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User Reviews for Al Jazeera English

4.03 out of 5
37 Ratings
8 years ago, dkddm
Better than NYT Now for news
I go to Al Jazeera for my news more than even the NY Times. They have greater breadth and depth without any fluff filler. And I find out the good news as well as the bad. I used to use Al Jazeera America before they folded. I'm very sad that we Americans couldn't support them. I'm glad there's the English version to go to now. My only complaint with this app is that there isn't a way (that I can find) to sort by most recent—they're just jumbled up together, an article from 16 days ago next to one posted 3 hours ago.
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4 months ago, Aljazeera GOOD
No commercials. Best way to go.
CNN is for libs. Fox is for conservatives. Aljazeera is for Muslims, and their content is much denser and thicker than fox or CNN. Fox and CNN are mostly shallow content and commercials every 30 seconds. Aljazeera is the best I've found for news so far.
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8 months ago, Ashman1001
The App is no longer supported
Because Apple doesn’t want the public to hear the other side of the story.
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6 months ago, vvvtc
Real news
Western mediua let us down. I am a white 65 year old midwestern mom. Gazans deserve the support of all of us. NPR, CBS, CNN, all of them got this shockingly wrong. So now I get my news from Al Jazeera.
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2 years ago, Brine jobs
Good news for most part very biased on Israeli Palestinian conflict
It’s great for the most part it’s very biased on the Palestinian side going as far as supporting terrorism take all that info with a grain of salt other than that it’s a pretty good news source
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3 months ago, Light786123456
Unbiased reporting
International journalists who have integrity and honesty report for this unflinchingly transparent honest ethic reporting source. The only reliable news source to follow
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2 years ago, Musa BD
App crashes
The iPhone app crashes while opening. It’s been long time but don’t see any improvement.
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2 years ago, Pine Apple Pie
The new app is so bad it's unusable. Bring back the one!
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2 years ago, moldovian gallop
Rotten ideologies and illegal fundings
Boycott this news channel. They are 21 century English speaking morden jihadists nothing more 👎🏼
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10 years ago, Sputnik1585
Can't watch live steam from the US?!! I got this app when streaming from the US was available. I loved it. It was the best app had. The older version was amazing. Why change it?! I am giving this app one star for the sole reason of the live streaming being taken away from the app and website!!! How come I can stream Al-Jazeera Arabic all the way from the Middle East and streaming is not available from the UK?! It makes no sense. The whole reason I downloaded the app in the first place was so that I could stream the channel. Please add streaming from the US! Al-Jazeera America is ok compared to Al-Jazeera English. I liked Al-Jazeera English much better. I watch Al-Jazeera America regularly, but have always enjoyed being able to watch Al-Jazeera English (in fact I started watching Al-Jazeera English first and still prefer it). I enjoyed watching it to get a European perspective. Please provide live streaming to the US again!! Us Americans are starving for REAL news. If live streaming is not reintroduced I will delete the app, just like I did the Al-Jazeera America app (no point in having that one either since their is no live streaming). The whole reason I downloaded the app in the first place was so I could I stream the the channel. If streaming continues to not be allowed from my location their is no point in the app taking up valuable memory on my smart phone.
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8 years ago, @PPLE@ddict
Not as unbiased as I once thought
For a long time I appreciated Al Jazeera, feeling that it really was as unbiased as it claimed to be. Now I peruse the news stories and find that it is so biased and full of agenda that I feel like they are no longer giving us the real scoop on issues. Don't get me wrong, the iPhone app and the Apple Watch app are really well laid-out and easy to use, but that doesn't make up for what is blatantly skewed reporting. Most every story now, I'm finding, should bear the label of "Opinion" because there is nothing objective about it. Whomever is in charge of approving the stories put out should really take a step back, put their personal opinions aside, and remember their promise to the readers that they would present both sides of the story in a fair manner, free of biases. I guess I'm back to looking for a more objective news outlet to keep informed of world events. Thank you for the work you do, Al Jazeera, but it is time to find someone who does it better.
