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User Reviews for Acellus

4.53 out of 5
30.1K Ratings
2 years ago, DsnyMom
Absolutely incredible!
My 13 yr old in 8th grade was having a serve time with anxiety manifesting itself as many various physical symptoms. It was advised that we remove her from physical school and switch her to virtual. I didn’t like the schools virtual platform cause I know way to track what she actually did for the day. And we were at the mercy of the teachers to eventually grade an assignment and post the grade. In the past she has learned to cheat the system and I needed something that was more fluid. Started searching national options and came across Acellus. We thank our lucky stars everyday that I stumbled across it. My daughter loves it. And grades and assignments happen instantaneously. It’s really quite fabulous. The best part is that if she isn’t grasping a concept she isn’t just left in the dust while moving on to the next lesson. This system adapts to her to assure she is proficient in each task/lesson before moving forward to the next task. She can’t cheat and she absolutely loves it. She loves how fast she has been able to go through her classes. We are 3 weeks in and 2 of her classes she has already done more than 1 semester’s worth. I’ve never seen her this excited about school. Worth every penny. Looking forward to rolling into her freshman year classes in a matter of months at the rate she is going. If she is having fun and learning I’ll happily let her go as fast as she wants through her classes. She will for sure graduate early at this rate.
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3 years ago, RKLMOCTOBER
Lags/NON-Certified TEACHERS
Please this program is crap. The foundation of the program has a wonderful idea but the execution of the program is horrible. For students that are nonreaders or beginners this is not the program. MOST OF THE MATERIAL IS MUST READ. I love the video’s very informative but when you get to the next steps some questions are not correctly written and or is a must read for parents. The questions seem to be more involved rather than baseline on subject matter and age understanding. The sight has the ability to do more with just a click of some buttons from Acellus but I doubt that will happen. ANOTHER THING …. Pay attention to attendance because I have been on with my children personally and it logs that they did not do work. This is crucial to children possible going to return to in person learning for attendance verification. Good luck parents but we do get what we pay for. On another not this is a Diploma earning school for high schoolers….this is the only one I have come across like this making it much easier to attend colleges across the world… there is also other Ideal Schools which is also online but comes with a bigger price tag!! But is a LIVE TEACHER
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3 years ago, seaj169
Wouldn’t recommend
This is my third year of using this app and I hope it’s my last. I’m taking one class on the app and it’s only because we had a hard time ordering my Course work from the other school we switched to. To be honest, I was a little disappointed about it. The lessons are either too easy and boring that I can’t focus on what they are saying or way too complex. They give you questions after each lesson that are random and aren’t based on the key topics of each lesson. When you take a complex lesson, the skills you learned aren’t reinforced with the right questions. I always had passing grades, but never felt like I was getting it. When taking the exam and practice exams, the questions are random too. Sure they have to do with the topics you learned but the questions on the pretest are entirely different from the questions on the actual exam. Isn’t the practice test supposed to help you know what to expect on the exam? How is it practicing for the exam if the questions aren’t related? If you do well on the pretest, you can still fail the exam because of this. Sometimes the questions are something that wasn’t even taught in any lessons. And when teaching the lessons, they never say “this is very important as it could be on the exam.” Like most teachers everywhere else do. While it may seem like a amazing program at first, it isn’t the greatest out there for its price. Your child will end up bored, annoyed, and with no knowledge of the things taught.
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3 years ago, Yourmomisgorgeous
I recently just finished 6th grade and I’m in 7th. I love this a lot. I finished 6th grade within a few months! In public school you have to do semesters and stuff like that. But here you can work at your own pace and you don’t have rude teachers rushing you around like it would be in public school. I highly recommend this school Edit: I’m in 8th grade now and the program is still pretty good but I feel like some of the stuff that they are teaching is kind of irrelevant to me. Especially in social studies and language arts. I don’t really see what’s the point in learning about Shakespeare, and most of the time I don’t even watch the videos because I already know what the answers are. In social studies it’s just really boring, and the teacher explains the lesson in a very boring way. My attention span doesn’t last very long so I get bored really easily, but I probably won’t have to worry about this anymore because I’m going to return to public school after I’m done with grade 8. Anyways, the school would probably be better for kids that are good at paying attention unlike me. Another thing that I wanted to mention was how hard it is to keep my grades at all A’s. If I get a B on an exam then my grade all of the sudden goes down to a B like seriously? I got a good grade on the test so why is my grade going down!?
