Adventures in Odyssey Club

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Focus on the Family
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Adventures in Odyssey Club

4.06 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
1 year ago, B-dawg(tomcat)
I luv, but technical issues
I have had aio since 2019. I love the adventures, I love everything about their mission. But I’ve had so many technical issues with the app since the new update came out. When I first updated it, I downloaded a bunch of episodes bc I was going on a trip. Well.. next thing I know the downloads aren’t showing up and I kept redownloading everything and that kept happening. Finally, ig the problem solved itself. Today, I went into the app and it was working fine. But after listening to 1 episode I went to my next episode and it was playing fine. But then I paused it and left for 2 min and came back and i try to play it but it says error. Then I thought I just had to get out of the app to and restart it. So I do that and on the screen it says error. I keep doing that and I even shut my iPad all the way off and it doesn’t work and I can’t get into my profile. Then it just keeps saying on the screen: signing in..... I’m rlly mad and I just want it to work. I do love the new layout of the app though. I like how they have playlists and how they have the series and story arcs. But I rlly hope this problem is fixed bc I love this app. ❤️😭🥺
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1 year ago, susan lily
The best thing in the whole entire world!
Okay so the first time we listened to Adventures in Odyssey I was probably about four and me and my family went to a bookstore and we discovered the Adventures in Odyssey cds! We listened to them in the car and we just loved it! So my mom found the Adventures in Odyssey club and we all started listening to it. Well a few years ago my mom got me and my brothers the app and my dad also downloaded it on his phone and I started listening to it more. And I just looooooove it!!!!!! It’s the best it’s helped me with stuff as it doesn’t have any bad words and it completely Cristian!!! There’s also podcasts and animated videos you can watch! There’s also bonus things you can look at! And the characters are so great my favorite character is Wooton Basset I mean like when things are sometimes sad and depressing here comes Wooton with his snort and comedy like in Novacom. There are mysteries and Thanksgiving episode and soooooo much more!!! I have listened to every single Adventures In Odyssey episode ever and there just great! There’s only one problem some of the new adventures are sometimes a little boring but most of them are fun! Keep up the good work Odyssey I hope you’ll keep on producing them forever!!!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 from Charity R.Wilson
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5 months ago, Joy joy b day
Love AIO but have one small suggestion for app
I love adventures in odyssey and this app has been awesome to have, but I have one thing that would be nice to get changed. I don’t like how the auto-play feature starts to play more than what I have in my queue. I’ll put a playlist in my queue and if I have it on auto-play, after the last episode in the playlist is done, it will just start adding random episodes. However, if I turn off auto-play, it won’t play everything in my queue. It will only play one episode at a time and then stop. I have to manually play each episode. Could there be a way to set up the player where everything that’s in your queue plays automatically without having to turn on auto-play? That way people who simply want one episode to play can just add one episode to the queue and their problems are solved. But then someone like me who wants maybe three episodes of my choice to continue playing after one another can also have that option without the queue adding random episodes and playing them for me. I hope that all makes sense. Thank you!
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3 years ago, AIO lover (Olivia Parker)
It’s a lot of fun to listen too AIO episodes almost any were. If your new to Adventures In Odyssey it completely clean and there are a few episodes were they want you to have your parents listen if your under 10 years old. There is ever single episode on the albums in store and some that aren’t out yet. Plus some really fun adventures which are bonus episodes. If your new and don’t no were to start I started around album 49 if I remember right. You do have to pay for it the price depends on how long you paid for but it is so worth it. The episodes show kids what to do in a lot of different situations for a Christian perspectives I know personally it’s help me with sum situations and it helps me to read the Bible more. The only thing is sometimes when you go out of the app the episodes will reset and then you have to go back and redo everything. So other then that the app is amazing.
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2 years ago, ash schocke
The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adventures in odyssey brought me to Jesus! I know that Jesus died for me and he loves me! And I know to make the Wright decisions. I love adventures in odyssey more the anything! I listen to it at night, wile I do my chore, wile I eat lunch and when I have free time! Thank you soooooooooo much for making adventures in odyssey!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t say I much I love it! I love all the mysteries! Honestly I do not know how some people do not like it. It is better then any game or show or movie! It is so amazing and powerful I can not explain it! It did the very best thing in the world to me telling me more about Jesus and becoming a Christian! That is the best thing that someone could do. I am the biggest fan! I have listened to every single episode at least 10 times not kidding. I am always so exited when a new episode comes out! I think everyone should hear it! It could bring more people to Jesus! Thank you so much for making these amazing episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much! I can’t explain it!
