Acorn TV: Watch British Series

4.6 (16.4K)
112.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
4.0.18 (318)
RLJ Entertainment, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for Acorn TV: Watch British Series

4.62 out of 5
16.4K Ratings
4 months ago, landapa
Better than American entertainment.
I want to be honest! Back in my days we couldn’t wait for the newest James Dean, John Wayne, Robert Redford, Paul Newman movie to come to the theaters. I always thought Germany does not have anything to offer that could stand with it. By now I live over thirty years in the US. And truth to be told, our entertainment has nothing to offer today. I watched far too many shows and German movies on You Tube or any other foreign movie that trump what we have to offer. „Flipped“ is one rare exception lately. But all we can show off with is staged, trivial, dramatic and predictable. While European movies may be considered slow, they take time to flesh out the characters so that you really get deep into the story. For that I love Acorn or Britbox or any other of them. Even my daughter who is not much into what I’m watching admitted that the acting is more true to how people in reality act than all the shows that she ever watches.
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6 years ago, therearenonicknamesleft99
Worst App Ever
I’ve been using various computer apps for some 35 years, and the Acorn TV app for the Apple TV is the worst app I’ve ever had to use. To begin, the menu system is completely illogical and user hostile. Unlike, Netflix, with the Acorn app for Apple TV once you have selected the program you want (not always easy with the execrable new Apple TV remote), you then get to try and figure out which episode is next in the queue because Acorn doesn’t bother to queue up the next one. You still have to figure out which one it is, with no clues whatsoever. Just finding the program itself is sometimes a challenge. If you go to the recently watched list, and click on the program you want, rather than bringing up the overview screen for the program (from which you can at least begin your search for the next episode to watch), it just starts the episode you’ve already watched. And if you hit the go-back button, it just bumps you back out to the home screen rather than the more logical overview screen for that program. To top off the fun, it will, as often as not, simply refuse to play a program no matter how many times you hit enter on the pad portion of the remote. I end up AirPlaying it from my iPad. The Acorn App for the Apple TV is completely broken. Which is a shame because the app for the iPad and iPhone — a completely different app — is quite good, And the programming is brilliant. If you can get it to play. Shameful!
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4 years ago, HappyBetta
Worst customer service ever
After months of happy viewing, something went wrong. I began to get double billed for my subscription, billed by my subscription through iTunes, and then billed directly by acorn. I never signed up directly with acorn, only with iTunes. So I canceled my subscription with acorn, considering that I already had in place an iTunes subscription. Well this is when the horror started. The app indicates that my subscription is canceled, but my iTunes subscription is active. I have been struggling with this for months and I cannot get a straight answer out of their customer service desk. They simply refuse to understand what I am talking about. There is no way to include screenshots when trying to send them messages. And yes there is no restore a purchase link on the home screen. I personally don’t think you can pay for your subscription through iTunes. I think you can download the app from the iTunes Store, but you have to pay acorn directly. The iTunes subscription does not work with this app. I talked to Apple at length about this problem and they are as mystified as I am. It almost seems like there is a scam or some sort of bait and switch problem. There is no Acorn customer service phone number, impossible to speak to a live person, and you will never ever make any sense out of whatever robot you interact with at the help desk.
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3 years ago, pjh139
Keeps crashing
This is much better than my previous review. However, it has one major problem. For some reason it will suddenly go back 10 or 15 seconds and replay the old soundtrack or even video over the new which I was currently watching. It does this on all shows and it does not show a pattern. Keeps crashing suddenly and repeatedly while streaming. Also crashes while watching on device. Ignores start where you left off when you shut it down normally and starts at the beginning requiring you to figure out where you had to stop so that's hit or miss since there is no preview when you look for it. I love Acorn but this app is barely functional. Now it's having emotional problems with the fact I pay on their site. The app is stopping me from streaming and asking me to get a membership via apple. I have to enter account on the app which tells me that I have a membership, then go to the home page and search for the show I want. THEN it will play. Does not offer to play next episode. I have had this app before last year and it worked. Now it's a hot mess
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3 days ago, CrankyOldBroad
I absolutely LOVE Acorn TV, but utterly LOATHE this *multiple expletives deleted* app!