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4 years ago, Hiiii ✌🏿💗🦄🧁
We love this app!!
My daughter’s school went online this year due to Covid-19. We were given this program to start out the year and we would choose if we wanted to go in further or leave and go to another program. We chose to DEFINITELY stay at Acellus! It’s an amazing program! The teachers are very fun and captivating! The program is advanced and they learn new things every day! Being able to send a message to her teachers if she needs help is really helping my daughter. Also, she LOVES reading, so she likes to read books in the library in Acellus. She LOVES this program a lot and really enjoys school these days, something that I thought that I would never see her like. THANK YOU ACELLUS YOU MADE HER LIKE SCHOOL!!! It’s a great program and I totally recommend it. My daughter is in the 4th grade, so I don’t know what it’s like for Middle School and High School, but I would recommend this program for elementary students. Love it! (my daughter picked the review name so that is why it is like that.) Good day!
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1 year ago, YuzukiandFord
It’s… Okay
Acellus gets the job done, but barely. Videos are played in 144p, learning is done through video>quiz>video>quiz over and over and over again. Exams are sprinkled in there very often as well, and an AI grades writing lessons, making it hard to actually write anything that sounds good as it performs pretty badly. It’s a good start, but it is very boring and the low quality of video makes it hard to see text on screen. Recovery lessons are often either too hard, too easy, or no at all helpful. If a child is stuck on a problem, they can message the Acellus staff directly. Except… they, don’t actually help you. Instead, they paste in a pre-made message to watch the videos and read the manual instead. Some courses don’t have lesson manuals, and the videos are sometimes not enough to get the point. Some lessons are outdated, there quite consistently incorrect answers set to be correct (which you can report, although nobody will ever see it), typos, and all around just a painful experience. I would recommend homeschooling your child in another way, especially if they are older, i.e. high school age. If you do want to use this program, I would suggest using it up to middle school and then transferring to another program.
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4 years ago, michalove
I 💗 this app!!!!!!❣️😍❤️🥰😘
This app has made it very easy for me to understand some things that I didn’t understand before I got the app: I have to admit that I had a few problems in pretty much all my subjects but who doesn’t right??? So I used to have a VERY HARD time in math especially in division then acellus came in, but I just have to agree with some of the people that say that they are having problems with the app for example l just finished my 4th grade math and l am now in 5th grade math and they make it look 👀 easygoing at first but when you get to a hard problem then it’s like what am I doing here so I still have to ask my dad for help and another thing is acellus just came out with a new writing course and me and my mom can’t figure out how to get to it and it says that it is in all of my subjects including science, social studies,language arts/reading and etc so I hope that they fix this soon! Thank you 😊.!!!
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6 months ago, hayato kawajiri
Not able to work at my own pace anymore
When I first started the app was great. Now there’s only so much I can do in a week before it doesn’t let me back on my classes till the next week. I can do two to three hours in my language arts before it gets locked. And that goes the same for all of my classes. Now my parents are stuck waiting longer for me to finish and paying more money monthly to make up for it. Not to mention how I’m always getting an error screen and having to restart the class and log back in. And recently it’s been restarting the videos out of nowhere so I have to watch them twice. Other than that it’s alright. I’m definitely learning more on here than I ever learned in school. But it’s just been a bit irritating not being able to do what I need to. Especially when i’m always getting in trouble for not doing 15 hours a week when the app only lets me do around 8 before I can’t do any more of my classes. Please fix this, I’m sure no one is happy with it. Not even parents.
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4 years ago, Loveyava
Very amazing!🥰
I can’t even start to tell you how great this app is! This is the best homeschool app out there! And that’s saying a lot from me, one who hasn’t ~loved~ school in the past. This is so great for the following reasons... super reliable, very self-guided, and great curriculum! Very reliable because you can check your progress and lesson status at any time! Self guided because you can pause the video whenever you would like and elaborate on what is being said or just to take notes for your own self benefit! Great curriculum because you can pick out your own electives for your child and there are even special lessons to advance in your knowledge on the subject. The app even has “Library” and a “Roger Billings Vlog” for extra help and creativity! For all the parents out there who are struggling to choose on what is best for school right now, I HIGHLY recommend Accelus! Thank you.