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1 year ago, Rex65m
Used to be a good app…
This is my favorite audio series, and I really do love it. Adventures in Odyssey has been a big part of my life in many ways. Loved it when the club came out with an app and I enjoyed the app for years. I’ve been a faithful subscriber for those years. $9.99 a month seems like a steal for so much amazing content… at least until the last big update. I still love AIO but ever since the last app update I haven’t been able to play a single episode. I can open the app and even look at the comics but it won’t play episodes. It isn’t my phone either. In all the same places that I used to be able to listen and download I’m unable to now because of the app. I don’t know what happened with what appears to have been a well thought out and hard-worked-for update, but something got bungled somewhere. I said it before and I say it again, I love AIO, but if I’m not going to be able to listen there’s no need in paying the $$$ to get to hear nothing. Hope this gets fixed quickly. It’s a real waste for such a good thing to have gotten so spectacularly goofed up.
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1 year ago, Nick Gay
I am a younger listener to adventures in odyssey, turning 15 in fact. My family loved the adventures in odyssey app. Loved. Past tense. Ever since the update I keep having to sign in, and turn of the button for play only over wifi or whatever. The old app was just so much better! This app would just be the best if it has the queue and other things that were removed with the update. You might be Thinking, oh, well you can just make a playlist and everything will be ok! NEWS FLASH!! The playlists only let me put in two episodes and rarely even let me into it. It says no content found. I love odyssey. I loved the app. But I’m seriously considered cancelling my membership if I’m not paying for fantastic, Christian based entertainment, but an endlessly annoying sign in screen that doesn’t even bring up the keyboard when I REPEATEDLY tap the sections for emails, passwords and what not. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, Mommy-o-3
So, I’ve been looking at all of the reviews and all the problems I saw people had have been fixed! This is really great to me because I’ve had apps that I paid money for, where I guess the developers just create an app and then don’t put out updates or even read their reviews??? I think that it is really great that the developers of this app actually care about their reviews and the people that spent there money on this app. I have listened the AIO for pretty much my whole life. They are the best stories out there!! I also really like they’re suspenseful ones, some of them are really long and we listen to them when we have sleepovers and when we’re on our way to vacation somewhere or anything like that and just out of the blue. I would REALLY love for AIO to come out with a new mysterious type story soon!! Keep up the good work!!! ☺️
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1 year ago, Sis Amanda
New App hard to use
My family LOVES adventures in odyssey! We’ve been faithful listeners for over 12 years and members of the club since the beginning. However this new update to the app has me frustrated. I’ve tried everything to get my son logged in on his device with no success. The devices I have been able to get logged in on are aggravating to navigate through. I do like some of the new features like playlist, profiles, and parental controls but I miss being able to just tap the app icon and go straight to listening. This new app kicks us out and it takes three different web pages for it load back. It’s frustrating to use off Wi-Fi at times as well. I really really don’t like that it seems more like a webpage than an app. Please bring back the simplicity of the old version! Also I don’t understand why with all the new stuff they didn’t make it apple play friendly. Even if it allowed downloaded episodes on apple play it would be nice.
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6 months ago, zorrospy
A lot of problems
Love the show and love the idea of the app but even since this version came out I have had nothing but trouble with the app. It would also crash and then have error message all the time i could not listen to one after another without having to close and open again but I could listen. Them it started about a month ago doing this thing where it says I have no Internet every time I open the app. I’ve deleted it from my phone reinstalled it and it continues to do the same thing saying I have no Internet all i get is error message say your offline.( and I am not I have ever gone into settings and made sure the app was online) I can’t use it at all and it erased everything I had downloaded so I can’t listen to anything. It just doesn’t work at all for me anymore! Very disappointing.
