4.6 (311.8K)
208.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Akinator

4.62 out of 5
311.8K Ratings
1 month ago, Rose 🌹 💜
I actually read my mind. What the heck like 😳 That was like really shocking and it’s really fun. I play with my cousins I really like it. It’s actually really fun cause likeWhen I ask questions, I only got he only got one answer wrong like I’m so shocked and that is just so cool how he can read my mind. We’re just like telling him facts about the person or thing or whatever it is actually really cool I love it. It’s really amazing you know and you get to search up celebrities like Ariana Grande Olivia Rodrigo. and it is just so cool like I can’t even explain anymore. It is just amazing. It’s so much fun because like you can play with your friends and girls and like each other’s favorite celebrities and it is just amazing like I can’t even explain anymore like I think it’s just so super super super super super super super super super super super super super cool I know this is really cool. I really can’t explain anymore is just like I don’t know how he can read my mind like. I played it with my cousin on FaceTime and like I told her the answer and he still struggled and he got the answer right and I just lost my mind like how did he do that and Canedo it’s just really crazy and cool like what? I can’t explain anymore because that is just so cool. I know I said this like 5 million times but what the heck it is just amazing.
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2 years ago, Just a Random Introvert
So... wow
Come to think they would use a search engine for the so called “genie” to guess what you’re thinking. I originally assumed that it would be looked up piece by piece and it would go by the top matches, I guess not. There’s been a couple times where the game would have to take a minute until the next question to be asked, almost as if it was seriously thinking as a person would. And plus... He doesn’t always guess right! If you’re going for something really specific it might take a couple tries and bring up other guesses, some of which could be completely go out of the way of what you could be thinking. The questions get more specific as they are asked. Even better, questions and guesses can be filtered out to parent lock which pops up as you’re playing. It asks for no personal information and seems to be directly from pure human knowledge. You can even pick a category of things to describe, that being real and fiction animals or characters to any form of show or movie you can find them in! There are also rewards if the genie guesses right the first time and you can customize his appearance as well. The game is surprisingly simple considering how much it holds. I totally recommend this!!!!!!!🧞‍♂️🤔💭✅👍
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2 weeks ago, Foehammer67
He got FNF
I might’ve had to do this again because something happened and he blaze how did he guess FNF last time I was doing FNF characters and ate and he gets them. I am so confused right now but he did not. I guess Darnell or pico but he got beside pico but that wasn’t right so I told him that wasn’t right and then today Ike, oh I made him guess a TV and Spider-Man and he got both of them and I was so confused and my brain starting to not remember what I said earlier this cannot happen OK but anyway he got Spider-Man in a TV and I was so confused and then I told my pop-up to read what I did for my review and he couldn’t read it because he somehow made me do it all over again but he’s nice and he has a little kitten and I’ll love going to his house so much I only go to his house on Saturdays and that’s very cool because pop-up is cool. I meant to say pop pop is cool, so yeah he has a little kitten and I am I eat apples and two boiled eggs so on them just today and the bowl is empty and the game was so fun. I love the game and I will never delete it ever. why might maybe an accident but I don’t care because it will never be deleted on this tablet and this is so cool this is so cool I literally just repeated myself, but yeah, the game was so fun
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2 months ago, FV3RON
Really fun but laggy, buggy and other important issues
I’ve had lots of fun playing with Akinator for years. Unfortunately it’s always had its moments when it can be a bit slow. I have two big issues with the app though. Firstly, this new bug where I get a pop up in the middle of the game that says some like “Technical difficulties” and goes on to tell me I have to start all over, that’s beyond annoying and hasn’t happened with the desktop/web version for me. Now my biggest issue, I got taken off the leaderboard or something of that sort for “Irregular behavior” just because I accidentally clicked yes when a trick appeared. Sometimes I’m just too quick to select yes, but now I’m unable to participate in the rankings. I feel like I’m being punished for something completely irrelevant. I’m pretty much banned from the leaderboard because I made a mistake, that’s just annoying especially when I dropped money on the game. Sure I can still play it but I enjoyed competing against others for top ranks. This can happen to anyone and if you try to contact them for help they’ll just ignore you, no response what’s so ever. Until I’m put back on the leaderboard I’ll leave this review unchanged for people to know what to expect. Thank you for making a great game for us, but don’t take the fun from people just because they accidentally select yes instead of no. It’s completely unreasonable.
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2 years ago, rfjhgkcnmcbvnn bb c xhx
Great but
I think that this game is very good but the only thing is that I am kinda running out of ideas to make him guess also it was taking him so long to guess stranger things and I love stranger things and it said that it was a rare character when I tried to make him guess max mayfield (stranger things) and I tried to do mike wheeler (stranger things) but it said he was also a rare character also I said that the main Charente was a alien when I tried to make him guess E.T but after I answered that he said is your main character a robot Like l literally just said that the main character was a robot also when I tried to guess stranger things it just kept saying was this actor in it and I know the actors but I mean some of them I was like ok I said Millie Bobby brown was on the show is it really hard to guess what show it is the same show that has Sadie sink in it oh yeah is like freaking slender man an actor are you serious like I just want to finally get to when he’s like oh it’s stranger things and be like I was so smart though it took me like 21 freaking questions to get it and then the picture for stranger things that I keep getting is like a guy with a camera also pls read this if your the game developers but you probably aren’t because you responded to like 8 out of like 990
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1 year ago, Pontypuff
Be Warned!
