Addons for Minecraft

4.2 (25.4K)
58.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kayen Works
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Addons for Minecraft

4.22 out of 5
25.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Scott's Nick
Great Game
Addons is a great way to get more Minecraft mods or maps, and they are really good too. Just a few problems. Problem 1, It should be easier to download our own mods and post them on the Addons app for others to browse, but it’s so complicated as we have to do a stupid ID thing, and it annoys me, a lot. But I might not like this just because I don’t have an app that allows me to make my own mobs or items that are custom. Problem 2, half the mods I download don’t work at all in Minecraft. I have Java Edition, and I see the problems for others too. So I would highly suggest the app testing the mods and seeing if the description of the post is true, before letting others download it. Problem 3, there shouldn’t be random Ads in it. Every time I see a “Morphing Mobs” mod in Minecraft, and I click on it, it ends up just being an ad. I mean, just don’t show any ads at all. Those are some problems I would suggest fixing, but overall it’s an awesome way to download custom mods and make Minecraft much more creative. Thank you for reading this review if you did. Have a good day :)
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11 months ago, BRUHOOFMANDUD
Definitely Recommend! :)
My opinion on this app is its just a great way to instantly get the mods you want! There are so many fake mod apps out there and a lot of the time if you want to download lets say a shader for MCPE you have to go to a sketchy website in which the download might contain malware. But this app doesn't have that. It has generic creators and if you don't want the mod anymore you can easily access its files to delete said mod! The ads are kind of annoying but my experience with this app has been very good. I totally recommend for anyone out there looking for some free mods with no malware. The user interface is also just so SIMPLE! THATS WHAT MAKES IT SO GREAT. A lot of my experience with mods for minecraft always have complicated guis and i often get confused and end up just not downloading it but with this app, you can easily scroll, search and see what mods you want! And the installation is VERY simple. You simply hit install, scroll to the left/right until you find minecraft, tap it and BOOM! Your mods have successfully been imported. And the troubleshooting is very easy to do. Just simply remove the said mod from files or minecraft itself and re install it! Works most of the time! In conclusion this app is very useful, and again I ABSOLUTELY recommend for any MCPE players looking for some free easy to use mods. Great job to the developers! You guys are so talented and are by far the best minecraft MCPE mod developers ive seen so far! :)
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3 years ago, gαℓαχу ωøℓf
Good app :)
(This review is coming from a iPad Air 3 user, meaning the app might run better on my device than yours, considering the fact it’s a more recent model than some phones and has better processing and rendering than iPhones and all that, so take this review as you will). This is a great game. Not necessary a “game”, basically just downloading better graphics (shaders) or textures (texture packs) for Minecraft PE, which is an actual video game. This app isn’t a scam, like all the other “Add-ons for Minecraft” apps. If your looking to download shaders or texture packs to spice your Minecraft gameplay up, this is the app for you. It’s quick and easy to download the packs, and it’s not as hard as having to download a file to your phone and upload it it Minecraft PE (and have it constantly say “failed to upload file” because the file is unknown). There are TONS of things you can select and download, just find the one you like. It isn’t a scam and ACTUALLY works, unlike the other add-ons. I’m so happy because I’ve finally been able to download shaders easily, and not have to watch 10 tutorials and still not know how to download the files and avoid it telling me the file is invalid. Now I can take screenshots of my builds to share with friends, and it won’t look horrible (as much as I like the vanilla texture, it looks so much better with shaders).
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4 years ago, Cheam Creems
Really good, but two problems
So first, let me start with the bad stuff. The ads are constant and annoying, and I know they have to earn money somehow, but at least improve the quality of the advertising? By that i mean actual ads and not glitchy, buggy pop ups that basically crash the whole app, which leads me to my next complaint. Every time I try to bookmark anything because i don’t feel like downloading it right then and there, I get an ad, which I’m fine with, but then the pop up for the mcpack/mcworld becomes invisible and everything freezes, meaning i have to restart my whole app which is really inconvenient. Also, not the app’s fault in anyway, but I would appreciate some sort of word-filter for reviews on the downloads for worlds and packs would be really nice, since the amount of times I’ve seen toxic 4 year olds arguing with derogatory, racist, and/or sexist slurs is enough for me to mention it in this review. (I swear I’m not a Karen) Now for the positives of this app! You can find all sorts of great stuff for your minecraft in this app and it’s all free! You can convert pc texture packs to ios texture packs really easily, and despite the absurd amount of ads on the app, you don’t have to go through any to download a texture/world! (Unlike sketchy and confusing advertisement websites you have to navigate through just to find a mediafire download)
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4 years ago, lemøn tęa
A quick question and a long review
So I was going to download this app and then I opened and you can tell i was exited to play it. So it did look like the apple store a lot but there are only Minecraft mods, then I clicked on a mod. Then it told me to download google. So I did not. Because I thought that was just a glitch that some pepole are having fro the first time playing so I exited the app then I clicked on another mod. And same thing! It told me to download google again. So I said to myself 3rd time a charm! So I went to go search a mod. And the mod I searched was THE dropper. I am really interested in those games. So I clicked one that was cool. Then I found one. And clicked to download it. The it said to download google again. And fun fact, I already have google chrome but not google. Anyways back to the question. Then I downloaded google. When google was installed, I tried to click on the dropper mod again but it still told me to download google! And I already did, so the question is. How do you download a mod with this google app keep popping on you’r screen! And so yeah and developer can you respond to this review to say something how to fix it thanks and bye. Sorry this review is long I am now really tired typing😅 and yeah so for real bye.
