Adventure Academy

4.6 (112.7K)
236.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Age of Learning, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adventure Academy

4.62 out of 5
112.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Homeschool mom of four
I love it!
I love this game but I do have a few ideas... Maybe you could add on scores for how much each player learns and how much time they spend watching videos and once you could get to a certain number you could run for class President! You could vote for other players and maybe if you get to be class president you could write reviews and then you guys could consider adding on things and wherever the class president asked you. I also had an idea about adding on a pet store in the marketplace! You could buy pet things and food and brushes and put them in your home. Maybe some pets could be magical creatures like the rumblebelly and others that you do quests with! Others could be, Horses, fish, turtles, cats, dogs, hamsters... you get the idea! You could also equip pets and keep them in your inventory or you could place them in your home. If you equip pets they can follow you around and if it’s a horse maybe you could ride it! Also, like you can purchase different actions for your avatar, you could buy them for your pet! You could buy toys, collars, beds, scratch posts, tanks, and more! Sorry this Review is long just one more thing, maybe you could add on a couple restaurants you could go in and eat at and you could maybe get jobs to do different things and watch different videos! Thank you so much for reading this, and for inventing this game!
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3 years ago, cupcakeu
Boring at times
I have had this game for quite a while now and when I first started I got all of these tasks and quest to do and it seemed like everything was going to be ok until about a couple months later when I hear about level 20 or 21 I started to notice that the tasks were very slow and most of the time I had nothing to do on the app and it was very boring show maybe adding a lot more tasks would be better then only a couple for each level. Also maybe making more updates to each of the rooms in the Academy. For example, in the library there are things that you can click on and it will take you to like a video or a game or a certain book but It’s a little bit boring to see the sameVideo or a game or book every single time you click on that specific area. Also my last thing is that some of the quest in the game are super Duper easy for me and my mom has tried to up the level and she cannot do that because there are only three different levels to pick from would you go for different age groups. But you should have it based on what they know instead of just her age. But besides all of the things I just listed this is a great app for kids to learn and have fun while doing it. Also maybe in the future you could add something where you can trade some of your clothes or items that you don’t need to get new ones instead of having to pay for everything with coins.
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3 years ago, gamelover2022
Love it!
Although i am an adult, I just keep the chat feature off and I play this game. I absolutely love it. I have ADHD and as a child, I really missed out on a lot of my basic education. I really enjoy reading the graphic novels in the library the most. They offer simple and clear stories and explanations, and they have pictures which really helps me learn with the visual imagery. I have gotten to enjoy classic stories I never had the attention span to read, and learned about things like Greek and Norse mythology which I was always intrigued by but never was able to understand since it was so abstract. This has really offered me some new fun material to learn about and I appreciate this app for filling in those gaps that I was missing. I do have one suggestion.. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but it would be really nice to have a feature in the books where you can have them read to you, and also a feature where you can have a specific word or Name pronounced or defined for you. This would definitely make it more accessible for anyone who struggles with reading, or anyone like me, who really likes to fully know things, including how to pronounce them and what they mean. Thank you for creating such an amazing application and game for children and adults alike! It is definitely worth the money.
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3 years ago, Go Adventure Acadmy!!!😆😆
I LOVE this game, but have ideas...
So, adventure academy is an awesome game and I love how you can play with friends. Me and cousin like to call each other and play a lot. I also love how you put a bank on the neighborhood because I feel like it helps those who play learn how to responsible and have fun. One idea thought is that there could be a tagging station in the marketplace and neighborhood as well so that if one tagging station is full then you can go and see if you can go and joint another. The other idea I have is that you can walk around in stores instead of just something popping up. For example, shady Dave’s is a really cool place that you can walk around and have the choice to buy something or not, and you can do quests for shady Dave. I feel like it would be cool if you could do that for other stores so that more quests and fun-ness could be available. The last idea I have is that instead of trying to go the the pier from the marketplace or trying to go to the neighborhood from the commons and being like “teleported” or whatever, that we could walk there instead. The reason I’m asking is because sometimes ones it takes a really long time to load, and I’ll get kicked out every now and then. Thank you so so much for reading my review( even of it was kinda long).
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10 months ago, Fox the Excited Fan
Love app - Please consider adding….
I love playing Adventure Academy! It’s fun to learn with the quests, games, fast facts, and so many different ways to play. I am so excited about the possibilities for Adventure Academy, and think everyone should play. I am really hoping that the app development continues, and that you might add trains - steam, diesel, electric, and maglev - it would be cool if the character could ride these via tracks that go around the Adventure Academy community. And, you should be able to choose if your character is a grown up or a kid to give more role play options. It would be awesome if there were a zoo in Adventure Academy so that we could see many different types of animals and learn about them - giraffes, prairie dogs with kids’ tunnels that go all over the zoo, penguins, polar bears, lemurs, an aviary, all kinds of animals! And, more animals in the Aquarium! It shouldn’t cost so much to upgrade your inventory, and you should be able to do it as many times as you like. Your character should also be able to fly and ride in airplanes. The furnishings for the house shouldn’t cost so much - and you should get to design more space, more floors, bigger homes, basement, and other cool aspects of building/designing. The game of tag should be allowed everywhere in The Academy. Your character should get to drive cars, and ride in them, and get to ride in a taxi, too.
