Aktiv Learning

3.5 (142)
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101 Edu, Inc.
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2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Aktiv Learning

3.54 out of 5
142 Ratings
2 years ago, alanna kl
The BEST chemistry app!
Chem101 is an amazing app that helps students (like me) practice a wide variety of problems at ones convenience as well as engage in group work in the classroom. I love the app’s simple design and opportunities to attempt homework/quiz problems up to 3X! In addition to the multiple attempts, Chem101 provides helpful hints to aid you in finding the correct answer. The only thing that could be improved is including the correct answer with an explanation if a student uses up all 3 attempts, so that they could rework the problem and understand the concepts. Love this so much more than ALEKS!
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2 years ago, Frys & Guys
I am a sophomore in college and I had to use CHEM 101 for my introductory chemistry class this past autumn quarter. Initially, I had low expectations for the entire class and its requisites; however, the CHEM 101 application alleviated my frustration with its interactive and mobile friendly approaches to the vast chemistry topics. Towards the end of the quarter, I remember talking to my professor about how CHEM 101 helped me better understand the topics we learned in class such as nomenclature, half reactions, light, lewis dot structures, and many others! Whether I was at my apartment, or on the go, it was always easy to access CHEM 101 to complete the assignments before the weekly deadline. I strongly urge many professors to use or at least consider implementing this platform for their students as it truly helped me finish the quarter strong with a B+.
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2 years ago, Taco tornado
When it comes to chemistry i truly just don’t understand sometimes! How to get an answer, how to plug into an equation, etc., can be very difficult if you were never taught the proper way to do so. Thankfully while using the Chem101 app i was actually given strong feedback with not just a description of where i went wrong but a full shown process! It is easy to navigate and the many different portals makes it easy to organize for instructors as well as not time consuming! Overall wonderful experience this semester using this app even though i’m not the biggest chemistry fan the Chem101 app made it understandable and enjoyable
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2 years ago, MByrd185
Very Helpful App!!
I’ve have taken Honors, AP, and now College chemistry and have used this app in each. The setup is super easy and the platform doesn’t change in appearance when switching from the app to the desktop version. The app allows homework assignments to be completed easily when you have a few extra minutes or even if you simply just forgot and need to do it in a hurry. I personally believe it was the only reason I learned Lewis structures and analysis problems so fast. I would recommend all instructors use this platform to better aid their students.
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3 years ago, Daylin Arseneau
Super awesome and useful with learning chemistry
I usually have a really hard time with learning chemistry. With the app I was able to get a better understanding through the many many different Resources that the app has. Chem101 is extremely useful and I love that the app makes chemistry relatively easy and fun to learn!! The app helps to break it down into smaller pieces while making it still so easy to use and extremely convenient!! I mean there’s an app for it on your phone and you can use it on your computer this app is awesome!!
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2 years ago, Curleycue00
really helpful
My college general chemistry class was taught in a flip style where we took notes on recorded videos, took Chem101 pre class quizzes, did in class practice problems and further practiced with homework problems. I found the website and the app to be extremely useful in applying and practicing the content we were learning. Most questions provide an explanation for why the answer is incorrect, or shows the process of completing the problem which was extremely beneficial to correcting my mistakes.
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2 years ago, Kaylie.Hope
Great Learning Resource!!
My professor assigns homework in Chem101, and it has been really helpful. Not only has it given me the opportunity to practice some of the tougher math concepts we have learned, which has prepared me for quizzes and exams, but it has also helped me to visualize certain concepts with interactive practice. This is a great learning resource, and I highly recommend it both for those who are struggling with particular skills and for those who just could use the extra practice to solidify what they have already learned.
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2 months ago, kene_okeke
Great app, just missing simple features
I’ve used this app for the entire year and it has served me well for the most part. The one thing that really irks me though, is the fact that there isn’t an in-app notification system. I can’t count how many times I’ve completely forgotten about assignments that were due simply because all the notifications went to my email instead of my phone directly. I feel like this is an aspect of the app can be easily corrected, and I hope it does in the near future.
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2 years ago, bekkygoonie
Highly recommend!