Why in blue blazes does this app not work with Apple screen mirroring?! The screen mirrors fine until I click ‘play’ on the video in the app on my tablet, then the picture cuts out on my TV and the screen goes black and I get audio from the TV but the video only plays on the app. ?!?!?! Seriously people, you need to fix this problem for your app to be at all usable by a lot of folks these days. I don’t have this trouble with the apps of other streaming services, just the Acorn TV app, so I know it’s a problem with this app specifically. To answer a question before you can ask, yes, I allowed access to Bluetooth on my iPad Proas requested by the app. It made no difference, the video still does not play in screen mirroring, all I get is audio. In all honesty, if this problem can’t be fixed, I’m going to have to discontinue my Acorn TV subscription, which I DO NOT want to do! My Centurylink DSL will soon be going the way of the Dodo, leaving my cell phone’s internet capabilities as the most viable option. Since this app doesn’t work with screen mirroring, it is essentially utterly worthless to me until this issue is addressed and corrected.
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2 years ago, Elleseme
Hand Across the Water
Having lived and worked in the UK for many years, as well as other European countries, I cherished British television as well as the many foreign language films that would be broadcast via British television services. Very funny thing that I thought about when knowing that I would eventually be returning to the US was, Oh No, what will I do without my much loved programming. Never a fan of American tv, I was bereft. With all great fortune and progress in bridging television service, I was saved! The early systems were a bit complicated with boxes and VPS, but I didn’t care, I would have done anything to gain access to world class television entertainment. Here with Acorn I have such a broad range of quality productions, and now with ability to stream we no longer need wait six months or more to see shows that are in real time. A customer who is as pleased as punch; and make mine a Pimms.
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5 years ago, TxRaven7
Awesome Content if you can access
The programming is wonderful, when I have access. I signed up for an annual membership because I love all the programs Acorn TV offers. However, I am not able to access half the time. First, I get a pop up to sign in with my iTunes account, which if I just press “ok”, it sometimes plays the show I want to see. However, For at least 50% of the time, once I get pass that message, I get a pop up message that I need to subscribe and it won’t let me get pass it, even though my subscription clearly doesn’t expire until next year! Just don’t understand why this is the only streaming App that can’t get it together tech-wise, because it really does have awesome concert once your able to access.
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2 years ago, 123hannae
Stop Blocking Me Out of My Account that I pay $80/year for
I like this app a lot, more than any other streaming service. Only two people use, me and my mom. Firstly, there is simply too much content on any given app for it to only be used by one person. Simply too much. It is incredibly grating to not be able to watch anything on this app because “there are too many people…” No. Two people have the password and that’s okay, you don’t get to force people to cough up money for access to something that a friend or relative has in excess of what they need or could physically consume. Secondly, we understand that the average person has at least two devices to watch content on, right? My mom has an iPad and the house tv, I have my iPad and my phone and the same house tv. If you all care about the precise thing, then allow us to create profiles so you can potentially better gauge how many people is too many people. I will delete my service if this keeps happening.
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4 years ago, 88SAMB88
Wonderful app? At first yes, but not now!
We love this app so much, we opted for the annual subscription. However, the more we got into a series the worse the navigation got. Nice feature: the app kept tract of the episodes, at first. Bad feature: now that we are into the series, the app does NOT accurately keep tract of our viewing. And if we try to select the correct episode, we get kicked out of the app. Second problem: we subscribed via the google app on our smart tv. We did not set up our account directly in the acorn app. Now, I am trying to view the acorn tv via my iPad, but acorn tv does not recognize my email, so I have no access! So between these two problems, our viewing experience is down the toilet. And yes we have contacted support, but they say the first problem is resolved! Well if that is so, then why did we experience the above problem again just 5 minutes ago? If we can only see the first few episodes of a program, then what is the point of subscribing to what appears to be a wonderful app? If this is not resolved soon, then we will be forced to cancel our annual subscription!
