest putting it before or after lessons, rather than right in the middle. Other than that, very good app. :)
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