2.4 (78)
20.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Achieve3000, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Achieve3000

2.45 out of 5
78 Ratings
5 years ago, 💕💙✨🔥
it doesn’t let me log in
i know how to use this because I use it in school. But I want to use it on my iPad at home too. And I just downloaded it and it doesn’t let me log in. It only lets me online. I don’t know if that’s my problem for the app because I need to do my homework . I hope you can tell me what’s wrong.
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4 years ago, HI Hot Mom
Questions are hard but besides that it won’t let me see the picture. Hint don’t do anything. Also how are we supposed to know all the words in synonyms and antonyms???
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3 years ago, waialua23_hates school
This is not it
Unfortunately this is is not the right site you have to go to another site like a school site that opens a page that works but somehow when I logged in it will NOT let me choose an activity similar to the other site you can.. It is also hard to log in and how do I even sign in??
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4 years ago, Onyxmax is my roblox user
Achieve stop existing
I was on a roll with questions then I couldn’t tap next question… It sent me to another question and made me tap enter making it wrong. Same again and again. If achieve didn’t exist my entire classes Lexie level wouldn’t have gone DOWN.
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4 years ago, xVexxed_Lunehhx
I can log in, yet i have UI issues that i dont have online
I am unable to get mailbox access. I also have to log in each time i open it.
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4 years ago, Itz Keira
I don’t really like it because...
I can’t log in and I go into chrome and log to do it but when I do the lessons the screen glitches and does the answer it wrong I give this app a 1 I’m sorry it’s my opinion
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9 years ago, ItsZkhal
Mailbox Feature
Can you guys please add the mailbox feature on the next update I could use it other than that the app is great it helps me
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4 years ago, vgcydrxrdxtcygvgu
Love it
I love achieve 3000 because it is so easy I do it on my comperter and iPad it is fun and easy🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😄😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😁🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
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4 years ago, jchddincjd
It doesn’t log me in
I am frustrated cause it won’t let me log in it just shows an ok on the screen my frustration is over 9000
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4 years ago, Md710
Can’t login
Frustrating that I can’t use this app on my iPad since it doesn’t let me login. My school login is correct
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4 years ago, armyguyjett
Too hard
Needs more tries and needs and just too hard
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4 years ago, 😹😹👎🏻👎🏻
Achieve only had 3 stars and I can’t login and I used my school password
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5 years ago, adam98250
Unfortunately I can’t use it for my children. I can’t create an account as a parent
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2 years ago, the plan x team
Best app ever
Love this app
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4 years ago, ramjos
When i try to log in it won’t work. So this app is straight up TRASH 🤡🤡🤡🗑🗑🗑🗑🤮🤮🤮🤮
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4 years ago, narwhal aiden
There needs to be lgbtq
Kids are lgbtq it’s not inappropriate what’s inappropriate about lgbtq
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4 years ago, bunny Mindy
This app
Is terrible джо
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3 years ago, do not buy the app!
It the worst
It is the worst
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4 years ago, OOFERGANG NAY NAY
It’s so bad
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9 years ago, Starstroke
People Hate School?
I just downloaded the Achieve3000 application for iPad, and I must say I'm impressed. After reading all 31 other reviews, users like 1H4T3SCH00L (somewhere along those lines...) has made apps telling everyone the app is very bad because they do not wish to partake in education, because they are IDIOTS seeking ATTENTION. I am impressed with the interface, but the missing "Mailbox" feature is a setback. Lessons teachers and educators send to the students cannot be viewed and/or linked to via the Mailbox feature, unless the student has access to a computer and an Internet connection. I generally believe the application deserves a solid 4 stars.
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10 years ago, (-:Me:-)
Great tool
I love this program and I'm glad there is finally an app. However, it seems to be only for the kids. I can't log in as an educator. Reading the student reviews also shows concerns for some improvements. Good luck. I hope there can be adjustments made to make it as good as the web version.
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9 years ago, trinidy12
Needs more !!!!
I like the app so far but i wish it had more features. I would like a tab were I can see the lessons chosen by my teachers and I would also like to see a search bar for readings of my choose.
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10 years ago, Jansmith27
Glad to be able to use program on iPad in classroom
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10 years ago, R.Y.1
Add a Mailbox!
The app is much better than the computer version, but I can't access my mail, where my teacher sends all of their class work. Please add a feature to access the mailbox.
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10 years ago, Zombierocker#1
Good but
Add a search it would be very helpful to look at things add the lexil to see what points we have ever.
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10 years ago, Joshubrush
I'm a student on achieve 3000 and this app works so well, that it helps me a lot! No more safari for achieve on my iPad!
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10 years ago, CraftyTeach1
No use for teachers
Teachers should be able to use this app with their login as we'll. when I tried, it said It wasn't available for my login. It would make checking progress easier.
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10 years ago, Ugmutckyjcf
The app is great but it would be better if you can see your career goal and your Lexile like in the computer
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8 years ago, MamaColada
Does not work!
I've tried several times to use this app. It dies not work. It says not available due to technical issues and to see the teacher. Why even have the app if it doesn't work?
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10 years ago, Taytayccm
It good
But the only problem is that it doesn't keep u logged in
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10 years ago, hannahnwxoxo
Why is it only an iPad app? Can't it be for iPhones too?
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10 years ago, Hi, get the app now
Very good but....
I like this app a lot. The only thing is were is the end part.
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10 years ago, Hitman1774
Add a Mailbox!
I have to admit: This is better than going on a Laptop. But on their next update, they have to add a mailbox! And I can't search anything to! Please add a mailbox!
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10 years ago, callme@Ale
It's ok but... It can do better
You forgot the mailbox bottom and I want it and need it
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9 years ago, Pr3cious1
When ever I log in, I crash plz fix dis bug
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10 years ago, Aylenne
Kidbiz lover
I like ur kidbiz app but please add more cats and animals and more animal stuff please and thank u
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10 years ago, Royal Shrestha
This is a good app. You should defiantly try this out.
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10 years ago, Rainbow Heart MLP
This app is way better than the internet one!
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10 years ago, Alyssa Orduno
I only use achieve for my articles , and they're all in my achieve mailbox it would be way easier for all students to have a mailbox in the app .
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9 years ago, 5-2-4-5-2dd
Alright Jmk
The only thing is I can not get logged in.
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10 years ago, PlayTube! fan!!!
Nothing like teen biz
It is nothing like teenbiz.. Where can I see my mail? Waste of space .....add all the features and buttons teenbiz has and I may become an awesome app
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10 years ago, Megaevolutionguy175
Ok but Needs SEARCH
Awesome but Needs search Button though Great App.!
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10 years ago, Gracie;) ;P
Mail box Please!
I like the app but I really need the mailbox to do the articles that my teacher sends me to do! Please add the mail feature. Thanks!
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8 years ago, Gingy918
The new update ruins it.
I was doing a lesson today and when I scroll down it will go to the left. Pls fix!
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9 years ago, Jonson you know who I am
Achieve 3000
Although it works fine the email dosen't work defeating the purpose.
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8 years ago, AKA booty
Simply Trash
Barely can access stories assigned
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10 years ago, 239239
It won't let me sign in
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10 years ago, 1h4t3sch00l
Horrible app
I hate it
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9 years ago, Carfjuser2
The worst
Don't get it it's dumb
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9 years ago, Fat hairy naked men
Bugged out
I log in. Do an article When I'm done crashes I get no points GG teenbiz GG 2spooky4u
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