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5 years ago, 1peter4:7-11
Fast, accurate, least biased
I have tried a myriad of sources for my news, but they have all been opinionated. Aljazeera has also got one of the most impressive turnarounds for finding and reporting news stories as they occur. Still take some articles with a grain of salt, if they show bias, which isn’t often, it’s very slight and it’s left leaning. Of course that’s not including their opinion articles, but those are clearly labeled. Aljazeera also covers a variety of different world issues which makes them consistently interesting, there’s always something written about one my interests. PS: I did wish in their opinion articles they would include some slightly more conservative ideas, especially regarding Israel. If they already offer those, I been able to sort through the stories to find any.
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8 years ago, Deadeye180
My go to for all things in and near the Mideast
I am so thankful for this app and news organization. Too many "News" organizations don't get it and these journalists are putting their lives on the line to get the truth out! When the Arab Spring occurred they were brilliant by using blog methods because so much was fluid on the ground. They made it clear what was and wasn't vetted. But it made those facing the changes and dangers able to get word out in real time. We are still in an unsafe period and it falls to each of us to get informed so that we can help educate people to the terrible conditions, genocide and human rights abuses that are a daily part of life in too many places. AJ News thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep up the great and important work you manage to do daily and sometimes by the minute!
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8 years ago, crasshipster
Almost great again, live streaming not restored - so lame.
I've been an AJE user for several years. I used to watch for hours daily. Stellar news source on multiple levels. I wish AJE would restore last thing that they had ruined, limited, in their service for the US audience - live streaming. It's ridiculous not to have it!!!! Videos and articles are great for in-depth, prepared material, but NOTHING replaces live coverage of the parts of the world we have no access to otherwise from the US. AJ has missed the marks so widely it's a wonder they survived. AJ America? It was more US news, which we never wanted or needed. Obviously. You cut us off from AJE completely. And it all failed. Fortunately we now have access to AJE again, except for live steaming. C'MON PEOPLE!!!
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9 years ago, Mongolianmonkey
Says I'm not on the internet!
Update May 24, 2015: Maybe there is something behind Al Jazeera's refusal to live-stream its content in the U.S. Guess how many billion dollars of military hardware Qatar buys from the U.S. military-industrial complex. Meanwhile, RT, one of the few alternatives to Al Jazeera, is plagued with bugs: infuriatingly frequent crashes and buffering delays. Now, I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but... Update March 3, 2015: It's still lousy: when I click on live streaming I get this message: "Content not available from your location." Well, I'm in Florida; I wonder just what "location" I should go to in order to watch Al Jazeera English on my iPhone; maybe I should go to Qatar, where the studios are located. Al Jazeera America is still rubbish, too: just articles gleaned from elsewhere on the internet. Zero stars before and zero stars now. Completely worthless! Previous review: Something is wrong with this app: when I try to access the content, a message says that I'm not on the internet! I can't access any content at all. Then I downloaded the Aljazeera America app, but it's not worth the trouble; it's just a bunch of articles that you can access on lots of news aggregators elsewhere from Yahoo News to Business Insider to Flipboard: no original content, no streaming either audio or video. Don't waste your time.
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4 years ago, Hickory Mom
Thoughtful, professional
After being so disgusted with typical mainstream media in the U.S., I decided to give AlJazeera a try-a third party perspective if you will. And it’s been such a breath of fresh air. I so appreciate getting thorough stories on current events without the rhetoric. Editorials are where they belong-in the editorial section, and even with those, I appreciate the viewpoints. I appreciate the global news coverage and stories to get me out of this self-centered political hell we find ourselves in here in the U.S. Thank you for your coverage that reiterates the U.S. is not the center of the universe no matter how much the politicians would have us believe so. Two thumbs up! Keep up the great work!
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8 years ago, Aspy1
Great app.