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3 years ago, my daughter love this app
This app is the best app
When I got this app I showed it to my daughter so after I did that she started playing it all the time I was like what so happy about this app I went on there and I started playing it I thought it was super fun so then I learned that you could level of each level shows on the second level I was super Duper surprise I was like oh she’s super excited about this so I bought her computer or her birthday after I got her computer and downloaded it the adventure academy she started going onComputer every time she got off of school when she got off of school she would do her homework pack her lunch and do everything that I said you have to do before she I do anything on her computer should do it super quickly so she can hurry up and go on her computer so she can do an adventure academy I was like this out of the best app in the whole wide world so adorable she always did that after that she was just like always on her computer I was like why are you on your computer she will always say I am doing a venture Academy so I was like oh and then as she will get finish out and that’s like wow that app is super cool so I didn’t she started going on and going on it when I was on the charger should go on it if it ever computer died or got her iPad and do it so I just wanted to say everybody should get this app😍👍🏾🤗
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4 years ago, Chunglove
Omg ok get this!!! 💖💘😍🥰💘. Z J S
Ok get this game, I know it might cost money like a game I have called animal jam. But please get this game! I’ve learned so much from this game, and I am working my way to get better stuff in adventure academy. 🤗 I wish my little sister could get this, right now she is sitting next to me writing my review. You know, my dog is a Dane, and she watches me, hehe. She is a smart dog so I’m telling you, that’s why she’s a Great Dane, anyway, just I am begging you to get this game! I told my brother to get this game then he bought it too. I friended him.🌈🌈🌈😇😇😇🥳🥳🥳. It might be hard at the beginning but pls beg your mom to get it! My attributes are not working right now, and in I mean I’m shaking. Sorry about that fates I mean that’s why I’m shaking. Well ones my little sister gets older I can probrobly ask her to buy it.;) and also my parents said it was okay for me to buy it, so that means that your parents will say yes too! So pls buy Thais game I am begging you so hard so pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls! This game looked fun once’s I looked at it. (PS. It may look like it has baby activedies, but jUst don’t show your mom or dad.) so pls buy this game! If you do, try to keep up!
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4 years ago, Lghtbrwn
Runs very slow
My daughter begged me for this games for months. She has several other educational games so I didn’t want to get another. However, since it’s the summer and she is out of school, I finally gave in to give her a variety. I signed up for a yearly membership since it offered a discount. Graphics wise, this game looks amazing! The idea of a virtual learning world with characters is great. Users can interact with each other which is cool. Kids are learning and having fun at the same time. BUT, this is all theory. It took 2 1/2 hours to download this game to my laptop. Afterward, once it was loaded, each activity took 5-20 minutes to even load! I re-ran the program, deleted, downloaded again, restarted. No matter what I didn’t we weren’t really able to engage with this program the way it was intended. I checked our computer requirements and they listed with with the correct software so that’s not the problem. I encounter the same issue on my iPhone 11 which is also listed as compatible. All in all, this was a bust! It is extremely difficult to keep a child’s attention on a learning activity and it doesn’t help matters if the game stops to load for 20 minutes each time you want to do something. For the 10 minutes, she was able to move around, it looked great! But can’t speak for it much beyond what I have seen thus far. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, pinkystar231unicorns and us🤗
I can’t get it please lower price😞
So I got Adventure academy a long time ago so yeah. But... there is a very big problem when I bought it. It cost a lot of money for ever so me and my dad did cited to delete it I did not play it I just saw adds about it. It was cool my dad said I can choose a game for him to download so a little bit later I saw adventure academy so I asked my dad he said yes so he downloaded it for me! But the problem was money we wanted to save our money for food, drinks, dippers for my brother, a car, a house so that is why I delete it please fix the price forever thank you so much for reading my speech Bye! Have a wonderful weekend🙂oh and wait so people who made adventure academy please make your price lower it will really help me have a fun learning in coronavirus times you will be a hero to me have a good summer soon for the people who are reading this speech bye I hope you will not have coronavirus bye everyone who are reading this🙂 adventure academy GO keep doing your great and wonderful job and make the price lower people who love this game keep playing and win levels to be a super star at the game bye bye everyone I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy school! Bye!!!
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3 years ago, dalleskala
Have some ideas…
Could you add things like hover boards or cars? And you could ride pet horses and stags. I have this game, it’s really fun, can you come up with more ideas for quests and make the caricatures go to a higher level? I’m 10 years old and I think these are really good ideas, so could you consider them? And with the cars there would be 2 or 4 seats and school buses that could drive you to a certain place by just tapping on the map, and you could take your friend for a drive and there should be a garage where you could keep your car, and it could be like a pet and no one but you can use it oh, and motorcycles with side cars for a friend or your pet. I think that’s all of my ideas for this game, it’s really great! Oh, and Mabey there could be restaurants where you could actually eat, and you could have food in a fridge and Mabey aroplanes, to! And you could sleep in bed at night if there was a night and day rotation, and you could add TVs where you could watch Crash Courses or Science Allience or The Secret Life Of Ordinary Things! You could also fly with your wings instead of just having them for decoration.
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5 years ago, BTE going in the same directio
Ok, but could be better
I bought the 6 month subscription for my 10 year old daughter. She was begging me for it and I thought it could help with our Homeschooling. In an effort to know how to best utilize the program, I started an avatar and played the games. Here are the good points: there is tons to do. Lots of games, videos and books to read. There are short, medium and long books. Books can be read to the child or they can read themselves. There are interactive videos, and puzzles. The games are split up by subject which is really nice. There are mini quests that help navigate your child around the area. Here are the bad points: the games do not progress with your child. Once they play a game and pass it, it does not get harder to challenge them. The mini quests can get annoying. Most of them don’t give you experience and they can get glitchy. The levels they ask you to choose in the beginning are kind of pointless. I picked the hard setting expecting it to be at middle school level, but it was the same stuff my 10 is doing right now. I’m not sure how long this will be useful to her. Right now she is having fun, but I could see that come December when I need to renew she will already be past what this app can offer her. A major bummer.
