Adult Mad Libs

3.3 (359)
77.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Penguin Group USA
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adult Mad Libs

3.28 out of 5
359 Ratings
6 months ago, CheerCoach44
Bad font colors
Don’t get me wrong, I love this app! Friends have laughed and laughed. But the coloring of the font and the background color does not work well. It’s hard to read the stories once you finish coming up with all the words. And there’s no settings change available. If I’m paying to buy these stories, I want to be able to read them without squinting and brightening my phone up all the way.
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6 years ago, Jonny McDrawerston
I rated this high so that it would show up on top! I downloaded the app and then paid for some books and when I click on them to start playing it just goes to a pink screen and freezes. I’ve deleted it and then reinstalled it and the exact same thing happens. So basically, I paid money to look at a pink screen. These people need to be castrated with a rusty old fishing knife. Fix your stinking product! It’s been years and you have been stealing everyone’s money!
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1 month ago, mfeelngs
waste of time, unfortunately
OMG! I was so excited to do this app because it brought back memories and your app is totally messed up. It doesn’t let you review it and read the story. It just shows my answers our answers but not the story OK . i’m pretty litter right so this shouldn’t be hard. all the time we spent filling it out and we can’t even enjoy it and laugh at our story. That’s this is ridiculous and a big waste of time. Oh my God I was so excited to do this app because it brought back memories and your app is totally messed up. It doesn’t let you review it and read the story. It just shows all the time I took it took that doesn’t even make sense. It just shows
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2 years ago, yours_4ever
So much fun but…
Why is the screen where you read the story so dark? It’s really really hard to read.
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3 years ago, CrypticWizard
What happened?
When I first got this app it was a lot of fun. But today I tried playing a story and after entering my words all I got was a black screen with the words I entered but no storyv text! Not only that but I tried buying another book and I was charged for it but It didn’t get the book. And sometimes it even boots me back to the home screen for no apparent reason. What happened to the fun app this used to be?
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5 years ago, jessipooh
I’ve been ripped off!
Restore previous purchases is totally BS! Nothing restores from previous versions. All of my stories are gone. Nothing is free it’s all $1.99. I’ve loved Mad Libs my entire life. I probably had every book that was published, weekly book orders, I had to have my Mad Libs. There are not many options for stories, yeah there are several Themes( 14) 21 stories under each, it does get pretty boring after a few.
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2 years ago, zhill5.56
I lost money
I bought a bunch of stories from the bookstore and played a few of them with my friends one night. I forgot about it for about a week when I decided to pull it out for me and on of my buddies to play, and when I checked my stories, they had all been deleted and were removed from my library. I spent my money on those stories.
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3 years ago, AChichana
It’s fun but impossible to read
The background on the update is dark grey and the lettering is black so it’s not easy to read (you can if you focus hard enough. I already switched my phone from dark mode to light mode several times and didn’t change.
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4 years ago, TracyM.
Paid for RuPaul Mad Libs & can’t read them!
This app stinks! Downloaded Adult Madlibs and paid $1.99 for the RuPaul book. Did the first one and at the end when you supposed to see the story, the screen is black with ghosted story words. The words I entered in hot pink. Tried to download thinking that would solve the problem - NOPE! Either you fix the app or I denying the charge on credit card.
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4 years ago, alex_d_97
Mad I wasted $2
I bought a book to entertain my boyfriend and I while in quarantine. After playing two stories, we were not at all as entertained as I’d hoped. The stories are not detailed enough when entering your information, that when you read the story out, the nouns/adjectives/verbs etc. do not make sense with the sentence AT ALL. Very disappointed.
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3 months ago, Eksekror
To the developers…
You all need to fire the person who decided to put black thin fonts on a dark brown background for the story. Whoever that was made a childhood favorite a frustrating experience. Please fix this HUGE problem in this otherwise fun app.
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3 months ago, ReggaeHeartbeats
Font is unreadable
Please for the sake of my old ******** eyes make the font and background colors more readable it’s horrid. The app is wonderful but I paid for a pack and I can barely read the results. It’s an easy fix— white background and black lettering like it would be on paper.
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3 years ago, Wifeypoop
Too dark to read
Seems to be a consistent problem - once all the words are completed, the story appears in black font on a near black background, making it nearly impossible to read. No way to change it as far as I can tell.
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2 years ago, Augioguy
Simple fixes not being done
The font is black background with dark grey font and makes it unable to be read with no way to change the settings. A simple fix that they should have done in development before releasing it.
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2 years ago, abryan79
Devs Don’t Care That it’s Impossible to Read
People have been complaining for years based on the reviews that this is impossible to read after inputting words. I wish I had checked before bothering to waste money on these thieves. Apple should remove it.
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4 years ago, cfro127
Bug needs to be fixed, can’t read it!
There is some bug or a weird choice of updates that now makes the font and background really dark and the flow of the story makes it hard to read. Please fix and bring back the old version!!!!
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4 years ago, DrJewish
It's not worth downloading
They give you one book with terrible pickup lines and then you have to buy other books for $3 each. Total scam, you can find a bunch of other similar things for free. You have to actually have demand and a decent product before charging people.
