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Last update
2 months ago
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User Reviews for AL.com

4.49 out of 5
15.3K Ratings
4 years ago, CaesarMob
Please move ads
The end of almost every single article is covered by an ad with no way to make the end visible. Love the site but I would actually like to finish an article one day.
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4 years ago, Huntsville Golfer
New Version a Step Back
This app has been my “Go-To” source for Alabama news for a long time. Unfortunately the new version has made it difficult to use for that purpose. Seems like too much emphasis has been placed on graphics which takes up much of the headline pages. It is also irritating that the screen constantly jumps back to the top making it almost impossible to read more than just the top few articles. Please resolve these issues and go back to providing easy access to the articles. I appreciate the content, just cannot get to it easily.
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5 years ago, Shibby_Dude :D
Great Alabama News Source!!
This is a great app and news source for keeping up with the state. It’s nice to see something for Alabama not be vehemently conservative biased. There are always timely topics and deep thought put into much of their stories and it’s a great place to keep up with events in the state, since our state isn’t exactly very noteworthy among other apps. All in all, I can’t really find anything to gripe about.
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6 years ago, DustyG1234
Biased Ad-plagued App
If you enjoy biased News reporting, and an App full of intrusive Ads, then this is the App for you! You would be better off to sell your soul to the prince of darkness, and spend each morning watching CNN, while reading the physical print version of the Newspaper. Oh, wait, you CAN’T, because we don’t have one any more. Really a shame that this Media company hasn’t figured out that they are destroying themselves by their Bias... I guess shutting down the print version wasn’t a big enough warning sign.
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5 years ago, Victoria Mac
Some grammatical and spelling errors , too left leaning
I’m an avid news reader, regularly reading six different sources per day. I am distracted by poorly written leads and stories that even my high school teachers would have ranted about. I often see errors here that could easily be proofread and corrected. In addition, wish the writers could present facts without personal bias, like real journalists used to do.
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5 years ago, Lee Griffith
Too biased in news coverage
I think you forget that a great many of your readers are conservative. You need to move editorial’s to a separate section where they are not in the middle of news articles. After all, these are only opinions, not news. Please do not criticize President Trump so very much. I feel he has done a lot for our country and could make great progress in getting the illegal immigrants out of our country with some cooperation.
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4 years ago, BigSouthHunter
App continually crashes.....
I’ve had this app for years and depend on it for local news and sports. When it works, which is very rare these days, is good. Here recently, this has been one of the worst apps I’ve ever downloaded!! After opening, when it does, it closes/glitches immediately. Very, very annoying!!! Please hire a real app IT developer/company to re-develop and/or over see this app. I would be utterly embarrassed to put a product out like this!!!
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4 years ago, dumby alert
Worst collection of columnist (not journalist)
I only have the app to keep up with sports. I start to read the news in other sections and immediately realize the it is written with a total leftist reflection. The same articles will have a poll in it asking a question which will only have the response that the writer wants the results to show. You can’t disagree with them. The app did away with discussions because it’s “their way or the highway”. Reflection of the new America. So sad.
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8 months ago, Powerguy999
News is great…app could use some work
News articles provided are great and timely. App could use some work…freezes up regularly after only a few minutes of use, assuming due to large number of ads. Not disputing the need for ads for a free app, just that the performance of the app could be improved.
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5 years ago, SpFtreader
Review from a former journalist
Your news is not up to date. Not sure what your news cycle is but I find it inadequate. Also, the majority of your news is Birmingham north. I live in the Mobile area. The weekly newspaper Lagniappe is my best news source down here for real stories .
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4 years ago, sfurr
A complete disaster
App upgrade is a complete and unmitigated disaster. The old one was much better. This one is totally worthless. It looks like an Instagram account with very little information. Rarely updates. Slow and completely dysfunctional. Truly one of the worst app upgrades I have ever seen. I have lost complete confidence in their ability to report news.
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4 years ago, CarltonR55
A Fresh Breeze Across Alabama
It is exciting if not exhilarating to run across anything “Alabama” that is intelligent as well as non-extremist and of which I’m not embarrassed to refer to with friends and acquaintances outside our state and region. Great insightful site!
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5 years ago, AUpaps
News coverage is timely; but, sports coverage, other than football slow to nonexistent.
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5 years ago, The ghost of william trotter
We need a daily paper.