Everything on the app makes it easy to operate as well as understand easily. The only problem is we can't view news which are broadcasted from Doha. Once when they never had broadcasted from the US, they left the broadcast from Doha on the net. Now after they started the US broadcast they don't let us view the Doha version. I hope they'll let us view the Doha once they leave US. Altogether I wouldn't want them to leave. Give yourself some more time. Hopefully your viewership will increase, you are leaving the battlefield of broadcasters when the elections are nearly at the doorstep and your viewership could go off the roofs.
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3 years ago, Slythfox
Reasonable for international news, bold opinion pieces
I read the AJ seeking a more international slant from regional news sources. For instance, during the US 2020 presidential election their articles were not optimistic about the projections, and they turned out to be right while the NYT ate it’s own hat. AJ journalists seem to inherently get a lot of hate without good cause — I’ve come to find that levels their reporting. Perhaps some people are turned off by their opinion pieces, but that’s what they are, Op-Eds! They make me think even if I don’t agree. As for the app, it could use some attention, but I’m glad it’s available.
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4 years ago, Hanksgurl
Most Fact Based News Source
I was searching for “ real news” and found Al Jeezera news App. It’s now my only News Source. I’ve found it to be the only in biased new source available. I’ve seen complaints that a person/ persons can not choose which news they wish to read/ hear. I think these people are missing the whole reason why AlJeezera news is so important!! It gives us the fact based in biased news that’s happening all around the world and not just in one sector of the news. If you don’t want real revelant news this is not the station for you.
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4 years ago, 9-3uq4th6890n[q3fgm[
Thank you for all that you are...
I use 4 apps for news and this is my favorite one in many ways. Your news is raw and reality. I can select topics, or countries, or skim top stories. It has helped me avoid America’s news almost entirely and I get real facts out of you about everyone instead of the selfish naive land of America. Thank you for all that you are... Keep improving and being the voice we need. Even my friends are starting to use this app often. If you like this app download the SCMP app (South China Morning Post) as well. I use NPR and The Atlantic as well for more sophisticated topics about the US.
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3 years ago, Pfewy
Great journalism, terrible app
Al Jazeera is quite possibly one of the top news outlets on this planet. Journalism that isn't at the expense of authenticity to protect American interests is at a premium these days. That said, the UI is terrible with this app. I've never seen an app that is so buggy and tricky to page down. Scrolling up is smooth, but in order to scroll down, you have to continually lift your finger and press back down to scroll. I'm a fast reader, like many people are, and it's important to have a way to scroll down quickly to be able to read at the pace we normally read. Otherwise, it just becomes tedious and thus easier to read in a browser. Fix this, and I'll happily change to 5 stars. Five stars for the journalism. Negative stars for the app.
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6 years ago, 4by4 2 the head
Follow the money.
Got that right! For your edification the deal between the news media and Bill Clinton in 1996 was the beginning of the love affair. The networks were afraid that they wouldn’t get there share of the new available frequencies that the FCC was splitting up at the time. The Clintons needed air time and at that time were next to broke. The Clintons promised the Networks special consideration after the election for air time. The deal was struck and we got Clinton. The networks got more than their share of the best new available frequencies. It’s the best example of selling political favors ever. Thanks for asking the question!
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7 years ago, Memmawhite
This is true journalism
Since Al Jazeera closed its broadcast news in the US, this app has become a reliable substitute to the largely skewed domestic propaganda. I have been pleasantly surprised by the balanced approach with which Al Jazeera presents world coverage of the news. They are not swayed by national, religious or other parochial interests, a standard that even the world's purported democratic leader finds difficult to attain. It is little wonder they are hated by Arab and Western countries alike, especially countries whose hypocritical actions frequently place them in AJ's crosshairs. Keep reporting the news and we will keep reading and sharing them.