😂 it’s addicting! I love this app, but be warned, once you start, there’s no end, you will now and forever be thinking about all characters, places and things you can ask about. During shows you watch, you’ll be thinking …HEY! That character, and same with objects and places. Now you might think, hmmm, all characters, places and things have all already been used, but that’s not how it works, you just need to put in something that hasn’t been thought about in a while. No matter how long I’ve played, I’m still coming up with new black belt awards! You will too. But, if you’re watching shows with other people, you might want to write characters down, people get annoyed when all you’re doing is talking about new people, places and things you can now use! (Also remember, there are always new characters, places and things introduced every day from new tv shows and movies) 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 a while back I had issues with my WiFi, and had lost my account, it was horrible and haunted me daily because new stuff was right there but my account wasn’t, it was so depressing… lolol, I have it now and I’m so relieved 🥳 it is a super cool app! (And doesn’t try and scam money from you)
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1 year ago, swimkimswim2
I have so much to say about this, first, I LOVE how the trap system works. It is honestly soooo smart! For all of you who don’t know what the trap system is or how it works, let me explain. You try to fool the genie into not guessing your character, but there’s some people out there who don’t want to go through all of that “hard work”. So instead, they guess randomly and when they see a topic that looks rare they say “yes” even if it isn’t their character, and the game actually keeps track of this, but I think you start getting the traps after getting a black award. How the traps work? The genie will ask his normal questions. For example: if he asks you “does your animal have eyes?” And you put: “no”, if you got a black award, genie might try to give you a valid check, by guessing an animal that has eyes, even if you said no. If you say yes to his trap? You will be giving a ranking penalty. But I think these traps can be improved by probably increasing the number of them. And that’s all I have for my review. Keep up the good work, I love this game. 10/10, do recommend. (My user is “Gamer” and I’m on the black leaderboard with the catercory of animal on mar 29 lol)
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2 years ago, jammityjammer
Sometimes cons outweigh pros
I like this game and I think it’s fun. However, it has major and very frustrating flaws. I had a ton of awards and had been playing for a long time and then suddenly I open the app and it’s erased all of my progress and awards. For no reason. Then also the whole thing where you get no points if you’ve come up with a character that the genie doesn’t get on the first try. I absolutely hate that. It’s so frustrating because you get rewarded for playing extremely rare characters but only if the genie guesses it right away. That’s so silly because you should definitely get some sort of award/extra points if you’ve beat the akinator. And sometimes the genie’s questions are really bad and it just repeats things a bunch of times so even if you are doing a pretty common character it won’t ask you normal questions so there’s no way to actually play that character. Then there’s the ads. There are so many ads on this game and they’re often unskippable for at least 15-30 seconds if not more. It’s annoying because I paid for this game so it seems unfair that I have to also watch so many ads on top of the price I paid. When this game is fun, it’s really fun. But lately it’s been shrouded by extremely frustrating glitches and about 4 times the amount of ads than normal.
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3 years ago, Riley Baumgardner
OMG! I recommend this app for you! He literally guesses everything. The only thing he had not guessed in the past 20 minutes was a movie called Clue! I totally recommend this app! You will not regret it at all! I wanted this app for fun, thinking it was not legit. So, I got the game. When I went into the game, the Home Screen looked so legit. But, of coarse I thought it was not. So I noticed you can change the categories and I chose Animal. He guessed it right but I figured it was just a coincidence. I then did a person. He guessed it right! I then noticed it might be legit. I kept on playing for about 10 minutes. Then he finally got it wrong a bunch of times and I had to tell it what it was. Anyways, I then kept on doing it for another 10 to 15 minutes and he kept getting it! I have done all the categories now. You see, this is my first day playing it so I am probably going to make another Review of some changes or something like that. You see, this game isn’t just legit, cool, and challenging. It is also fun! You have to be creative too in order for him to not guess it. Anyways, I totally recommend this app to you all! Trust me, you won’t regret it! Enjoy it!
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3 years ago, AuggieGurl
Ok, so I downloaded this to play with, so I didn’t expect anything. I legit had him guess Cas, Dean, and Sam from Supernatural cuz I love the show. And before I say this next part, I want you to know I’m not one of those attention seeking idiots who say “omg it guess my name and my address!” Ok? Just so we get that clear. I SWEAR this is true. Ok, so, a week or so ago, I had a dream telling me something pretty personal about myself. I’m not gonna say it, but yeah. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently, but then I downloaded this. After playing with it for a bit, I went to “objects” and thought of something more, kinda spiritual, you know? Not gonna say that either. Sorry if you’re a very curious person! Anyhow, it didn’t guess what I was thinking of, but, from the DEPTHS OF MY BRAIN, (apparently) it guessed what I was told I was in my dream from a week ago. And I haven’t told ANYONE about the dream! Kinda scary, ngl! Well, if you were willing to read this long thang, you are the best and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You are EXTREMELY patient, and a review reading weirdo like me! You’re awesome! Also download this it’s a good game (only if you wanna tho)! :D -A
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2 years ago, ☃︎winter lover ☃︎
nice game
ok, its not that bad. Like it can easily make someone play it to 6 hours or 10 hours, i think its a great game!Your kids would love it I wouldn’t be surprised if a kid, played it for 11 hours and stayed up at night. I think 4+ would play the game but i didn’t check if it was 4+ soo… yeah lol. Anyways, this is great game and it guesses 1 wrong or 0 wrong, its impossible if a kid, wouldn’t like the game. Kids are all over stuff like they think a lot of stuff is cool like guessing what the character is, thats what this game basically is. Its a great game it looked like they really worked, on the game and we should be appreciate the hard work, they did on making the game even if you don’t like the game. This game is a great game because 1.Kids would 100% like the game. 2.great game for kids, 3.10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, year olds would play it even 4. It guesses isn’t that cool? 5.that can just be guessing guessing for years because a lot of people, play it its not like people just say random thingsss!? who, would do that? NOT ME anyways great job on the game! Click Here To See More[clicks] ok, anyways because you clicked] are you hungry guess your food!
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5 months ago, Yotsuba Amae/ Lily-Chan!
