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Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas LLC
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User Reviews for Alamo Drafthouse

2.96 out of 5
402 Ratings
5 years ago, Drevend
App is fine, Support is lacking
I have no issues using the app and find the UI simple enough to navigate. Picking seats and pulling up purchased ticket information is easy. A nice to have would be the ability to purchase items separately (Mondo cups for example) or add onto an existing order somehow. There’s been multiple times where they announce the cups and I’ve already bought my tickets. Only way to add it is to refund and purchase it all over again which isn’t ideal since I could lose my seats. My main issue pertains to the Support tab. It’s poorly optimized for mobile devices (inputs and text are too small). The bigger problem is that support never responds to anything. I’ve sent two support tickets and never got any replies, makes me wonder if it even submits the form properly.
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7 months ago, Carla Tate 24
Fantastic but…
Alamo Drafthouse is my favorite place to watch movies! Yes the workers do walk around but they do their best to not obstruct your view and enjoy your experience! I love the campy vibe and the seats do not disappoint. My only negative experiences have been with “special” instances. Watching a normal movie is fine, but 1-Went to see a special viewing of a movie where they offered a free glass of champagne on the app…we get to the venue and they have no clue what we are talking about. 2-Alamo had a pizza I looooved and they took it off the menu during Covid times. They had an ad that said it was coming back and I loved it. Didn’t see it on their regular menu so I emailed the chef from the actual venue I was attending to make sure it was there. They said it would be available until may ( I emailed around march). Sure enough I went in April and requested it and the guy had no clue what I was talking about. Other than the unique events, I love the place and go every time I want to see a movie!
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6 months ago, App obssessor
Season Pass Issues
I loved having the Season Pass, just $20 a month and I could watch a movie every day with a $2 fee. I had it for about 2 months, and LOVED it, but then decided to cancel for a month or 2 because I would be out of town and/or working too much to use it. When things finally slowed down and I went to renew it, it wouldn’t let me pay for it. I would put in ALL my information, hit submit, and the page would do nothing. Occasionally it would pop up with a “You already have a Subscription!” Message. I had to Google and read ON A REDDIT FORUM that if you cancel Season Pass, you can’t renew it for a year. Nowhere during the process of subscribing or canceling my membership did it ever include that clause. I can only assume the people behind it were incompetent or purposefully don’t include it so you get used to seeing movies regularly and now have to pay full price each time. Either way, it made me very disappointed in the Alamo Drafthouse, which makes me sad because it was one of the few businesses I really loved.
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7 months ago, djwiddled
App doesn’t save my payment method
The app doesn’t save my payment method. It’s annoying to have to add it every time and sometimes I miss out on tickets as a result if I’m with friends getting tickets together and they all get theirs and I don’t have my wallet on me and can’t buy a ticket at the same time. Every time I check to save my card and the next time I go to buy a ticket, my card from the last time isn’t saved. I’m the only one I know of that this happens to, and a ton of my friends use the app regularly. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix it (use different cards, uncheck and recheck save payment, sign out and sign back in, update app, delete app and redownload) including trying to buy a ticket online but I can’t use my season pass that way. I’ve contacted the main Alamo Drafthouse support and they keep telling me they’re looking into it and fixing it but that hasn’t happened yet.
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1 year ago, PatrickWells2879
Almost great
Love Alamo and find the app easy enough to use. It would be great if there was a way to add gift cards instead of having to manually put them in for every ticket. Every major theater chain has this feature on their app so not sure why this would be out of the question for Alamo. There has also not been any real use for the rewards for some time now and haven’t received anything - though I understand this reward program is currently being revamped.
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4 years ago, TexasLeigh
Crashes and no Apple support
Come on, Alamo Drafthouse! You updated your app so it crashes just in time for trying to reopen your theaters. I have a Season Pass. I have to use your app (with cell service and Bluetooth) to access my tickets instead of just putting them in Apple Wallet because you don’t have good Apple support. And it really infuriates me that I have to pay a “convenience” fee to get a ticket with my Season Pass. Who is that “convenient” for? Season Pass holders should be able to get tickets without paying the fee, or have the option to get a ticket at the theater to avoid the fee. Of course, if you don’t fix the crashing problem, I won’t be able to use my Season Pass at all. I realize you show old movies (and I appreciate that!), but you need to bring your app into the 21st century.