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5 years ago, Chemistry0303
Amazing App Would Recommend
This app is absolutely amazing. You can get skins, texture packs, mods and even maps. To start with, the skins are great, they give you the ones that are on Minecraft... for free! (I personally think it’s a scam for the skins but it’s a great way to get awesome skins without having to pay $0.99) The texture packs work amazing.. there isn’t that many but there’s shaders and dark mode too, it’s so helpful. The mods (or McAdds is what they call them) work amazingly too. It’s so simple just to download them, add them to your world, and bam!! They are there. The McWorlds is the one that I love the best, people can give their worlds of cities, RPGs, adventure maps and even a working iPhone X!!! To start with, I had no idea how to download it, and I got super frustrated, but.. it turns out every time I downloaded a world it was right there in front of my eyes but I was too blind to see it. But that’s nothing negative, it’s just something I got frustrated with. Overall, this app is amazing, and it’s all FREE!!! I’m so glad that you can make your own map and share it with people, and even tell them how to download it correctly Incase they don’t know. It’s so fun and I haven’t made my own map since I got the app.
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4 years ago, myopinion05
I LOVE THIS APP AND I CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT! Whenever i am bored i play Minecraft. But it gets kinda boring just playing vanilla Minecraft. I searched FOREVER trying to find an actually GOOD app that lets you have mods and that have an easy download. And then this app came and made life easy. I’m a BIG gamer. Like no kidding, BIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGG. I probably play as much as PewDiePie. This app was even better than i thought. I thought at first that i could just download mods and stuff. NOPE. NOT ONLY CAN U DOWNLOAD MODS, U CAN DOWLOAD WORLDS, SKINS, PARKOUR MAPS, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! PLUS, u can even make your own maps, skins, and mods as well! I like to Mae vids with my friends using maps from this app. These r the vids I’ve made: lucky block speed run, lucky block islands, trolling my friends with morph mods, parkour map, and many more to come! All of those vids i made with the help of this app. Anyone who hates this app is probably someone who just stays at home all day watching paint dry and doesn’t wanna explore the other things in the world. And trust me, when they say that you can download anything from the app in just 2 clicks/taps, they arent joking. THANK YOU CREATORS OF THIS APP. U BROUGHT ME HAPPINESS WHILE IM IN QUARANTINE!
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6 years ago, Annonymous 🐾
OKay so i loooove so many things about this!!! Readers I hope this turns your on to the best addon app I HAVE EVER SEEEEEN!!! So is minecraft boring? Normal boring nothing new... Well this app is the solution! You never have to purchase another dumb thing for minecraft again (unless you want a morph mod 🥺 ) so you open up the app and it actually TELLS you how it works! You can import mods you can put mods in your game and it is FREE. Although there are some mods that lagg you out of Minecraft (or its just my device) every mod is amazing and usually runs fluently with your game unless you have storage problems! When I first saw this app I was like “ugh this is gonna be one of those apps where it gives you one mod free and says “Oh you have to buy the rest before the one you got free expires and you have to pay for that too. This game is NOT as desperate and I think they made this app for everyones enjoyment and not just for $$$. I highly suggest to dowload this app and on top of all of this amazingness you can actually send a link to your friends o they can dowload not just the app but the mod you sent too!!! It makes minecraft good again!
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2 months ago, Biulder9663
Love this app, but a few suggestions
Firstly, I Want to say this is an amazing app, the mods are good, and the worlds are a lot better. But I do suggest a few changes. Firstly, I don’t like the ads, they are sometimes inappropriate, but most of the times I’m not interested. You should probably change the ads to be based on what the user has downloaded. Secondly, I don’t like that when you look in your bookmarks list, you can only see so many of your bookmarks, and I don’t know if it’s a glitch or if it’s something added on purpose. Also, there’s a glitch i realized in the new updates to the search area. When you click the “Roller Coaster” or “Theme Park” Categories, nothing comes up. I haven’t noticed the glitch In other categories yet. Also I wish removing ads wasn’t part of the membership and was free, I’m not paying just to remove ads. But aside from that, it’s amazing! There’s so much to download! I HOPE YOU DON’T PUT THE AD CURSE ON WORLDS! Hopefully in a future update you make at least one of these changes. Again, Love the app!
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6 years ago, Ominous172
Almost Perfect!!!
