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Aeries Software, Inc
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3 years ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Aeries Mobile Portal

1.53 out of 5
16.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Carlos A. Zamora
Alright this app is ok if u wanna look at ur grades and only look at ur grades and what I mean by that is with the old app “grades” you could do more with ur grades you could interact with them putting in grades that may help you and see what u could do for a better grade without asking ur teacher to keep plugging in grades as soon as u hand them the paper top of this u could plug in a test to see how high or how low u did and to see what that’s gonna do to ur over all grade this is what I do to my test and hw cuz if i plugged in so and so many points that my hw is worth and put it as zero bcs I don’t wanna do it just to see what it’d do to my grade and if I see it drop I’m gonna do it bcs I wanna keep my A and yes the Aries app shows u the attendance and grades so grades isn’t the only thing it does but that’s what I’m looking at the main point of the app so over all I think this app is just for parents and not students because it only shows u grades and doesn’t allows u to plug stuff in to see what u could do to better ur grade -Carlos A. Zamora
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3 years ago, Maggie K. or MK
Good but Little bugs
This app is a very helpful app but there are little bugs. I read through the reviews and a lot say you can’t sign in but you have to pick the right district. There are little bugs like when you look at your grade/assignment it can give you like your math ones when your looking at history (if you are not Elementary) or the app will shut down so you have to re-download it. It can also make grade worse then they are. They made a C (not a C+) almost red. Good parts are like you can see comments from teachers or see what is missing. You can also get all the information like student ID and phone numbers for like emergencies. Overall there are things they can fix but you get good Service through the app and it is very helpful for parents and kids I mean you even see your old report card so I say don’t read a lot of the bad/critical reviews because some in my opinion are kids who don’t want parents to get the app and just signing in problems which the could have been bad Service or they chose the wrong district which is not the app’s fault so it is a good app and I think it is good to get just be ready for little glitches through the app.
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4 years ago, 🛒🐋
FIX YOUR APP! Needs a massive bug fix update!
The app feels extremely unusable because of the sheer amount of bugs and issues the app has. I just want to look at grades and I can’t even do that most the time because of the amount of errors I’ve gotten for opening the app. I have to either sign out then sign back or I have to delete the app and reinstall it. This is extremely excruciating and needs fixing. An app this important to students and parents alike shouldn’t be this painfully unstable. A feature I really liked about this app was the ability to edit grades to see what you can do to improve them. I used to use this feature all the time, as it’s the only redeeming feature of the app. However that was on my iPhone 5, now I have an iPhone X and the feature is completely unusable because of the button placement. The button is underneath the battery symbol, which is how you access the iPhones control center. Because of that, the edit grades button is completely untouchable so it be greatly appreciated by many if you move the button lower so we can access it. Please look into these and PLEASE P L E A S E fix your app. Thank you
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6 years ago, Fliberdijibet
I miss grades
I used to have the grades app but I had my phone stolen and when I got a new one, I noticed that the grades app was no longer on the App Store. I remember getting a notification from grades awhile ago saying something about how they’re shutting down and that there will be a similar app by aeries that we can use instead, so I got the aeries app. Unfortunately the aeries app is pretty awful in comparison to grades. It’s really complicated in comparison yet has less helpful features. If I wanted to see my attendance, grades from previous semesters, etc., I would go to the aeries website! I just want to easily see what grades I have without having to navigate through this confusing app. Also, probably one of the best things about grades is that it had the calculator feature which let you calculate your grades by creating mock assignments, dropping assignments, etc. Now I can’t do that and I can’t find any other app that will! Aeries, please listen to me, if you’re gonna get rid of grades (I’m assuming it’s your fault they shut down) at least try to offer the same features as them!!!