I feel they are wrong and right
Tons of people are saying “This game listens to you”, and I think that could be true, but I also don’t believe it. Those people do sound kind of paranoid, but I don’t think they are. Also, they are saying that the game is asking them for their address? Actually I only read one review on that. Still. At first, this game would beat me every time, but, and, I’m an anime fan, after I tried objects and movies/TV shows, it felt like the AI was giving up. It could just be the fact that it’s not that popular but still. I would do characters and ALMOST every time he’d get it, but not every time. I’m scared of this game after reading the reviews, but it’s still fun. I’m still a little concerned for them though, because someone said it was asking them for personal information, and another person said They had a dream where they were told stuff, and then they played later and it asked them stuff from that dream. ???? okay??? Creepy though. Anyway, Thanks for reading this incredibly long review. The world is what you make it. Bye!
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2 years ago, Scarlet_Shadow
Fun Idea!
DONT WORRY: the game is not some weird black magic thing, and Akinator isn’t real. I don’t want to ruin anything by saying how the creators did it, but I just want to let anyone out there who’s scared know that this is just a cute, fun game. It may seem a little sketchy, but it’s not bad. And when it asks to track you across apps, it means to see what you’re playing so it knows what you like and will set up personalized ads just for you. Perfect for when you don’t want to see those cheesy, “today” games. I got this game after I saw the YouTuber DanTDM playing it, and I decided to get it since it seemed fun. Well, it is!!! I think the concept is great, and the rewards and daily challenges are a nice touch. The only problem I have with Akinator so far is making it so people can have longer usernames. It’s pretty hard for me to come up with one that’s under seven letters/numbers. But overall, I really like the app! Please take my suggestion into account, and possibly add it in the game. Thank you so much for reading this! And for anyone who’s interested in getting the app, I say go for it: it’s free to play(I think so, when I got the app it was free), a fun concept, and ads are so far only every two-three rounds, and when you guess a REALLY rare character.
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2 weeks ago, skotshim
Good and fun game, but can be difficult and frustrating
This game is good overall and is very fun to play, but there are some factors that can make playing the game frustrating. First of all, sometimes when I guess a character and it will say “you are thinking of a rare character!” Or something like that, and it will tell me to either watch a video or buy something to redeem my character. When I watch a video and say that he got my character correct, it will sometimes, actually most of the time, give me a standard, bronze, or silver. I have gotten these rewards without watching a video or buying anything. This is frustrating because when I think I finally got a rare character, it will do what I said and give me a common reward. Another thing is that it is really good at guessing characters…mostly. You see, I feel like sometimes it will not ask enough questions for your character, and then he’ll get it wrong. This happens way too much to me and it is really frustrating because I feel like I cannot say no because he won’t give me the reward. Though the game has its flaws, it is still very fun. It’s fun to see the Akinator guess your character, especially for the first times.
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12 months ago, yvv TV g
Good interest
Where I first got this app it was because I was watching a lot of people play with it and when I got it, it wasn’t so bad. I realize that there was a lot of goals that I could get. It was a lot of fun obtaining all of them. Especially my favorite people my favorite people are most like it’s funny while stars characters and my favorite YouTubers it gives me a bunch of pictures, and when I screenshot them, they give me a bunch of happiness, especially painter darker or even anything that involves a pencil and paper and drawing is very good even if you wanna know about somebody like let’s say that I’m just getting random things. I’m just figure out what a cute his life I will figure out about the character and then I can talk more about it and search it up. It’s a very good at the search up random things and probably get the most craziest reaction. Sometimes it can be scary. Sometimes it can be funny and sometimes cute. There’s a lot of things in this iPad. Expect a lot of people to know about so if you download this app, I promise you you have a good expectations🌸.
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4 weeks ago, SaffronFlipaclip
I found some bugs but great! ⚠️Pls read⚠️
So first of all this is really impressive! I’m autistic so sometimes while answering questions I answer weird and then he thinks of something different (I personally think it’s funny) but I still enjoy the app. Definitely something to be proud of, developers! Also, before we get to the bugs I found, can I make a suggestion? I think maybe add a new category called “events” or something where you think of a historical event and akinator tries to guess it. If not, that’s ok :) now, bugs: 1. I play this on iPad just so you know. But anyways, when I try to make my account it keeps giving errors each time although I do everything right. Maybe it’s just a temporary bug and I should go try again now, I’ll have to see. 2. If akinator guesses something right and I tap yes, nothing happens and the screen gets stuck. Pressing any other buttons doesn’t work, so I have to restart the app. Now if he guesses right I just press the home button and play again, so I’m dealing with it, but maybe fix it. But like I said, very impressive and fun for when you’re bored, I totally recommend! ❤️❤️
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2 months ago, a Great Game: Not Perfect!
In 2024, Such An Amazing App!
I’d rate this a 4 1/2 because it took the AI forever to guess “your younger brother (family)” and I literally had to find it in the list of names. Like- I said that he was younger than me after he asked “is your character younger than you” and the Akinator, after that was like “is your character older than you?” I think it was a part of the game either to add more time to it, or to joke around with it, but overall, this game is amazingly awesome and fun. I just started yesterday and have like 20+ awards n stuff. In addition, I would like to say, they don’t include like- very un-popular and underrated people or animals like “the loudest purring cat” or “the longest cat” or “the youngest writer”I tried making the Akinator guess Dorothy (forget her last name), the youngest writer, and I had to put it in the game because they didn’t even have it. But it’s not a surprise. It would be a surprise if they did because you wouldn’t know how they even found that person. Anyway, great game! Please try it out and give it a rate after one day of using it! Thanks!