So I’ve been looking for apps that allow you to download mods for Minecraft for a while, and a friend suggested this for me. It works really well!!! It’s very easy to find what I’m looking for, and a lot of them actually work. Now, I know this isn’t the app’s fault but unfortunately a lot of the cool addons or mods, just replace things that are already in game. I have managed to find a few that don’t replace anything , and I love those! The other thing is, multiple mods don’t work together. If I try to use multiple mods for a world. It doesn’t work. I was also a little disappointed to see that a lot of the cool mods my favorite you tubers have, aren’t here. So... suggestion time!!!! !!SUGGESTIONS!! 1. Please add the ability to create our own mods, addons, and texture packs with this app. Also, please allow us to upload our own worlds to this. 2. Please implement more of the cool mods they have for PC That’s about it for now, anyway keep up the good work, and if you use my suggestions you could get that 5th star!!!
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6 months ago, ggu mvbiughbgughbg
The BEST mod app EVER
I REALLY love MineCraft, but I get bored easily without mods and I have no Minecoins ): but when I was scrolling through mod apps, I found this. When I downloaded this, it was FREE!!!! No other app I know is free for mods. There is one guy named “Effect99” that has the BEST maps and mods, but there’s one mod he made that bugs MineCraft ALL THE TIME!!! It has something to do with machinery. Every time I’m using the mods, it DELETES THE MAP and KICKS ME OUT OF MINECRAFT AND MOVES THE MODS TO A NEW SPOT IN MY RESOURCE PACK LIST AND BEHAVIOR PACK LIST😤😠😡🤬 but he has A-LOT of lucky block content. And I LOVE lucky block content. And he makes lucky block super fats and lucky block races. There’s one bug about this app that if you are on the “search” menu and you type a compound word (two words combined to make another word) or more than one word, it would find the topics for the two words in the compound word or a topic for each word. I’m running out of ideas on what to say, so just have a good day and Merry Christmas y’all.
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3 months ago, SuperMarioFan155
Please don’t get this app unless you wanna get raged about the bugs.
Alright so this is a review and it’s true so don’t get me wrong. Ok when I was minding my own business looking at Minecraft maps for a good one to make a roller coaster out of it, And I saw this map that is making fun of the twin towers called “WTC” after that accident from the last 3 years I think, And when I saw the reviews in the review section (Talking about the review section in this app unless you wanna see), Some idiot named Jordan Mak roasted a person that said “Bro get a paragraph” With a nerd emoji at the end and Jordan Mak told him to shut up and I decided to realized who he was and roast him back, and after 10 seconds. A creepy simp ad named “Talkie” popped up with a girl giving me a menace look on her face like that is just creepy. Talkie is a simp game do not get it, TALKIE ADS NEED TO BE REMOVED AND PUT ON NEWS WHY THEY ARE SHOWING THESE KIND OF ADS, God why is no one talking about this problem I saw everyone talked about it on every game they play and tell what happened. And after I turned off my device, The game started to load forever and then decided to crash like 2 times, and I can’t even type anything to search up at, FIX YOUR GAME OR I WILL NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS EVER AGAIN!
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4 years ago, _kitties_
Some Problems, But, Overall, an Amazing Game
So I’ve been reading other people’s reviews and I haven’t seen anything like my difficulties. Honestly, this is a wonderful app and everything but the add-ons work. I downloaded several maps and they all worked perfectly fine. However, only one of the add-ons I tried worked. The other ones all appeared in my world, except they appeared invisible. And I could still interact with them, but they were completely invisible. I have Minecraft version 1.14.1, so I’m pretty sure that it was compatible. And it’s not like my phone is old and outdated, either, because I just got it. I’m kind of confused because no one else in the reviews that I read has complained of this problem. Also, I did follow the instructions. Turn ‘Experimental Gameplay’ on and put in the appropriate command. I would, however, recommend this to anyone who wants an amazing app that I had no problems with (except for the one; also, people are complaining of too many ads, I never had that problem) and that gives you tons of free maps, mods, and behavior and resource packs.
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4 years ago, stormberry A.K.A emily
Hi, so I don’t usually write reviews, but I have a question, so when I went to upgrade the app, for some reason I could not. Then when I looked up the name of an addon, it was not there!!! Then, I saw an addon that a really liked and wanted, so I did what any normal person would do, I taped the “download” button said it would not let me get it cause I had to upgrade the app!!!!, I was very annoying, and I hope that you could fix it, I wish I could write a review on the App Store, so maybe they could fix where I could not upgrade, but anyways, I hope that you could PLEASE fix that bug!!, it would make my day! (Or life (; ) so please try to fix this bug! Thank you, and please write a response to let me know when you have fixed it!!! But this is getting pretty long and I need to sleep! Again thank you!, I love this app! I really do!! Good night!❤️ ( or morning or after noon or-okay you get it)
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4 years ago, A random kid whos cool
This app literally has been keeping me from boredom all the time! There’s a lot of variety, you can download puzzle maps, parkour maps. PVE maps, and PVE maps! All for just watching a short ad which are usually less than 25 seconds. You can also download Addons and shaders. But Some of these Addons replace things with others. Such as how a mob featured in the Addon replaces an original mob. (Turrets replace Shulkers, Dinosaurs replace Ocelots, Ect) Don't stop reading though, because there ARE Addons that DO add stuff to the game. It will be labeled “Experimental” because you have to turn experimental mode on Minecraft. It’s also very easy to import into the game and there are tutorials to teach you how. There is also a rating system in which you can show your opinions to others about the Addon/Map. The ads are leveled, pop ups happen rarely on my case. So overall this is a very reliable app if you want to get some Addons for free!