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5 years ago, AJDIJKENKF
App has bugs that need to be fixed
This app used to work fine most of the time (with the exception of when I was trying to buy tickets to Endgame). Had to use Fandango instead. Anyway, with this recent update, I was trying to use a rain check voucher to use for one ticket and it won’t work. It kept giving me the “something went wrong” error page and I wasn’t even trying to buy a popular movie. I usually have to redeem those through the website because the app has never fixed this bug. It’s been like a year of this bug still in there. Very frustrating. Another issue I have had more recently was trying to use my season pass. I would select to use my season pass for the movie. Go to the final page to finish the order. And the “something went wrong” error page popped up when I tried to confirm and pay. I tried multiple times and couldn’t get it to work. It was not a popular movie and it wasn’t even close to being sold out. Why am I paying $20 a month for a season pass that forces you to use the mobile app if it’s always broken or having server issues? I’m going to cancel the season pass if this app doesn’t get fixed. This is ridiculous.
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12 months ago, John Gregorio
App is nice, but needs support for Apple Pay and Wallet
So I downloaded this app after buying into the Alamo Season Pass, and the app is well designed and works well enough. But I do wish support for Apple Pay was there for payments and Wallet support for holding tickets. It’s annoying especially for tickets that I have to open my phone, open the app and find a ticket in the app in order to bring it up rather than just double pressing the side button to bring up wallet and picking my take it out from there in a much quicker fashion. Please add this support soon.
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4 years ago, Tired of mediocrity
Great App
The app functions well, it’s easy to navigate and I have had no issues with it. However, I think it’s bogus to charge a convenience fee to make a purchase on the app. I’d rather pay more for a ticket than have, what appears to be, a nonsensical fee added to my bill. App purchases have to be efficient for the company and a very common occurrence, it seems to me that it would make more sense to charge the person who purchased their ticket at the front door a fee to cover the cost of that equipment and the person working that desk.
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6 years ago, Octocroco
Charge Card for Menu Items
Instead of having the server come back to pick up the credit card for menu items, it should be possible to order from the app or be able to provide server with Customer # that is attached to my credit card, like when you stay at a hotel and they just charge the card. A specified percent can be put for the tip and a 24 hr period to adjust the tip of there was an issue. It interrupts the movie to have to find the credit card halfway through the movie.
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1 year ago, Tommy Tony Johnson
Horribly user unfriendly
The app shut down and wouldn’t let me access my tickets when I had the season pass, then it told me to uninstall it and redownload it from the App Store. When I did I can’t access my season pass for 60 days because of the stupidly inconvenient 60 days policy where it doesn’t let you re instill the season pass on your device despite the fact that I’ve paid for it already. The app being broken and then telling me to reinstall it, combined with the ridiculous 60 day period for installing the season pass has now ruined my ability to use the subscription that I paid for. Horrible app, do not use it. If you do, don’t use the season pass. It’s a scam.
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5 years ago, morphorod
Needs Apple Pay and Apple Wallet Support
This app and honestly this company needs to integrate Apple services more. Currently you have to create an account using Facebook or creating one yourself (most people will choose FB) and then they have to enter their credit card information instead of using Apple Pay. It’s really sketchy to have FB to have access to my card number. Then after you buy the ticket you can’t add it to Apple wallet to make life simpler, no Alamo wants to add an additional layer of friction by housing the ticket completely in their app so you have to hope you have enough cell signal to access it when it comes time to use it.
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6 years ago, BKMovieChick
Gift Card App Issue
My husband and I love the Alamo. So much so that I bought him a $100 gift card which I added to my app. I used the gift card once to purchase tickets and it worked. When I went to purchase tickets again, it told me to put all of the gift card information in again. I had assumed the app worked the same as other apps and like my credit info—once it was added it would keep the information and allow me to use the gift card as payment until there was a zero balance. No one knows how to help me—I’ve tried gift card customer service and customer service. I really don’t want to lose $80.
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6 years ago, Maxwellax
Terrible App - Has a Mind if it’s Own
DO NOT USE THIS APP - I selected my movie and time and put in my credit card - they charge $1.50 service charge per ticket. No problem EXCEPT the app changed my time without my knowing it until the actual ticket came up. They refunded it but they DO NOT REFUND THE SERVICE CHARGE. Just call the theater and book your seats on the phone and you’ll get the time and date you want + no service fee. The above happened twice on the same day where it changed what I had entered and they stole $7.50 in service charges that they will not refund even though their app malfunctioned. Just avoid the app and call in for your seats and all will be good and you’ll be $$$ ahead.