In a city with staggering and growing illiteracy now more than ever a daily paper is needed. A newspaper has shelf life. It can be passed around in the barbershop or beauty parlor. It is impossible to gather information on the activities of neighborhoods via social media. A daily paper can be a tool to help keep government officials accountable and citizens informed. Name one great city that does not have a daily paper.
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2 years ago, VoiceOver user.
Great overall, but ...
Old issue resurfaced. Today is June 5, 2022. With the most recent update—about two weeks ago—ads are again intruding into articles, making reading them difficult. Rarely, one can get through an article uninterrupted , which is wonderful. With the latest update, there is a Close button—which, at least now, usually works— next to the popup ad, but that button evades VoiceOver. Therefore, when an ad pops up, VoiceOver users must go through a rather clunky process to find the Close button and close the ad. Vut, as soon as _that ad is closed, _another one pops up, and one must repeat the process. This can happen numerous times during a given article. And, don’t even get me started on when that sort of thing happens if one is in Around The Web, assuming that one was able to read the entire article. Please fix this issue. There have been brief periods when the app worked like a charm, and received 5 stars from me. I do not want to have to delete the app, as I get much out of the material presented therein. There are still issues with the Search feature (see my previous reviews, which follow. Reinstalling the app, of course, didn’t alleviate these issues. New update; bug fixed quickly; back to 5 stars for now. Previous reviews below. There have always been ups and downs with this app; but, for the last little while, it was working quite well. However, with the most recent update, as of around April 8, 2022, the app is again almost unusable. The most frustrating issue is that, when a notification arrives and one clicks it, the _article that initiated the notification generally doesn’t come up, but you are taken to the most recent top stories. If that notification is from several days ago—and you are just now getting to it—you will not find that article in the latest news. So, you bring up Search; but, if you don’t enter the exact wording of the article’s title, or the exact keyword, you won’t find it anywhere. Finally, if one is scrolling through “Around the Web” after reading an article, and choose to read something, the Back button no longer takes you back into Around the Web, but takes you back to the original article—and Around the Web disappears. Again, as of three days ago, ads again pop up, sometimes with no way to close them (because the Close button doesn’t work), thus preventing reading the rest of the article or making reading it difficult. I don’t want to have to delete the ad again—as I was forced to do at one point several years ago when it wasn’t working well—but it may come to that again. This would be a shame, because I like the app overall. An earlier review may still appear below. I have always liked the diversity of content which this app offers, and have used it for a long time; however, there have always been a few issues with it. For some time, adds have tended to pop up in the midst of articles, with no foolproof way to close them, thus making it difficult to finish reading the articles. Also, an article will occasionally disappear before I can finish reading it. I had hoped that the latest app update would alleviate these issues, but it did not; and, a new—and annoying bug has crept in. Now, when reading an article that was recommended as a notification, when there is a “Done” button for backing out of an article, that button no longer works, and the only recourse is to close down the app. A similar thing happens when I look up a word directly from an article, and must hit “Done” in order to get back to the article (which doesn’t happen now, because “Done” doesn’t work)! When an article takes me directly to the website, and a “Back” tab is used to back out of an article, that tab _does work. Please fix the “Done” button, even if this is an issue for VoiceOver users only.
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5 years ago, LeroyOma8
Excellent News Site
Articles are up to date, written well and keeps me informed about my home state.
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5 years ago, WDE247
Need an update
My news feed never loads completely
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5 years ago, chance406
Former fan
This was once a great app... It went from five stars to one star, really zero stars, for some reason. I sure wish I knew why.
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7 months ago, Signmandave
App Issues
App freezes up constantly. Scrolling stories is difficult due to freezing up issues.
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5 years ago, confederateyankee
Old news
You need to clean up well past news like weather reports for February. And when a news item is lost by mistake it can’t be found.
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5 years ago, JW862019
Sometimes it’s slow to load but other than that enjoy the news and sports here
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3 years ago, KingKUTTA
Ads cover content
The issue for me is that the ads often cover the content of the articles I’m trying to read.... extremely bothersome.
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5 years ago, Lakeside dr
Always ahead of other when happens you get it out
Big Lewlakeside Dr
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5 years ago, East Alabama Fan
Saw very little coverage of Auburn baseball and softball
Not sure why but did not see many articles on Auburn baseball and softball this season.
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5 years ago, water sprinkler
Nothing good about it. If I could have given zero I would have. You would think after they stopped printing a actual newspaper that they would have invested in a app that would provide news (local in particular) that would be pleasant to read.
