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User Reviews for AceableAgent

4.9 out of 5
10K Ratings
2 years ago, PaleoClipper
Should have gone here first
I picked a different online school before this, paid twice as much, and took a year to complete a 65 hour course. Why? Because it was so boring I couldn’t concentrate on it. Nothing was read to me (unlike Aceable that reads everything to you), it was difficult to access a real person (Haven’t had to use this yet, but there’s videos with real people speaking to you as part of the class, I don’t have to hunt these down) and the quizzes with the other school were very simplistic (aceable has varying kinds of quizzes that are allowing me to understand the concepts rather than just mindlessly repeat answers I memorized.) Am I upset it took me a year and a half to decide to try a different school? Yes. Did I already pass my classes with the other school? Yes. Did I feel I necessary to the get private tutoring after the other school? Absolutely. Will I complete the classes with Aceable despite already having my licensing exam scheduled? Yep. Why? Because i don’t feel confident with my eduction I received and I’d rather end up passing my real estate exam with extra knowledge vs sub par. I feel like Aceable can help me with that. I haven’t used this app yet, just the website. But the reading of the lessons alone is helping me stay focused so much more already.
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5 years ago, JessicaLRedd
Good App. Couple things needed....
So far I have completed Principals 1 and I can say it is good learning material. I like how specific it is and the short videos help to better understand. Enjoying it more than previous school i was using. A couple things: there is a lot of repeated Information and makes for an even longer process. With a full time job and kids I don’t have a lot of time and it’s taken me about 2 months to get through Principals 1. That’s too much time! Also, Once you complete any of the reading material, it doesn’t allow you to go back to what you’ve read. There is a study guide in the end but it doesn’t include everything the practice tests provides. I would much rather go back through the material I have already read through as a test prep course or more detailed way of studying vs the short study guide. Having a printable option would be good too. I took same classes with another school and was able to print the chapters. Other than that, I have to schedule my test and see how this has helped. Thanks AceableAgent!
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1 year ago, Lovely Leisha
Aceable is just, Aceable!
I'm brand new to Real Estate. This self paced app is super informative and it does such a great job preparing you, while being very engaging!! They found a way to make Real-Estate semi fun, interactive and matter of fact. Real Estate can be a bit over whelming for any potential agent however, they've managed to ease you into it. I'd recommend this to all potential agents as well as new agents just to have as a reference. It doesn't matter if you are a retester from another school or a newbie. This is the way to go! The app is user friendly and I've yet to experience a glitch. I'm typically a "in school" learner but I'm very glad I chose this route. Hopefully they will add a feature letting you know how much of the course you've completed. This program is beautifully constructed and I'll update once I pass my test!
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5 years ago, NickFedd
Great Study Tool
The best there is in studying for the real estate exam. Easy. Quick. Even fun. It’s an interactive program, written in simple terms for the user to easily understand difficult law-related topics. There is a bug that currently boots the user out of the app every hours, requiring the user to go through the sign-in process again. It’s irritating, frustrating and needs an immediate fix, as study time is being interrupted every hour or so. Note, this is not the same thing as verifying identity of the user. Identity verification happens as well, but what I am speaking about is having to go through the sign-in process again. Uggghhh. There are sooo many quick user tools that could be added to the app and online system to take this program to the next level. Recommended is a bookmark feature and a highlighting feature, so the student can easily reference important information. They way it sits right now, with the amount of information being incredibly vast, it is IMPOSSIBLE to relocate an important study topic. There are 1000s upon1000s of pages with absolutely NO relocation feature. Students NEED this feature added (and added quickly), not only enhance the user experience, but to make it even possible to go back and locate harder topics for review when studying for the final exam. If these things are fixed, a 5 star rating would easily be given.
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6 years ago, Dvnpt
Amazingly presented!
