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User Reviews for AgingBooth

4.49 out of 5
15.2K Ratings
2 years ago, vivivi Viani
Me and exciting app
I was so excited when I got the app but I saw it’s just apps and it doesn’t show what you look like when you’re aging🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😭 this app is real bad you might not want to load it on your phone because you’re just wasting your time on an app that’s not good and it should’ve never been made whoever made it you should fix the app and make it better because I am going to look at the new app and if it’s not good I’m coming back so do not be bad if if you see if I said I’m calling 911 I know it’s a bad because you have a bad app and it doesn’t matter because uncle
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2 years ago, Dawn eheheh
Hands Down, Most Trustworthy Camera Filter App
I’ve been trying lots and lots of different apps to see what I look like when I’m older, and stuff like that. And none of them actually worked, since you’d have to buy the subscription. I seen this app on my sister’s iPad, so I gave it a try to see if it was appropriate. I will say, however, the filters are pretty inaccurate, but just seeing my friends look like old creeps makes me laugh and smile. And the surprising part is that AgingBooth doesn’t just do a old filter, but bald, ugly, bimbo, stache, and fat filters. So if you are trying to just goof off, I’d 100% get this app. However, I hope to see more effort filters that are free or at least have a free trial for this app. Like I said, hands down, most trustworthy camera filter app!!
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5 years ago, ticked off person!!!
Ok this is bad 🤨
So I was really excited when I was looking for an app that will make you age and I found one. Turns out this app really sucks🤬🤬🤬and never should’ve been made. And it is really cheap a two-year-old can make this app. OK to get to the point. 1.This app is cheaply made and really has no reason to exist 2. I tested it out to see how bad it is and the results were ridiculous. First of all all it does is draw lines on your face and shade it a little bit so I took A picture of the floor and basically what it did was drew freaking lines come on man🤦‍♂️most old people don’t have BIG BLACK LINES on on their face. 3. You don’t even get the full version of the game you have to buy like five more apps just to get the full version to be honest this is really just review to tell you how bad this app is and why not to buy it.
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4 years ago, wealovie
It’s an okay app
This app is really weird. It needs a lot of inprovements!! I do not think you download this app you will wast your time. And again it is free so that’s kinda just what you get. But mabye if you just like to play around with weird free apps like these than this app is probably good for you. But if your like me and your expecting actual results, than this app would not be good for you. At least it not like other apps that actually make you PAY for these silly unreal results, but we’re not talking about other apps. So in my opinion if your just trying to be silly with your friends than this app is good is not than this is not the app for you.
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5 years ago, KelleyAnne Conway
Fun, but may offend some people. Use sparingly!
Since I’ll never grow up, it’s fun to have an app that lets me know what I’d look like if I ever did. Not particularly can’t really manipulate the images beyond compounding different booth apps onto one image. If you are older to start with, the app doesn’t seem to have much affect. Still...good stupid fun for people who enjoy games like Cards Against Humanity but wouldn’t admit it in a confessional. BTW. Booze is not necessary, but sure improves the app for some reason....
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5 years ago, joy for the game
Wish it was different!!!
Ok so I thought it would be so cool to have an app that could tell my age me being so young. So I bought this app thinking it would do what I had expected. Well... it didn’t it makes you either take a picture or pick one from your photo booth. Then it finds the same 2 dates over and over again 2050 and 2051. I wish I could set my own date like 2025 which is when I will graduate high school. But you can’t pick your own date which is very frustrating. So I wouldn’t recommend this game. If they make more changes were you can change the date that would be so much better. Cause all they do right now is put a few wrinkles and change your hair color!!!!! 😡😡😡😡
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5 years ago, Betboy25
This is not a hate Review. I’m not saying I hate it. But this app kind of offends me. I simply came to see what I’ll look like, such as when I graduate college or something, but it only shows what I “look like” at 2052 or 2051 and my face looks fricking distorted. I’d like to suggest that you add the option for us to select our own date, or anything like that. Like I said before this isn’t a hate review, I know you really tried to make this app a great app, I know the other review is a bad hate review, just ignore it. I’m just suggesting an improvement you could do. I’m sorry if I upset you or anything like that it’s just you could do better on this app.
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3 months ago, dgdsgjhdefjyh
Okay so, I only rated this app 5 stars for it to be seen. I wanted to know what I looked like when I was 40. To start with it doesn’t even let you choose what age you fast forward to. It made me 59! I LOOKED LIKE A DEFORMED MONKEY!😡😡😡So then I did a test with my baby photo to my current age and it made me look the opposite of what I look like! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE WORST APP BY FAR! ALSO IT WONT LET ME DELETE IT!!!!! So, not only is it HORRIBLE but it also can’t be removed!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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5 years ago, haileybarbourdog
Just a game!
