Albany Times Union News

4.5 (2.4K)
30.2 MB
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Current version
Hearst Newspapers
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Albany Times Union News

4.49 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
11 months ago, 74 Kindergartener
As a dinosaur, I’ve gotten used to online
I am an old fashion person who looked forward to reading a daily traditional newspaper But I’m getting used to online. Still can’t find “Dear Abby”?
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2 years ago, zmikeoc1
Times union digital print.
Overall the news is pretty good. I find the reporting for the most part isn’t true journalism but the facts with a leftist twist. That may please many of the progressives that read the paper but not us middle of the road people. We have brains and can determine right and wrong. Another biggie of late is all the pop up ads you’ve added to digital news. They are fine if your offering free print but us paying customers should not being seeing ads. Continuing these ads will result in me dropping your subscription service.
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3 years ago, Tsiskin
Not seeing new subscription
I subscribed to a digital only offer and the app will not see that new subscription. The CSR told me I had to go through a third-party vendor with the app, which sounded like I had to pay for a second duplicate subscription (probably at full price) in order to use the app. Why isn’t the app seeing my valid subscription? Fix this and I’ll update the rating. Or at least give instructions on how to get the app to see the subscription. Thank you
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3 years ago, waynexxv
Better than paper
I read the App seven days a week. The clean interface supports the informative writing. The ads are unobtrusive. My only wish is more ads and news from local small businesses.
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1 year ago, To McPheeters
Poor graphics
I’ve been reading the Portland Press Herald on line as well as the TU. Similar in size, demographics but the Portland paper is much easier to read and navigate. And seeing the graphics used in the print edition makes for a superior experience.
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2 years ago, Joe LaL
The virtual Times Union
As a subscriber, I cannot praise the TU website enough. I particularly like the virtual version of the print edition. Seeing the paper on my tablet exactly like the hard copy is excellent.
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When a bug doesn’t crash the app or when you’re not bombarded with so many ads it crashes the app, it works. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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11 months ago, aaaabbbbbbbbyyy
Cancelled subscription but charged anyway
I was a just charged for a subscription renewal for the digital times union and when I click in, there are no active subscriptions in my Apple subscriptions tab. This is ridiculous and now I have to go out of my way to contact them and figure out what went wrong
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10 months ago, Marvman5
The times Union is good reporting local news statewide and national news has a very progressive, liberal bias. Your editorials are supportive of left wing positions. Your columnists are liberal and progressive. All events are viewed through a liberal left leaning prism. You can improve by being more centrist.
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13 years ago, Robert234
Good Start
Good start for the Times Union on the iPad. Glad to have a chance to try out for 30 days for free. There is some room for improvement, though. Pros: $60 for a 1-year subscription is fairly reasonable, in my opinion. Can select daily editions of the newspaper as well as a "live" edition. Navigation within the app is generally intuitive, using swipes to advance to next page in section, to next section, to next page in article, and to next article. The "carousel" menu to select sections is a nice touch. Blog articles contain links to outside web pages using an in-app browser. Sections have an indicator for the number of pages. App works in both portrait and landscape modes. Cons: The app has a rather busy interface, with both top and bottom bars, a bottom banner, and a sidebar. (See the NYT app for a great design.) Each new page within an article needs to load, resulting in a delay as you page through an article. There's no indicator within an article for the number of pages. Seems to be no way to comment in blogs.
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2 years ago, My85olds442
Fix a few break a couple
Finally able to swipe back to the main page with the update but now the ad’s keep closing and reopening the articles over and over making the app somewhat useless
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3 years ago, R U KIDDING ME
Finally, a search bar!
A much more functional app that is superior to the mobile site.
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2 years ago, NewsieJJ
Horrible user experience
Good luck trying to actually read the news around all the pop up and slide-through ads. If I’m paying for news content, let me see the content without all the flashy distractions. I’ll cancel and grab local news from on-line channel news.
