Aiken Standard e-Edition

1.9 (19)
98.3 MB
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Current version
Evening Post Interactive, LLC
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Aiken Standard e-Edition

1.95 out of 5
19 Ratings
1 year ago, haganaiken
Poor app!
It is obvious that the “new” app that started last week (Thursday or Friday, July 7th or 8th) was not beta tested. The pop-up ad that obscures/covers article text, slow responses to scrolling and poor image quality is deplorable. There is no way that a credible individual from the newspaper (who uses a tablet or smart device to read the PAID-FOR content) gave this a test-run before deploying the app. What’s worse: it auto-updated and I cannot go back to the older version! The web page updates much faster and has better image quality than the app. Please consider reinstating the older version or improve the “upgrade” for those of us who enjoy the print AND digital content.
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1 year ago, Galaxie1959
Looks Like a Subscription Cancellation Coming Up
I cannot use the App because my iPad is too old and the iOS will not update to later versions. I had the same problem on the previous version, but was able to download the Aiken Standard through the Post and Courier website. This method no longer works and I am forced to use the App, which does not work. So, do I spend hundreds of dollars for a new iPad or cancel the subscription to a substandard newspaper?
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2 years ago, Greatdays
Where is the past issues?
What’s happened? I could open the app and decide which issue of the month I wanted to read when I have missed an issue but now there is no calendar option as before. My husband looks at the paper daily and then throws it away, it might be a week before I have a chance to catch up reading via the e-edition. Also I sometimes have to zoom because of bad eyesight but even that option is very limited. Please put the calendar back.
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1 year ago, StewbabyToo
Annoying, annoying, annoying!
Look people, I do NOT get this paper for free! I pay a subscription. So why do I have an annoying Google add smack dab in the middle of my content? Why do I have any ads at all? It was bad enough before, now even worse! I guess you do not want people using your e-edition. No one can use this app and read the paper without a paid subscription, so why the ads? Why can I not get rid of them? Fix this now!
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1 year ago, cgbrn15
This is the new and better app??!! It is horrible. And why have two apps? Although I’m glad you do bc I will still be using the old one. I’m a paid print and digital subscriber.
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5 years ago, Wahtash
Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke
Well, The Aiken Standard e-Edition app has been “FIXED”...and ruined. The app was great the way it was. Now it looks like an IT freshman wrote it. I used to save articles so easily. Now this app is worse than the hard copy. Booo!! Aiken Standard e-Edition.
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6 years ago, d196
Doesn't work! Horrible! I can't even open the newspaper any more. I will cancel my subscription because I am paying for nothing.
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5 years ago, divboom
I agree with the most recent reviews: “Horrible” and “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”!
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1 year ago, tedeno
Horrible app. Does not work.
The new app does not work.
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5 years ago, Ginagina Smith
Doesn’t work!
What’s going on?
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9 years ago, uscwaller
Hiding behind a paywall
This app is useless unless you subscribe to the newspaper.
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11 years ago, AikenW
Very nice.
I happened across this just recently. I'm finding this very easy to use and very easy-to-read. I wish I had found it sooner. Thank you for having such a wonderful app available.
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