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2 years ago, Will2116
The checkout screen needs to a little work
So after you selected the movie, date and time for the movie, and the seats, you arrive at the checkout screen to pay. The checkout screen tells you to review your order, but it only shows the number of tickets and the total amount that you need to pay. The actual details of your order (i.e., the movie, date, time and selected seats) aren’t shown. This type of information should be displayed on that screen to prevent a consumer from making errors. I’m frequent patron of Alamo and I’m sure you guys will fix this.
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5 months ago, Vhxhaiaocgvgskla
Forces you to get a seat right next to someone else
When going to the movies I enjoy leaving a space between others when I have the chance. This app FORCES you to buy seats right next to someone else instead of leaving 1 open spot between yourself and them. This is especially bad when you can go on an app such as Flixster through Fandango and buy the exact same spots without being told that you can’t leave a space. So I’ve been buying through them lately so that we can leave 1 open spot between us still. Fix your app or make it to where everywhere else follows the same rules. Horrible.
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4 months ago, CharlesBT
Needs Better Friend Booking Support
We've got a group of 10 that regularly sees movies together, however we must all book our tickets via Season Pass separately, which often leads to us needing to cancel and rebook as the seats around us are booked by others before we can get everyone in our group to book. It would be ideal if we could designate booking companions (that could book on our behalf) or be able to reserve a block for a day or so.
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1 year ago, NDi108
Ticket Purchases Not Showing
Over the past few months, I have been experiencing issues with the Alamo app. For starters, I am not able to see it my ticket purchases in the app until the day of the actual movie showing. this is a huge inconvenience because I need to request a refund for one of my tickets and I cannot do so because it’s not showing in the app that I actually purchased a ticket. In addition, you are not allowed to leave seats open in between each other. Therefore, you are forced to pick seats next to other people. Alamo needs to fix this right away.
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2 years ago, JJHZZ
Would love to have notifications
The app is easy and so far working very well. However, would love to have the option of turning on notifications for upcoming shows I bought. So far, there’s a banner on the bottom, when you open the app, that reminds you of whatever show you have coming up next. But there is no notification on the phone level.
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1 year ago, tC Benz
Apple wallet support
I personally haven’t had issues with using the app, but will there eventually be support to add our purchases movie tickets to applet wallet? It would be highly convenient so that I would only have to open the ticket from the Lock Screen vs. having to take steps to unlock the iPhone, navigate to the app, open the app, and then pull up the ticket within the app.
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2 years ago, tiersforfears
Annoying error
App is fine overall but there is this annoying error that happens when I purchase a ticket. It says that my purchase could not be completed/something went wrong even though it was successful. The error messaging also prompts you to try again, which has lead to buying duplicates before. Luckily refunds are easy but it’s vvvvvvv annoying.
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2 years ago, Tinykin
Love Alamo but…
We would love it if there were push notifications to remind us when we have a movie schedules. We see so many and get busy with our lives we’ll often forget to set a reminder for ourselves when we have a movie scheduled. I’d love to just see a pop up an hour or so ahead of time so we can make it on time.
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5 years ago, ForCrimson&Blue
Pretty bummed
The app looks and operates great, but I’m saddened by its straightforwardness. Whereas The Alamo experience is vibrant and fun and full of things to see, the app offers only to sell you a ticket to a movie. I would love a schedule plus a part of the front page dedicated to upcoming events at The Alamo so we never miss one of those unique Alamo experiences. Clicking on an event tells you all about it and what to bring or expect. There should be a merch shop for all the Alamo swag you could ever want. There should also be an “Limited Time” menu look so we can see what specialty made dishes to pair with certain movies that are currently at the theatre. Drink specials as well for our theatre should be viewable. There is so much more life to be added to this app. The design is great. The icon is great and the splash page when opening the app is great. Just Alamo-ize it.
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6 months ago, Three Dollar Fee
$3 Fee Even With Their Subscription. EVERY TIME.
First off, app was glitchy, second -Do not purchase the app or subscription!!! They mention “convenience fees” while signing up but what they don’t tell you is that you have to pay $3 for every transaction, even with their subscription. It’s literally highway robbery. They’re greedy enough to charge on every transaction AND yoj pay for food while your there? Honestly the only reason I got it was because alamo had one movie no other theater did. Now, I will save my $3 and wait for a wide release.
