Action News 5

4.6 (4.5K)
74.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Action News 5

4.56 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
4 years ago, MemphistoTexas
TV News 5
I am a displaced lifetime Memphian but 3 years ago we moved to TX for family reasons I love getting news from Channel 5 because it helps my missing Memphis to know what makes the news there. Keep it up. When people ask me where I am from I have to tell them that I am from Memphis but I live on TX. Memphis is my home.
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2 years ago, Kraig K.
Always Loved The App But....
Always loved the app, been highly reliable for some years, but the past year(2020) the watch live has not been perfect, only works maybe 50 percent of the time. Since I work early in the mornings it’s the only way the lifted doesn’t always work, not good in severe weather events o can catch the news and weather live. It’s really aggravating during bad weather events , luckily most of the time I can go the Facebook page and watch then. Don’t see another way to report this, I hope that the right people over the app sees this. The Watch Live is a really important tool for when there’s no TV around during live news broadcasts.
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4 years ago, JFRAF653
Recent upgrades lost me
Been using for 6 years. The weather radar used to be one of my favs. In 2020 the “upgrades” resulted in loss of functionality. The May upgrade also resulted in articles from last year showing up in the feed (“possibility of wintery mix” from Nov 2019 when current date was June 1) and many others. And worst of all, one political pac has bought up the vast majority of advertisement space and it is very unsettling to see the same non-sense over and over and over and over. Uninstalled. (Please note WMC is a great station with great people. Their web app service is terrible)
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4 years ago, Citoldyouso
Don’t waste your time on this one!
Here’s what you get, horrible flow and content that seems to be written by a monkey. There are gaps in logic and missing words, so many times you are left wondering if they even read their own content. You cannot trust what they are reporting is accurate. One thing that this app excels at is whenever you click on an article you are re-directed to advertisement videos that you have to watch for several seconds before returning to the content you actually wanted to see. So, if you want an app that sandwiches worthless content between unrequested advertising, download this one and enjoy!
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2 years ago, lack of news
Ridiculous not news worthy app
Can’t find an update on the Rhodes College student savagely murdered in home invasion near campus! Mainly stupid details on unimportant sports arguments, petty old news with little to call a real story about anything. Who can read it with ads bouncing and popping on the screen and wasted time trying to follow anything seriously. So disappointed after spending most of my life in Memphis watching major stations and trying to follow legitimate news about my hometown on any of their sorry apps. Lots of murder headlines but no follow through.
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3 years ago, Bad_Game_Sucks
New version is no good
Another poor upgrade. Can’t get to the home page half the time after the advertisement pops up. Just tries to load (I’m using iOS). News layout is bad. Layout needs to distinguish better between ads and articles. News stories are repeated or short or outdated much of the time. Based on the poor reporting over the years and the content on the website I’m sure those who oversee this app have no idea how bad it really is and that the app isn’t even working for most users.
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3 years ago, Mjmcdona
If I have several notifications on different news topics on my phone , and I look at one, wether it is the most recent or oldest, it deletes all notifications. This has not always been the case. Haven’t been able to fix with any of the settings. Did not see a place on developer site to send in a problem with the app. Love Action News 5, please fix.
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6 years ago, 1800cpa
Breaking News
I love getting the breaking news on my cell phone. Many times it has saved me time by avoiding traffic shut downs. It also keeps me up to date on what’s happening in the city. Great app to have.
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1 year ago, All icksRTaken
I moved away from Memphis after having lived here for over 25 years. So I wanted to stay connected to my former community and get the news from TV personalities I’ve welcomed into my home over all these years. WMCTV was always my “go to” TV station, especially for weather and breaking news. So I downloaded this app to my iPhone. What a disappointment! Nothing loads! The pinwheel keeps turning, even after I deleted and reinstalled it. So I chose WREG instead.
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3 years ago, xps
Total Trash
Were the app developers drunk when they made this update? Totally user unfriendly, impossible to navigate, advertisement driven so that it takes 4+ selections to get past ads to news page, and that doesn’t even work some times. Layout in landscape mode awful. Menu is cumbersome and unreliable. Obviously was never quality controlled checked before release. What an embarrassment to board of directors, and executive staff.
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4 years ago, scissors lady
Senators running
Why does Joe Burch on Thursday afternoon news have to refer that the two men running were the two white men left in the run for president. They are two men weather they be white, black, brown or any color. I find it offense for him to say two white men. Is that really important.