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4 years ago, Freindly tipper
Love!!! Game improvements?
This game is awesome! There is a lot of stuff to do, even for a sixth grader like myself. I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to learn and have fun at the same time. The chat options are great, although I wish there were more phrases to choose on quick chat. If you could add on some new places like the forest, a cave, a city, etc. that would be great! Having new places to go would be a lot of fun. I would love it if you created a pet shop. There could be two sections of the store, one for animals, and one for their accessories/ furniture. You could have a level up system for the pets too. You could complete things like the challenges ( the challenges for gems) with your animals to get them XP. To be honest, I would like it if you added some more activities for older kids. I am getting a bit bored with these activities and I don’t want to have to find a different app. Lastly, if you could find out a way for users to store hairstyles and other things from trim and proper in our backpacks that would be great. Overall I love this game and highly recommend it, even if it costs real money.
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4 weeks ago, Vanna been
It’s probably the best learning app I have had
I really like the game and I love how you don’t love a lot like super quick but awesome not too slow and I love how you can trade items and I also really love how you get to make friends too. Usually I do my lessons and then I do a quest, and then I will chat with my friends for a little while on the missions. I really really really really really wish that you guys would like change it up every day like it’s like it’s something different every day because when it’s the same thing every day it just gets boring so then I just don’t wanna do it and I wish the characters maybe moved a little quicker because when you move so slow, it’s kind of hard to catch up and I wish that the classrooms are like so if you sit down in your seat, it will bring you to the things you need to do that day and then when you finish those, you can really just play around so I really wish that like like and if you go to the math wing sit down and your seat at class, it will give you all of the math stuff that wants you to be learning that day!😃❤️💕
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4 years ago, Xf63ksw
Needs agustments
Ok to start out this is a really great game. As from the title it needs a few agustments. Like when me and my sister (and any other certain player) type in chat and I type a message and then it says “this player has quick chat.” I’m like why can’t I type regular? At the Pier there’s water, swimsuits, AND A LIFEGUARD. What is the point of having those things when you can’t even go in the water. I also wish things were more cheaper and there were more shops. Also when I have to things the hard way: 1 go to Pier and play games to earn tickets. 2 Bye items. 3 sell the items at the grand market. Or do a quest which takes a long time.⌚️⌚️ ALSO when I turn off all sound/ music and put on my favorite music playlist and go into the game the music turns right off😢😢😡😡 also can you keep the colors and hairstyles in your backpack??? I wish you could.🙁 And can you please progress people when you do certain learning activities.🏫 can you also make a 6 years old dream by making more places to go.🥺🥺🥺anyway this is a really great game do recommend it it just that we just want some fixings Sincerely Big sister of a 6 year old
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2 years ago, 🤓BookWorm11
Great Game😁
I love playing this game and I am so happy that they have an “ABC Mouse” for older kids! I have a few ideas as well! -Maybe the Characters could get jobs and they could be paid -More places to explore! -Classrooms that you could learn in Like the learning path but you have to go to the classroom per subject -More clothes stores! Like maybe sell all magic clothes at one store and then the rest at The Clothes Pin -maybe if you friend someone you can go to there store; and make a place where you can visit stores (like have a building where you can design a store on level 15 or something and when you friend Someone you can go to the building and go to a “online”section or a “friend” section. And they can design the store for friends to go and walk around in and buy stuff!)!!! -Maybe you could make a place in your inventory to hold hairstyles and things with reoccurring costs ( I.E. I bought a $250 Academy dollar hairstyle and then eventually changed it and don’t want to re-spend the coins) I hope you pass these ideas on and thank you for the game! Also please respond!
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4 years ago, izzythemastermind
Too pricey
Hi! Soccermaster1,000 Some of my friends have gotten this app and said how amazing it is. What they didn’t say was that you need to pay for it! I’m sure that there are plenty of kids out there who want to play this game but when they ask there parents if they can buy it out of there allowance they say NO. I know that you want money but maybe just have these unlimited special supplies and clothes and furniture. Think of how many people are missing the experience of Adventure Academy because you have to pay $10 per month or $80 per year! During quarantine I haven’t been learning as much and Adventure Academy sounded like the full package. Fun, learning, chatting and creating an avatar!! Well, you can’t do any of that if your parents will not let you pay for it! So PLEASE not make us pay for it! For the sake of the business and for all those disappointed kids who can’t play it because it’s too pricey. And to be fair I honestly cannot rate it since I cannot play it.
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3 years ago, review:):):)
My review
I gave adventure academy a one star review because kids can slack off instead of learning .They can decorate their house instead of learning. My kids needed to do some extra math and then I had them download adventure Academy thinking it would be a good choice however it was a very horrible app and my kids didn’t learn anything I advise you not to download this app. My children did was slack off the only thing they learned was how to build a house with money and children can you chat with strangers on the Internet I don’t think it’s a very safe game sure you can have your children only see through certain things but it cannot stop hackers or people who are trying to get your personal information. I don’t mean to be rude but this app is just not a good choice if you’re trying to get your kids to do math I would suggest however con Academy or IXL it is a good app for children to learn however do you not trust your kids if they tell you go onto a venture Academy thank you. You may look at my review anything that’s review is awful but please know that I am a mother of two children and this video is my personal experience on adventure Academy children do need to have them but I suggest not doing anything like ABC mouse or adventure academy and if you have a toddler up to first grader I do suggest a channel called PBS kids it’s educational and fun.
