Alabama DMV - AL Permit test

4.3 (949)
30.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alabama DMV - AL Permit test

4.31 out of 5
949 Ratings
3 years ago, frostybailey
Grammar problems
The app is great and easy to study on, but a lot of the questions contain grammatical errors, making it somewhat difficult to understand them.
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11 months ago, Fairytail lover365
Definitely not the best app.
I think that a lot of people recommend this app because the test used to be almost exactly like this app, but I think something changed, because it’s definitely not near as useful. When I took the test I recognized some of the questions from the app, but the issue was the wording. The wording on the app was so different from on the test, so it REALLY confused me. If you’re going to use this I recommend studying more than just this app and reading the manual too. Good luck on your test!
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1 month ago, FizzyFrog82
Works, but could be better.
The app is good to study with, and it’s helpful, but there are constant ads every few questions. I like having the features for free but I feel like there could be fewer ads. The flash cards can be kind of confusing as well, since they come directly from the practice test and sometimes the answer requires you to see the multiple choice options and the flash cards don’t show them. TL;DR if you need to study go ahead and get it but prepare for frustration.
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4 months ago, pepperonipizza08
my review
this app helped me pass my permit test in my first try. they’re some grammar errors that made it hard to understand, but at the end of the day it helped me passed my test. if you are wanting to get your permit, you should get this app. and GOOD LUCK ON YOUR TEST!!!!
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2 years ago, uurr( mom)
My Review
Hello! To Anyone who reads this. I would like to start off by saying this app is super helpful and will help you pass the test to get a learners permit. So what if there is grammatical errors or too many ads, at the end of the day I passed and got my permit.
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3 years ago, IDon'tLikeRatingApps
Stop asking me to rate this app I am very sick of it.
Seriously I’m only rating this because they won’t stop asking no matter how many times I press “no thank you”. Questions are great, interface is fine but between the adds and desperation to be rated you need to have some pretty strong patience to tolerate this app. Great for people that play free games with irritating pop ups.
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2 years ago, Carter Wake
This app helped me get my permit
When I was about to take my permit test, I thought I was going to fail it, before I found this app. If it wasn’t for this app I would have failed my permit test.
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2 years ago, leahg!!!
good, but could be better.
i have been using this app to study and i must say, it is handy to have an app to use rather than a website or a printed manual! the only thing is… there are a lot of grammar errors that occasionally make the questions unclear/unreadable. it would be very helpful if one of the developers went back and checked all the spelling and grammar (mostly in the questions). thank you!
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11 months ago, loooiop
Good app but has way too many ads
There are too many ads but other than that it is easy to use and good
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3 years ago, elcfbarrington
The app is great but the adds. I learned if you turn off your data and WiFi you can get through the test with no ads.
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3 years ago, Nana Suzy ♥️🦋
I feel this is very useful for all new drivers and they should all take advantage of it and study!
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6 years ago, Joeseph Lynn
Great overall
Other than the ads it has everything I need to know for the test
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2 years ago, jdmksoka
Very bad
This app is not updated. The people at the DMV told me not to use apps to study because most of them like this one, aren’t updated and not state approved. This app doesn't cover all the information the hand book does. Please study the hand book not apps! If you study with this app, you WILL fail your permit test.
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3 years ago, Jack8908
When I took the test I got a score of 80% 4 wrong and 24 right. Then I took it again got 2 wrong and 24 right and it says I got 80% again. I am confused why it doesn’t give the right scoring
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4 years ago, tollmaker
Please fix the ads so we can get the most out of the app and be able to focus
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8 months ago, zacharyhenderson7859
How good the app is
I think this app is pretty good because it is really easy to understand
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1 year ago, immbanks
Good app
The app was going to be 5 stars then you guys spelled sign as sing on a question English is a important subject in school kids pay attention
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4 months ago, h ur bc du itldktditkgxmg
I hope this works and I pass
It’s good in my opinion I’m just tryna pass and drive
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1 year ago, Mesclun refugee,Khalid
It’s alright but…..
The questions answers are somewhat correct but not all the time and the answer choices are much harder (due to their similarity) than on the test.
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4 years ago, TaeTae2901
It’s a great app and it helps a lot the only thing that’s a bit aggravating are the ads which throw off my concentration especially if I’m taking a test and I’m focused it just throws everything off
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4 years ago, Student who is unhappy
This is a app that drives me insane because there are adds in the test and it stops you before you finish the test instead of going through with it
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4 months ago, Hdjsbdhdbdks
Why only 4 stars
Good to study but hard to understand sometimes
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3 years ago, Btrain#35
It is good but should written better
It is a good study tool but the test has grammar errors and is worded weirdly. It should be worded for the kids taking the test and not for Harvard graduates.
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4 years ago, ALABAMABOY101
Love the app. But the Ads need to go away so we can all get through the test without being interrupted. Besides that it’s a great app!!!
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6 years ago, La Belle Izzy
While I’m on the app there are a lot of ads popping up other than that it’s an awesome app to use
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1 month ago, iamlucy_li
Don’t get it.
This app was not good and i did not pass my test. The questions on this app are about 1/3 of the test and they are the easiest ones on the test. i will not be using this app again.
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11 months ago, ponytail☺️
please listen !!!! this is not correct information , please don’t get this app and waste time , go and get the book in person and study it. DO NOT GET THIS APP i thought for so long that this app was going to help me , but i went up there and FAILED BECAUSE OF THIS APP. PLEASE I AM NOT LYING SERIOUSLY
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11 months ago, wrecker s
Very helpful but I get around 6 adds per test
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1 year ago, 098765jeff
Good but I lose focus because of ads between questions
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2 years ago, bruhideklikejeez
You kept bugging me abt it
adds. way too many.
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4 years ago, Olivia Abney
Great learning resource
This was a great resource when I was studying for my drivers permit test
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2 months ago, AssHead200
Too many ads
Its annoying…repetitive ads constantly. The app gets unusable at some points because of all the unnecessary long ads.
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2 years ago, ChooChootrain101
Great app but the ads are very distracting from the test.
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2 years ago, HSYSNSGHDSH
The manual on this app is NOT updated, it is CRITICAL for it to be up to date. If wrong version is read that can lead to false information and false studying, therefore wrong answers in the drivers test. To anyone getting this app, be wary.
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5 months ago, The manes 77
Very good
Very good but does not have all questions on test
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2 years ago, shafferbus
The app itself is great, but the commercials are terrible
The title is self explanatory.
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7 months ago, strooper1103
I passed the actual exam. Thanks y’all.
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1 year ago, Dancing Seals
Wrong information
I failed my test and they told me this app is completely wrong and gave me a book instead.
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8 months ago, Bruhooob
Learned lots thank you very much 👌👍
Thanks bb gork
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3 years ago, 🤭🤔😰
It’s just the ads🤣
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2 years ago, DiversEd🚗
This is a great way to study for the test
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1 year ago, Tammy is a goat
It’s a good app it has helped me a lot for my permit test .
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5 years ago, reedm12312
Scoring is not accurate
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3 years ago, Bworth1969
Good app to help study. But has ads.
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10 months ago, ghfcjfccffvvf
To many adds, chill
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6 years ago, Geraldiene
Lots of adds pop up during practice.
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2 years ago, FEAR Lazerfox467
Studied for a week with this app and failed my first attempt, then reviewed with different material, came back, and passed with 100%. This app is useless.
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2 years ago, schools stupid
thank you
sooo thankful for this app. i passed with every question right!!
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1 year ago, 124566790
This app is great
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2 years ago, aliaseesu
Chill with all the ads! I don’t care if someone is hiring, IM A CHILD
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