Aerosim Checkride CRJ200

2.4 (11)
26.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Aerosim Checkride CRJ200

2.36 out of 5
11 Ratings
9 years ago, Stygian42
Has its uses but could use some work
It's a work in progress as I see it. While this app does seem to have accurate information from what I have explored. There could be some more useful functionality added to this with ease. For starters they have a notepad that allows you to add notes to switches then highlights them blue so you can click on them and read the notes. This is a nice function for making notes about switches and buttons. With a little extra coding I'm sure though they could make it so much more. If they could let your create multiple notepads and store them on the side it would effectively let you create flows to study based on how your company flys. A little more coding and I'm sure you could have it remember the order in which you pressed the button (similar to how a key logger works) so that it could play the button selection order back to you as a flow using the same highlighting it already has (think of the game "Simon"). As far as the other commenter that complained about this having no flows he is right but this app does not deserve a 1 star for that. This is a check ride prep supplement not a flow trainer as it currently is. The information is fairly basic but does help with overall cockpit awareness and with the correct airline training manuals you can makes this a nice supplement to your training.
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6 months ago, EagleEz762rj
Not Accurate.. Missing Crucial Equipment.
Though fairly realistic, where is the CARGO Fidex Fire control ? It’s not in the lower pedestal as the 200’s have…
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8 years ago, Ed12p
A great app
I purchased this to help study for recurrent training and I am very pleased. The app works well and looks great. The ability to add your own notes to any switch or button is a terrific feature and allows you to add company restrictions, mnemonic devices, etc. Overall I'm very pleased and I highly recommend this to any 200 driver.
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10 years ago, Sthapa
I am taking CRM class and I thought this would be helpful apps. I would not recommend any one to purchase this apps. All it does is explain about the switches and buttons and it doesn't even have flows. I wouldn't spend 32 bucks for this crap.
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3 years ago, Shellyjmontgomery
Stopped working
None of the buttons work if I click on them, and the website is down when I try to contact the developer.
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7 years ago, Polywaga
I purchased this believing it would be a mobile version of Aerosim's interactive VFD. In fact it is not interactive at all. This app does not include checklists or flow patterns and you can not see the results of pushing any of the buttons. Its essentially a $30 picture of a CRJ cockpit.
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5 years ago, crorlo
APU LCV light switch is incorrect.
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4 years ago, magic market mike
Do not buy this app
I downloaded this app not expecting perfection but at least some functionality and was surprised to find no relevant functionality at all. Buyer beware.
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4 years ago, Pickin my nose for you
Quit working
I have this app. Not cheap. It no longer works. Can’t get it to do anything other than a picture of the flight deck panel.
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5 years ago, tito1901
Doesn’t work on IOS 13 be aware
Since I updated to IOS 13 stopped working so if you intended to buy for iPhone 11 don’t
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12 years ago, Eurylokhos
I'm also a CRJ200 First officer on the cusp of being furloughed and on reserve even on weekends. I found this app to be a disappointment. It isn't interactive, if you touch something it doesn't move, it just says what it does. There is no interactivity on any of the screens or computers, so you won't be doing much studying there.
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12 years ago, Avi14673
CRJ pilot review
Im a CRJ 200 First Officer (gets weekends off!) and this app is the coolest thing since sliced bread. You can add your own notes to theirs, and in my opinion this is the most efficient, and best way to study for the systems portion of a checkride or AQP. Thanks for developing this software, and I think if you guys develop the same program for the other planes that typically are flown in the US, it will become industry standard and it will travel by word of mouth fast! It really is that cool!
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10 years ago, Motoflyer
Still a horrible app, total ripoff
This app is not worth a dollar, let alone what they want for it. Full of incorrect information; the information that is correct is very vague. You cannot view the full EICAS pages because the app defaults to portrait view and cut off half the page, even if you have the iPad turned for landscape. If you prepared for a checkride using the information provided here you'd be sure to fail. I've emailed the developer but complaints go unanswered. Don't waste your money!
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