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6 years ago, Dumbhead
Broken again on computer and Apple TV
It works now on all devices, finally, though I will never understand the management process that made the customer experience so bad. And I am still surprised that they did not contact users who had written or called them. Now it works, and content is good. But unlike other streaming we use, Acorn is unique in not making it easy to see where we left off in watching episodes. This is not a good way to be unique. Recent review: First Acorn removed essential functionality (tracking progress on series, for example). Then the app stops working with iPads and iPhones. Then the app stops working with Apple TV. And through it all Acorn decides not to reach out to customers to describe the situation and their progress, and not to tell customers that their remaining option is to log in on web browser. So, self-created technical problems compounded by a poor customer service decision. I think Acorn is shooting itself in the foot. I wonder what will happen to # subscribers, and how many will take this as a signal to try Britbox. An addition to my review from a week ago. At that time Acorn sent me an email telling me they had reset my password and that the app would work with the reset password. It did not. I just received the exact same message. And exactly like before, nothing changes with the reset password. This feels a bit like like the Keystone Cops.
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4 years ago, jeilyn824
I would had give it 5 start but I couldn’t
When I got this app I was supper exited because I had started watching a series called Hidden on prime then when I got done watching season 1 I found out I couldn’t watch it, because I had to be subscribed to Acorn TV. So I was a bit upset but I said fine I’ll get the App. Finally I get the App I finished Hidden and I am so hooked into this App with all the AMAZING series they got here but now my problem is that I can’t seem to be able to connect to my TV. Everything worked fine nothing has been touched or loved but I can’t watch it on my TV only on my phones. And when I try to connect my phones to the TV screen stay black with the Acorn TV sign on and nothing comes on. Deleted app and re installed still nothing. But I can watch other things from my phone to tv but no Acorn TV. Thank you for the hopes up! I guess I’ll be canceling the membership because I sure don’t like to watch shows on my phone, sorry.
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6 years ago, Fat Freddy's Cat
OK improvement
Update: Crashing every time launched under iOS 11.3. Apple TV version frequently fails to connect, requiring log out and back in, restarting the Apple TV, or both. Nothing but canned, usually inapplicable replies from tech support and no updates. If Acorn wasn’t the only place some of this content was available, I’d have cancelled my subscription by now. Avoid this service if you can find the content you want anywhere else. ————- So far it looks good, though there were several aspects of the previous version, including the ability to select a search and see just the episodes in that season rather than the new version which has all the seasons and episodes in a single list with no ability to just view a single season’s episodes. Time will tell whether this version is stable in it’s current release and whether it’s more reliable with AirPlay then the previous releases tended to be. I’m also very hopeful of an app for the 4th-generation Apple TV so that I don’t have to stream from my iPad.
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6 years ago, Lyndadoesmyhair
Excellent value
Note: this app was excellent till Apple/iTunes locked me out! I have All Device Access subscription that I can use anywhere and everywhere else Except iPad. Not AcronTV's fault, 100% Apple problem!!!! Love Brit, Aussie, Kiwi telly and this fits the billI appreciate getting access to my favorite shows faster than waiting for Masterpiece Theatre. Acorn, directly from their website vs iTunes, offers sweet deal when you subscribe for full year in advance. Plus I can access via multiple devices. Selection could be better, especially from down under, but they are stepping up their offerings over the last year. Streaming is typically flawless- when bandwidth allows- so not an Acorn issue, always the internet connection. Acorn is by far the best value, most reliable and most diverse streaming channel, app, out there.
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2 years ago, Mr. Al!
Visually impaired viewers beware!
I am giving them one star rating only because it was easy to get through to customer service and the representative was polite. This app does not work with voiceover. I tried using it with voice over about a year or two ago and it did not work and in spite of even recent upgrades they still have not corrected the problem. When I asked The customer service representative if they were aware that it did not work with voiceover, he said that they had had numerous comments about it but he still has no idea if or when they will get around to correcting the problem. I guess they do not want money from someone who is visually impaired. I would highly encourage anyone to drop their subscription. The only reason I was able to call Customer Service was because they sent me the number in an email when I initially told them about my problem with not being to access the app.
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6 years ago, CincyDi
Great app
I first signed up for this app when I was on my iMac through the internet. Worked fine on my iMac but when I went to use it on my Apple TV it didn’t recognize me, no matter how many times I tried. So I canceled my subscription and deleted the app on my TV. I was really disappointed. I waited several months then downloaded the app on my Apple TV again. This time I signed up through the app on my Apple TV and now it works perfectly. I love the shows it offers. I watch very few network broadcasts now except the news. I watch almost exclusively acorn tv only. Try it you will love it. My only question now is how do you find out if a show will have new seasons added. I love “The Heart Guy”. Please tell me there will be a season 3.