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1 year ago, 69framus
Get your subscription act together
Apparently I’d been paying for multiple subscriptions. Cancelled one (took multiple attempts before the charges stopped), leaving a digital subscription which suddenly I can’t access. No thanks.
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3 years ago, jimf18
Wrong day
Trying to read the Saturday paper and guess what it’s Friday paper what the heck !,,
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3 years ago, Frugal1973
Keeping a watch on NY Politicians
One of the few papers that keep watch and report on the Government here and helps keep them on thier toes.
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1 year ago, Cherokre
1 Poplar St, Rensselaer NY
We never got a TU today but got a Record! On Sundays we get 2 of all store papers if we are lucky plus a Record! I think our paper person has ??dunno?? Get them ready! MY just have to go buy them if this isn’t corrected and Been a LONG TIME WITH THIS GUY!! As seniors and Granddaughter of s Kn-TU RETIRED GRANDPA IN 1966 this is Inexcuseable!!
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3 years ago, DJC5150
Not user friendly
Password reset, take 24 hours to become valid, no mention of this, on forgot password page, called customer support, and they just said, use your browser.
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1 year ago, Shut%
T U layout
Preferred it when it was layer out like a news paper. Too much repetition in this layout.
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1 year ago, SALScan
Great down to earth reporting
The tone and attitude is down to earth and informative.
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1 year ago, Tk & Sk
Digital version
I would like to know why I don’t receive the deeds & transactions anymore. I’ve emailed & called and I have received no response
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2 years ago, Nancygrunning
App not user friendly
Times Union app has too many pop up ads and they get in the way. Even Signed in with a digital subscription. The absolute worst.
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3 years ago, CacNY
The website crashes EVERY day when trying to open stories
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3 weeks ago, wolf girl 1
Hard to read
When i zoom in on an article it creates a new pagewiththat single article. Bring back the old version.
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2 years ago, albany shopper
Same stories repeated for days
There is very little new content day to day. Surprisingly, there are more typos and misspellings than the hard copy version ever had.
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3 years ago, kate hamill edwards
I can’t link my subscriber account and the app. I’ve tried multiple times, changed my passwords and still having issues
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3 years ago, David A. Alpert
Great paper
Enjoy reading
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3 years ago, mikrus118
Although the app is nearly usable, the editing is worse.
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3 years ago, saratoga steve
Great reading Love restaurant reviews Need more horse racing info
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3 years ago, Elizabeth627
Terrible App
Awful. Stories not updated. Links often broken.
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7 months ago, DawnmNY
Times Useless
If there was zero stars that’s what I’d give to this leftist, liberal, 1 sided newspaper; journalism is dead there as with almost all of the Pharma/Gov’t/Corp bought and paid for MSM
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2 years ago, Feativalman
Unreadable mess full of ads
I paid for a subscription and I hate the ads. I cancelled my subscription.
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3 years ago, tjc2263
Online Version is often not consistent and current with paper version
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4 months ago, knisky12309
App does not work
Absolutely terrible. Print and digital subscriber, but cannot login on road.
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1 year ago, drewymo
There’s a blank at the top of every page
I x it out and it pops back. Not good
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3 years ago, SPB6954
Too Much Spam
Change the articles everyday will ya?
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2 years ago, skippurr
Is a great app
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5 months ago, Fed up now mad
Stop throwing my paper in the bushes
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3 years ago, this is another reason
Sick of Churchill. Tired of reading repeats.
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11 years ago, Drupdork
Handy app
I read the TU on my iPad very morning almost. I like having this app when I am traveling so I can keep up. There is the New York Times, but does it have comics? No! Does it have local news, events, notices, etc.? No! I also like that I can email an article, that I can copy and print. I like the ability to read page by page like the hard copy version and see the pictures and layout and even ads, or switch to a list with tiny content to go through quickly and be more picky. The one thing it doesn't yet have is the scads of ads that come out on Saturday/Sunday versions of the printed paper. It does now carry Parade which is a recent addition. Could the scads of ads be far behind? Downloading of a page on rare occasions seems to freeze but usually available on returning to that page. Getting back to the comics, even though one can zoom in, the zoom is limited. Would like to see further zooming ability. Hard to read the comics to the kids when one has to squint to see the words.