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3 years ago, Anthem100
This has SO MUCH potential but …
I’m giving it only 1 star because this app has so much potential but the developers have made such a bizarre choice on how the learning process on the app works. The graphics, layout, actual human voices, and educational content is so impressive. Your kiddo will love it the second they open it. That being said, as a homeschooler for the last year, I personally never expected this app to be actual curriculum, but a way for a endlessly curious young kiddo to get tidbits of extra interesting facts about interesting topics while having fun. The educational bits are in fact delivered in such a great way, even I am learning things. But guess what? The app allows the child to ENTIRELY circumvent any educational material. They can run around all day and go fishing and complete quests for XP to enhance their avatar and just play and interact, play with other kids with water pistols. All this app needs is a slight coding tweak to require the kids to participate in a 3 minute educational portion as part of the quest and voila, the app would at least succeed in something! So despite all the impressive aspects of this app, I’m giving it 1 star because parents are getting duped into thinking their child will learn. They won’t. I’ll let my kiddo enjoy the one month free trial, but then after that, it’s gone.
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3 years ago, Kawaii Gamer ✨💖🌈👑🌹
Best game ever! I have some ideas.
This is my 2nd review of this game. It’s so fun. But I have some ideas that would make it even more fun! First maybe you could open up the other restaurant at the pier. Also you could maybe add jobs at the restaurant(s) where you can fulfill real people’s orders! At the pizzeria there could be a pizza delivery job and you deliver pizza to peoples houses. Also maybe you could work at the shops and package people’s orders and ship them to their house! Now for the learning. Maybe you could add a learning path? ABCmouse had that and it would be really good to have it in Adventure Academy too! Theres almost too many activities, making it really hard to find things without a set lesson that could be optional to do. Also with the jobs, you could earns coins depending on your shift. Oh, and maybe you could teach how money and paying and jobs work and stuff like that, in the shops and restaurant. But this game is overall 10/10 amazing! I recommend downloading it if you are a kid OR parent! -An Adventure Academy Player
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4 years ago, Sdgxvrdxtdtfx
This is the best educational game ever!
I love this game so much! I really want to be a marine biologist when I grow up, and visiting the aquarium to learn about the ocean is so fun for me! I love it so much! I think there should be a photo shoot game on the pier where you get a certain amount of time to take a certain amount of pictures, and if you bring those pictures back within the time limit, you get coins, or tickets. I think that would be fun. Also, since I love the ocean you would probably expect this, I think you should add snorkeling. I mean think about it, we get to fish in the ocean, and look at the surface, but we never get to see inside the Adventure Academy sea. I would love it if we could go snorkeling in game, and see what you guys have for us inside the ocean! Another thing, I think there should be a pet store! You can get all sorts of pets, and accessories for those pets, and toys for them! That would be so cool! Thank you for reading! Also one more time I have to say, I LOVE this game! It’s the best learning game ever! :)
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3 years ago, ???...loading...???
I got permanently muted and it was really boring
So I got permanently muted and I couldn’t talk and the game was pretty boring cause there isn’t any other levels when I finished, and when I got muted, my dad put in several requests for me to get unmuted and it didn’t work, it seems like the bots for the moderation are a bit to strict cause I was just talking to my friend when all of a sudden I got muted, and then it just got permanent and the game was boring so I just stopped playing so yea | | it also seems that the kids have VERY critical reviews lol, but really, I have a new review with this, so before I got unmuted it was so fun, I would play hide and seek with my online friends, have fun do quests and just hang out, it is a really thought out game and I love it, but can I give u suggestion? I really want more robes, I’m surprised you guys haven’t went crazy with all the crazy kid reviews, it’s basically just kids giving disrespectful reviews, like it shouldn’t be such a harsh reivew- I’m sorry for that Xd but I hope yo7 guys have a great day and please PLEASE I BEG YOU to stop MAKINB YOUR CHAT BOTS SO STRICT CAUSE THEY MUTE ME FOR NO REASONNNNNNNNNNNNN
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3 years ago, Adventure A lover
So fun!
I started this game about 2 years ago and I love it! But I have some suggestions. What if you could ride horses and you could add some vehicles! Like, cars would be too big so scooters or bikes. Roller skates too! I would like to be able to run faster in the game! Also, it would be nice if there was pet accessories and leashes! Also, I think there should be more areas to explore. I am starting to get tired of the same areas. There could also have bigger houses and in the wishing well, it would be better if there was more items to get. Besides the wishing wand, wishing wings, and natural items. Like, wishing packs or wishing glasses. I typed a lot of requests but I would like to point out my favorite parts. I hope the pool keeps coming each summer. And the skating rink. I like how we can create clubs and do tag. I especially like pass or pail. I play this game almost every day and can’t stop playing! There are sometimes some bugs were I cannot sell items. Thank you so much! Plz think about a few of these!
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4 years ago, Gahoole Owl 🦉🦉
Great game!
Hi there! I’ve been homeschooled for almost 3 years now, and it’s amazing! Why? Part of it is because of this game! I’m even a 6th grader, almost graduating, and it’s not to cartoonish or baby-ish or anything. Honestly, it’s really fun! Go along storylines, do quests, watch educational videos, make friends, you name it. Though this game is great, I have just a few suggestions. I know this has already been suggested, but, a Pet Store in the Marketplace! It would be really cute to have a pet follow you around, and maybe it has a health bar and a level bar and when you buy toys for it or feed it, it gets happier and levels up! Also, if there were horses, then right outside of the Academy there was a little area to tie up your horses, or even better, stables/barns at your home! I don’t normally write reviews, but I wanted to tell you how amazing this game is. So parents, you didn’t hear this from me, but if you want your kids to have a great time AND pack some learning into there, Adventure Academy is for you.