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6 years ago, I want free!
This is a great app!
I’ve seen MANY MCPE mods and Addons. And they were all scams. But this one... WAS THE BEST! I’m never confused about anything! I’ve read some of the other reviews and most people thought the same. There was one that said their screen freeze. Nothings wrong with the app. Something is wrong with your device. I know this because that never happens to me or my sister. I REALLY suggest this app because: 1. It’s free 2. Easy 3. Really Fun! 4. No Scams! P.S So some people may be confused when the first press the download button in the app, ito orange. After pressing it an ad comes on. It’s normal. Then once the ad is finished the download sign is blue. Your going to have to press it AGAIN. When you press it, it’s going to bring up a tab that says Add to Notes, Add to Minecraft, and More. Most people think this part is a scam or it won’t work. But it’s not. Once you press it, it will bring you to Minecraft. It’s going to say on the top: Download has successfully downloaded. The last step is to make a new world. If you downloaded a map it should be right there in the templates area. If you downloaded a Addon press create new world. Once you have scroll down the left side and you will see resources pack and behavior pack. There you will find what you downloaded. Thank you for reading all of this! The One And Only, - Donut Devil
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2 years ago, C0Oki3pug
Works as advertised. aka for FREEEEE
If you want Addons that are FREE then this is a great game for you. It is really simple to download you just click the install button and click on Minecraft, and then you’ll be ready. Despite the 1-2 ads you may encounter while downloading the Addons or just scrolling, you still get free Addons ranging from texture packs to skins to combat and different worlds like citys and so much more. Plus some of the Addons can collaborate with each other, for example I have a gun addon combined with a furniture addon, in a city world, all of these combined make an excellent experience for my friends and I to play together and has brought some great memories. All in all this is a great game if you want to add to your Minecraft experience, and I strongly recommend it as it is free and so are the Addons, plus you can always uninstall if you don’t like it. 5 stars✨
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3 years ago, gamecools
This is a great app, and you should definitely download it if you are looking for some good Addons or maps to use for Minecraft! I have made a few myself and I got them quickly posted for lots of people to download. One of my friends used this app to find modern houses to role play in with me. Another great feature is that you can recommend maps or Addons that you want to see. As a map creator, I also like to scroll through the list and see what I would want to make next. Someone requested a Lost Island (from a tv show), so when I’m done watching it, I’m going to map out the island and get to work on one of my next maps! This is a really good app for YouTubers to make videos of maps and Addons, and it’s also a great tool for map creators. It would also be a great app for anyone who loves Minecraft! I would highly recommend this to you! Thank You!!
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4 years ago, makemediefaster
Awesome app!
I really enjoy the use of this app. And the creators on it are very neat and creative! However, a little while back you had to update it because of a downloading error I think? You changed the way to download Addons, where instead of opening the app, you put it in a file. I really liked that way, it was much more efficient. I was hoping that maybe you could make it like that again? It’s just easier to download what you want and switch to Minecraft once rather than keep switching back and forth to get the addons you want. Other than that, I love the use of this app! Some addons however could be updated, but I’m pretty sure that you can’t do much about that unless you’re the creator of an addon. But this app is very nice, very smooth, and I use it often. And I like the daily update! Where everyday there’s always something new to try! That’s all I’ve got! Thanks for this fun app!
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1 week ago, I’m not creative with names
Good app but I have one problem
So I have had this app for years like 2016 maybe and I do love it it’s easy and fun but the one problem I have with it is when I want to make my own add it’s so confusing because I don’t want to use someone else’s I want to make my very own mod from scratch and i have no idea how it works every time it just shows me a tutorial on how to take a copy and add it but never shows me how I make mine because I want to take something old and make it new so it’s actually playable but the tutorial is so confusing to me that I have no idea what I’m supposed to do Now I’m not blaming the developers it’s a good app and I love it but I would like for maybe the tutorial to be updated and easy for people who have a hard time understanding things but great app keep up the good work
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6 years ago, 100%_Gamer
I Would Highly Reccomend
This app has at least hundreds of Add-ons and Skin Packs! Easily the best Add-on App and its all FREE! Yes, a lot of mods don’t work or are pretty weird and dumb (In my opinion, like a million Pokémon mods!). Yet many are really cool, like a Dark Mode and a BattleAxe mod. Don’t look for perfection, almost all mods replace something else in the game so they take the characteristics of that thing slightly. For Example the BattleAxe mod is a flower (Not a replace surprisingly) so you could place it on accident so I just turn off Build when I play with it, also it looks weird in you hand because it’s a flower. There are very many McWorlds that are really cool, but I prefer the mods. For some of the features of the app you need to sign into either Twitter, Google or Facebook which I don’t really want to do. Without it I can’t right reviews or give suggestions which is pretty frustrating! IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A MCPE ADD-ON APP THIS IS EASILY THE BEST ONE!