I used Chem101 this semester, and it was awesome! I hope all of my other chemistry classes use it. It was extremely helpful for me in learning how to solve problems. You get multiple attempts to get the problem right, and it gives you feedback every time you enter a wrong answer. The feedback tells you what you’re doing wrong, and also shows you examples of how to solve the problem correctly. This is one of the best resources I had for chemistry. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, ImperishableCat
Very solid, but is missing a couple features
First off, this app works well consistently, which is a huge plus. It does everything it needs to do, and does it well. There’s only a few things I would want changed: You can view the periodic table from the questions in the app, but you can’t zoom in on it, so if you’re on a small screen it’s pretty much useless. You can’t sign up for Aktiv learning or join a class from the app or the mobile site (IIRC,) which is a pain if you don’t have a computer or don’t take it to class. I had to leave in the middle of class and go to a computer lab to sign up. On questions where you’re given an incomplete Lewis structure to finish, you can’t reset the question to the starting state, so if you get confused by messing around with it too much, it’s hard to get back on track.
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2 years ago, Rhirhikhan1
Actually Learning Chemistry!
I take CHEM 101 and I took chemistry in high school. Although I like the class, things can be tricky in chemistry like lewis structures. The Chem 101 app is perfect though. If you get the question wrong it gives you constructive feedback, and still gives the conceptual information behind the question if you get it right. Definitely felt like i learned a lot of stuff doing my homework through the app. More importantly I was able to maintain good grades and I thank this for that!
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2 years ago, lili10121
College Chemistry
My college chemistry class used this app for homework assignments. I really liked the way stoichiometric questions were broken down, it made them easier to understand. I also liked how the solutions were fully worked out and not just an answer. There were a few occasions where the app didn’t load properly and only showed the first question in a set but other than that it was very useful!
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2 years ago, kjhjgjsvdj
Really helped me!
I struggle with chemistry a lot. Plus in college, I feel the professor would teach us the basics and we had to go off on our own and learn the more in depth stuff, which was definitely challenging. However, with chem 101, I was able to practice my skills and it even gave you tips or advice on how to solve problems. It boosted my grade significantly and gave me a great way to study. Would highly recommended you use this!
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3 years ago, Merdman1
Solid Chemistry Learning Tool
Used this app for my CHEM 101 class homework assignments. The interface works very smoothly on both mobile and laptops. I particularly like the tools to draw Lewis structures and the way it formats dimensional analysis problems. Having multiple attempts with an explanation of what was done wrong is also a plus. Built in review problems are very extensive. All in all, it’s a solid app.
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2 years ago, brambleberry21
Great homework platform
This app was nice to have during my first semester of college! I used it for homework and practice in my General Chemistry class. I loved the multiple attempts on the homework because I wasn’t afraid to attempt problems. The mobile aspect was also nice because I could do my homework on the go! The only downside is the tips after failed attempts aren’t always helpful.
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2 years ago, Winnnnniiee
Chem 101 is great!
I have been using this app since the beginning of my semester and all I have to say are good things. It is so convenient and easy to use, I am able to work on my homework while on the go! I love how it features practice problems and step by step instructions so I can always go back when I get lost. Overall, Chem 101 is a must! 👍👍😁
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3 years ago, Fashizzle chachizzle
A great tool for chemistry
Chem101 was used during my introductory chemistry course for my freshman year of college. It's easy to use website minimizes any technical difficulties while completing your homework, and their in depth explanations really help enhance your learning and correct your mistakes. Chem101 really helped me study and understand concepts, and definitely helped me achieve a grade I'm proud of in chemistry!
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3 years ago, Jenjenxxxxxoxoxoxoxozoxoxoxo
In all honesty, using Chem101 really opened me up to wanting to engage and learn more of the material that was being presented to me. Especially when at time where I didn’t understand the questions, chem 101 would often explain it to me step by step. Which is something I really appreciated. Definitely had a positive experience using the application.
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2 years ago, djdjsjjsmsmdmdn
Extremely useful
I used Chem101 for my college chemistry class. The practice problems are extremely useful as they give you 3 tries to attempt each problem and give explanations as to why your answers are wrong and how to do them so you learn from your mistakes. Chem101 is one of the main reasons for why I understood chemistry this semester!