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1 year ago, Mack M
Excellent programming, subpar app
First off, I resubscribed for the new Detectorists movie: where is it? It wasn’t listed in the New section so I found it through a search. When I selected it it would not load. When I tried to reboot the app to search for it didn’t turn up at all any more, it was gone. Even apart from this, the app itself is clunky. There is often long hesitation before a selected program loads. The organization of what’s availability could be improved: the Home Screen and Explore have a lot of duplication of categories, and neither gives you a fast way to see all content. Let the Home Screen have fewer categories that lead to more comprehensive lists and let Explore have more selections of shows with targeted interests. That would make *my* experience better anyway. I wish it all worked better because the programming is excellent.
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3 years ago, grandste
So Many Good Program(me)s
When ACORN first became available as a streaming service, their offer to try it gave me the time to acclimate to their content. From George Gently to No Offence, Line of Duty and to Brokenwood Mysteries, and more, you’ll discover some of the best writers and actors in Irish, British, Australian, New Zealand, French, the Nordic countries, Spain, and other European counties. I’m a fan because ACORN provides a difference view of TV. With a couple of rare exceptions, I just found American TV so predictably formulaic and uncreatively acted that my interest lagged and dragged. Hard to be entertained when you’ve figured out this week’s episode within the first five minutes. ACORN led me also to other creative streaming services, but none better than ACORN.
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7 months ago, Blackcat416
Excellent Programs
I just happened to come across a TV station with a variety of TV shows I like. As I was reading reviews for the shows I came across other viewers saying how good the AcornTV app was. So I went into the app and sure enough all the shows I watch daily were on the app. I so do enjoy watching all the shows that are available to me without commercials that I purchased a yearly subscription to AcornTV. In addition I’m able to watch my shows in CC, close caption, as my hearing is very bad. If you are retired and have tried to watch daytime TV you know it’s very boring but AcornTV will certainly keep you entertained. I just love it. Thank you, Rose P, Philadelphia, PA USA
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6 years ago, Sidney Williams
Great Content - App Needs Work - Poor customer support
I love Acorn’s content. They have great British mysteries and comedy, and you’ll get some selections before Netflix and discover some things you didn’t know you wanted. Unfortunately the Apple TV app has issues, and because my account was through iTunes, I spent several days being told I didn’t have account. Really, Acorn, would I have bothered if I didn’t? One issue resolved on its own, possibly because I was in limbo between billing cycles. Finally got some acknowledgement and one offer for a fix by cancelling via iTunes and subscribing through Acorn directly. Had to go through several rounds of emails to get clearly a known issue acknowledged. Apple TV app won’t save your spot if you leave and return to a movie or show. Took several days to get support to say that service was not available on Apple TV. It is on the iPad app version, to be fair. Really some basic and up-front practices in support would go a long way. Smoke and mirrors is a TERRIBLE way to treat “valued customers.” Also getting a new rep with each email wastes customer time, and the Apple TV app sends you to website for support, which seems to confuse support staff who can’t differentiate between billing and technical issues. Also telling me I could use Acorn on another device when I contact about Apple IS NOT HELPFUL.
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2 years ago, Julie, the picky one
My Go to Place
I love A&E online; I hate A & E on the TV.! Why? TV A&E was lovely: shows showed quality; shows taught the audience; shows piqued the audience to look for more information; the topics were of historical interest; cultural interest; literary interest; culinary Interest; musical interest; architectural interest….and what ISthe TV programs now? Asinine, vulgar subjects and idiotic people. Of course, my saying all that is a “tell” that I am in my 70s. Tough, just deal with it! A & E online provides tales of mystery, travel to beautiful settings, interesting, involving crimes, delicious culinary programs and programs about our fragile earth, etc. I hope I pass on before the quality is the online A & E does.
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3 years ago, MissingBelgium&Britain
Better than Brit Box!
After living in Belgium for two years and spending part of a summer in Australia, I miss British humor and television. My husband gave me Brit Box for Christmas last year. It was good. This year he gave me Acorn. The two don’t even compare. Acorn is way better! Huge selection. Now I’m watching shows from New Zealand and planning a trip. I love the way shows on Acorn allow you to feel immersed in a foreign culture, to the point when you visit a new place it will feel familiar. Thank you for selecting a wide variety of shows and movies for my viewing pleasure!