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Can’t edit if you have an iphone x or higher
I’ve been reading reviews and a lot of people are talking about the app grades. I used to have that app and it was very helpful. I also used Aeries last year when grades shut down. This aeries app was really great and you could edit your assignment grades and make what if assignments to see how scores will affect your grade. This year I downloaded Aeries again, but now the editing part doesn’t work. Since I have an iPhone 11, the screen is more stretched out, so the edit button is right on top of the battery icon in the top right, meaning I can’t use it. The app still shows me my grades for all my classes, but the thing I really liked about Aeries and Grades was the editing part. If I wanted to know how good I had to do on my math test to keep my A, I would have been able to check that. Not anymore.
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3 years ago, JessicaRuelas04
Can’t even log in anymore
I have had this issue for several months now in which I haven’t even been able to log in to the app because when I will try to, the only thing that pops up is an error message saying that I need to contact my school administrator but that makes no sense to me because the online version works perfectly well. I have other friends from school who haven’t had the same issue with it so I am not sure why I cannot log in. I even was able to get into it on my old iPhone 6 and see my grades perfectly but for some reason I haven’t been able to do the same with my new phone ( iPhone 8). I have had this issue for longer than 6 months now and although I can still log on online, it’s more of a hassle and I can’t see the red Fs that I have visually so they don’t matter that much to me anymore lolz ( I’m usually a straight A student but the online learning is definitely not helping). Anyways if y’all could help me fix that, that would be amazing. Thank y’all for listening to my little rant :)
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3 years ago, TheMoncheGoEhh
It’s a divine miracle when this app can open properly!
It’s a divine miracle from Jesus himself when this app opens properly the first time. If you try and open this app with Face ID, the app will crash multiple times. Same thing if you type the password. Oh, and don’t even think about attempting to open the app if you aren’t on a STRONG wifi signal. Otherwise you’d better have some time on your hands, because this app will close, close, crash, load up and then crash, and simply refuse to work if you attempt using it on data. Never before has an app so brilliantly not done one of the most simple functions an app can do.. which is actually OPENING the application! This issue has persisted since the school year began, too! Never before has checking grades been so time consuming and stressful. Hopefully this app gets removed from the App Store and school districts resort to another app, as this is a disgustingly designed, difficult to use, and for lack of a better word, stinky app.
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2 years ago, HayasakaBestGirl
Too much minor inconveniences and they hate the minorities
Overall, the app was decent at first but later on as I started using it for my normal school needs. The app just suddenly shuts down on me every so often. Sometimes when I try to log into my account. It says that “Stop, we don’t allow minorities into our program.” I was so baffled at the fact that the app was being racist towards me. A Vietnamese American that’s mostly the stereotype for smart people. So, I decided to inform one of the administrators that control all of the customers service and support, but that was no help at all. I filed my complaint on the phone and he just starts yelling racial slurs to me out of no where. He said “Shut up you chinky slanted eye looking Chinese cat eater. There’s no place for you in America and should go back to your country.” Also, he just started barking and meowing as if he was a furry. To this day I’m still very confused as to why he was barking and meowing. So I came to a conclusion. Aeries is a racist furry company.
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4 years ago, Evananderson517
Please fix bugs
Despite the reviews it’s actually an okay app. PLEASE fix the following issues: - I am now signing in with Google (per my school’s discretion I think) but the experience is so horrible. FaceID authentication will get in the way, I’ll get a bunch of pop up banners to allow sign in, loading the Google sign in page takes forever. And then, even if I’m able to overcome all that before I run out of patience, the app just doesn’t work. Period. Just gives me an error message. So I have to quit the app and redo the entire process another time or two times just to see my grades. This needs to be fixed immediately. - Adding what if/mock assignments or adjusting an assignment’s score is still beyond buggy and often spits out infinity as a result. This has been going on for years and it’s impossible to know whether the mock score I’m seeing is reliable, even if I see one.
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5 years ago, I_Eat_Cake
This app deserves a failing grade.