I’ve been in the real estate business for many years and I’m just beginning my career in Texas. Having to start the classes again for a new state’s license has been very daunting (especially since I’ve taught them in the past in other states). I was dreading the classes as I personally know how boring and old school most real estate schools present material. I was very excited to find that AceableAgent offers a modern classroom experience with an easy to use interface that permits me to jump in and out of the sessions freely via my mobile devices and laptop. The ease of use along with the extremely entertaining presentation is exactly what I needed. Thank you for revolutionizing real estate education. I hope to see you add more class options as well as certifications so that I never have to go anywhere else for continuing education.
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11 months ago, lizzieb7
Hands down, the best course!
I’ve signed up for real estate courses several times but just never really followed through, and, tbh, I feared this time would be like the others. This program is so well laid out and presented that it was actually fun! The chapters and levels are engaging and packed with repetition of major points and concepts, which, when you’re learning, repetition is king. There’s a matching game in many of the levels (maybe all?) that I just couldn’t get enough of. You’ve got a year to complete the course and this app makes it beyond easy to glide through. The only addition I would make would be touch/Face ID for login.
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2 years ago, Nimesys
Could prepare students better
The class itself is actually not bad, but I think getting people ready for the actual test is where they can improve quit a bit. For instance, the study guide is such a pain where it is a PDF in a modern app. Why would they not make the document live with links to click on a subject you want to visit and it takes you right to it? Plus, next to the subject, it gives you the level number and chapter next to it. BUT the outline doesn’t have the level numbers next to it. You have to count down the list each time to find which one. Same exact feed back for course terms. There’s more similar feedback like this. But for a technology based learning tool, they should embrace making it full circle. The last note, the practice test exam. So it recommends that you take it several times and if you are consistently above 90 your ready for the final. But once you take the practice exam, the subsequent tests are 80% of the same questions so it doesn’t really prepare you past the initial time you took it. And finally, none of the level assessment tests can be taken again. I think you should be able to retake it after visiting a level that requires additional study.
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4 years ago, Sir GE0
Needs Improvements
The CE courses do not have a PDF of the materials. So if you want to go back over the materials to actually apply the course you will need to go back through the course one tiny slide at a time. This is even more frustrating considering they leave the timers and security verification turned on even after you passed the course. The system also has a buggy inactivity timer that will incorrectly think you have been inactive and will log you out. This is annoying when going back over an old class you have already passed and doubly so when taking a course with a timer that gets reset when you are logged out. So if you like to actually apply the CE classes you take and want to see the materials after the course look elsewhere. All other educators I have used provide a PDF of the course for this purpose so you shouldn’t have a problem with another random provider if you want this.
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5 years ago, Git Er Dun gal
AceableAgent is fun and relevant to real life scenarios happening today. Njoyed the videos and comedy to keep you engaged. Comprehending certain areas that were challenging were simplified in a way you could comprehend better. It was Repetitive enough to where it was not too annoying but perfectly played out to remind you of information you do need to know. The practice tests were helpful but not enough. Feel like they could be a bit better relating to more of what was actually on the proctored exams. Also would be nice to have more options of practice tools like flash cards. Having the review to study near the end of each course though was very much appreciated!
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4 years ago, SB Better Life
Transforming Real Estate Licensing
AceableAgent has done it! They’ve found a way to take the old, boring, monotonous way of teaching real estate licensing and transformed it into something lively, engaging, and dare I say it (fun). Kudos to the creators and everyone who had a part in bringing this together. I wouldn’t be almost done with the course of it weren’t for AceableAgent. I attempted another course and it was mind-numbingly boring. Another huge positive of AA is that all 6 of the end of Unit Exams have to be proctored, but fear not because AA makes it so easy by partnering with a free online proctoring service. If you’re debating which real estate licensing course is right for you, definitely put AceableAgent at the top of your list.