This is a prank for your friends! It adds wrinkles to anything you want. If you read the game definition, it tells you it is completely fictional. While I agree that choosing your own date would be nice, it is a PRANK! It makes a picture gray and adds wrinkles, not tells the future. This game is fun but not true. DO NOT BE MISTAKEN... IT IS NØT A FORTUNE TELLER!!! It does NOT tell the future but it has very few adds. I have had it for 1 year and did not make any purchases and only had one add
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4 years ago, cooper7787
I love this game
Hey! I was really excited that I found this app! I really wanted to see my self when I was older. And I found this app and I was really excited! And when I did my picture I saw that you could get other free apps. You have to Press the wand. And the other apps that you could get are free! The other apps are a pretty princess , and ugly one, a fat one that is already on there then a bald one and a mustache one. But I think there is one more that I don’t remember.
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5 years ago, vhibkh
Needs ALOT of improvements
Hi!I was searching for aging games for a long time I was so skeptical about all of those types of games but I downloaded this one now listen I was extremely trusting with this game and as soon as l looked at the examples at the front but I didn’t trust those sooooo I took a quick picture and I was expecting so much more. First what I extremely did not like is all they did was add wrinkles, next all they did was make the screen darker and my face looked really ugly the problems with this was they quickly assumed that when you are old you get wrinkles that is 1/3 true and 2/3 of it isn’t. So I was so disappointed and probably won’t trust aging games again
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5 years ago, Gabbie 123 ❤️❤️
Ok. I’m not usually the one to give bad reviews. But seriously this app stinks! It makes you photo gray and it is 0 percent accurate! I hate this app. I do t know who would be interested in this app! Sorry. But it’s true I just deleted the app and moved on but this was true. I HATE writing bad reviews it makes me feel bad but seriously I just had to this time. I’m still giving this 4 stars because I feel bad. I don’t really recommend this app. Sorry.
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5 years ago, AgingBooth user
It was fun!
If you want to see what you would actually look like when you get older...I wouldn’t choose this app. It doesn’t let you choose how old you want to look it just makes you look super old. On the other hand, if you are just trying to have fun with friends/family...this is the app for you! I personally enjoyed playing with this app with my family! We DEFINITELY got some laughs out of it! Overall, if you are just looking to have fun, this is a good app but don’t expect something super accurate.
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4 years ago, Micro Pigs
This is awesome
So when I was looking for age apps to be aged this wasn’t what I was looking for in the beginning but if your looking for an app that makes you old and your friends and possibly your pets as a joke it’s so funny I think that this is the best and if you want to put mustaches on people try on of there other apps called BoothStache it’s great anyway I think this is a great app for making anyone look old
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6 months ago, Just a fifth grader
you should buy this app
this app is amazing if you thought it was a fraud like many other apps like this you’re so wrong this app worked wonders. I showed these pictures to my friends and boy boy did they lack it looks totally realistic and I would definitely recommend buying it’s 100% free, I love apps
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5 years ago, Angusmgm
Love the app BUT.....
Problem is, you wnter your demographics in, and you cannot go back and change it. I entered my birthday and it told me I was 60, so the app starts knowing I’m 60, problem is, I tried to use my high school picture to see what it would say I look like, but the app thinks I’m 60 in that picture too. I can’t find a place to clear and re-enter info. I deleted the app and re-installed it, the info was still in there. To me, its a one time app, but does a great job.
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5 years ago, #CatsrCool😼
It’s pretty decent
I like to use this app with friends, family, and myself. After a few times it is still very humorous, but there’s one thing you need to watch out for. After the aging transformation you can choose to make yourself bald, fat, have a mustache, etc. The thing is you have to download a whole other app to do so but otherwise I recommend this app!
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If I could give this zero stars, believe me, I would. Such a terrible app! First of all, it doesn’t work. I spent almost a full thirty minutes trying to take the picture because if your picture isn’t perfect, it’ll make you retake it to detect the lines on your face. Second of all, it’s not even a funny prank. It’s boring, and unusable. Unless you were using it for a one-time thing, I can’t imagine why someone would download this. It’s probably better to spend way too much money on a real aging app, those of you who are considering downloading this. :(
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3 months ago, is sooooooo fun
This content is mostly fun
The reason why I say this content is mostly fun it’s because you could put a little bit of changes in it because it does have a little bit glitches but other than that this game is very very nice and I hope you guys make other games like this or experiences
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7 years ago, Hot Bermuda
Good silly fun!