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4 years ago, U-Terse
I love this game sooooooo much
In my opinion i think this game is so much fun I love it because you get to customize your character and it’s like the best thing ever I know that it’s like you can kick people and stuff but it’s just how the creators made it and if you think that’s judge mental of that’s just kind of rude because the creators made it from ABC mouse in ABC mouse it’s like a like a game for like younger children most of the people who are playing so it’s more fun for older kids I love this game so so much.I hope that everybody plays this game it’s a good review this game is amazing because you can go to different places I am already at level 20 it only took me like 58 days but some people say like it takes 24 hours just to get to level two and in my opinion that’s probably impossible because it took me like three minutes to get to level two you just have to do what people are asking for and once you get to level six you get a house a house you get to decorate it however you want!
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2 years ago, Krayon Krazy
Thank You!
Thank you for creating this game! I have so much playing it! I have an idea for the next update. My idea is Adventure Academy could have a sports team. The sport could be, Soccer, Hockey, or Football. Since there is a sports team, there must be a cheerleading team. Any players can join the sports team, and anyone can join the cheerleading team. The cheerleading team should also have practices, as well the sports team. Maybe Adventure Academy could have school dances. Maybe Adventure Academy could have class Presidents and vice class Presidents. If we have class Presidents and vice class Presidents, then we have to have debates. The players can vote. Whoever gets the most votes, that player wins. Maybe there can be tv shows that the players star in. There can also be player of the month. Which will be random. Those are all my ideas. I hope you use my ideas fro the game. You should be able to put more then three accounts. From, Alessandra Baratta
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3 years ago, Mayla Stone
Awesome, But I Have Suggestions
This app is amazing, but if you could run for class president, and players vote for who they want to be class president, that would be even better! Then there could be school president where if you have been doing the most learning activities, you get to be school president. Maybe you could have a pet store that sells actions for the pets, toys, grooming tools to groom them at home, pets that walk around at your home, like a watch animal, or a fish in a fish tank, cool fish tanks, collars, scratch posts and accessories. If you had a horse or bull, you could ride it. You can have leashes for your pets and allow more pets out at a time. You could have a news paper for players, where they get to write and everyone can read. You could have a store where you could make your home and yard bigger. You could have a cafeteria in the school. You could have a gym. I truly love this game, those were just suggestions to make it even better.
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4 years ago, caelyn age6
5 Stars But Some Issues
I love this game but some minor bug issues. First and most important I don't want my child to chat on here so I disabled it and then when my child started doing a quest from one of the characters named Avery I think said, "You should get chat! So then on the next quests my child said get chat and un disable this and I don't want my child to get chat. It is a great game overall but there is bugs for example my child was playing and the characters started shaking and glitching. So in my opinion I love this game but I would love this game completely really it's so helpful if you could just try to solve the problems and so I love this app and I'm not trying to be hurtful on the creation it's just a little bit of what I think! I would love a Developer Response for a heads up if you decide for an update and I'm sorry if anything is hurtful or anything upon a bad opinion I just wanted to say this but overall great idea of this game!
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4 years ago, Stardust1201Review
It’s ok... sorta annoying
This game is soooo much fun! I love how they do updates in different seasons, but... It’s always logs me out for no reason! And it always glitches when I try to go into the math wing! It will never let me in so I always have to go onto my sisters I pad and it’s so annoying and such a waste of time!!! Also I have this really annoying thing where it says I have 125 texts or something from some players?!?! It’s so irritating and it takes for ever to go away!!! ALSO I just got kicked out of my chat AND I DIDNT EVEN SAY ANYTHING BAD and one of my friends was on and we talk a lot on that game and it’s taking FOREVER for it to stop! I hate it! I swear I didn’t even say anything bad! Supper annoying! And I was wondering if you didn’t have to be on level 10 to go to shady Dave’s???? My little cousin- not me- can’t go and she’s on level seven and she doesn’t play all the time and it’s not really fair. Also I was hoping that you could let us get pets or make houses another level. Also maybe we could possibly get a job? Just some suggestions! It would make the game a little more fun! Just saying but you don’t have to. It would be nice to make the game a little more exiting because it’s getting a little boring. UPDATE: TY FOR THE PETS I AM SO HAPPY RN FINALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY! Thank you for reading this again, I still love this game! One of my favorites except for the reasons above. But otherwise this game is wonderful!!!!!
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2 years ago, j33zycr33zy
I love this game and wanna make better with suggestions
I love love love love this game! I have a few suggestions though… 1: You should make a mermaid outfit with the seashell bra and the mermaid tail and fin. 2: You should make pet’s be able to have emotes and sometimes be able to share emotes with your pet. 3: Please make the water at the pier be able to actually go in and swim. 4: Make some new hairstyles like beach waves, Medium curls, French braid, fish tail braid, and long straight hair that goes down to the feet. 5: Birthday party’s. It can be someone’s birthday and they can’t celebrate with in game friends. So make a birthday party button and it magically sets up and then you can send invites. 6: Make hide and seek a game too. Plus make other games you play in real life. 7: Make a gym inside the academy for different stuff like things you can do in P.E. And stuff for sports. 8: Make the gardens on the side of the academy available to go in. That is all I request. Please make it happen
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4 years ago, !!! !!! !!! !!!