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4 months ago, Hzlshkshs
Zayden ❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜
❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜OK, this is a very good app. That’s why making this review. this is a very good app almost every character I put in they can guess it and I like that a lot. I could play this stuff all day and all night. It’s really a good app. I would play it all day if I could it’s a very, very good app, but I like other apps, but this one I like a lot, but there’s only a few things that might need changed OK because I like this app a lot but this should be a game that doesn’t need Wi-Fi cause like I could play this all day and I bet other people could too cause it can literally read your mind no most and even when they get it wrong, they still come up with more good ideas and I bet a bunch of people like that and there’s way more things I like about this app like I can guess one of your family members or dogs or you or your imaginary friend like oh my God what else can it guess you could probably guess what object you’re thinking I really like this game. I hope you get more good reviews like this cause this game is amazing.❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜
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4 months ago, meismeh
Overall entertaining and fun
I do love this game, very addictive. It brings back memories, my old friend and I loved playing this and figuring out a way for it to not guess what we’re thinking! It cant keep you entertained as long as you have things in your brain. With that, if you have something on your mind you can probably just mess around with this until he gets it. I have one complaint: please fix the bug where all your coin disappears! I had 3,000 and I get back on and I have 0 again. Please fix this, it’s actually surprisingly frustrating. I also have an ideo/suggestion! Maybe, you could make songs and bands a theme? Because boy do I love my music. Like, you could think of a song and he’d try to guess it? And same with bands, maybe not just bands, maybe groups of people, but maybe you want to think of a whole group of people instead of the individuals, and you know more about the band than you do about the members. So I feel like those would help improve the game! If you read my review, thank you! I hope you consider my suggestions and try to fix the bug! Have a wonderful day❤️
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12 months ago, 𝙲𝙷𝙰𝚁𝙻𝙴𝙴❤️❤️❤️
Don’t listen to them!🤷🏻‍♀️
Some People are saying this game is bad but it’s actually really addicting.. so U think of a character and then u answer some questions abt the character and he tries to guess the character and the fun part is that I’d no one has guessed that character in a while u get a badge, for example if u guess a character that someone else already guessed like 10 minutes ago then u get silver, and if u guess a character that was last guessed 3-4 sum hours ago u get a bronze, and if u guess a character that was used abt 11 days ago u get a gold and there was 2 other badges something and black badges but I don’t think I’ve gotten them before :) but anyway it’s a great app,rlly addicting and don’t judge how fun it is off of what I’m saying bc when u have never played this before and u look at this it sounds kinda boring so try it ! If u don’t like it then your def missing out! If ur a kid and don’t want to approach anything inappropriate then it will ask u if u want to make it safe and friendly so there is a kid option! Stay safe❤️🫶🏻
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2 years ago, gaming with kaiki
this app is hilarious, I love it!
A solid five star rating for this app, I just started playing and oh my gosh! I love it! I was just chilling in my bed and I wanted to get a new game for my iPad since I play the same games every day and it is super hard to beat them anyway, offense to the creators who made the apps I have, it’s just they can get a little boring if I am bored myself, so I search for games and I found this one on recommended, I clicked on a messed around with it well I figured out how to use this app, and I finally figured it out and I remembered because I used to watch videos about this game and people guessing, and I did have the game on my TV, but I didn’t play as much, no I’m not to say this in a bad way this game was extremely scary seeing how it’s just a little pixelated character guess things so well! I love how you can pick different subjects if you don’t want to just do characters, and know what he’s talking about the prices, THEY ARE SO CHEEP! And when prices are cheap I know I’m going to click on a purchase, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GAME!
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3 years ago, 𝗖𝗼𝗼𝗸𝗶𝗲 𝘄𝗼𝗺𝗮𝗻
This is an amazing game!
Your probably reading this review to see if you should get/keep this app or not. So here’s my review. I feel like this game may need a few changes but otherwise it’s amazing. I feel like the game should have music, when I played it looked cool so I played but well I was answering the questions there was no music It made me feel a little weird cause I’m really used to playing games with music. But this game had no music, I really hope this game will get an update with music in it because I like games more with music. The next issue is that you have to pay for the clothing to put on the genie. I really wanted to change his but the only thing I could change was the outfit the only outfit I could change the genie into was a blue robe dress thing I was kind of tired of the clothes he had so my only option was to give him the blue robe dress. Please make those changes to the game I would be really happy If that would happen! If you make those changes this game would be perfect for me. Bye hope you see my other reviews! Cya in another review if I do!💖❤️😻🧞‍♂️👋🏻✌🏼
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2 years ago, Blue boiii
This app rlly knows what i’m thinking💀
Okay soooooo i saw an ad of this on a game i was playing, so i was bored anyways so i downloaded it- it seemed normal at first and all but then i kept on thinking of things before i started playing the game, so i thought of my bff, and then when it asked if she was a girl it said do u have a personal relationship w/this person and i was like 👁👄👁💧erm yah i do and then he kept on asking me other questions and it got my question right, so then i started to freak out like HOW R U DOIN THIS TO ME??? and then i was like the next time it gets it right ima make this genie walk out the door no joke 🫵👉🧞‍♂️🚪So then i was watching transformers (don’t judge me alr i was bored:,|) So then i was thinking of bumblebee and it got it right- idk how he does this magic stuff but it’s rlly cool and fun :) but if u just wanna have fun and play a guessing game this i would think this is a game for u my friend:)) so if ur bored i would download this game bro it’s scary but fun- uk since it like reads ur freaking mind even tho u didn’t even say what u were thinking of💀
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6 days ago, Smcefwhbdvskbjjvbjskdbv
I think this is really a fun game this has ads but I mean everything has ads no matter what now these days so I think it's fair. I really really like the medles but I think it should be easier to get the gold becase I haven't yet. I like the daily challenge and it's a fun game that reads your mind. Some people think it's creepy. It's not I don't know how it is it's just technology they don't spy on you they use a method it's really an amazing app and I really recommend getting this if you have some time to kill and is kind of up for a small challenge than akanatir is perfect. The only reason I gave it a four and not a five is because if you want to customise the akinator it take a lot of coins and to get clues on what the daily challenge. And finally I'm sorry this is really long it's just through but anyway I hope you take this review into consideration before downloading the app. Nothing really against app totally safe and fun thank you for reading and 👋good bye Edit: if your of young age than please turn on the sensitivity filter because there might be inappropriate things on there
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2 years ago, Avery Hamburg
This game is absolutely amazing! It’s so crazy and confusing. I have thought of the most random people for example, Anthony Burrell, and they guessed it! If you don’t know who he is, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s crazy because sometimes it would take a second to ask the next question like it was simply thinking about what to ask next. I imagine it would be saying “Hmmm, ooo!” Like a human would do. It’s so crazy and I love to play. But sometimes you think about someone that YOU would think is super random, but many people have actually guessed them before and they guess it within 5 guesses which blows my mind. What is also good about the game is there is one option that says “ I don’t know “ and it’s very helpful because just like some of our characters, some of the questions are sort of random. For example some questions can be like “Is their favorite color orange?” And I’m like, “I have no idea!”🤣Love the game and I think it would be super fun for you as well as it is to myself! 100% recommend!