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1 year ago, Linshire
Great news response
This local channel provides great local response to news, weather, and events. Thank you, channel 5.
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3 months ago, DeeDeeMemphis
Action News 5 antenna channel doesn’t work on TV
I appreciate the ability to watch Action News 5 Memphis on this app because the antenna channel never comes in on the TV. Hopefully they will get the antenna channel issue resolved one day…
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6 years ago, Logansdad
New Version is Awful
Not a step forward, as the newest version of the app is awful. Articles repeat themselves, the font is painful to look at, and the flow is bad, with articles becoming hidden between multiple ads and other graphics on the page. Please revert to the previous version or I may have to delete the app and get my news from another local station whose app is more useful and appealing.
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4 years ago, duck61058
Channel 5 news and weather
Stories are weak and repetitive. Way too much advertising and sometimes you are transported out the app to some website commercial. Since the new 6.6 whatever upgrade the weather radar is nonfunctional. Switching to Fox channel 13. Maybe they Are better especially for weather radar
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5 years ago, lollyrein
Channel 5 has been a staple in my family since the beginning of time and my favorite go to when I need to find anything out in the news ! Keep up the good work !!!!
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3 years ago, Rknighton2005
Will not open app
Latest update 6.7.6 will not open on iPhone. Other than that. App is always reliable
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3 years ago, Cantuseit
Advertisement tool
I am tired of paying for bandwidth and wasting time waiting for WMC’s revenue stream to load ads to shove in my face. It keeps getting worse. This app and their First alert weather app are first of all a revenue stream and only secondarily a tool to inform the public. And their political bias is very obvious as with all of NBC. I’m done. There are better sources of real news available. DELETE!
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6 years ago, AlonzoStyles
When it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
I truly prefer the previous lay-out than this one. Change is good, but not this one.
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2 years ago, Bdkrwalker
Needs an update and stop with the click bait
Your app needs an update. Local news, is needed in our area. I love watching the live version on TV. It would be nice to see the news on your app. It seems that most of the items on your news feed is click bait. Bravity? Why? Is that fake news on a news app?
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2 years ago, mikellbl
deleting after years of use
why, too many adds, splash page add, then adds every time you watch a story, paid adds intermixed with news at the bottom, then adds when you switch stories. I would rather pay a small fee monthly then get earn out with unavoidable adds.
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2 years ago, RebelFromOleMiss
Push notification issue
Nice app, but whenever I tap on a push notification about a story, it almost always never gets me to that story. I end up having to search online instead to find the story making the app useless. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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1 year ago, BilBones
Misleading clickbait
This website is a disservice to the actual journalists who work at WMC 5. It functions poorly, is so overwhelmed by advertising to the point of loosing legitimacy. Most of the entirety of the website is filled with click bait advertising. There is still a link for I-40 bride closure on the main page. I love WMC 5 news but do better. Much better.
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5 years ago, sharrylj
Update for app
Just updated app. Now can’t get the app to open. Until then had no complaints, the only news app I use.
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3 years ago, Lcdr70
The old app worked fine and all the news was readily available without having to keep going back to the menus. It gets 2 stars only because some of the really bad bugs were fixed. Suggest firing the bosses kid and hiring some real programmers.
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5 years ago, Keely13
Update Fail
The app is nice and easy to use. I just updated the app, but it will no longer open on my phone now! The only thing it will do is open to the blue channel 5 screen and then exit back out to my home screen.
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6 years ago, Ole Lue
School bus shootings
Up to minute real time news, and I don't have to wait for the news later on television.
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3 years ago, Captain 5626
Ruined WMC TV App!!!
The latest version of the WMC app is garbage. The app worked fine before the latest revision, and now seems like a dumping ground for ads than a connection for Memphis news. When I open an app for news, I expect NEWS...not ads and picture sharing links. Unsatisfactory revision overall.
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6 years ago, Mlawhorn5
News 5
I love Action News 5. The news anchor personnel is great. Also sports and weather.
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3 years ago, be ashamed, very ashamed!!
Be ashamed, VERY ASHAMED!!!
I am so disgusted that this station continues to call the January 6th event an insurrection!!!! You and your media cronies are doing more to harm this country’s divide than ANYONE/ANYTHING ELSE!!! You should be ashamed of your coverage, but unfortunately you as well as the democrats, DO NOT CARE!!!