Want an honest opinion? READ THIS
I would put more stars if I could. I was looking for a learning game to get me through quarantine. Then I came across this game. It might be a little pricey but it is so worth it!! You can do quests, read books, decorate you home you name it!Parents don’t take this from me but you should definitely get this game for your kids if you want them to have a phenomenal learning experience!! I do have some suggestions though. It would be super cool if there was a pet shop in the marketplace, and if the pets could follow you. I was also thinking that maybe we could actually go into the soda shoppe and actually eat. Also maybe we could upgrade our house to make it bigger. If not then maybe it would be cool if we could put walls in our house. Another idea is that maybe we could create our own clothing pieces with our own patterns or words. Also my sister and I really wish that we could go on our bed and sleep anytime we want. Another idea is that maybe when you buy stuff for your house, maybe we could resize it ourselves My last idea is that maybe when we go the the aquarium in the pier, maybe we could swim with the fish or otters etc. In regards, Priscilla6203N PS. If my ideas come through can you please you please put my name under it in the game so that people know to thank me. If not that is a-okay! Keep up the good game! ☺️☺️
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4 years ago, MikoKitty1479
Suggestions & Problems
I love Adventure Academy! It's the one of the best games ever! You get to learn & have fun at the same time! But, something went wrong. One day, I was going to pay for another month of Adventure Academy. I was so excited to get learning! But, when I tried to enter my Mom's email address, nothing happened. I tried it over and over again, but it still didn't work. So, today I tried making a new account and when I entered in my email address, it worked! But when I was creating the account and comfirmed it, it just kept on trying to load. Please fix this! Now, what I think would make Adventure Academy better is that you enter in the chlid's birthday, and when it's their B-Day, the app lets all of their friends know and they have a party! But to get in & out the party, you have to answer a math problem. If they get it wrong, they can get help & try again! And one last thing! (sorry that this review is so long) Maybe you could have a fact of the day. When people first login to Adventure Academy, you could give the kids a fact of the day like "The capital of New Jersey is Trenton or something like that. Thank you for your time!
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5 years ago, jghdjs
I was trying to find I good learning game since school starts in about a week and I wanted to get a fresh start for this year so when I got this game, first of all it took like 6 hours to make an account, then when I finally got into the game it kept glitching and making me need to log in over and over. Then when i finally got to the first quest it took me to the page were I first made my account and it said: ‘sorry, you need to make a new account cause someone else already had the same advert name and they decided to kick you out’ I MEAN THATS PROBABLY ONE OF THE WORST FEATURES EVER IN THIS STUPID GAME IS THAT YOU CAN KICK PEOPLE SO THEY NEED TO MAKE A WHOLE NEW ACCOUNT AND START ALL OVER. So then I made a whole new account and when I saw that you can customize your character I went to the shop and it didn’t even pull up all the closing and stuff, so I just forgot that. And it literally takes like 24 hours to get to level two. And there’s like a trillion more reasons why you shouldn’t get the stupid game, and greet I just wasted two days playing the and writing this review, anyway if you want to get this game then pls don’t and just find a different game for your child to learn on. See ya on a totally different and good learning game.
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5 years ago, Me77123765
Fun but with minor bugs
I have been playing this game for a while now and it is really fun but there are 2 main things that seem to concern me. One is that the materials for certain missions such as acorns, cotton, sticks, and stones are very confusing. I understand how to get ricks and sticks but there spawn rate is very slow making it hard to get them. Acorns and cotton I have absolutely no idea how to get them. I feel the best way to make this easier is to add missions that specifically tell you how to get things not just their location and increase spawn rates of everything. Secondly some missions tell you to do things but it’s impossible to do it. For example on the second level of the math wing theirs a mission to do a riddle but first you need to do an activity at the math kiosk. No matter how many activities I do it won’t progress. Also for the fashion show of activity in the market I can’t even talk to Dana let alone show her my clothes. Don’t know how to solve this but it’s very annoying Thank you for this wonderful game but please fix these bugs!
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3 years ago, dlight275
I have a few suggestions
So maybe you can buy it to level up for like $5000 because that would be cool and also maybe you can add on cars or something like a car shop to that would be cool maybe you can make A castle that has potions in it to make pets ride or fly or tiny or big oh and also can you make like a gym in the school that would be fun you can do like dodgeball and soccer and stuff like basketball to maybe in the library you can like make a little section that says what it’s about and then you can pick a book out and then you need to return it on time but you can actually read it that would be fun oh and maybe if you like take pictures and I have a journal to put the pictures in oh maybe you can make like a park with like slides and what a Park has oh and I am on I think level 11 and I don’t see showers or any bathroom things only a sink I mean you can buy a second floor or other rooms in the house that would be cool thank you for reading my response
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3 years ago, shadow_wolfie12345
Suggestions AND BEST GAME
hi i just turned 11 and I love the game though I have some suggestions like when you have a friend leave the game for ever it would text you in there private chat to there friends and say (this player no longer owns the game)it would be alot nicer then having to wonder and then maybe instead of just level 30 being the max level you could make a level 100 for more challenge or just do a lower number instead of 100 oh and I was reading the reviews and one person suggested painting I think idea is wonder I as well played ABCmouse and I loved painting oh and maybe we could sell animals to people Oh I’ve been wanting to ask this for awhile and it really simple maybe people could see our pets names it would be nice anyway I’m sorry for making such a long review I was gunna try to make it shorter anyway please consider my suggestions I think there wonderful ideas bye
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4 years ago, rainbow wave🏝
I was trying to find a nice and fun learning game so I can get smarter but the results of Adventure Academy disappointed me. When I was giving a book recommendation to a boy the chat muted me because I kept saying numbers. When I was responding to him about how much I loved to read, I wanted to say 5-6 hours a day but it muted me on the spot. I qualified myself to the hardest level of learning- but I was surprised that I learned most of it in 2nd or 3rd grade. Nothing was new to me. Nobody I saw when I was playing was engaged in learning. They were only talking to each other and buying cool props. I also don’t recommend this game because there are weapons people sell and if you buy them you can carry them around and potentially pretend to kill people with them. I would never let anyone less than 7 play this game. no school I know of uses Adventure Academy. The players are untrustworthy and mysterious. Once I logged on, I got 2 friend requests from people I don’t know. It is hard to meet up with a friend and many players get left out. There are many glitches on Adventure Academy and it wastes you battery. This morning my battery was 47% and now its 18% I will never play this game again.