The previous Grades app was much more useful and helpful, as students could calculate the grades they needed on either tests or homework in order to pass a class. Additionally the application was much more navigable and pleasing to look at, color coding each individual subject to separate your classes into a more visually appealing user interface. This application color codes based on the grade you have which is not only stressful but it’s also unclean. Each class has no distinguishable feature so the entire application looks like something off of a computer form the early 2000s., making it harsh to look at. I would say the app is useful for looking at grades but it can’t even fulfill its primary function properly, as I am given an error message almost every time I open the app and am forced to log back in. Overall, the purpose of this app is to make viewing your grades on your phone easier, and it fails to accomplish this seemingly simple task.
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3 years ago, Periods suuck
Perfectly resembles the education system
I use this app for grades on my Chromebook, but for the past 2 years it has never ONCE worked on my phone. I have restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled, I got a new phone, I did everything possible but every time I press “get started” it brings me to the “choose your school” page then does a full one eighty and brings me back to the get started page. It honestly feels like that scene from the movie robots where Rodney wants to enter the gate to robot land or whatever and the gate conductor will open the door, then at the last second he’ll slam the door in his face. Not the best analogy but you get the point. I have been having this problem for two years now, and I’m really tired of just pressing this button hundreds of times. FIX THIS PLEASE. If I could give this app would get 0 stars, I would. Students and parents, don’t even bother trying to get this satan spawn app to work.
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1 year ago, Rb586
Worst functioning thing I’ve used in my life
This app doesn’t work. Most times I try to open it, it stays on the loading screen forever. What I suggest is you keep closing and opening the app and hoping it actually starts up until it magically does, and then you wake up from the dream that you just had, and have to deal with the app some more at your already depressing gang filled school. Anytime I do get in, I have to sign in again and it doesn’t stay signed in next time you open it. Most of the time, when you click anything the app just crashes, and so help me god, if it crashes again, I will crash a Ford bronco into a large telephone pole in the middle of a city where everyone can see. This is the worst app by far that I’ve used in the entirety of my life. I just need to check my grades and anytime I do so, I’ve had a brain aneurysm by the end of the ordeal. Please fix your app, thank you kindly…
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4 years ago, 05mimi
Aeries has been good for me but suddenly I am unable to log back in no more. It takes me to a thing called “Your password has expired” and its telling me to change it. For one, I don’t have a password since I have been using google and my school account for this. Secondly, I am unable to get out of that screen unless I delete the app and reinstall it where I am able to go back into my account and check my grades. After that it just repeat it self with the “Expired password”. There is also a cancel button but I can’t even use it so whats the point? Another thing is that when I even try to fix the “expired password” , it shows a text that says “Your session has expired please try again.” Please help me by telling how to fix this or fix the app because I really appreciate this app but I don’t if I cant use it. For more information about my device is that im on a iPhone 10 so that might the problem like some other reply said.
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6 years ago, DjroudA
Grades app was better 🤦🏽‍♂️
Honestly if you’re gonna kick the grades app off the store AT LEAST make something that’s actually better IF NOT the same. You’ve taken something beautiful and beat it into the pavement. You took a simple but useful tool and made a pile of garbage that has unnecessary information (why does this need to display my personal information such as where I live and my phone #??). I beg that you take a step back, look at what the beauty that was the grades app, and use that as a template to recreate this app. I don’t need to see my demographics, I don’t need to see my attendance. All I need this to do, is to provide an easy way to access my grades without having to whip out a laptop or go to aeries website every time. Fix the UI to something a lot simpler and more pleasing to my eyes, get ride of the extra steps you’ve added to adjusting and adding mock grades and preferably get rid of the unnecessary information you provide. Thank you.
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5 years ago, green space leprechaun
Can’t even sign in
This app is literally useless. It is more convenient to navigate to the webpage than try and navigate this piece of garbage. On top of the UI being garbage, the app won’t even get past the “lets get started” button, bc every time I try, it tried to open up the “select school” page but then redirects back to “let’s get started.” I was only able to use the actual app long enough to realize how garbage it was, and then it became defunct anyways!! And yes I’ve tried reinstalling and/or restarting my phone, but it’s no use. Also, why was the grades app shut down for this??? You weren’t losing money because of it, but you are, in fact, losing it with this app: you aren’t getting any royalty from it, you don’t run adds, there’s no in-app purchases to be thought of, and your spending time and man power to try and improve an app that was poorly conceived in the first place. WE WANT GRADES BACK!!! GET THAT IN YOUR MIND-SKULLS!!!!