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5 years ago, SisiPrincess921
Correct answer said to be wrong.
I’m a homeschool student who has been using Acellus for four years now, and hasn’t used anything else. I love the program and all the new courses I have taken over the years, but my only is with some of the math subjects, such as the high school geometry (that I’m taking this year) and the algebra 1 class (from last year). The issues are with the fact that sometimes when I would answer a question right, it would say that it was wrong, and when I used the Submit Problem Fix option, it would take at least a day to refresh. In fact, I’m having problems with that right now. And not only has that happened to just me, but also my siblings have come across the same issue. Troubles like these have lowered my grades, and have made my homeschooling experience a real pain.
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1 year ago, Sportsphotogirl13
Billings makes changes and deletes kids work.
Acellus Power Homeschool was a really great tool for homeschooling my special needs child. We used this CURRICULUM in “Tutoring” mode which allowed my daughter to rewatch videos and retake the quizzes in order to master the subject. Suddenly, with NO WARNING, Mr. Billings turned off the tutoring mode and erased all hard-earned progress. He then proceeded to gaslight parents and accused our children of cheating. He doesn’t understand what homeschooling is. Homeschooling does not wish to have “accredited” schooling. We need school to tailor to our child’s needs. If my child has mastered an area, I see no need for them to watch a video. They should be able to skip ahead and take the quizzes. Parents give credit, not the curriculum. I have no issues with Billings changing things in the summer prior to beginning a new year. Making unnecessary changes toward the end of the school year, is cruel and irresponsible. Unfortunately, after 5 years of using this program, it will come to an end for us. If you don’t want control over your child’s education, this might be okay for you.
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1 year ago, IamTheyAre123
For anyone considering using this program if you haven’t already, please, please, please, reconsider. What attracts people most to this program is the price, unfortunately in this case you get what you pay for. You can definitely tell everything is of low quality and the app is even worse. They didn’t even try to fit it to a phone they just imported the pc website into the app. The lessons don’t really teach you much at all and the teachers for some classes just aren’t that good at explaining these topics in any sort of depth in a way that someone who is learning it can understand. If there is any errors or questions you can forget about getting those dealt with, they will never be looked at (and there’s quite a bit of errors in answers as well as typos that have been there for years and will continue to be there). Do not sacrifice your child’s education for the price, if you read some of the other reviews they go a bit more in depth about it but I really do not recommend this program for anyone middle school+ at all.
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1 year ago, Dark_Ninja741
Better than a previous learning program that I was using.
I rate this 4/5 stars. You don’t have the option to skip any content (which prevents missed information) and the app works well. But I don’t give it a full 5 stars because for one, you can’t start special assignments over when you ATTEMPT to write something for it and end up failing miserably instead. I had this problem. So I had to re-write the entire assignment all while the “recheck” button was staring me in the face, and it wouldn’t let me save until every required word was used. And that’s another thing. Required words. I really don’t like them. They really just seem like they’re forcing you to create a specific context to use them, and sometimes it’s extremely difficult to do that. For another reason, after tapping the Science L!ve thing, you can’t exit back to the Home Screen without force-quitting the app. And for ANOTHER, there’s a bug that makes it so that if you leave the app (put it in the background) it makes it impossible for you to exit back to the Home Screen anyway, and disables the Help and Resources tab for some reason. Also. Can you please add a setting place to use, say, dark mode!? I really want dark mode. You’re lucky I’m rating this 4 stars instead of 3. Sometimes this app really makes me go crazy.
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4 years ago, Sheenbcdsdjjnbeusbejendbdb
Keeps logging off
We are new to the school. My daughter is in the kindergarten program. I requested to add a first grade class. No response. Now she is being logged off in the middle of lessons. I emailed the teachers for the lessons. They offered no solutions to the problem, but simply acknowledged when she was able to log back in. Today, she was logged off in the middle of lectures and reviews. Again, I emailed. No response. So not only are we being logged off in the middle of lessons, we are also being ignored. This happened 10+ times. It’s FRUSTRATING! We are still in her first month and it started off great but went down hill after the second week. I’m seriously considering cancelling if this problem is not resolved. I understand glitches here and there, but this is just ridiculous.