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1 year ago, 4thyrcollegestudent
So Nice, and A Couple Bugs 🐞
Hello. I really love the new app. I am actually an older listener, and I have listened and re-listened to just about all of the adventures. It gives me something to listen to while I get work done, and I have not found another show like this one-no matter how hard or how many times I’ve tried. I appreciate the more positive and pure outlooks, especially in such a negative, twisted world. ——— Also, just wanted to say I absolutely love the playlists, favorites and recently played sections on the updated app! —————— There are two things that, If they were tweaked, would make things a little smoother. One is, the app signs me out after every use, so I have to sign back in every time I open it. Also, the “only stream over wifi” button will not stay off. It keeps reseting and turning itself back on…
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1 year ago, braydenlovesjesus
So yeah I have been listening to adventures in odyssey all my life and I am 18 and I still listen, the thing is last year I had AIO club and it was great I open the app and I could resume the episode I was listening to before even after not opening the app in a week, the episode would still be able to play where it last left off, another thing was the downloading was so simple, I could look at album and download all the episodes in seconds . BUT Now I have to click on an album to individually in each one and press download and also it takes like 4 seconds for it to load in, it’s annoying and now I am listening and I stop it and I got back in the app and it gets rid of where I was - brayden, a dear love for the show, but maybe use the old version
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6 months ago, Waterisgood1
The update is okay
I am a younger listener (16) and I have been listening to AIO since I was little (still have the old CDs). I have always loved the imagination it allows as well as the high quality production and talent. I stopped listening to it for about 2 years so the app changes were kind of strange but easy to learn and use; although it does have problems playing sometimes but I just put it on auto play so it doesn’t usually give me the error message (unless I choose a different story it does). If that does happen it’s really not that bad all you have to do is clear and re-enter the app. That’s the only problem I’ve had so far, besides that I still love listening and it was so nostalgic to listen to childhood stories.
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1 year ago, The Alfonzo
I Agree, Bring Back The Queue!!
I give the show 5 stars and the app 1 star, leaving my overall review at 2.5 stars at this point. The new update while robust, is painfully broken. The queue was one of the best aspects of the original app. I could queue up 2-3 episodes of the show for my kids to listen to while falling asleep. Now that the queue is gone and the create playlist feature is still broken, we are forced to continue to go and keep selecting new episodes after one has finished. The original version of the app, though very simple, was extremely elegant in its design. It was intuitive and easy to use, something that is important for young listeners. The new version is chock-full of great possibilities. But when the basics are broken, the extras seem much less enjoyable. Once the issues with the app are fixed, I’m beyond stoked to move my review up to 5 stars!!
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12 months ago, TexRed88
To many issues with new update
Since the update the app is horrible. I open it to listen to an episode and it will not load anything. I have to close the app and reopen in order for it to load, sometimes I have to do this a couple of times. It won’t play some episodes, it gives an “error” message and says it “can not load”. With the old app I can select episodes I want to play by adding them to the queue. With this update I am unable to do so. I have to play the whole album. My kids and I listen to them as we lay down for bed. Sometimes one episode will put us to bed, so previously I’d select one or maybe two episodes so we fall asleep and then are not waken up later on to more episodes. Well now the whole album plays therefore it goes on well into the night, waking us up. I do not like the new app update, I wish you all would go back to original format it worked great and did not need to be changed. Very frustrated user.
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3 years ago, betha55
Poor accessibility
The content of this app is wonderful! The app overall functions better for people that do not have to use accessibility features. When the new “improved” app first released, my daughter, who is blind, patiently waited for them to correct obvious errors when voiceover is used. Voiceover is the speaking and navigating setting blind people use on an IPhone or IPad. A few things were labeled and corrected that at least made the app functional for her. Now, another feature has been added that makes the app unusable. A queue has been added to the play screen that pops up if she wants to play more than 1 episode. Play or add to queue must be selected. This pop up is completely unreadable and inaccessible to voiceover. Voiceover doesn’t even know it’s on the screen and nothing can be navigated to while its there. Now she is dependent on me to assist her. Please, please, address this issue soon and make this app useable for EVERYONE.
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1 year ago, Onceuponadecember
Love AIO. Dislike the new app.