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6 years ago, Viper 202 @ $80
My review
To all the users of this app who claim there is no mock grade feature that can calculate a changed grade like the grades app did. You are wrong. You simply go into the class you want to calculate, press the pencil icon at the top of the screen, and tap on an assignment you would like to edit or tap on the “what if assignment” feature that pops up above the assignments and enter the information you wish to calculate and it will automatically calculate the “what if” change. But I also have a request for Aeries. Is it possible to add a feature that will alert a user when a grade has been updated? Instead of constantly checking and waiting for an update it would be far more convenient for a guaranteed notification when a grade is updated.
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4 years ago, kat87224
Old “Grades” app was better
Grade predictor is unreliable. After you put in the assignment, you can’t use the slider (the value shows up as #.0, not #/#, and inputting a new value causes an error). Would be really, really nice if you could add mock assignments without naming them, but that’s not an option. And unlike the old (unofficial) Grades app, this app is very much not user friendly. Up until last week, the best thing I could say for this app was that at least it showed me my current grades. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even do that anymore. It’s logged me out to the “Let’s find your student data” page, and when I click the “Get Started” button, it just shows me the search page for a split second before it wigs out and takes me back to the start. I can’t check my grades or calculate how well I need to do on my finals (but let’s be real- it wasn’t convenient to predict my finals even before the app crashed.)
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2 years ago, centralcoastmermaid
So many issues
Besides having to delete and reinstall the app every couple weeks due to it freezing up and not allowing you to sign in, there is also an issue with being unable to see your grades, having it take forever to load just to say theres you aren’t taking any courses (which if course you are, why else would you use the app). The best feature would be the what if mode that allows you to edit your grades, but even this feature has it’s issues, from occasionally giving a false overall “what if” grade (changing a score even slightly resulting in a 2 letter grade boost), to not allowing you to add NEW “what if” assignments. If they fixed some of these issues the app would be way more usable
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6 years ago, Nick_Jan
This app is terrible, should’ve kept Grades.
So I went on the grades app and saw what the developer said about Aries made their own app. So I go and download it and look to see how good it is. Sadly I am very disappointed in the app and Aries themselves. Grades was great is was simple and showed you everything you needed in a easy layout. While this app makes things so hard. It has so many glitches and too many problems to even explain. Aries gets on their high horse and just ruins the hard work of the developer that made Grades for their website that compared is garbage. If I could give less than a 1 star I would. Aries really needs to think about what they are doing bc the outcome of their choices are greatly disappoint. The least they can do is keep Grades on the App Store until they figure out the problems with their app instead removing Grades and giving us a app that is so much worse and hard to use.
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6 years ago,
Grades vs. Aeries
Okay Aeries, nobody likes change, but you made this change pretty bad. Grades had an extremely simple design and was perfect for an on the go understanding of what your grade was. I don’t like how my grades are categorized, and I don’t like how I have all of this information I can access, as another reviewer mentioned, I would check the website if I wanted to know what my attendance was. It’s difficult to immediately see your grade. It’s also difficult to edit; the actual programming/entering of your grade is difficult. My suggestion is to get rid of the unnecessary information and make all of the assignments under one tab, not divided into separate ones. It would be nice if the grade percentages were bigger, too. It would have been nice for you guys to take a look at the Grades app before it was shut down to get an idea of what students like. Simple interface with direct information.
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6 years ago, 707error707
There IS a calculator in the app?
I don’t know what people are talking about: there IS a calculator in the app. After picking a class, you click the pencil on the top right corner. There, you can add new assignments and edit the ones that are already in. One thing I don’t like is how the assignments are in different categories if the teacher put them that way. I want to see all my assignments at once, not have to click through categories to see only some of them. Another thing I absolutely hate is how easy your information can be accessed. It should at least require the password again to view your private information, such as phone numbers, emails, etc.