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3 years ago, lucille amelia
Great program!
I started using Acellus during May of 2020. I love that you can go at you pace because I went through 9th and 10th grade in one year!! I am self driven so i have no problems with motivation and keeping a consistent school schedule. My parents monitor my long term progress but otherwise I get a lot of responsibility and independence with my coursework. I recommend this for anyone who is feeling held back in public school and would like a change of pace. There is an option for having a real life teacher monitor your classes and work or just a parent. The classes are pretty understandable and I find little to no problems with this program. They also provide AP courses and many diverse options for what you want to learn. 10/10!
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4 weeks ago, randomduckperson
Good but needs some work.
I absolute love being able to do school from home since I’m very anxious. However, there are some issues. 1.So far, whenever I do a course in math, the textbook doesn’t go through all of what the video shows. I understand that I have to pay attention to the videos, but it doesn’t hurt to need a little extra help if I’ve forgotten something or need to review it. And don’t get me started on the lack of examples. 2. Whenever one of the “teachers” messages me, it just feels like it was sent by a bot and not an actual person. And if I try to ask something, I don’t get a response. 3. This is more of a personal complaint, but I think it would be better the control the amount of steps I want to do per week from MY account and not through the parent one. 4. Sometimes, the lessons(especially anything math related) is boring and makes it hard to focus on it.
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4 months ago, theqweenn
Love using Acellus, but I am NOT liking this new update. I want the old version back :( everything is much more confusing. Even if I get used to it, I would still prefer the older version. As for learning, I would say we need more questions or something. Just watching a video and answering 5 questions isn't enough of it to be embedded into my brain. Even if I study, I usullay forget what I have just learned by the next week. Also, I do NOT LIKE PATRICK MARA he's a horrible teacher sorry. Dr Eileen Dayton teaches like she's 3 seconds from falling asleep 💀. Emily brown is a good teacher, but her voice is kinda annoying to me so that makes Spanish pretty insufferable. Dr John billings must be camera because I can feel him staring at my soul through the screen. So far, Todd Edmond & Mark Rogers at the best teaches for me 🫶
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4 years ago, KGB BLB
Usability issues but good content
The content is great. Well paced, well taught. But the usability of the ipad app is very poor. Problem 1: slow answer recognition. When you submit an answer, there is no reaction for several seconds. This causes many children to tap again, which often is registered as the answer to the next question before it even loads. Solutions: show a loading icon, message, or other visual cue to not tap again. Don't use taps until the question has fully loaded. Maybe at a coding level, return all the questions and answers to the ipad before the quiz/exam begins. Problem 2: question moved off screen when ipad keyboard pops up. You can't see both the question and the keyboard at the same time. The keyboard stays up when the next question appears, meaning you are constantly switching or scrolling for every single question. Solution: scale the question to fit with the keyboard for questions answered with a keyboard and automatically bring it up or put it away. Problem 3: no idea where in a unit you are. There should be some way, without leaving the course and going into a distant submenu, to know how far along in a unit you are. Solution: A simple progress bar or 3/10. These issues directly affect the efficacy of instruction, especially for younger students.
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3 years ago, Nate12345Kjhb
Good but some bad things
So I’m a student and I think it is a really good program but four things that need fixing. No.1 some times when you press the button that makes you go 15 seconds back sometimes it will make you go back to almost the beginning I’ve spent so much time bc of that. No.2 the coding program is quite bad I’ve had many times where the question was different from the video and it’s also so hard my mom can’t do it I barely managed to keep my A in coding and you should make the questions more related to the video. No 3 the messaging is also bad if you ask a question they don’t respond or you will get sound like your having trouble blah blah blah I remember asking a question about do cells have gender and if so how can you tell? No awnser after three months I deleted because my sisters told me they don’t have genders.
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2 years ago, gaygirl2021
I don’t know how I feel about this
So it’s a really good app and it usually works pretty well, but when you try to send one of the teachers a message they don’t usually answer you for a few days whereas with public school you can just email your teacher and they answer right away or you can just ask them the question face to face. I hate how when I have to watch a help video because I failed the exam it won’t let me skip to the part I actually need to understand, and the lessons are all over the place, like in language arts I’m learning stuff that I learned in third grade but then in math I’m learning things my freshman friends haven’t even learned yet and I’m in 7th grade. They don’t let you know when their going to be updating the app or how long it will take, so you can’t always access everything no matter how bad you may need to. So while it’s got a few major, major flaws overall it’s a pretty good app and it doesn’t cost to much.