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2 months ago, I Love😍😍😍 this Game
Does it know everything really?
Does the Akinator know the newest things on the internet? Like if a game came out this year in 2024 would he know it? Or would you have to update the game or something? He is a good ai. But I can fool him. Not by just clicking random buttons but with the things he mentions. Like when he said if my character is involved with fire. Yes it is but he got it wrong he said “Lava Monkey” (from gorilla tag) but what he didn’t ask me was if it was involved with fire but not fire all the time. He got it wrong but then I clicked gorilla (gorilla tag) because he got it wrong. But I still like to use the newest games I could think of to see if he knows them. Also could you add like a type a response bar. Because I want more interesting questions about the person because just having “no, yes, don’t know, probably, probably not.” Is just the same old same old. I want to express my feeling more than that. I’m not saying get rid of the options just add a typable response bar.
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2 years ago, turkyboyyyyy
Awesome app
This app is a great app by far the best app I have. I saw some youtubers such as LaurenZside, DANTDM, and Prestonplaz use this app. They are some of my favorite youtubers so when I saw them using the app I knew I just had to try it. Oh boy is this app awesome. It as just enough adds and if people complain about the adds then to them. Listen ALL APPS HAVE ADDS!!! Anyways this app is awesome. It guesses almost all the characters I put in and aks great questions that everyone should know the answer too. So really it is a awesome app that keeps me busy. And to the developers I think you should add a mode where he can guess books. That's just a silly suggestion anyway. I have put in guesses that I didn't even think he'd know. But he knew it alright and he was fast with it to. I have put in so many characters in this app and for the whole time I have had this app (3 years) he has only not been able to guess 23 of my guesses. To me that is not much. So thank you developers for creating this awesome app. I hope you read this.
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12 months ago, Play this game now😊👍
The most amazing game in the App Store
If you see this game you should wonder should I download this game or not but you always have to but if you don’t want to it’s fine but the people who already have this game it’s amazing it can read your mind I played it so many times when I just even played it and thanks to my mom who download this game for me and people have been saying like this I don’t like this game I just read it like a zero out of 10 but that is FALSE!! And no one should say that to this game I cremator is the best game on the App Store if you read this text can you download the game ask your mom if they say yes your mom is the best mom in the world please thank your mom’s or Dad’s or grandpa or grandma‘s download it on every iPad of your friends or on phones this game is amazing you should not skip this even if it is too long so please please just write and give lots of stars to the Akinator you try to think hard like it could be Taylor Swift or Rihanna or even Youtubers so please just read this text
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2 years ago, Cholemiabj
I said get the app now!
Mister Genie 🧞😉 this is a note for everyone even you so all you love full kids of his game I want you to quit waiting and download it if you have it already you are very very smart and those of you reading this that don’t have the game need to read quickly and listen to me 👂 ok? So once your done reading I want you to get out of the comments and press install. Thank you 🙏 for your time today god will bless you. Now for mister genie 🧞 I love you and your games genie I want to know if you will pray for me I will pray for you but for now let’s pray together ok. Lord I thank you 🙏 for everything that you have done for us I pray you will help me and everyone else live when I die I want to be at least 1200 years old before I leave and will I be the oldest person on earth? I pray to be the most cute 🥰 fox 🦊 also SUPER DUPER sly #Super sly in the name of lord amen 🙏 thanks ☺️ for the your time goodbye 👋 This is still my favorite 🤩 game why am I still here? Bye 😘
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4 years ago, thecatabdfoodlover111111
Love this app!
I love this app it’s amazing and in my option it could use more work. I don’t like how it has in app purchases although it might not be something that big of a problem to complain about it’s just me personally I hate in app purchases because it can sometimes leave to scams or bait. So just to take pro caution I don’t want to buy anything in the app but that’s just me. You can try it and see if it doesn’t scan for your money but just in case I wouldn’t put information about you or stuff like that. But again I have NOT tried it because I’m afraid if it’s a scam. And I don’t like how you have to watch an ad to see your rare charecter. Because it could be the opposite charecter you picked and it could be a waste of your time. And some tips to outsmart the akinator (if you want to) i think you should think of a hard charecter some of your family or friends don’t know about or you can press yes a bunch of time or no a bunch of times. I hope this review helps to improve this game a little bit more but other then that it’s a good app or else I wouldn’t be writing this review (:
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3 years ago, DianeyFan1
Fun, but not great enough for 5 stars
Don’t get me wrong, this game is fun to use and the questions it asks makes the game guess good answers, I don’t play it all the time, it’s not a game where you do that, but I will play it with my family and friends once in a while. Because it is not a game where you play it 24/7, I have to give it a 3. The other reason is because of some of the questions it asks. Questions that people have a great chance of not knowing: so that is another star off. It’s fun and underrated, so I recommend you play. Just not all the time or it might get boring. The daily quests are fun and the awards you can win are all fun and great and it is not a waste of my storage space. I still have it downloaded and I play it about two to three times a week, so it doesn’t get that old, but play it for three hours straight and it will get boring. Play for 20 minutes and it is still cute and fun. The Akinator can guess lots of things, such as objects, items, movies and tv shows, animals, and characters. Very fun and highly recommend! Thanks for being a part of my childhood Akinator❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!