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3 years ago, HelenSuneson
My new career dream
As I am moving to Orlando Florida, I was considering a new career to combine with what I have been doing for 17 years in the beauty industry. Real Estate is such a great match and I am so happy I am taking my Aceable online classes. My instructor is so much fun and I feel I am in a face to face exciting, fun learning path.I enjoy all the teaching and the good sense of humor, blended with a great excitement in every step of my learning. As I arrive in Orlando I will probably be very close to finish my hours and I can’t wait to start my new career. Thank you, to all the team who elaborated such an awesome online real estate program! Simple the Best!!!
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4 years ago, tierez
DO NOT recommend
This aceable program is absolutely horrible at explaining things. It might give you a clue to understand something it mentions throughout the course until many chapters later when it finally tells you what it is without actually explaining it well at all. I have to google so many things that this program is supposed to teach me because they fail to properly explain things. It boasts its videos that are supposed to help us understand things but there’s rarely videos, and awesomely enough they’re always short and only explain the incredibly easy things to understand, things that most people already know. There’s more to complain about but some pros are the fact that you can easily see your progress and how many more levels, chapters within those levels, and pages within those chapters that you have left.
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4 years ago, rhxrxeddtcygf
Switched from Champions and never looked back!
I started with Champions school of real estate online and it was a horrible experience. If you are ok with just reading out of plain book than be my guest, it was not for me and none of the information was sticking to the point that I couldn’t even pass the first course exam. I failed it 2 times. I switched over to the very user friendly AA and passed the courses with flying colors the first time. I love the voice over, wish it was on all of the courses. Great practice tests after each course. It’s been the best decision I have made. So glad I made the switch.
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5 years ago, micdlr
Love but maybe some updates please???
Normally I use my laptop for my classes and am able to have the class open and my word doc open also for notes. I just started using the app today and find it difficult to take any notes down. Maybe a feature could be added where we can highlight a section that be added to a note pad that is a part of the course? I also notice that when a slide comes up and you have to scroll to read the text scrolls up but the picture stays taking up about half the screen.. Im one that needs to see title of what the section I’m reading to understand. Perhaps I’m just difficult but I think these changes would be helpful. Overall I love the ease of the app option it’s awesome.
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2 weeks ago, The One Piece Is Real!
Frustrating for fast readers
You can’t go to the next page until the timer runs out. So sometimes I finish reading a page and end up waiting for the timer to run out so I can continue. This seems to be new because I didn’t encounter this issue when I used this service to get my real estate license. I was impressed with the courses so I decided to renew my license with the same service. I understand why they may have implemented it. To keep students from just scrolling through the pages without reading. However, the timer is TOO LONG. Please find a way to shorten it because it makes going through the chapters unnecessarily long. Also, having the timer displayed is very distracting when trying to read.
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5 years ago, Deleting!!!!
This course was great and amazingly convenient! Only things I would like to see improved on is in the terminology of the practice tests compared to the state test. I think this course needs to cover more on TREC’s rules over licensing and renewing your license, especially in regards to one that is about to expire. Also covering more on brokers. I had some questions about obtaining a brokers license and I don’t recall covering that in this course (at least not enough to remember it). Overall, the course got me to pass the state exam on the first attempt and was very informative. I loved how each class kinda repeated itself throughout the whole course. By the last course I found myself knowing everything and it seemed more as a review. Customer service was excellent both times I reached out to them. If anyone is second guessing AceableAgent compared to another educational provider.....go check out the pass rate of them on TREC compared to everyone’re welcome!
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6 months ago, 5389493771904
Recent update
One of the most recent updates has added a virtual instructor which is awesome! But they placed it in the most inconvenient spot on the app. It is placed in the bottom left corner of the screen and if you want to click on a word to look at the definition, it blocks some of the words. Other than that, the app itself has been great! When I am not on my computer, I can just open up the app and keep studying. I just hope they move the virtual instructor somewhere where is isn’t blocking my reading.
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3 years ago, nurserealtor
This app was great. It was easy to use. User friendly. Easy to navigate. The course content was enough to understand the overall concepts of real estate. I took the practice exams at the end of every course several times before taking the final exam. I passed every final exam on the first attempt and passed the Texas real estate license exam on the first attempt. I like that the class is readily available at anytime. If you are not a person that is focus and self motivated then you should take a classroom based real estate course.