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6 years ago, Sandysan4
Terrific shows, but
I'm having trouble managing my subscription. I'll figure it out somehow. The description of how to cancel is just wrong. I did send a message. If I just delete the channel will it cancel the subscription? I must have subscribed to your channel with iTunes, they send the bill. If I delete the channel from my iPad will it cancel the subscription? I'm just going to go with the Roku - I figured that one out. Totally stumped with Apple - I think it's Apple that's making this problem, probably with their updates - but it might be me as well. Aaaargh!!! On your help page I "clicked for Apple support and was helped immediately. Now I know how. The problem is when I went into iTunes it did not acknowledge Acorn TV. Just for your info.
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6 years ago, hoorayberet00
Poor app design and content
Dear Acorn: I want to love your app and subscription. But poor design, execution and limited assets that you release make it unattractive. Please consider making your app to be fully integrated with Apple TV, Siri Remote and the TV app in iOS. Your app is a poor experience on any platform right now. I am not alone in my opinion and I hope to appeal to you to enhance the experience for folks who know that you can do better. Also, it looks like you hold tight to your assets. However in doing so, you are making it clear that you do not place the customer at the center of everything that you do. For example, why is only some of your Poirot Collection available and not all? It’s shameful. Why do you not allow full screen viewing? Why do you not allow picture-in-picture in your app? Why do you still have problems with subtitles? Thanks in advance for letting me provide feedback.
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1 year ago, TWO-TURN
Streaming format review
Watching Acorn tv on my phone is great! However the folks that format the streaming via tv could work on the tv streaming. None of my other streaming services have the issues that Acorn Tv seem to have which is: constantly having to restart the tv to start the show I’d like to watch, not being able to watch some of the shows at all, having to soft boot my tv to watch a particular show, a show stopping a going back to the main screen multiple times for no known reason. BritBox, Prime nor none of the other streaming services have these issues. I wish Acorn would fix whatever their problems are because I love their shows.
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8 months ago, cmm472
Different from the mainstream services
I like Acorn because it offers shows that are not available elsewhere such as Doc Martin and Murdoch Mysteries. It’s pretty heavy on crime drama, but there are originals, miniseries, comedies and documentaries, and I found quite a bit to watch. I’m using an Apple TV, and the streaming quality is excellent. There is a free trial, and the subscription is reasonably priced. It might be a service to use for a few months at a time and cycle in and out to supplement other services. I would like to see more movies, but that’s the only thing lacking. They are owned by AMC Networks, and it might be nice to see this rolled into Sundance Now or AMC Plus similar to Max or Paramount Plus.
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2 years ago, RickysBird
Love AcornTV but Download function is ridiculous
Love the shows completely! The mobile app’s download feature is ridiculous. It downloads quickly that’s great. Two big issues with the downloaded episodes. They don’t download in episode order so you have to look for the next episode. The app doesn’t start an episode where you left off if you have to stop watching - it starts the show over at the beginning. Once you finish an episode and attempt to delete the watched episode it crashes on both iPhone and iPad 75% of the time. These nuisances make what would be a fantastic app an aggravation. Now there are less shows available to download. I like to watch offline Acorn!!!
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1 year ago, QuarOD
Extreme lag in accessing programming
Really into British programming, and was going to give myself an early Christmas gift of both AcornTV, and Britbox. Now Britbox isn’t exactly Netflix concerning ease of use, but it is more reliable than the Acorn TV app. Tried several times to bring up the specs for particular programs to add to my favorites list, and either there was an extremely long wait or it didn’t load at all. And the results were consistent with my phone, tablet, and streaming devices (all Apple products). REALLY wanted this to work. Was ready to pay for the entire year in advance, but the cons majorly outweigh the pros at the moment. Will keep trying through the free trial, but if the outcome remains the same, the frustration (not to mention cost) isn’t worth it.
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2 years ago, Petethepilot1
Acorn tv on Apple TV has one big glitch
We have been loyal users of acorn tv for years. Acorn tv works fine on the iPad Pro. But on Apple TV there is one big problem. For months now I can only see 2 of the banners for the New & Featured when you open the app. And the same while using it. The rest are blacked out. Streaming speed on the WiFi is high HD. We stream only and this out of the numerous apps we have is the only one that does this. I have tried resetting the app by deleting it and the reinstalling or signing in or out which is a big headache. Please fix this. I’m stating to avoid the app. In addition to that we now pay $6.99 for an app that has problems functioning. Please fix it.