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2 years ago, Only_A_Loaf
Needs A Bit of Fixing
Really good app almost the only one who lets you download things and import it into Minecraft, sometimes the search does not work and just gives you the same things the as the last time. Also each time that the search does not work it gives you an add each time that you use it. Some mods don’t work like they do have the items but you can’t get them or it has the title but no items,biomes,a way to get the items, and etc. Some mods also disappear like for example One Blocco it is gone and the only ones are One Blocco Revamped or One Blocco the Begging which are not as good as the first one. (I belive) The only that I have found to fix it is restarting the app but for mods some just don’t work and there is no way to fix it by yourself. But in all this is the best app of them all!
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5 years ago, Average Joe152003
Please get more Addons!
I’ve been using the app since it first released and you used to release loads of new mods every day. I remember it was like 6 each day which was amazing for me and I’m sure everyone else loved it as well. Now is just a whole different story. Now it’s only 1-3 new mods every day and you release a load of worlds. From a personal preference, I honestly don’t care nor like the worlds. I like to build my own. It’s disappointing to me that I only see 2 new mods each day. I love your app and would highly recommend to anyone looking for new and cool mods to add to there game. I’ve recommended it to several friends already. I really would love it if you could fix this issue as it’s disappointing to only get 1-3 new mods each day and those few mods usually don’t appeal to me. Would also love to see more Pokémon, transformers, and superheroes as well. Please get back to me and thank you in advance. - a 16 year old die hard Minecraft player
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10 months ago, eclipsenightfox
Its probably the most decent mod app you’ll find on here.
So like, I rarely ever write reviews but if you’re looking for a mod app that actually WORKS then this is it. Sometimes (rarely) some mods don’t work, but overall 99% of them work. They’re easy to apply to your world but the mods are often updated so make sure to check every once in a while. I’ve been using this app for a little over a year, and I’m like DEVOTED to it. NOT TO MENTION that every mod on here is FREE; Which is very rare nowadays cause most mod apps are looking to get money out of you. Though, when you like scroll through there’s some adds here and there. I’m not a very patient person, but there’s not as many adds as I thought there’d be. If you come across this, try it out; Cause this app is literal gold! <3
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6 years ago, Zooma1423
Great app, a Few suggestions.
This was an amazing app! At first I was skeptical of it, but this app is AWESOME and COMPLETELY FREE! I’d like to address the negative reviews I read before downloading this app and also suggest a couple things. The major reasons I saw for negative comments were inappropriate ads or glitches/crashes. There are minimal ads in this app, they only appear right before downloading something to Minecraft. So far, none of the ads I’ve seen are at all inappropriate, in fact they are very similar to the ads I see on other apps. Any inappropriate ads (if there even are any) are most likely on all your other apps too. As for the glitches/crashes, my phone’s Minecraft has been totally bug-free after getting this app. I assume any crashes were caused by using the incorrect version of Minecraft (each add on specifies a version). My only suggestion for this app is a better help page. When I first downloaded .mcworlds, I had no idea where to find them in my Minecraft and was very lost until I scrolled through my worlds and found them. A video tutorial or set of pictures would be very helpful for people like me who have never used an add on app before. Overall, this app is SO fun and TOTALLY FREE I I define recommend it!
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3 years ago, Mdoaos
It’s OK but there’s a problem
I love all the houses that you can get but some of the houses that look really cool it does this thing to my loading screen and it freezes and then It goes gray and I can’t move so I have to shut out of Minecraft and re-open it and I can’t join the world I checked if there was any in app purchases and on my device I don’t see anything so I don’t know what the problem is I thought at first it was in app purchases and there was just some thing in in app purchases that allowed you to have all the cool houses but when I checked there was no in app purchases so I don’t know if it’s my device or if there’s just something wrong with the houses but that’s the problem if you can fix up that be great because a lot of the houses That I have been getting looks really cool and I was excited to download them but then they didn’t work
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4 years ago, TheSiameseCat
Awesome! But a few issues
This app is awesome, and I 100% recommend you download, but I have some complaints. The amount of ads in this app is insane. Every time I try to look up an addon, download an addon, or bookmark an addon, it gives me an ad. Most of the time the ads are glitchy, and annoying. I can say it’s WAY better than going to sketchy ad sites, because I don’t have to worry about getting a virus or something, and the ads are WAY less glitchy and work better. They also test all the packs, so I don’t have to worry if the pack has something unwanted in it. The reviews and request A good amount of reviews are toxic, and have content that is not rated 4+. There is no filter that I have seen. They also have a request a mod area, which they have been kind enough to take away the comment section. Still, the requests mostly contain Morph mod requests, backpacks, and perverts requesting sex mods. I remind you this is a 4+ rated app, and that kind of stuff shouldn’t be on there. To be clear, there is no actual mods on the app based off of that, it’s only the perverted requests and reviews. A simple filter would be VERY good, just so we can keep that stuff off there. This app is amazing, but I would like to see them work on these issues. Still, download the app.
