AIU Student Mobile

3.5 (105)
26.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
American Intercontinental University
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for AIU Student Mobile

3.52 out of 5
105 Ratings
6 years ago, Stylinsusiq
Nice tool
It’s Great that we can have access to our classes on the go. This is a great way to have the opportunity to complete work when a laptop or a computer is not an option. The only thing I would fix would be to have Intellipath work a little better.
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1 year ago, Junior64946-9
Works When It Feels Like It
The issue with this app I have consistently have is that it continues to not work on too many occasions. I’ll open the app and it’ll be stuck in a blank white screen. It’ll close it out just for it to repeat the process. Then when it does work, it’ll say my user name is invalid while I have everything correct in there. When it works, it’s slow but ok, otherwise it has created more headaches than necessary for the website to be recommending the app instead.
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2 years ago, DaddyKaaba
When it wants to
So the reason I gave the app 3 stars instead of 4 is because of some bugs that didn’t previously exist, but have become an issue. Whenever I try to open a link that my professor posts, the app will just close out no matter how many times I try. It never did this before, but for some reason it won’t open any. Other than that the app works pretty well for the most part.
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5 years ago, Eileen perez m
Slower processing
I rather go back to the other format. It was easy and simple and I was able to see everything and my assignments in one place. It is separated by week now. When I go into Intellipath, it brings me to a web browser instead of opening in the app which takes time to load and feels like the overall function of the app is slower. When I am typing a discussion board post, it won’t let me press where I want to edit in my sentence. It’s frustrating. The new update does not seem faster or efficient..
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6 years ago, Ladytiger195
Great and simple
Easy to navigate, it has everything you need at your fingertips the only thing you cannot do is access your student email but hopefully that will soon be added in somehow. It is super convenient and has helped me to get my work done more efficiently for sure.
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4 years ago, bama bomber
I miss the older version that actually worked
I absolutely loved the app when I had first gotten it, but recently over the last 4 months the app will not load on my phone. I’m unsure as to why this is but for the last four months the app has been useless. I continue to wait and hope that the issue is resolved because it is much more convenient to do my work from my device vs a desktop. Hopefully this issue can be resolved very soon!
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8 years ago, jjplaymaker
I enjoy it. It is informative and it reminds me that I have tasks that are due. It lets me know when my assignments are graded as well. I can see how people might want to be able to due the award winning Intellipath through the app but in my opinion I would prefer to do my assignments on the more secure school website versus an app on my phone or other device.
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5 years ago, Krys.R.
Used to love App, NOT ANYMORE!!!!!
This new version is very confusing and I don’t like it at all. Not the way it looks, the way it functions. There is nothing about the new version that is easy or user friendly. They should have left it alone, but like most things folks and company’s worry about fixing things that don’t need fixing. Absolutely ridiculous format they have now. I will probably be deleting app. Which is sad because it was great to have on the go.
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4 years ago, saftydepositboox
AIU mobile application
I throughly enjoy the AIU app, and it is very, nice to be able to take my courses with me wherever I go. It it also a complete success the way AIU mobile is designed and provides a competent way to access my studies at many places . Sincerely Daren Kauffman
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3 years ago, Dubbz_DP2014
Pros and Cons
I like the fact that I can access classes, messages, and financial aid on the go, but, I hate that it crashes so often. Sometimes it takes several tries of opening and closing the app just to access the main screen which causes a delay in responding to anything.
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5 years ago, SM120217
Needs to be upgraded
It used to work very well now it freezes when you go to your classes. I haven’t had a issue since this is happening. I dislike using my computer to do class work. It will shut down completely when you are on intellipath. It needs a upgrade. I know in androids it is already upgraded. Why Apple is not upgrade? It really needs to be.
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4 months ago, Why me G
I can’t count on this app
I could never see anything it is always clinching I have to always delete the app then download it again and see if could glance a bit before it stops and starts processing and never gets back until I delete it again to download it back again horrible service
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3 years ago, d1SunnyD
The newest update is AWFUL! I am unable to use my iPad keyboard dock with the newest update since it requires you to be in portrait. Sorry but my iPad Pro keyboard only works in LANDSCAPE. Also my messages have stopped updating via the app. I’ve tried restarting and clearing my cache….no change. PLEASE fix this!!!
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6 years ago, Iliana MOYA
Love the improvements!
This app was not all that 3 years ago! AIU decided to invest in their library and App and I have to say that I’m amazed! I love what they have done to it!
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4 years ago, DJMattox
Blank screen.
I just became a student so I downloaded the app and when I tap on it to open it up its just a white screen. I’ve tried to delete and reinstall it a few times as well as trying to restart my phone and it still does the same thing. Just a blank white screen.
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5 years ago, solo3030
I just wish the app on my iPad could show the last time I was active.
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2 years ago, blue growth
Great Experience Online I wish we had an alumni app
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1 year ago, jeffwill1345
When I clear notifications they don’t actually get cleared
When I clear notifications they don’t actually get cleared
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2 years ago, couesmen
School is a scam
Do not go to this school. They will harass you multiple times a day to log in to classes. When financial aid doesn’t go through they will charge you thousands of dollars for one class.
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4 years ago, noobasaurs (micheal)
Major issues
I have major issues accessing the app 9/10 times it simply won’t load and all I get Is a white screen. Opened an issue with tech support back in January and they still can’t resolve it
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1 year ago, TonyaLeree
The app does not work
Having issues with the app, I even I even uninstalled and install it again. Not Working
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4 years ago, sirrhippe
Not working
Ever since I got this for school it’s only worked like once. Now every time I open the app my screen is just white nothing is there.
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4 months ago, Student671360
Not Free
I can’t download this app without a debit or credit card. It doesn’t make sense. I didn’t pay for it before…
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5 years ago, Tkabby
Technical Difficulties
This app is not working for me it just shows the label the entire time.
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6 years ago, Coldwellwife
Can’t access courses
Won’t let me select campus to log in
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8 years ago, Itgem679
They fixed everything wrong with their old app. This app allows me to have school at my fingertips when I just don't have access to my computer or need to check on something. Also, it's a fantastic companion for when I am doing my reading assignment, or working on my classroom assignment, it's like having a second screen to my computer. This app gives you your open classes, upcoming assignments, grades, and links to the campus website if needed. I love this app and I am very proud to be an AIU student and alumni!
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8 years ago, JFBickett29
I love this new app!! Very informative but thats all it is...provides all the information you need you just cant do any work on it!! But great to know information about your classes and grades and to contact the right people!!
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8 years ago, Zate01
Could be a lot better, pretty much just information, when you click on most stuff it takes you to the website version, which you cannot really do much on either. If was able to do intellipath that would be great.
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8 years ago, Jateri01
Love it just a few missing features
I love the app. The only feature I wish it had was the ability to watch the archive chats and do Intellipath through my phone
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8 years ago, Michelle pe.
This app is waaaay more functional than the previous version.
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8 years ago, Tete325
Great Work
I love the new app! It is very convenient and helps me when I have to work long hours to keep up with my assignments 👍🏽
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8 years ago, Bobcats74
...of course as designed to inform. A great start to compliment the main site.
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8 years ago, Unique125
I'm loving this app! I'm able to access intellipath from my phone and it's very informative!!
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7 years ago, busybroadnax
Efficiency at its best
I don't miss a beat with live updates and real time replies from teachers and staff. I have used this app since 2/2017 and have no complaints. I appreciate the alerts of updating the app with new data and more options. Thank you AIU!!
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8 years ago, Kaneshia Harvey
Has bugs
With the new Touch ID feature, app won't open it pops off screen.
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