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3 years ago, ddev2214
Great for learning stoichiometry!
Super helpful for chemistry, applies what your learning in class and makes it interactive. I found it most helpful for learning stoichiometry and practicing Lewis structures. Also really liked the multiple attempts feature on homework assignments, so you could see what you did wrong and then re-attempt the problem.
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3 years ago, Shorterhawk01
Great App!
This past semester, my Chemistry course assigned homework from Chem101. At the beginning of the year I did it all from my computer in my room, but once i found out about the app, it made my life so much easier. This app made doing homework and studying so much easier. I will definitely be using this again in my next chemistry class!!
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2 years ago, victoria o petersen
Great learning resource
Chem101 has been my favorite online learning platform that I have used so far. The homework is very relevant to the content that I learn in class, and the problems are great practice for exams. It gives very useful feedback when you get a question wrong so that you can try to see where you messed up. Love it!
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3 years ago, Kim 27 the queen
Chem101 amazing app for college students!!
We used this app for gen chemistry and it was honestly amazing. I love how you have a periodic table at your access at all times which helps a lot. Practice problems are a big help as well and the homework helps a lot when getting one wrong it gives feedback which is really helpful.
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2 years ago, 740san13
Love this app/program!!!
Chem 101 made learning course material SO MUCH EASIER. The feedback provided when you answer a question incorrectly and the chances to try again helped me work independently and to learn topics in a way that made sense to me. Would highly recommend Chem 101 to every professor and university, it truly made my class experience more pleasant.
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2 years ago, abbbeach
Very good homework software
It was easy and simple to use, and gave helpful and constructive feedback when you missed questions. The only thing is that it doesn’t always notify you at a helpful time when there is a homework due, which can be hard when you are juggling a lot. Overall, very good homework software for a college chem class!
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2 years ago, icf220
I really like this app because it allows you to visualize how the problems are worked out. I like being able to see diagrams of molecules and conversions written out thoroughly. I also like it as an app because I can do my work from my phone. Definitely recommend for homework or practice for a test!
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2 years ago, MADELINEEE M
Immensely beneficial
Chem 101 was a very helpful tool in allowing me to comprehend chemistry concepts for two main reasons: 1) The format allows you to have multiple tries on questions, which alleviates an initial fear of failure since you have multiple tries. 2) The structure for stoichiometry problems and Lewis Structure diagrams is interactive in a way that is helpful for test preparation.
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3 years ago, Sparkles521
This app was definitely helpful and convenient. I didn’t even know there was an app for my chemistry homework. I was in the car and realized I had not completed my chem homework and I didn’t have access to a computer so when I found this app on the App Store. I was so surprised, it was very easy to use. And I love it!!
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2 years ago, Ginny Ann <3 :)
I absolutely loved Chem101 for chemistry in college this year. It was so helpful and let you review if you missed the problem and helped you understand it. It also gave you 3 tries just so you had multiple chances to figure out the problem. Thank you Chem101 for helping me through chemistry!
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2 years ago, ClaireSmitten
Great practice app!
Chem 101 has made a meaningful impact on my studies. It allows me to practice mathematical and conceptual problems for upcoming exams and I love that I don’t loose all points if I don’t get the right answer at first. There’s a large variety of problems from beginner to advanced in each topic which is also great for developing understanding.
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2 years ago, jolieg997
Great tool for chemistry!
I used Chem101 for my assignments in my chemistry class. It was super easy to use, both on my phone and on my laptop. It is a very great tool to learn chemistry concepts and for studying. Chem101 offers a solution and explanation for each and every problem, making it easy and fun to learn chemistry!
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2 years ago, Hoptina
very helpful app to use
Chem101 was used for homework and extra assistance to review topics. I especially appreciated the feedback given after answering a question, which provides hints to answer correctly. This feature was most helpful to me in my Organic Chemistry class.
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2 years ago, aria sheth
My experience
Overall, my experience with chem101 was great! I was able to solve various chemistry problems through drag-and-drop, and solutions to problems were very clear and understandable. Would definitely use again!