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5 months ago, Kelz246897532
Really buggy lately
I haven’t been able to use gift cards to purchase tickets recently, and it’s really hard to remove the gift card after the fact. The search function is also seemingly broken, every movie I try searching for comes up with no results, even when it’s in the “trending” list, so obviously currently showing.
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1 year ago, Bearded Denverite
The App overall has a fine UI but the UX is definitely not the greatest. The app is pretty laggy and the vault (payment) method they are using for season pass membership is not the same as the payment method stored in the app itself. I had my fiancés account cancelled because the payment method stored in the app is not how they charge the card and cancelled her account. Please push out an update to update payment on file and where our CC’s are being stored in different systems.
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2 years ago, Late night eater
unable to subscribe to season pass
Browsed showtimes and bought two tickets without issues. Nice. But when I try to subscribe to Season Pass, after tapping "select" under the highest tier option, nothing happens and there is no "continue" or "purchase" button to tap. "Select" is highlighted for some time, but scrolling the screen returns it to unhighlit state. When clicking on the support button in app store it assumes I'm in Austin, which is why I'm writing all this now.
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5 years ago, yayforboo
The app only works on wifi
The app is great ONLY if you’re on wifi. If I try to search a movie while we’re driving, or even pull up my ticket at the theatre it doesn’t work. I have unlimited data and it won’t work off wifi. Someone explain this to me please. I’ve learned to start snapping a pic of my ticket once I purchase off the app, but it sort of defeats the purpose of the app if it doesn’t even work at the theatre to pull up a ticket. We live in Austin y’all. I’m sure someone knows somebody who can fix this. It’s been like this going on a minute now.
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5 years ago, DactylCakes
Season pass issue!!
App is crashing with new update. It’s the only way you can use a season pass, which is crazy. You can’t get a ticket with season pass online or at the theater. So if you are paying for a season pass you can’t use it all!! Even if I try to buy a ticket without season pass it crashes.
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4 years ago, ZZZZXQWE
So so app
UI is fine and picking seats is easy but what would be really nice is having the ability to link multiple Alamo reward accounts to a single ticket purchase would be really nice; as I frequently purchase multiple tickets so we can all have adjacent seats. Right now the only way others can get the credit for the movie is waiting in like at the box office which negates the use of the app.
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6 years ago, The Crazy Horse1
Doesn’t work and still charges you
First experience with this app is very disappointing. Try to book tickets they charge my credit card twice and then said sorry your tickets didn’t go through your order was canceled and we probably charged you. Did not say have to recover the money from the charge and there’s no way out of it in the app. Called Alamo Drafthouse no one there knows what to do seems like a scam to me. Maybe this is it really Alamo Drafthouse app stay away don’t download probably just a virus that takes your money.
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12 months ago, student at Rutgers Newark
Please add Apple Wallet support!
I’m currently subscribed to both AMC’s A-list as well as Alamo Season Pass. AMC allows me to add my tickets to my Apple wallet, which allows for quick and easy access from my Lock Screen, as well as provide a place where all my tickets are stored. Alamo is severely lacking in this regard, requiring me to open the Alamo app in order to locate my tickets.
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6 years ago, Ro-licious
Works fine for buying tickets.
I’ve used it for the better part of a year with no major issues. Haven’t tried using a gift card with it, but I’m happy with the basic functionality of browsing movie times and then purchasing tickets.
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6 years ago, mxp300
There are too many glitches with this app. The most annoying/frustrating/crappy thing is it gave me an error when I tried to purchase tickets. You would think an error meant it didn’t go through right? Wrong. I tried to purchase tickets again and got the same error. I decided to purchase tickets at the theater and looked at my settings in the app and saw I had tickets. Both payments went through. Request a refund right? No big deal. Well they don’t refund the $6 booking fee.
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10 months ago, evanseesred
Love Alamo, but why not notify us about events?
My biggest issue is that I never am notified about upcoming events and one offs. Why not send out push notifications when new events are announced? Every time I look, all the cool screenings are sold out. I think the difference between me renewing my season pass and cancelling will be this feature. Please allow us to opt in for push notifications about upcoming events!
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6 years ago, showtimeson
Citibank Card Declines
app WAS great for me when this issue wasn’t a problem, but if you’re paying with a citibank card your purchases automatically decline (also through the website). citibank specifies that in alamo’s transaction doesn’t include a name on the transaction memo and citi automatically recognizes that as fraud. if they would update that small feature, i’d give this app another star.