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2 years ago, 9282]]€>§is
Honestly this app is very good, and I recommend it to anybody looking for any sort of modification for minecraft. It’s great, you can get maps and mods which can be very fun to use. But one problem I find is the difficulty of downloading a actual mod. You see you can search it up and get a ad sometimes but it usually breaks and you need to reopen the app again, this time you search it up it wont give an ad. But now you actually get the mod, and then it gives you another ad and just gets very annoying. but overall it’s great, I just wish the ads for actual other addon games just can be muted since they usually have some random loud music that pops out of no where. Which is odd, cause why have ads for other apps that are doing the same thing as you?
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3 years ago, 🐶lover8
Great but maybe update the advertisement
It’s a great app and make mods easy to install and you don’t need an updated flash player whatever that is but one thing is the add screen on the app is outdated and people might get the wrong ideas about what’s on the app for example it has superheroes on the first page but when you look at the app it doesn’t have any new mods for superheroes and the superhero mod era of this app ended long before any of the cool addons came so the mods for heroes even though people think it’s a big selling point for the app is not at all and is a dead 💀 concept so why is it on the page of advertisement I still think it’s a great app but maybe update the advertisement because then people mistake the apps main sellers as the one on the advertising page when there not
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3 months ago, MiniFrise
Big problem..😱😱
So, you have read on the title, whoever you are that’s reading, there’s a big problem. So I downloaded this before, but I deleted it because it didn’t have the mod or, how some people call it, add-on. So I downloaded it two years later. This year, to see if it had a playable dragons add-on now. And I went into the search page and typed dragon. Very, very, very, CALMLY. 🙂🙂 I swear I didn’t freak out when I found out it didn’t have playable dragons add-on in the two years I waited. You might be thinking, in case I DIDN'T see it. “BUT THEY DOO!!!!” And, I had perfect Wi-Fi or internet connection. And it said the app couldn’t load the page. So I wasted like 3000 minutes of my time scrolling down on the “NEW MODS!!!!” Page. Only to find.. WAH..WAHH…WAAAAAAHHHH. NO DRAGON MODS!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO. the lesson of my dumbness doing this is: you should always add playable dragon mods to your Minecraft add-ons app. 🥲🥲
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5 years ago, DramaQueen18281
Great! Except for this person...
I love this app! It’s my favorite Addon app! It just bothers me a little because people are copying other people’s worlds and not giving credit to the original creator. Also I would like to complain about this one user (CarbohydrateCaretaker) he’s going around the app, bullying people. Everyone has been trying to get him to stop. He targeted this person whose name starts with Colin and he’s been getting mad about it. Carbohydrate keeps telling him to calm down and he says: “Your 9 year old body can’t handle your anger”. He also just goes on the review sections of maps and stuff and just leaves 1 bar when he hasn’t even downloaded it! Thank you for your time and please help with CarbohydrateCaretaker! Everybody’s waiting to be rid of them!! Again thanks!
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5 years ago, Simsfreeplay girl
great but needs one more thing
When my friend told me about the app I was so excited because I had just recently got Minecraft on my Xbox so me and my sister can play ever since we lost our huge world that had a ton of stuff on the Xbox 360 I was addicted to Minecraft because of this app but sooner or later I realized that something was missing because I wanted to combine all my worlds and packs together and yet I could I tried making a template and add on plug but the packs had to be like texture packs and when I was looking through the add ons it said mcpack but yet I couldn’t add it to the templates and so on and as a user to this app i would really love if the creators would try to make it possible to add multiple worlds as in Disney land or a castle all together same with the packs as in cars and furniture and different ores or monsters ALL together
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4 years ago, nlkdhgd
This app has completely changed my Minecraft experience(in a good way). From parkour to horror maps, I give this Addons app an A+! Don’t listen to the haters on this app cause you will not regret downloading it! And, there is no in app purchases, so you can play whatever map you want!!!!!! I especially love the horror maps cause they are super scary and fun. Also adventure maps are good as well! And, if your looking for mystery maps and multiplayer games, you will find all of that to! #in love with this app❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍 Thank you so much!! And did I mention that you can make your own maps to!! And you can download hundreds of different texture packs! Download this app for your own sake!!!!!!! You will not be disappointed!! Have fun!
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2 years ago, Hayleckt
Best so far!
This is a really good app, and overall, the best I’ve tried so far. There is one issue that I was having, which was my friends couldn’t connect to the world, and it was really disappointing because I was really looking forward to using this with my friends. One other issue that was a little odd but I have been somewhat ignoring is that some of the mods I downloaded did not do anything, and my Minecraft inventory was exactly the same as it would be without a mod, although very few mods were doing this. Those are my little things to say about this app, but even though it doesn’t work all the time I still suggest that anyone reading this should download because it’s awesome and it could just be problems with my device or my friend’s device.
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6 years ago, fairy princess love
Awsome but I wonder
Hey so um I used to find Minecraft sorta boring like there was somthing I could add to it I would search and search for command block mods because I didn’t know how to do them myself and I couldn’t find any that were interesting for my version of Minecraft all I found was a gun mod 😑 I’m not interested in guns and after awhile of searching I found a page concerning this app so I immediately searched it up and what I found is awesome I shared it with my brother he loved it as well and eventually I found an addon called “the Windlight’s scythe addon” I mostly wanted the texture so when thebehavior pack made my game crash I was fine I had tones of fun pretending I was the “chosen one” don’t hate on me for pretending (I get haters a lot) but I have one question can you make addons please tell me.