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4 months ago, XxBeachParadiseXx
New update is AWFUL!!
Hate the new update. It’s always glitchy, and takes so long or never to load. The update is confusing. There’s so much useless stuff added that makes it hard to focus on which classes. And the update gave me 2 math courses, even though I signed up for one. More work. Not to mention the new update stops you if you’ve “done too much” on a certain course. I was doing math for a day, and not even halfway through, it made me stop and said: “You’ve completed math for this week. Come back next week to do more” It wouldn’t let me do more math no matter what. I’m really behind on math but it won’t let me catch up. The computer grading is just AWFUL. I liked this app before the update. Now everything’s showy, laggy, confusing, horrible, and dumb. Will not recommend this schooling app to anyone. Awful. Bring back old Acellus. Because of this stupid update, I won’t even graduate this year. Hate you.
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2 years ago, GRV10
Here’s my take
I am now almost finished with my tenth grade year. I’ve been a student at Acellus Academy since eighth grade right before the pandemic. I’m rating it four stars because I mostly like the school but there definitely could be some updates. For one, the interface is very outdated and I’m sure it would be easy to update. I think the special lessons should be graded by actual people and not a robot because I feel like it’s not accurate grading. Some special lessons don’t make much sense. You have to figure things out by yourself usually if you’re struggling or get a parent to help. The majority of questions are multiple choice which isn’t that difficult. It depends though. I just can’t give them five stars because there is a lot to be improved.
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1 year ago, br0ken.pe0ple
Solid educational experience for 3 of my 5 children!
As a mom of 5, I cannot say enough about how amazing Acellus has been for our 3 younger children. Our children had always attended private school as did their two older sibling who both received honors college scholarships to two different top notch universities. After Covid we needed something to better suit our family and competing on the national level for swimming, Acellus was the perfect fit. I have two accelerated students and one who learns differently as she is dyslexic. Acellus Academy has been so easy to modify and adapt to each of my children’s learning styles, abilities, and needs. So thankful this was created and is being evaluated and perfected routinely.
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3 years ago, biblefollower
Love love love for my kindergartner
After researching for so long for accredited online schools that can cater to my little one needs (she has an iep) I am glad that I chose Acellus Academy. I don’t have to tote books and binders when going on vacay, all you needs is a device and wifi :) I had her enrolled into connections academy but that was not a great fit for her. She was falling through the cracks even with live teachers with 50 kids in the same class. They wasn’t even teaching! Now she loves getting up and going to school. I can easily switch her back to brick and mortar after covid ends (if we decide) i love that they have an app and parent account. Everything is simple and user friendly!
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3 months ago, Zaedyn.
You are just so smart ☺️
Yes! Every time a student makes errors put them in recovery mode every single time just to set them back even farther. This is the slowest app I have ever used in my entire life and I probably wont find slower. I was struggling with a certain skill in math and on the last question which I answered right it put me in recovery mode. As grown adults how does it feel making people do things until it’s perfect that they will never ever do again. I’ve chosen my job career and that’s working with dead people. Why do I have to care SO MUCH about how I get the area of a triangle using x y and a random number. It’s cool that you’re so passionate about having kids learning something they will never use ever again in their life unless they’re a math teacher or maybe even scientist. Use this app if you want to have a mental breakdown every single time you use it. Have a splendid day!☺️
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3 years ago, Krisphoreal
Worst decision I’ve ever made in my life…
I learn sure, but I don’t retain anything even slightly complex. I highly suggest you do not use this app. It seems great at first, it really does. But then you start losing motivation a couple months in. I am going at the same pace I would be going at a public school. I’ve been using this for years. It’s not like I am a bad student either I used to get mostly A’s in school. And it ruins any type of social life your child has. The only reason I haven’t switched back is because I am already so close to finishing and the amount of hurdles you have to go through to switch back to public school is outrageous . I was 86% through a course and suddenly the video isn’t playing, and u can’t skip it , all my other subjects work except for that so it isn’t a internet connection issue. So, now I think that progress I made in that course(Months) will be deleted.