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2 years ago, AnnieDoki
Not so thought through
The original game you’d play on your computer before they started aggressively forcing players to get this app was about STUMPING the genie. Now it’s about making him get it right..? Kinda of backward but whatever, in theory you could still play the game the same. Sadly though that’s not the case here. You don’t get rewards unless he guesses whatever you’re thinking of right away, but you get less rewards for thinking of tendu/popular characters. So if he just doesn’t figure it out right away, guesses wrong, then guesses write three more answers later you don’t get rewards..? Seems ridiculous to see a big red x (no exaggeration, it’s cheesy like that) slapped over a big reward because their genie didn’t ask the write questions or whatever..? Especially since it forces you to watch a thirty second ad EVERY GAME. thirty seconds of gameplay for thirty seconds of ad seems pretty outrageous. You can pay to not deal with ads but if I can’t even get rewards in your game properly I’m not dishing out cash, even if it is only $4. Seems like a scam to have that many ads but whatever, this is kinda modeled after a classic free game.
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2 months ago, Ethan DeHart
REALLY GOOD but not perfect
The game is EXTREMELY FUN he guesses your character, object, WHATEVER almost ever time on the first round but some things are weird. One way it’s weird is they’re awards in the game for losing.. on the first round why do you get an award for LOSING??? Second way it’s weird is if you DO lose on the first round you see other awards/ WWE belts but you CANT get them? You can play forever and him not guess it and it will say “To get the Aki award I need to guess your *WHATEVER mode you picked* on my first try.” So they need to fix h those but other than that the game is AMAZING you can pick from 4 modes Person, Object, movies and tv shows, and animals and he will ask you yes or no questions and yup or answer them he gets a guess and even if you don’t know your character well just click “I don’t know” and it’s fine and if you accidentally click the wrong answer you can go back to the previous question so there’s some small bugs and weird things in the game like some of his questions but other than that the game is WONDERFUL.
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6 years ago, ShopperPA
AWESOME but some issues
After reading all the other reviews I was on the fence of getting this game. My friend recommended this to me and so I got it anyways. There aren’t any issues except for ads every time he is going to say the answer. I personally hate ads but about 5 seconds into the ad it gives an option the skip. So now that’s not really a big problem. The reason I didn’t give this game 5 stars is because of child locks. With child locks off there may be some inappropriate questions that come up, with child locks on it keeps the adult characters as VIP’s which you have to pay to see. So basically it’s a choice between payment and inappropriate questions. I would rather choose a non existent choice of no payment and no inappropriate questions. The game is very fun and addicting as you can come up with any obscure character answer questions and win awards for guessing that specific character. You can change what the genie looks like and he even knows when you are just making something up or playing randomly. I got Akinator a while ago and still occasionally play it. I recommend this game.
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2 years ago, can a bear and boo-boo bear
This game is so fun!!!!!!!
You guys should really play this game 🤯it’s so fun but it kid it gets this one this one was like a semi cat by the way that should really watch Sam and cat to support two at one skies anyways if you don’t play it then I don’t know what you’re gonna do for fun you think you’re having fun but you’re boring if you’re not playing this game I’m trying not to be mean you guys should really play this game also if you go to Cortina 😺meet me I’ll be at lunch go back sickly breakfast anyways if you don’t go to Christina then you should really go to it I’m trying to do three anyways so you guys should really play this game it’s so AMAZING guys so you guys should really play it if you don’t I don’t know who you are if you don’t know so don’t read any of the bad comments please play it with it game this is so fun see you I love this game🫶🏻 also guys I tried guessing Barbie👩🏼 and he got it anyways you should really play this game
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4 years ago, DinosaurOfTruth
Problem Gameplay
Look, this app is pretty cool. It’s impressive and whatnot. Sure, there are WAY too many ads, but it’s still fun to mess with for a few minutes. The problem comes when you check out the gameplay. The game encourages you to try to think of obscure characters. This would be fine, but when the game doesn’t recognize the characters, you don’t get any points. Not only that, but if the AI can’t figure out what character you’re going for on the first guess, it doesn’t give you any points. So when you actually manage to stump the AI, the game doesn’t give you anything. On top of this, the game has started giving players trick answers. Basically, the game gives the wrong answer to your character to see if your game is valid. This is super annoying. It happens too frequently, and on too many low point answers. The questions are often repetitive to an annoying level. The game will ask me if the character is from America (yes) and right after ask me if the character is from India (dude, were you even listening?) The genie is also kind of ugly. It’s annoying to have to look at the same ugly face despite customization options.
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4 years ago, 🤪The Demogorgan Hero🤪
It’s good but to me it gets boring for a little while
I love the game it was so much fun! But...it became boring after I played it a few more times and it’s not a bad game it’s just that I never new what else to think of and the more I answered the same questions the more I lack of even having a brain cell. I’m not hating on it I’m just saying because it just got boring for a while so if you want to download this app you can it’s just that if you do the same questions over and over again you might end up like me! Now having that much brain cells. But they will grow back if you just read a page of you messages you sent to your friends and family on your phone, iPhone, or tablet or just read a baby book and your brain cells will start coming back, trust me you would love to get the game because you tubers play it 24 . 7 but still if you want to try it go ahead I’m not trying to get you scared by not getting the game it’s not that ok! don’t think that at all I’m just making a review that’s all. But if you think that then stop reading this right now.