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4 years ago, realestatemy
Aceable Agent
Great format for learning. I have purchased Other online real estate courses and failed to complete due to the format. This format is easy to read and follow hence completion. I enjoy the little quizzes which help me instill the concepts. I only found out about AceableAgent from my daughter who took the aceable driving course. I also love that it’s especially made for Texas agents and not just generalized. I also like the many examples that help me understand the concepts better. Still going strong. Will update once I pass this course!
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11 months ago, lkfStacy
Excellent way to learn!
Appraiser adding a realtor license here. I highly recommend Aceable agent to anyone in the field already or wanting to step in. App lets me listen or read, there are regular quizzes, and the developers (and narrator) have done a great job breaking up the monotony of some of the topics and pacing the chapters so that you feel like you're making progress. I have really enjoyed the app so far and I feel like the information that's new to me is sticking.
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3 years ago, BubbaBear611
Great Course for beginners
This course is fantastic! I didn’t know very much about real estate before starting this course, but between the course set up, the easy-to-remember examples, the tips for remembering confusing definitions, and the quizzes and study guides offered, I am retaining the information well! I got this course at a discounted rate on Groupon, and I’m definitely getting more than my money’s worth. 5/5 would recommend.
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10 months ago, Cpl Crave
Upgraded since a few years ago
Took AceableAgent a few years back. Slow audible rate and could not move faster. I dropped it halfway through as I spent 60 hours and not halfway yet. Now you can speed up audio or read at your own rate. Content is super rich and funny. I’m used to dry life insurance CE or securities CE so the little funny stuff gets me back into it and refreshes my brain a bit.
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2 years ago, LisaKB4
I am taking the aceable agent program on my Mac book. I have cheap ONN brand ear buds I use though and this app will not work correctly with them. It goes out, skips and one ear off while one ear bud on. Very irritating. So I tried some plug in ear buds and they wouldnt work at all. nothing. So I opened up some music and other applications to see if it was my computer or the app but both ear buds work fine with all other apps. So, for some reason the aceable app on my mac book wont work for ear buds. However, on my iphone it works fine.
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4 years ago, BGR122
Dear developers
I’m getting a lot of good information, but it’s got a lot of jokes and stuff that doesn’t pertain to the lesson as well. It can confuse you at times, but overall it’s a good course that teaches quite a bit. I’ll update this when I finish and take my test of course. Also, to the developers, there’s a bit of coding issue that I’m seeing recently.. instead of it saying my name in the last chapter I took, it just said name. Then when I took the chapter assessment, I could see all the coding instead of the questions and answers when I finished the test.
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9 months ago, oscar maldy
Easy to manage
Being able to work at my own pace and take multiple practice tests helped me prepare for the state exam and pass both National and state on the 1st attempt. I would recommend to anyone that is interested in obtaining their real estate license. Some of the items sunk in hearing the audio instead of just reading on my own which I find tedious. Great overall!!!
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3 years ago, WC_Instructor
Great Material
This course has been great as I have been going through it. Very informative and easy to use. The practice tests and the quizlet option is great for studying for exams. The only thing that I can see that would make it even better is the ability to use the iPad and have screen rotation. I have an iPad with a keyboard and it will not let it rotate to landscape mode to be able to use the keyboard like a normal webpage. If this was fixed it would make it much easier for iPad users.
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3 years ago, Leftylebron
Help please
I paid for the California Real estate. And I haven’t got a email with a receipt or anything. I tired to log in and it says my email isn’t even in the system but it’s the exact same email I know I didn’t type it wrong so I’m just trying to figure out how am I going to get started . I checked my card and it did take my money so I know the payment on my end went through. I also downloaded the app to try that and it said California isn’t even supported on the app.
