ACPL Mobile

2.7 (34)
33.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Allen County Public Library
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for ACPL Mobile

2.74 out of 5
34 Ratings
1 month ago, TRBurger
It Needs To Be Face ID Capable Or Keep Me Logged In
In this day and age of 2024, the app needs to either keep us signed in or be Face ID enabled. It’s not always easy access to my library card in order to sign in.
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6 months ago, markandanjie
This app frustrates me regularly. Adding books to lists often backfires. The book covers are so blurry. Too many books have “no preview available,” so of course those don’t show up on my lists…Which leaves a blank spot on my list, which I can’t choose even if I know what is supposed to be there. It looks so much uglier than our last app, and works so much more poorly. Sometimes it brings me to tears out of frustration.
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3 years ago, Shikki1619
My reading list has disappeared!
I have (had) a list of over 90 books that I wanted to read, and when I went to check it was gone, disappeared, vanished! Apparently, one of the last updated did a number on this feature, as I can’t even create a new list to add books to. I am sick over this! I will never be able to recall all of the books on that list. So frustrating!
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1 month ago, ermwgatthetabby
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12 years ago, Bspickelmier
Exceeds all expectations
This is one of the better designed apps I've ever used. A lot of little touches are present that show a lot of thought went into the design. The search results list shows copies available of each item so you never have to leave the search page if nothing is available. You can scan ISBN bar codes to see if the library has something. Renewing an item took less than half a second. You scan use it to scan your library card (if they added a Passbook function that would be fantastic). You can even have multiple users in the same app (multiple library cards). And this is after my initial 30 second usage of the app, I'm sure there are niceties that I haven't discovered yet. Just phenomenal, kudos to all who are involved.
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11 years ago, Elfiek
Great app! 10 times better than site!
I have had this app for about a month now. This works so much better than the website. It's great to stay logged in and see at a glance which books you have out and when they are due. The added benefit for me is that the location and hours with number allow me to call my mom, a floater, with out having to search hard for the phone number! I've used the search several times, looks simple and easy. I have yet to be disappointed. If I find something I'll edit this.
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10 months ago, Lollipop592
Glitching when trying to review my saved lists
I’ve had a few bugs with this app but normally signing out and signing back in fixes them. However, I have found a bug that isn’t able to be fixed by signing back in. Every time I want to view my saved lists (which is a lot of lists of books I want to read) I can’t scroll all the way to the bottom. Every time I try it will kick me out of the app after a certain amount of books. I have probably over 50 saved lists and I cant see past the first 10. Please please fix this!!
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4 years ago, Tappingtenor
Pop up window fix needed
I use this app and the digital libraries, like hoopla and overdrive, more than I interface with the brick and mortar. I truly appreciate the access you all have given us. I feel I have endless resources. The only issue I run into is when a pop up appears that asks for me to choose between multiple answers. The text color and the background of the color are both the same shade of grey lol I’m literally selecting options in the blind. Please fix for a higher rating, and thanks for providing quality resources to the our community!
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11 years ago, jwriston
Just what I wanted for Christmas!
This app is exactly what I've been waiting for! It makes a great library system even better! It's easy to perform searches, holds, renewals, and late charge payments. It's also simple to find the closest libraries and check their hours. The only additions I request are organizable searches and the ability to request the ordering of new books and materials. It's a long shot, but being able to scan my phone for parking validation would also be excellent. Great job ACPL!
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4 years ago, lovebuzzed
Edit: I uninstalled my original 4.22 version and reinstalled it and regained former functionality. I’m able to check on my materials, renew, and place holds again. This makes me so happy. Changing my review. With older versions of this app I could place holds and renew materials. This version won’t even pull up the what materials I have checked out or allow me to place a hold or renew. It either needs to be rolled back to a previous version or rewritten completely. I used to love this app.
