Al Mayadeen

3.8 (106)
77.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mentis Plus Company S.A.R.L.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Al Mayadeen

3.85 out of 5
106 Ratings
7 years ago, Namer0
Fix the App
The App stopped working after the recent update and it keeps crashing, please fix it.
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7 years ago, Moe Michigan
So many ads now, the app is almost unusable.
With the new update, every click anywhere generates an ad. Even clicking on "settings" will generate and ad. It has gotten to the point where I spent more time looking for the "x" to close the ad than reading the news. I have never seen an app with more ads. I don't mind an ad here and there because it is a free app, but in this release it is ridiculous. I have stopped using this app my phone and I am just using my desktop browser now but less frequently.
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5 years ago, Akeel Hanano
Radio connection
What happened to the radio connection it was very disappointing not to have the ability to listen to the news on this site hope it will be back
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6 years ago, Abu Ali Bazzi
Best news ruined by ad overload
How can the best news channel have the worst app because of ad overload? The app has great features and it’s all you need to get access to the best news from almayadeen. But one thing ruins everything else: TOO MUCH ADS. I mean there’s ads on the video tab Even on the settings tab Wait well not every where because the videos didn’t suddenly change topics to talk about an ad yet. But I see that coming eventually. 😭
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6 years ago, Tartousmail#6
Too many annoying add
I like Almyadine, but I don’t know who is behind the idea of putting an add after every click, this makes the app unusable. I am also spending my time looking for the “x” button instead of reading the news. Are you a real news station, or a commercial add station?
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3 years ago, Tarekezd
Opening music
Thanks for the update. Please remove opening music that runs even when my iPhone is silenced.
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5 years ago, lljhhv
Getting worse
With the recent update this app is becoming about ads and not news. There’s hardly any updated new news and every time you click on something you get an add. Two stars is generous.
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5 years ago, richoiydd
Your App does not work
Over the past two weeks the Al mayadeen App stopped working. when I launch a page like want to listen to news I get a blank page. It never launches. What is going on? The only thing that works is live feed.
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7 years ago, Al Mayadeen App User
App User
Worst App update ever. This is an “ad-infested” app where you cannot navigate without encountering endless annoying ads! I wish I didn’t update from the previous version which was far more stable !! Don’t you guys test your App before releasing it ??
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5 years ago, Onass s,s
I like this app
The only thing is so many ad .
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4 years ago, Nabmang
Video is blank
Videos are not working, only audio, with the latest app updates programs are not working
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6 years ago, Mariakassam
This app needs improvements
- the ads are very annoying and badly developed. They freeze the app most of the times - the “البث المباشر” works by itself when you try to listen to the news
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7 years ago, -Huss-
Annoying ads
I love Almayadeen as a news source. But I will be deleting this app if those ads keep persisting. So many annoying ads that it’s more of an Ad app than a news one. Every where you click you get an ad. That is NOT ACCEPTABLE FROM ALMAYADEEN THANK YOU
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5 years ago, mam1856296
Article links
Article links are broken
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6 years ago, Hkva
Ads Ads and lots more Ads
Can’t even read an article ads are one after the other and no way to close them just keeps going to App Store to download
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6 years ago, Fbella147
Do you check the reviews ?
I no longer use the app, the way the ads are integrated make the experience very disappointing, use less obstructive ads please.
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4 years ago, najihaidar
Not working
The app isn’t loading, blank page and then freeze out from app and close automatically the app...
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7 years ago, Sasha Smirnova
Ads ads ads everywhere!!!
The new version has lots of ads . They just pop ups and start playing .. so already deleted this app !
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7 years ago, Madparent
The app is ridiculous with childish and stupid ads that make you never want to use it again. I love almayadeem and the people of almayadeen but can’t stand the app.
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6 years ago, Hmachlab
Too many ads. Uninstalled
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5 years ago, Alinifera
Crap !
The app is useless and not working at all !last update 1 year ago !
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4 years ago, uswh
Not good
Fix the app problem you’re a very excellent channel
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6 years ago, أبو كوثر
Stupid mobile programming!!
On TV you’re the best.. On mobile you’re the worst. على التلفزيون أنتم الأفضل.. على الموبايل أنتم الاسوء!
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7 years ago, sskdmdhd747383
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10 years ago, bacharss
Needs a serious update
It is great that we have an app for Almayadeen but it seems the app in need of a serious update. The push notifications are great but give us categories to select like based on country or breaking news only. When you click on the push notification to read more, the app opens with the old news and you have to update that page to get the latest and then look for that item and click on it.
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9 years ago, Arab.Knight
I like it!
Hey can u please have on option to keep the streaming radio on even after the screen locks. Just like any radio streaming, if i am listening in car i do not want to keep on losing it becUse the screen saving goes on
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10 years ago, Aw go
Works great on iPhone 5 and 4!
Great app, love the access it gives me to Almayadeen when I am out. Only prob, I like to listen to audio news, but my phone always goes to sleep, doesn't happen when I watch vid on other apps.
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11 years ago, MohamadSY
We want the ability to turn off the notification because some times they annoying me.
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10 years ago, Amjadayoub
stop receiving urgent news
Please After i downloaded the latest apple update iOS8, I stopped receiving urgent news from Almayadeen, so if u could fix it please. Many thanks.
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11 years ago, Abbass91
I have been waiting for this for quite sometimes. Thanks
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7 years ago, Problem heat
High temperature
Using the application causing high temperature to iPhone 6s. 2 minute of use cause 10% battery drain. Please fix the application.
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10 years ago, Mohammedy1987
Keep it up
Keep it up guys
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11 years ago, RA94N
The best of the best
The application has an awesome design, and the news is not filtered like most news channels nowadays.. Keep it up Al Mayadeen!
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7 years ago, Walid kassem
Google add still showing.
I like to listen to the audio part of the app, but google adds keep piping up I read in the new version that they fixed this problem but it seems like they did not.
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10 years ago, Layalooo
Keeps crashing
Ever since I updated the app to the recent version, it keeps crashing. Also, I'm not receiving notifications anymore even though I have them turned on.
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10 years ago, Basel Mahmoud
Bugs. App won't load.
I opened the app after I updated it and it wouldn't even load. After 5 seconds it closes and returns to the home screen. Please fix this issue.
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8 years ago, Ageel26
Great app
Thank you for your work!!
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9 years ago, Yakuza1298473
Nice but,
Sports Videos always Crashes and other videos open an empty page in the browser
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10 years ago, Geo.B.S
The app is not loading
The new version is not working,, this is silly,u update the app to fix bugs not to make new ones,, please fix it
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10 years ago, Wassimsssssss
It crashes on start up
It crashes on start up please fix it asap before i uninstall it...
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10 years ago, alaalihussain
App is not working anymore!!
The app is not running after the latest update !!
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12 years ago, Issanour
I like it
Pretty good app
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10 years ago, Aberry622
Does not work on IOS 8.1
Since updating to 8.1 on iPhone 6, crashes every time!
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9 years ago, Marcmoskobe
This update crashes every time when the application starts.
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10 years ago, Ameen_almusa
Nice app thank you
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8 years ago, Khara alekom
Live stream doesn't work any more
Please fix it !!!!!
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12 years ago, Mado Ale
Great app
Love it. Tnx
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10 years ago, Some1different
app is crushing
not opening anymore
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12 years ago, ahmedny
This good app
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9 years ago, Wael Kozem
I love it
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