AfreecaTV - 아프리카TV

4.4 (395)
126.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
AfreecaTV Co., Ltd. (KR)
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for AfreecaTV - 아프리카TV

4.38 out of 5
395 Ratings
1 year ago, Nelson_89
Need to let people know about this in Latin American is so good BTS
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3 months ago, #1 gameromg
stop giving this app bad reviews solely because you can’t speak Korean. i saw one reviewer give this app 3 stars because “if you don’t speak Korean, don’t waste your time.” The app is for Korean streamers, Not English streamers. I saw another reviewer saying they got banned for speaking English. it’s highly disrespectful to speak English in a Korean chat. People need to stop leaving bad reviews on this app just because they don’t speak Korean, it’s really unfair to the developers. Unless you have a real reason to dislike the app (bugs, glitches, updates) ‘don’t waste your time.’
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4 days ago, monckey4
App No Longer Supports Other Languages
I haven’t used this app in a bit, so I’m not sure which update caused the issue, exactly, but the UI is now only in Korean. I’ve tried troubleshooting a bit, changing the language in my phone’s settings, turning off the VPN, restarting, etc, but it still only displays Korean. The app itself is still fine, but it’s significantly tougher to navigate
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2 years ago, confusedmember
Banned by one of the BJ because I spoke english
Banned by one of the BJ because I spoke english. Im terrible at writing in korean so wanted to explain to her in english. She got mad and told me to type only in korean. I agreed and tried to apologize in korean and by the time i was about to send out the message i get banned from her livestream. I did nothing to offend her. I believe BJs have too much rights to kick innocent people out.
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2 years ago, jesseyehq
Worst experience ever. Can’t login, that’s fine, than I can’t reset my password, can’t register, can’t login with twitter, I’m wondering is there actual anyone working behind this app?
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1 year ago, XanderCAG
Okay app but….
The app is okay. But most on here want you to speak Korean. So if you don’t the Korean Language, don’t waste your time
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7 months ago, ogperrito
Can’t log in with Gmail?
Can’t log in with Gmail. When I press the Gmail option at login screen nothing happens.
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2 years ago, Cant rate app all names taken
please add app for appletv
please add app for appletv
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2 years ago, T-Mobile13
New Account
I cannot create a new account on iOS. It errors out saying something about VPNs. I don’t use a VPN.
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1 year ago, Juniorheaven
Can’t make a account
For some reason I can’t make a account I use iOS
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8 months ago, elmaghrbiahmed
Worth live stream
This the worth live stream web
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7 years ago, Farzod.21
I don't know how to change language it's all writen in Korean..
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4 years ago, 1fastKAR
Improved, but... lag!
This app was working perfectly for a good couple years up until late 2019. Recent updates have killed the performance. I have massive bandwidth on my home ISP, but literally any livestream buffers at least 50% of the time. Maybe it’s a server issue; I don’t know. Has almost become unusable. On the plus side, the UI has improved substantially for iOS.
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10 years ago, 썬바람
Great app but missing a function 중요한 기능이 빠져있습니다
I have been using this app for a while, but I noticed that this app is missing a crucial part of the system. THERE IS NO CHOCOLATE PRESENT FUNCTION. I have a lot of chocolates to give but I have no way with my iphone. Please add this function as soon as you can. 아이폰으로 초콜릿 선물 기능 하게해주세요.
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6 years ago, SgSGrrr...
App needs work but 5 stars anyway
The app can be buggy for sure and definitely needs fixing, but I have to give 5 stars anyway to show my appreciation for Afreeca's continued support of the Korean SC:BW (or I guess I should say SC:R). Thank you Afreeca for ASL and supporting star!
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5 years ago, 디킴
Chrome cast problem
When we use an Africa TV app through chrome cast, there are some problems. 1. Unstable 2. The chatting interferes with the screen. It covers a half of the screen even though I made it disappear on the app. Please develop those problems. Thanks
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6 years ago, davidoh
Decent platform, poor bandwidth
Not sure what the issue is with overseas watching. I’m from the U.S. but Vods usually lag/stop loading entirely. If that was better I would definitely watch more on here. At the moment tho, it’s painful to say the least.
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14 years ago, iPandaPicks
Is This Only For Certain People?
I cannot get this app to work AT ALL. It immediately closes itself. This is the ONLY international video app that I am unable to use. In fact, while other video apps may have bugs, this is the only video app of ANY kind that refuses to work at all. Is this intentional? Was this app not supposed to be in the American App Store? Have I offended the developers or host country with my interest? Peculiar.
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3 years ago, derpysog
Won’t even let me sign up
I’ve tried so many times to sign up only for this app to bombard me with random errors. Terrible app would rate 0 stars.
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3 years ago, lloydswapp
Don’t waste your time. Works live app out there. The broadcasters are pathetic and the app is intolerable. I would give 0 stars but that wasn’t an option
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5 years ago, DJ schloff
Starcraft is the best thing to happen to mankind. Thank you. #therewasnosequeltobroodwar
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14 years ago, Solonite
Korean hotties!
I found this through genius in app store. Hotties!!!
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12 years ago, Lyricalyjy
Smooth stream . Lyricalyjy
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4 years ago, nicky8291
Infinite encoding
No longer able to watch live videos after the updates..
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6 years ago, Jangbo
No subscribe button on this app
Please add it :)
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6 years ago, johnluya
Request help
No matter which video i open, the app will crash (flash back) when loading.
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12 years ago, Stevvvvvvvvvv
Worth it
Its free. If ur not happy with that too bad
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12 years ago, dam675
Not bad
Its not bad but twitch is better.
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15 years ago, boinred
very nice app....
thank u ~ watch korea tv ~
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6 years ago, oMaMori.TTV
Delete this app from App Store
This app is not for all other country but korea. Membership need korean social security number.
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14 years ago, skim32
Foreign users are now blocked.
For some reason or another afreeca is now blocking all foreign users.
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4 years ago, jsjdkdkkfkfkfk
trouble signing up
every time i try to sign up (on your website or on the app) it won’t let me sign up. this has been happening for months. please help me sign up and fix this.
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10 years ago, Anon480
keeps closing
app wont let me open it and keeps shutting down after using it only once
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9 years ago, Kevin.kops
Too Slow update...
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3 years ago, JackBB9527
login failed
login failed,i can use mu account login at the pc,but login failed at my ios
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14 years ago, 김진현
an unknown playback error occurred
끊기는거랑 채팅좀개선해주세요.제일급한건 an unknown playback error occurred뜨고 안돼는거
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12 years ago, Kkkkkkkkkris
I love this app
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10 years ago, RyuSihwa
I love it!!
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10 years ago, lucy lackss
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10 years ago, Skypronim
this app became real crap after the patch
dont even deserve 1 star.
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8 years ago, Applecreampie
could not be download this app.
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5 years ago, sbae85
Total failure
AfreecaTV worst piece of crap ever
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5 years ago, X1ling
South Korea is the most rubbish country
North Korea is the best
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10 years ago, 한굴옴
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11 years ago, Ddsfsfscn
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10 years ago, fisiwnskskabdkdkwnd
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7 years ago, 로허슲
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14 years ago, Soondeh4u
Piece of crap!!!!!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, banzinoㅉ
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11 years ago, ksj1006
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