Long time AIO fan here! I have so enjoyed the club over the years as it’s let me get the occasional childhood throwback and share some of my favorite content with my family. However, the new app is buggy. To start with, I’m often greeted with errors saying that an episode doesn’t exist on the server. That’s been a big problem with the latest album, 28 hours, over the past few days. The app is also designed to be more of a mobile version of the website than a mobile optimized experience. Chronological ordering of episodes is cool for those who want to start from the beginning but a pain to scroll through otherwise. They also got rid of the queue in favor of playlists and those two things just don’t work the same way. I’ve resolved myself to using my phone’s timer with “stop playing” as the notification. The last big thing I’ve been struggling with is that the new app causes my phone to overheat regularly. I’ve tried it on a couple of devices and it appears to be a persistent problem. I used to recommend the AIO club to all my friends with kids but now I don’t feel that the club is living up to the standard of excellence that I’ve come to expect. I hope significant improvements will be made soon!
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3 years ago, SESwafford
Poor App Setup, but Great Content
Great content, obviously 💙 I’ve listened to AIO my whole life, and was really excited to try out the club and the app! Very disappointed in the setup though. It doesn’t save my place, in an episode or even the album! Sometimes even if the app is still up, and I simply leave it paused too long, it kicks me out. Navigating back to the album and episode each time I answer a phone call, etc. is annoying to say the least, let alone scrolling through the episode to find where I was. A fix to this and a saved playlist option would make it usable. Right now, I couldn’t justify paying per month to use it, it’s not user friendly enough, and I can’t just let it play throughout the day, it just spazzes out. That being said, I still love AIO and FOTF. Always. Just come into 2020 with your app, please ☺️
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2 years ago, Samantha Cartagena
Very great app, but has a few bugs
Overall adventures in odyssey is a great app for Christian families (like mine),but there are a few bugs in the app itself I want to point out. 1) Sometimes I like to go on other apps while listening to AIO but whenever you try to go back into the app after going into other apps for around an hour and a half it deletes all of the episodes in the queue and that is really frustrating. 2) I like to go on the Bonus pages and I think it would be really cool if you are able to: 1) Post links! That would be cool! 2) Whenever I comment on the Bonus pages, the messages take a really long time to send. Once, it took mine 2 hours to send a message. If they sent it out immediately that would be great! Overall adventures in odyssey is a great app which I love a lot because it is an app that is so fun with all the radio dramas and I know they put a lot of work into the episodes so I just wanted to acknowledge all the work that I’ve done. If you are reading this and want to know if you should get the app or not, I think you should get the app even if you’re not a Christian. This is an amazing app! 💯
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4 years ago, Itsme_9889
Update was GREAT....UNTIL....
So I’ve never written a review before but for the longest time OAC needed to update their interface and finally that was done. After the update everything was first......we wanted to be able to listen to downloaded episodes OFFLINE and they made that possible.....we wanted a newer interface and they gave us that but my only complaint is that you HAVE to have the app open to listen to something. That’s not the way it used to be. We used to open up oac and have it playing all day in my house and now we barely use it and we are considering dropping the subscription unless this changes......too me it was a big down grade when the took away the ability to play it in the background. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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1 year ago, elaine1286
Exceptional update
The new club is amazing, and I love listening to all the episodes! Awesome app, love how it has every episode ever in this app! Also the sound effects and quality in episodes is exceptionally good!!I would totally recommend this app to everyone!! I grew up listening to adventures in odyssey, and I still love it today! Also, if you do have technical problems with the new update, when calling in, the team is super nice and awesome to work with! I looooovvee odyssey, because it not only has episodes about modern day issues, it also has a Christian theme at the end of each episode that pulls it together!! Thanks to all who make this awesome app available, and to the odyssey team!!
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3 years ago, Sanware
Perfect for all kids. Sends a great message with lots of life lessons and issues that help kids learn the best ways to deal with things. My son, who has listened to all the episodes repeatedly, once said, “I wish I could erase all the episodes from my mind and start over.” Lol We love stories and these are great! Only problem is lately the app has to restart if you get out of it. Used to not be this way, but if you’re listening and have to leave for a while then when you come back you have to restart and try to find your place. And you’ve lost all your que list as well. That’s something that hopefully they will address soon. They’re great about working any kinks out!
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4 years ago, 1234AIO
I have never written a review but....