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6 years ago, Benan_Barcelo
this app is garbage lol bring grades back
i’m very sad to say i’m extremely disappointed with this app and the way it functions. one of the main malfunctions with this app is the touch id feature. when i try to sign in, either password or touch id, it redirects me to a black page that says please use touch id to sign in. i try it again, and it redirects me to the same black page. yes i’ve tried turning my phone on and off again, you name it i tried it, but it still didn’t work. i am a student and grades was so much more reliable and easier than this. i honestly don’t even use this app anymore and would rather just go google and sign on to the website then use this piece of garbage. BRING BACK GRADES AND DELETE THIS!!! hope this review helped showed how stupid this app is. if anyone read this i encourage you do not waste your time by downloading this app.
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4 years ago, nataliet27
After a couple months of using this app with no problems it started glitching terribly to the point where it’s no longer usable. Every time open this app it brings me to the initial get started page however once I click the get started button it goes to the next page for about 0.5 seconds and then returns to the get started page meaning I can’t ever get past that even just to log in. This app worked pretty well for a while so I’m very disappointed I can no longer use it at all. I would recommend the app called Grades which is similar but with a simpler format and occasional ads. It doesn’t offer as many features as Aeries but allows easy “what if” grade editing and has no glitching. 10/10 recommend that app or any other that actually opens over Aeries. Overall I’m disappointed with this app quality.
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1 year ago, GreenRexRebel
Let me start off my day this app is great, only when you can get it working. I do like the idea of the Interactive grade system to see what you have to do in order to pass but you first need to get the bugs fixed. Primarily, when I first started using the app it worked fine, but it didn’t take long before when I would go to log in and it would pop a loading symbol and take me straight to this error occurred thing. Something wrong with the server please try again later. Quite frustrating when you simply just want to look at your grades. I end up having to go to the full portal on the website and it works just fine. Carlos S. Student
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3 years ago, Muhbs jbdun
Don’t recommend
To be quiet honest, this app isn’t the best to use, unless it’s the only app you can use to check your district uses for grades; unfortunately I fall into this category. This app is either always down or always having issues. One current issue I have is not allowing to check my grades. As soon as I log into the app it only has one option, “password has expired change now”. When I try to do that it always says my current password is incorrect, when I just logged in using that password. Another thing I hate about this app is it doesn’t show your current GPA. If having any difficulties just delete and redownloading the app, as I currently am doing. Obviously issues will come back sooner or later after redownloading, but frankly this is the only option I have for school right now :/.
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4 years ago, wall paper plus
This app is pretty good as far as grades go but I was on it and a top part turned red in the corner? I didn’t think much of it until I press one of my classes and the what if edit mode is way way in the corner. I have an iPhone 11 and with that middle part, I wasn’t able to press the button. It was right on where you see the batteries! Also I would usually get kicked out of the app just to come back having it restart. It takes too long sometimes. Now I simply can not get that what if edit mode. Maybe put it somewhere else or fix it? I love the “What-if edit mode” btw
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10 months ago, iammeeeeeeeee
JSON error
you guys needa update your app again because aeries will be fine for like 4-6 weeks and then it will log me out of nowhere and when i try to log back in, it says there is a JSON error, which is something you guys need to look into because it can get tiring redownloading the app and completely having to redo the whole process of picking out which district im in, picking what school, and logging in, which even then i have a couple errors. all i am saying is, you guys should fix whatever errors there are and you guys should also do monthly updates so that your app can stay working instead of erroring out or causing any other problems.
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4 years ago, A concerned monk
One star for each time this app stole my personal information
This app is absolutely atrocious and it has made me cry on several occasions. I viewed my first C+ on this app and that made me very sad and now i’ve gotten terminal Down syndrome. Please delete this app if you have it on your phone. The grades calculator doesn’t actually calculate your grades, rather it calculates how much more of a loser you are. Because of this app I couldn’t round my 69% to an A+ and my parents now disowned me so I am loving in an alley where the nearest other living animal has rabies, 5 pending charges for assault and battery, and also a hydro flask.