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5 years ago, Jaileer
I envy those who rated this monstrosity two stars. To have a two-star experience would be nirvana at this point. Why? Because a two-star experience would suggest that this complete failure of an app actually works. I have an app, I can verify that I see the icon - and the icon even opens! That is the extent of this app’s functionality. I cannot navigate. I cannot create an account. I have deleted and reinstalled after their supposed fixes. All for naught. This app controls my ACPL experience. It tells me when my books are due and when holds are ready. I use it to reserve books, research books, find books, check out books. Well, i used to until the roll out of this “superior” platform.
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11 years ago, N7 Geek Girl
Seriously, it's perfect.
The ACPL app is streamlined, so it's easy to navigate and fast. I can check when items are due and renew them within seconds. I can search the catalog and place holds almost as quickly. I can set the app to send push notifications to my phone, letting me know when an item is due soon or ready for me to pick up. It also has library hours and events schedules, which are easy to view by branch.
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5 years ago, A frustrated patron
This is an improvement!
This is the most worthless App that I have ever seen! I attempted to renew books that I had checked out. It showed that the books were successfully renewed. I refuse to pay late fees that have resulted from the use of this worthless and ineffective technology. It now is not letting me review my account details, such as check outs or holds. I loved the old App. It was easy to use and sent me updated notifications on due dates and holds that were available for pick up. What does this App do besides take up memory on my devices that could be better utilized by a functioning App? If it isn’t broke don’t fix it! Improvement my *ss! Worthless!!!!!
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11 years ago, Poppers925
I really like this app. It's not glitchy. It doesn't crash. IT'S PERFECT! I love how easy everything is and how fast it works! I won't have to go on Safari anymore, which had a few problems. This app allows me to renew and place holds and even use as a library card all by pressing a few buttons!!! I love this app and want to tell the person who made it "good job". I recommend this app. A lot.
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11 years ago, Bigrinking
This Works
This is what apps are supposed to be. This is so functional without a bunch of unnecessary extras that take away from the experience. If you ever use the ACPL website, you will love this. It is so easy to use. I love the reminders. I love how easy it is to renew titles. I love how easy it is to search-- and then place holds. This just works so well. Thank you ACPL for making this available.
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9 years ago, Jehharris
Used to be good
I used this app all the time. Very convenient. This week, after the update, everything is broken. You cannot access your account or update settings. It's now a basic search tool for the library / electronic card catalog. I will amend my rating when the app is properly working again.
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11 years ago, N. Y. A. F.
This app is fantastic!! It's so much easier to use than the library website - everything I need, from search function to due date reminders, is right here at my fingertips. Thank you so much for this, I will use it happily from now on! :)
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5 years ago, Rennierain
Simply won’t work
What a disappointment. The former version always worked. I have tried for days deleting and reloading the new version. It will not log me in. Update: after many days of trying, it is finally working and so far appears to work as great as the previous incarnation.
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11 years ago, kldomesticengineer
Very user friendly
I love how easy this app is to use especially for renewals and placing holds. It's even easier to navigate than the ACPL's main website. Great for on the go when someone tells you, "you really need to read this book".
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7 years ago, SalesTvlr
Took out functionality for pretty graphics
The app no longer allow you to scan book bar codes and look it up in ACPL and place a hold or put on a reading list. The large graphics in the search screen are useless and make incorrect assumptions as to how users interact with the app when searching for titles.
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11 years ago, SpRay09
This app is very easy to use. It is so handy to be able to check out without a card; search for and put a hold books; as well as renew materials, all on my phone. Love it.
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10 years ago, Bellano12
Needs better search options
I would give this a 5 star review if the search would be better. There should be more options to search for something specifically.
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5 years ago, dontwamnaleavenickname
I’ve reset my password a half dozen times but I can’t place holds, can’t log in reliably, and have no idea when my books are due. I’m trying to be patient but I’m frustrated. Fortunately I can still look up items and see events, so it does have some functionality.
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12 years ago, EricaAnderson
in love
This app is not only really attractive, but easy to navigate. Featuring events for the different branches is a smart option. This app is much preferred over the web based search. Yay to ACPL for such a functional app.
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4 years ago, Kdhyedho
Renewals Remaining
Please bring back the functionality that showed how many renewals remain for a checkout. Myself and other parents relied on that information to get our kids to finish up their reading and find their books before a checkout was not renewable. Please bring this back.