I love Odyssey and the update but I have a few of the same problems as said in other reviews. (Note I am not here to whine I love odyssey but these things take away from the app) I go in the app and now I have to go into the website now I have been listening on the computer which is sad because I really wanted to listen offline off the website this weekend. I also don’t like that I can’t go into others apps or let my phone go to sleep while I’m listening, You used to before the update. I have complained to much. But thank you for considering and updating Odyssey.
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3 years ago, Rjva
App Needs Improvements
I love AIO! I downloaded the app to play AIO on a long drive. Its been over a month since then and I can’t stop listening and catching up on all of the episodes that I’ve missed as an adult. That said, it desperately needs additional features. *Needs option to bookmark. App tends to auto reset when not listening and have to scroll back to find the episode I was on. *Needs a favorite option, for episode or album that I would like to listen again. *Needs a history or to mark episode or album as listened to *Autoplay next episode (does this when select Play Album, but if I want to start an album in the middle, have to play each one) *One touch play, currently play asks you if you want to play or download. Why not make these separate one touch buttons? *One touch download album. Rather than selecting each episode for download if I want to listen while driving it’s easier to be able to download the entire album (like music apps do) *Separate the published albums from the albums that were made for the club/app. Overall, these issues do not stop me from using the app. But would go a long way in making it more pleasant and useful in keeping the app.
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4 years ago, Shelby Drawdy
Excellent app for an excellent program
I have been an adventures in odyssey fan for many years now, and I have used this app for years. The programs are excellent, family friendly, and teach great value. However, for the past several years the app has been lacking. It was glitchy and occasionally would crash. Yet with the new update, the app is amazing. The display is very intuitive and easy to use. Overall, this is a great app with even better audio. P.S. An auto play the next episode feature would be really nice, as would be a way to choose a random episode, as there are so many episodes it is often hard to chose which one to play.
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3 months ago, trudy35123
I pay for yearly subscription but this is the worst app I’ve EVER encountered. The content is great. The app is garbage. My children have spent nearly an hour twice just this week already downloading episodes to an iPhone I don’t use by tethering it to my current phone and after ALL that work, the episodes vanish and it says no downloads. This has happened so many times in the last two or so months. Works fine on my phone but it’s a completely useless app if your kids have to do downloads to listen offline which is the whole reason I have this membership. My kids like to listen to it before bed. It’s been nothing but one problem after another since the new app and I’ve been on the phone with focus on the family support more than once, sometimes up to almost an hour! WHY HAVE AN OFFLINE MODE IF IT NEVER WORKS!!!!!!!!😠
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1 year ago, agent lauren tanner
Odyssey(Fav Character Connie)
I LOVE this app!!! It lets me listen to my favorite odyssey episodes and I get to listen to a new episode every month. And occasionally we get new albums with great adventures and moral lessons. We also get to listen to episodes that people without the app don’t get to. We also get the podcasts!!! With memories and a podcast that remembers actors or workers who retired or have died(In Memory of Will Ryan😭). We also get to interact with so many people who we have stuff in common with and stuff we don’t but it is so fun!!! The only thing I could say to fix is to have more episodes we can download!!! But I love it!!! Thank you odyssey team so much🙂🙂🙂
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4 years ago, pkraerae
So happy now!!!
I always loved this app except for the fact that you had to change after each episode. My 4 yr old son came in at night like 5 times to hear the next episode. The app only allowed one episode at a time and when it was over you had to change it manually. I’ve always thought they should make it to play the whole album or pick a playlist that can continually play the episodes you’ve picked. The newest update now does that!!! I’m so excited no coming in every 20 minutes to change it for him. I’ve never wrote an app review before but this was a huge update I’ve been waiting forever for I’m very excited. Good job OAC!
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3 years ago, MommyWithLittles
Episodes are 5⭐️ App is 5⭐️
Update- Excellent app and content!!! Update 2020- excellent quality app that is as good as the content. Well done!!!! We love the show at my house! But this app has a lot to be desired. I read in the bonus materials that continuous streaming is available but I can’t figure it out. I really want to be able to listen to this while I am driving but can’t start the next episode. It keeps updating. Can’t get into the app off-line. When I opened the app it asked if I wanted to download all episodes and I thought I clicked yes but otherwise you download one episode at a time and are not able to download the album which would be easiest before a road trip. Hard to find the album I am listening to. Please fix it so we can continuously’s stream at least an album. Add a button for recently listened to? Move more recently listened ones to the top of the list? It would be nice if albums could be rearranged but I don’t know how possible that is. Add functionality so we can click on an album and download it at the same time.