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4 years ago, Juliana_AnDIOoP🦋
I am confused 😳🥵😒
I really don’t understand the point of this game. I am very disappointed. Akinator is boring. All you do is challenge the genie and THATS IT. I wish there was some reward for when you “out-smart” the genie. Also, the genie isn’t really reading your mind. All he is doing is taking your answers to his question and matching it to a person, animal, or object. Does that seem like mind reading to you??? Yes, people could point out that you get things like the the Aki Award and dressing up the genie but that is LAME and it cost coins. One thing that makes zero sense to me is the answer selection you have to choose. Sometimes you can’t find a answer that would make sense for a question and you have to pick a answer that just doesn’t make sense 🙄. I would not have recommended this to a friend. This game is very confusing and I think these fails should be updated. Before I end this, I just want to say that this is Respectful Criticism and I don’t encourage you guys to spread hate on content that people have spend years on. This is simply just to share my ideas of improvement for Akinator. PEACE✌️😗 🍵
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4 years ago, Allygamergirl
Great game but still pros and cons
This game is great it's really fun to win aki rewards and dress up your genie but there is won thing I still don't really like, one time I was doing a youtuber and it guessed wrong I said yes because I thought it would give me points but instead it said it was a trap I didn't know that there would be traps I only thought it would give me points it's understandable that I got a warning for that, but another time I was doing the Incredible Hulk and it looked like it guessed it it looked exactly like the hulk but when I said yes I lost all my points in the ranking to be fair I didn't read what the name said but I'm sure that I'm not the only one who does that a lot I just think that you it should be changed. This is just one thing I don't like about the game, overall the game is pretty good. Another thing is that I just don't think there's that much to spend GZs on, haven't played the game that long but I'm pretty sure the only thing to spend them on is new outfits but some people would get those really easily, after you buy all the outfits what's the point of GZs now?
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4 years ago, Puddinpop
How can he read my mind?!? But some improvements can be made
I was so, well shocked when I did this. It’s like I have something attached to my mind and then to the iPad, but that’s not the case! The thing that I LOVE is child mode, but when I tried doing the YouTuber denis daily it couldn’t get it because child mode was on, but since I’m a kid, I didn’t want to turn child mode off. So I couldn’t do him! But he got almost everything else I did! Sarah Jeffery, Lady kluck, and many more! It’s an amazing app but I do have some issues 1. Customizing the genie: I really like this feature the app has, but. Really don’t like how you have to keep playing to save up the gz. So maybe you can lower the price to improve that! 😀👍 2. Question dropping: with this, whenever you press No on a question he asks the bar below goes down, that means you have more stuff to answer!! This drives me nuts bot I know you can improve that 👍👍👍 It’s an AMAZING app just take that advice developers 👍
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3 years ago, eris strika
Great app but a weird glitch and questions I don’t know the answer too
Great app and akinator is insanely good at getting the questions right he never got it wrong ever I don’t know why. He is super smart. This is a really fun app but I saw a really weird glitch that was I was playing on objects mode and when I was making akinator guess I saw someone standing behind him and I stopped making him guess then made him guess again and it was gone but it might of been my eyes playing tricks on me or my imagination but I’m pretty sure I saw it. Another reason I only gave it four stars instead of five is because when I’m playing Movies and tv shows it says if a certain person has acted in the movie/tv show and I barely know the answer sometimes I have to go over to google and search up if that certain person has acted in the movie/tv show. But this app is still super fun
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4 years ago, ShadowFax505
Where’s my stuff
Was fun until it deleted all my progress I had a ton of great stuff including a black about 10 platinums and almost 20 golds. And like other people said in other reviews it gets boring. If you’re like me you’ll play it for the first few days then stop unless you think of a character that could be rare. And getting rare characters gets you points. Well there not called points I’m just trying to make it simple. Anyway these points help you customize the genie but all you get to customize is his clothing and give him a hat. But the game is actually entertaining and if you’ve watched a lot of movies, read a lot of books, played a lot of video games, or all of the above, then you can get great stuff but again the only thing you get from it really is bragging rights. The game really is fun and definitely helps pass time. I often find myself thinking about characters and then hopping onto my phone to see if anyone else has guessed them in awhile. But I dunno if it’s a problem other people are having but I lost all my progress.
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2 months ago, The Rejected combo
Just one major thing…
It’s good trust me on that but every time I try to see what a reward is it says “I stole it” and that “it’s watching me” and also it takes about 55 minutes to download when I deleted it again. I don’t know why, but the watching me part feels very creepy and personal. When I wanted to try to play a game suddenly turned into a creepy stalking game, makes me feel nervous to lose points. This happened to me in the past also a while ago. I was playing it, trying to get Chalice from Cuphead but it gave me a Link Of Zelda character though I clicked “Yes” for Cuphead. Which was strange. This is really a major issue I wanted to address in case anyone else is experiencing the same thing, this is true spoken out words from me, the player, I hope somebody can use this review in the future or see it before they play the game, it’s a drug, addicting but yet can get down slope, and when I delete it and restart all my data to a fresh page, it still remembers when I got a “Reward” “Stolen” and threatens about the points, I delete it again, and again and again and it’s a loop, a cycle in some matter. Also it is strange how I seen it say “45” to “55” minutes to download, I hope the developers can do anything about that, I don’t know if it’s a Easter egg or a bug or something. But it’s really scary for somebody who is trying to play the game, developers please fix this if you can, thank you! -Henry H
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3 years ago, American Instinct MA
Almost There…
It’s a nice app, it works as a party trick. However if you take the game more seriously and want to go for the Gold, Platinum & Black rewards for characters it then gets more annoying and the games flaws appear. It tends to try to guess way too early & you can’t get a rarity token or whatever if you don’t get the character on the first guess. My biggest pet peeve is the same rarity level system. It’s a huge flaw & I think should be fixed. See you don’t get rarity based on how actually rare your character is, but you get it based on how long it’s been since someone last guessed your character. This leads to me getting Gold on a character that Akinator says has only been played 5 times but then I get Black on a character that has been played 100 times, only because it’s a wider gap between these guesses. The rarity system should either be based purely on how often the character has been played or based on the aforementioned plus the time someone last played that character.