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9 years ago, Ashley423
Needs an update
All of a sudden my news isn't updating on other news sections, such as in 'Central & South Asia.' It was working fine about a week or so ago. Another thing is that for us U.S. folks, we can't watch videos/watch live without connecting to a VPN. For those interested, you can download TunnelBear and your problem will be solved. Although, it would be best if we didn't have to do this every time we wanted to watch something on the app. Regardless, I still give it 5/5 stars because Al Jazeera is still better than American news.
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5 years ago, freethinking human
World wide journalism on full display
Al Jazeera (AJ English) has continually shown itself to be the epitome and standard for integrity in the broadcasting of “citizen-led” journalism throughout the world. There are many stories that would never ‘see the light of day’ were it not for AJ English. As we have seen in recent years, the active attacks on investigative journalism has led to both government suppression of freedom of thought and beliefs, and the will of the people being heard and listened to. The people have a voice in AJ English and that voice speaks for the betterment of all mankind.
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9 years ago, Anonymous_User_7898
Incredible Improvements
I followed the old Al Jazeera app because they had consistent coverage. Though their articles often have bias opinions, seeing another side of an issue promotes understanding. That all being said, one thing that frustrates me with the old application was its poor writing (automatic translation function error it seemed?) and an equally unappealing user interface. I was thrilled when I saw an update for Al Jazeera and upon opening the app, I couldn't have been happier. Beautiful UI and equally concise and direct writing.
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6 years ago, Octet to cat
Amazing Unbiased truthful reporting
Apart from the HQ being based outside the Anglo-American sphere of influence, this news station simply speaks truth to power despite constant bombardment (its headquarters and journalists where literally attacked) from dictatorial regiems. Don’t listen to those you say this is fake news. Just give it a try. As an African I find it the best most current most objective news source that does not contain any ulterior motives. The app could have a nicer UI but apart from that even the app is of a high standard.
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7 years ago, telekos
What I've come to expect from Al Jazeera
A great source for well-written, thorough, and captivating articles that Al Jazeera and its contributors provide free to its users. Subjects are organized in a way that is easy to navigate and the widget puts forward interesting headlines in a way that's similar to apple's news app. Unbiased and factual journalism is much appreciated and the wide breadth of topics keeps me using this app during my free time. Thank you so much to Al Jazeera for this service and their hard work/dedication to reporting as it should be.
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8 years ago, Briwaslike
How to watch in AMERICA
I know if you click on this to read this that you were utterly upset that they stop the English version a couple years ago and even more upset that the American version is gone as well if you want to watch this in the USAA you need to download a proxy to change your IP address to look as if you're in a different country let's say Canada then you'll be able to watch it cyber ghost for cpu and cellphone is a good one to try out also I heard kodi was pretty good to
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4 years ago, GoldLinds
Unbiased, raw, and educating
As an American, it’s difficult to find an unbiased, raw, and real journalistic approach that features life as it is in the rest of the world. This is what REAL news looks like- honest coverage of topics most Americans have remained blissfully unaware of or ignorant to. Always enlightening; highlighting the struggles, trials, and tribulations of peoples in turmoil with un-scathing honesty. AJ America undoubtedly outshines media outlets such as Faux news, CNN, and NBC news. It’s a broad spectrum international news site that will open your eyes to world atrocities spanning the entirety of the globe.
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8 years ago, Cdee1948
Chris Ackerman
I used to get 24/7 live coverage at eastafro on the internet. I virtually watched the channel all the time. Then due to whatever legal reasons "livestreaming" in the USA is no longer aired. Now I watch other world news channels. Al Jazeera is by far the best I've found! I hope it will become available again in the USA. I signed up for your weekly newsletter. In the letter please give broadcasting updates on this issue. Looking forward to viewing your channel in the future; thanks Chris Ackerman
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4 years ago, yournicknalewiolbedispkayed
Nothing about the social turnmoil
I was drawn to Aljazeera for their analysis of facts and fair reporting. However as a French national living abroad, I cannot express enough my disappointment as nothing appears in any media or Aljazeera about the social yellow vest movement or the recent social uprise there last 5 weeks in France that is consuming the country at all levels of the society. Once again it shows the complete boycott of it by all media. How can a population of 65 million struggling with their current Président Macron and it’s government be ignored unless that Lexus like all others is being bought and managed by big corporations friends of Pdt Macron? Very sad. #nomorefreepress!