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3 years ago, frecklesp
News IPhone App
I don’t mind reading news items on the app, but I don’t like the ads popping up whenever I access the app. I don’t get on the different stories to see the ads, I get on the app to read the news stories
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4 years ago, pops 99
Covid deaths
You report daily covid19 deaths. To be totally transparent you should report total deaths from all causes so viewers can see the actual effects of the corona virus. We need to know all the news not just what you’re telling us. Please humor your viewers with this information showing daily deaths from all causes and actual numbers from covid 19
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3 years ago, Tennesseehere
Awful change, I can’t stand the new app. Will probably delete it.
I loved the old channel 5 app, easy to use. I hate this one. Can’t find what I’m looking for and it keeps adding up notifications even though I’ve cleared them. The way it’s going I will have 100 by the end of April.
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6 years ago, Mullinsteacher
Phone app
The type is too little. The font looks like a New York Times newspaper, which is unpleasant to read. I always look for the time Ian article was posted before I open it. No longer. I have to open the article to see when it was posted. Please go back to the way it was or pick something better.
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1 year ago, MsMagnet
Updated app
Just updated this morning and now it won’t open at all. Glad they fixed the bug that was bugging me but I’m still waiting to get a setting update to adjust the font size.
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3 years ago, tigerbill6174
Bad version
This new version is really bad. It’s hard to navigate and it only seems to work about 40% of the time. I’ve tried several times deleting it and reinstalling it and that doesn’t help. The News Channel 3 app works just fine every time.
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4 years ago, dalesan
Make it Better
I have enjoyed the app but get mad when commercial content pops on the screen. I want the news not extra garbage.
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3 years ago, 285674328
No longer a reliable app
I used to really enjoy the app and get local news that way. It is no longer user friendly. Very disappointing. Stories don’t open up, the screen flutters and jumps.... just awful compared to previous versions.
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2 years ago, ScruffyTheMac
App is either frozen after the initial full-screen ad, or displays blank white screens for news stories if it eventually does respond. Update: deleted, then reinstalled. Now it’s completely non-functional. Deleted. Nobody needs this crap.
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5 years ago, Fast Break 383
Latest update isn’t working
The other version of the app was great, I used it everyday. But I just updated it and now every time I open it the app just crashes... love the whole wmc crew
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5 years ago, House of pugs
Does nothing but crash
The last update messed it up and won’t even open. It gets to the loading page for 2 second before crashing
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3 years ago, Can't find a name!
New update
The new update isnt great. It crashes all the time, ads pop up non stop for me now. When i open the new app, i dont even have any news, its a page of ads. Please go back to the older was so so much better!
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3 years ago, Tommy t-bone
Good app
Good app but sonic ad when first loading is annoying. I do not go to a news app to see a burger ad.
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6 years ago, liwo61
Not what WMC used to be
WMC used to be my go to channel but it’s become sensationalized with the only local news being negative. I’d love to see what’s going right in our great city and know in advance what’s happening so we can support our community. Unless it’s a shooting, Grizzlies or Tiger basketball, it doesn’t make headlines.
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4 years ago, aenesth
No tech support
There’s no audio when I watch the channel’s live news programs on the app. My apps for other local channels work just fine when I watch live news programs. I emailed the app’s tech support, and here’s what they had to say: “Everyone’s around here is working.” That’s it. I emailed them back, asking a couple of questions, but they never answered. What kind of tech support is that, especially in times like these, when you're trying to stay informed about the pandemic?” I hit “Delete.”
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1 year ago, Reader#345023564
Used to be great
For the last 6 months, this app has been inaccurate and unreliable. I’m deleting it and finding a better source.
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3 years ago, Tootie Toe
App Issues
App not working on my apple iPhone 12 Pro Max phone. It all not open. Uninstalled and attempted to reinstall will not open. However, will pop up in the notification an still won’t open! 👎🏽
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2 years ago, Southaven user
Instead of opening with current headlines you offer icons they may or may not lead to what I’m looking for. It’s the reason I’ve quit using your app. Only checked it today as I’m killing time in a waiting room.
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3 years ago, Vjora
Awful updated version full of unnecessary advertising and excessive alerts. After many years of enjoying this local news provider I will be forced to uninstall this app.
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5 years ago, Seville928
Had app before
Last year I had this news app and deleted a few days later because I kept getting pop-ups. I wondered if the app changed its format and reinstalled it today. Pop-ups again so I promptly uninstalled the app.
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