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2 years ago, Koji Suja
Great App, Poor Product Management
I use the app quite regularly but what I find annoying is the $1.79 convenience fee that is taxed at .15¢. Why does this even exist? The optics just makes it appear like a greedy revenue stream from an otherwise awesome company. Please get sales and marketing out of product management. They ruin your brand with dumb stuff like this.
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4 years ago, ZoyaBee
Interface obscures fees
The Alamo app hides how much Alamo charges for service fees in tickets. Because AMC has such an excellent policy, I was assuming that my service fees were getting refunded (along with the ticket price) when I cancelled a ticket 2 hours before the show. That refund is actually NOT happening. Because Alamo hides the original ticket prices after a refund, this nickel-and-dime policy was unclear to me for quite a while.
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3 days ago, akdnfmdnanana
App is unusable
I’ve been frustrated with the apps performance for a month now. I cannot reserve seats even after updates. I pay for the movie pass and I am required to use the app for that. I’m heavily considering canceling and finding a new theater because of how frustrating the experience is. I’ve even tried installing the app on other devices and I all I get is the same Uh Oh error. Either at the seat selection or payment screen.
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5 years ago, Gingydilly
Great when it works
I have had little problems with the app overall until now. I can’t access my rewards due to the fact that the graphics on that screen aren’t loading. It’s hard to choose a buy one get one free ticket when you can’t see the list of movies and the reward conveniently expires the same day.
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2 years ago, Jersey07042
Doesn’t Show times for “The Big Show”
The app works reasonably well. I haven’t received any points or offers after making my purchases through the app, so I don’t how I am supposed to earn points. My biggest concern is, I can’t see any options for my local Alamo Drafthouse “Big Show” movie times why is that?
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12 months ago, Springrolled
Ticket not loading for SP holders
The app works for most things except time-gated tickets booked through season pass. I’ve never been able to get my tickets to load when I arrive at the theater up to 30m before showtime, and an associate always has to clear me manually.
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4 years ago, DannyVee
If you know, you know
What can I really say? If you know, you know. A must have for any frequenter of a Drafthouse, see all showings and times for any date, but and reserve seats in advance, check your Victory standing and Season Pass~~~
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5 years ago, Danwakeem
Solid app
This app is solid. I agree with people in saying it would be nice if you could order from the app somehow but the app works fine as is. Also Alamo is the best theater on the planet. I love movies and have been to a lot of theaters but nothing comes close to Alamo 🤘🏿
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3 months ago, Sincerely, dissapointed. heh.
App doesn’t work
This app looks nice, but is pretty broken. Season pass isn’t working for me— I bought it looking forward to use it only to find out the app wouldn’t let me pay because it kept freezing at checkout AND that for some reason you can’t use season pass on the website! Bizzare!! I love Alamo but this end of the business is a mess.
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4 years ago, DJRoe
No Apple Wallet support?
I like this app fine. It works, and I’ve never had a problem finding showtimes, selecting seats or purchasing tickets. But if there’s an ability to add purchased tickets to Apple Wallet, I can’t find it. Adding that functionality would kick this review up from ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ !!
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6 years ago, Ycgonzalez
Ordering food on app
We’d love to be able to order food while on our way to the theatre or even sitting down without having to wait for someone to take our order. Also, family rewards instead of individuals would be great!
Show more
5 years ago, DJ ATM
It would be really wonderful if you remembered my card while I’m logged in. But when you don’t remember it would be even more wonderful if your card scanner actually worked. I sat there for 8 min trying to scan my card. 8 mins, big deal right? Should have had the card attached to my account.
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1 year ago, BizzyBee1234
App broken
An update to the App has broken the interface. As a season pass holder it makes the app and the subscription useless. I cannot switch between theaters or movie dates on the scrolling list at the top. The options will slide left to right but there is no way to click an option. It’s like the selections are just text with no button feature at all.
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6 years ago, Satnismymotor
Great app if it wouldn’t make my phone freeze
When the app works smoothly and loads quickly under normal network condition/WiFi its really great and well designed. Too often unfortunately after the app splash/loading screen comes up, the app freezes and then makes my whole phone frozen/un-usable for 30 second or so. I’m using an iPhone 7, 120gb model.
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