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5 years ago, 1SONICBLUEGT
Great stuff
Very informative A little bit of everything
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5 years ago, Mooseknuckle afc 1103
A big pile of garbage. App never opens. You have to refresh and then choose your area over and over- and if you’re lucky you will find your way to a story.. which half the time is a complete waste bc the stories are about nothing, again- IF you’re lucky
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5 years ago, Weareok
Must Have
Really enjoying this app. Open up a new world everyday
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5 years ago, Srbroc
Very slow, crashes constantly. I can accept the ads but it is odd reading such left wing propaganda when it is so out of step with how people think here. I do much better using bleacher report when I want sports. When I want local news I have to watch tv. So sad.
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4 years ago, johnskeltontravels
They need to pin live updates feed
I wish they would pin the live updates for the Covid-19 pandemic to the top of newsfeed for easy access. It is not easy to find.
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5 years ago, Mag??....
Like Alabama news
It is great to get Alabama news on my sight! Thank you for making it possible for us! Mary G
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5 years ago, Yyzmmb
Can no longer read comments from the app
I used this app occasionally for years and after the latest update the comment bubble is gone
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5 years ago, WIll, sports fan
Gop not wanted.
I registered and voiced an opinion against a Democrat and from my point of view a racist. Then I couldn’t sign in. Would not take my password. Wasn’t even allowed to post opinion. Other than that. Lots of things are great.
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5 years ago, Bama Boogie
Good news source
I see this as a whole state news source. Dave
Show more
5 years ago, AndieD12345
Scrolling News Stories
The scrolling news stories on my app have been the same since January.
Show more
5 years ago, historian79
Where is the news?
No stories appear when I open the app. I have to search for news and stories I am looking for. This empty home page issue has persisted even after I deleted and then downloaded the app again.
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1 year ago, GregAuto
App freezes
App often freezes then crashes after scrolling about 2/3 through.
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5 years ago, DanDLawyer
News at your finger tips
AL News at your finger tips
Show more
5 years ago, eelcom
Thus App Will Blow Up Your Phone
Be sure to turn off the notifications otherwise your phone will get blown up with alerts for run of the mill stories rather than breaking news.
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4 years ago, i said it too.
Deleted the app this morning. This used to be THE news app and webpage in Alabama. The quality is in decline, they are unashamedly leftist and just attack the president on a daily basis. They have eliminated comments and discussion, and are now begging for subscriptions and donations. I’m finding another app for news and sports.
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5 years ago, hdhdggdly
Low quality all around
The app is slow. The app constantly shows where ads should be but instead it’s a 404 error. The articles are full of grammatical errors and their opinion is presented as fact. Sad operation all around.
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6 years ago, Alans invitations
Horrible loud ads play on most stories
Why is this site the only news site that automatically plays loud obnoxious ads when an article is clicked on.....without even touching the ad. Even if the ads weren’t so loud or sooo in your face...
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5 years ago, Fauette 8
I love the content and the sport’s stories
Show more
5 years ago, wantrealneautralnews
On and off
Page drops frequently
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4 years ago, rob_1972
Local Sports coverage is great. Political coverage is a joke. The slant to the left is pathetic. You need to learn who your audience is or you will lose the trust of your current supporters.
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5 years ago, Frustrated X
Poor news coverage
This site has become worse over time. I live on the gulf coast in Baldwin County which gets little coverage. I could care less about the poor local government and daily crime in Birmingham.
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4 years ago, BBQJACK731
Horrible Ap
You either can’t get in an article or most of it is covered with ads. If you think their newspapers are bad you haven’t seen anything until you try this ap!
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5 years ago, J_W_III
Media bias
Media bias is obvious and I didn’t want to believe it against conservatives and conservative opinions. Liberal article are 10 to one in the political section compared to conservative. Sorry to call you out. Really did not think it would be so but it is.
Show more
4 years ago, Guitarbanae
Not a fan of the new redesign. It’s hard to find the news stories for all the ads wedged in between them. Also, no option to force update news stories.
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5 years ago, moefonger
Alcom aka ala con
Left wing radical web page owned by a company in New York demonstrates the opinions of Alabamians and southerners at zero. Comment section is biased and will deleted you comment if supports left opinions. Will let leftist commenters bully and berate right leaning commentators. I can’t believe they are still in business
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