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4 months ago, Aaron Hunting-Spokane
My favorite thing in the whole world
I’m thirteen I started listening to adventures in odyssey from before I could walk and I love it so much nothing tops it and it’s so special I’ve learned so much from it and my favorite album is nova com because I really like scary and mysterious kind of stuff and I love the lessons of it and learning more about god. When I was little I got scared of that one story with that girl who was scared of mice so she had a nightmare of a huge one (I last heard it when I was like six so I don’t remember which one of the girls it was) but anyway I love adventure in odyssey and I love to support the club😊
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1 year ago, rjst89
Does not work. I have repeatedly deleted the app and re-downloaded it trying to get it to work, but it doesn’t help. It will only play one story at a time, and then an error will pop up saying server cannot be found. This happens when I use wifi or cellular data. It still will not work. Even with downloaded episodes, it still will not play. They took away the ‘add to queue’ option where you can select the next story you would like to listen to. Now you have to close out, shut the app, re-open to play the next story. As someone who has been listening to AIO since it began, this is a huge disappointment. Everyone that I know that has downloaded the update has said they have had problems, and the older version was way better. The playlists don’t even show up. It says ‘no content found’- but when I try to add a story to the playlist, it says it is already added. At over a 100 dollars a year, multiplied by many people, there’s enough money to have an app that works. For the first time, i’m deleting my account. Why spend the money during the time of inflation for something that will not work or even be attempted to fix.
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1 year ago, Mrsmmm
Love AIO, this new app though..
I love being able to listen to AIO, the show and focus on the family are amazing. But this recent app update really hurts the experience. The app update no longer recognizes my email and I’ll most likely have to cancel then sign up again to rectify that. The previous app was fine and allowed me to create a queue of episodes, this app says you can create a playlist but you cannot. There’s many bugs this app has, I really hope the developers listen to the app users and make improvements. If so I’ll gladly change this review. The show deserves 5 star rating, but sadly I’d give the app its self 1 or 2 stars for now, so i went with a 3 star rating bc odyssey deserves better.
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3 years ago, AubVanh
These episodes are 100% family friendly; though there are episodes with sensitive content that they don’t want children under the age of 10 to listen to alone. But the “sensitive” content is not anything inappropriate. Example: importance to unborn lives/not aborting unborn lives. I literally listen to Odyssey ALL THE TIME. It’s my comfort audio. The lessons are great, morals are wonderful, and the writers are excellent. The voice actors are great at what they do. I love listening to them. The whole thing costs $9.99 a month... but they use that money to fund projects they do for Odyssey, See Life (Helping young mommies choose life for their babies.) Definitely worth every penny. I know lots of people say that all the time, but with Focus on the Family, it’s ALL true. A few bugs and glitches but nothing major. Worth the hassle with the loading error, haha. Thank you Focus, for being a helpful group and not bringing more trash to the community. God bless everyone who reads this, and everyone who does not. ☺️
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3 years ago, xXAction_JaxonXx
Hello AIO, I’m am the biggest AIO fan ever I’ve been listening for almost 10 years and the AIO membership has been a blessing and I’ve been subscribed since it came out so when I get on the app to play odyssey and it dosent let me, you can’t imagine the pain and sorrow of not listening to odyssey I have, I need odyssey. When ever I go to play a episode it says loading error so I deleted the app and downloaded it again then it won’t let me sign in and it says handshake error with client please fix this I NEED ODYSSEY. Please fix this my family my friends are in sorrow and agony we’ve put on sack cloth and are rolling in mud please fix it
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8 months ago, bsugar25
App constantly crashes
As great as adventures in odyssey is, the app just doesn’t work. We can’t even get through an episode without it crashing and then I have to close out of the app completely and restart to continue listening. The app also randomly logs me out for no reason and it’s a pain trying to log back in because it can take several attempts. This is my third time reaching out to the developers and I have yet to get any kind of response. This issue has been ongoing since the launch of the new app and it seems like nothing has been done to address these pertinent problems. I have held out in hopes that these issues get resolved sooner than later but it’s not looking good.