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4 months ago, Hilovet
It really good
I really like Acellus it easy and then some parts are hard the only thing I am worried about is the time requirement for some classes because it says a student must take 16 weeks to finish one class but some classes you can get done in a month or 2 weeks I just hope when I apply for graduation they don’t make me redo tho classes. But if any parents out there that has a kid that don’t like school or struggles in person I recommend this program it not hard it not too easy like everyone saying trust me I am 16 years old and I graduated this November if I do my schooling everyday. ~Nickolai
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3 years ago, Cinthiaaaaaaaaaaas
It’s alright.
So it is a very good app the only problem is that the work stacks up on you only don’t do it and then sometimes when you try to do what you don’t get your points you get your stars and that is what really makes me mad because what is the point. This app wastes all of my time when I don’t get my points and my professor is always saying every few weeks that we need to have the certain percentage and how am I supposed to do that if acellus does not give me my points. That is a very big glitch that you guys need to fix because if you guys don’t fix it then I’m starting to have doubts about passing my grade. So yeah please work on that and on the days that kids can’t work you have to put the time into it so that the work doesn’t stack up that much.
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7 years ago, Mrs. And Mr. Maciel
My children have been schooling with Acellus for 3 years. We have never had a problem with it we downloaded this app on iphone on their mini ipad4 and our computers. We are all so very happy, my kids love the way Acellus is online. All the Acellus teachers always helping my kids when they get stuck, the teachers quick email them and emails me to let me know my children problems and always has a solution. When you call over the phone they are very nice always asking questions to help with your children's education. This online School is 10x’s way better and more advance than public school..
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1 year ago, xan xan xanzy
In the math classes you watch a video and then answer questions, like everything else. There is one issue I have with the math setup. There is a lesson manual with an example equation. I really wish that there was more than one example. Sometimes there are a few different ways that you have to do an equation, or equations with things like decimals and fractions. There should be an example involving all of the things like fractions and decimals, as well as the typical one in case a student is needed to do equations with fractions and decimals.
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3 months ago, shelby durham
You get what you pay for
App: This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Most of the time I have to repeatedly try to log in, instead of getting in the first time. Sometimes the app won’t let me click links. Sometimes it won’t let me see all of the information listed. Sometimes it’s just useless. Academy: Picture this…8th grade math…3-0=___ 4+1=___ 2+0=___ 8+3=___ Seriously?! You’re telling me that my 14 year old child is challenged with 1st grade math?! Try again. Between this pathetic curriculum and the lacking app, this is the only time we will be using Acellus. My stepdaughter is also using Acellus for 7th grade and she will not be back to this program for 8th grade. No wonder they can knock the price down to $79 a month. I’m honestly concerned that my children are falling behind.
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3 years ago, kgdjbbvssjns
Terrible school
First off, it doesn’t cater to kids with hearing disabilities. 95% of the time, the videos don’t even have subtitles. Next, you only get ONE TIME TO PUT AN ANSWER MOST OF THE TIME, if it’s a type in answer they give you only a few times to answer and if you get wrong all times, you have to go through this awful and usually long “help video”. Most of the time when I put an answer, I’ll end up accidentally tapping an answer that I didn’t want! And I’ll have to watch an unnecessarily long video. Third, you cANT SKIP VIDEOS IF YOU ALREADY UNDERSTAND THE MATERIAL!!! I was put into SEVERAL wrong classes this year because of a 46 QUESTIONED TEST, how is a test with 46 questions going to tell me what class I’m in? OF CORSE IM NOT GOING TO KNOW ALL THE MATERIAL I LEARNED IN THE LAST 5 MONTHS, the human brain doesn't retain memory for that long, school is quite literally short term memory for most. AND LAST, YOU CANT TALK TO REAL PEOPLE IN THE SCHOOL!! There have been countless times when I needed help and I HAD TO BUY A TUTOR- NO, NOT FROM THIS SCHOOL. This school costs a lot for what it gives. It’s not worth it. Please listen to your kids, if they are struggling, help them, and no- not by smashing their phone.
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2 years ago, IMAUNICORN🦄🦄🐴🦄🦄
Good and bad!