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6 months ago, oomy888
This is genuinely one of the worst experiences I've ever had using an app. When my school started to use Aeries, I downloaded the app so I could look at my grades, but I quickly realized how terrible every aspect of the user interface is. First of all, it sent me through a million unnecessary loopholes as I logged in, so I decided to enable face ID login. To my dismay, as I re-opened the app, the face ID simply doesn't work whatsoever. Additionally, as I began to use the app more, I've found that every time I open the app it refuses to show me my grades unless I delete and re-install the app entirely, at which point I would rather just use the website. The app feels like it was coded on a budget of two pennies and some pocket lint, I would recommend avoiding it if at all possible.
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6 years ago, see-mia-aisle
Grade calculations
This app needs to add the capability of calculating a grade that may show as a zero because they have not taken the test or turned in the project. So it can allow both student and parent a benchmark to shoot for. I do like that there is more data available about the missing assignments such as due date and date assigned. Don’t like that I have to sort through all the semester or trimester grades to get the current grades. I would also prefer the bolder colors as seen in grades for aeries to delineate the current semester grades. Finally the ability to add in future grades and see if that effected your grade positively or negatively was available in grades for aeries and should be added to this one as a tool to for both parents and students.
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6 years ago, Lukeypukey123568
We Need Grades back
If I could rate this 0 stars I would. Usually I don’t right reviews about apps but this app is so terribly put together that I had to say something. I never used this app until grades was shut down due to “copyright” issues, while this is a shame it would’ve been fine had the aeries app actually worked. For starters it is formatted terribly and very hard to work your way around. Two most of the time it doesn’t even show my grades it just says there’s nothing to show. And lastly when you log out and try to log back in it gives you some bs about how there was an error. This is not about using the wrong password or email this is about they’re service being terrible. My ending note is not to get this app and then go on strike to get the grades app back up.
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4 years ago, jhgfddvvhhg
It’s a good app but...
The app is pretty good actually I like seeing my grades whenever I want so that I know which classes I need to work on and which classes I’m succeeding in. However, there’s a problem with the log in at times. I set an account, write down my password. Then later, when I try to log in, I put in the password and it says that the password is incorrect. I tried resetting my password but it says that it can’t link up and match the student. I tried making a new account, put in my email address, and it says that the email address is already with an existing account. I can’t see my grades any more and it shouldn’t be such a hassle just to see them.
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2 weeks ago, BigManSwagster
If I wasn’t forced to use this, I wouldn’t at all.
Rarely do I come across an app that is supposed to be so important, yet is completely and utterly useless and broken. Often times when you log in the app, it’ll say that it has trouble connecting to the server and to come back later, of course when you do come back later it will say the same message. It seems that to make the app work at all, you must delete and reinstall it, but if you’re forced to DELETE your app entirely just to make it work, is it really all that worth it? It is such a shame that something so important to our academic progress is being made obsolete 90% of the time because some idiots don’t bother fixing their app. Shame on you.
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3 years ago, salty_life@-@
I just got the app and problems already happened
So I’m a middle school student and my school as the app and I decided to git it Bc I have most of the school apps on my phone, when I got the app and said lest search for your school let the app have my location , it won’t let me click on any of ten schools near me,it goes to fast for me to even do a thing, then I clicked let’s find your school again and it did it again! (I’m on a iPhone SE) I don’t know if it’s a problem with my phone or what but it won’t work( I have the app on my computer and it works perfectly fine, I don’t know if it only works on computers.
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6 years ago, Recentful
Other Reviews Are Misleading.
From the reviews that I have read, they make the app sound a lot worse than it actually is. You can check the classes, what grade you have, your assignments and when an assignment is due or assigned. However, a feature that grades had that would be a deal breaker, was the % accuracy. You could calculate how much you were to get on an assignment and see how much it would affect your grade. I think that this version is fine, although it is not better. This app works how a grades app should, but that feature will definitely improve it drastically.