Hard to fault really, but one should be able to input the advance date, change hair styles and colour and yellow the teeth a bit!! It does seem to prove a theory of mine that plain faces age less than handsome or very pretty ones! Anyway, loved seeing myself on my 80th birthday, not as bad as I had expected! As I say, good, simple, uncomplicated fun. Great job, thanks!
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5 years ago, Kyler Droulard
Not impressed.
I am not very impressed with this app. I thought that I would be able to see how old I would look when I graduate high school, when I am 45, when I am an old woman, etc. But that app only let's you see how old you will be in 2051. That was NOT at all what I was expecting. Another thing is the only that thing that changes when you pressed the "age button" was you got a fatter face and wrinkles. I do not recommend this app. I suggest changes to this app in the future.
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4 years ago, levi tittle
Why I love this app
I love this app because it shows you what you actually look like it’s not one of those cheap nock offs because i mean this app is AMAZING!!!! If you want to see what you look like when your old but if you want to add more booths to the picture you took then download the other app moustash booth and bald booth and and ugly booth and fat booth and bumbo booth
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3 years ago, oTrqstan
Good idea, but it is unrealistic and needs a little work.
Okay, so I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but you do need some work. So instead of just adding wrinkles, you should change up the way the face/shape looks. Make it better color and make the faces look a little brighter. But, overall AMAZING idea, and if you do that your sure to get more downloads/better reviews. Thanks, oTrqstan
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2 years ago, Blubird04
Amazing five stars so I’m on my moms phone
My mom got this and i tryed it first and i loved it it’s so silly 😂😂😂and i tryed my brother mom and dad and now i did my cuz i just love it it’s not a scam here are the rules 1. Don’t put hair on your forehead or any part of your face 2. It won’t work if you do something that’s not a human like a dog
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7 years ago, DJ NICKY X
Before there were Snapchat, and MQSRD, & all these cool face-photo editing apps came out close to 6 years ago, there were an extremely fun & easy and most importantly USER FRIENDLY apps, the "-Booth" community develepors came out with I believe Ugly-Booth. Now with over at least 20 "Booth" apps, you may now incorporate the other Booth apps layering your favorites. I've been using them for years and they always bring a smile to my family and I. Recommended -Booth applications: Steroid Booth or Fitness Booth Football Booth Baseball Booth, etc. Keep doing what you guys do!!! If I could id give you 1000 stars 😂
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3 months ago, Duolingo lover69532
I love this app
If you’re looking for a simple app that makes you appear older, then look no further! This app was FREE and didn’t give me any charge! The filters were really simple and easy to use. This app was just what I was looking for! 100% recommend!👍
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5 years ago, Emma Dobra
Aging App
Who doesn’t want to see their age for the future, because I think it is very cool to know these things in advance. Opening the app, I was so excited to see! Unfortunately, the result looks very unrealistic and like you just had lines drawn in your forehead. It is very funny in my experiences to laugh at my middle school friends you have ‘aged’ (if you consider it aged) Like I said earlier, it was just not the experience I was looking for.
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4 years ago, Tomeaux1
Terrible aging
I was so excited to find an app that actually tells you what you look like in the future, but when I first tried it it was awful. It only aged me by like 43 years and I look like a grandma. And all it does is add very fake look lines, or as they like to call it wrinkles, and if you move the lines a bit at the begging it changes the face to look super weird. #worst app ever. So for those people who are reading this news flash don’t get this app.
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5 years ago, bla444
Awesome game ❤️
It’s not like other games like this...... It is absolutely FREE!!!!! I love this app and my little brother does too!! I highly recommend this app if you want to get a good laugh! I love it and no purchases needed! Not once has it asked me to “buy the full version”. And there is barely any adds!! Thanks for reading my review.
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4 years ago, Mooker girl
Call game
The things I like and the things I don't like about the game. I don't like that you have to pay for the things that make you look different. What I do like about the game is it inspires me because I've always wanted a game like this. I hope you like this game and have so much fun on it peace😘
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2 years ago, Jenna hello
Please don't get this
When i looked at this app I though it would make me look older but all it does it make it more grey and add wrinkles to my face. I don't know what I wil look like when I am older but I know for sure I won't look like that. For example I have seen my grandma in her like 20s and she doesn't look the same will wrinkles so I would not recommend this app but one good thing is that it's not money¯\_(ツ)_/¯👌( ・ㅂ・)و💰
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4 years ago, emoc06
Freezing issue
It freezes make one aging picture I need to go in and out of app 5 times. I remember it being great in the past, now too many bugs! Disappointed! 😔
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4 years ago, wäffłèś
This app is Trash
I got this app today just for fun, think it would be way different. I didn’t bother looking at the reviews, all I saw was an average over 4 stars. Oh boy, I was so wrong to get this app! Here are a couple reasons why: 1. It is poorly edited and just makes thin streaks to made to look as wrinkles, and makes you grey-ish. 2. It makes you put where your mouth, eyes, and chin are are, which to me, isn’t a problem to me. But, as I had said in reason 1, it goes to show how badly this app was made. 3. I know it says in the beginning that your hair shouldn’t be on your forehead, but mine was in a picture and “wrinkles” were on it. Note: I know somebody put in an effort to make this game, so I want to make this clear, I don’t mean to offend or hate on anybody. I’m just giving tips to improve.