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9 months ago, this nickname wasnt used
Worst update EVER
I have grown up listening to AIO, from listening on the radio, buying the cd albums to signing up for the first adventure club. Now I have my own family and they have also grown up listening to AIO. I loved the first app. It worked the way it was supposed to. So we were very excited about the new update and all the features reported. Gotta say, one of the biggest let downs. Nothing works as supposed to. First, I have to sign in every time I use the app. Then, the auto play doesn’t work. It might play for a few then it stops. The download doesn’t work. Often it says it can’t connect to the server, even when I’m connected to home Wi-Fi. This all the same even when we use our home computers. It just seems like the developers pushed out a project without duly testing it, creating a very frustrating experience for the end user. We’re paying a premium so we can have access to all the episodes and features that are supposedly there but they don’t work. The only reason I have the club now is for my kids. I don’t even like using AIO club now. It is not a pleasant experience. In short, worst update ever
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1 year ago, kccud
Less than stellar update for parents
Not driver friendly.I have to sign in each time I open the app, notifying which user is using the app at that time. I have to turn off the default Wi-Fi only option every time I use the app. These are not always things that can be done in one red light, using using my phone. There should not be a requirement that I sign in each time I open the app or have turn off the Wi-Fi only option. Go back in the old more user friendly app settings please. Also, a nice update would be to allow users to start up where they left off in the story, rather starting the story over each time.
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4 months ago, Bella ane
Love it
I love AIO!!I have been listening to Adventures in Odyssey ever since I was a little girl I temper going to bed and putting on the cds in a radio.I love the “green ring conspiracy.” Me and my mom still listen all the time. I love the stories and great content they have on the app. My friends and I always laugh and talk about what has happened in Adventures in odyssey. I recently got a new phone and when I downloaded the app it wouldn’t let my story play I would have click on the pause button then it would show media disabled every time.
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6 months ago, enjoygrve
Super disappointed
I had the app for a couple years and loved it and always enjoyed the ability to listen while on road trips. However after a recent update I was logged out of the app and now the app says at login that I must log in via internet. I allow the app to redirect to the website but it never loads. When I tried to just use my internet browser on my phone to log in the login page again never loads. I’ve called tech support multiple times and can’t get any answers. I tried deleting the app and reloading it multiple times and still no luck. I can log onto my account via computer but that defeats the purpose of the app. My AOC membership feels like a complete waste at this point and it’s over $100….
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9 months ago, cemcinty
Love the content. Not the app.
Content is always great! Wonderful memories of listening as a child. The app needs work. It regularly shows errors, and I have to close and reopen. It randomly skips episodes when I’m trying to listen in chronological order.(ex will jump from ep 401 to 415 for apparently no reason) Biggest issue: Battery drain and overheating on iPhone. I could forgive all other issues, but this is a big issue! My phone battery stats show this app using well over 30% of all battery consumption on my phone. It will take my phone from 100% to 70% after 30 minutes and make the phone extremely hot as well. Love the content, but major app optimization is needed!
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9 months ago, Sassylovebug
Five ⭐️ for content, one ⭐️ for upgrade
I really enjoy Adventures in Odyssey I've been listening to the program since it was on cassettes. I have found the new upgrade very hard to enjoy. I can listen to other podcasts all day long with no issue and yet one episode of AIO makes my phone very warm/hot to the touch. Which tells me it's something on your end rather than mine since I can listen to other podcasts for hours without any issue of my phone getting warm/hot. Also I can't go back 15 seconds if I miss something to re-hear it. And if I have to get out for some reason, I go back to listen to the same episode, it won't let me. I am very disappointed with the upgrade.
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4 years ago, RonM7
Adventures in Odyssey: Faith in Practice
Focus on the Family continues to improve on usability, functionality, and, most importantly, bring families together tothe table, livingrooms, and mobile platforms with bible-based,, content-rich stories demonstrating, in concreet fation, how to tackle day-to-day problems with biblical principals. The adventures, library of album collections, videos and devotional content are engaging for believers of all ages, and for children and youth, develop their faith, critical thinking, problem-solving, and litterary skills. My family and I will be using this for years and road-trips to come, and recommend this to anyone.