I really do enjoy this, but I think it’s more of me liking homeschooling than liking this. It is very hard for me to learn as someone who needs hands on stuff, but I’ve also learned more than I would have in public school. School was difficult and hard to deal with, and I never learned anything there. But it is still hard to learn stuff from, I’ve gotten the hang of how to get myself to pay attention since I’ve been doing it for a little over a year but it still isn’t the best option for sure. For example spanish is taught just by showing a picture and saying the word and it’s hard to hold the information in my head like that.
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2 years ago, anna stalkhouser
my review
I am currently a student of Acellus, I am in high school and I really like the app I definitely prefer virtual rather in person. I always seem to have issues the app never loads, i’ve switched Wi-Fi providers two times in case that was the issue and it still doesn’t seem to work and now I have deleted the app to try and reinstall it and it won’t work it won’t let me re-download the app. Rather than all that, the app itself the set up is really good, I do wish that they had more interaction during the videos because they are very easy but tiring because you’re not doing anything for the whole video of your one class and it’s a little boring.
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6 months ago, Adriana Ć
What’s wrong?
I have been using this app for school since 7th grade, I am a freshman now at first before you updated the app everything it was great no glitching and no bugs. Ever since this update came out my videos are constantly freezing and Turning black. Sometimes when my video turns black the video just restarts, or I have to exit out the whole app and sign back in. You need to fix this. In my biology class I can never watch the full video without having to log out multiple times it either says server error or the video just keeps turning black and restarting. I don’t understand what the problem is. I usually have no tabs open at all. Only this app open. Fix this now.
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4 years ago, madibax
Wish exams were different
I have used a acellus for quite a few years and I always get aggravated when the reviews and exams have questions from the same areas but not the same questions or close to it. Why review something if it isn’t important enough to be on the test? Also I wish the lessons would get re-numbered after lessons are added or taken away. I have a daily planner for school and it’s very aggravating to have to continue fixing the numbers because some are missing so if I have to do 20-24 and the removed what was 23 then now I’m doing 20-25. It’s just confusing. Over all great app and very useful!
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1 year ago, jhiney84
Highly recommend
I believe this was the best option for my daughter because she got held back in public school. And this school has actually gotten her to her grade level and she is happy to get on it every day. It has also improved her reading and writing. Once she ready to go to public school again she will be prepared. And I would recommend downloading it on your computer because it doesn’t have any glitches.
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8 months ago, elly4568235
Worth it
Acellus is a wonderful program for all children. Though I don’t agree with everything I cannot deny how beneficial it has been to me and my children. They have all classes that any school would have. I love the fact that you have the choice to put classes in tutorial mode; I use this when my children find the classes to be hard. As a homeschooling mother acellus has truly made it easy to start that journey and you won’t break the bank. My one issue is that I’m unable to print out my babies certificate though all devices requirements are met.
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1 year ago, ALICECAKE21
Great app for learning but some things could be changed
I started using the app for school this year and it’s great, however there are some things that need to be changed like sometimes if you miss 3 questions it puts you in recovery mode where you have to do multiple lessons just to redo it, and to get a discount on it you have to watch a science video on Wednesdays which I think is completely unfair because if I miss one they could stop giving me a discount and on some Wednesday’s I’m busy and can’t do the video. Other than that the app is great and I would recommend it if you’re tired of real school
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3 years ago, ackflamimgoe
Im not surprised
Ok so acellus, yes it is a great teaching app there are just some flaws, i know the videos are supposed to be done but the teachers in the videos treat me like im in 3rd grade, especially the math teacher, he acts way to goofy, the other teachers qre fine tho, 2nd reason is that u cant skip videos! EVEN if u already watched them, its just ridiculous! Every time i get a help video it wont let me skip to the part i need to understand,and it post way to much stuff in math,even if u miss one day it will give u like 10 assignments over the ones u need to do, crazy! but ig over all THAT its a good app in the end, def teaches good in a way?