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2 years ago, Chainstitcher
The one thing that would make this app better, is if you could mix the different effects together but overall I think that this is an amazing app! I highly recommend it :-)
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6 years ago, Sf651
I have used this app for my Kindergarten class for two years now, in celebration of the 100th day of school. We print their pictures and then the kids write about what it will be like to be 100. They absolutely love it and it's so easy to use!!
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7 years ago, Bib Blob Job
Now I been interested in these types of apps and this one makes me laugh and it makes me feel like a raisin. I don't care apps like these are a comedy to my eyes and probably to the person who created this app. I wouldn't give this a 5 star a billion stars. Man God Bless America.
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3 years ago, sally meat Balls
This game is crappy and offensive it is offensive because it makes you look way too old it should not make you 100 years old or something stupid like that it should only make you 30 years old or YONGER that is stupid that it makes you too old it is crappy because it makes you look stupid and it adds too meany rankles on your face your game needs lots of changes. Fix your stupid game!!
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4 years ago, AmosKid09
I Love AgingBooth 😃
I love AgingBooth because you get to see how funny your face will look like when your old!Plus, you don’t even have to pay!Usually for aging games, you have to pay but this game you don’t! It is awesome! Whoever made this game is awesome 👏!
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6 years ago, gymgirl1234567891016
If this was real idk what I would do I would like die! It said when I’m 41 I will have gray hair and ALOT of wrinkles! If that happens I would never be able to walk outside again! This app is funny but I think u could make it a bit more realistic and I think we should be able to choose how many years forward we want to go! Other than that, great app!!
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3 years ago, Shy girl 21
Ruin friendships
Honestly this app is amazing and FREE 😄 now I can ruin all my friendships without spending a dime. But seriously I have always wondered how I would look as a boomer and now I know imma need Botox and I should start saving now 🤠
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3 years ago, BGUIDO4
It’s ok
I think it’s funny that I can see myself old but the app is kind of cheap but I understand that the person who made it put a lot of work into it i would give it a over all rate of three and a quarter
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5 years ago, poo loves kittes
Love it
Ok so I love games but this is my #1 favorite game so far it is so funny and awesome also futuristic I love it I suggest you get this you half to buy all the apps to get the complete version but overall it’s AMAZING I couldn’t imagine what I would do with out this game 🤗🤗🤗🤗😎😎🥰😅😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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6 years ago, jaidyn_eberhart
If you enjoy funny apps Then this is a really good app for you this app is super funny and when you look at yourself or even your pets just take a picture of them or yourself and it will make you look really funny and old
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1 year ago, Discarddd
So funny
I got this new app and it was cracked me up it showed me a really funny way when I was 40 I am only 10 years old and this was incredible this is the funniest app I’ve seen
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4 years ago, tmdelong
Excellent for writing prompt
We use this in my grade to write about what we hope we will be like when we are old. I attach their old person pic to their writing, and the kids get a real kick out of it. Thanks for a great app!
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5 years ago, A legato
It’s great but...
This app is fun to use but it looks fake. All I really see black, white, and a little wrinkles added . (it’s also kinda weird to look at) The good part about it is that it’s fun to use with friends and gets a good laugh. Seeing what your fake self looks like in 50 years, is pretty amusing. (try taking a picture with duck lips) Thx! - just another user
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2 years ago, D boy 10
Download this app!
It works you just take a picture and that’s it then it shows what it looks like when you are a old person!!!
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2 years ago, zilion_r
Time goes by 2057.. and i was close to a heart attack!! I totally scared when i saw myself old!!! I’m just 10, i saw myself in the age of 36!!! I’m not supposed to be that ugly in that age! Seeing your future isn’t fun….
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4 years ago, the girl who LOVES this app!!!
Awesome app!!!
Ok, I know that all that it does is puts wrinkles and different hair on but I am 9 years old and I love it because it shows partly how you will look like when you are older! So that is why you should get this app!
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4 years ago, Shoebox765
It’s ok but it literally just dents the face in the cheeks and forehead to make you look old, not all old people look like there 70. Also me and my sister just take photos of dolls and books that have faces on them they turn out pretty funny but overall I think this app is not the best, but I think there could be better.
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