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5 years ago, Me - LegitReviews
Learn How To Use The App Cause It’s Good
First of all, I just want to clear this up. I have never wrote a review so you have to listen to me on this one. You can do what-if grades and how you do it is go into the class you want to do a what if grade on and click on the pen on the top right of the screen. Then go from there. Also, if you click on a grade you can see the comment your teacher gave you. You can download your report card and do everything on it. For all the reviews that say you can just check your grades, LEARN HOW TO USE THE APP.
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3 years ago, nutella abd bananas
So so
So this app is fine, it lets me see my grades, when my grades are changed, and all that, but you can’t really see anything else. And then I’ve had this app for about a year and update it regularly, but it keeps on telling me my password has expired and that I need to change it to get in and see my grades. Occasionally it goes away, but always comes back. Overall I think that if you have any other device, like a chrome book, that works much better and the format is much better, and more organized. On my chrome book I am also able to see when I was absent, and past years grades, including state testing scores. I would strongly suggest just skipping the hassle and just looking through aeries on a computer.
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3 years ago, annsbshsne jamse
What’s with all the bad reviews????
I’ve had to delete and redownload a few times because of an issue but that is the only problem. Other than that, it’s great. I can even put in “what-if grades” for homework assignments or tests, etc. It shows my letter grades, zeros if I have them, and plenty of other options. The only thing it lacks is that it doesn’t show your GPA. It does on the website but I can’t find it on the app. I think the bad reviews are just salty students, which I understand, but I think it’s pretty good.
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3 years ago, pinkALAxicRATU
Please Fix Bugs
I used to love this app and I really think it’s a good app, but I had to give it one star. Since last year, this app has really bad glitches. Since I’m logged in through a google account, I don’t have a password. However, every couple times I log in it says my password expired and I have to change it. I don’t have a password to start with so I have to delete and re-download the app. I’d be ok with that if it was a one or maybe two time occurrence but it happens so frequently, sometimes as soon as I download and login. As a result, when I open the app, I’m almost anxious about it showing that message. Please fix this issue!! It’s made the app go from 5 stars to one star for me.
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6 years ago, trustworthy Reviwer
Terrible App
As student that attends a middle school and frequently checks his grades I think this app is terrible compared to Grades. Grades let you check your grades with ease. It didn’t require you to hit fifty goddam buttons to find out what you got on your science test. You would also be able to create mock assignments to figure out what would happen to your grade if you got a ______% on your assignment, quiz, homework, or test. I doubt that they are going to change anything though because they could make it the crappiest app on the planet with 1 out of 5 stars on every review, and still every parent and student would get it because they need to check their grades. All in all, this is a half assed app that just does the bare minimum of what Grades did.
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3 years ago, rmagz4
Not Working
So this app was fine beginning of last year. But for a couple months now I’ll go on the app to check my grades and it shows me my grades BUT when i go to look at my assignments it shows NO assignments, it’s just blank. Now when I go through the computer to look at my grades, it shows me my grades and the assignments, but going through my computer is extra hassle and was the exact reason why I downloaded it onto my phone to make it easier. These past months I stopped using the app on my iphone, as all it does is show me my grades, but not what assignments I have done or what grade I got on an assignment. It used to work, not sure what has happened.
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3 months ago, 12222918177171
I got this app so I don’t have to log into my school computer and check my grades and I can just check on my phone. I had the app for maybe a couple weeks and then it said there was an error when I opened the app. I deleted the app yesterday and redownloaded it, and logged into my account. When I logged back in, everything was fine. My grades were on there, and I thought I was fine. Today, I opened the app, and it said there was an error. Please fix this bug! Other than that, I liked the app for easy access to grades.
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1 year ago, brookes6006
this app literally never works
i'm not joking. it works maybe like 10% of the time, and that's GENEROUS. constantly when i open the app it shows up with "Oops! An error has occurred." and then doesn't have any of your information available. then i have to delete the app and redownload it for it to work. but this is temporary because after opening it like less than 5 five times, it stops working again!!!!!!! it would be so useful if it did work because it'd be much more convenient than having to sign in to the web browser every time, but it doesn't!!!!!!!! it's not even worth it to have it downloaded at this point. it's so frustrating.