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3 years ago, puppypurple1
Toxic af
Okay, so someone would get this game for say, if they want a cool map or addon. But, that’s not what this review is about, this is about the toxic chatting. I got this app just for the cool things to get when I’m bored. But one day I found the chat box. And lemme tell you, in their is toxic and rude. Honestly, people in their will harass and burn you till they get down to every last detail. Once I found this cool map and wanted to download it. I was unsure if I should get it because I don’t have a lot of space left, so I looked in the reviews to see if it was worth it. And what I saw was crazy. People spamming, harassing, and swearing the heck off of this thing! I saw one guy saw that “it was too blocky” bruh. THIS IS MINECRAFT. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE BLOCKY! I know this isn’t the developer’s fault, but I would like that fixed. Thank you and have a great day or night.
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3 years ago, hi hi gamer
Pretty good
This app is so cool it allows you to add dragons 🐉,more dogs 🐕 and dinosaur 🦖 and even more. Okay so just one problem KEEP UP TO DATE WITH THE ADDONS! Okay so there was this dragon addon dragon mounts that I played on my computer but it stopped working so I looked on my iPad for addons. I kept looking for stuff that did cost moola. Then I found this and was like finnnnnnaaaallllyyyy. Then I FOUND THE OLD VERSION OF DRAGON MOUNTS THAT SUCKED. But in all it’s a good app just pls try to keep a up to date with the addons. Oh yeah also that how to train your dragon addon on there has been updated. ADD BETTER DRAGON MODS! Also look for better addons. But it’s still a great app and everything is free at least. I do recommend it. Pls don’t make us pay for stuff it will most likely cause the game ratings to go downhill. If you read this thanks for reading. 😁
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5 years ago, Rainbow223455564466
Pros and cons.
I adore this app. It is fabulous. Only two flaws. Which isn’t bad. Now about those flaws, the first flaw is that when you download a map it opens up MCPE, than it should say on the top of your screen that it has downloaded successfully. But the map takes me a minute or two to find. I have to scroll through all my worlds trying to find the map. Sometimes its near the top, other times it’s on the bottom. Others times i have to download it twice because I can’t find it. I wish it would just install and appear at the top. It would save a lot of time! Second flaw, is that some of the worlds break in 10 minutes into playing the game. Please check and make sure these worlds work and aren’t junk. Thank you so much. It’s a good four stars. Just try to fix those flaws.
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3 years ago, JamesSparky
Great App for downloading mod’s but it has a few problems
I’m gonna start with the problems of this game there is an absurd amount of adds that pop out randomly and constantly crash my game and downloading packs sometimes can be not doable but that is alright I don’t have a problem of watching an add while trying to search something but it’s just beach it crashes and then I have to reload the whole entire thing.. now for the good things the game is really good for downloading mods instead of going on these websites and doing all these file downloads and stuff all you have to do is just click on the Minecraft logo and boom you have it I highly recommend downloading this because it is a easier way of download mods for iOS and other platforms.
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2 years ago, Pseu Do Nym 20130613
Relatively impressed
This might be my first review I’ve ever made on an app, so take that information how you will. Considering there are no in-app purchases, I’d say the ads are well worth it. You just kind of have to mute while using it (at least they don’t pop up while you’re scrolling; at least for me, they don’t). In exchange, you get access to FREE worlds, add-ons, textures, skins, etc. Now considering this is a mobile app, of course the “mods” aren’t gonna be super high quality (nor without their bugs and glitches). They can only handle so much, but for what this app *can* provide to spice up the gameplay even a little bit or provide new worlds to explore that the community so graciously wants to share with others, I’m down for this app every time.
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4 years ago, kady is a chip
A few things I want to talk about
This app is really good! There’s a lot of good and bad things about it. I’ll start with the bad things. First of all, it can be very glitchy! Second, the ads. I understand they need to make money somehow, but please make the ads a bit neater? Please make sure to examine the Minecraft worlds people import before letting them be added to the app. One of the worlds had a picture of some girls nudes. I think they might of tooken it out though. Now, the good things. I love how you can search worlds up! Another thing is that they added more skins recently! I’m happy about that. There are also categories, which is something that I love about the app! That’s it, please try to improve it. Overall, this is one of the best add on apps!
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2 years ago, too many glitches in this game
I’m sorry that only one star was Took in Off
All right so today was the first day I got this app and I’m like I’m so excited and then I downloaded two worlds already and then when I play I’m like why are there so many monsters in here I thought I killed of the monsters but then it came to the slime where they kept multiplying so I hope that you could actually take out the monsters it was so hard to even play I got so mad that I threw my iPad on the ground and it cracked very badly so I’m using this iPad so then I could write a review and you’re lucky I’m getting another one and I feel super mad because I was so excited but then when I had to play and see zombies everywhere and slimes and skeletons I literally yelled because I want to play peacefully
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1 year ago, Fyjfjyfjyfyfmgyjgjgjy
Great app (I’ll let the ads slide)
This app has always been my go too whenever I need any mods, maps or textures for Minecraft pe (mobile), or bedrock. Overall it’s just easier to use and has a more broad range of content, as opposed to how limited the other apps I’ve used in the past years have been in terms of maps, mods and textures. As the years go on the advisement seems to show itself more and more, most likely due to not as many people visiting. If it were up to me I’d make it to where you can purchase to get rid of ads because that’s the only thing that holds the potential of this app. Overall I love it regardless and it’s given me many amazing mods and maps that I’ve made many memories with throughout the years.