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5 years ago, PamTheCat
Why even roll an update out?
Seriously. This latest update is atrocious. You had a perfectly working app and replaced it with whatever this is. It literally has no functionality besides to look at the calendar of the library. I hope that the ACPL system is able to get their money back from the developer that proposed this as a final product.
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11 years ago, MochaSAHM
Lovely interface
Just sublime! Easy and fast renewal, great color, clearly view items checked out and the most wonderful thing? Barcode on my phone!!!! Great!
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9 years ago, Snowleopardgal
Bad update
Since I updated the app yesterday, it won't load my account. It looks like it is loading, but it never comes up. Hope this gets fixed ASAP!
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11 years ago, Proudmommyoftwo
I absolutely love this app!! It is very convenient..I can place holds, renew, pay my fines & use the barcode if I forget to bring my library card..amazing! Thank you!!!❤
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9 years ago, Susiejax
Update fail
After update can no longer access account.
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12 years ago, Brye1313
Everything I expected in my library app
Easy to use interface putting the key website features at our fingertips.
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3 years ago, Stacy Chambers
Sometimes the app is glitchy but it’s mostly pretty solid. I use it a lot to renew books and check for new releases to borrow.
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11 years ago, jwingrabill
Best App on my iPhone!!
I use the library A LOT and this app is an absolute godsend! It is simple and efficient and is exactly what I never knew I always needed. Well done ACPL, well done.
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5 years ago, babygirlktm
Shouldn’t have changed it
I wish you would have stuck with the old app. The new one you can’t see how many renews you have before the item needs to be returned. When you go to look to see if you have a book it gives different locations but can’t see if it’s available or not.
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12 years ago, Corey Ratespods
Best app ever!
This mobile app is really tops. Easy to use and stylish too. I've been waiting for something like this for years, and its here and it's awesome. I'd like to give the designer a hug.
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10 years ago, Sucourtello
The app disappears from my home screen as soon as it downloads, but I still have to update it. Is that an issue with the app or my device? Other than that, the app works fine.
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11 years ago, Gstettner
I love the app
Other than some stuff disappearing--like a search--when my iPhone times out, I love this app. Very pressed.
Show more
12 years ago, Dads Manchester
Great app! I love being able to use my phone as my library card. Props to the developer!
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9 years ago, FWBUfan
Since update cannot access Account information.
Show more
11 years ago, Pandagir
Absolutely Amazing!
If you use the Allen County Library system then you need this app. You have no idea. I promise you.
Show more
9 years ago, Santor2007
It's back!
I can access my account again! Back to being a great app.
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11 years ago, Grandma Deb E
Nice. : )
Nice design and easy to use. I was able to renew my materials quickly and easily.
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11 years ago, Amy Dawson
I thought maybe I would be able to find ebooks for lending on this app. That would be a nice feature
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4 years ago, xxqoxjwicow222
Needs Fixed!
This app used to be amazing and very useful before they made adjustments to it. Now, the app does not allow me to place holds. Terrible app now and very frustrating! I hope that they make it usable again
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7 years ago, Jesus student
Allen County Public Library Indiana
Newest version of this app was issued Oct 6, 2017. It hangs on the update command and just twirls. Can not use this app. Please fix. It’s a great app when it works.
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12 years ago, Anellah
This might be the best app ever invented. I've had it for less then five minutes and I'm already hopelessly in love.
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9 years ago, Julie m k
Thanks for the update!
I can open my account now and it's great! Thanks for this great app!
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7 years ago, Eaugs
Every time I try to open the overdrive, it crashes. Please fix!
Show more
9 years ago, Honu72
Please fix!!!!!
I loved having reminders for materials that were due. Now the apps only purpose is taking up memory. Maybe they dumbed down the app because they were losing revenue from people becoming more efficient at returning materials.
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7 years ago, Needs Fixed Again
More bug fixes needed
After the latest update, the app will just shut down on its own. It also doesn’t show return dates for checked out items or allow me to renew them. Very frustrating.
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