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4 weeks ago, Be careful y’all
I asked my mom if I could download adventure Academy so she said yes because I told her it’s like so educational and I was right it was so educational. It was so fun at the same time you get to learn while you have fun there is you can do worse you get to read books it’s just like so good like and every time you read a book and learn something you upgrade it different levels and gets more fun and fun while you upgrade and I have I can’t speak like it’s so good. I can’t speak. it’s good that I can’t speak. I’m sorry I keep on repeating this. It’s just like the bomb it’s the best learning game you can ever do. It’s so stinking fun. I got to love too and I was having so much fun. There’s no swearing there’s no people hacking it’s it’s the perfect online game you can play. It’s perfect. no people want to hack you know people want to be rude. It’s just perfect, this game is just perfect thanks for reading this bye
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2 years ago, 🎉❤️Me
Awesome game! Definitely should get!
Fall decorations are amazing and the neighborhood is very cool! The clothes are pretty too. Now for people that are new to the game, start off with doing all the Headmaster Howel quests. He gives you some money to start off with so you can buy stuff. Like clothes and furniture. After those quests then do everyone else’s quests and they will give you more coins to use. Then after all your hard work in quests you can buy anything you want! That’s the fun part about adventure academy! And always make sure you learn once in a while. Because learning is the best! And for the makers of adventure academy I would like to say cool portals but for me they don’t work. I just see everybody else go through them I just keep thinking about what is on the other side? So yeah my thing is that the portals. They need to be fixed. Fall season is amaz! Check it out!
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5 years ago, Kitty5415
Learning Path
I’m actually happy I was able to get a free trial month because I’m disappointed so far with this app. Both of my kids excelled with ABC Mouse so I thought they would with this too. Firstly, there is no learning path. With ABC Mouse there was a guided learning path with advancing to new areas and grades/age groups. With Adventure Academy you’re just thrown into the common area and then they seek out quests. Leveling up is extremely time consuming with very little Coin/XP payouts. The toggle to make the characters move is so frustrating. My kids have had the game for 4 days now and the app has logged them out and crashed 5 times. I was sent emails telling me to reset my password when I never asked for a password reset. Chat NEEDS to be monitored. Most of these kids are young. I like that I was able to turn the chat off because Eight year old kids do NOT need to be in the same common area as teenagers (since this game goes up to age 14). We will not be continuing with this game after the free trial ends. We will try again at a later time. Maybe all the bugs will be worked out and you’ll listen to the voice of the parents because as of now, it’s not worth the $9.99 a month.
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12 months ago, i love games 🤩
I absolutely LOVE this game. But I think it needs to have just a little more fun because sometimes it can be a little boring. There should be, Different realms to go to and there should be bikes so you can ride around. There should be cars and a car instructor to teach you how to drive so when you learn how to drive you don’t feel so scared! There should be wild animals that you can learn to be friends with. Like bears (big ones not pets) there should be pandas and lions and all sorts of animals. There should be a train station or a plane station so you can go to famous places like, Paris or Italy, Scotland or China, Canada or Mexico, Australia or Germany maybe even Antarctica! That way you can travel all over the world and see the animals in there natural habitats. These ARE just suggestions. I love the game SO FAR!! Maybe add these and more people will be online everyday!! Ok BYE!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍(╹◡╹)♡
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3 years ago, monkey dancer
It wouldn’t work
This game is so terrible it’s very boring it’s just like ABC mouse set for a little kids like little little kids and it cost money why does it have to cost money it’s just a stupid learning game so annoying so I tried playing it and asked for my email and address and everything when I put in everything my parents even help me put it in it still doesn’t work very glitchy to I wouldn’t suggest this game unless you like glitchy little kid games that you have to pay for and that you are going to regret getting this game well not getting the game but paying for it because then when you get older you realize that you spent all of the money that either you are spending or that your parents are spending and it was just a waste of money 💴 so I definitely wanna play this game but you can do it if you want just watch out Bye 😽📱
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3 years ago, just a questionible user
A suggestion
Hi I’ve been playing this game for about 2 years now and what I’m thinking you could put in the academy is once you unlock level 15 you can go to a second floor in adventure academy and jude’s mom (Rashelda) could run a music class in the academy so you would have to go to Mr. Howel and he would give you keys to a music class that has been there ever since the academy opened and he leaves it up to you to clean out the music class after your done cleaning the music class you would go to Jude and talk about his mom running the music class he agrees and he unavailable for 1 day the next day you go back to him and his mom has agreed and then the quest is done you can go play instruments learn about instruments and all types of music related resources I really hope the adventure academy team sees this it old be so cool to see my idea in the game!
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4 years ago, young kid ava
A like the game, but the chat checker is a problem.