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1 year ago, whycareaboutit
Hard to please person pleased
I was very skeptical. Very very skeptical. And the information is ridiculously repetitive and there’s almost an adolescent spin on how the copy is written. There’s bugs in the software that are annoying. Even with all of the above, it’s still five stars. I passed my test on the very first try. All the repetitive nonsense was drilled into my head and it worked.
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5 years ago, Sheri Rene
Great App, but the videos don’t have sound on App
I am using AceableAgent Agent on my computer and this app. I really prefer the app because it seems to go smoother and feels faster, and you can easily take notes by snapping a photo and drawing on the photo. The one drawback is that the video sound doesn’t work on the app so I go back to the computer for videos. I really hope they fix the audio portion of the videos on the app.
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3 years ago, kingduvid
Amazing, but ringtone alert.
It’s a amazing app but you gotta fix it immediately. The robot teacher stopped working, and it’s very hard to read it all by myself, I bought this app with the teachers help in mind. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I forgot to update my feedback, the robot stop working because my ringtone was off, though this is a thing that you should disclose at the beginning.
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2 years ago, russgold
A few things
Update still not fixed a few months later. First there is no dark mode. Second my phone keeps going to sleep. There isn’t an option to keep the phone from sleeping it sleeps while you’re listening to a section. Many apps like video apps and other reading apps don’t go to sleep or have options to not let your phone go to sleep in the middle of stuff. Third the font is huge and the spacing is way to large. There’s no adjustment and the app doesn’t follow the iOS settings once again you set for system wide font size or allow adjustment.
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3 months ago, DragonCastrator
Fun and informative
I haven’t tried other RE apps (do they even exist?), but Aceable is incredibly well executed for the modern learner. It’s simply a fun and well organized experience that makes it possible to study deeply and on the go. Just about everything you need is here: funny lessons, study guides, quizzes, flash cards, videos, glossaries, etc.
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2 years ago, LLG12345
Convenient that Aceable has an app that allows you to study anywhere. Not convenient when the thing glitches and makes you play “facts of a feather” until you die. Can’t get past this one screen and continue my course. Also this robot narrative is super annoying and distracting. EDIT: the malfunction is that the “correct” answers in the game are WRONG. I had to click random answers until I could move on, and now I don’t know which answers are correct and which aren’t (because of course this app doesn’t let you go back and review the material). 0 stars.
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3 years ago, Jdslife4real
Want my money back
I bought the classes for CA, was excited to see some of the good things I’ve searched... definitely didn’t do my research well, there’s no videos, test prep stuff, no audio anything... it’s literally a gigantic PDF of the book... I could pic a few dollars more and got something with study aids and practice tests to help me out... and then it tells me I need a proctor to take practice tests then on the site it also says i can take my exam anywhere, phone, laptop, tablet... so which is it?! Maybe it’s just for CA it hasn’t really been updated for us but they shouldn’t prompt to purchase it if it’s not equal too the others..
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5 years ago, littleman619
What is this timer??
love this course but now all of a sudden i’m being timed on pages??? I read at a decent pace and yet i’m still sitting on some of these pages waiting for the timer to end?! I get the regulation, but the amount of time i’ve actually spent waiting to go to the next page has gotten me to submit a review. I feel like it should be a setting you can change. Not a big fan at all. It’s really affecting how much I’m getting done per day and has taken a lot of my concentration away! Has become such a nuisance to how I was retaining information.
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4 years ago, kghhhv423323;
Content is well written
The information is well written and informative. i like being able to go between my computer and my phone to study. the inly drawback to this course is the proctoring process at the end if each module. It is a huge frustrating cluster. They use a company out of India and you cannot understand them. it is such a cluster FK every time. a total waste if 30 to 45 minutes to get connected!!
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1 month ago, Olichka7
Real estate course
This program is amazing I would give it a 10/10if that were an option . I LOVE that there’s a AI voice that reads all of it to you so when I’m driving I’m listening learning when I am washing dishes I’m learning one and folding clothes I’m learning I don’t have to have my nose in a paper in order to learn. Love it!