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3 years ago, Tessa Bev
Great educational source!
I’ve only used this for my first semester so far, but it was easy to use and understand. You had access to the text book if you needed help with a problem. If you got the problem wrong it explained why and how to do it!
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2 years ago, Charbel86003
Favorite homework app
I’ve been using it for the whole semester and it has helped me a lot specially for the fact that i can download it on my phone. It’s easy to use and the feedback helps you improve your understanding and answers. Love it!
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2 years ago, Hgmgfgnm
Excellent Resource for Chemistry Class
I am very happy my professor chose to us Chem101 for our homework this semester. I have used other websites for chemistry homework, and I have found Chem101 to be the best. They’re interface for practicing lewis dot structures is amazing! Would recommend this app to everyone.
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2 years ago, janae572827
Great app!
This platform was used for homework assignments for my organic chemistry course. It was really helpful and helped me to learn the material. It’s great because you can message people on the platform with questions and they respond really quickly. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Kick da butt
Very helpful
Chemistry is a difficult subject to learn, but Chem101 makes it much easier. I used Chem101 when in class and it helped me understand concepts we were talking about much better. My favorite part was the dimensional analysis problems.
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2 years ago, rbkborrego
Great App! My favorite part of chem class.
I use this app for homework in my chem 1a class and I really liked the way it is set up. It’s super easy to use and understand, gives you three tries to get the question right, and usually gives very helpful hints.
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3 years ago, best chemistry app
Amazing app!
This app helped me understand chemistry concepts so much better! It is easy to use and gives you complete solutions after submitting a problem so you can see how to do it. I love this app so much and would recommend it to everyone! It’s awesome!
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2 years ago, khiarahmiwi
Very Helpful
I have never taken a college chemistry course, and I am not good a math. Chem 101 homework helped me out tremendously, by explaining questions I got wrong. I love the app because I was able to do my chem 101 homework on the go. With the help of Chem 101, I was able to pass chemistry with an A.
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2 years ago, smokiebear22604
Extremely Helpful for Learning
In my chemistry class, my professor made us do all our homework on Chem 101. I wasn’t very excited about it at first, but then I realized why she uses Chem 101. It was extremely helpful in my understanding and learning. Definitely recommend
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3 years ago, Yeyoskiii
So Helpful
I found Chem101 to be very helpful throughout my first semester of Chemistry. I learned how cancelling units in a conversion work and it always corrects me when I’m wrong and gives me hints. Chem101 was simple for my homework and it made it easy. I recommend every chemistry professor to use this !
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2 years ago, skymck12345
Super helpful and easy to use
This app is amazing, I had to use it for my chemistry class at university and it helped me so much with memorization, understanding concepts and so much more!! I highly recommend this app. It’s easy to use on computers and on your phone.
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2 years ago, kirstenfarhm
Helped me so much!
Chem 101 helped me with chemistry concepts very well. I loved how with the homework section, if you get a question wrong, it tells you what you did wrong and hints at how to get the right answer. Overall it was a very good program!
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2 years ago, Kalyn Wead
Very useful!
This app was not only useful in learning material for my general chemistry class for college, but helped me prepare for tests and quizzes. The tools and types of questions are very customizable and makes your learning very easily accessible and optimal. Great app for chemistry!
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3 years ago, mikaalmendra
My college Chem 103 class used the website during class and i found there was an app so I downloaded it! It made completing assignments quick and easy. I recommend using this app.
Show more
2 years ago, Chagonda
Solid App
Helped a bunch in chem if your professor uses this and actually uses the various features. My only problem is the price, but it’s not bad and better than iclicker, at least for the good grade.
Show more
2 years ago, Dannylongboards
5 star reviews have to be fake
Don't know how this app has any good reviews, really wish my teacher used Pearson that helps you through things when you can't figure it out, instead even if you get the answer wrong it doesn't even tell you. The openstax tab that it recommends doesn't even have the information to solve the problems you're working on. Absolutely terrible app
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2 years ago, finnerstagram
Useful App
I really enjoyed working with Chem101. I liked working with ah interactive sort of program, I learned a lot with the examples. It was useful to be able to do this on my laptop and my phone.
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