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4 years ago, BennyBlk
Still a few flaws
I really love the shows that are on Acorn except for the fact that they don’t always have all the seasons. I watch many new shows and would like to watch all the seasons not just the latest one. Also, why have a resume option if it is not going to work and if a show is paused for just a minute too long, it shows a screen that says there have been technical difficulties so you have to back out of it completely, go back to the episode and now find your place because it automatically starts back at the beginning. I watch on my iPad. These small fixes would make the experience so much better.
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5 years ago, Ash1237654!
There should be a next episode/resume watching area
Sigh. As other reviews state, this app just isn’t set up like other similar apps. Let me use an extreme example to complain: Midsomer Murders, which currently has 20 seasons! And I want to watch the most recent season, so every time I want to watch a new episode I have to go into the show and scroll down and down and down and down and over in order to find the season and episode I want. Another simple complaint? There’s no need for the exaggerated largeness of the show blocks when you are scrolling through shows. Because of the scale increase on any show you have selected, you can’t read anything in its vicinity immediately above or below. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? Trailer options are pretty awesome though. And so are the show selections.
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5 years ago, OliviaCruse
Terrible, awful, very bad
Don’t even try! This is one of the worst apps I have ever tried to use. We stream via Chromecast, and I have had no trouble with other apps. However, most of the time the app won’t work at all with Chromecast. I have to go through a long and annoying resetting sequence with my phone, the TV, and the Chromecast device and even then the app resets only occasionally. When it works, it locks up about half of the time and I have no access to controls like pause or rewind. I was spending up to a half hour just to get a program started. I contacted customer service and was told to access the program through Google Home, but Google Home showed had no indication I was watching anything in Acorn. After many frustrating hours I gave up and stream from the Acorn website. No problems with that process, so far.
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6 years ago, Pgh533765
Used to be good...what happened??
I’ve been using the acorn tv app with chromecast and up till a couple of weeks ago it worked just fine. Then it suddenly wouldn’t play anything. I gave it a few days and then emailed acorn. It took them SIX DAYS to respond and then it was a “form letter” saying they were aware of the problem and were “diligently” working on it. It’s been another week or two since then and it still isn’t working—but my charge card was charged for the service nonetheless! Now it seems worse—it won’t even recognize my chrome cast anymore. I know it isn’t the chrome cast as Netflix works just fine. Get it fixed, acorn—it was fine before, so undo whatever you did to make it not work!
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6 years ago, Onlyhope77
iPhone iPad app NOT WORKING
I received your reply several weeks later and it still says “email or password error”. Too bad. Why did y’all change it? It used to work. So I’m updating my review. It’s June 1,2018 and the app still doesn’t work. It did work for the free month trial then once I began paying it stopped casting?!?!? What did you change? I have Chromecast and it used to work. Can you please respond to me at least?!?!? Thank you. So Acorn works on my Roko TVs but not on my iPhone or iPad Air!!!! Please fix this. I purposely purchased your apps so I can watch while traveling now it doesn’t work. 5/2/18 and still says “no content available “ and “error wrong password or login”. What the heck??? I watch Acorn all the time so this is unacceptable. I deleted apps and repurchased them still the update isn’t working. No customer service number to call. What’s up Acorn!!
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9 months ago, FilbertCornelius1
American Senior Perspective
I could not be more delighted with Acorn. We have a large family of grown children who enjoy family comedy, murder light, and particularly the beautiful coastlines of all British territory. We do hope that you are not swept up in the dark twisted mysteries with nothing but unhappy characters living victimized lives. If we want that we will turn to the news. No, subscribers have a dire need for feel good scripts with gifted hero’s (with perhaps a vein of weakness, but overcome with talent, looks and brains) who win in the end. With all said, we love Acorn TV
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6 years ago, Oakwater baby
Not worth it
If you are running the latest software update, forget it. This app will not let you in. If you try logging into your existing account it will keep telling you that your email or password are incorrect. Trying to reset your password? Good luck with that too. That option will not let you complete either. Acorn will however let you into your account if you do it via their website, thereby bypassing the app. This app needs a major overhaul and total revamp since the last system update. Last year I opted for the annual subscription, but I think I will cancel and maybe revert to the monthly option, or maybe not! UPDATE: It’s working again at last. I get royally brassed off with apps that do this, which is a shame really because I love the fabulous content. So for the content, I would amend the rating to 3*.