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11 months ago, Zoe (in the game.)
I love adventures in odyssey and sometimes I feel like I’m a little to old for it but nobody is to old for it but even though the app has completely changed I still have some things that I would like them to consider adding like being able to download a whole album, adding a whole album to a playlist and being able to put feedback just writing it in like comments and not having to give them your information but otherwise it is a really good app.
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3 years ago, CrimsonFire Stables
I really would rather give it 3 and 1/2 stars but that’s unfortunately not an option. The new update is not working very well and it keeps crashing the app a lot and on the old update you could exit the app and it could still play while you looked at something else. Note if I even open any app (in this case I was trying the weather app) it stopped and when I went to play it again it had started over and sent me back to the home page. Idrc about the queue to much bc I still have to pick which ones I’d like to listen to. But I love all the episode. They’re the best part
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1 year ago, I'm 10. dont hurt me
Wonderful… butttt
Ok. So where do I start. This app is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I love it so much! However the newly updated version, personally there are thing that I find easy in it, and things I don’t. Mainly the fact that either you can’t, or I don’t know how to queue up episodes for like a playlist. And it says you can make playlists but I don’t know how to put more episodes on it. But all in all great app. Keeps me entertained and close to God! Just putting that out there. Me and my sister would love if that could change! 😁💙
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3 years ago, AIO lover (Suzu Rydell)
Totally Recommend!
I love being able to listen to all of the adventures in odyssey episodes ever aired. (Except the limited time dramas) The download option allows family road trips to be less boring, I can also listen to downloads while I walk ever day. For every single AIO fan, TOTALLY RECOMMEND! Worth every bit of money paid, and the fee is small for all you have access to: All the episodes, the Club Magazine, and the exclusive episodes only available to the club. Again and again WORTH IT!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Fiddle Leaf Fig
Love AIO!!
Love all of the great content!! So many amazing stories with a great moral lesson. Focus on the Family podcast is a family favorite in our household and I love that they have content for kids as well. Thank you, FOF, for staying true to the Bible and not caving to the social pressures of our day! The only suggestion I have is that the technology could be improved a bit. As far as I have experienced, you cannot pause a story and pick up where you left off after exiting the app. If the app gets closed and you go back into the same story, it starts back at the beginning.
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1 year ago, sphereskr
Looks a lot better than the old app
The overhaul looks a lot nicer than the old app. However, The new app is riddled with problems. Downloading episodes doesn’t appear to actually be downloading them, because the app is still using data to stream each episode. Thankfully unlimited data is fairly ubiquitous now. Although this morning when I went to play any of the episodes I had in my downloads I got an error -1100 (The requested URL was not found). I was able to play an episode that was not downloaded. There’s no clear way to add episodes to your play queue. There have been multiple times where even when connected to Wi-Fi, and able to use the Internet on other apps, the app said no Internet. I want to love this app, I really do. And I thank God that you guys are working to bring Odyssey to us. Unfortunately the app is justI want to love this app, I really do. And I think God that you guys are working to bring odyssey to us. Unfortunately the app is just not quite there yet.
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3 years ago, joyinlearning
Best thing that has happened to me!!
I have been listening to AIO for as long as I can remember! And this app takes it to a whole New level! You can listen to hundreds of episodes, and ones that have not come out to the rest if the world! And the creators upload a new adventure every month! And you have the ability to use the chat safely with a person who reads them before they show up to the rest of the world and filters them, and discuss the new episodes with other AIO lovers!
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1 year ago, lighthousebooks
Great Content, terrible new app
I’ve loved Adventures in Odyssey ever since I’ve been a kid. We’ve been club subscribers for a while new. The original app was a little buggy but the interface was great. The developers decided to completely redesign the experience, offering curated content specific to each user profile. The end result is a jumbled mess. Finding specific episodes is frustrating - impossible for my younger kids. Also, the bugs have tripled at least, making it nearly unusable at times. I realize new releases need bugs worked out. However I hope the developers dial back the updated interface and offer an experience more like the previous version. This one stinks.
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