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6 months ago, noti mom
Had a few problems but liked it too
Each class has 100 to 500 lessons and for a kid on a IEP with ADHD that’s not really acceptable especially since they got rid of the ability to skip a lesson I really it’s whoever controls it that keeps ruining it i’ve been in this since middle school and I’m about to graduate and every year they’ve gotten rid of a feature that helps me but the teachers are pretty good and you do learn a lot most of the careers teachers are better and more understanding so if you’re trying to take a class like plumbing or agriculture or something like that you’ll probably exceed
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3 years ago, jadecheers3
Acellus video and learning concerns
You guys really be to change the video options. I can not fastfoward on any device only backwards. So I know one it something wrong with the app. Which In the orientation it says you can fastfowards and go backwards. This is really time consuming and extremely annoying. Please fix that. Abs also it would be great if you guys added a transcript to the video for those who are hard of hearing or maybe have missed a part of the video. Learning is for everyone and I feel that you guys should make it more accessible for those with different learning needs. Thank you
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3 years ago, lovely little llama
It wasn’t the best
I was so happy to see my daughter thriving through school but didn’t make sense is that when I transferred over she had to start the whole school year over in the middle of February. And even though she was doing great in most her classes the math portion did not make sense on the way they worded there works and solved it in all honesty they over complicated the easiest things. During the social and emotional corse she didn’t really understand the. Concept of some of the things the teacher was saying and if she did it did not make her feel the best about herself. Over all. I would not choose this as my first option but it was still good
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4 years ago, xferris
Just a suggestion. :D
I love this app, and it’s been helping me with understanding a lot. But just a suggestion. Can you program it not to give work on the holidays? It’s annoying how I have a day off on Christmas or Thanksgiving, and I have to come back the next day and do twice the work. Also, when you’re taking over a quiz or assignment, it counts it as your daily work, and I don’t know why. I think that needs to fix. I’ve been very confused on how I finished my daily work so fast. Anyways, I think those two things need to be fixed. Other than that, this is app is amazing! Thank you for taking time to read my review! :D
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2 years ago, Auraranger
Acellus… Good or Bad?
This is a good App for school at a pretty decent price compared to other online schools. I do have to say that I don’t love there math and science considering that they go threw it so fast on each lesson that some times it is hard grasp what they are trying to teach you, but there side classes are great for learning in the fact that they have so many to choose from and do a good job teaching the SMALL lessons. IN conclusion I think it is good long as you are doing another program with it to ensure that you grasping what they teach you.
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1 year ago, jpbogle
Printing special lessons
The curriculum is excellent but the app freezes up when I try to print off special lessons. Was able to get some of the lessons printed but after a few successful attempts the app just freezes up. Tried several times, reset my phone, checked for updates, and reset the app. Still will not print the science lesson. Kind of frustrating after a solid week of flawless connectivity. Very pleased with all the curriculums but the freezing is possibly a deal breaker.
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3 years ago, zoe wow
Absolutely Amazing!!
Acellus has great portioned lessons, and lots of extra credit opportunities, which can up your grade a whole percent which helps me keep straight A’s in all my classes! Of course you’ll see lots of lies made my 2nd graders so they don’t have to do school, but in reality it’s the best homeschool system I’ve ever used, coming from a homeschooler for 4 years! in 7th grade curriculum it teaches kids great real world skills like how to do taxes and in English it makes writing essays really fun!
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5 years ago, Nahnahgurl
Awesome app
I had lots of problems in my school work I didn’t even like school till my mother got this app for me. I LOVEE how they make you redo the exams and help you get a better grade, I also like how they have you watch videos on the subjects you work on and you can take notes on the videos it’s like going to school, but you are alone. That’s what I hated about school I had to share the teacher with other students and the teacher had to help everyone I recommend getting the app.
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2 years ago, alexzandermckenzie
My parents are mean
I’m doing all the sessions and stuff like I’m supposed to but my parents say this app is to short and they want me to do like 7 hours when your only supposed to do 2 or 4 hours and when I finish 2 lessons in 1 class in like 15 they tell me to do more they want me to do extra work than I'm supposed to it’s so annoying I would LOVE if you said a reminder for parents that this app is supposed to be used 2-4 hours a day so my parents would not yell at me for doing it to short so PLEASE ADD THAT SUGGESTION
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3 years ago, chowziz
Love how convenient it is !!!
I really enjoy learning at my own pace I think it’s very revolutionary, it helps me get more things done. Acellus is nice because it is a very flexible way to do school being able to finish it fast and easy because they are already pre recorded videos, and since it’s on a device you can just watch them wherever you are, making it easy to get work done whenever you want.
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