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3 years ago, patrirat
Excellent news source
AJE is one of the few true news sources available. As an American our ‘news’ is mostly opinion and/or surface level news with much gossip and fluff. AJE reports and gives in-depth coverage. As for the opinion pieces I like that I can get coverage of the Middle East that isn’t pro-Israeli position. In the US main stream media coverage of Israel is always slanted to favor Israel and Palestinian voices aren’t heard at all.
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7 years ago, L.A. author
Great, In-depth coverage
I count on a lot more than US news to give me a thorough view of the world. I learn and depend on you for excellent Middle-Eastern, Asian, African and US coverage. In a very short time, you have excelled in covering both major news and important and very interesting stories globally. Your recent story about women struggling financially in Myanmar made me cry! Thank you for all you do. I hope and pray you will remain a news source for me. Your friend, a nice Jewish woman from Los Angeles
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8 years ago, Feudal
Love the opinion articles but they recycle old articles that were false.
Example: opened app today and an article on the home screen says 'ryan lochete robbed by gun point in rio'. That was 9 days ago and, as we all know, it was a false report. Regardless, they've got it on the home page as if it is news and are continuing to spread the false info. They also carry reports for years ago. The longest I've seen is 39 months. That's no longer news, its historical archive. I like the different takes from western media but I wish it gave more current news.
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4 years ago, Skayell
Just the facts - no agenda
Absolutely the most fact-based new source I’ve found. AlJazeera provides world-wide coverage that seems to get pushed so far to the back (although I only use my iPad to read the news) that I just don’t find them. The app is easier to use than the web page, so it is definitely worth it. I really can’t imagine why I didn’t think of this sooner. AlJazeera, keep it up!
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12 years ago, lulu008
A viable option for news...
So, noone cares of you are white. ANYWAY, it is a technically superior app that makes it easy and efficient to watch live news and connect to different sectors of al Jazeera English. They obviously have their own biases (there's no major news outlet on earth that doesn't) but the fact that AJ tries to report news from all over the world and from various communities and experiences in the form of the typical news format, news specials and documentaries makes them stand apart.
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11 years ago, zep100
excellent app. excellent news source.
This is a truly stellar app from a superb news source. As an American I appreciate access to world news; Al Jazeera provides content unmatched by any other news app I have used, and I use several. The only gripe I have is being unable to select words to look up definitions. Also, I have issues with crashes at times but issue seems to resolve itself. Still a five star app in my opinion.
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8 years ago, D.Persad
The News I Want but Don't Get
Here's the deal. Al Jazeera went off the air here in the States a little while ago. Unfortunately they were one of the few stations offering unbiased (or as close to unbiased) news you could possibly get, but they're no longer on TV. They do have an app though, which seemed great at first, until I noticed a fair bit of quirks. Most have worked themselves out, except for one BIG one; the apps logs me out every time I exit or leave the app. It's incredibly inconvenient and it prevents me from getting news updates on the fly. I'm satisfied with everything else, but I find myself using the app less and less because of this bug. If it can be fixed (and there are no additional issues to deal with), then I'll be one happy camper. Otherwise, I'm content knowing that I can still get quality news through this app even though I can no longer watch it on the tele.
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7 years ago, US_user
Best news option: but needs to self-critique
Still some of the best most prestigious and trustworthy journalism, opinion, and news. Great non US-tainted perspectives that you won't find elsewhere. Unfortunately though, as of late Al Jazeera has been mimicking other outlet's front page coverage of NKorea, trump tweets and some other far more preposterous fear tactics. I hope Jazeera will take step back towards privileging other people's stories on front page, I know it can.