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4 years ago, CB28252
Apple home bar at bottom of screen does not go away
That’s right, when watching a show through the app the white apple home bar does not disappear like in every other streaming service. So, you are forced to watch a show with a permanent white line through it. I contacted Acorn and their response was to contact Apple “billing assistance.” The issue is not with Apple but with the functionality of the Acorn app. There are numerous reviews/complaints about this very issue. Easily fixed through an update to the app yet Acorn’s response is a non-response. It’s very unfortunate this is how the functionality of the app works for its users that are paying money for the subscription service and are forced to watch the screen with a white line through it. None of the other streaming services have this issue, disappears within 2 seconds.
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1 week ago, Bcrawfo299
Recently Watched
I love Acorn but hate the fact I can’t get rid of shows I recently watched. For ruko you click on (*) up comes a screen to remove from list and continue watching. I click remove from recently watched. Nothing happens, app is always up to date. I’ll remove app and reinstall, still won’t go away. I’ve tried on many TVs, my phone, and laptops, still does not work. My recently watched shows no longer renewed or older shows. I’ll go back to the shows and get it to go to the end, still won’t remove. I’ve had this problem since Help (show) came out. I’ve emailed about this, never getting a proper answer, or help. Need to update the app with an easier way of removing recently watched.
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1 year ago, T!ffany
Using this with AppleTV is very frustrating
I have tried the app in the past and ended up deleting it because of issues. I decided to try again (a year later) and it’s still not right. I can watch some things fine but others won’t work at all. For example, I wanted to watch ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’ with Sean Bean. It won’t load at all on Appletv but it works on my phone. There are others I tried and won’t open as well. I opened ‘Doc Martin’ and it works fine but I can watch that on plutoTv for free so not worth subscribing. I’ve tried all sorts of troubleshooting I found online but nothing works, and since I don’t want to watch on my phone, I will delete again. A waste of time and$6.99. Britbox is great for those of you who are having the same problems as I am.
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6 years ago, lamepilot
Why can’t they just get this simple app to work!!!!!
Sooo many subscribers really want this app to work on Apple TV, yet, this company just doesn’t get it. Total incompetence has to be the only explanation. Please Netflix, buy this out and make some money along the way! Do not subscribe, it will just cost you money to get totally frustrated. Read all the reviews, the only app that works occasionally is the IOS version, but, that is broken too. It goes into the circle of death almost always. They do not even track what you have watched, and even after you delete the app and reinstall, it only works for one viewing. Oh yeh, the free trial works, but then, once you pay, forget about it. If I were any of the actors or producers of the content, I would have fired Acorn along time ago. It’s like stealing from them, Nuf said, Sooo sad, sob, bye!
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1 year ago, vcoskery
Great App - When it Works
I’ve had this app on and off for years and while the content is great being able to access it seems to be an issue. The main page of the app always loads, but anything you try to click on after that is greeted with a black screen (which suggests it is loading but nothing ever appears). Another - more recent- problem is that although I have a subscription (through iTunes) when I try and log on thru the acorn tv webpage it says that I have no membership, and offers to sell me one. If the technical problems were fixed this would be one of my favourite apps, but until then I will most likely be cancelling my subscription.
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6 years ago, Sling Oldtimer
App quit working on iPad and iPhone-long time subscriber leaving
I have been an Acorn subscriber for several years and my preferred way to view Acorn TV has been the Acorn app from iTunes on my IPad and iPhone. I travel a great deal and I enjoy having my favorite shows available to me even when I leave the U.S. However, I have not been able to use the app on either device for 4 or 5 months. I get a pop up that says I need to "update my profile" but when I put in my login and p/word, it says "unable to update profile". I had contacted Acorn through the email provided on the app and received a response within a few weeks stating that they were looking into my problem. I have not heard from anyone since. Support is non existent. The only thing they do well is collect the subscription fee.