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2 years ago, sergiii0212
Why is the interface so dark when reading the story how is anybody supposed to see what they wrote ? Let’s think a little better on this interface
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1 year ago, Rollie42
This app is CRAP
This was the worst. App bugged out twice before even using and then my boyfriend and I went through all the trouble to fill out an entire story and it just disappeared. waste of time. Just trying to have a good FaceTime date with my boy. This app is a freakin freak.
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4 years ago, MaddSkywalker
The stories are not showing up
This game was really fun. My friends and I had a lot of laughs. But recently when I go to fill out a stor, when I finish it only shows the words I put in with no story. The words are in a list format and in an unusual font.
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5 months ago, mflack74
Horrible color choices
The backgrounds & the fonts are both so dark that it’s not possible to read the stories. What’s the fun of picking out all the fun and silly answers if you never get a chance to see how the story turned out? Oh — that’s right — it’s not fun.
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3 years ago, Icantbelieveitriedit
Horrible app don’t waste your time! Me and my coworkers have just spent the last 20 minutes playing a game, and then at the end, you can’t even see the story you create. It was just a total waste of time and beyond disappointing
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3 years ago, gracefulturtle
Was excited then could never find my story upon completion
Seemed like an extremely complicated mess of a site/app (if we can even call it that) to even use. Waste of time, energy, and don’t let it get you down!!!
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5 years ago, GIBC15
Super buggy and not user friendly
This app is garbage. It freezes and quits all the time and it’s impossible to see your “stories.” Not really sure what the idea of it is since nothing works and most, if not all, of the “books” cost extra.
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7 years ago, Paigeem23
Some bugs
Great game, but I downloaded some of my stories and they are no where to be found.
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2 years ago, kijnbkoykj
I went around the room and filled in all the words and when I got to the end everything just disappeared! What an annoying waste of time.
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3 years ago, Miss Lydia Lemon
Don’t waste your time. Horrible app. The stories are poorly written and that’s if you can even read them. The font is nearly the same color as the background.
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3 years ago, hcstupid
Too dark
I rate this a 2 because once im done filling it out and its ready to read, its extremely dark to where you cant read it. Even brightening the light on phone doesnt help.
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2 years ago, cj73638
Would give zero stars if I could
The worst app ever. I couldn’t even read the story because the lettering was black and the background was like a gray color. Wouldn’t waste your time with this app
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6 years ago, Wisco1992
More titles
You need more titles & themes.
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6 years ago, lmessick10
Nothing is free here
This app is ridiculous ! I’ve looked high and low on a way around purchasing these stories , and nothing ! EVERY single mad lib has to be paid for which i think is misleading and I’m not happy about it
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5 months ago, can t find a nick name
Back round color
How they have the back round color and fonts does not work you can’t read your story. Needs to be fix
Show more
3 years ago, frenchfrii
Do not bother ! I downloaded app and purchased a book. The background screen is so faint it cannot be read! So basically its worthless. Too bad too because I love the original books.
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1 year ago, Jmoody23
Doesn’t work without paying
App is not really free. You can fill in the blanks for the words, but can’t get a story without paying.
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4 years ago, TabTunes
Doesn’t work. Deleted.
Filled in my first MadLib and it just congratulated me for a great start but never showed me the story. I looked around a bit to try to find it, without success. Fun idea, poorly executed. Delete.
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6 years ago, Skydiddle
I haven’t even gotten to finish one story before it just shuts down or freezes. I even tried deleting and re-downloading it. Didn’t work.
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4 years ago, grimsmiley
Can’t read
After buying a book and entering my words, the story shows up so dark you can’t read it. Worthless
Show more
1 year ago, Happyboopyboo
App crashes as soon as you are done entering your words and you can’t read your story
Show more
4 years ago, 283857
Can’t read anything
Enter all the words and the story shows up on a black screen with gray words. Can hardly read it. Not worth it.
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4 years ago, nnnnnaaaakkkkk
After you finish and get to your story the background is dark along with the writing that is black so you can’t read it.
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6 years ago, Hv1_4prl
Stories will not open - Refund
I purchased a book and the stories will not open. I’d like a refund but cannot find a contact.
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4 years ago, Wife of an App Addict
Cannot Read Story When Complete
Horrible app, good idea, poor execution! I’m just glad I didn’t pay for anything when I figured it out.
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2 years ago, dark humor, not dark screen
To dark to read
Could be a lot of fun but it’s impossible to read!
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6 years ago, Sarahjochi0
Crashes and won’t load content. Very disappointing.
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4 years ago, kariraspberry
Crashes. Won’t let us read finished stories. Made me buy it twice
Title says it all. Sad. I spent $4 to buy a useless app twice. Deleted.
Show more
3 years ago, refinch
Does not work
Finished the first game and there is no way to read it. I’ve been ripped off.
Show more
10 months ago, stariabub
Never makes sense??
Did 3 and none of them made any type of sense
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2 years ago, Shadow7444
Bad stories
These are terrible stories and not funny at all.
Show more
4 years ago, draya5
Can’t read final story.
Disappointing. Delete.. some kind of scam.
Show more
4 years ago, Silas H Brown
Mad libs adult
This is terrible. Just don’t waste your time bro
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