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1 year ago, Phaye
Oldie but a goodie
Having a lot of fun with the kids. 2 are out with the flu & this has done wonders to keep their minds off of it at times. I’m told by my teen that this is an old app. Regardless, it’s incredibly fun for them and myself. You earn coins for some reason. I cannot figure out their angle with the app because in 2023, nothings for free lol. But SO FAR my experience hasn’t been limited. I DO believe that companies can’t/should not be expected to produce apps for free. I will gladly pay for an app that’s not chance based or subscription based. So far, that’s not an option either and again… it hasn’t hindered the ability to have fun with the app. As a parent on a super tight budget, I cannot say how much I appreciate not being hit with a monthly subscription, while also keeping the app functional. Get it. It’s fun and pretty interesting to follow the computer/Genie’s process of elimination.
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2 years ago, plazma00
I was overjoyed when I saw Brendan James Fraser (/ˈfreɪzər/ FRAY-zər;[1]born December 3, 1968[2]) is an American-Canadian actor.[3] He played Rick O'Connell in The Mummy trilogy (1999–2008), and has played leading roles in numerous comedy and fantasy films, including Encino Man (1992), Airheads (1994), George of the Jungle (1997), Dudley Do-Right (1999), Monkeybone (2001), Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008), Inkheart (2008), and Furry Vengeance (2010). Fraser branched into dramatic cinema with roles in School Ties (1992), With Honors(1994), The Passion of Darkly Noon (1995), Mrs. Winterbourne (1996), Gods and Monsters(1998), Crash (2004), Journey to the End of the Night (2006), and Gimme Shelter (2013). In addition to film acting, Fraser has had successful roles on television, including in the History miniseries Texas Rising (2015), the Showtime drama series The Affair (2016–2017),[4][5] the FX anthology series Trust(2018),[6] the Epix series Condor (2018), and the DC Universe / HBO Max action series Doom Patrol (2019–present). 10/10 would recommend, I decided not to jump when he guessed Brendan James Fraser.
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4 days ago, Promise, cheese pizza
W what!!?!?!👁️👄👁️
Omg like it actually read my mind I thought of Kirby’s I thought of scary games and everything 1 million times and this game is literally everything that I’m thinking of maybe I just had brain damage or maybe an Akinator was glitching and just went inside my brain like how does that work? There’s no way who made this device thing that my mom doesn’t know is that I have this game she says I can’t have any games on my phone, but I have if you know who my mom is, don’t tell her that I got this game and don’t tell him I’m keeping this game until I die boy I love it. I gave this game five stars 10 out of 10 for me baby so cool so great. I love it. I love how you can dress Akinator honestly I’m still kind of poor so I can’t dress them up, but I like it the way he is anyway he doesn’t understand what you’re thinking of AHaAhAhHaHaAh!! it was so funny 1000 out 1000 for me
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3 years ago, Cool guy 73864
Madness trying to fool him: still a little patching to do.
So this app is amazing, and I’ve barely ever won, but I used a character no submitted to Akinator yet, and 2 thoughts went through my head: 1 - the so called “rare characters” are picked at random and NEVER earn you anything other than a standard belt. The popular, easy to guess characters? Gold, black, silver all the way. For example: The Cake Castle from cup head (Baroness von bon bon) was a silver, although it was last guessed 5 hours ago. Meanwhile, Hank J. Wimbleton, main protagonist of the Newgrounds series Madness Combat, a well known character from a well known series, that Akinator can guess well? Gold award. And number 2 is one that needs fixing right away: you can’t add pictures of your new ads to Akinator yourself. They are reviewed by the team, who may not know what you meant if it is a little know character. Please add a mechanic for pics on mobile! Other than that, great, perplexing game of brain vs magic.
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4 months ago, Frackstr
In my opinion, and how I like this game
I love how this game what do you choose your own character or your own animal or your own object or own movie actors. I gave it five stars because I thought this game was very fun but I played it all the time and now I just love playing it every day every Time I go to bed I think it’s the most recommended games you should ever do. That’s why I gave it five stars it’s really really fun. I want everybody in the world to play this game. It’s like you have this Genie. You can change his clothes and you can do so many things with him. He can guess your character so many times sometimes he can’t. I really love this game. I think everybody including you. If you’re reading this, please get this game I’m not bagging I’m just saying how good this game is so check it out for yourself. this game rocks.👩🏻‍🎤🧞‍♂️🧞🧞‍♀️🐶🦊🐯🐱🐻🦁🐭🐼🐮🐹🐻‍❄️🐷🐰🐨🐔🐧🐦🐤🐺🐗🐴🦄.
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2 years ago, LivingDead4Ever
Cool but very confusing
There's no tutorial explaining what the "badges" are. I keep getting the same one. If i stump the Genie then I don't get anything. So then he tells me he has to guess what im thinking on his first try. So this is where im confused. I get points when im losing to him and he guesses correctly. When in reality, when you play this game in real life, you WANT the other person to be wrong. Then you get to go again. And you keep going until they guess. Then its their turn. My point is this. I think this "game" has the rewards wrong lol. Whoever made this either messed up or WE as the users are confused on the actual objective here. Are we to guess things we WANT him to def figure out? Or are we trying to stump him? Again, no tutorial or explanation good enough in the beginning to explain what our objective is. He's excellent at guessing correctly. So one star for effort. However, im super confused as to what my "points" are for im earning.... what those "badge" things are for.... why do i only ever get the same one... are we suppose to HELP him figure it out or MAKE him lose??? So many questions.
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