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3 years ago, N. K. .
Poorly Run
I have used this app for school to check my grades. While it used to be convenient, there has been a bug in the system for months now. I assumed it would be fixed shortly but nothing has changed. The bug tells me that my password has expired every few days and I have to delete the app and reinstall the app in order for the app to function. It seems like it would be easy to type in a password, but I never made a password because I signed in with google. I tried typing in my gmail password and that did not work either. This bug also happens to my classmates’ Aeries Student Portal Apps as well, so it is not just my app. My opinion of the app will change if this bug will be fixed.
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3 years ago, Chideniska
A really inadequate, bad app
There. I said it. This app is terrible. The design is bad, the execution is far worse. The way it’s designed requires many more taps that should be necessary. There are some obvious views that should exist but don’t (like outstanding missing assignments), etc. Navigation doesn’t hold. The sign on is really wonky sometimes requiring multiple sign in and restart attempts. Sometimes data isn’t there but no graceful error notifications. I could have given this app 2 stars. But I suspect they are the beneficiary of huge number of school district and state contracts, and I think that carries a high level of responsibility. This app is just sloppy. Dear Aeries Software, do better.
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3 months ago, Kristy1920
Least user friendly app ever
I do not understand how this app has a 1.5 star rating and hasn’t been improved. This app is so hard to navigate, so difficult to log in to, and sometimes just doesn’t work. I get an error message at login for no reason most of the time. I wouldn’t use it except my kids’ school has chosen this one. Every time I have to enroll one of my kids I spend literally hours trying to get through the process. Uploading documents has been impossible for me. Please, hire literally anyone under 18 and they could have this thing fixed up so fast. I feel like it was designed by people with zero app knowledge.
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5 years ago, Lilman715
People love this app but they don’t understand how it really works.
Okay now I’m a student and I check my grades everyday. I can see that people don’t understand the real concept of this app. I see a lot of positive reviews. One positive review said,” People DONT understand this app. To all people that are giving positive reviews , this app gets two stars. Every time I press log in I would wait and sometimes it would take me to he login again. I understand you can check your grades. People who write positive reviews say there is a pencil icon to calculate your grade. I DONT SEE IT PEOPLE. Y’all need some brains. Otherwise that’s for my review. Bye
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6 years ago, imaginative23
It can get better
I agree with the other person who wrote a review. This app in comparison is very bad. It’s hard to navigate and so unnecessary when you just want to see your grades. But what turned me away from the app the most was the fact that you can’t calculate your grade. There’s times you teacher hasn’t put something in or you have to turn in late work. There’s no way to see how much it’s affecting your grade, you can’t tell how cushion you have if you’re unprepared for a test. I feel like this app could be so much better. But until it gets there I won’t be using it. I truly hope that you fix this app and change it to become something truly helpful to students then what it is now.
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9 months ago, Loyal Students
Best app to check grades
Originally Aries had a lot of bugs in the past. You might be reading the reviews from 2-5 years ago and think this app is not worth your time, but it really is. You can check your grades, communicate with your teachers, and stay updated on all your work. Additionally since the past 5 years there in no bugs and is easily accessible to all ages. You should you get this app!
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4 years ago, mydikk
could be so much better
So i downloaded this app with the full expectation of having this be a more streamlined alternative to grades, with no ads. I got that, in a way. the interface is kind of clean and easy to use, there are no ads, and it’s a good app until you dive two feet into it. There’s no back button, meaning you have to go out of the grade category, if looking at an assignment, and tap all the pathways back in. Additionally, there’s no way to • Check what percentage of your grade the category is or to • Make “what-if” grades, so you can calculate what your full grade would be. It’s infuriating to see that the people in charge of the legitimate system put in no effort to making the student succeed more. fix it.
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