I like the game! But the chat checker thing is a BIG problem. I basically can’t type anything! I spelled system wrong and it said that it was wrong! And half the time, when I’m sending something long, I dont know what I did that isn’t aloud! I know that it helps keep things safe, but why would kids even be just handing out their passwords?! Or anything like that. I can’t type numbers, and why would you even not allow numbers? Like, maybe not allow street names so that kids can’t share where they live, but allow them to type states. That would be useful. And it’s not like people would go scouting out for this one kid who plays a game. PLEASE remove some of the restrictions on the chat so that I know what I typed wrong, and so that I can type things without having to mis spell something, hopping that everyone will understand! PLEASE do something about this, and I would greatly appreciate it.😤
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2 years ago, SeaTurtle298
Love! But huge problem
This is the best learning game there is! But, there is a problem with chat. The moderator keeps everyone appropriate and I like that, but, I was playing hide and seek with my friends and was counting in chat, I tried to say 1 and it didn’t let me. I tried again but still wouldn’t let me. I logged of thinking nothing of it, but, when I got on again it said I was muted for breaking chat rules! Moderation in good, but not this extreme! Anyway, apart from that I have some suggestions, first, we should be able to go in the ocean and learn more about undersea animals, it would be so cool to swim with the marine animals! Also, the roped of area in the Science Wing should be explorable. And, I would like more area’s to unlock! Like, a playground or something! And, more secret places! Like how there is the YES HQ, it would be cool if there was more! Thank you
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3 years ago, buttercup sushi
I love this game but.......
Adventure Academy is sooooooo much fun whenever I have any free time I play this game I love how educational it is you learn so much. I love how I found I lot of math games on my grade level. It is also so fun when you get to design your house it is like you are actually decorating a house that you will live in. All the pets and clothes are so cute to. But..... whenever I get on adventure academy from my iPad it loads but then takes me out of adventure academy. I never actually get to play the game and it is so annoying. I have deleted the game at least 5 times to see if it will work but it doesn’t I have also powered off my iPad but it still hasn’t worked. It is so weird because my friend as the app and she as an iPad and it worked fine for her. I hope my feedback was helpful and I really hope you guys get this because maybe you will fix the bug on my iPad.
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4 years ago, flutterleyla
So this is a really good game but one problem with it is that er um well i was playing and thought hm sense they have a pool in the market place i wanted everyone to go to that pool and fill the whole pool. So then i was trying to invite people and the someone named Everything girl thats level is over eight and maybe fifteen said no and i said ok what ever then kept trying to invite other people but then she kept saying NONONO ans i knew i was just calmy trying to invite people then she like thats it im reporting u and i was like why! Then she said cause u were preventing me from playing and then she reported me and people in chat were hey what did she do! And got angry at her but even when everythinggirl left it went on and on i would really like a developer reasponse so pls and can u ban her her name is everythinggirl and about level fifteen thank u for reading pls ban her ( im also inoccent i did nothing to her)
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3 years ago, Kitty- T
Love it! I have a few suggestions though.
Hello again! Like I said in a LOT of other reviews, I LOVE this game. I have more suggestions though. #1: I’d REALLY like it if you could have a kiosk button so we can have a portable kiosk and can use it ANYWHERE throughout the game, because it’s kind of annoying having to go to a kiosk and back to the quest giver and it would just be REALLY helpful. #2: It would be really cool if we could go to any house store to upgrade your house. I’m level 19 in the game and I have a lot of cool stuff for my house but there’s no room at all and I don’t want to sell them (They’re too valuable) so the house upgrade would be really helpful. #3: I’d like it if when you get a certain level in the game (maybe level 20 😂), you could get to customize the clothes that you currently have ‘cause that would be CRAZY cool. #4: I wish that the stores in the marketplace were walk like Shady Dave’s and you could put stuff available to buy around the store and if people see something they like, they could click on it, see the price with buttons that say “Buy” and “Cancel” or something like that and if they click “Buy”, they get it but if they click “Cancel”, it sends them back into the store. Well, that’s all for now! Keep up the good work! Bye!
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4 years ago, EvieIDONTCARE
This game is flawless
Dear Adventure Academy creators, I truly love this game. It has taught me so many things. All of its videos are useful and- I can tell; took a lot of thought in making it. Whenever I have a test, MCAS, or I just want to learn more, I always go to Adventure Academy to learn a few things. I have been playing for one year now and I still love it. Ah, and I have watched all of the Science Fair and history videos. I would like there to me more if that is possible. This app always had my back. I sometimes even teach my Dad a few things. Thank you for making this useful and amazing app. Have a good day! :) Alright I’m writing this a few weeks after I wrote this review and there has honestly been too many glitches. I can’t even log in without the app saying “A glitch occurred, do you want to submit a report?” I’ve submitted many. Please fix this glitch.
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12 months ago, 1lilmama
Great Learning Game
My son loves Adventure Academy. The quests are really fun, and it’s something that we can sit down and play together. The one thing he didn’t like, and it frustrates him are the Intellipets in Astraland. When traveling through the land, he’s constantly encountering them and having to do a knowledge battle and it makes it harder for him to complete the quests. There should be an option to accept or decline them, or kids should have the option to select one if they want to train them. A couple of times it kept forcing him to do a knowledge battle back to back. After the 3rd time, I had to force close the game just to get it to stop. He no longer wants to play in Astraland, but unfortunately it’s required to train to Intellipets to complete the daily mission. Please think about making that change.
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3 years ago, catbearsomething
So first of all, this is an awesome game and I would definitely recommend it, but the reason I am writing this review is to suggest some things, and to explain a few things that need fixing. 1. PROBLEM There is a shortage of a few things that you collect, including drift wood. Drift wood used to be very popular and you could easily find some but not anymore. There are so many players and it is REALLY hard to get, and there is only One place in the ENTIRE game where you can get it so could you PLEASE make more drift wood? Thanks. There is also a shortage of salt water fish. And the reason these things are a problem is because a lot of quests need those things so please make more of those things. So yeah. That is the only thing that I wanted to tell you. So please fix this in the next update.
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