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4 years ago, Coconut Dan
This coursework makes it easy and convenient in that it allows me to start or stop whenever and wherever I’m at. It allows me to have a full time job and still pursue a career in real estate as well. And the videos are entertaining! It seems repetitive at times but helps out so much that once test time is here you’re ready!!
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4 years ago, wenderful23
I’ve really enjoyed this program. It’s very convenient because I can do it on my phone when I’m away from my computer. It has a good sense of humor, making it fun. It has quizzes along the way to help you retain information. Test at the end of the levels. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to be a real estate agent.
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9 months ago, nina_germaican
real estate license
This is the most amazing app/ program I have purchased so far. I took a real estate class, and multiple online platforms and this is the first where I actually understand anything and are able to keep the information in my head.
Show more
3 years ago, Homeschool Mom in TX
Convenient and effective!
I can take my real estate education anywhere and anytime. I appreciate that because I own a business and work full time. On top of that the material is engaging and highly informative and presented using a variety of methods including slides, videos, games and quizzes. Kudos!
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3 years ago, LaMaar115
Does not support rotation for my iPad Pro
The app refuses to rotate when I try to use it. On the website of course it’s in the proper position. I’ve made sure to have Lock Screen disabled and it still will not rotate when using the actual iOS application. It would be great if you could update this to support rotation on iOS Tablets. As far as the program itself goes I have zero complaints, Amazing!!!
Show more
7 months ago, SupremeGentleman
This course is great and very engaging, however after the last update the new bot on the bottom of the screen is very distracting and makes it hard to read. Please move it somewhere else or give an option to remove it completely for a cleaner interface. Once that’s fixed I’ll give this app 5 stars.
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4 years ago, jarafhearts
Level 4 Chapter 10 Page 21 video not playing
The video in Page 21 Chapter 10 of Level 4 is not playing. I tried exiting the app and go back but it’s still not working in my phone. I tried in a laptop and it’s working but when i go to my phone app it doesn’t let me proceed to the next page.
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3 months ago, Ms. Bridgett
My experience thus far with AceableAgent is rewarding..A lot to digest but overall the information is there. However, I had to restart a couple times because the audio read along was going pretty fast.
Show more
4 years ago, Jonahsmom2013
Great at first
The first three course are great! Having the voice over is essential when you are a working mom! However, the last three courses do NOT have the voice over AND they don’t have any quizlet sets for studying. It is my understanding that they are in the process of voicing over the whole course so maybe it’ll be done in a few months....
Show more
3 years ago, Dr. Robyn Klepko
Wow, a course you can take with you wherever you go! I love that you can listen to everything! I’m a multi-tasker so this is great as I can listen while I’m working out, driving my car, or eating food and I’m always learning. Kind of quirky at times but is engaging!
Show more
3 years ago, Tacmedic12
Great program, horrible app
I really enjoyed the Aceable Agent course. However, the app was a different story. The app still does not work properly on the iPad. On the iPhone you can turn the phone to landscape mode and it works fairly well. On the iPad the app will not work effectively in landscape mode. This is incredibly frustrating when you use your iPad as your “computer”. It cannot be that hard to make an app work properly in portrait or landscape mode. Get it done.
Show more
3 years ago, kingwoodardx3
I absolutely love this app. It is very helpful and interactive andVery good at adding some personality to make it not so monotonous. The only problem that I have is that with this most recent update in January 2021 they took away the dark mode and it is extremely annoying,Please fix!
Show more
4 years ago, BarbaraLaurean-Actress
I loved the previous version
This updated version has failed on providing easy to understand questions which the previous version did. I used to always understand the questions it asked but now I find myself trying to decode of what it’s asking.I feel like it’s not giving a straight question or answers, sometimes the answers are completely not even what the question was asking for! so confusing!!!!!!!!
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