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8 years ago, Upstate Jeff
Great alternative to print
I like the app, with one exception. The obituaries do not display correctly. Clicking on a name will often bring a blank page. Sometimes going to another name and then back to the original will work. Other times...nothing! And this has been a consistent problem! Swiping through on the page will sometimes be ok, but then clicking on the display to show the full write-up often will yield a blank as well.
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6 years ago, JHM 13
Terrible new app
Always looked forward to reading app like the paper looked. You should make a section where you can download any edition to read. Take a lesson from the business reviews app. Took a vacation with no electronic devices and returned today looking to read the last 12 editions and I am not able or can’t figure out how to do it. If I could give it lower than a 1 star I would. Don’t change what has worked for years for people. Bring back the old app so you can call yourself a newspaper and us subscribers can read it and get the feel of a newspaper.
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11 years ago, Bob Callahan
Kevin Callahan
I really enjoy this app. While my wife enjoys reading the print copy of the Times Union, I have not picked up a paper copy in a long time. This app works great with my I-pad. It is ergonomic and intuitive. It provides an excellent overview of all the stories via the handy content sidebar, and allows easy jumping between stories. I especially enjoy the ability to see the whole batch of pictures that go with each story. In my opinion this is the future of newsprint media! Great Job!
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11 years ago, dkat1043
Good, but keeps getting worse
I like the app, and prefer it to the print version, even if they use the same photo for every blogger who reviews concerts. The problem is that every time they update the app, my iPad 2 seems to run the app slower, and some days the updated edition doesn't load until I quit the app, remove it from memory, and start again. Maybe it's being optimized for newer iPads, but it sure isn't helping me.
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6 years ago, AP12208
I am disappointed in this update. There is no search function, no contacts link, and the real estate section is gone—I always looked forward to going through the deeds and deals each week. It is not clear which articles are from the current day’s issue.
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11 years ago, Mrs. Hoov
Easy to use and convenient!
TIMES UNION for iPad is a well-designed app that is intuitive, stable, and accessible from anywhere. I love having my hometown news even when traveling. The pictures of local events load quickly and it is easy to send stories via email to out-of-town friends and family. Love this app - well worth the price of a full subscription.
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6 years ago, David from Albany
Wow- Major Improvement Nicely Done
The old app was awkward and unattractive. Rarely have I seen such dramatic improvement in an app. I read the paper much more often now given how easy it is to read and how attractive the new format is! So much more readable and accessible. And I like knowing more about my local community than I had the fortitude to learn from the off-putting old app.
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11 years ago, DvdVred
A great convenience
Though there was an initial problem with the app's taking up too much space (it was automatically downloading and saving all editions, and the "delete" function to which I was alerted didn't function all that well), updates have addressed all that. The visual quality and the utter convenience are in the same ballpark as the New York Times app!
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6 years ago, TroyPolloi
Worst app ever
Now, the app won’t even open on the latest iPad 9.7. Previously— I have been sending the TU corrective suggestions for a couple of years, and the same problems continue to plague the iPad app. Spillover of type has been corrected and then failed again and again. Recently, a new goof has appeared -- click on business and get sports. Also, recently, there were entire sections missing. I have given up reporting these errors, because it's frustrating enough to have to deal with them and my reporting doesn't seem to matter enough to fix the problems permanently.
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12 years ago, njhillengas
Albany TU
This APP is a work in progress. For the most part it runs smoothly. But occasionally it gets hung up opening and I have to abandon it. My husband likes to download it so he can read it while he travels and often he can't do that because it takes too long. And, the games section still needs tweaking... It is really great in concept, and hopefully as they continue to create updates they will work out the "bugs."
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