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4 years ago, Cadneman
Good shows, poor support, quirky app
I subscribed through Apple TV few months ago and things worked well initially, but then started having trouble getting certain shows (e. g. Midsomer Murders) to play without signing into the Acorn App. I tried contacting support to get a password but didn’t hear anything for 2 weeks. It was suggested to delete the app and reinstall- which didn’t work. Finally they blamed the problem on Apple and gave me a free month while I was supposed to get it worked out through Apple. Apple checked it out and said that everything on their end was working properly. I decided it was too much hassle to get the problem fixed and just canceled my subscription.
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7 years ago, FitnissFanatic12
A MUST if you love British TV
I have never written a review for an app before. After streaming some British detective series on Netflix, I googled "the best British detective series", and among the list, each suggestion included the "ways to watch". I saw acornTV as the only means to watch a few of the suggestions, so decided to try the free week. It's so great that I'm keeping my subscription! All the British (and Aussie) shows I could imagine in one place! Absolutely LOVE this app! Wish there were a website, so I could stream from my TV as well as my phone & iPad...or an app I could get for my Samsung smart TV.
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4 months ago, SeulementNousTrois
Truly enjoyed my subscription to acorn to the point I neglected to watch the shows I recorded on my replay device. I do wish they wouldn’t classify some things as comedy which really aren’t though. Feels like a scrawny person showing off their muscles. Play to your strengths please of which there are many even if your comedy selection is lacking. Many of the shows I enjoyed the most were produced by acorn themselves though having midsomer and some other external content helped a lot.
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3 years ago, Ferengii
Terrific Programs; Decent App
I’m surprised at all the reviews with issues since I’ve had no issues with the app (except for me forgetting the password at one time). We’ve absolutely enjoyed the tremendous number of excellent shows available (Detectorists, Good Karma Hospital, 800 Words, The Heart Doctor, A Place to Call Home have been some of my favorite shows of all time). We’re planning to drop our cable TV subscription since there are several streaming apps that provide us with enough high quality entertainment for a long time, and AcornTV is our favorite.
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3 years ago, Sherry Teacher
Not enough new content. Bad closed captioning
I had this app three years ago, and most of the titles are the same. Very few new shows, and way too many foreign titles. Worse is that I have to restart in the closed captioning after EVERY episode. Why? That is just ridiculous. Hate that. When I’m done with Brokenwood Mysteries, I’m canceling. Again, FIX THE CAPTIONING. Shame on you for such poor captioning. Your algorithm stinks,too. I hate when you question if I’m still watching when I’ve hit the play button.
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3 months ago, nellysisgone
Do NOT sign up through Apple
My account page on Acorn TV and the sign-up email they sent me both indicate I shouldn’t be charged for one week because of their trial period. Apple, however, charged me instantaneously. And while they can charge in an instant, my request for a refund will take 48 hours to “review.” Apple’s insatiable drive for more and more money is taking the company to some really sad places. I wonder when it will ever be enough and they will start to care about their customers again. Sorry that their greed is costing Acorn TV my subscription.
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2 years ago, Tams78
The app has been crashing lately. I watch an episode of something, the countdown to the next episode starts, but the app just crashes instead of playing the next episode. I have the newest iOS, I’ve tried logging out and in again, deleted the app and reinstalled it, even shutting down my iPad completely and turning it back on again with no luck. This app hasn’t been updated in a month, maybe it’s time to do that? This is normally a 5 star app.
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2 weeks ago, Angry Daily Player
I’ve been subscribing to acorn for several years. I loved watching all of the of Murdoch Mysteries, I have watched every episode of Midsomer murders, and this week I just finished Monsieur Spade. For the price you cannot beat the selection offered by Acornand the ease to use it. I started watching M. Spade on Prime and watched the first episode and then they wanted $2.99 for each of the next five episodes. I was overjoyed to find them on Acorn! With acorn there are no sudden extra fees you pay your monthly fee and that’s that.
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4 years ago, nevina
Please remove the distracting home bar
I like the choice of content from Acorn Tv. There’s a great mix of british and beyond programming. A good selection of ( old) Vintage and new shows and fantastic originals, like Loch Ness. The app works well for me so far except for the very distracting and bright gone bar light at the bottom of the screen. I know it’s possible to remove it because every other streaming video service makes it fade away in a few seconds and Apple told me “ it’s the developers choice” to keep it constantly on screen. It’s like having a Starwars light saber in my line of vision. I’d be sorry if I had to cancel my subscription over it. Please remove in an update soon.
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