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8 years ago, Andycapt.
Bravo! 5 stars and thank you .
If it wasn't for you folks I would be news starved and in the dark. You are the only place these things are being covered. I can catch some stuff on cnn late night and all we get over and over is the gorilla thing and the presidential crap. Thank you for all you do and the people on the ground risking their lives to bring it to us. Thank you Capt. Andy
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2 years ago, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. xx
Thank You
Been there with you since Al Gore days, sad when US tv ended. The Keyboard Warriors piece was well put, reminded me of further back with all the fascists and colonizers urging the need for persecution of the Vietnamese for desiring self-determination. Keep up the fair work, everything has an agenda but yours at least doesn’t try to jump us in a back alley like our home-grown products!
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5 years ago, Golden Kabob
No other source but here. Unfortunately all other media outlets are too America biased. At least I know they’re slant. They aren’t bought and paid for by companies. It’s a hell of a lot easier to see a slant here,because of obvious pro Arab views. With American tv I have to sit and watch uncontrollably awful commercials selling “don’t pee on yourself pharmaceuticals”, or corporate journalism. One day we will learn though. Hopefully. That way I can receive American news again. once the news corporations turn back into journalism, I’ll watch them all. But until then I’d rather know the slant and not some companies bottom line. Thanks to podcasts like joe rogan, dribble will turn to adult and we will learn integrity. Hope.
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4 years ago, Davidjrmusic
No Issues with Al Jazeera; just the app.
This news, never biased and always globally mindful, provides concise yet detailed glances at almost anything you could want to know of current events from anywhere. The app design interface proves solid, but AJ definitely must make an investment in updates. Those of us who love AJ are already loyal, but the lack of "wow-factor" in the app's workings could loose prospective new readership.
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11 years ago, Future Wave
My new favorite news app
AlJazeera has long been my favorite news source, but I ignored them this past year because their old iOS app wasn't up to par. This new app is everything I hoped for though! The super condensed listing of of news articles makes navigating through more content faster and easier. I can dive into content across categories much quicker!
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3 years ago, Warrior for freedom
Aljazerra provides truthful non opinionated news.
As a USA born Syrian heritage Muslim, I look to Aljazerra for accurate truthful news that is not found in the USA. I served in the US military in both Iraq and Afghanistan and was bombarded by propaganda that it became humorous to read the garbage the troops were provided by our USA news organizations. Thanks to Aljazerra I can read an article not having to question the veracity of the writer.
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6 years ago, troublemakerXL
NON-fake News for thinkers seeking equal justice!
In a time when we are told that up is down; that black is white; that lies are truth; that fiction is fact; that wrong and might is really right, just because...; and, that if you don’t agree, you should just disappear, or you will be disappeared, it is refreshing, while painful, to read and see reality. Thank you!
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2 years ago, UnHappy 875556765
Pages are jumpy.
I’m trying to read the article, the pages jump up and down when I’m trying to scroll up on the page. But like just now when I was looking at these comments that other people had left the page was scrolling smoothly the way it should. But the actual articles that you’ve got for some reason or jumping up and down when I try to scroll up.
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10 years ago, WiredAnimal
What issues? I was curious to see that issues stemming from lack of content to inability to access the audio or video stream were not present. The app categorizes news sections succinctly and displays enough headlines on one page to get a good sense of current news. Further, a reviewers contention that Al Jazeera has been bought out does not seem evident at all.
Show more
9 years ago, NYC MM
Interesting articles - latest app version is so horrible, I can't be bothered to use anymore. Visually a messed-up mashup of images with some titles that leave you guessing if it's an article you might be interested in. Really just a pain to sort through. Not clear - trying to be slick in appearance but achieves nothing but a frustrated experience - in addition, the latest version you can not read the stories once in the NY subway system whereas the previous version was easy to do so. What an awful new version of this app.
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