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3 years ago, QueenSnowfall
so this used to be a FAVORITE THING. There are SO MANY WORLDS and MODS and it was awesome! But this morning when I went on, my iPads screen turned BLACK with just the time and date showing, and I was all “oh this happens I’ll just press the home button and it’ll be OK.” But NO. I tried to go home but it wouldn’t let me! Then I tried to shut off my iPad completely but that didn’t work either. Then I started to panic. After about 10 minutes it went back to normal. Then only 5 minutes ago it happened AGAIN. and I’d think it’d be because of my iPad, but it keeps on happening, and only on THIS APP!!!!! PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭 I had to delete this app! Again, this used to be MY FAVORITE......
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4 years ago, Jaywood, C.M.K.
Toxic uncensored reviews within the app...
Parents be warned, the review section of this app is apparently not monitored by the developers, and there is some very toxic comments that are completely unrelated to the addons, and the topics that are brought up in the reviews are highly not for children...I like the app but I wish the developers would control the types of things that go on within there app, the review sections have become a constant war zone of cursing and name calling and put downs all over simple comments, if the app ever gets straightened up a will give it a better rating, but in its state it needs help. And yes I could just go without looking at the reviews, but I go by those to see if there is anything wrong with the add on I am downloading, so it’s necessary for me, but I hate it that I have to deal with the toxicity of the comments that are completely unrelated to the add on itself. I hope this helps someone.
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6 years ago, nico643
Love this app but we need this
As you know if you look at Minecraft ratings and reviews people have been asking for werewolves you should add werewolves and werewolf claws that allow you to transform into a werewolf you should have to hold the claw and press transform and you are a werewolf immune to the sun to transform back grab the claw impressed transform and guys delete the reviews that you have taken time to read you are like Minecraft reviews there’s no bottom if you do not make any mods this is for the mod maker is out there Big shout out to dark studios in there Redstone mansion I love it so much everything actually works including a shower everybody who wants a thing that has opening doors automatically and stuff like that download Redstone mansion by dark studios
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4 years ago, Llamacorntime
A few problems...
Ok Im going to say first I love this app and have nothing against it but there are a few things that bother me 1. There aren’t many school maps to use because when doing Roleplays you want houses and stuff but they usually just build a school and not even good colors sometimes 2.there aren’t many addons that are use able there ok but not the best some don’t even work like the back pack addon it works but you can put the back pack on when you have other addons! 3.some crashed my game! Other wise it’s really amazing and can help but they need to fix the addons just putting them in expecting that the creator did a good job making it isn’t responsible much it looks put together a bit quick and rushed make sure these work please and thank you!
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4 years ago, Bunnyiscute56
Not bad
Ok, this is really just me trying to get the creators attention. I REALLY WANT DECOCRAFT! Me and my friends use this app for Minecraft mods, but the one we mainly want is decocraft! It opens so many options, so plz get it! This is also a personal one but can you please make a way for us to put the mods into drive again, you updated it and now we can’t (or at least that’s what I know). The reason is because I really like this app and it’s super creative but my phone is the one with this app and my iPad has Minecraft on it. And I can’t buy Minecraft on my phone (cuz I’m broke XD) and I can’t download this app onto my iPad because it’s my Mom’s Apple ID . . . Thing. So please change that or add something new to it to make it easier please. Thank you for listening and I hope you take this to consideration!!!!
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5 months ago, Fred TUK
Read this before you get the game!👍🏻🫵🏻 by a 9 year old
1 every day I literally get stuff they have good furniture and they have like everything you want! Cars houses to guns for free it’s so easy to get it in Minecraft I will tell you 1 you find something you like then you press more it’s the yellow button then you have to watch a add then you’ll see Minecraft then you press Minecraft and wait once you get in to Minecraft you make a World then you go to add-ons then you press the your add-on then you go in to the game then it should work and if it doesn’t the go back to the one you found and reed the instructions the if you did it right it shod work. And the resin I gave it a 4 stars is because there are a lot of adds.
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5 years ago, fury500
Don’t hate it’s not the developers
People keep making bad reviews cause packs aren’t working when it’s who created the pack and sometimes you have to do what the creator says in order for it to work and if it crashes Minecraft delete it from your world I got a pack once it kept crashing and I deleted from my world and I don’t crash anymore it’s not the developers fault some packs don’t work I’m doing this so there’s less hate I love playing Minecraft I just wish it was easy to get add-ons on Xbox but anyway love the app I love the packs and stuff people make it’s awesome [request] developers if y’all can make a pack can y’all make a furniture pack I would love to have custom furniture in Minecraft it would change a lot
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